The 4th edition of the International Cartoon Competition - Morocco 2021

International Festival of Cartoon in Africa
The 4th edition of the International Cartoon Competition - Morocco 2021
Theme 1: How the Coronavirus changed the world?
Theme 2: Sketch of the cartoonist Mustapha Anaflous
• Anyone who participates in the competition subscribes to the conditions of the rules and to the jury decisions. 
Conditions of participation in the competition 
• The number of works per participant is limited to 2 (two). 
• The works cannot have been published, or exhibited, or have won awards in Morocco or abroad. 
• Format: A4, 300 dpi, JPG / JPEG and free techniques. 
• Deadline: 15/9/2021 
• Works that do not meet the conditions set in these regulations will not be taken into consideration for the competition. 
• Because of his participation in the competitions, the author lends his works to the organizers for exhibitions. The works sent remain at the disposal of the organizers for two years. 
• The jury members will be considered as participants in the exhibition and represent their own countries. Their names will automatically be added to the list of participants. They will participate only in the exhibition, not in competition (just participation of honor). 
• Works may be used for promotional purposes (Printing, websites, newspapers, posters, invitation cards ...) without the permission of the artist and without any payment. 
• The following prizes are planned: 
First Prize (duck) 
Second Prize (Africa) 
Third Prize (pencil stroke) 
10 Special Prizes. 
• Cartoons should be sent to: 
• REGISTRATION FORM and more on source: maghrebtoon.


The VI International Cartoon Festival, Smile of the Sea 2021, Russia

VI International Cartoon Festival "Smile of the Sea"
Theme of the festival: "Competition, rivalry". 
Works are accepted until August 15, 2021
The selection of cartoons at the exhibition and the determination of the winners is conducted by a specially invited jury. 
At the end of the festival, winners and participants will receive festival diplomas and a catalog. 
The best works will be awarded special prizes and diplomas. 
Technical requirements for works: A4 format for originals and their copies, JPEG (300 dpi) - for works in electronic form. 
You can send work by the e-mail: imeempravo@mail.ru 
or at the postal address: 
ul. Karl Marx, 44, office 5 Novorossiysk, Krasnodar region, 353900, RUSSIA 
(telephone: + 7-918-9873929, telephone / fax: (8617) 72-00-47. 
Source: cartoonblues.


22° International Competition on the world of wine, Spirito di Vino 2021, Italy

Competition rules 2021
25 May 2021
Spirito di Vino 2021
22° International Competition for cartoonists on the world of wine
Art. 1 – Subject of the competition 
Movimento Turismo del Vino Friuli Venezia Giulia holds a competition called “Spirito di Vino” to award prizes to authors of satirical cartoons focussing on the world of wine and wine culture. The participation to the competition is free of charge. 
Art. 2 – Participation to the competition 
The competition is open to artists coming from Italy and abroad, exclusively on an individual basis, over 18 years old (who turn 18 in 2021 and above). Participants will be split into two categories: the “under”, from 18 to 35 years old, and the “over”, above 36 years old. 
Art. 3 – Work format and requirements 
The satirical cartoons can be drawn manually with any technique, black and white or colour, only in A3 format with 1 cm of external border. Each participant is entitled to only submit one work. The works shall be sent as hard copies and signed in a non invasive way with ©Name and Surname of the author in the corner (front) or in the back of the page. 
Art. 4 – Deadline and submission of the works 
The works can be submitted from from Sunday 30 May to Saturday 16 October 2021. To take part to the competition, the cartoonists need to register in the competition section of the website  www.spiritodivino.cloud, download the competition rules, as well as the registration form. 
The hard copies of the works shall be sent (properly protected) by registered mail, together with a signed copy of the registration form filled in every section, to the following address: 
Movimento Turismo del Vino Friuli Venezia Giulia 
Via del Partidor, 7 – 33100 Udine (Italy) 
Only the works delivered within Saturday 16 October midnight will be accepted. 
In addition, the works shall also be uploaded on the website www.spiritodivino.cloud, together with the registration form, in jpg and high resolution (300 dpi) format.
The hard copies received after the aforementioned deadline will not be accepted. The organisers have no liability for any deterioration and/or damage to the works sent by mail or resulting from any other issue connected to the submission of the works (delays, no delivery, etc.). 
Art. 5 – Return of the works 
The hard copies of the works will not be returned. 
Art. 6 – Exclusion 
The works that do not comply with the rules stipulated by art 1, 2, 3, 4 will not be accepted. 
Art. 7 – Members of the jury 
Movimento Turismo del Vino selected a jury made of great masters of the Italian satire, such as Giorgio Forattini, Alfio Krancic, Emilio Giannelli, Valerio Marini and other leading personalities from the world of cartoons, graphics and food&wine. The decisions of the jury are unquestionable and irrevocable. 
The jury will assess the capacity of the cartoonists to best interpret the proposed topic showing their manual designing skills, creativity and a precise technique. The works drawn using digital techniques will also be taken into consideration. 
Art. 8 – Prizes 
The prizes up for grabs for the three winners will be distributed as follows 
1° prize - “under”: 78 bottles 
2° prize - “under”: 54 bottles 
3° prize - “under”: 30 bottles 

