The 31st International Festival of Humor and Satire Golden Helmet, Krusevac 2023, Serbia

1. Caricature 
2. Written form (satirical short story, poem or aphorism) 
1. Caricature: original one, minimum up to format of A4 (210x297 mm), maximum up to format of  A3 (297x420 mm), technics-free choice (usage of computers in the course of making also permitted). 
2. Written form: maximum two typed pages and up to 20 aphorisms. One author may apply for the competition exclusively under one single code! 
Plaque GOLDEN HELMET and monetary amount of....600 € 
One-man exhibition in 2023.
Written form 
Plaque "GOLDEN HELMET" and monetary amount of....400 € 
 Special Reward RADE BRKA...200 €.
Only shall unpublished works be taken into consideration.  A short biography is mandatory, address, phone number and mail address of the Author.
Written works are to be sent exclusively under the CODE and via post in three copies. 
Caricatures are to be sent by post or else in a digital form (to mail address), in the format JPG, resolution of 300 dpi and in maximum size of 4 MB. We are specifying that the selected authors have to send the original caricatures. Caricatures done on the computer have to be sent in a printed form in the format of A4 and have to be signed personally, with the indication No1.
Announcement of the Resolutions of the Jury shall have been passed by  March 1st, 2023.
Grant of the rewards shall be carried out on the closing evening of the Festival, on April 1st, 2023.
The Organizer bears the the travel and accommodation costs of the rewarded Authors. Official langauges of the festival are Serbian and English.
The works remain in the proprietorship of the Festival itself. The organizer is entitled to use the works, having been delivered for the Competition's sake, with the aim of promoting the very Festival. 
Notification: For each category one single reward has been conferred only. 
Cultural Center Kruševac 
International Festival of Humour and Satire "Golden Helmet" 
Toplicina 2; 37000 Kruševac SERBIA 
+381 (0) 37/ 423 025, 421 877 

Global Healthcare Illustration Awards 2022, United Kingdom

Global Healthcare Illustration Awards
Inspired and managed by Eradigm Consulting, a global healthcare consultancy, in collaboration with The Association of Illustrators, the competition seeks to attract and celebrate the best healthcare related images created by illustrators the world over, providing greater exposure for those who bring key topics relating to our ever-changing healthcare landscape to life. 
The Award invites entries from emerging and established illustrators from around the world in all and any topics related to healthcare including: 
• food and nutrition 
• drug addiction 
• infection diseases 
• mental health 
• disability 
• exercise and sport 
• digital health 
• pharmaceutical innovation 
• disease prevention 
• sexual and reproductive health 
• water and sanitation 
• healthcare delivery 
The aim of GHIA is to capture and celebrate all and any contributions made by the illustration community to all of those matters that relate to the promotion and preservation of life across our global communities. 
Entries will be accepted from 18 May until 15 August 2022
A distinguished jury chaired by award winning illustrator Luca D’Urbino will award the following three honours and associated cash prizes: 
Gold: £3000 
Silver: £2000 
Bronze: £1000 
50 shortlisted entries and the winners will be exhibited in the London offices of Eradigm Consulting in November 2022. 
Please email the organisers at GHIA@eradigm.com with any queries. 
Fill in the form on source to enter: https://theaoi.com/ghia/ .


The 7th International Cartoon Exhibition, Čakovec 2022, Croatia

7th International Cartoon Exhibition, Čakovec 2022, Croatia
Everyone can participate regardless of nationality, age, sex or profession. 
Over 16 years 
Up to 16 years 
Participants can send maximum 2 works. 
Size of entries is A4 or A3 format (jpg 300 dpi) - required. 
When submitting, each entry should have author’s full name, country and the number of the entry. For example: 
All entries should be emailed to: cartoondamir@gmail.com 
 First prize - 250 EUR, diploma and catalogue 
Second prize - 150 EUR, diploma and catalogue 
Third prize - 100 EUR, diploma and catalogue 
Seven special mentions + catalogue 
First prize - diploma and catalogue 
Second prize - diploma and catalogue 
Third prize - diploma and catalogue 
Seven special mentions + catalogue 
DEADLINE 04.09.2022 
The international jury will choose the cartoons. 
Authors of works that qualify for the exhibition of 50 authors will be given a copy of the cataloque. The organizer reserves the right to reproduce the works sent to the exhibition as the advertising material, without being obliged to pay a fee to an author. 
Source: Damir Novak . 
Prizes announced: 15.08.2022


