Results European Cartoon Contest ”WOMAN"


1st Prize - Georgiev Valentin (Bulgaria) (See top above)
2nd Prize - Hermann Poppe (Belgium)
3rd Prize - Rainer Bach (Germany)

Public Prize - Valentin Dubinin (Russia) (See above)

Download the brochure for more info & more cartoons: http://www.statiekomitee.be/cartoonale/bestanden/Cartoonaalter_brochure2008.pdf

Winners of International Gaza Cartoon Contest-2008

The Winners of the International Gaza Cartoon Contest-2008

FirstPrize: Saeed Sadeghi / Iran (See top above)
3000Euro & Trophy & Honorable Mention

Second Prize: Marcio-Leite / Brazil
2000Euro & Trophy & Honorable Mention

Third Prize: Kessusanto Liusvia / Indonesia
1000Euro & Trophy & Honorable Mention

100 Euro & Trophy & Honorable Mention:
Alessandro Gatto / Italy
Ali Shabani / Iran
Nam Myung Lae / South-Korea

Askin Ayrancioglu / Turkey (See above)
Mohammad Ali Rajabi / Iran
Jitet Kustana / Indonesia
Massoud Ziai / Iran
Rabia Al Aridi / Syria

Seyran Caferli / Azerbaijan (See above)

Yaser Ahmad / Syria (See above).

To see all prize-winning cartoons, click the post title: Winners of International Gaza Cartoon Contest-2008


European Cartoon Contest "Intercultural Dialogue”

European Cartoon Contest "Intercultural Dialogue”
Dear Cartoonist,
We are very pleased to invite you to participate on a European Cartoon Contest which theme will be "Intercultural Dialogue”, which deadline for the reception of works will be the 16th June 2008.
This contest’s theme is in accordance with the proclamation of 2008 as the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.
The objective of this initiative of the European Commission is to promote the awareness of all citizens to respect the cultural diversity. The EU decision is in keeping with respect by several fundamental principles written in the Treaty establishing the European Community and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the Union.
It is in line with these purposes that Portugal launches a European-Cartoon Contest with the theme "Intercultural Dialogue", relying on the importance of the language of humour as a way to build and des-build the looks on the subject.
As per the contest of 2007 - Inequalities, Discrimination and Prejudice - this contest is for European authors, of any country, being part or not of the 27 countries of the European Union. We do look forward to receive you participation!
Warm regards
The Director
Luís Humberto Marcos
Contacts: National Printing Museum
Estrada Nacional 108, nº 206,
4300- 316 Porto Portugal
Tel: 351+22 530 49 66
Fax: 351+22 530 10 71

This contest under the theme of “Intercultural Dialogue” is organized by the Portuguese Printing Press Museum, entity which organizes the PortoCartoon-World Festival.
This contest’s theme is in accordance with the proclamation of 2008 as the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.
This decision of the EU contributes to the respect of several principles in the Treaty establishing the European Community and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the Union, particularly in the area of promoting cultural diversity.
It is in line with these purposes that Portugal launches a European Cartoon Contest, relying on the importance of the language of humour as a way to raise awareness of intercultural dialogue.
3.1. The works measurements should not exceed 42 x 30 cm (DIN A3).
3.2. The works must be originals and any kind of graphical technique will be accepted, including digital artwork if they are signed and if they are print number one.
3.3. The works should present on the reverse the following information: name and address of the author, title, theme section and year.
This contest is for European authors (by birth, residence or work), of any European country, being part or not of the 27 countries of the European Union.
The works should arrive at the Portuguese Printing Press Museum (address: Estrada Nacional 108, nº 206, 4300-316 Porto / Portugal) at the latest on 16th June 2008, together with the author’s CV (publications, exhibitions, prizes…) and the application form.
6.1. The participation in this contest means automatically that the author is waving copyrights of his works in any kind of support (including web pages), concerning the production and diffusion of the contest, as well as late exhibitions and catalogue edition and other kind of diffusion material.
6.2. In case of using non-awarded works in other cases except this contest exhibition or its promotion (including the catalogue), copyright payment will be made to the artists whenever it takes place to.
To be defined timely.
8.1. The International Jury will have an odd number of judges.
8.2. The Jury decisions will be final with no subjection to any kind of appeal or reclamation.
The awarded works will become property of the Portuguese Printing Press Museum and will make part of itinerant exhibition. The others will be sent to the artists, if formally requested on the application form, after its public exhibition and possible exhibitions in other cities and countries.
All the artists whose works will be selected for the exhibition will receive a catalogue.
The prize will be delivered in a public ceremony, in place and date to be announced. ORGANIZATION: PORTUGUESE PRINTING PRESS MUSEUM

