Results Homer Davenport Days Festival International Cartoon Contest 2009

First Prize and Second Prize in Homer Davenport Days Festival International Cartoon Contest 2009 both go to Bayram Hajizadeh of Baku, Azerbaijan
Grand Prize: David Sattler of La Fayette, IN

First Prize: Bayram Hajizadeh of Baku, Azerbaijan (See above)
Second Prize: Bayram Hajizadeh of Baku, Azerbaijan
Third Prize: Joe Groshek of Muskego, WI
Honorable Mention Winners Coming Soon!
Winning cartoons and Honored Judges


Chopin's Smile: Intenational Cartoon Competition - Poland

The competition is organised by the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art in Warsaw together with the CHOPIN 2010 Celebrations Office. Partners: the Fryderyk Chopin Institute in Warsaw, the Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw, the Association of Polish Caricaturists – SPAK, the SATYRYKON – LEGNICA International Exhibition Office and the Association DEBUT in Zielona Góra.
1. The aim of the “Chopin’s Smile” International Cartoon Competition is to popularise knowledge about the life and creativity of Fryderyk Chopin at home and abroad, by proxy of cartoon and satirical art.
2. The competition shall be announced on August 1, 2009 on the internet pages of the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art: www.muzeumkarykatury.pl, the CHOPIN 2010 Celebrations Office: http://www.chopin2010.pl/ and the partners: http://www.spak.pl/, http://www.satyrykon.pl/, http://www.debiut.org.pl/. Written invitations to participate in the competition shall also be sent by letter together with the Competition’s Regulations and the Entry Forms, directly to select artists and to Polish and international artistic associations and organisations.
3. This is an open competition aimed at professional artists working in the fields of caricature and satirical art, and at art students at higher educational establishments.
4. Original works (including computer graphics) may be submitted in the technique of one’s choice – drawing, painting, graphics, collage, in a format not exceeding A-3 (297 x 420 mm) in size. Computer printouts must be signed by hand. Photocopies of works are inadmissible. Contestants are hereby advised that works sent in by electronic mail shall be disqualified from participating in the competition.
5. Each participant may submit no more than 5 works.
6. Works already distinguished in other competitions are barred from this competition.
7. Entries should carry the annotation “UŚMIECH CHOPINA” (CHOPIN’S SMILE) and must be delivered by the end of November (30 XI 2009) to the following address:
Muzeum Karykatury ul. Kozia 11, 00-070 Warsaw, Poland
phone/fax. +48 (0) 22 827 88 95, http://www.muzeumkarykatury.pl/
e-mail: muzeumkarykatury@poczta.wp.pl
Competition office: phone +48 (0) 22 828 76 01
8. Each entry must carry the name and surname of its author, and the work’s title/caption should it have one. An Entry Form should be attached to each submission. Receipt of the Entry Form shall be regarded as tantamount to the entrant’s consent for his/her personal data as disclosed in the Entry Form to be made public.
9. Participants must deliver their entries to the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art by delivery firms or in person, at their own expense. The organisers of the competition disclaim any responsibility for any damage sustained by works entered for the competition while in transit.
