Theme for Austrian Cartoon Award 2009: Crisis as an Opportunity

Austrian Cartoon Award 2009 - "crisis as an opportunity"
conditions of participation - theme 2009 "crisis as an opportunity"
1.) General Information
The contest is open to all cartoonists and illustrators worldwide. Applicants can be either professionals or amateurs and must be 18 years of age by the date of application. Up to a maximum of 3 submissions will be accepted by each participant. Previously awarded works can not take part in the competition.
The "Austrian Cartoon Award" will take place excluding the jurisdiction of a court.
2.) Entry application
Entries must be submitted either via post and addressed to
"Austrian Cartoon Award 2009" c/o Werbeagentur Morre, Johann-Kamp-Platz 1, A-8074 Graz-Raaba Austria / Europe
or online under http://www.cartoonaward.com/
Only application forms filled in correctly will be accepted. Download entry form
3.) Procedure
1st round
All entries for this award must be received on or before 31st july 2009 either online or via post (only copies!) to be considered by the ACA Jury. The best 120 nominations of the first round will qualify for the final and deciding round of the Austrian Cartoon Award 2009.
final round
All participants of the final round will be notified either via e-mail or post. Originals must be signed and submitted latest by the 10th september 2009 - copies will not be accepted!
Should the deadline not be met, the application will be disqualified and the following best entry from the first round will be nominated to take part in the final round.
From the final 120 nominations the jury will select the best three in each category. Finalist will receive a written notification.

First round: Submission of cartoons
Requirements for online entries:
• Maximum size 15 x 20 cm (vertical or horizontal format)
• Colour profile: Bitmap, grayscales or RGB
• 240 to 300 dpi resolution
• dataformat: JPEG, JPG (maximum)
• max. data volume: 1,5 MB
Requirements for entries via post:
copies or prints (no originals for the first round), black and white or colour on paper
• minimum size 21 x 30 cm (A4 vertical or horizontal format)
• maximum size 30 x 42 cm (A3 vertical or horizontal format)
The name of the contestant and the titel of the entry have to be indicated on the reverse side of each submission.
Final round: Submission of the best 120 original cartoons
Measurements of the originals
• minimum 21 x 30 cm (A4 vertical or horizontal format)
• maximum 30 x 42 cm (A3 vertical or horizontal format)
The name of the contestant and the titel of the entry have to be indicated on the reverse side of each submission.
Only cartoons on paper and on no other materials can take part in the competition.
It is required that every entry conforms to the stated limits and size before it can be given jury consideration.
posting of originals:
• flat not folded and placed between two pieces of carton
• or rolled up.
The host can not be made liable for any damage caused by posting or caused during the exhibition.
4.) Jury
Jury members are caricaturists, artists and media representatives. The decisions of the judges are final and irrevocable.
5.) The ACA Cartoon Award Annual 2009
The M+N Medienverlag (publisher) will publish the 120 best cartoons in the ACA Annual.
6.) Copyright
Through the participation in the ACA contest the right of advertisments such as publications in the Annual, catalogues, newspapers etc. is given to the awards organiser. The submitted originals remain with the host.
The organiser reserves the right to reduce the advertised prize money in the event of an unexpected cancellation of sponsors’ consents. In that case, the awardees are entitled to 50 percent of the initially advertised prize money.
The "Austrian Cartoon Award" will take place excluding the jurisdiction of a court.
Compositor's errors and printing errors excepted. Place of jurisdiction: Graz.
ACA timetable 2009
official start of austrian cartoon award 2009: 1st may 2009
deadline for entry cartoons: 31st july 2009
first jury session: august 2009
deadline for entry originals: september 2009
final jury session: september 2009.