Online Cartoon Exhibition: International Diversity Day 2022, Indonesia

International Diversity Day 2022
Online Cartoon Exhibition
All human beings have an equally of humanity degree. There is no difference between one another. They were created into a various nation and ethnic group to know and to help each other. 
babad.id in collaboration with IMS Indonesia, Norwegian Embassy, Sejuk, The Alliance of Independent Journalists, suara.com, HAMburger Podcast, Magdalene, Kutub.id, Purwokertokita.com, and Indotnesia invited cartoonists around the world to participate in the Diversity cartoon exhibition. 
"Being Emphatic when You Understand
1. Diversity 
2. Respect difference 
18 May-18 June 2022 
1. Send your cartoon to e-mail at redaksibabad.id@gmail.com
2. Maximum work size 1 MB, 300 dpi 
3. The work is equipped with the cartoonist's title and biodata 
1. Selected cartoonists will get a digital certificate 
2. Selected cartoonists will get a digital catalog 
3. 3 selected cartoonists will get souvenirs from babad.id
All selected works will be published through babad.id websites and social media. 
Source: babad.


International Prize of Humor and Satire, Coast to Comix 2022, Italy

1 - TEMA 
The Proloco of Appignano organizes the competition
for humorous and satirical cartoons of costume on the theme:
"SLOW HOLIDAY – total green travel, walking and cycling holidays. With a particular eye to the Coast to Coast route from the Adriatic Sea to the Tyrrhenian Sea PORTONOVO - ORBETELLO" 
The competition is open to designers from all over the world / Italy, without any territorial limit and will be divided into two categories, as follows: 
You can send up to five unpublished works, made with any technique, in color or in black and white, in the maximum format A4 (21x29.7 cm). 
The works must be received no later than 24.00 del 13/7/2022 to the coastocomix@gmail.com address in .jpg format, . tiff or .pdf to a resolution of 300 dpi, together with the participation form (different for adults and minors, in the latter case it will bea parent to send us the form). NB: the individual files must not exceed the weight of 5 MB 
5 – JURY 
President of the Jury Riccardo Messi – designer, musician, all-round artist: 
Paola Anaclerio – Ass. "Pedala diritto" 
Riccardo Chitarrari - artist 
Giacomo Scattolini – walker and animator Pro Loco Appignano 
1st Prize Italy 
plaque of recognition, typical products: artistic terracotta, legumes 
2nd Prize Italy 
certificate of recognition 
3rd Prize Italy 
certificate of recognition 
1st Foreign Prize 
identification plate 
2nd Foreign Prize 
certificate of recognition 
3rd Foreign Prize 
certificate of recognition 
1st Prize "VOTE of the Public" for the work most voted by the public 
plaque of recognition, typical products: artistic terracotta, legumes 
The Jury reserves the right to report further works, which will not receive prizes and to exclude from the call for tenders any works deemed unsuitable for the proposed theme or not ethically correct. 
During the exhibitions of the works there will be the possibility for visitors to indicate their favorite work to compete for the assignment of the "1st Prize voted by the Public". 
The authors, by participating in the competition, assign the non-exclusive right topublish the works on any medium for promotional purposes without having anything to claim as copyright. 
Participants will be distributed online the "COAST-to-comix CATALOG" with the collection of the best participating works of the twocategories. 
The selected works will also be exhibited as a kilometric signal of the Coast to Coast trekking route 
the Works will be exhibited on the occasion of the Award Ceremony in Appignano and along the streets of the village where it will take place with a walk during the days of the 30-31 July 2022 
In one of the areas in charge of the exhibition, on 31/7/2022 from 15:00 to 16:00 the final award ceremony will be held with the coveted presence of all participants. Follow Coast to Comix on Facebook coastocomix 

Participation form 

Name: ............................... 

