7th Barakaldo

The city of Barakaldo organizes the "New technologies" seventh international contest of pictorial humour and flash humour.
The cartoonists will send a work of illustrated humour or FLASH in relation with new technologies which have a considerable impact on the day to day life (i.e. internet, biology, space, telecommunications, medicine, etc...). The idea is to help citizens to think about the new grounds for scientific progress.
Non-animated category 1st Prize 2006: Marcin Bondarowicz / Poland (see right above)
1. Applicants:
The competition is open to everyone, especially with no regard of age. Each applicant can present a maximum of three piece of work. The works of the authors who won the Hermes prize the year before will not be taken in consideration.
2. Form and size:
The scenes and characters will have to be originals and of proper creation. The works can be drawn in black and white or in colour. They can be either static or with motion. As far as the motion piece of work is concerned, it must not weight more than one mega. The works will have a length of one page that will not exceed 800 x 600 pixels, with a minimum resolution of 72 pixels per inch.
The authors must not include their name or any other information about themselves on the works. Otherwise, they will be eliminated from the contest.
3. Languages:
Only two languages can be used: spanish and basque. Nonetheless the panel will take into consideration works of pictorial interest without text, proceeding from artists of places where these languages are not used.
Non-animated category 2nd Prize 2006: Pawel Kuczynski / Poland (see right)
4. Presentation:
Applicants will send a e-mail with their names, surnames, address, date of birth, passport number, telephone number. They will send this e-mail with the file of the picture in format JPEG, GIF, GIF animated or FLASH.
5. Place and deadline of the application:
The piece of work with the reference of the artist will be sent exclusively through e-mail, to the following address: hermesbarakalmailto:hermesbarakaldo@barakaldo.org before 2007 October 8th.
Non-animated category 3rd Prize 2006: Rumen Dragostinov / Bulgaria (see right below)
6. Virtual showing: The city contemplates realizing a public diffusion of the works presented and lately selected by the panel.
7. Awards: The "Hermes de Barakaldo" prize is divided in two categories:
Animated category:
1st prize: 1.200 euros
2nd prize: 800 euros
3rd prize: 600 euros
Non-animated category:
1st prize: 1.200 euros
2nd prize: 800 euros
3rd prize: 600 euros
8. Panel: A qualified panel of judges will pick out the best works. Prizes will be handed on the first week of December 2007, in Barakaldo. The city leaves to the panel the possibility to declare no winners, according to quality criteria.
9. Other determination:
Taking part to the competition implies the acceptance of the conditions overhead.
WEB: http://www.barakaldo.org/barakaldo/html/eventos/hermes/index.html
See more prize-winners at: http://www.barakaldo.org/barakaldo/html/eventos/hermes/premios/index.html

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