1st P.C.Rath Memorial Web Cartoon Contest 2009 with theme: Archaeology/History

On the occasion of the BIRTH CENTENARY YEAR CELEBRATION OF EMINENT HISTORIAN P. C. RATH, the committee invites cartoons from both professional and amateur cartoonists of the world.
1. THEME: Archaeology/History
2. Maximum number of entries: 1 from each category. (Any technique: Black & white; Colour; Digital)
A) Only an unpublished Cartoon is to be sent as e-mail attachment. (Don't send previously awarded cartoon)
B) The Entry Form (in MSWord) must accompany the cartoon attached mail.
C) Size: 21 x 30 cm (A-4)
D) Cartoon should be in JPG format (strictly 100 dpi) (Maximum 1 MB).
E) Every cartoon should accompany a certificate from the cartoonist with full signature (Scanned) about the originality and non-publication. The committee may ask the cartoonist to provide the signed original/sketch (In case of digital art works) after their selection for exhibition/diploma.
3. E-MAIL: pcrcon@ymail.com
WEB SITE: http://www.aswiniabani.com/
4. DEADLINE: 31st May, 2009
There would be 10 prizes (First, Second, Third, Special mention-2 and Honourable mention-5). All the prize winners would be given a Diploma Certificate and a CD album of selected cartoons.
A) The result of the contest will be declared in June 28th, 2009 and the selected cartoons will be exhibited in the website: www.aswiniabani.com/pcrath .
B) The Diploma certificates and CD albums for all the winners will be sent by post after the function.
C) The exhibitions will be organized from June onwards in various places.
A) Once sent the works belong to the organizing committee. It can be published, distributed or used for promotional purpose in future.
B) Cartoons should be downloadable and clear. Committee would not be responsible in situations like net-failure, undownloadable cartoon etc. It is therefore advised to keep the file small.
B) The entries can also be made available in other publications by the committee.
C) Plagiarism, if noted, the entry will be summarily rejected or even the diploma would be withdrawn, if awarded.
D) In case of a dispute the decision of the Committee would be final. The committee reserves all rights to cancel or modify any of the rules/conditions.
Participants are considered to have accepted all the conditions and are aware that their submissions may be reprinted and used without future monetary compensation.
Convener Jury: Aswini and Abani.

7th International Comics Showroom Contest 2009 - Serbia

Address: SKC Happy Gallery SALON STRIPA Kralja Milana 48, 11 000 Belgrade Serbia
Propositions and rules:
* Participants are not age-limited
* HIGH QUALITY COPIES ONLY, up to 4 pages, will be accepted. Works have to be sent via post office (e-mails excluded). Along with their work, participants are also required to send a filled APPLICATION FORM for the 7th International Comics Showroom Contest which can be downloaded from http://www.skc.org.rs/ (incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration)
* Required language: English
* Theme, style, technique, genre and page format are free-choice
* Page numbers and name of the author(s) should be written on the back of each page.
* Submitted works will be reviewed by the jury and selected works will be shown at the Showroom exhibition.
Awards & Prizes:
* Grand prix of the Showroom (includes 1000 €);
* Awards in following categories: Best traditional style comic, Best alternative comic, Best script, Best graphic
* Special jury award for inventiveness
* Young Lion special award (up to 15 years old contestants)
* Special jury award for the best idea (up to 15 years old contestants)
* Special jury award for maturity and imagination (up to 15 years old contestants)
* Special jury award for youngest contestant
* Sponsors’ prizes.
Additional information: http://www.skc.org.rs/ E-mail: skchappy@bitsyu.net
Happy Gallery SKC Belgrade, September 24th – 27th, 2009


21st Olense Kartoenale 2009 with theme "archeology" and special theme

21° Olense Kartoenale 2009 - Belgium
Annual Cartoon Contest – Rules and regulation 2009
1. Participation
All contestants will be admitted with no distinction made regarding nationality or age.
There are two categories:
· Youth category up to 15 years inclusive;
· Adult category: 16 years and older.
2. Theme
The main theme is „archeology“. This year Amnesty International offers a special prize to the best cartoon with theme ‘poverty and human rights’.
3. Entries
· Original cartoons in black and white or colour, may bear no captions.
· Dimensions including any passe-partout 21 x 30 cm (A4).
· Works sent rolled and works larger than DIN A4 will not be returned. The cartoons should be appropriately wrapped before sending in order to prevent damage.
· Number of entries per contestant: maximum five.
· Following data should be mentioned on the back of your work: name, address and age.
4. Property rights
Prize-winning works will become the property of the organizer or the major sponsors.
All works selected may be used by the organizers to promote the contest and the village of Olen.
5. Evaluation
No correspondence is held concerning the decisions of the jury.
6. Catalogue/Cartoon book
Selected works will be considered for inclusion in a catalogue. The authors of these works will receive a free copy of the catalogue during the prize ceremony or it will be send afterwards by mail.
7. Return mail
Return of the cartoons happens only on explicit request of the participant. Every cartoon meeting with these demands but which is not selected for a prize will be sent back within two years. The organizers will endeavour to handle the return forwardings with the utmost care but cannot be held responsible for loss or damages.
8. Deadline
The deadline is 3 October 2009.
The entry form and the cartoon(s) must be send to:
Olense Kartoenale Gemeentehuis Dorp 1, B-2250 Olen - Belgium
9. Prizes
For the adult category:
1st prize: 1000 euro
2nd prize: 300 euro
3rd prize: 250 euro
4th prize: 200 euro
5th prize: 150 euro
Special prize: “poverty and human rights”: 400 euro.
For the youth category:
1st prize: 200 euro
2nd prize: 175 euro
3rd prize: 150 euro
4th prize: 100 euro.
Only for Belgian participants: prize of the province of Antwerp: week-end (youth and adult category).
10. Prize Ceremony and Exhibition
The prize ceremony will take place at Friday 13th of November 2009 at approximately 20.00 h in the council room of the town hall of Olen, Dorp 1, 2250 Olen. Every participating artist will be welcome on that occasion. Only the winners are personally invited.
A selection of the cartoons will also be exhibited at the same address and can be visited:
· Sunday 15th of November 2009
· All working days from Monday 16th of November 2009 till 22th of January 2010 during the opening hours of the town hall.
WEB: http://www.olen.be/
WEB: http://www.olen.be/olense%20kartoenale/3231/default.aspx?_vs=0_N&id=1019&pg=1227