Surname:... .............................. 

Alias:... .............................. 

Address:... .............................. 

Telephone: .............................. 

Email:... .............................. 


Shiraz International Taxation Cartoon Festival 2022, Iran

We intend to think of a new world with a different viewpoint to taxation! A world where social and economic justice and development are transparent. This is why we respectfully and proudly invite all cartoonists in the world to accompany us in this path by taking part in Shiraz International Taxation Cartoon Festival. 
Public Relations of the General Department of Taxation of Fars Province - Shiraz 
Subject: Taxation 
Taxation and people, taxation culture, taxation and justice, taxation and economics, taxation and production, taxation and entrepreneurship, taxation and transparency, taxation and development, taxation and my city, tax evasion, the impact of taxation on poverty reduction and class gap 
• There is no age limit to participate in the festival. 
• Performance technique is free. 
• The size of the works is 42 * 30 cm. 
• Works can be performed either in black and white or in color. 
• Each participant can send a maximum of 5 works. 
• Festival participation form must be filled in and sent along with the works. 
• The secretariat of the festival has the right to use the received works in order to print books, posters, brochures, catalogs and urban advertisements. 
• Participants need to send their works via email, however, the owners of the top 5 works of the festival must send the original hard copy to festival secretariat. 
• Sending works means the acceptance of festival rules. 
• Email address to send the works: shiraztax2022@gmail.com 
• Submission deadline June 15 
• Result announcement July 14 
• Secretariat address: Public Relations, General Department of Taxation, Taleghani St., Shiraz 
• Shiraz special award and plaque to the top five cartoonists of the festival 
• A memorial plaque for the finalist cartoonists 
• A participation certificate for all cartoonists 
Festival Communications and Media Director: Ahmad Reza Sohrabi 
Source: tabrizcartoons


European Cartoon Award 2022 is open for entries

European Press Prize and Studio Europa Maastricht announce the opening of the third edition of the European Cartoon Award, on May 9, 2022. 
From May 9 to June 20, 2022, cartoonists can submit their work for the third edition of the European Cartoon Award. Submitted cartoons must have been realized between January 1, 2021, and May 9, 2022, and published with a media outlet from a country within the Council of Europe, Belarus, and Russia. Founded in 2019, by the European Press Prize and Studio Europa Maastricht, the European Cartoon Award has one of the highest monetary prizes for cartoonists, granting its winner a prize of 10,000 euros. 
The cartoons can be submitted at this link: https://europeancartoonaward.com/ 
About the European Cartoon Award 
The European Cartoon Award was founded in 2019 by European Press Prize and Studio Europa Maastricht to encourage cartoonists in their essential work for freedom of expression. 
"Cartoonists are an 'endangered species': they have to deal with increasing resistance, censorship, and even threats and violence. Their space is shrinking, both in available publications and in the themes they can tackle. That is not only happening far away but also right here in Europe,” said the Director of the European Press Prize, Thomas van Neerbos. 
Essential for democracy 
Cartoons are an indispensable part of the public debate. In the universal language of the image, they transcend borders and put their finger on the sore spot. Averse to conventions, challenging, creative, and playful, cartoons are the hallmark of an open European society. 
Gonny Willems, director of Studio Europa Maastricht: “In these unprecedented times of polarization, there is a lack of understanding for the perspective of the other. Cartoons can offer an opening to the truth of the other with irony, humor, and sharpness.” 
Cartoonists can submit their work from May 9, the deadline is June 20, 2022. Submitted cartoons must have been realized between January 1 2021 and May 9 2022 and published in European media, online or offline. The award ceremony for this second edition will take place in September 2022. The cartoons can be submitted at this link: https://europeancartoonaward.com/ .
10-member jury 
The jury for the 2022 edition consists, among others, of the winner of the European Cartoon Award 2021: Tom Janssen. He will work together with British journalist Janet Anderson, American cartoonist Jen Sorensen, Danish cartoonist Niels bo Bojesen and French journalist Catherine André. Five cartoonists - last year's finalists - will be now part of the 2022 preparatory committee. Their names will be announced in the upcoming weeks. 
About the European Press Prize 
The mission of the European Press Prize is to encourage and guarantee quality journalism in Europe, especially in times when quality and freedom of the press are under pressure. The European Press Prize was founded by seven independent European foundations with strong media connections, all of which count excellence and public service as part of their collective challenge. 
About Studio Europa Maastricht 
Studio Europa Maastricht is a center of expertise for Europe-related debate and research founded in 2018 and supported by the partners of the Maastricht, Working on Europe program: Maastricht University, the Province of Limburg, and the City of Maastricht. Together we aim to position Maastricht, the capital of Limburg, as a meeting place for citizen dialogue and debate and establish a center of excellence for research on Europe and European integration. 
For more information about the European Cartoon Award, please contact  emanuele@europeanpressprize.com and press@maastrichteurope.nl 
Emanuele Del Rosso Head of Communications European Press Prize. 