35th Piracicaba International Humor Show - Brazil

The 35th Piracicaba International Humor Show will be held according to the following REGULATION AND SCHEDULE:
REGISTRATION (Extended due to post office strike): until August 11, 2008.
OPENING: August 30, 2008.
All professional or amateur cartoonists may register new humor works that have not received prizes in other shows, until up to the event subscription closing date (July 31, 2008). Each author may register up to 2 (two) works per category. Any works developed in any technique will be accepted.
Cartoon, Charge, Caricature, Strips and Vanguard (in this category, computerized works may be registered).
The theme is free, in A3 (297 x 420 mm) format, without frames and cardboard-mounted. In the Strips category, boards with a maximum of 1 to 3 pages will be accepted, with humor themes.
Categories Definitions:
CARTOON – Graphic humor with universal and eternal themes.
CHARGE – Graphic representation of a current journalistic theme.
CARICATURE – Graphic art that expresses in a satiric manner the physical and/or personality character features.
STRIPS – Graphic art in sequence, with theme closed in standard format, usually published in newspaper columns.
VANGUARD – Graphic humor translated into forms that do not follow previous standards, but are presented as a cardboard presentation, in A3 (297 x 420mm) format.
Works that did not comply with these dimensions will be automatically disqualified.
A total of 5 (five) prizes will be awarded, in a total amount of R$ 25,000.00 (twenty five thousand reais), acquisitive by Piracicaba Municipality, divided as follows:
a) Five Prizewinners, in the amount of R$ 4,000.00 (four thousand reais), divided into the following categories.
b) A R$ 5,000.00 (five thousand reais) prize denominated GRANDE PRÊMIO SALÃO DE HUMOR DE PIRACICABA [Piracicaba Humor Show Big Prize], which will be granted to one of the five prizewinners in each category.
c) The winner of the Humor Show Big Prize, will receive a special trophy, and the prizewinners of each category, whose artwork and creation will be donated by cartoonist Zélio Alves Pinto.
It will be conferred also a prize, in the value of R$ 2,851.51 (two a thousand eight hundred and fifty and one reals and fifty and cents), exclusively for the category caricature, buying value of the Chamber of Councilmen of the City of Piracicaba.
Observation: The prize jury reserves the right to not award prizes to the categories that do not reach the required levels, transferring them to other categories or creating a special prize of the Show.
There will be a Selection Jury and a Prize Jury composed of qualified people of the concerned area. The prizes will be acquisitive by Piracicaba Municipality.
If the prize jury finds any type of fraud or illegal use in one or more registered works, it may cancel the awarded prize. The awarded works will be divulged on the Humor Show’s webpage after inauguration of the same, and may be contested until one week after the Show’s opening, with the applicable evidence of any irregularities committed without the jury’s knowledge.
Other prizes and mentions may be instituted, at the discretion of the Organization Committee.
Works must be sent to the following address:
SALÃO INTERNACIONAL DE HUMOR DE PIRACICABA/Secretaria da Ação Cultural - Avenida Maurice Allain, 454 CEP 123.405-123 - Piracicaba - SP. BRAZIL
Deadline: (Extended due to post office strike: http://www.brazilcartoon.com/) August 11, 2008
Information: (19) 3403-2620/2621/2622/2624
Works will be returned until 1 (one) year after closing of the event on October 12, 2008. If the artist wishes to receive his/her work before that date, he/she must request it at ‘Centro de Pesquisa de Divulgação Nacional de Humor de Piracicaba’, at the above mentioned address.
In addition to the registration form, each work page must present on the back the following information: registration category, author’s full name, artistic name, full address, phone number, e-mail, CPF and RG number and banking data. They may also send a brief curriculum vitae and a picture for registration in the Show’s database.
When registering, the author transfers the Assignment of Author’s Rights relative to his/her work(s) when awarded on an acquisitive basis, in conformity with Law 9610 of February 19, 1988 (Copyright Law) on a full, universal and definite basis, in all utilization modes and on a complimentary basis, the author’s rights, safeguarded by the said law, relating to the work(s)awarded in the Piracicaba International Humor Show, becoming an integral part of the Municipal Public Heritage for all intents and purposes, in conformity with Municipal Law 2249 of 1976, partially altered by Municipal Law 2486 of 1982, and consolidated by Municipal Law5.194 of 2002.


