2nd International Turhan Selçuk Caricature Contest 2012, Milas - Turkey

1- The contest is open to all cartoonists.
2- The caricatures may be published before the contest. But they shouldn’t be rewarded at another contest.
3- The technique is free. Cartoonists can join the contest with maximum of 3 caricatures. But the arts must be original. Digital prints will be accepted only if they are signed by the artist with wet signature.
4- The maximum size for caricatures which will be sent must be 30×40 cm.
5- The contestants must write their name, surname, address, e-mail , country, and their telephone numbers with the big letters to the back of the cartoon. The contestants must put their personal history into the envelope.
6- The caricatures must be sent to the following address until July 13th 2012:
Milas Belediyesi Kültür Sanat Birimi
Milas – Muğla / TÜRKİYE
7- The result of the contest will be explained on the date of August 08th 2012.
8- The caricatures that are sent to the contest will not be posted back. The caricatures which are in degree or non degree can be published with purpose of culture. The contestants who join the contests are acknowleding these conditions. The caricatures will be kept in Turhan Selçuk Caricature House.
9- The contest album will be sent to the holders of the caricatures which will be selected by the Jury .
10- The award ceremony will be on the date of August 31st 2012. The gallery opening of the caricatures which will be exhibit and the caricatures which carried off will be in Turhan Selçuk Caricature House. The gallery will be open until September 15th 2012.
11- The accommodation expenses of the winners will be paid. But transportation expenses belong to them.
Muhammet Tokat ( Mayor of Milas)
Kamil Masaracı (Cartoonist)
Darius Ramazani (Cartoonist- Iran)
İzel Rozental (Cartoonist)
Piyale Madra (Cartoonist)
Nuray Çiftçi (Cartoonist)
Ersin Yeniceli (Director of Milas Municipality Culture Art Department).
The First : 3.000 USD
The Second : 2.000 USD
The Third: 1.000 USD
Other Private Awards: Private awards are by different enterprises, associations, newspapers, art magazines, agents, unions or persons.
MİLAS MAYORALTY / CULTURE ART DEPARTMENT – Tel: +90 252 512 14 16 Fax: +90 252 512 80 29 http://www.milaskultursanat.com/ * http://www.milas.bel.tr/ * info@milas.bel.tr 
Source: http://www.milaskultursanat.com/kategori/guncel/page/4/


Winners in 2nd Selective Cartoon Contest, Baja 2012, Hungary

1st Prize: Alexander Shmidt - Belarus

Diploma: Peter Ballner - Hungary

Diploma: Constantin Sunnerberg - Belgium

Diploma: Wang Da Peng - China

Source: grafikuskelemen .

Results 18th International Golden Keg 2012, Presov - Slovakia

Results 18th International Golden Keg 2012, Presov - Slovakia
Attendance: 205 authors from 37 countries with 523 works.
The jury decided to award the prizes to the following artists on their meeting on 05.03.2012:
Grand Prix Golden Keg 2012 – Boris Erenburg (Israel) (Top above)

1st Prize – Nikola Hendrickx (Belgium) (Above)
2nd Prize - Zhao Kun (China )

3rd Prize – Fernando “Pica” (Colombia) (Above).
Special Awards:
The Town Presov Prize - Oleg Šuk (Slovakia)
Bulgarian Cultural Institute Prize: Jacek Frackiewicz (Poland)
Igor Sevcik Prize - Bobo Pernecký (Slovakia)
Regional organization SSN Prize - Miroslav Barvirčák (Slovakia)
Pivnej gallery Prize - ex aequo - Henryk Cebula (Poland) & Oleksiy Kustovsky (Ukraine)
Foundation ART.EAST Snina Prize - Pol Leurs (Luxembourg).
Honorable Mentions:
Ivailo Tsvetkov (Bulgaria) - Jan Hrubý (Czech Republic) - Tadeusz Krotos (Poland) - Li Bu Yi (China) - Zhang Xin Hua (China) - Mykola Kapusta (Ukraine) – Ahmet Büyükmehmetoğlu (Turkey) - Tivadar Török (Hungary) - Makhmudjon Eshonkulov (Uzbekistan) - Jiří Hiršl (Czech Republic) - Goran Čeličanin (Serbia) - Shi Tian Jun (China) - Xiao Zhong Yao (China).
Jury: Miroslav Vico (President), Elena Arnaudová, Rudolf Dupkala, Edita Hudáková, Tadeusz Bloński, Ivan Kriššák, Fedor Vico (cartoonist & managing director of competition).
Source: Ivan Hanousek (E-GAG 2012-13-14).



