International competition for comics and blitzanimation, Ruse 2015, Bulgaria

RUSE 2015
The aim of organizers is through the media of comics as a link between literature, fine art, animation, cinema and caricature to unify and stimulate various art communities in the field of comics and visual arts.
The contest is carried out in two categories: traditional comics and blitzanimation.
Anyone aged 18 + of any nationality of any profession may participate.
1/ Traditional comics category:
Number of artworks participating: Authors are allowed to send up to 3 graphic works, four copies each.
Pages: Maximum 6 pages. The number of each page must be put at the back of it.
Format: Format of artwork must be А3 or А4.
Technique: Any
Plot: Artwork plot must be complete within the number of pages sent.
2/ Blitzanimation category
Minimum film duration: 30 seconds
Maximum film duration: 60 seconds
Technique: free: puppet, classical, 3D animation
Format: HD
Synopsys of film up to 500 symbols; three digital advertisement film photo shoots.
Necessary documents for participation
A filled in and signed Application form accessible at: www.libruse.bg . Incomplete and incorrectly filled in application forms shall not be regarded. In case of change of data, authors must undertake to inform the Library.
Artwork is to be sent via post mail (date on stamp holds valid), deadline is 30.08. 2015
Artwork must be received at the following address:
7000 Russe, Bulgaria
1, Dondukov-Korsakov St,
Regional Library Lyuben Karavelov
Films must be sent online in HD Format using dox.bg or other at the e-mail address: service@libruse.bg, libruse@libruse.bg
Right of ownership, rights for use and publication of artworks participating in the competition
The artworks sent become property of the Regional Library Lyuben Karavelov Ruse and are not returned to their respective authors. They become part of the permanent exhibition Museum of the Comics, and Regional Library Lyuben Karavelov Ruse acquires following and simultaneously with the right of ownership any other rights on the artworks as stated in the provisions in the LARRR , including the right to freely use and give publicity of artworks in the context of the cultural policy of the institution without the express permission by the respective author and without any obligation to pay whatever remuneration to the author. Participation is regarded as an acceptance of this present Regulations by any author, and by lying their signature on the Application form they certifies the free and not deadline burdened transfer of rights on artwork sent for the benefit of the Library.
1/ Traditional comics category
Grand Prix - 400 EURO
Prix - 50 EURO
2/ Blitzanimation category
Grand Prix - 400 EURO
Prix - 50 EURO
Results will be announced on the 9th November 2015. Any applicant who meets the requirements above will receive a diploma and a catalogue. After a pre-selection authors shall be presented in the catalogue by only one artwork. All artworks received will be published in the Regional Library Lyuben Karavelov Ruse web site: www.libruse.bg.
The winners will be awarded by a specially set up professional board. An exhibition/presentation of artworks admitted to the Competition will be performed to Ruse’s public and media.
Contact and further info at:
E-mail: service@libruse.bg, libruse@libruse.bg
Тел.: + 359 82 820 126; факс: +359 82 820134; mob. tel.: +359 878 574916.


40 finalists whose works will be exposed in Montreal during the Just for Laughs Festival 2015

Over 200 applications from no less than 40 countries were received and examined by the jury. Here is the list of the 40 finalists whose works will be exposed from July 11-25 in Montreal, during the Just for Laughs Festival. As such, 19 countries are represented in the exhibition, whose theme this year is black humour.
Akbar Torabpour, Iran
Alexander Dubovsky, Ukraine
Ali Jahanshahi, Iran
AM Santos, Portugal
Andre Pijet, Canada (QC)
Andrei Popov, Russie
Armen Hamonangan – ARMEN, Indonésie
Behzad Ghafari – Behzad, Canada (QC)
Bernard Bouton – Bernie, France
Christian Daigle – Fleg, Canada (QC)
Edd Uluschak, Canada (BC)
Eglé Plytnikaité, Lithuanie
Emmanuel Laflamme, Canada (QC)
Gelu Pascal, Roumanie
Guylaine Renière, Canada (QC)
Hicham Boudra – Hibo, Morocco
Istvan Kelemen, Hongrie
Jim Kempkes, Canada (ON)
Kemal Ozyurt – Kozy, Turquie
Louis Pol – Pol, Australie
Luc Poudrier, Canada (QC)
Makhmudjon Eshonqulov – Makhmud, Uzbekistan
Marc Beaudet – Beaudet, Canada (QC)
Marilène Lucas, Canada (QC)
Mark Lynch, Australie
Mihai Ignat, Roumanie
Milenko Kosanovic, Serbie
Mykola Prynkovskyi, Ukraine
Nader Hafezi – N.HAFEZI, France
Nemo, Canada (QC)
Nicolae Ionita, Roumanie
Peidong Lou, Chine
Pierre Brignaud – Brignaud, Canada (QC)
Robby McElhaney, Etats-Unis
Rocio Munoz – Pili, Péru
Serge Metivier – Metyvie, Canada (QC)
Sergei Semendyaev, Ukraine
Vaso Krcmar, Canada (BC)
Victor Crudu, Moldavie
Vladimir Stankovski – Vlade, Serbie.
Source: ciavivac.