Theme in Olense Kartoenale 2022, Belgium: The Afterlife

Annual Cartoon Contest – Rules and regulation 2022
1. Participation 
All contestants will be admitted with no distinction made regarding nationality or age. There are two categories: 
• Youth category up to 15 years inclusive; 
• Adult category: 16 years and older. 
Both professional and non-professional cartoonists are allowed to participate in this contest. 
2. Theme 
The main theme is ‘The afterlife’. This year Amnesty International offers the best cartoon with the theme ‘Right to free speech‘. 
3. Entries 
• Contributions have to be digital works. They shouldn’t contain an explanation of the drawing. 
• The digital works have to be sent in JPEG format with a minimum of resolution of 300 dpi (2480 x 3543 pixels). 
• Dimensions including any passe-partout 21 x 30 cm (A4). 
• Number of entries per contestant: maximum five for each theme. 
• You have to record your contact details through www.olensekartoenale.be
• You can sign up your participation from 1 July 2022. 
• The originals of the rewarded cartoons, your curriculum vitae and a photograph will be asked and must be sent to Community Olen, Dorp 1, 2250 Olen, Belgium within 2 days after the request of the organization. 
4. Property rights 
Prize-winning works will become the property of the organizer or theme sponsor. All works selected may be used by the organizers to promote the contest and the village of Olen. 
5. Evaluation 
The jury consists of artists, cartoonists and laymen. Decisions made by the jury cannot be challenged. 
6. Catalogue/Cartoon book 
Selected works will be considered for inclusion in a catalogue. The authors of these works will receive a free copy of the catalogue during the prize ceremony or it will be send afterwards by mail. 
7. Deadline: 12 September 2022 
The deadline is 12 september 2022 at 12.00 AM midnight. The entry form you can find on www.olensekartoenale.be where you also can upload your works. Do not sent your works to kartoenale@olen.be. 
8. Prizes 
For the adult category: 
1st prize: 1500 euro 
2nd prize: 700 euro 
3rd prize: 400 euro 
4th prize: 300 euro 
Prize of the city of Bialogard (only for Polish participants): 200 euro 
Special prize Amnesty International: 350 euro 
For the youth category: 
Prize for best international work: 250 euro 
Prize for best Belgian work: 250 euro 
9. Prize Ceremony and Exhibition 
The prize ceremony will take place at Friday 11 November 2022 at approximately 20.00 h in the council room of the town hall of Olen, Dorp 1, 2250 Olen. Every participating artist will be welcome on that occasion. Only the winners are personally invited. 
A selection of the cartoons will also be exhibited at the same address and can be visited: 
• All working days from Monday 14 November 2022 till the end of December 2022 during the opening hours of the town hall: 
o Monday 09.00 u – 12.00 u13.00 u – 16.00 u17.30 u – 20.00 u 
o Tuesday 09.00 u – 12.00 u 
o Wednesday 09.00 u – 12.00 u13.00 u – 16.00 u 
o Thursday 09.00 u – 12.00 u 
o Friday 09.00 u – 12.00 u. 
Maintheme 2022 : The afterlife
These last years in which a corona virus and a new war sows death and destruction, it may be appropriate to pause for a moment and consider the belief or disbelief in an afterlife. 
Archaeologists were able to show that Neanderthals before us already harboured the idea of an afterlife and they ritually prepared their dead for the journey. 
The ancient Egyptians made every effort during their lifetime to achieve eternal bliss in Amenti and developed mummification and at least seven concepts of spiritual qualities associated with being human. 
During the Middle Ages death was common due to plagues and wars. Indulgences, pilgrimages and much praying could help increase your chances, possibly after simmering for a while in purgatory, to feast on rice pudding with golden spoons between angels and saints... 
In Hellas, the gods resembled muscular brats, quickly displeased supermen and super women. All of it the opposite of what the Asian Buddha promoted as the path to detachment , reincarnation and Nirvana. 
Heaven, Paradise, Nirvana, Eternal Hunting Grounds, Amenti, Valhalla are all man-made places for the mystery that awaits us and gives hope to the faithful. At best, that belief is a reason to comply ethical rules that enable us to live together without major calamities. This is more than necessary, by the way, given the overpopulation and the shrinking carrying capacity of our beautiful planet. 
Source in languages: olense-kartoenale.