Deadline for submission of entries – November 30, 2009
Meeting of the International Jury – December 5, 2009
Announcement of the results of the competition on the websites of the organisers and the partners – January 2010
Post-competition exhibition at the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art in Warsaw – June-October 2010
Official awards’ ceremony – September 2010
1. The entries shall be assessed by an International Jury consisting of eminent cartoonists, art critics, musicians and representatives of the organisers.
2. The Jury shall make the final choice of works to be displayed at the postcompetition exhibition.
3. The Jury shall award the following Regulation Prizes:
Grand Prix – 15 000 PLN (ca 3 400 €)
I Prize – 10 000 PLN (ca 2 250 €)
II Prize – 8 000 PLN (ca 1 800 €)
III Prize – 6 000 PLN (ca 1 350 €)
3 Distinctions – 3 000 PLN (ca 675 €) each*
* All cash prizes are quoted in gross figures and are subject to taxation in accordance with Polish regulations.
4. Terms and conditions of collecting cash prizes: attendance of the winners at the awards’ ceremony or their collection in person from the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art’s office in Warsaw, or by giving their bank account numbers into which their prize money is to be transferred.
5. The Jury reserves the right to establish the final amounts in cash prizes to be paid out of the Regulation Prizes, to adjust their levels or not to confer prizes. The decision of the Jury is final and irrevocable.
6. In addition, prizes funded by other institutions or sponsors are envisaged.
1. Participation in the competition constitutes an unequivocal expression of consent to participate in the post-competition exhibition and the reproduction of entries, on a free of charge basis, for the purpose of advertising this exhibition in any and all media, in an unlimited number of editions, without remuneration, and also incorporating their reproductions in publications accompanying the post-competition exhibition. Copies of the works may be exhibited beyond the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art, in travelling exhibitions at home and abroad, once the post-competition exhibition closes.
2. The ownership of, and all attendant rights to, the prize-winning and officially distinguished entries shall transfer to the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art in Warsaw. Moreover, the Museum reserves the right to choose and add to its own collection one work from each of the artists displayed at the post-competition exhibition. The ownership of works receiving awards from other institutions and sponsors shall be transferred to such institutions and sponsors.
3. The authors of works selected for the post-competition exhibition shall each receive an exhibition catalogue. The competition’s award winners shall be invited to participate in the official awards’ ceremony and shall be assured 3 nights’ hotel accommodation. Travel costs incurred in participating in these ceremonies shall NOT be refunded.
4. Entries sent to the competition’s organisers should be collected by the end of November 2010 or, upon request, may be sent back at the addressee’s expense.
5. The submission of an entry into the competition signifies its Author’s unequivocal acceptance of the terms and conditions of these Regulations.
Regulations in languages and entry-form