Open Call to participate on the Osten Biennial of Drawing, Skopje 2016, Macedonia

Dear friends artists,
You are invited to participate on the OSTEN BIENNIAL OF DRAWING Skopje 2016!
In 2016, as in the previous years, we are in the preparation process of OSTEN BIENNIAL OF DRAWING, where we make room for the artists world wide to show their latest art achievements and to be awarded with one of the following prizes:
5 FIRST AWARDS (5x 1000$)
IMAF AWARD (1x 1000$)
Some of you have already been part of this renowned event and you are familiar with its propositions, but just to remind you that we are dedicated of creating and preserving the art on paper, but also fostering to new, creative and modern interpretations of the drawing with full artistic freedom.
We are expecting your newest art production (2013-2016) to be sent no later than 30 April 2016 to our address:
8.Udarna Brigada 2, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
The selection process will take place in May 2016, the jury will judge in June 2016, and the official opening of the OSTEN BIENNIAL OF DRAWING Skopje 2016 and the announcement of the awards will take place on 22 September 2016 at OSTEN Gallery in Skopje.
Fill out the Application Form and make a submission, follow us on FB, and do not forget to share this information with your colleagues and friends. For any additional information, you can always contact us on drawing@osten.com.mk .
WEB: http://www.osten.com.mk/ .


The 3rd International Caricature Art Competition CHINA 2015

The 3rd International Caricature Art Competition CHINA 2015
1. The Competition is open to all artist -- Caricaturist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Printmaker and Painter around world regardless of nationality, age, sex, etc.
A)Caricature: Any form of portraits about Dachuan Xia (More info)
B)Article: If you've ever seen him,you can write a little article, about funny anecdotes between you and him; Or your evaluation and impression of him; Or you have there comments about his cartoon.
3. The maximum 7 entries .
4. The maximum size of the works: 150 × 150 cm
5. Technique and medium of works are unlimited. Any painting, Print making, Traditional Chinese Painting, Oil painting, Watercolor, Crafts art will be accepted.
6. Author's resume and photo should be submitted with entries together.
7. Deadline: July 15, 2015.
8. The jury meeting will be held on August, 2015.
9. PRIZES (The competition is not set bonuses):
Excellent prize : (10) : Medal + Catalog
Selected : Catalog.
10. The authors whose works has been selected will receive a copy of the catalog made for competition.
11.Explicitly participators have whole copyright for their entries, of course Host unit may use some works on web site and other media for spreading competition and artists.
12. Participation in the contest means the complete acceptance of all the above conditions and agreements with jury's decision.
13. You can choose one way:
A. E-mail to: redmancartoon@126.com
No.50,Guang Hua Road,CHAO YANG QU,
14. Web site : www.redmancartoon.com
Email: redmancartoon@126.com .


First exhibition of THUMBI, the Kosovo Cartoon Association, in Pristina

THUMBI, the recently founded Kosovo Cartoon Association, organizes their first cartoon exhibition in Pristina. Their president cartoonist Agim Krasniqi cooperated with some Turkish cartoonists to exhibit their work also as their guest artists. The participating cartoons are published in a catalog as well. About 75 cartoons in total are on display from June 15 until June 21 at the National Library of Kosovo in Pristina.