Similarity : Li Run Quan - Ludo Goderis

This report from Makhmud Eshonqulov makh58@mail.ru .

Similarity : Gheorghe Postelnicu (Stops) - Margarita Yancheva

This report from Nicu Stopel gheopost2010@gmail.com .

Similarity : Mihail Ciubotaru - Mohamad Reza Babai

This report from Makhmud Eshonqulov makh58@mail.ru .

Catalog of the International Contest "Fun in Vasylivka Style" 2011, Ukraine

Received the other day the color catalog of the International Contest of Visual Art "Fun in Vasylivka Style" 2011, Ukraine. Organised in two categories with theme: Castle and Free theme, they accepted works by snail mail and e-mail as well. 138 participants from 36 countries sent in 447 works with the results here .
The Vasylivka 2011 catalog is 15x21 cm in size and has 72 pages including the covers. In the catalog are the cartoons by Oğuz Gürel, Erdoğan Başol, and Çiğdem Demir, the prize-winners, from Turkey.
Images from top down:
Front cover catalog Vasylivka 2011
Sergey Elkin, Russia
Oğuz Gürel, Turkey
Erdoğan Başol, Turkey
Çiğdem Demir, Turkey
Hosein Rahimkhani, Iran
Andrey Rijov, Russia.

Similarity : Wieslaw Lipecki - Masoud Ziaei Zardkhashoei

This report from Makhmud Eshonqulov makh58@mail.ru .

New issue: ArteFacto # 50, March 2012

To view the e-magazine in full, click here .


Results 51st Golden Hat International Cartoon Contest Knokke-Heist 2012

Winners in Golden Hat International Cartoon Contest Knokke-Heist 2012, Belgium
Golden Hat winner 2012 (Top above): Krzysztof Konopelski (Poland)
Silver Hat winner 2012 (Beneath top): Ahmet Aykanat (Turkey)
Bronze Hat winner 2012 (Above): Markus Grolik (Germany). (See similarity).
Source: http://www.cartoonfestival.be/cartoon/.


The artists selected in the XX Salão Internacional de Desenho para Imprensa

Dear artists,
Follow the link to the site selected by the publication of
the XX Salon International Design for Press
(XX Salão Internacional de Desenho para Imprensa):
Those selected will participate in the show which opens next Friday
(03/23/2012) in the Gasometer Plant (Usina do Gasômetro).
Follow the invitation attached.
Thanks to everyone for participating!
Team Coordination of Fine Arts
Municipality of Porto Alegre
Municipal Secretary of Culture
Coordination of Fine Arts
Telefones / Phones:
(+55) (51) 3289-8126 / 3289-8124.