1° prize - “over”: 78 bottles 
2° prize - “over”: 54 bottles 
3° prize - “over”: 30 bottles 
Art. 9 – Awarding ceremony and exhibition 
Due to the current situation we cannot guarantee the chosen pieces will be exhibited or awards will be presented in person. Further details will be sent to those selected as soon as possible. 
Art. 10 – Copyright 
By participating in the competition, the cartoonists grant Movimento Turismo del Vino the non-exclusive right to reproduce, publicise and promote the works – with the sole obligation to mention the author – on digital material (websites, social networks, TV programmes, online magazines, etc.), on any material connected to the competition (brochures, flyers, folders, invitations, billboards, shoppers, etc.), on the catalogue of the exhibition, as well as on postcards, calendars and posters. This list is not complete and just gives some examples of the possible ways in which the organisers are entitled to use the works. The use of the aforementioned works by the organisers does not entitle the cartoonists to claim any income. The participants guarantee that they are the authors of the submitted works, explicitly lifting and removing any liability from the organisers in case any compensation is claimed by third parties for any circumstance. Such authors declare, taking full civil and criminal liability, that the submitted works do not violate the relevant legislation. 
Art. 11 – Approval of the competition rules 
By participating to the competition, the artists declare that they fully acknowledge and accept all the conditions and clauses illustrated in this document. 
Source: spiritodivino .


The 6th International Cartoon Contest, Kolašin 2021, Montenegro

CONTEST THEME: Hrabrost / Courage, Bravery, and FREE theme. 
The theme of this year's festival is "courage, bravery." Man is an imperfect being and lives with fears. Can a man be free and just if he does not have the courage? Can he achieve his goals if he is not brave? Is courage madness or the strength of man? Man is surrounded by various dangers, trials, torments, diseases, wars, violence and injustices... Can a man overcome all this if he does not have the courage? Does courage make him stronger and more just? In the end, can a man be an upright, proud, free and conscious being if he does not have the courage? 
The participants can send a maximum of 3 works per one theme to compete (six works in total). 
There must be full name and country of the author, and number of the works on each work. For example: JOHN SMITH USA 1, JOHN SMITH USA 2. 
All entries must be sent on the post address : 
Centar za kulturu Kolasin 81210,Crna Gora-Montenegro  /za medjunarodni festival karikature/ 
FIRST PRIZE: 500 Euro, Diploma 
SECOND PRIZE: 300 Euro, Diploma 
THIRD PRIZE: 200 Euro, Diploma 
Seven special prizes –Honorable mention of the salon.
​ DEADLINE: July 20, 2021
The international jury will choose the cartoons. 
THE DECISION of the jury will be published on July 22, on all cartoon websites. Winners will be officially announced and will take place in the Cultural Center in Kolašin. Award ceremony will be on August 5th, 2021, at 20h in the Cultural center Kolasin. 
Festival organizer: JU Culture center Kolasin and Darko Drljevic, free artist. 
General sponsor : Municipality Kolašin. 
Source: Darko Drljević.

Winners in the 26th International Cartoon Exhibition Zagreb 2021, Croatia

(comic book heroes and their authors in caricature)

The 26th International Exhibition of Cartoons ZAGREB 2021
has seen the arrival of 743 works of 347 authors, from 66 countries.


DAMIR NOVAK, Croatia (Top)








More on hdk.hr.


31st International Festival of Cartoon and Humorous Literature, Gura Humorului 2021

Gura Humorului Townhall
Suceava County Council
The Bucovina Cultural Centre
The 31st edition, 2021
The 31st edition of Humour at ... Gura Humorului, the International Festival of Cartoon and Humorous Literature will be held between July, 28 – July, 30, 2021. 
This year's edition will be held online. 
1. The Edition theme: The Cage of Freedom 
2. Original works are accepted, in digital format, created after January 1st, 2021, which were not published and submitted or awarded prizes to other competitions. 
3. Each participant will submit two ( 2 ) cartoons to be analysed by the jury. 
4. The works will be submitted by JULY 5th, 2021 (posting date) on the following addresses: 
or postal address: 
Muzeul Obiceiurilor Populare din Bucovina, Piaţa Republicii, nr. 2, 725300 - Gura Humorului, judeţul Suceava, România. 
5. Technical requirements: 
- Papers sent by e-mail: minimum1600 x 1200 pixels, JPG format 
- Papers sent by regular postal mail: format A3 
- The technique used for the works will be at the free choice of the artist 
6. The works are not to be returned. They will be added to the patrimony of the Humour at ... Gura Humorului Festival and the organizers are entitled to use them later as edited materials with the name of their author on them. 
7. The participants are required the following documents enclosed with their works: the completed entry form attached, a brief CV and a personal photography/cartoon self portrait of minimum 6x9cm ( on paper) or 710x1065pix. (digital format). 
8. The winners will be announced online on July 30, 2021, and the diplomas will be sent by mail and the cash prizes by bank transfer.. 
9. The prizes to be awarded: 
1st Prize: EUR 500 
2nd Prize: EUR 300 
3rd Prize: EUR 200 
The "George Gavrilean" Prize for the debutantes in Bucovina - EUR 200. 
10. The jury are the ones who decide upon awarding or not awarding or re-allocating the prizes. In addition, the jury will decide upon the works or the authors to be rewarded by sponsors, associations, mass-media, institutions, commercial societies or private persons, with their consent. 
11. There will be no participation fees. 
Further information: 
The Bureau of Press Relations of „Humour at ... Gura Humorului” Festival 
• Curator Galavan Robert George - Folk Customs Museum in Bucovina (Muzeul Obiceiurilor Populare din Bucovina) 
Telephone: 00 40 757485882 
• Professor Sever Dumitrache – cultural adviser 
Telephone : 00 40 723270520. 
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The 4th CARTUNION Cartoon Contest 2021, USA