Catalog of the 20th International Cartoon Exhibition, Zagreb 2015, Croatia

A couple of days ago received the new catalog Zagreb 2015, the 20th International Cartoon Exhibition, from Croatia. The standard 19x19 cm sized catalog has 96 pages, half of which are in color and the other half with gray scale images. Davorin Trgovcevic, president of the Croatian Cartoonist Association, celebrates the 20th anniversary of their festival in his introductory article, "The Birthday". Admittedly, one looks for one more article portraying the aspects of the theme with humorous touches (like the one in the previous edition's catalog by late HANS, the cartoonist). Well, a suggestion only, a report of the jury explaining a bit of the grounds for their decision to award particular works would do as much better: This kind of an intellectual essay used to be a pillar of strength for most festival catalogs until recently, but mostly neglected nowadays, possibly due to problems of translation or shortness of time. Why, because, organising the exhibition with an already published (checked and proof-read before of course) catalog in a month's time after the jury meeting needs great effort and attention. And Zagreb International Cartoon Exhibition does this as a tradition which not many cartoon festivals could belong.
Out of ten participants from Turkey, three cartoonists' works are selected (one is awarded by the way) for the catalog: Musa Gumus, Oguz Gurel, and Halit Kurtulmus.
The stone-age artist by Gerald Peigneux from France, and two Picasso cartoons by Grzegorz Weigt from Poland and Erico Junqueira Ayres from Brazil made me smile the first sight I can remember. You can also decide your best cartoons in the catalog, just click here. You might also get a signed copy by contributing only 20 USD here.
My thanks to HDK for sending me this precious book of contemporary humor.


Catalog 6th International Tourism Cartoon Competition 2014, Turkey

Received yesterday the newly-published catalog of the 6th International Tourism Cartoon Competition 2014, Turkey. 22.7x23 cm in size (a bit larger than my scanner's, so the cover image above is cropped of top and bottom), the full-color catalog has 208 pages. This recent edition they also added the young competitors category which brought 56 pages more compared to the previous one of 2013. The book contains 186 finalist works in both adult and youth category, reduced from 920 works by 489 cartoonists representing 60 countries. The prizes were all-inclusive holidays for two persons each in 5-star hotels in Turkey as was the theme: "All-inclusive Holiday".
What this catalog brought new to me among others is the extraordinary art of Anon Anindito from Indonesia. Quite unusual, kind of bitter, in humor, the artist also has a masterly technique to portray the scene. None of his three works in the catalog is awarded probably because not directly related to the recent edition's theme.
The catalog is available now in PDF here which is downloadable also to be printed if you are an enthusiast.
My thanks to Nazmi Kozak, the publisher and member of the organizing committee, who sent me this book of amusing cartoons.

Rules for the VII International Exhibition of Graphic Humor - Lima 2015, Peru

Dear colleagues and artists:
Peru wears the joy, creativity and art with the completion of the VII International Exhibition of Graphic Humor - Lima 2015.
The theme for this year's: Floods.
A flood is the occupation by water or residential areas for agriculture, either by overflowing rivers, torrential rains, snowmelt, by rising tides over the habitual level or avalanche caused by tsunamis.
Floods are one of the natural disasters that occur more victims in the world. It has been estimated that in the twentieth century some 3.2 million people have died for this reason, which is more than half of those killed by natural disasters in the world during that period.
We invite all artists to send their works on this topic that allows us to reflect on or is happening on the planet and what we can do to make it a better world. It is humor is a good tool for that.
The success of the International Exhibition of Graphic Humor, considered one of the most important artistic events in Latin America depends on you.
1. The works submitted must stick to the theme chosen for this sixth edition: Floods
2. The artist may submit up to two works from his personal archive. These may have been published and / or previously awarded.
3. They shall send to the organizers their personal details (full name, address, contact number, address).
4. The work must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi and a minimum size of A-4 (30 x 21 cm.)
5. The works, along with the required data have to be sent only to the official email: salonhumorperu@salonhumorperu.com 
6. The closing date will be July 30, 2015.
7. The works received that pass the selection form the exhibition which is scheduled for Thursday, September 10, 2015.
8. The artists whose works are selected will receive a copy of the official catalog of the Hall of Humor, sent through the Foreign Ministry to countries which have diplomatic representation.
9. The artist authorizes the organizers to use his work for the publicity that The Hall of Humor Graphic required to promote the event (posters, poles, press releases, etc.).
10. By entering the artist accepts all the conditions laid down in the rules of the call for the VII International Exhibition of Graphic Humor - Lima 2015.
WEB: http://www.salonhumorperu.com.