3rd Humor Exhibition of Mercosul – Santa Maria Cheia de Graça 2012

santa maria cheia de graça • 3rd humor exhibition of mercosul from 8th until 10th may, 2012
1 • dates
The 3rd Humor Exhibition of Mercosul – Santa Maria Cheia de Graça will be held according to the following schedule:
Enrollments • February 10th until April 10th, 2012
Opening of the Exhibition of selected and awarded • May 10th, 2012
2 • participation
Professional and amateur artists can submit unpublished artworks, which were not awarded, until the closing date for entries.
The theme of this edition is world
The artworks – cartoon (graphic humor with universal themes and timeless) category – may be sent by mail to the address that is on this regulation.
The graphical technique is free.
Digital copies won’t be accepted.
maximum measures allowed
paper – 42 x 29,7 centimeters (A3) (16,54 x 11,69 inches ) – no frame
Each artist can submit up to 2 artworks.
The artwork(s) must be sent in a sealed envelope, also the artist must attach to it a filled registration form, photo and short curriculum. The back of the artwork should include a label with the following information:
Full name/ Artistic name
Title of the artwork
Each artwork must be attached to a registration form.

The artwork(s) must be received at the address below until April 10th, 2012 (deadline of the enrollments), therefore it must be mailed with the necessary advance to ensure the receipt of the documentation before the deadline.
Any artwork that arrives after the deadline won’t be a part of the event.
mailing address
3º Santa Maria Cheia de Graça
Salão de Humor do Mercosul
Chili Produções Culturais
Rua Villa Lobos 12 Camobi – cep 97105-450 Santa Maria rs BRAZIL
e-mail address (in case of doubts) santamariacheiadegraca@chilism.com.br
3 • awards
The prize combine a total of R$ 20.000,00 (twenty thousand reais), divided as follows:
a) First place (acquisition) – big prize humor exhibition – The amount of R$ 10.000,00 (ten thousand reais).
b) Second place (acquisition) – R$ 6.000,00 (six thousand reais).
c) Third place (acquisition) – R$ 4.000,00 (four thousand reais).
There will be a Selection Jury and an Award Jury composed by people with acknowledgeable talent in the area.
The prize will be paid in up to 30 days after the results are published.
If the Award Jury finds any type of fraud or plagiarism in one or more registered works the Jury may cancel the awarded prize. The results of the award may be contested until seven days after the opening of the Exhibition with reasonable evidence of any irregularity committed.
4 • additional information
The sole act of submitting an artwork implies the acceptance of this regulation. The selected artist transfers automatically copyrights of his artworks for reproductions and publications in any media, without restriction, aiming to promote the event. The artworks will belong to the collection of the Santa Maria Cheia de Graça to be used to promote and advertise the event. The organization of the 3rd smcg is not responsible for any possible damage that may happen when the works are sent or returned.
The selected works must be withdrawn with the event organization in up to 15 working days after the end of the event. The non-selected works must be withdrawn in up to 15 working days after the end of the selection process.
The artist, who does not reside in Santa Maria and wishes to have his work mailed back after the selection process or the event, must send a sealed envelope fi lled with full name and address on its front, attached to the registration form.
The event organization is no longer responsible for the works after they are posted in mail.
Sources: http://santamariacheiadegraca.blogspot.com/
Application form: http://issuu.com/demoraes/docs/application_form_smcg_2012

39th International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba 2012, Brazil

