Results International Cartoon Humour Competition Brain Sneezing 2012, Slovakia

Results Brain Sneezing
Theme 2012: BALANCE
The Jury, on the 18th – 19th October 2012 evaluated
all the submitted humour cartoons and agreed on the winners:
First Prize : Bobisa TODOROVIC, Serbia (Top)
Second Prize : Sergej ELKIN , Russian Federation
Third Prize : Doru AXINTE , Romania
Honorary prizes :
Husain CAKMAK, Cyprus
Jurij KOSOBUKIN, Ukraine
Audience Prizes :
Bobo PERNECKÝ, Slovakia
Ivailo TSVETKOV, Bulgaria
Descheemaeker LUC, Belgium
Mahmood NAZARI, Iran
Special Prize given by online magazine e-GAG: Roman KUBEC, Czech Republic.
See all prize-winning cartoons on http://www.cartooneast.com/category/index/item_id/369 .


Results 3rd International City & Citizen Cartoon Contest 2012 - Tabriz, Iran

Results of the 3rd International City & Citizen Cartoon Contest 2012 - Tabriz, Iran
First Prize: Oleg Goutsol - Belarus (Top)
Second Prize: Kazanevsky Vladimir & Yuri Kosobukin - Ukraine
Third Prize: Saeid Rahimi - Iran
Selected: Mohsen Zarifian - Iran
Selected: Musa Gumush - Turkey
Selected: Mehmet Kahraman - Turkey
Selected: Elena Ospina - Colombia
Selected: Mohsen Asadi - Iran.
All prize-winning cartoons on CWN.


Free theme in 3rd International Turhan Selçuk Cartoon Contest 2013, Turkey

1- The contest is open to all cartoonists.
2- The caricatures may be published before the contest. But they shouldn’t be rewarded at another contest.
3- The technique is free. Cartoonists can join the contest with maximum 3 caricatures. But the arts must be original. Digital prints will be accepted only if they are signed by the artist with wet signature.
4- The maximum size for caricatures must be 30×40 cm.
5- The contestants must write their name, surname, address, e-mail, country, and their telephone numbers with the big letters at the back of the cartoon.
The contestants must put their CVs into the envelope.
6- The caricatures must be sent to the following address until June 1st 2013.
Milas Belediyesi Kültür Sanat Birimi Milas – Muğla / TÜRKİYE
7- The result of the contest will be announced on the date of June 28th 2013.
8- The caricatures that are sent to the contest will not be posted back. The caricatures which are in degree or non degree can be published with cultural purposes.
The contestants who join the contests are acknowleding these conditions.
The caricatures will be kept in Turhan Selçuk Caricature House.
9- The contest album will be sent to the holders of the caricatures which will be selected by the Jury .
10- The award ceremony will be on the date of September 13st 2013. The gallery opening of the caricatures which will be exhibited and the caricatures which are awarded will be in Turhan Selçuk Caricature House. The gallery will be open until September 27th 2013.
11- The accommodation expenses of the winners will be paid. But transportation will be at their expense.
Muhammet Tokat ( Mayor of Milas)
Kamil Masaracı (Cartoonist)
Nadia Khiari (Cartoonist)
Cecile Bertrand (Cartoonist)
Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu (Cartoonist)
Ahmet Büyükmehmetoğlu (Cartoonist)
Hatay Dumlupınar (Cartoonist)
Pelin Ünker (Cartoonist)
Bülent Örkensoy (Graphic Designer)
The First : 3.000 USD
The Second : 2.000 USD
The Third: 1.000 USD
Other Private Awards:
Private awards by different enterprises, associations, newspapers, art magazines, agents, unions or persons.
Note: The Jury meeting will be done on June 22th 2013.
Source: milaskultursanat .


