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International Cartoon- und Comedy-Festival "Winterberger Winterspott"
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International Cartoon- und Comedy-Festival "Winterberger Winterspott"
Dear Cartoonists!
"Alles im grünen Bereich" - "Climate change and winter sports" are the subjects of the first European Cartoon-Contest "Winterberger Winterspott 2007/08".
All representatives of the funny and critical art can let their imagination run wild.
In the course of the Cartoon Contest a committee of experts will select the best motives of the submitted works and assign awards totalling to app. 10 000 Euros.
This Cartoon-Contest will take place in the German town Winterberg (Sauerland) - known for its winter sports and trekking tours.
Entry conditions, names of the experts, schedule for the vernissage and the award ceremony are indicated on our homepage http://www.cartoon-contest.eu/ respectively http://www.winterspott.de/.
Here already some important information:
The subject is "climate change and winter sports". The format of the cartoons should be within DIN A5 and A3. The painting - or drawing techniques are optional.
Deadline is the 31st October 2007.
We are looking forward to your participation. Sincerely yours,
Managing director: Andreas Dunker.
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