39th International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba 2012, Brazil
The 39th International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba 2012 will be held in accordance with the following schedule: Applications: until July 20th, Art Selection: August 04th and 05th. Awards: August 18th. Opening: August 25th. Closing: October 14th.
Professional and amateur artists, Brazilians and foreigners can apply unpublished artworks that were not awarded until the closing date for entries. The theme is free.
The works – all categories – can be sent by MAIL or ELECTRONIC MAIL (applications over the Internet, in the format and 300 DPI, JPGE, attached images at once).
The graphical technique is free. Digital copies, signed by author and indicated that it is print number 01 and sculptures, with humorous content will also be accepted.
Maximum measures allowed: paper – 42 x 30 centimeters (A3) (16,54 x 11,81 inches), sculptures – 42 centimeters or 16,54 inches (height) x 30 centimeters or 11,81 inches (depth) x 30 centimeters or 11,81 inches (width).
Each artist may enter a maximum of 03 works per category. Cartoon (graphic humor with universal themes and timeless), Charge (graphic humor journalistic themes nowadays), Caricature (graphic humor that expresses the physical and / or personality character known), Comic Strips/Comic Stories (graphic art in sequence. Caution: for comic stories will be accepted with a maximum of 02 pages) and Theme Intolerance (only works focussing on the theme Intolerance, proposed by the organization).
“Every day, we witness facts that reflect in every kind of abuse and intolerance. The limitation of freedom of expression, the destruction imposed by war, the exploration of child working, the homophobism, the indiscriminate utilization of natural resources, the religious fanatism, the violence against the woman and many other situations prevent the living together and the mutual respect, essentials to construct a better world. Those and other situations generated by intolerance we try to prevent by using the power of graphic humor”.
Along with the registered artwork, the artist must attach a complete registration form with legibly writing. It is also requested reduced curriculum and photo, for registration in the database and search CEDHU.
39º Salão Internacional de Humor de Piracicaba/Secretaria Municipal da Ação Cultural
Av. Maurice Allain, 454 – Caixa Postal 12 – CEP 13.405-123 – Piracicaba – SP Brasil

E-mail Adresses
Cartoon Category: premiocartum@salaodehumor.piracicaba.sp.gov.br
Charge Category: premiocharge@salaodehumor.piracicaba.sp.gov.br
Caricature Category: premiocaricatura@salaodehumor.piracicaba.sp.gov.br
Comic Strips/Stories Category: premiotira@salaodehumor.piracicaba.sp.gov.br
Thematic Category: premiointolerancia@salaodehumor.piracicaba.sp.gov.br .
The Awards are a total of R$ 35,000.00 (thirty-five thousand reais), acquisitive Municipality of Piracicaba, divided as follows:
a) Five (05) prizes of 1st place in the amount of R$ 5,000.00 (five thousand reais) each, divided among the categories.
b) One (01) award of R$ 10,000.00 (ten thousand reais) called GRAND PRIZE INTERNATIONAL HUMOR OF PIRACICABA chosen among the five winners of each category.
c) For the winner of Grand Prize of International Humor of Piracicaba and for the first place winners of each category will be awarded trophies by cartoonist Zélio Alves Pinto.
It will be awarded a prize of R$ 3.131,11 (three thousand one hundred thirty-one reais and eleven cents), exclusively for the caricature category, purchasing value from the City Council of Piracicaba.
Other awards and honors may be imposed at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.
There will be a Selection Jury and an Award Jury composed by people with acknowledgeable talent in the area. If the Award Jury finds any type of fraud or plagiarism in one or more registered works, the Jury may cancel the award.
The result of the award may be contested until a week after the opening of the Exhibition, with reasonable evidence of any wrongdoing without the knowledge.
A simple application requires the artist to acceptance of these regulations. The artists selected transfer automatically authorial rights of his artworks for reproductions and publications in any media, without restriction, aiming to promote the event. The return of the artworks after the closing of the exhibition is to be formally requested in the registration form. Otherwise the artworks will ultimately belong to the collection of the Centro Nacional de Documentação, Pesquisa e Divulgação do Humor Gráfico de Piracicaba, which will exercise the right of property, as its interest.
The organization of the 39th International Exhibition Humor of Piracicaba is not responsible for possible damages that may happen when the arts are sent or returned.
Besides the completed registration form legibly, the reverse of each artwork should bring the following information: registration category, author’s name, artistic name, full address, telephone number, e-mail, CPF and Identify Registration (ID) and bank data. Send also a résumé and a photo to cataloging on the database and search of CEDHU.
The authors transfer automatically Authorial Rights of his artworks when awarded acquisitivetely (include mention), in accordance with the Law n° 9610, February 19st, 1988 (Authorial Rights Law), therefore, universal and definitely in all use modalities and gratuitous, the rights of the author, guaranteed by the mentioned law; referring to the awarded artworks in the International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba and now integrant part of Municipal Public Property for the purposes of entitlements, in accordance with the Municipal Law n° 2249, 1976, partially amended by the Municipal Law n° 2486, 1982 and consolidated by the Municipal Law n° 5194, 2002.
IMPORTANT: The work submitted must be accompanied by the registration form, duly completed and signed by the author.
Regulation in languages on the website: http://salaodehumor.piracicaba.sp.gov.br/humor/
E-mail: contato@salaodehumor.piracicaba.sp.gov.br
Phone: +55 19 3403.2620 – 3403.2621 – 3403. 2615