Don Quichotte “City of Istanbul” International Cartoon Exhibition 2013, Turkey


Istanbul is the intersecting point of Europe and Asia, with a settlement history of three hundred thousand years, an urban history of three thousand years and a capital dating back to the 1600s. Istanbul has been a home to various civilizations and cultures thorughout history. Due to Istanbul's historical cosmopolitan and metropolitan structure it has attracted people with various religions, languages and races for centuries. It has now become one of the major touristic centers in the world.

Istanbul hosted the Roman and Byzantinian Empires until Fatih Sultan Mehmet captured Istanbul from the Byzantines in 1453, which marked the rise of the Ottoman period. Historical areas of Istanbul were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985 and Istanbul was chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2010.


1) You can only participate in this exhibition by submitting your work through the e-mail address provided below: sehriistanbul@donquichotte.org

2) The designs are to be drawn in A3-Size to be delivered in 300 dpi and in JPEG format.

3) The closing date of the exhibition is December 31, 2012.

4) Will be given for the top ten cartoon "Don Quichotte" medal.

5) The opening exhibition will take place in Istanbul-Beyoglu Teacherhouse on January 10, 2013.

6) Participants of all ages can join in this exhibition with a maximum of 3 caricatures.

Source: http://www.donquichotte.org/content/view/6574/153/lang,en/ 


21st International Biennial of Humour and Satire in the Arts, Gabrovo 2013, Bulgaria