Salone Internazionale dell’Umorismo 2022: The Retrospective, Italy

This invitation is reserved for professional cartoonists, illustrators and artists.

During the month of August, as part of the "International Humor Show 2022: The Retrospective", two selections of car drawings will also be presented. One dates back to 1957, when the imposed theme principle was first introduced, and the other to 1994, when the car was chosen as the subject of the year for the second time. 
Today we are curious to discover how humorists interpret, in 2022, this essential medium that evolves over time. 
For this reason the Associazione Salone Internazionale Umorismo® a non profit organisation, solicits your imagination to drawings on the theme: 
To partecipate: 
• all you have to do is fill in the participation form below, including the required biography (500 characters maximum) by June 1st 2022 at midnight UTC. 
• once the participation request has been received and verified, we will activate a Google Drive folder and we will notify you of the url to access it so that you can upload the digital files no later than June 15, 2022 at midnight UTC. 
• the works, limited to three per author, must measure a maximum of 25x35 cm, Tiff format, at 300 dpi. 
A selection of the works received will be part of the exhibition to be held from 6 to 28 August in the former Anglican church of Bordighera. 
A second gallery of drawings, this time virtual, will be opened on the official website of the Salone: ​​www.saloneumorismo.com and on some social networks. 
At the same time, on the occasion of the Bordighera Book Festival held in August, Paola Biribanti presents a preview of her book dedicated to the fabulous history of the International Humor Exhibition which lasted more than half a century. Paola tells, thanks to numerous testimonies, this extraordinary human adventure scripted by Cesare Perfetto and rendered in images by thousands of creators who have come over the years from all over the world, including many international stars... 
Palms, Dates and Laughter
“The International Exhibition of Humor in Bordighera (1947-1999)” Edizioni Graphe
For this relaunching edition of the Salone Internazionale dell'Umorismo, the usual prizes are not yet awarded but the humorists present on August 26 and 27 will receive an exceptional certificate: 
"Salone Internazionale dell’Umorismo 2022: I WAS THERE!".
We thank you for your talent and look forward to your work! 
For the Associazione Salone Internazionale Umorismo® 
Gigia PERFETTO, Secretary General 
ENTRY FORM on source.