44th HUMORISTS IN MAROSTICA 2012 Jury report – Theme TRAVELS

44th HUMORISTS IN MAROSTICA 2012 Jury report – Theme TRAVELS
On Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February 2012 the “HUMORISTS AT MAROSTICA” jury came together made up of:
Saskia Gheysens Presidente
Giacomo Cardelli
Roberto Marcanti
Maurizio Minoggio
Ferruccio Giromini
Gianni Scettro
Giovanni Sorcinelli
Alessandro Tich

Organizing Committee composed by the Marostica Graphics Group
The Jury, having examined the works that have reached Marostica from 351 Authors of 52 Countries, notes of a particularly generous participation and full of inspirations and results in line with the proposed theme – TRAVELS -.
By unanimity decided to award the 2012 INTERNAZIONAL CHESSBOARD GRAN PRIX to:
The International Award finalist works of 44th HUMORISTS IN MAROSTICA is assigned tied to:
This report by: Valentina
Gruppo Grafico Marosticense
- Umoristi A Marostica -


V International Aid of Snail's Graphical Humor 2012, Spain

Regulation in languages on feco-spain

The Alps Humor Salon, ha ha ha !!!

Now whose turn is it to be deceived: the Alps Humor Salon is getting announced!
"The originals will be exhibited at the Switzerland Gallery" although there is no such gallery in the world !!!
"The results of the exhibition will be announced on the The world's major cartoon website" of course, since everyone knows that website, no need to specify the site URL !!!
So and so and so, a fake competition without any responsible person or an organisation is emerging. If any cartoon website editor doesn't want to belong to the gang of thieves of cartoon ideas (in this case, about time, clocks, watches), he should take the emergency action and delete the false announcement of that fake competition, with red stripes on the margins as if of genuine Swiss origin!

Deadline in Haifa International Cartoon Contest 2012: June 18

Source: licurici


Results Palatifini Cartoons Contest 2012, Italy

“Palatifini Cartoons” first edition saw the participation of 169 authors from 49 different countries worldwide. From Belgium to China, from Ukraine to Germany to Israel, more than 300 cartons submitted from around the world. Among these, 100 were selected to make part of the exhibition and catalog, among them were chosen by the jury 10 finalists.
For the theme of "Genoese Pesto" won the Belgian Constantin Sunnerberg, for the theme "Food" Vladimir Kazanevsky from Ukraine with the work "Food King".
More info on: http://www.pestochampionship.it/en/component/content/article/182.html .
Top 100 cartoons: http://cartoons.pestochampionship.it/ .


The International Cartoon Contest “Molla Nasreddin” – Azerbaijan 2012

The International Cartoon Contest “Molla Nasreddin” – Azerbaijan 2012”
The Terms of the Contest.
Theme: Press (the importance of the satirical press).
The receiving of the drawings: till the 15 June 2012
It is possible to send cartoons via internet to the E-mail: mollanasreddin2012@yahoo.com
Each cartoonist (author) may take part in this contest with two cartoons.
We ask you to send cartoons in 300 dpi, jpg sizes.
The biography, address and photo are demanded from each author.
The exhibition and the presentation ceremony of the contest will be held on the 15th of July in 2012.
The catalogue consisting of the best cartoons that were sent to the contest will be prepared. Being as a present the book catalogue will be send to the each artist whose cartoon was added to the catalogue.
The cartoons that were sent to the contest will be estimated by the board of judges with the international membership.
The copyright (author right) of each artist who take part in the contest is being protected.
11. Our address:
Address: Azerbaijan, AZ 1065 Baku
Inshaatchilar avenue 30, flat 10.
Azerbaijan Cartoonists’ Union

