Deadline for the 15th PortoCartoon World Festival, Portugal, is 12 March 2013

Dear Cartoonist,
Already into the second decade of this century, the world is still in crisis and full of contradictions.
The three words mobilizing democracy remain shy. So here is an invitation to the most universal language to show the current situation.
The three flags of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity need to fly with universal humour.
The pencil may well be the torches of modernity.
To illuminate the crowds and to scream to the powers of all colours that the world has to change.
Humanity is far ahead and everywhere, before the numbers.
Please open wings, all the HUMOUR to pass!
For Freedom! For Equality! For Fraternity!
You can also show how can honour someone through caricature.
Two symbols of humanity - José Saramago (Nobel of Literature in 1998) and Manoel Oliveira (the world's oldest filmmaker in activity) - are just there for the evocation of the humour.
Both of them are strict defenders of the liberty, equality and fraternity principles.
With wishes for a 2013 full of humour,
we will show that the cartoon does not go in separate ways with
Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
A lesson for those who (mis) rule the world!
Sincerely yours
Luís Humberto Marcos
PortoCartoon-World Festival
Portuguese Printing Press Museum
Estrada Nacional 108, nº 206
4300- 316 Porto
Tel: +351 22 530 49 66
Fax: +351 22 530 10 71
General Rules and Regulations + Entry Form .

Ľubomír Kotrha, Slovakia: New Year 2013

Vasiliy Alexandrov, Russia: New Year 2013

Milenko Kosanovic, Serbia: New Year 2013


Halit Kurtulmuş Aytoslu, Turkey: New Year 2013

1st International Cartoon & Caricature Festival Cartoonmag.com, Bojnourd 2013

The First International Cartoon and Caricature Festival Cartoonmag.com - Iran - Bojnourd - 2013
Cartoon Section: Funniest Cartoon

Caricature Section: The face of Issa Gholipour (The musician of North Khorasan Province of Iran)
(About master Issa Gholipour: Issa Gholipour was born in the village of Salakh, located in central part of the city of Bojnurd, on 1942. He began to learn Dotar from his father, Soleyman Bakhshi, when he was 15 and by the age of 16 he became a skilled singer and musician. He participated in various national and international festivals. The praise and honor he earned was a sign of his hard work and deep interest in sharing the North Khorasan Province folk music. In the heart of Haj Issa there is a valuable treasure of stories and traditional songs that anyone who is passionate about it, can feel it.)
Terms and conditions:
-The competition is open to all amateur and professional cartoonists.
-Each artist can submit up to 6 works.( In each section)
-There is no limit on the techniques you can use.
-Artworks must not be larger than A3 paper.
-Artworks format must be “JPG” with 300 DPI resolution and the size of each artwork must not exceed more than 2 megabytes.
-Selected artworks will be included in the festival catalog.
(Festival catalog will be published as a downloadable PDF file in the Cartoonmag.com website and if we publish the print edition of the catalog,a copy will be sent to all participants.)
-Along with the artworks you must also send this information: full name, mobile number,exact mailing address, biography and a photo of the artist. (All included in a word document).
-The Organizer reserves the right to publish the submitted artworks in the internet and press by artist’s name.
First Prize winner in each Section: Exquisite Persian handicraft, statue and honorary diploma.
Second Prize winner in each Section: Exquisite Persian handicraft, statue and honorary diploma.
Third Prize winner in each Section: Exquisite Persian handicraft, statue and honorary diploma.
3rd Special Prize in each Section: honorary diploma.
Deadline for submission: 9 February 2013 (EXTENDED: FEBRUARY 18, 2013)
Address: cartoonmagfest@hotmail.com
Festival Director: Abbas Naaseri
More on festival website: http://cartoonmag.com/en/ .

Leonardo Massimino, Argentina: New Year 2013