9th Tabriz International Cartoon Contest 2009 with theme "Correction of Consumption Habits"

9th Tabriz International Cartoon Contest 2009 - Iran
Theme: "Correction of Consumption Habits"
Special Category: Editorial Cartoons
1- Maximum number of works allowed to send is 5 for each category.
2- Size of the works shouldn't exceed A3.
3- Works are accepted only by post.
4- Artist's information should be written on the reverse side of each work in English; such as Name, Address, Telephone number, Nationality and E-mail.
5- There WON'T be an online gallery of received cartoons in http://www.tabrizcartoons.com/ because we think this would stop any possible plagiarism.
6- There will be an exhibition of selected cartoons in 3 different galleries.
7- For the category "Editorial Cartoons", the author has to send one copy of the newspaper in which the artwork was published. The artwork should be also signed by the author.
Either your work is selected for the catalogue or not, every participant will receive a free copy of the catalgoue of the contest.
Deadline: December 03, 2009 (DEADLINE EXTENDED) 05 January 2010
Judgement: January 2010
Results will be announced on TabrizCartoons simultaneously on the award-winning ceremony with the presence of jurors and winners.
First Winner: 1000 Euro + Tabriz Cartoon Association Golden Trophy
Second Winner: 500 Euro + Tabriz Cartoon Association Silver Trophy
Third Winner: 250 Euro + Tabriz Cartoon Association Bronze Trophy
10 Tabriz Cartoon Association Copper Trophies + Honor Mention.
We are totally honored to announce that Yuriy Kosobukin - Ukraine, Metin Peker - Turkey, Shahrokh Heidari - Iran, Sadegh Bagheri - Iran have accepted our invitation to form our jury and attend ceremonies in Tabriz.
Selection Committee:
Before the final judgment by our jurors, there will be a selection committee including Mina Khalifehzadeh, Jalal Pirmarzabadi, and Mehrdad Samadi. This committee will select the qualified works for judgment.
Address to send your cartoon:
Tabriz Cartoonists Association, Azerbaijan Cartoon Museum, Former Tabriz Estate Library, Opposite of Vahdat Art School, Golestan Garden, Tabriz, Iran
Zip Code: 51396-13117
Tel/Fax: +98 411 2843094


Ethiopia cartoon fraud - ARES

With this cartoon, and other one, I has won the "First Prize" of the "First Ethiopia cartoon contest 2009", you can see the rules at: http://www.googlm.com/contests/09/0130.html
And the results of the contest at: http://www.irancartoon.com/contests/resultsethiopia.htm
But... the organizers has only, ONLY, an email address: ethiopiacartoons@yahoo.com and they never, NEVER, answer my emails.
Really... I become a victim of a fraud. The rules said I has won 3000 usd, hahaha!. My question is: Who has my money? Fatule Bermanu ( the organizer)?
Dear colleagues, take care with cartoon contests if you are not sure that the rules come from a reliable source!