18th May – 30th September
1.This International Competition and Exhibit recognizes the  highest  contemporary  achievements  of  humour  and satire in the following CATEGORIES, each to have its own exhibition area:
2.SUBJECT MATTER: FREE of choice, however, interpreted by the means of the comic.
Museum HOUSE OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE, Gabrovo Municipality,  the Ministry  of  Culture  and  the Ministry of Health  of  the  Republic  of  Bulgaria;  the  Organizing Committee is chaired by the Mayor of Gabrovo.
18th May,  2013,  at  11:00  a.m.,  Museum  HOUSE  OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE, Gabrovo.
The selected works will be on show at the Museum from 18 May until 30 September, 2013.
A jury of professional artists and former Biennial winners selects the works and awards the prizes. The decisions of the jury are final and there is no appeal.
* GRAND  PRIX – the  GOLDEN  AESOP statuette, 2 000 BGN, a certificate and an invitation to hold a solo show at Biennial 2015;
* PRIZE  of  the  town  of  GABROVO – the  GASCAR statuette, 1 500 BGN and a certificate;
* Prizes (six) of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria – 1  000  BGN  each  and  a  certificate  in  each category; 
* Prize of the Museum HOUSE OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE – The World Lasts Because It Laughs plaque, a substantial prize to the value of 400 BGN and a certificate;
* Prize of Rotary Club-Gabrovo – Gabrovo suitcase and a 'visa' for the world over, 100 € pocket money and a certificate;
* Young Talent Prize of LIONS CLUB-Gabrovo – 500 BGN and a certificate.   
* Prize for Best CARTOON supporting  the fight against tobacco consumption awarded by the Ministry of Health of  the Republic of Bulgaria  –  500 BGN and a certificate;
* Prize for Best CARTOON supporting the fight against alcohol  abuse awarded  by  the Ministry  of Health  of  the Republic of Bulgaria – 500 BGN and a certificate;
* Prize  for  Best  CARTOON  on  Safeguarding  Nature awarded by the Directorate of CENTRALBALKAN National Park – a 3-day visit to CENTRAL BALKAN National Park and a certificate;
* Prize for Best CARTOON on Gabrovo subject matter awarded by  Gabrovo Planet Society a statuette,100 BGN and a certificate;
* Prize for SCULPTURE  awarded by Skalni Materiali JS Co-Rousse – 2 000 BGN and a certificate;
* Prize for SCULPTURE awarded to a young sculptor (up  to  35  yrs.)  by  Skalni  Materiali  JS  Co-Rousse – 1 000 BGN and a certificate; 
* Prize  for  the  funniest  PHOTOGRAPH  awarded  by Photographic  Systems,  Ltd. – a  professional  Lowepro photo backpack and a certificate;
* Prize  for  Best  POSTER  supporting  the  fight  against smoking awarded  by  Coalition  for  Life  without  Tobacco Smoke – 500 BGN, printing of the poster and a certificate. 
The prize winning works remain in the Humour of the Peoples art  collection  of  the  Museum  HOUSE  OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE. The latter reserves the right to extend  personal  invitations  to  the  prize  winners  to attend the prize-awarding ceremony. The cash prizes in BGN  (Bulgarian  Leva)  are  subject  to  taxation  in conformity  with  Bulgarian  law.  The  prizes  can  be received no later than December 31, 2013.
The competition is open to all artists who accept the conditions of entry. The working languages are Bulgarian and English. In case  of  disagreement  on  the  interpretation  of  the  text,  the Bulgarian text is the valid one. 
68, Bryanska St., P. O. Box 104, 5300 Gabrovo, BULGARIA
For contacts: 
Tel. /+359 66/ 807229; 803526; 804945; 
Fax: /+359 66/  806989
E-mail: humorhouse@globcom.net ; humorhouse@mail.bg .