Stuttgart Award 2008 deadline extended

Stuttgart, 19. Mai 2008
nf / Tel. 0711 / 22 28 –279
eMail: stuttgart-award@stuttgart-tourist.de
STUTTGART AWARD 2008 for cartoon und caricature
Deadline has been extended!

Already for the third time, Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH as the official tourism partner of the state capital of Stuttgart is announcing the STUTTGART AWARD. This year´s motto of the international contest for cartoon and caricature is “The World of Wine”. The contest is open to professional as well as semi-professional cartoonists and caricaturists. The first prize is awarded with € 5.000.
Every day, fascinating works of art are received at Stuttgart-Marketing – up to now hundreds of works from around 50 countries have been counted. In order to give more cartoonists and caricaturists the chance to participate in the contest, the deadline for the receipt of works of art has been extended til May, 30th 2008. More information as well as the conditions of participation are available at http://www.stuttgart-award.com/.
Artists, who would like ot take part in the STUTTGART AWARD 2008 – “The world of wine”, can submit up to three cartoons and up to three caricatures. Submissions are accepted via regular mail or e-mail. All works honoured, as well as a representative selection of submitted cartoons and caricatures, will be shown in several exhibitions, as e.g. in the State Museum of Württemberg (Landesmuseum Württemberg im Alten Schloss) or in the Stuttgart Viticulture Museum (Weinbaumuseum Uhlbach).
Read previous post: http://caricaturque.blogspot.com/2008/03/stuttgart-award-2008-germany.html

International Contest Godofredo Guedes’ Centenary

International Caricature Contest Godofredo Guedes’ Centenary - Brazil
Montes Claros’ administration through the municipal culture secretary and Brazilcartoon, opens the International Godofredo Guedes’ Centenary Caricature Contest in homage to the important graphic artist and instrumentist, composer and instrument fabricant.
Godofrendo, Godô, as he was kindly named, was born in august 15 on the city Riacho de Santana, Bahia, in 1908. In 1953 he moved to Montes Claros / MG. He began to dominate the brush before he was 15, in 1923. His first work was “Nosso Senhor Bom Jesus da Lapa”, made by oil. As the years went by he became a reference in painting portraits and beautiful landscapes, North of Minas’ hinterlands scenes.
Godofredo was also an influence to the beginning of advertising in Montes Claros, producing painted signs to local commerce. In music he had a most important role in compositions that are nationally known such as “CANTAR”. which have already been recorded by Milton Nascimento and Paula Toler, as well as his own son, the singer and composer Beto Guedes.Godofredo went beyond the mounts, in Minas’ capital, where he collaborated in the creation of the art market in Belo Horizonte, in Liberdade Square.
The imortal Godofredo have always had painting and music in his blood, and contributed immensely with the cultural formation of Montes Claros. He left a valuable inheritance of compositions and paintings, and also created an instrument, pentacorde, that have and particular sound.
The City Montes Claros, Brazilcartoon’s home, opens the celebrations of Godofredo Guedes’ centenary with several festivities, in order to retribute to the great cultural collaboration of this talented artist: Godofredo Guedes.
Montes Claros is located in the north portion of Minas Gerais. It is an important academic pole and the cultural crib that has already projected great artists in national and international scene such as the writer Darcy Ribeiro, the illustrator and cartoonist Marcelo Lélis, the singer and composer Beto Guedes, one of the integrants of MPB movement, Clube da Esquina. Konstantin Christoff, humor painter known internationally, Carlos Muniz, cartoonist, and Márcio Leite, Brazilcartoon’s director.