The 7th International Competition of Political Satire, Libex 2022, Italy

And in collaboration with Cartooning for Peace and www.voxeurop.eu
Key words: Inequalities / denied rights / famine / migration / poverty / pandemics / wars / hegemonies / dictatorships / misinformation / ignorance. 
For the first time in its long history, humanity is in increasing, perhaps inevitable, danger of extinction as a result of human activity. 
Until yesterday, we were focused on the growing ecological threats. Air, water, sea and nature pollution, global warming and climate change have reached unsustainable levels. Human survival is at stake. 
Since 24 February 2022, the existence of planet Earth is once again threatened by the outbreak of a nuclear war! A risk we had forgotten since the end of the Cold War. 
With this return of tragic times, humanity may collapse. While waiting a doomsday scenario, humans must reconcile with themselves and with their history. They must understand that this is not only an environmental issue but above all a geopolitical, political, economic and social issues. On a global scale. 
Inequality, violated rights, demography, migration, poverty, pandemics, wars, geopolitical power struggles and hegemonies, dictatorships, misinformation, ignorance, are all open issues that can produce world upheavals in a short time. 
Humanity must act, and act quickly. Humans are their own fate. 
1-DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF Cartoons: 1 June 2022 
2-PARTICIPATION: Open competition to all specialized cartoonists. 
3-CARTOONS: Each participant can propose 1 and maximum 2 works realized during the last years, but not awarded or presented in other competitions
The works should preferably be without text. 
If a text is required, it must be accompanied by a translation into English or Italian. 
4-SUBMISSION of Cartoons and entry form: 
- The entry form must be completed in full in order to allow the exhibition and publication of the cartoons and CVs, as well as ensure contacts with the authors; 
- The attached works must be sent in electronic format, in high definition, in JPEG, TIFF or PNG format. 
Minimum resolution of 300 dpi, in JPG or TIFF format in maximum quality. 
Attention : Entries that do not meet the requirements (articles 1, 2, 3 and 4) will be eliminated. 
5-SELECTION OF cartoons: 
- A pre-jury will select the 55 semifinalists. 
- An international jury, made up of international cartoonists, journalists and chaired by Thierry Vissol, the director of Libex, will select three winners, and the 10 cartoons with an honorable mention. 
6-Libex PRIZE - Giuseppe di Vagno Foundation (1889-1921). 
• 1st prize: € 600,00 
• 2nd prize: € 400,00 
• 3rd prize: € 200,00 
• The ten first cartoons selected by the Jury will also be published as postcards. 
- The award ceremony will take place on the 26th of September 2020 on the occasion of the closing of the 18th edition of the Festival Lector In Fabula
- If security conditions permit, the award ceremony will take place in the presence of the winning artists. 
- Travel and accommodation expenses of the winners will be covered by the Giuseppe Di Vagno Foundation. 
The 55 semifinalists’ cartoons will be exhibited in the cloister of the Monastery of San Benedetto in Conversano (BA - Italy) and published in a full-colour printed catalogue. 
By participating in the competition, the authors transfer to the Centre Libex-Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vagno (1889-1921) the non-exclusive right to publish the works on any medium for promotional purposes, without claiming any copyright or reproduction rights. 
For any problems or questions regarding the exhibition and the prizes, please contact: 
Secretariat: Alessia Ciuffolini - alessia.ciuffolini@gmail.com 
We will not use your data for any purpose other than this competition or for commercial purposes. We will not share them with third parties. 
Libex-Fondazione Giuseppe di Vagno (1889-1921)
Via San benedetto, 18 - FR- 70014 Conversano (BA)


The 49th International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba 2022, Brazil