The conditions of entry (in Bulgarian, English, German, French and Russian), the jury members and the recognition of the entries  received,  selected  and  awarded  can  be  viewed  at.
3. All art works should be originals signed by the entrants and entrants' property. Works submitted by e-mail or awarded before will NOT be accepted. Any technique is acceptable. 
- CARTOONS   A4 (29,7 x 21 cm)
- GRAPHICS & DRAWINGS   70 x 100 cm
- PAINTINGS   150 x 150 cm
- SCULPTURE   80 cm maximum height and 20 kg maximum weight
- POSTERS   70 x 100 cm
- PHOTOGRAPHS   30 x 40 cm
5. Each  artist may  submit  no more  than  2  entries  for  each category; the  cartoons  should  be  “without  words”;  the sculptures should be made of durable material.
6. The  artist's  name,  title  of  the  work,  year  of  creation, technique,  size  (and  the  weight  for  sculptures),  value  and category type  should be printed on the back of each entry. Each work should be accompanied by an entry form completed in capital block letters. Works without a duly filled-in entry form will not be considered by the jury. 
7. Unless  indicated  otherwise,  all  entries  submitted will  be considered donations to the Humour of the Peoples collection at  the  Museum  HOUSE  OF  HUMOUR  AND  SATIRE; therefore,  artists  are  requested  to  complete  and  sign  the Certificate  of  Donation  on  the  entry  form.  The  organizers greatly  appreciate  these  donations  which  will  significantly enhance  the  international  collections  to  be  enjoyed  by  all. The donors' names will be listed on the homepage of the Museum HOUSE OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE; the donated works will be shown in future exhibitions both in Bulgaria and abroad.
8. Artists who explicitly indicate TO BE RETURNED on the entry form can collect their works in person at the Museum HOUSE OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE from 1st October until 30th November, 2013 or will have their works returned at their expense by post or express services by 30th November, 2013 to an address indicated by them. The Museum HOUSE OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE bears no responsibility for the storage of the works unclaimed until 30th November, 2013.
9. All entries should be sent by post or express services as printed matter with PRINTED MATTER and NO COMMERCIAL VALUE noted on the package.
10. Artists should cover the transport costs franco Gabrovo. The organizers will not collect packages sent franco other destinations. All customs dues and landing charges payable upon the receipt and the return of the works should be covered by the artists who will be personally notified of the exact amount.
11. The Museum HOUSE OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE guarantees the safety of the works from the date of receipt to the date of return. No responsibility is assumed for damage or loss during transit. It is recommended that the works should be insured in advance. 
12. The Museum HOUSE OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE reserves the right to reproduce the works on display  and  have  them printed in its publications and other publicity materials. 
13. The Museum HOUSE OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE publishes an art catalogue of the exhibition. Only artists with selected works are entitled to a free copy. The catalogue is available at the museum gift shop.
14. The organizers guarantee that the artists' personal data will be processed as it is stipulated in the Personal Data Protection Act in force in the Republic of Bulgaria now.
15. The conditions of entry are contractually binding. By submitting works to the Biennial Exhibition artists agree to the terms of this contract.
Regulation in languages & Entry-Form: http://humorhouse.globcom.net/engl/bienale/condition.html .