International Cartoon Сontest «Fair Play» in Odessa - Ukraine

International Cartoon Сontest «Fair Play»
Worldwide Club of Odessites, Odessa Cartoonists’ Association and «Vikna-Odessa» Informational Agency announce about The «Fair Play» International Cartoon Contest.
The contest is announced for the decision of the European football officials revoked Odessa right to receive matches of EURO 2012.
The verdict brought to Odessa is unexpected, unfair, opaque, and motiveless. It clashes cardinally both with conditions precedent for candidate cities selection and with conclusions and recommendations by UEFA experts, and also violates one of fundamental concept principles of fair play, i. e. equal chances — all of sportsmen starting the competitions could equally claim on victory.
UEFA by its decision left Odessa without EURO 2012, and EURO 2012 — left without Odessa, and entire world is at a loss... (that’s not less sad).
Events, relations between people in sport (in football particularly). Situations could be reflected in a humorous mood, possibly, underlined in Russian, Ukrainian or English.
1). All comers can participate.
2). Pictures (electronic copies) can be done in any technique. The amount of pictures by one author is limited by five. Pictures having awards of other cartoon contests can participate.
3). Art pieces are to be forwarded via e-mail: odessacartoon@gmail.com and are to have resolution of 300 dpi, sized A4, format JPG or PDF, max 2,0 Mb.
4). Every picture is to be forwarded attached to a separate message, including artist’s questionnaire, address, e-mail, and a picture of the author.
5). Deadline of pictures receipt — June 20, 2009.
6). Pictures forwarding to participate the contest will be exhibited at “Vikna-Odessa” website (http://www.viknaodessa.od.ua/) as they are received.
7). The round off of the contest according the decision of competent jury and announcement of winners will take place on June 26, 2009 in Odessa (Ukraine).
8). Art pieces forwarded to the contest will be exhibited since June 27 in free access in Odessa.
9). The pictures sent to the competition can be used by contest founders in ads and for Internet exhibitions.
10). Participating the contest artists consent that their works could be used in shows in Ukraine and abroad.
(given by the organizers of the contest)
The 1st prize — $500
The 2nd prize — $300
The 3rd prize — $200
Encouraging and special prizes from sponsors of the “Fair Play” International Cartoon Contest are possible.
E-mail to forward art pieces: odessacartoon@gmail.com
Website of the contest: http://viknaodessa.od.ua/
Contest coordinators: Peter Siguta, Eugene Volokin.


29th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest 2009 with Free theme

“One Cartoon, Original Cartoon, the Best Cartoon…”
a)The contest is open to all cartoonists all over the world.
b) The cartoonists are free to participate with already published works as long as these works have not previously been awarded in any other contest.
c) Choice of subject is free.
d) The participants may send only one work.
e) The dimensions of works should not exceed 30 x 40 cm and only originals are accepted.
f) Name, surname, address, phone number and country of origin of the participant should be written on the back of his/her work. And also a short CV of the participant should be attached.
g) The works must reach the organizing association not later than July 31, 2009.
h) The results will be announced on August 11, 2009.
i) The participating cartoons will be kept at the Cartoon and Humour Museum of Istanbul by the Association of Cartoonists.
j) The participating cartoons will be put into an album. The cartoons for the album and the exhibition will be selected by a jury. The album will be sent to the cartoonists whose pieces of work are exhibited and published in the album.
k) The participating works will be exhibited first in İstanbul, then the big cities of Turkey such as Ankara, Izmir, Adana and Antalya.
l) Participants are considered to have accepted all the conditions.
The Prizes
a) Grand Prize: 4.000 $
b) Honour Prizes: 4 Honour Prizes, each 1000 $
c) Special Prizes: Special Prizes offered by various establishments, associations, newspapers, art magazines, syndicates and agencies.
Special Prizes of the Association of Cartoonists.
29th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest, Karikaturculer Dernegi, Alemdar Caddesi, Yerebatan Sarnici Cikisi, Sultanahmet 34122 Istanbul / TURKEY
Phone: +90 (212) 513 60 61
Phone: +90 (212) 519 90 21
Fax: +90 (212) 527 26 18
WEB: http://www.karikaturculerdernegi.org/
E-mail: info@karikaturculerdernegi.org ; karikaturculerdernek@gmail.com