International Godofredo Guedes’ Centenary Contest’s Regulation
1 - Any person can participate the Contest, except Culture Secretary’s and Brazilcartoon’s workers and organization staff.
2 - Participants: The competition is open to all amateur cartoonists, professionals and students
3 - The unknown works shall be presented in vertical, format 30cm x 40 cm
4 - Each contestant may participate with only 1 (one) work.
5 - Techinique is free.
6 - Only original works will be accepted. Digital works shall be signed by the artist’s hand. In the back of each work shall present the following information: Author’s full name, full address with zip-code, phone number, CIC, Identity, bank data and e-mail
7- The works can be registrated personally or by mail. The final prize to registration is 31/10/2008, counting the publishing date. Brazilcartoon’s site won’t be responsible by any damage occurred during the publishing.
OBS.: The under-age participants shall send, written down, the autorization of the parents of responsible.
8- Category: Caricature
Caricature Concept – Graphic representation with funny anatomic distortions of known personalities
9 – The participants shall fill the registration form and send the drawings, in the same envelope, to the following address:
Salão Internacional de Caricaturas, Centenário Godofredo Guedes, Rua São Francisco, 666, Centro, Cep: 39400-048 Montes Claros / MG, BRAZIL
Mais informações: (38) 3216-1109 info@brazilcartoon.com
Coordination: Walkiria Braga walkiriabraga@hotmail.com
10 – Registrations: 19 / 05 to 31 / 10 de 2008
11 – The result will be published in November 21, 2008
12 – Brazilcartoon will show on its site http://www.brazilcartoon.com/ a gallery with all the selected and awarded drawings.
13- Drawings sent to the competition won’t be returned.
14 – Prizes
1st place: R$ 2.000 + trophy
2nd place: R$ 1.000 + trophy
3rd place: R$ 500 + trophy
New Talent’s Award – R$ 500 + trophy. This category is dedicated to amateur artists untill 16 years old.
OBS.: Brazilcartoon will participate the event through the divulgation, judgment and organization, but it won’t be responsible by the awarding of it. The prizes’ payment and the trophies are entire responsibility of Montes Claros’ Municipal Government.
15 – Authorial rights
The organization staff reserve the right to veto the participation of those whose work’s subject won’t fit the contest’s proposal. The organization may use the works sent to divulgate the event and in Brazilcartoon. The registration of the International Godofredo Guedes’ centenary Contest implicates in total and unrestricted acceptance of the conditions above described.
Fotos Godofredo Guedes and Registration form at: http://www.brazilcartoon.com/


20th Olense Kartoenale - Belgium

20° Olense Kartoenale 2008 - Belgium
Annual Cartoon Contest – Rules and regulation 2008
1. Participation
All contestants will be admitted with no distinction made regarding nationality or age.
There are two categories:
· Youth category up to 15 years inclusive;
· Adult category: 16 years and older.
2. Theme
The theme is „Extreme sports & strange hobbies“.
3. Entries
· Original cartoons in black and white or colour, may bear no captions.
· Dimensions including any passe-partout 21 x 30 cm.
· Works sent rolled and works larger than DIN A4 will not be returned.
· Number of entries per contestant: maximum five.
4. Property rights
Prize-winning works will become the property of the organizer or the major sponsors.
All works selected may be used by the organizers to promote the contest and the village of Olen.
5. Catalogue/Cartoon book
Selected works will be considered for inclusion in a catalogue. The authors of these works will receive a free copy of the catalogue during the prize ceremony or it will be send afterwards by mail.
6. Return mail
Return of the cartoons happens only on explicit request of the participant. In that case the return of the works will take place at organizers’ cost approximately six months after the ‘deadline’.
The organizers will endeavour to handle the return forwardings with the utmost care but cannot be held responsible for loss or damages.
7. Deadline
The deadline is 22 September 2008.
The entry form and the cartoon(s) must be send to:
Olense Kartoenale Gemeentehuis Dorp 1, B-2250 Olen Belgium
8. Prizes
For the adult category:
1st prize: 1000 euro
2nd prize: 300 euro
3rd prize: 200 euro
4th prize: 150 euro
5th prize: 125 euro
For the youth category:
1st prize: 200 euro
2nd prize: 175 euro
3rd prize: 150 euro
4th prize: 100 euro
Only for Belgian participants:
Prize of the province of Antwerp: week-end (youth and adult category)
9. Prize Ceremony and Exhibition
The prize ceremony will take place at Friday 14th of November 2008 at approximately 20.00 h in the council room of the town hall of Olen, Dorp 1, 2250 Olen. Every participating artist will be welcome on that occasion.
A selection of the cartoons will also be exhibited at the same address and can be visited:
· Sunday 16th of November 2008
· All working days from Monday 17th of November 2008 till 19th of December 2008 during the opening hours of the town hall.