International Cartoon Contest: Politics and Sex 2015, Israel

1. The contest is open to all entrants.
2. Cartoons must meet the ethical and aesthetic standards of civilized society. No incitement to violence, racial or national discrimination, or scenes of violence and pornography.
3. In the event of rule breaking or overt plagiarism, entries will be removed from the contest without further discussion.
4. Method of execution is up to the entrant. Cartoons submitted in digital form will have the following formats: JPEG, A-4, 300 dpi. Author’s name, billing address and e-mail will be attached to the entry.
5. Maximum of three entries per participant.
6. Narration will be in English, but wordless entries are encouraged.
7. The contest will last for one month. Final submission date for entries is 4-th of July.
8. Entries will be published on the contest’s Facebook page and “Beseder?”’s website – beseder.ru
9. As well as entering a file into the contest, authors whose works will be chosen for the exhibition, must send in the original or a high quality copy in A-4 format by 4-th of August.
10. Cartoons must be watermarked in digital form.
11. Final results will come in on 12-th of July.
12. Exhibition of entries will be held in September-October of 2015. A catalog is planned by year’s end. Each author, whose work is included in the catalog, will receive one copy for free.
13. There are also plans for the auctioning of cartoons with the author receiving 50% of the profits for the sale of their work.
14. By entering the contest, the author of an entry accepts the terms and conditions, and agrees for their work to be published on the website beseder.ru, in promotions, social networks and the contest’s catalog. Having said that, the author retains their copyright for the work.
15. The originals and copies participating in the contest will not be returned to the author.
1-st place – 1000 USD + honorary diploma
2-nd place – 700 USD + honorary diploma
3-rd place – 500 USD + honorary diploma
10 works will be recognized with honorary diplomas.
Each participant in the catalog will receive an author’s copy.
Andrei Biljo, cartoonist
Victor Bogorad, cartoonist
Mark Galesnik, c. editor of the website beseder.ru
Michael Zlatkovsky, cartoonist
Sergei Tunin, cartoonist
Victor Shenderovich, satire writer
Lev Sheglov, professor of sexology.
Address for contest entries: beseder.cartoon@gmail.com 
Address for originals: Beseder, P.O.B. 3233 Jerusalem 91030 Israel .


7th P. C. Rath Memorial International Web Cartoon Contest 2015, Bolangir, India

In remembrance of Historian Purna Chandra Rath, Superintendent of Archeology, Patna State, Bolangir, P.C. Rath Memorial Trust invites cartoons from both professional and amateur cartoonists of the world.
2. MAXIMUM NUMBER OF ENTRIES: One (Any technique: Black & white; Colour; Digital)
A) Only one unpublished Cartoon is to be sent as e-mail attachment. (Don't send previously awarded cartoon)
B) The e-mail should also have Full Name and Complete Postal Address of the participant in CAPITAL LETTERS.
C) The Entry Form (only in MSWord) must accompany the cartoon as attached mail (See Entry form below)
D) Size: 21 x 30 cm (A-4)
E) Cartoon should be in JPG format (strictly 100 dpi) (Maximum 1MB).
4. E-MAIL: pcrcon7@yahoo.com (Write Full Name and Complete Postal Address in CAPITAL LETTERS in the email accompanying the cartoon)
WEB SITE: www.aswiniabani.com
5. DEADLINE: 15th June 2015
There will be 07 prizes (First, Second, Third, Special mention-2 and Honourable mention-2). All the prize winners will be awarded with a Diploma Certificate and a CD album of selected cartoons.
A) Result of the contest is likely to be declared in the last week of June 2015 and selected cartoons will be exhibited in the website: www.aswiniabani.com
B) The Diploma certificates and CD albums for all the winners will be sent by post after the function.
C) The exhibitions will be organized from June onwards in various places.
A) Once sent, the works belong to the organizing committee. It can be published, distributed or used for promotional purpose in future.
B) Cartoons should be downloadable and clear. Committee would not be responsible in situations like net-failure, undownloadable cartoon etc. It is therefore advised to keep the file small.
C) Plagiarism, if detected, the entry will be summarily rejected or even the diploma would be withdrawn, if awarded.
D) In case of a dispute, decision of the Committee would be final. The committee reserves all rights to cancel or modify any of the rules/conditions.
Participants are considered to have accepted all the conditions and are aware that their submissions may be reprinted and used without future monetary compensation.
Convener Jury: Aswini and Abani.

(Must be sent in MS Word)







My entry is original and unpublished. I accept all the terms and conditions of the contest.


Similarity in cartoons: Cakmak - Drljevic

Huseyin Cakmak (Cyprus) Yeni Duzen Sanat (16 October 2010)
International “Banana” Cartoon Contest 2010 (Canada)
Press Cartoon Europe (PCE) 2010 (Belgium)
International “Fax for Peace, Fax for Tolerance” Cartoon Contest 2010-2011 (Italia)
International “Pisek” Cartoon Contest 2011 (Czech)
International “St Just Le Martel” Cartoon Exhibition 2011 (France)
International “Chelyabinsk” Cartoon Contest 2011 (Russia)
International “Livadia” Cartoon Exhibition 2013 (Greece)
International “Molla Nasreddin” Cartoon Contest 2013 (Azerbaijan)
International Biennial Exhibition of Humour in Art 2013 (Italia)
International “Delcevo” Caricatures and Aphorism Competition 2015 (Macedonia).