Change in Results of the 3rd International Digital Media Cartoon Contest 2012

Change in the Results of the 3rd International Digital Media Cartoon Contest 2012 / Iran
After announcing the result of the 3rd International Digital Media Cartoon Contest, similar samples sent for two artworks that after considerations of jury members Saeed Sadeghi’s artwork was not concluded in similarity debate but the artwork of Mello (Brazilian Cartoonist) were recognized as similarity debate and his prize has given to the next cartoonist in the final decision Mr. Hicabi Demirci from Turkey (See top).
Source: irancartoon .


1st International Izmir Cartoon Contest 2013, Turkey

1-PURPOSE: In 2012, İzmir Konak Municipality founded the Museum of Joy and Caricature with the aim of emphasizing the “peaceful”, that is, the “connective” power of humor as much as its “criticizing” power and creating an enjoyable culture environment.
“The 1st International Contest of Caricature on İzmir” was organized with the purpose of contributing to the development of İzmir in terms of tourism by asking the question “What does İzmir evoke in you from the perspective of a caricaturist?”.
2-SUBJECT: The subject of the contest is İzmir. Artists wishing to participate in the contest must handle and visualize at least one of İzmir’s actual or historical elements in a concrete or suggestive manner with humor.
3.1- Caricaturists from all over the world – professional as well as amateur – can participate in the contest. There is no age limitation.
3.2- Caricaturists can participate with previously published works or works with which they participated in other contests before but did not receive any reward. Works must be constructed upon the artist’s original idea. The selection committee shall omit works which it decides to be imitation, stolen or over-inspiration. Author of any work which received an award but was later detected to have such flaws shall be the sole addressee of copyright problems which might arise and accepts in advance to return the award he/she obtained.
3.3-Each participant can participate in the contest with maximum three caricatures.
3.4-Works participating in the contest shall not be returned but shall be added to the collection of the Museum of Joy and Caricature. Works which receive awards can be used by Konak Municipality in posters, brochures and all kinds of promotional materials with cultural purposes.
3.5-Those from among the caricatures participating in the contest which are deemed as worthy to be exhibited shall be exhibited and included in the album to be formed. Owners of the caricatures that are exhibited will be sent an album and a certificate of participation.
3.6-Artists participating in the contest are deemed to have accepted the terms above.
4-SIZE OF THE WORKS: Drawing technique for the works to be sent to the contest is free and works can be colored or black and white. Sending the original copy of the works will be an advantage. Digital prints will also be evaluated as long as they bear original signature. In both cases, works should not be affixed to another surface. The size of the caricatures must be minimum A4(210x297 mm) and maximum A3(297x420 mm).
5-LABELING THE WORKS: On the back of the works, the artist’s name, surname, telephone number, internet and postal address shall be written. The artist’s photograph not smaller that 6x9 cm and a short life story shall be included in the envelope. Participants younger than age 18 who are citizens of the T.R. shall include their date of birth, T.R. identification numbers and signature of their legal guardian stating that they accept the terms of the contest.
6-SENDING THE WORKS: The works must be delivered to the related address by 02.04.2013 by post or by cargo or by hand against receipt. Works which are damaged before being delivered shall not be accepted.
7-PLACE OF DELIVERY: İzmir Konak Municipality Museum of Joy and Caricature
Address: Yüzbaşı Şerafettin Bey Sk. (Eski 1462 Sk) No : 9 Alsancak / izmir / TURKEY
Contact No: +90 (232) 465 31 05, info@izmirneselimuze.com
Doğan HIZLAN (Journalist- Writer)
Rıfat MUTLU (Caricaturist-: Association of Caricaturists İzmir Representative)
Niyazi YOLTAŞ (Caricaturist)
Tan ORAL (Caricaturist)
Eray ÖZBEK (Member of Museum Executive Board- Caricaturist)
İzel ROZENTAL (Caricaturist)
Mehmet ASLAN (Painter- Caricaturist)
Cemalettin GÜZELOĞLU (Caricaturist)
Dilek MAKTAL CANKO (Museum Coordinator)
Dr. Hakan TARTAN - Mayor of Konak
Veli ŞAKIR - Deputy Mayor of Konak
Bahar AKDOĞAN ŞENGİL - Library Manager.
Final Date of Participation : 02.04.2013
Meeting of the Selection Committee : 14.04.2013
Announcement Date of Final Results : 25.04.2013
The Selection Committee shall announce the works selected on the websites www.izmirneselimuze.com & www.konak.bel.tr and and notify participates from their e-mail addresses. Results will be finalized in ten days and announced on the internet and via the media.
First Prize : 10.000.- TL,
Second Prize : 6.000.- TL,
Third Prize : 4.000.- TL,
2 Honorable Mentions : 2.000.- TL.
Contest Responsible: Özge AKSOY
Address: Konak Municipality Library Directorate
Milli Kütüphane Cd. No:14 SSK Blokları Blok Kat:6 Konak İZMİR
0 (232) 482 10 35 / 7558-7559-7457-7537
Electronic Web: www.konak.bel.tr