Eryk Lipiński (1908-1991)
George Sand to Chopin: Oh! Frycek! You are pressing the wrong keys... (1985)

Theme in 2nd International Salon of Humor Mazatlan 2009: God

2do. Salon Internacional del Humor Mazatlan 2009 - Mexico
The Salon is open to all cartoonists from all over the world and beyond.
2. THEME: “God”
1st Prize: Golden mermaid + $ 2000 US Dollars.
2nd Prize: Silver mermaid + $ 1500 US Dollars.
3rd Prize: Copper mermaid + $ 1000 US Dollars.
Winners will be notified by E-mail, telephone or post after 15th December 2009.
A maximum of 3 works can be submitted by E-mail in any media, in black and white or colour, but they should not have received a prize in other contests.
Works should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and keep the proportions of a Letter size paper sheet (21.5 cms x 27.9 cms). They should be sent to: camino3@prodigy.net.mx
5. DEADLINE: November 27, 2009
The entry form must be completed and sent together with the works.
7. A catalogue with the winners and selected works will be available on www.salon.mazatlan.iespana.es
Copyright belongs to authors. The Salon will use some works, but only for promotional purposes, such as publicity, the catalogue and the press.
Instituto Municipal de Cultura Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan.
Source: cartoonblues


International Graphic Humor Contest on Transitional Justice - Barcelona 2009

1st International Graphic Humor Contest on Transitional Justice around the Mediterranean - Barcelona 2009
Conditions of Participation:
1. This contest is open to the participation of any professional and amateur cartoonist artist.
2. The scope is: daily comics, cartoons, visual jokes, graphic humor, caricature, etc.
3. The topic of the contest is “The processes of Transitional Justice in Spain, Algeria and Morocco”: The starting points are:
i. The right to know
ii. Torture and detention
iii. Disappearances and summary executions
iv. Freedom of expression
v. Independence of the judiciary, administration of justice, impunity
vi. Religious intolerance
vii. Truth commissions, reconciliation, dignity
viii. States of emergency
ix. Conscientious objection to military service
x. The right to reparation and welfare guarantees
xi. Dialogue promotion and trust-building for the peace achievement.
4. Participants may submit up to three (3) items to the contest, with the provision that these images have not previously recieved awards in other contests.
5. Works they can be carried out with any pictorial technique.
6. Works can be without words, and of course in Catalan, Spanish, Berber, Arabics, English, and/or in French language.
7. Format is unique: size A4 (210 mm x 297 mm).
8. All works must be submitted via e-mail, to concurs@elcalam.info , after being scanned at 300 DPI point resolution in JPG (JPEG) format.
9. Works can also be sent to the following address: Recipient: F. Sol, First International Contest of Graphic Humor, Crtra. Granera 92 bxs. 08183 Castellterçol (Barcelona, Spain).
10. The submission deadline is October 18, 2009.
11. Works must be accompanied by a file which includes first and last name, address, telephone number, background and a photograph or caricature of the artist.
12. A prize of 600 € will be given to the winning application, a second prize of 300 €, and a third prize of 100 € will also be awarded.
13. The winner of the first prize will be invited to Barcelona for the presentation of the exposition between the November 2-4, 2009.
14. The decision of the jury panel is not subject to appeal.
15. The composition of the jury panel will be made public after the winner is announced.
16. The decision of the jury panel will be held and communicated on October 23, 2009 to the winners, by e-mail, and will then be published on the website of Elcàlam.
17. The first fifty (50) works selected will be exposed in Barcelona.
18. All works will be exposed at the Elcàlam and AFD websites.
19. The organizers reserve the right to reproduce and distribute the winning entry without express authorization from the author and without further compensation to the artist.
20. Participating in the competition constitutes acceptance of the contest rules in their entirety and without reservation. Any questions or conflicts will be resolved by the jury panel.
Source: cartooncenter


New exhibit of cartoons promoting peace

New peace exhibit opens in Israel
A new exhibit to promote peace and reconciliation will be opening in Israel on September 12. The exhibit initiated by The Parents Circle - Families Forum features original cartoon art by Pat Oliphant, Jeff Danziger, Liza Donnelly, Jim Morin and Palestinian cartoonist Baha Bukhari of Ramallah. The exhibit will also travel to the United States and Europe.
The display is being curated by Michel Kichka, chairman of Israel's Cartoonists Association. Kichka said," The Parents Circle has taken upon itself a challenging and difficult task. Peace, reconciliation and tolerance are goals that seem unattainable in the morning, closer than ever in the afternoon and far off in the evening."
Over 500 families are members of the Parents Forum, with an equal number of Palestinians and Israelis. The forum offers a different approach using personal meetings and sharing personal stories with the joint aim of putting an end to violence, hatred and lack of trust.
Cartoons from the exhibit by Andrzej Krauze (above) and Ares (below).

Results 5th International festival of cartoon Solin 2009

Results of the 5th International festival of cartoon Solin 2009, CROATIA
The 5th International festival of cartoon Solin 2009 (Croatia) has seen the arrival of 800 works from 49 countries.
Grand Prix Solin 2009: Zdenko Puhin / Croatia (See above)
Special prizes:

Yurij Kosobukin / Ukraina,

Jacek Fracekiewicz / Poland,

Rumen Dragostinov / Bulgaria,

Ivailo Tzvetkov / Bulgaria,

Emil Strniša/Croatia,

Santiago Cornejo / Argentina.
Best regards,


4th International Don Quichotte Cartoon Contest: Integration / Assimilation

4th International Don Quichotte Cartoon Contest “Integration / Assimilation”
The word „Integration“ in dictionary means coalescence, cohesion and adaptation. „Assimilation“ contains the meanings of alteration, resembling each other or adjusting oneself. These conseptions which seem as if they are different from each other build the parts of a complement especially in migration countries. Also one of them is the entity reason of the other one.
Nowadays neither the immigrants can accommodate to the society where they live nor they can live their own ethnic cultures freely. At the process of accommadition to the society of immigrants where live it can be possible that they are assimilated as much they diverge from their own culture also that they become estranged. But the real meaning of „integration“ is to be able to live in a country without losing self-identity. Whatever the ethnic origin of the person, the society accord the right of protection of his ethnic culture and language. Otherwise there is an „assimilation“ in other words „obligatory alteration“.
In social life „ideal person“ is who embrace the other cultures and folks. Our goal is that the societies do not confuse „adaptation“ and „alteration“ conceptions and that they provide that people maintain their cultures freely. The aim of our cartoon contest is to actualize this synthesis which can not actualize in real terms- through the cartoon art and to convey the required messages to the immigrant countries.
The Rules of Competition:
1) The participation in contest is possible only by Internet.
2) At most three cartoons can be sent.
3) The participating work may have been published neither with another competition presented nor on any way. With an offence, the deprivation of the achieved prices is the result.
4) The designs are to be drawn in A3-Size to deliver in 300 dpi dissolution and in JPEG format. They know both and black-and-white, and to be colored, the coloured representation is exactly the same as the colortechnical treatment of the work is incumbent on not a containment.
5) The sent cartoons are issued first on the web pages of the “Don Quichotte” under the column “Today”. Thus the work those is excluded the regulation to contradict, promptly from the competition. Thus in the past the pretty often experienced unauthorized counterfeit, of a work is avoided.
6) Deadline for the participation to the contest: 1 December 2009
7) The jury formed from the cartoonists of the different countries will evaluate the sent cartoons in December. The results will be announced on 15 January.
8) The prize ceremony will take place in Holland in March 2010. (Place and date of this meeting are communicated at a later time).
The Prizes:
- First Prize: € 1,000, 00
- Second Prize: € 750,00
- Third Prize: € 500,00
- Special Prize of “Semih Balcioglu”
- 10 Mentions.
Preselector Jury Members: Erdogan Karayel, Hicabi Demirci, Oğuz Gürel, Hayati Boyacioglu, Ahmet Aykanat.
Jury Members: Marlene Pohle, Massoud Shojai, Marcio Leite, Marian Avramescu, Vladimir Kazanevsky, Valeri Kurtu, Amorim, Julian Pena Pai, Raed Khalil, Willem Rasing, Seyran Caferli, Nezih Danyal, Eray Özbek, Firuz Kutal, Hüseyin Cakmak, Hicabi Demirci, Erdogan Karayel.


18th International Festival Golden Helmet 2010 - Serbia

2. WRITTEN FORM - Short story - Poem - Aphorism
1. CARTOON: ORIGINAL, MIN. A4 (210 x 297 mm), MAX A3 (297 x 420 mm), TECHNIQUE FREE;
2nd AWARD: 500 €;
3rd AWARD: 300 €.
Deadline: 20.11.2009.
Only unpublished works will be taken into consideration. Written works to be sent under a code!
Jury decision will be announced on - 01.12.2009.
Awards will be handed at Final Festival Evening on April 1, 2010. The Organizer will bear travel and accommodation cost of awarded authors.
Festival official languages are Serbian and English.
All works remain property of the Festival.
Address: Kulturni centar Krusevac, Festival “Golden Helmet” Toplisina br. 2; 37000 Krusevac, Serbia
tel: +381 (0) 37 / 423 025, 421 877 ; e-mail: kck@kck.org.rs , goldenhelmet@kck.org.rs , zlatnakaciga@kck.org.rs .


1st International Exhibition in Nis, Serbia with theme: Healthy Food


from September 25-27, 2009. Niška Banja, Serbia
Topic: HEALTHY FOOD /village, agriculture, rural tourism/
Format: A4
Number of works: 3
Deadline for submission: September 15, 2009.
Exhibition: September 25, 2009.
Works to be sent to the address: caricature.nis@gu.ni.rs
in JPEG format, resolution from 300 DPI to 1mb
or original works to the address:
Uprava za poljprivredu i razvoj sela
Leskovacka br 4, 18000 Nis - Srbija