Topic in "Pencil in the North" 2009: Reconsidering culture masterpieces funnily

"Pencil in the North" International Cartoon Competition 2009 - France
ARTICLE 1: Organiser, association 49+ la BD Francophone, head office 91,rue d’Austerlitz 59200 Tourcoing, France, is the organizer of a press and humorous drawing competition open to anyone, amateurs and professionals. This production must obligatorily have this topic: "Reconsidering culture masterpieces funnily"
ARTICLE 2: Competition criteria: Support: use A4 format ( 21 x 29.7 cm). The technical methods used by the cartoonist are totally free, French/English text. The original drawing must be sent in the following form: the drawing must not be folded, and a short biography must be attached to the drawing. Cartoonists who are minors must attach permission to participate and authorization for publication from parents or legal guardians in favour of Francine COPPENS, Association 49+ la B.D. Francophone, 25 rue du General Marchand F – 59200 TOURCOING - FRANCE
This authorization from parents or legal guardians must contain surname, first name, address, telephone number, and E-Mail of legal representative.
ARTICLE 3: Stages in the competition: The competition begins on 15th August 2009. Francine COPPENS, association 49+ la BD Francophone, 25 rue du General Marchand, F – 59200 TOURCOING - FRANCE, must receive drawings entered by participants no later than the 31 August 2009.
ARTICLE 4: Participants: Present: Public concerned: draughtsmen amateurs or professionals. Are not authorized to take part in the contest: members of the board of directors of association 49+ the French-speaking data base, the jury like their close relations.
ARTICLE 5: Registration: For all entrants, each entry must contain: surname, first name, address, post code, town or city, country, telephone number, E-mail, a short biography, and parental authorization for minors.
ARTICLE 6: Criteria of admissibility: The criteria of admissibility are: respecting the theme - originality of the idea submitted - the humour and quality of the drawing. Work considered outside the subject will be disqualified, as will drawings of defamatory and/or racist characters, or characters likely to damage the physical and moral integrity of others. Entrants must also be aware of all these rules, and respect all the instructions.
ARTICLE 7: Terms and Conditions: Entrants of age and legal representatives of entrants who are minors undertake to give all performance rights and rights of reproduction on all types of communication support for written or web based diffusion to the organizers of the competition. From the very fact of their participation, the authors guarantee the organizers and members of the jury against any action, petition, or appeal by third parties concerning the originality of work presented.
Participation in the competition implies acceptance of the present rules. Only one entry per amateur or professional cartoonist is allowed. Drawings will not be returned.
In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, entrants have right of access and amendment.
The association 49+ la BD Francophone, it representatives, members, and organisers cannot be held responsible for lost, damaged, or illegal entries.
ARTICLE 8: The jury: will be composed of 7 people, professional press illustrators and humorous cartoonists, members of association 49+ la BD Francophone, journalists who write for the press, and press attaches. The jury will meet to deliberate before September 10th. There is no appeal against decisions taken by the jury.
ARTICLE 9: Competition prizes:
The 50 preselected drawings will illustrate the catalogue of the international cartoonist 2009 competition.
Three prizes will be awarded:
1st prize: Prix de la Ville de Tourcoing (Town of Tourcoing prize), the winner will receive: Crayon en Nord trophy (Pencil in the North trophy) and the sum of Euro 750 (seven hundred and fifty Euro).
2nd prize: Prix du Public; the winner will receive: Crayon en Nord trophy and the sum of Euro 500 (five hundred Euro).
3rd prize: Prix de l’Association 49+ la BD Francophone; the winner will receive: Crayon en Nord trophy and the sum of Euro 350 (three hundred and fifty Euro).
These people will be informed of the results by post or E-mail, and after its editing, each person will receive a catalogue.
Winners will receive their catalogue at the address submitted on their entry form.
The three winners will be contacted by the association 49+ la BD Francophone in order to obtain relevant bank details for the transfer of the prize monies.
ARTICLE 10: The present rules are available on the web site: http://www.bdfrancophone.fr/, as well as from the address of: Francine COPPENS, the association "49+ la BD Francophone", 25 rue du General Marchand, F – 59200 Tourcoing - FRANCE
As this is a competition, no expenses will be reimbursed.
49+ la BD Francophone Maison Maria et Gustave Dron, 91 rue d'Austerlitz F 59200 TOURCOING
Tel: - E-mail: bdfrancophone@free.fr
Web site: http://bdfrancophone.fr/
Siret[1]: 44010761300026 - code APE 913 E
[1] SIRET is a fiscal number used in France to identify a business location (Systeme Informatique pour le Repertoire des Etablissements)
Source: tabrizcartoons


Theme in Kosova World Cartoon Biennial 2009: Don’t Disturb!

KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial 2009
Contest: Open to all cartoonists.
Theme: Don’t Disturb!
Technique: Free.
Entries: max. 3 cartoons.
The works must be original, including digital artworks if the prints are signed by the author, accompanied by the author’s entry-form / biography. The awarded works in other competitions, photocopies, etc... will not be accepted.
Size: max. B3 (50 x 35 cm).
Grand Prize:.........5.000 Euro,
First Prize:............3.000 Euro,
Second Prize:........2.000 Euro,
Third Prize:...........1.000 Euro,
and 10 Special Prizes.
Deadline: July 01, 2009 / The postmark will provide the proof /
The international jury: August 01-03, 2009.
Results: August 07, 2009.
Exhibition: The Kosova Art Gallery / Prishtina, September 21, 2009 / from 20.00 h.
Catalogue: All selected artists in catalogue will receive a copy.
Remark: The awarded works will become property of the Gallery / KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial. The others will be returned to the artists, if formally requested, after September 2010. / Artists may also leave the cartoons to the Gallery / KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial. /
All rights reserved : © KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial
/ The organizer holds the rights to publish the cartoons, on media and other publicity materials, such are web-page, catalogues, posters, calendars, cards, etc... anything that has to do with animation, afirmation of the Biennial... /
WEB: http://www.kosovacartoon.eu/
E-mail: info@kosovacartoon.eu
Tel: +377 / 0 / 44 666548
Address: KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial P.O.Box. 257, 10000 Prishtina KOSOVA / EU /


Themes in the 9th Tehran International Cartoon Biennial 2009: Fear & Free

The 9th Tehran International Cartoon Biennial / 2009
The 9th Tehran International Cartoon Biennial organizing committee invites cartoonists from all over the world to participate in this contest.
1) The contest is open to all cartoonists.
2) The contest will be in four categories:
A) Cartoon (Two Sections) Theme: 1. Fear 2. Free.
B) Comic strip, theme: Free.
C) Caricature, theme: Political portraits and Free.
Grand Prize: 8000 $, Trophy and Honorable Mention (The main cartoon theme).
First Prize: 2000 $, Trophy and Honorable Mention.
Second Prize: 1500 $, Trophy and Honorable Mention.
Third Prize: 1000 $, Trophy and Honorable Mention.
The first to Third Prize will be awarded separately for each section of the contest.
The jury panel of the 9th Tehran Cartoon Biennial will also award 10 selected artists with Honorable Mentions.
Special Prizes will be offered by various Sponsors, Establishments, Associations, Newspapers and Agencies.
4) A maximum of 3 works in each section can be submitted by the participating cartoonists.
5) The dimensions of works should not exceed the minimum 20x30 cm and maximum 30x40 cm.
6) Comic strip must be presented in one page and without any words.
7) Only original artworks are accepted, without any kind of frame, accompanied by the entry form and author’s short biography and photo.
8) Quality prints of works achieved by digital tools will be accepted as originals as long as they are hand signed by the author, accompanied by the digital file of the artwork in Tiff format with 300 Dpi resolution on a CD. No photocopies or photographs will be accepted.
9) Name, surname, address, phone number and e-mail of the participant should be written on the back of each cartoon.
10) The choice of technique is free, color or B&W and etc.
11) The deadline: 22 October 2009 (depending on the posting date).
12) The participating cartoons will not be returned.
13) All cartoonists whom their cartoons are published in the catalogue will receive a free copy.
14) The organizers will do their best to protect all submitted cartoons from any probable damage, but takes no responsibility of the damages caused by post or bad transport.
15) The organizers hold all the rights to publish the cartoons submitted to the contest and use them in any from.
16) All participants are considered to accept all the conditions.
17) All works must be sending to the following address:
Iranian house of cartoon, No.44, Golnabi (Ketabi) St., Shariati Ave, Tehran, I.R. Iran
18) For further information, visit our website or e-mail us: http://www.irancartoon.com/
E-mail: info@irancartoon.com
Tel: (+98 21) 22868600 - 22846928
Fax: (+98 21) 22867080
Entry Form

Festival Economia 2009 with theme: Identity and global crisis

Festival Economia 2009 - Italy
Exhibition: open to all professional cartoonists
Entries: min. 1 cartoon
Size: min. A4 - JPG (col) or GIF (b/n), 300 dpi, max. 1 Mb.
Technique: Free.
Deadline: May 31, 2009
Exhibition: gallery on website http://www.studioandromeda.net/
Upon the conclusion of the festival, a jury will award the three winning cartoonists with present prizes.
The works should be sent via e-mail to: studioandromeda@gmail.com (Subject: Special Identity and global crisis) including entry-form with complete author's data.