4th International Tourism Cartoon Competition, Eskişehir - Turkey

 4th International Tourism Cartoon Competition
International Tourism Cartoon Competition is held with the cooperation of Anadolu University Research Center for Caricature Art, Association of Tourism Writers and Journalists (TUYED) and Anatolia: A Journal of Tourism Research. The objective of the competition, which was first held in 2009, is to examine tourism, which is one of the biggest sectors in the world, with its various dimensions. Also, the competition aims to put forward cartoonists’ aspects in terms of travelling population’s experiences and relations during their travel. In this respect, the main objective of this competition is to assess such topics, developments and experiences within the tourism industry as accomodation, transportation, food and beverage, recreation, sightseeing, museums, envirenment, tourist-resident relationships, from cartoonists’ point of view.
Competition is held annually and is open to all cartoonists from all over the world, both amateur and professional. Nearly 100 submitted works which get to the final elimination take place in the Cartoon Book and the reward ceremony of the competition will be held in İstanbul.
Deadline for Submission: 18 January 2013 .


Rules for the International Exhibition Satyrykon-Legnica 2013, Poland

1. SATYRYKON 2013 International Exhibition is an open competition.
2. The objects of the competition are drawings, graphics and other works of fine arts and photography created with the use of optional techniques, being originals, completed within the recent two years (2012-2013), and qualified by artists to section:
> JOKE (drawing without captions preferred)
> SATIRE (drawing without captions preferred).
3. WORKS AWARDED IN OTHER COMPETITIONS will be excluded from the competition SATYRYKON.
4. The format of works - maximum A3 (297 x 420 mm).
5. Works should be sent or delivered by February 1, 2013, packed in a protective cover to:
Miedzynarodowa Wystawa
Chojnowska 2, Akademia Rycerska 
59-220 Legnica POLAND
Organisers are not responsible for transport damages.
6. Participation in the competition is free of charge. However, organisers reserve the right to include one of the submitted works in the Satyrykon Gallery.
The work, chosen by the author, will in this way cover our costs of mailing.
7. Works should be accompanied by their author's photo or caricature, a short biographical note and a filled application form (please use capitals).
1. Works for the competition will be qualified by the International Jury.
2. The Jury will award the following prizes:
* GRAND PRIX SATYRYKON 2013 - pure gold key and purse amounting to 8.000 PLN
* 2 gold medals and purses amounting to 6.000 PLN
* 2 silver medals and purses amounting to 5.500 PLN
* 2 bronze medals and purses amounting to 5.000 PLN
* 4 special prizes amounting to 4.000 PLN each
* the Legnica Culture Centre director's award amounting to 4.000 PLN for a photography work.
Jury has the right of final distribution of the statutory prizes, change of their amount, or non-awarding them or non-awarding the GRAND PRIX SATYRYKON.
Jury's decisions are final.
The competition results will be announced on March 1, 2013 at Satyrykon web site: http://www.satyrykon.pl/ .
N o t e !
Awards are subject to taxation according to the current regulations.
The condition to pay the authors is their arrival for the opening of the exhibition and collection of their awards by December 15, 2013, or it can be transferred into a bank account in a currency specified by the author.
1. Authors of work qualified to the exhibition are given a presentation copy of the exhibition catalogue.
2. Organisers provide competition prize-winners with gratuitous participation in the SATYRYKON 2013 event on June 13-16, 2013.
3. Works sent to the exhibitions will be exhibited in the country and abroad after the main exhibition, and then will be returned to their authors by the end of 2014.
We kindly ask the authors to notify us about any changes to their address data - return address / phone / e-mail.
1. The organisers reserve the right to use the sent works for SATYRYKON advertising purposes without any special fees paid to the authors: to be exhibited and reproduced in a variety of advertising materials, as well as printed and circulated in catalogues.
2. The prize-winning works become the property of the organisers and will be included in the collection of the Satyrykon Gallery.
3. The exhibition organisers are the final judges in interpretation of the regulations.
4. Sending her/his work the artist agrees to the mentioned above rules and regulations and agree to the publishing of the author's profile in the post-exhibition catalogue.
5. Legnica Centre of Culture and Fundation Satyrykon are organisers of the SATYRYKON-LEGNICA 2013 International Exhibition
PL 59-220 Legnica, Chojnowska 2, tel. (0-048 76) 852-23-44; e-mail: satyrykon@wp.pl .
* Deadline for works reception: February 1, 2013
* Jury meeting: February 15-17, 2013
* Post-competition exhibition: June 6 – August 25, 2013
* Return of works after the exhibition cycle: December 31, 2014.


Results of the 3rd International Digital Media Cartoon Contest 2012, Iran

The Result of 3rd International Digital Media Cartoon Contest 2012, Iran
Seyran Caferli (Azerbaijan)
Sevket Yalaz (Turkey)
Ali Jahanshahi (Iran)
Abbas Ghazi Zahedi (Iran)
Jamal Rahmati (Iran).
First Prize: Saeid Sadeghi - Iran (See top)
Second Prize: Farzaneh Vaziritabar - Iran
Third Prize: Masoud Ziaei - Iran
Special Prize: Armen Hamonangan - Indonesia
Special Prize: Mehdi Azizi - Iran
Special Prize: Mehdi Mohammadi Rouzbahani - Iran
Special Prize: Mello - Brazil
Special Prize: Oleg Goutsol – Ukraine.
See all prize-winning cartoons on irancartoon .