First award: Seven day staying for two persons in natural, rural setting of Niš villages /hotel accomodation/ and diploma /charter
Second award: Five day staying for two persons in natural, rural setting of Niš villages /hotel accomodation/ and diploma /charter
Third award: Three day staying for two persons in natural, rural setting of Niš villages /hotel accomodation/ and diploma /charter
Note: Acommodation of high category with ethno cuisine including the sightseeing of cultural-historical monuments and attractive destinations in the wider area of the City of Niš
Three special awards/diploma/
Art Director: Aleksandar Blatnik
Director: Slaviša Dinić, President of City municipality of Pantelej-Niš
Organizer: Aleksandra Brzaković, Head of Department of agriculture and rural development
Source: comics-stripovi-exyu

1st International Cartoon Exhibition Kavarna 2009 by e-mail: Mussel & Fish

1st International Cartoon Exhibition Mussel & Fish Kavarna 2009 by e-mail
Dear Cartoonists and Organizers, a dear friends, I need your help from to create a new contest – Ist International Cartoon Contest Mussel & Fish Kavarna 2010
I want the major and municipality council to vote insert in Cultural program Kavarna 2010 this Contest. As a first resort that year - 2 exhibitions – Zero ICE 2009 and One-man show cartoon Walex (It’s my), both exhibition “Mussel and Fish”. You send cartoon and Intercession at your desire! Thank you !!!
I. Regulation:
1. Theme: MUSSEL & FISH
2. Deadline: 31 August 2009 – Exhibition open – 4 September 2009 – next info for fest
3. Size – JPEG, 300 dpi, A4, one cartoon (and more)
4. Old / use - ready the cartoons can to participed in previous (past) contests and exhibitions – no time for new cartoons! No prizes – only report and Diplom by mail! 2010 – www, prizes,catalog etc., possible catalog ’09.
5. Adresse:
e-mails: for both: walex_art@abv.bg , galeria@kavarna.bg - to make copies on paper and exhibit at: Art Galery Kavarna, 1 “Aheloy”str. 9650 – Kavarna, Bulgaria.

II.Kavarna – Black sea city in Europe
Info for city and Art Gallery from net:



The 9th Kyoto International Cartoon Exhibition 2010

The 9th Kyoto International Cartoon Exhibition 2010 - Japan
Theme: "What is the best way to develop our planet" – Living on a beautiful earth, VI.
Deadline: February 28, 2010
1- Each entrant should submit three original works, drawn in color together with the completed entry form.
2- We can’t accept duplications or digital printouts.
3- The size of the paper should be 30 cm x 40 cm or smaller.
4- Please leave a 2 cm margin all around the drawing.
5- Please don't draw on thick paper or illustration board.
6- Only professional cartoonists can participate in the exhibition.
7- Titles or captions must be written only in English or Japanese in clear BLOCK LETTERS.
8- There is no entry fee.
9- All expenses for sending the works, including postage and insurance, must be borne by the artists.
10- We accept only new work. Works that have already won a prize or were submitted to other competitions or published cannot be accepted.
11- All works belong to NPO Kyoto International Cartoonist Congress whether accepted or not. They will not be returned.
12- Only entries whose works are accepted will be presented with a catalogue after the exhibition. Except for the catalogue, the results of the selection committee will not be announced. But prize winners will be informed by letter.
13. Some of the accepted works will be printed in a brochure, on posters, in the world press or other printed matter for the purpose of publicizing the exhibition and NPO activities but not for making a profit. In these cases, any fee for the use of works will not be paid to the artist. However, if we have plan to use some works for purposes other than the above, we will first negotiate with the artists about his or her fee.
14- Artist whose works are accepted must agree to their possible use on the Internet by KICC for publicizing the exhibition.
Entry form:
The entry form must be filled out in English or Japanese in clear BLOCK LETTERS.
Entries must be accompanied by a completed and signed entry form.
The entry form can be downloaded from http://www.kyoto-seika.ac.jp/kicc/pdf/9thEntryForm_E.pdf .
Artist must indicate his or her intention whether he or she will send works to us or not by the attached postcard as soon as possible.
Gold prize (one person) Yen 500,000
Silver prize (one person) Yen 200,000
Bronze prize (several persons) Yen 100,000.
The exhibition will be held in Kyoto in July 2010 and in August 2010 in Indonesia.
All accepted works will be exhibited but only one work will be printed in catalogue. Prize winners are an exception.
Mail all entries to this address:
Residence Iwakura 403, 42-1. Moroki-cho Kamitakano Sakyo-ku Kyoto 606-0046 JAPAN