Theme in the 15th Humour a Gallarate International Cartoon Contest 2009: Stars

Humour a Gallarate International Cartoon Contest Grand Prix 'Marco Biassoni'
Theme 2009: STARS
The 15th edition of the International Cartoon Contest is organized by the "Pro Loco" of Gallarate for cultural purposes, to attest the worthy creative contents of thought and the humoristic graphic art which contribute in no mean way to the development of attentive, innovative, pluralistic and open-minded social relationship.
1) The contest is open to all cartoonists, illustrators and graphic artists from all over the world.
2) Theme: STARS (2009 International Year of Astronomy)
Sections: A) Graphics/Cartoon B) Satire C) Caricature
It's possible to participate in all the sections.
3) Entries: max. 3 works. The works must be original and accompanied by the author's photo or caricature, entry-form and biography. Each work should bear the signature or mark of the author and name, surname, address, phone number and other data on the back. The author have to indicate the section for each work/s.
4) Size: A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)
5) Technique: Free. Common graphic and digital prints will be accepted but only if signed by the author. Copies of ink and pencil drawings are not applicable. The works sent in digital form, by email or informatic devices, will not be considered for the awarding of the various prizes; the works will be taken into consideration only for the exhibition and for the catalogue.
6) Deadline: September 28, 2009 (the post-mark will provide the proof)
7) Prizes: the Jury will award the following prizes:
Grand Prix "Marco Biassoni"
1st Prize; Special Prize of Jury; 5 Special Mentions for each section (Graphics/Cartoon, Satire, Caricature); 6 Special Prizes.
8) Exhibition: October 17-25, 2009 at Broletto Palace.
Opening ceremony: October 18, 2009
9) Catalogue: each selected author will receive a copy.
10) Property: the Organizers reserve the rights to reproduce the cartoons in catalogue, newspapers, or posters to promote the Contest and to exhibit a selection of works in other locations in Italy and other countries. All the works will not be returned and will be included in the "Humour Gallarate Collection".
By submitting the works, the author accepts the rules and regulations of the Contest and the decisions of the Jury.
The works should be sent to:
Pro Loco Gallarate, Vicolo del Gambero n. 10, 21013 Gallarate (VA) ITALY
Click and download the Entry-form (doc format)
For further informations: proloco.gallarate@libero.it
Phone/Fax: (+39)0331.774968
Source: fanofunny


Results the 2009 international editorial cartoon competition with theme "Protecting Privacy?"

The winners and finalists in the International Editorial Cartoon competition - Canada 2009
Theme: “Protecting privacy?”

First Prize: Aristides Esteban Hernandez Guerrero Ares, Cuba
Second Prize: Onder Onerbay, Turkey
Third Prize: Mahmood Nazari, Iran.

Finalists: Clay Bennett, USA; Mehdi Mohammadi Rouzbehani, Iran; Igor Lyskov, Canada; Yuri Manaev, Russian Federation; Halina Kuznicka, Poland; Mehdi Azizi, Iran; Cheng Wei Yin, China; Toku Kitawaki, Japan; Ludo Goderis, Belgium; Henryk Cebula, Poland.
Prize-winning cartoons & Finalists: http://www.ccwpf-cclpm.ca/cartoons-2009