Africa e Mediterraneo Award for Best Unpublished Comic Strip by African Author

Rules for the Africa e Mediterraneo Award for Best Unpublished Comic Strip by African Author 2011-2013
Deadline for the 2011-2013 edition: 15th of November 2012.
1. Africa e Mediterraneo is launching a competition for best unpublished comic strip. The competition is open to African citizens living in or outside Africa (both North and Sub-Saharan Africa), with three sections: "FOOD SOVEREIGNTY", "INTERNET AND SOCIAL NETWORKS IN AFRICA " and "FREE SUBJECT".
2. The "FOOD SOVEREIGNTY" section concerns comics linked to food diversity and food safety concept, to the sustainable agriculture and its potential both from an environmental and a social point of view, as well as investigations on the most important environmental thematic such as energy preservation, the problem of water resources and natural resources shortage. The section “INTERNET AND SOCIAL NETWORKS IN AFRICA” is linked to the development of the new communication technology and to its dissemination in the contemporary society, especially related to the fundamental role of the social networks and the links between them and the youth participation (we can take into consideration the protest movements during the “Arab spring” and the dissemination of information inside and outside the countries). The "FREE SUBJECT" section allows authors to freely choose the subject.
3. Comics must be original, unpublished, in B/W and/or in colour; maximum format is 30 x 42cm. The technique is free. Artwork with texts in Arabic or African languages must have a translation in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish. Authors can send a maximum of 3 comics for each section (“FOOD SOVEREIGNTY”, “INTERNET AND SOCIAL NETWORKS IN AFRICA" and “FREE SUBJECT”). The original artwork, along with the application form and a brief CV, must be sent by post. In case of 2 or more participants, everyone has to fill out the application form and indicate its role (drawings, story, colours). The original artworks have to be sent to the following address:
Concorso "Africa e Mediterraneo"
Via Gamberi, 4
40037 Sasso Marconi
4. Prizes. A single prize for each category will be awarded. The winners of the sections "FOOD SOVEREIGNTY", "INTERNET AND SOCIAL NETWORKS IN AFRICA" and "FREE SUBJECT" will receive 500 Euros.
The deadline for the receipt of artworks is 15th November 2012. The jury will then select the winners for each section. The participants will accept the possible publication of their comics on the website www.africacomics.net . The best pieces of work will be published in a collective catalogue by the Lai-momo Cooperative and the Africa e Mediterraneo Association, and will be included in an itinerant exhibition that will be exposed in Italy and Europe.
5. Comic strip specialists and editors of the Africa e Mediterraneo journal will compose the jury.
6. Participation in the contest is completely free of charge.
7. The prizewinners will be contacted, and all participants will receive information about the contest by e-mail. The materials sent will be returned on demand, at the charge of the author; alternatively they will be stored in “Africa e Mediterraneo” archive, which may decide to publish them and include them in national and international exhibitions.
Africa e Mediterraneo
Via Gamberi, 4
I - 40037 Sasso Marconi (BO) Italy
Tel: + 39 051 840166
Fax: +39 051 6790117


World Peace is the theme in Afdesta International Online Cartoon Festival 2012

International Online Cartoon Festival "World Peace"
Afdesta International Online Cartoon Festival 2012
To achieve peace, health and better life is man's greatest challenge. Peace as the highest sense is a motivation and pleasure that human must make effort to achieve.
The Afdesta Online Festival secretariat is pleased to present "The First Juried Cartoon" festival featuring some of the most leading international juries under the title: "peace". There will be a large selection and a variety of art to select from this festival. Demonstrations by many of the winner artists will take place during permanent and online show. Competitors must illustrate "world peace". Questions are encouraged and welcomed.
1. Competition terms:
A. Up to 5 artworks are accepted from each participant.
B. Artworks must be in A4 size and with 300 DPI qualities (format RGB-JPG).
C. There is no limit for using design techniques.
D. Registering in festival's website and accepting the rules are required to submit artworks.
E. All artworks must be submitted in www.afdesta.net .
F. Afdesta secretariat is excused for rejecting artworks containing insult to a nation or culture.
2. Festival's Schedule:
A. Submitting artworks starts from October 17th (7 GMT) to December 14th (12 GMT).
B. Selecting Artworks is on December 12th.
C. Announcement of the winners and demonstrating their artworks on festivals website starts from December 19th 2012 (7GMT).
3. Prizes:
A. Three nights residence in Kish Island for top 3 winners.
B. All participants will be rewarded Festival attendance certificate.
4. Juries (alphabetic order):
Majid Amini (Iran)
Farhad Bahrami Reykani (Iran)
Marcin Bondarowicz (Poland)
Jitet Koestana (Indonesia)
Dalcio Machado (Brazil)
Julian Pena-pai (Romania)
Agim Sulaj (Italy)
5. Executive Board:
Festival Secretary: Javad Takjoo
Board member: Reyhane Mashhadi Khan, Melissa Ferraz Manfrinato
Sponsors: Amir-Kish real estate, Afdesta Corporation, Kassit Corporation
Organizer: Afdesta Art Group
Ali Delzendehrooy: Concessionaire and Director of Afdesta Art Group and Festival
Omid Amraei: Technical Manager
Bahar Badihi: Executive board Member
Ali Attaran: Public relations
Eilya Tahamtani & Farshid Larimiani: International Information
SMS your name to 3000771221 in order to receive Afdesta news.
Festival Website: www.afdesta.net
Advertising in Festival: ads@afdesta.net
Cartoon Festival Secretariats E-Mail: caricature@afdesta.net
Festival Secretariat E-Mail: info@afdesta.net .