Results 4th International cartoon contest (SYRIA 2008)

Results of 4th International cartoon contest (SYRIA 2008)

The Jury:
Rumen Dragostinov (cartoonist) - Bulgaria
Muhittin Koroglu (cartoonist) - Turkey
Marcio Leite da Silva (cartoonist) - BRAZIL
Mohammad Amin Aghaei (cartoonist) - Iran
Julian PENA-PAI (cartoonist) - ROMANIA
Mahmoud Saheen (Critic reviewer) – Syria
Hasan M. Yousef (Journalist & writer) - Syria
Morhaf Yousef - (cartoonist) - Syria


Grand Prize: Constantine Ciosu – Romania

Cartoon Theme, Culture and Art:

Golden Prize: Jugoslav Vlahovic –Serbia

Silver Prize: Payam Pourfalah – IRAN

Bronze Prize: Frackiewicz JACEK- Poland

Golden Prize: Zhu Zizun-China
Silver Prize: Amin Montazeri – IRAN
Bronze Prize : Ivailo Tsvetkov –Bulgaria

Golden Prize: Bahram Azimi –IRAN
Silver Prize: Jugoslav Vlahovic –Serbia
Bronze Prize : Sevda Jannati Rad –IRAN

Special Prize:
Florin Balaban- Luxembourg
Afraa al Yousef – Syria
Rahim Baggal Asgari – IRAN
Agim Sulaj – Albania
Alessandro Gatto – ITALY
Julio Carriَn Cueva -KARRY- Peru
Jiang Lidong – China
Atila Ozer – Turkey
Ligarribay Luis – Brazil
Ferreol Murillo Fuentes - Costa Rica
Hani Abbas – Palestine
Yaser Ahmed – Syria
Bobo Pernecky- Slovakia

Honorable mentions:
Athanassios Efthimiadis – GREECE
Yuriy KOSOBUKIN – Ukraine
Hossein Rahimkhani – IRAN
Manuel Sainz Serrano - Spain
Marzeyah REZAIE – IRAN
Naeimeh Nicouray - IRAN
Roman Kubec – CZECH
Shahin Kalantary - IRAN
Shahid Atiqullah – Switzerland
Silvano Rosa Mooncalves de Melo - BRAZIL
Valentin Druzhinin – Russia
Valeri Kurtu - GERMANY
Zoran JOSIC – Slovenia
John Carlos Mattias - Brazil
Luiz Claudio Luzca Barros –BRAZIL
Ivailo Tsvetkov – BULGARIA
Abdullah ASAAD – SYRIA
Aidarbek Gazizov – Kazakhstan
Aleksandr Blatnik - Serbia
Alexei Talimonov - GREAT BRITAIN
Berarani Kamel – ALGERIA
Constantin Ciosu – ROMANIA
David Evzen – CZECH
Dawood Deldar – IRAN
Douha Al Khatib – Syria
Dragan Velickovic – Serbia
Dubinin Valentin - RUSSIA
Dubovsky Alexander – UKRAINE
ENN EHALA - Estonia
Fadi ABU HASSAN - Syria
Fahd Bahady – SYRIA
Firuz Kutal - Norway
Goran Divac – SERBIA
Igor Nikitin – RUSSIA
Ivan Anchukov – RUSSIA
Jaber Asadi – IRAN
Jaksa Vlahovic – SERBIA
Jordan Pop-Iliev - Macedonia
Jwan Zero – SYRIA
Li Xiaoyang – CHINA
Luka Lagator – MONTENEGRO
Mahdieh Shafiei – IRAN
Mahmood Nazari-IRAN
Makhmudjon ESHONKULOV – Uzbekistan
Marian Trutulesu – ROMANIA
Marjan Malek Mahmoodi –IRAN
Masoud Ziaei Zardkhashoei – IRAN
Milan Bukovac – SERBIA
Mohamad Hossein Akbari – IRAN
Mowafaq FARZAT - Kuwait
Mumin Bayram – TURKEY
Mohammad Ali KHALAJI - IRAN
Naji Benaji - MOROCCO
Nedal Deeb – SYRIA
Nguyenhuu Huey – USA
Nizar OTHMAN – Lebanon
Oguz Gurel –TURKEY
Oleg Dergachov – CANADA
Osama Salti – SYRIA
Pavel Janguirov - ARMENIA
Peter Tjagunov – GERMANY
Ramiro Zardoya Sanchez (ZARDOYAS) –CUBA
Raquel Orzuj – Uruguay
Resad Sultanovic – Bosnia & Hercegovina
Rooshan Gataullin – RUSSIA
Sadegh Bagheri - IRAN
Sador Mulaj – Hungary
Serhiy Naberezhnykh – UKRAINE
Tony Houbrechts – BELGIUM
Tsogtbayar Samandari (satso) - Mongolia
Umit Mufit Dincay - TURKEY
Victor Crudu - MOLDAVIA
Victor Emmanuel Chubasco – Mexico
Xiaoqiang HOU - CHINA
Zaza Leonardo –ITALY
ELraya Ombaddi Abu Baker - SUDAN
Mosa Ejawi – JORDAN
Abdulah Y. Alhamzy – YEMEN
Etidal Abed Aljedaani - Saudi Arabia
Bhekani Emerald Thwala - South Africa
Ural Caricature Club (CRANBERRY) - Russia