Tel [81]-(75)-791-3340
Fax [81]-(75)-791-4760
WEB: http://www.kyoto-seika.ac.jp/kicc/index_e.html

16th Rendon International Cartoon Festival 2009 - Colombia

The outstanding Colombian caricaturist born in Rionegro-Antioquia (1894-1931), called "The Emperor" of the Cartoon. One of the most penetrating and fine Latin American humorists in the XX century, in his work the humor was satire, it was characterized especially by the political cartoon. His cartoons were true x-rays of the facts and of the individuals. He was pioneer of the graphic publicity in Colombia.
The Festival is an event sponsored by the municipal administration of Rionegro during fourteen serial years in memory of Ricardo Rendón Bravo.
The Festival, only in the history of the country for their trajectory and continuity; he has allowed to look at the perception of authors of but of 80 countries, main characters of the changes and experiences of the towns that contribute to the humanity's growth with the same humour. The laughing thought and its universal language, caricature is the most effective weapon against the thought that does not laugh.
It is a dream and a universal yearning to erase frontiers so territorial as ideological that prevent us to live in harmony and to visualize the light of the freedom as principle of peace and coexistence.
The Conditions:
The contest is open to all cartoonists all over the world.
The deadline for entries is October 20, 2009
The themes of the competition are Three:
1. Theme SPORTS, ( Football, Cycling, Athletics, Boxing, Water Skiing, Swimming, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Taekwondo, Tennis, Bowling, Equestrian, Fencing, Weightlifting, Karate do, etc...)
2. PERSONALITIE "MONTECRISTO" the Great American Humorist of the XX century
(Biography & images of Monteristo at competition website)
3. FREE.
Each participant can present in the competition a maximum of Three cartoons for theme.
You can participate with cartoons in white and black or in color.
The size of cartoons will not exceed 30 x 40 cms maximum.
You can also participate in the competition with cartoons that have already been published or rewarded previously, all the presented cartoons will be original. Photographs, photocopies etc, will not be accepted, and the transport of the cartoons in charge of the participant.
Participants are requested to send, together with their cartoons, a short curriculum vitae and a photograph.
In the reverse of each cartoon he/she should go the name, surname, address, telephone number and country of origin of the participant.
The selected Caricaturist will receive a free catalogue.
The jury composed of Colombian and foreign cartoonists.
The results will be announced in the month of December of 2009.
The cartoons presented in the competition won't be returned.
By filling in the entrance form attached, the participant declares and accepts in advance that (s)he has turned over the financial rights (s)he holds over the cartoon or cartoons vis-à-vis the public to Cartoonrendon without limitation on location, time period and number the intellectual property all rights for publication. (S)he agrees that Cartoonrendon may use such cartoons, exhibit them, keep them in its archives and publish them on the internet or through other media. The organization is reserved the right of exhibiting those works that he/she understands they can attempt against individual or collective rights.
The Participation in the competition supposes the entire acceptance and without reservations all the conditions.
The Prizes:
Grand Prix Theme SPORTS US 1.000
1º Prize Theme SPORTS US 500
2º Prize Theme SPORTS US 300
Prize Theme “MONTECRISTO” US 600
Prize Theme FREE US 600
Special Prizes offered by various institutions.
Address: The works should be sent to:
Palacio de la Cultura / Cr 50 # 48 - 05, Rionegro Antioquia COLOMBIA


International cartoon exhibition in Argentina: Mutualism ... Why?