Darko Drljevic (Montenegro) Niels Bugge Cartoon Award 2015 Second Prize.
This report by Hüseyin Çakmak cakmak@kibris.net .


4th International "Olive" Cartoon Contest 2015, Kyrenia - Cyprus

1. The contest is open to all amateur or professional cartoonist or any one who could submit a cartoon regardless individual's race, gender, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, age, or other protected characteristic.
2. Themes: Olive, Olive and Time, Olive and History, Olive and Mythology, Olive and Technology, Olive and Cyprus, Olive and Life, Olive and Peace, Olive and Conflict, Olive and War, Olive and Health, Olive and Women, Olive and Men, Olive and Children, Olive Oil, Olive Branch, Olive Tree, Benefits of Olive, Olive and Olive Mill/Press, Banning of Uprooting, Burning and Cutting Down Olive Trees and so forth.
3. All Submissions must be in the form of cartoon. Any painting or illustrations will not be accepted and will be disqualified. Cartoons must be without words
4. All submissions must be originals. Submission dimensions: A4 or A3 in any color or black and white. Each entrant must provide name and surname, address, phone number including country code, and email address on the back of the submission; each entrant should also provide short background and a photo (optional) on a separate A4.
5. Submission of materials, which has previously been submitted and or presented and or published elsewhere, is welcomed providing copyright is not infringed, however previously any award wining material cannot be submitted.
6. All work submitted for evaluation by the International Selection Committee and work of finalist will be published at official web page of the competition. In addition submissions will be reviewed and evaluated for plagiarism by international associations. If Plagiarism detected and or any previously award wining material submitted, submissions will be canceled and the next eligible entry will be considered for the prize.
7. Entrants could submit more than one work, however no more than one award will be awarded to participants.
8. All submission must be received by JUNE 20, 2015 at the address provided below.
9. All submission, awarded or not, will be kept and archived by Cypriot – Turkish Cartoonist Association at the newly established “International Cyprus Cartoon Museum.”
10. The entrants will receive a Diplom of Participation by e-mail.
11. All prize winner submissions and selected works by the Steering Committee will be published in a booklet and displayed at the City Center by the Kyrenia Municipality building during the “14. International Olive Festival 2015.”
12. The results of the competition will be published thru media and prizing winning entrants will be informed by contact information provided.
13. Kyrenia Municipality will provide travel and boarding expenses for three prize winners and six special prizewinners as stated in the terms and conditions of the competition.
14. The Kyrenia Municipality and Cypriot – Turkish Cartoonist Association will have the publishing rights to publish or print, in any media or format, any or all submissions.
15. All persons entering the competition agree that the rules of the competition as set out in these terms and conditions are binding on them. And all submissions could be published and printed by the Kyrenia Municipality and Cypriot – Turkish Cartoonist Association as set out in these terms and conditions without any future compensation.
1. Prize: 1,000 Euro + Gold Medal
2. Prize: 800 Euro + Silver Medal
3. Prize: 600 Euro + Bronze Medal
6 entrants: Special Prize (Bronze Medal)
JUNE 20, 2015
Kıbrıs Türk Karikatürcüler Derneği
4. Uluslararası “Zeytin” Karikatürleri Yarışması
Posta Kutusu: 87
Lefkoşa – Kuzey Kıbrıs (Via Turkey)
(First blogged on caricaturque on 03.04.2015 18:00).


Result of the KARIKATURUM 8 International Forum of Visual Humor Surgut 2015-16, Russia

In Surgut Art Museum held a press conference dedicated to the results and the announcement of winners of the International Forum of Visual Humour KARIKATURUM 8.
Theme: The Power of Life
The Surgut Fine Arts Museum in the International Forum of Visual Humour KARIKATURUM 8, 162 artists from 37 countries sent 555 works. From 15 to 17 May 2015 by the International Jury of the Forum was held the eighth selection of the best entries, and at the final press conference were named winners:
1. Jing Shan Li / China - Grand Prize: Platina ushanka (Top)
2. Ilja Bereznickas / Lituania - Gold ushanka
3. Аndrey Popov / Russia - Silver ushanka
4. Agim Sulaj / Italy - Bronze ushanka
5. Dmitriy Moskin / Russia - Prize of Surgut Museum
6. Sergey Lemehov / Russia - Prize of the Jury
7. Vareri Alexandrov – Walex (Walex Alexandrov) / Bulgaria - Prize of the Jury.