Best regards
Director of 4th International cartoon contest (SYRIA 2008)

See more prize-winning cartoons at:

Results 8th International Mediterranean - Turkey

Results 8th International Mediterranean Cartoon Contest, Alanya - Turkey
Organised in Turkey by Alanya Tourism and Promotion Foundation, the 8th International Mediterranean Cartoon Contest with theme "Tourism in Mediterranean" concluded.
441 entries from 49 countries were examined on May 3, 2008, by the jury comprised of Kamil Masaraci, Kamil Deniz Som, M. Nuvit Ozkan, Cihan Demirci, Ibrahim Tapa and Mahmut Karatoprak (See top above). The selected cartoons are to be exhibited for a week in Alanya from May 31, the prize-giving date. The organising foundation will publish the exhibited cartoons in a catalog.
The list of prize-winning artists is as follows:
1st Prize: MOHAMMAD ALI KHALAJI (IRAN) (See above)
Special Pizes:


Winners of Editorial Cartoon Competition - Canada

Russian Cartoonist wins International Editorial Cartoonists Award
The winners of the International Editorial Cartoon competition for 2008 are:

First Prize - Ivan Anchukov – Russian Federation

Second Prize - Gilbert Daroy – Philippines

Third Prize - Masoud Ziaei Zardkhashoei – Iran

Certificates of Excellence
Paulo Volmar Matos Vilanova – Brazil
Aristides Hernandez (Ares) – Cuba
Jugoslav Vlahovic - Serbia
Bobo Pernecky – Slovakia
Jitet Koestana – Indonesia
Vladimir Kazanevsky – Ukraine
Ross Thomson – England
Mahmood Salami – Iran
Run Tang Li – China
Ahmet Aykanat - Turkey (See below)

See all prize-winning cartoons at: http://www.ccwpf-cclpm.ca/english/cartoon-winners


International Cartoon Festival “Clear Look-2008”

International Cartoon Festival “Clear Look-2008” (Russia)
1. Participants take part in the competition with an original cartoon or very qualitative copy. Cartoons must be signed by the cartoonist in case that they are submitted as computer print outs. Photographs, photocopies etc., will not be accepted.
2. Previously awarded works will not be accepted.
3. Size of cartoons should not exceed 21 x 29.7 cm (A4 paper size). Works should be submitted unframed and unmounted.
4. The Organizers will not be responsible for damage that may occur during postage and handling.
5. Competition is open to professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world.
6. Subject is “Ecology. Pure city. Clear ideas”.
7. Participants are expected to send the filled in participation form, a short curriculum vitae and a photograph together with their cartoons. Otherwise applications will not be considered.
8. The Jury of Festival creates from the experts competent in the field of a cartoon, the fine arts. The Jury will meet in July 2008 for the selection and award of the works. The jury's decision is final and cannot be contested.
9. Award-winning cartoons will not be returned to the artists.
10. Prizes:
The first place - 1800$ and «The Gold pencil»,
The second place - 1100$ and «The Silver pencil»,
The third place - 500$ and «The Bronze pencil».
11. Cartoons which do not win awards will be returned to the artists upon written request.
12. Participants may also leave their cartoons the Cartoon Museum, to be established by the Organizers.
13. All selected works will be displayed in an exhibition and one free copy of the exhibition catalogue will be sent to the artists whose works have been selected.
14. The cartoons will be displayed at http://look.goodideas.su/ (http://vzglyad.goodideas.su/) and may be used for promotional purposes printed or electronically or otherwise and permit third parties to reproduce them for promotional purposes of the exhibition and used without any monetary or otherwise compensation. Participants are considered to have accepted all the conditions stated herein.
15. By filling and signing the entry form, the artist undoubtedly agrees with the above-mentioned terms of the contest.
16. The award ceremony will take place in Belgorod (Russia) September, 16. The exhibition on results of Cartoon Contest will pass at Belgorod children's art school.
17. Deadline for entries is July 11, 2008.
18. Address: P.O. Box 25, Eugene Kramskoy, Festival «Clear Look», Belgorod, 308015 Russia
Festival Vice-president: Eugene Kramskoy