Tel: (994 12) 510 40 25
E-mail: azercartoon@gmail.com
The I place – gold medal.
The II place – silver medal.
The III place – bronze medal.
Special award.
Encouraging (stimulating) award.
Source: azercartoon

Similarity: Raul Fernando Zuleta - Oguz Gurel

4th International Fadjr Cartoon & Caricature Contest 2012
Free Cartoon Section Cash Prize: Raul Fernando Zuleta - Colombia

Oğuz Gürel - Turkey, 2009

Results 4th International Fadjr Cartoon & Caricature Contest 2012, Iran

Results of the 4th International Fadjr Cartoon & Caricature Contest 2012, Iran
Awareness Section:
Cash Prize:

Naser Moghadam - Iran
Muammer Olcay - Turkey (Top)
Majid Amini - Iran
Jitet Kustana - Indonesia
Honorable Mention:
Hamid Soufi - Iran
Angel Boligan - Mexico
Valentin Georgiev - Bulgaria.
Free Caricature Section:
Cash Prize:
Arash Foroughi - Iran
SANTIAGO - Portugal
Nasrin Sheikhi - Iran
Honorable Mention:
Yaser Khanbaray - Iran
Victor Velez - Mexico
Silvano Mello - Brazil
Lezio Junior - Brazil
Ray Costa - Brazil
Guaico - Colombia
Angel Boligan - Mexico
Ali Radmand - Iran
Alireza Bagheri - Iran
Zhu Zizun - China.
Free Cartoon Section:
Cash Prize:
Majid Amini - Iran
Vladimir Nenashev - Russia
Raul Fernando Zuleta - Colombia
Honorable Mention:
Shahram Rezaei - Iran
Mohammadali Khalaji - Iran
Oleg Goutsol – Belarus
Mahmoud Azadnia - Iran
Mohammad Hosein Akbari - Iran
Hadi Rahmati - Iran
Farhad Rahim Gharamaleki - Iran
Fakhredin Doustmohammad - Iran
Dieter Bevers - Belgium

Ahmet Aykanat - Turkey (Above)
TURCIOS - Spain.
All prize-winning cartoons on irancartoon .


Results 1st International Cartoon Festival National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company 2012, Iran

Results the First International Cartoon Festival National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company
Grand Prize: Ayob Ashrafi - Iran
First Prize: Darko Drljevic - Montenegro (Above)
Second Prize: Paulo Volmar Mattos - Brazil
Third Prize: Mostafa Satarian - Iran
Fourth Prize: Homayon Mahmoodi - Iran
Fifth Prize: Paolo Dalponte - Italy.
Honourable Mention:
Doru Axinte - Romania
Alfredo Martirena - Cuba
Angel Boligan - Mexico
Victor Emmanuel Velez Becerra – Mexico

Özkan Olcay - Turkey.
Special Prize of Technical Jury National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company
The optimal consumption of oil products
Amir Hasan Sazvar - Iran

Ömer Çam - Turkey

Muammer Olcay - Turkey.
The considering safety cases in gaslight automobiles
Bahman Jalali Nokande - Iran
Reyhaneh Maleki - Iran
Saman Ahmedi - Iran.
All prize-winning cartoons on source .
Masoud Shojai Tabatabai (Iran)
Davod Shahidi (Iran)
Shahrookh Heidari (Iran)
Mahmood Nazari (Iran)
Abbas Naaseri (Iran)
Marcio Leite (Brazil)
Seyran Caferli (Azerbaijan)
Erdogan Karayel (Turkey)
Makhmudhon Eshonkulov (Uzbekistan).