49th lnternational Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba 2022
1 - DATES 
The 49th lnternational Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba 2022, realized bythe Piracicaba City Hall/Cultural Action and Tourism Secretariat/National Graphic Humor Center of Piracicaba will be held in accordance with the followings cheduIe Registration: until June 18. Selection Jury: July 08 and 09. Awards Jury: August 06. Opening Ceremony: August 27. Closing: October 30. 
a) Professional and amateur artists, Brazilians and foreigners can apply unpublished and authorship artworks that were not awarded until the closing date for entries. 
b) The works - all categories - can be sent by MAlL or ELECTRONIC (applications over the Internet on the official website, in the format and 300 DPI, JPEG, attached Images at once). 
c) The theme and technique are free. 
d) Digital works must contain the signature of the author. 
e) Humorous sculptures should come with the author's data. 
f) Maximum measures allowed: 
paper- 42 x 30 centimeters (A3) (16,54 x 11,81 inches), 
sculptures - 42 centimeters or 16,54 inches (height) x 30 centimeters or 11,81 inches (depth) x 30 centimeters or 11,8 1inches (width). 
g) Each artist may enter a maximum of 03 works per category: CARTOON (graphic humor with universal and timeless themes), CHARGE (graphic humor with journalistic themes of now a days), CARICATURE (graphic humor that expresses the physical and/or personality of a known celebrity), COMIC STRIPS/COMIC STORIES (graphic art in sequence. Caution: for comic stories will be accepted a maximum of 02 pages per work , UNIMED HEALTH (for works that address the health theme) and Thematic (only for works that address the theme E-COMMERCE proposed by the organization: 
Without a doubt, the years from 2020 are already part of the history books. The world has gone - and is going - through a difficult and important moment, which directly reflects on consumption habits. The Covid-19 pandemic has arrived and completely changed the way to consume. The concept of shopping with a preference for digital channels has become a reality, and the world has started to shop online, many for the first time. Social isolation and the home office were accompanied by the habit of thinking and researching very well about the items that are necessary to live with maximum quality and comfort at home. At the same time, impulse purchases increased as people looked for something to emotionally fulfill them in a context of chaos and uncertainty. 
Consumers increasingly digital 
Even living in the information age, not all jobs and studies were in digital format before Covid-19. With social isolation, people started to live the experience of studying and working at home, through various platforms that help in communication, which has been strengthening and strengthening the relationship with the digital world. In this scenario with reduced possibilities on the one hand, consumers find alternatives on the other. The option was to better understand the virtual shopping environment, starting to trust more in the security of their payments and delivery times, for example. In addition, entertainment applications and platforms needed to innovate their technologies and forms of content production to meet new expectations of a more digitally active population – as well as commerce companies in general, which needed to adapt the physical environment to the online one. 
This is a trend that will remain and create hybrid paths. In the new context, companies intend to keep working from home in an integral way, as well as courses, medical care and other services. In addition, the comfort of shopping without leaving home must continue with great force. 
The news changes daily, which means that not everything is known about the “new normal” quickly. But the fact is that, with the rise of this type of sales and changes in consumption habits, the relationship between consumers and companies has changed forever. Welcome to new consumption habits in the digital world. 
h) In addition to the prizes for the categories, special prizes may be awarded, offered by our supporters, during the registration and selection process. 
i) Along the registered artwork, the artist must attach a complete registration form with legibly writing. lt is also requested reduced curriculum and photo, for registration in the CEDHU's data base. To make sure your work is original, it is suggested to the artist to check on specialized websites if there is no match of image, text and / or situation of your work with another already published in newspapers, magazines or websites. If there is confirmation of plagiarism the work will be automatically disqualified. 
2.1 - Sent by MAlL 
49º Salão Internacional de Humor de Piracicaba - Av. Dr. Maurice Allain, 454 - Caixa Postal 12 - CEP 13.405-123 Piracicaba- SP - Brasil 
IMPORTANT: The work submitted must be accompanied by the registration form, duly completed and signed by the author. 