Augusto Cid wins 10th PortoCartoon World Festival

Augusto Cid

Muhittin Koroglu

Dalcio Machado

Taeyong Kang

Augusto Cid wins X PortoCartoon
The well-known Portuguese cartoonist Augusto Cid was the winner of the 10th PortoCartoon World Festival, organized by the Portuguese Printing Press Museum, and with the Official Sponsorship of Caixa Geral de Depósitos.
The second prize was to Muhittin Koroglu, from Turkey and the third prize was awarded to two cartoonists ex aequo: Dalcio Machado, from Brazil and Taeyong Kang, from South Korea.
"The Olympic flame", was the title of the winner cartoon, and calls the attention to the multiple violations of Human Rights of China on Tibet.
Augusto Cid collaborates weekly with the newspaper SOL and had an anthological exhibition on the Portuguese Printing Press Museum, in 2004. Called "The Knight of the cartoon" the exhibition presented about 120 of his best cartoons made throughout his career.
The "Human Rights" was the theme chosen for this PortoCartoon edition and assumes a special relevance at this time with the Olympic flame's problems on its journey to China.
As the quality of the works received was of a very high level, the PortoCartoon international jury had also given 15 honourable mentions: Seyran Caferli, Azerbaijan; Luc Vernimmen, Belgium; Cau Gomez, Brazil; Eduardo Ferreira Grosso, Brazil; Harold Ortiz Sandoval, Colombia; Myung-Lae Nam, South Korea; Alberto Morales Ajubel, Spain; António Mongiello “Napo”, France; Dave Connaughton, England; Angel Boligan, Mexico; Pawel Kuczynski, Poland; António Santos, Portugal; Ali Sur, Turkey; Musa Gumus, Turkey and Sevket Yalaz, Turkey.
The winners will receive a monetary prize and bottles of special Port Wine (special reserve) together with the trophy and diploma.
This is the first time over the ten years of this festival we registered such a geographical enlargement of the participation, 70 countries. This means a growth of 20% when comparing it with 2007. Moreover, both in terms of cartoonists and works the participation of previous years was exceed. The organization of PortoCartoon received almost 2000 drawings of more than 500 artists. Brazil is the country with more participants - more than 50 cartoonists, with 200 works. In second place was Portugal, followed by Iran.
The international jury of X PortoCartoon was presided by Marlene Pohle, president of FECO and had the following members: Xaquin Marin, director of the Museo de Humor de Fene (Spain), Julio Dolbeth, from the Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto, Lucília José Justino, President of Amnesty International of Portugal; Naoki Seshimo, Japanese architect; Nuno Costa Santos, representative of Produções Fictícias; Raquel Almeida, representing the Ministry of Culture, and Luís Humberto Marcos, director of PortoCartoon and Museum.
The PortoCartoon is considered by FECO (Federation of Cartoonists Organisations) as one of the three most important festivals of humour in the entire world. FECO is the most important international cartoonists’ organization and represents more than 2000 artists of 30 countries.
The PortoCartoon has been annually organized since 1998, and this year celebrates its 10th anniversary, always with themes of great impact worldwide.
Several hundreds of thousands of visitors have seen the ninth editions of PortoCartoon which took place on the Portuguese Printing Press Museum, and in the several cities where exhibited, including countries as Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Mexico.
The winners of the X PortoCartoon will receive their trophies and prizes during the opening ceremony of the exhibition to be held on the Portuguese Printing Press Museum, in June, during the S. João of Porto festivities.
The other winning cartoons can been seen in the http://www.cartoonvirtualmuseum.org/i_noticias_f_i.htm