Bicycle is the theme in 19th Euro-Kartoenale Kruishoutem 2013, Belgium

1. Theme: “The Bicycle(Bicycle, cycling, bicyclist... as a way of transport, as recreation or as a sport)
2. The number of entries is limited to 5.
They may not have been exhibited or published before. Any kind of graphical technique will be accepted, including 3-D works. Digital artwork is preferably printed by the artist, in order to present a sufficient high quality work to the jury.
3. The works have to be sent to the following address:
Our website www.ecc-kruishoutem.be will inform you if your works have arrived. The list of participants will be updated every day.
4. The drawings shall have the following dimensions: 210 x 297 mm (A4) - (8.268 x 11.693 inches). The drawing must bear, on the reverse side, the surname and forename of the participant, for 3-D entries at the bottom of the work. The drawings shall not bear subtitles.
5. By participating, the artists authorize the organizers to publish the submitted works in the catalogue and for the promotion of the exhibition.
6. The following prizes are awarded:
1st prize € 1.600,00 + trophy
2nd prize € 1.400,00 + trophy
3rd prize € 1.200,00 + trophy
Prize of the ECC Personal exhibition in the ECC
Prize of the EU € 750,00
Best Belgian Cartoon € 750,00
On the occasion of the prize-giving, the winners are invited for a stay of 3 days.
7. On request the participants get a free catalogue. However, the postage costs are for their own account (for participants who do not reside in Belgium using 6 coupons international reply). These coupons are available in your local post office). They can also collect the catalogue at the European Cartoon Center.
8. By participating the artist lends the submitted works to the organizers for itinerant exhibitions .
Consequently, the selected works will remain at the disposal of the organizers until November 2014!
The awarded works will become property of the organization.
9. The entries will only be sent back by the organizers on written request. 3-D works can be collected at the ECC in the course of 2014. They can be sent back on written request, the postage costs being in this case on the account of the artist. The organization can in no way be held responsible for eventually damaged or lost works.
10. If after announcement of the prizes, it appears that plagiarism has been committed, the jury can after deliberation withdraw the prize.
11. Deadline: 15th of January 2013 !!!
Jury meeting: 27th of January 2013.
Opening and prize-giving: Saturday 23th of March 2013.
Exhibition: 24th of March till the 23th of June.

Similarity: Dario Castillejos Lazcares (2011) - Mihai Ignat (2012)

(This report by Julian PENA-PAI).


Results 7th International Cartoon Contest Brăila 2012, Romania

Results of 7th International Cartoon Contest Brăila 2012, Romania
125 artists • 450 artwoks • 37 countries
Theme: Rich man, poor man
Tudor Octavian - art critic
Mihai Stănescu - cartoonist
Leonte Năstase - cartoonist
Nicolae Ioniţă - cartoonist
Costel Pătrăşcan - cartoonist
Grand Prize: Mihai Ignat (Romania) (See SIMILAR)
First Prize: Jovcho Savov (Bulgaria)
Second Prize: Vladimir Kazanevsky (Ukraine)
Third Prize: Constantin Pavel (Romania) (See SIMILAR)
Special Prize: Constantin Ciosu (Romania)
Special Prize: Bambang Sulistyo (Indonesia)
Special Prize: Mohammad Hossein Akbari (Iran).
See all winning cartoons on source: dum-dum .