Inscriptions works in JPEG format, 300 DPI (attached images at once) only on our website, on http://salaointernacionaldehumor.com.br
IMPORTANT: Uploaded files should be named as follows: 
artist name_country_category_number. 
Example: paulosilva_brazil_cartoon_01
2.3 deliver in person 
In the CEDHU - National Center for Documentation, Research and Disclosure of Graphic Humor of Piracicaba - Av. Maurice Allain, 454 - Warehouse 14A - Parque do Engenho Central - CEP 13.405-123 - Piracicaba SP BRAZIL 
2.4 - The exhibition will be virtual and in presence 
The 2022 edition of the International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba will be virtual and in person. Therefore, the selected physical works (either 2D or 3D / sculpture) will be scanned and photographed to be exposed in the virtual exhibition. Therefore, we reaffirm that there will be no physical and face-to-face exposure until the contrary is decided in a later decision. 
The Awards are a totaI of R$ 55.000,00 (fifty five thousand reais) divided as follows: 
a) Five 1st place prizes in the amount of R$ 5.000,00 (five thousand reais) each, divided among the categories (cartoon, charge, caricature, comics strips). 
b) A prize of R $ 5,000.00 (five thousand reais) called "THEMATIC AWARD – E-COMMERCE", destined to works of any category (cartoons, caricature, charge or comics strips) that address the theme E-COMMERCE, proposed by the organization of the event to the 2022 edition. 
c) One award of R$ 10.000,00 (ten thousand reais) called GRAND PRIZE INTERNATIONAL HUMOR OF PIRACICABA chosen among the five winners of each category (cartoon, charge, caricature, comics strips, and thematic) 
d) One prize called Popular Jury "Alceu Marozi Righetto", in the value of R$ 5.000,00 (five thousand reais),chosen by online open voting. The contestants to this award will be Sculptures selected by the Awarding Committee. The indicated, such as the schedule and the local for the voting will be announced on the event's opening. 
e) Also planned: a prize of R$ 5.000,00 (five thousand reais) called CHAMBER OF MUNICIPAL OF PIRACICABA award, exclusively for the caricature category; 
f) a prize of R$5.000,00 (five thousand reais) called UNIMED HEALTH AWARD for work for any category that explore the themes of health. 
Besides the monetary value, the winning authors will receive trophies (creation of Zélio Alves Pinto). Other prizes and mentions may be established, at the discretion of the Organizing Committee and Award Committee. There will be a selection committee and another award committee with recognized and trained professionals. 
The result of the award may be challenged up to one week after the opening of the exhibition, with adequate proof of any irregularities committed without the knowledge of the juries. If fraud or plagiarism is found in any award-winning work, the prize awarded will be canceled. 
The values corresponding to the cash prizes will only be deposited in a current account in the name of the winners according to the legislation established by the Municipality of Piracicaba responsible for the International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba. It is mandatory that the winning artist has a current account in his name and he must inform it on the registration form. If you do not provide a current account within 02 (two) months, counted from the day of the announcement of the winners, payment of the prize amount will be canceled. Authors of countries that face economic embargoes of any kind with Brazil and that make impossible the transfer of the monetary values of possible awards can only compete for nominations of honorary prizes. 
a) The simple application requires the artist to accept these regulations. The selected artists automatically transfer the authorial rights of his artworks for reproductions and publications in any media, without restriction, aiming promotion of the event. 
b) The CEDHU is not responsible for any damage caused to the work during the transport via post office or other carrier). 
c) After the exhibition, the original works must be withdrawn by the artist or authorized person carrying a letter of authorization signed by the artist, at CEDHU - Piracicaba, within a period of up to six (6) months, counted from the closing date of the exhibition. show. After the deadline, CEDHU will exercise the right of ownership, according to its interest. 
d) Awarded authors (including honorable mentions) transfer the assignment of the Copyrights of their work, in accordance with Law 9.610 of February 19, 1988 (Copyright Law). total, universal and definitive, in all the modalities of use and free of charge, protected by said law referring to the work (s) awarded at the International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba, which are now part of the Municipal Public Patrimony for all rights purposes, in accordance with the Municipal Law n 2249,1976, partially amended by the Municipal Law n 2486-1982 and consolidated by the Municipal Law n 5194-2002. 
Regulation + Application Form 49º Salão Internacional de Humor de Piracicaba 2022 in languages on source.