22nd Humor Exhibition of Volta Redonda - Brazil

22nd Salão de Humor de Volta Redonda / BRAZIL
REGISTRATION: May 18 to June 15, 2009
Opening: July 2 (Thursday) - until August 2
LOCATION Espaço das Artes Zélia Arbex (Vila Santa Cecilia)
1) The works must be: unpublished, and should be presented in the vertical direction, format 30 cm x 40 cm in five (5) arrangements:
- Cartoon
- Political cartoon
- Caricature
- Comics
- Special - Theme: ECONOMIC CRISIS
2) Each competitor may participate in the five (5) procedures, with only 1 (one) work for category.
3) The category "comics" to be presented with only one page, in the vertical direction.
4) Warning - Only original works will be accepted, photocopies or reproductions will not be allowed into your computer.
5) On the back of each work shall contain the following information: mode entered, the author's full name, complete address with zip code, telephone number, CIC, identity, bank data and e-mail.
6) The work may be placed in person or by post, drawing the date of 15 June 2009.
7) The work must be directed to the following address:
22° Salão de Humor de Volta Redonda
Secretaria Municipal de Cultura - Ilha São João
CEP 27291.290 Volta Redonda - RJ BRAZIL
OBS.: From May 5 the complete regulation of the 22nd of Humor Hall of Volta Redonda will be sent to all registered cartoonists.
Website: www.geocities.com/salaovredonda
Information: fred.smc@epdvr.com.br
Telephone: (24) 3339.4207 or 3339.4209
Source: brazilcartoon

26th International Humor Exhibition of Piaui - Brazil

1. The National Humor Foundation invites you to the 26th International Humor Exhibition of Piauí/Brazil, which takes place at Clube dos Diários, 4 de Setembro Theater, Pedro II Square, Central de Artesanato, Antonino Freire Avenue, Liberdade Square, São Benedito Square, São Benedito Church’s churchyard and Frei Serafim Avenue, from 25th to 31st of May 2009;
2. The works can be presented through cartoons (theme Environment), 30x40 cm, digitalized in 300 dpi, RGB color, JPG format – medium quality – at a 1,5 MB limit, sent via internet to the following address: salao@salaodehumordopiaui.com
3. Each contestant will be able to send up to 03 (three) cartoons about the theme environment;
4. The winner gets a R$ 10,000.00 prize (ten thousand reais);
5. The cartoons must be sent up to (DEADLINE EXTENDED) June 24th 2009, and must be with the organizers until June 24th;
6. The works awarded will be part of the National Humor Foundation’s catalog;
7. The National Humor Foundation claims the right to publish the cartoons for promotion purposes and use them in educational projects developed by the entity in public schools.
Fundação Nacional do Humor
Rua das Orquídeas 640 – Praça Ocílio Lago – Fátima
64048-160 – Teresina – Piauí – Brazil


5th International Cartoon Festival Valle de Aburra 2009 with themes Free & Crisis

The conditions:
1.The contest is open to all the graphical caricaturists and humorists in the world.
2.The deadline for entries is September 15th 2009.
3.The themes of the competition are: a) CRISIS, WHICH CRISIS? and b) FREE.
4.Each participant can present in the competition a maximum of three cartoons for theme.
5.The cartoons presented must be in original or digital images signed by the artist; we don’t accept photography.
6.You can participate with cartoons in white & black or in colour.
7.The size of cartoons will not exceed 30 x 40 cms. maximum.
8.You can also participate with cartoons that have already been published or rewarded previously.
9.Each participant will pay to send the cartoon.
10.Each cartoon will have in the back the name, last name, address an e-mail of the participant.
11.Participants are requested to send, together with their cartoons, a short curriculum vitae and photography.
12.There will be selection judges.
13.The sent cartoons won’t be returned (except the ones received as borrowed), and they will take part in the cartoons and comic Colombian museum. Each cartoon and its author will have a carpet and a place in this collection.
14.The organization has all rights reserved to exhibit the cartoons that attempt to individual or collective rights.
15.The cartoons selected of 1º and 2º event will be published in a catalogue (by infrastructure problems the catalogue of the first event could not be printed).
16.The selected works will publish in our page Web and a book of next appearance, that will contain works of the made events.
The Prizes
1° Grand Prix: US$ 1.000
2° Special prizes offered by various institutions
3° Special mentions
The works should be sent to:
5ª Muestra Mundial de Caricatura “ Valle de Aburra”-Colombia Carrera 55 # 49-51 Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana-Departamento de Bienestar Universitario- Medellín – Antioquia – Colombia
Telephone 270 77 24 – 5112199, ext. 134 y cel. 314 7771291
Winning version 2005: YURIY KOSOBUKIN – Ukraine
Winning version 2006: CRISTÓBAL REYNOSO “CRIST” – Argentina
Winning version 2007: ARISTIDES HERNANDEZ “ARES” – Cuba
Winning version 2008: RAMIRO ZAPATA – Colombia.
Source: http://feco-spain.blogspot.com/2009/04/5-muestra-mundial-de-caricatura-y.html