International cartoon exhibition and panel discussion at Diogenes Taborda Museum: Mutualism .... why?
International Exhibition of Graphic Humor and table discussion which will take place on Wednesday August 19 at the Auditorium Kraft
The Museum of Humor Grafico Diogenes Taborda, Late.Ccnv, Mutual Life of New People, Fundación Cultural Volpe Stessens invite you and family at the opening of the exhibition of artists from the International Graphic Humor, which will take place on Wednesday 19th 20 pm., in the Auditorium Kraft, Florida 681, 2nd basement, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina, was carried out a table of reflection "mutuals", with the participation of distinguished panelists: New People's Mutual Life, Center Cristiano Nueva Vida and other distinguished guests to be confirmed.
Humor Graphic Artists:
Ilya Katz, Israel / Fernando Pica, Colombia / Andrea Bersani, Marco De Angelis, Aldo Bertolotti, Italy / Horia Crisan, Romania / José Julio Castro (Lombillo), Spain / Ricardo Bermúdez, Cuba / Marcio Leite da Silva, Jorge Barreto, Brazil / Yuri Kosobukin, Ukraine / Mahboubeh Khalili, Masoud Hemmati, Iran / Oguz Gürel, Erdogan Basol, Hicabi Demirci, Turkey / Zhong Guo, China / Vilar, Argentina.


Grand Prize Nasreddin Hodja 2009 also goes to Alessandro Gatto

Results of the 29th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest 2009
The Grand Jury comprised of six Turkish cartoonists, namely, Tonguc Yasar (Chair), Metin Peker (Director of the Association of Cartoonists), Erdogan Basol, Gurbuz Dogan Eksioglu, Muhittin Koroglu, Kadir Dogruer, and five members from abroad, namely, Alberto Da Costa Amorim (Brazil), Omar Zevallos Velarde (Peru), Delcho Mihajlov (Republic of Macedonia), Ivan Hanousek (Czech Republic), and Szczepan Sadurski (Poland), convened at Armada Otel in Istanbul on Saturday, August 8, 2009, and after examining all the entries for the 29th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest 2009, decided to award the prizes as follows:
1) Grand Prize: Alessandro Gatto – Italy (See above)
2) Honour Prize: Serdar Gunbilen – Turkey
3) Honour Prize: Grzegorz Szumowski – Poland
4) Honour Prize: Xiao Qiang Hou – China
5) Honour Prize: Aleksei Kivokourtsev – Russia
6) Special Prize of Nasreddin Hodja: Juan Camilo Lopera Arroyave – Colombia
7) Special Prize of Nasreddin Hodja: Wolfgang Schlegel – Germany
8) Special Prize of the Association of Cartoonists: Borislav Stankovic – Serbia
9) Special Prize of the Jury: Marija Dokmanovic – Serbia
10) Special Prize of the Culture and Tourism Ministry: Andrey Klimov – Russia
11) Special Prize of Press Publications and Information General Administration: Jugoslav Vlahovic – Serbia
12) Special Prize of Koç Holding: Jerzy Gluszek – Poland
13) Special Prize of Istanbul Greater Municipality: Alie Mazaheri – Iran
14) Special Prize of the Chamber of Architects: Cenk Alparslan – Turkey
15) Special Prize of Cumhuriyet Newspaper: Ahmet Ozturklevent – Turkey
16) Special Prize of Milliyet Art Magazine: Feng Gui Bo – China
17) Special Prize of Turkish Radio & Television Company: Mikio Nakahara – Japan
18) Special Prize of NTV Channel: Aristides E. Hernandez Guerrero (ARES) – Cuba
19) Special Prize of the Turkish Radyo & Television Company Channel Turk: Saeed Sadeghi – Iran
20) Special Prize of FOX TV Channel: Bobisa Todorovic – Serbia
21) Special Prize of Aksam Newspaper: Agim Krasniqi – Kosova
22) Special Prize of Turkish Association of Journalists: Constantin Ciosu – Romania
23) Special Prize of TV8 Channel: Ludo Goderis – Belgium
24) Special Prize of Sedat Simavi: Kemal Bulus – Turkey.
Source: http://www.karikaturculerdernegi.org/detay.asp?id=7705