The web forum CARTUNION was created 15 years ago to keep cartoonists happy. Because if cartoonists are happy then all the readers are happy, then everybody feels good. That was the goal. 
After 15 years of discussing the art of cartooning one thing became clear: cartoonists as all other human beings need to have fun. So, let's celebrate the forum's 15th anniversary with the funny cartoon contest! The International Jury: Vasiliy Alexandrov (Russia), Andrey Feldshteyn (USA), Yuri Manaev (Russia), Ivailo Tsvetkov (Bulgaria), Mikhail Zlatkovsky (Russia) will choose the best cartoons. 
1. The theme for the 4th CARTUNION Cartoon Contest is: "Just Funny!" Please send us really funny cartoons which make you laugh. 
2. Anybody can participate in the contest if he or she is older than eighteen years of age. 
3. Three prizes will be awarded: a first prize of $700, a second prize of $500 and a third prize of $300. All sums are in US dollars. Ten additional cartoons will receive the Honors Diplomas (in electronic form). 
4. Participants may submit up to three cartoons. Please do not submit works already awarded at any other cartoon contests. 
5. The cartoon format should be A4 (21 x 29.7 cm), JPG, RGB, resolution 300 dpi. The maximum size for a single file is 3 MB. 
6. Please send submission by e-mail to: justfunnycartoon@gmail.com 
7. The participant name, address, telephone and short biography should be included in submission. 
8. Please write your name and country in the "Subject" line of your email submission (Smith_Australia). 
9. Please name the submitted files as follows: Last Name_First Name_Country_work number (Smith_John_Australia_2). 
10. By entering the contest, participant confirms that he or she is the author of the works and agrees that the Contest Organizer has the right to publish works on the Internet or other media, as well as to use them in any other way without restriction. By sending works, author agrees that Contest Organizer has the right to reproduce copies free of charge for publication on electronic resources, in print media and other sources without additional approvals and rewards. The work submitted to the Contest must not violate copyrights or infringe on the rights of others, violate confidentiality or contain defamation and insult against any company or person. The Contest Organizer will not be held liable if the participants do not take these rules into account. Participants pledge to release the Organizer in case of any claims by third parties which may arise if these conditions are not met. 
11. The Jury of the Contest is not responsible for cases of plagiarism and is expecting that cartoonists will help the Jury to identify such works. Shortlist of award nominees will be shown to the general public shortly before the final results are announced. 
12. The contest catalog will be posted online. 
13. The deadline for entries is Friday, August 20, 2021. The results will be announced in September of 2021. 
14. The Contest Organizer is International Forum Cartunion: http://www.cartoonblues.com/forum 
Forum Administrator is Andrey Feldshteyn (USA). 
Source: cartoonblues.


The 7th International Cartoon Festival, Ferizaj 2021, Kosovo

7th International Cartoon Festival, Ferizaj 2021, Kosovo
A. Participation 
The organizer of this festival is HiTHi-Cartoon Association 
The application for participation is open for everyone over 18 all over the world, regardless of nationality, sex, race or proffession. 
B. The Topic 
a) Superstitions 
b) Free Topic
Explaination for superstitions topic: 
Many peoples of the world believe in superstitions and each in his own way. For some we have heard from our country, but sure we don't know more other nations what they belive. 
This edition of our festival will be a good opportunity which through cartoon to learn more about the superstitions of the world nations which we don't know yet. 
As we know the number 13 accounts count, we will present here just 13 superstitions which we heard, and then in other side artists are free to do through the cartoon. 
1/ Do not trim nails, do not clean the body on Tuesday 
2/ Do not whistle at night 
3/ Do not leave your wallet on the ground that it is going bankrupt financially 
4/ Do not stay in front of the mirror at night 
5/ If the black cat crosses the road, bad luck awaits you 
6/ When the cuckoo sings on the chimney of the house, it presage misfortune 
7/ Placing a horseshoe on the door of the house protects you from the devil 
8/ Placing a string of garlic on the door of the house protects you from the pestilence 
9/ If you carry with you the blue stone or the wolf tooth, the evil eye will not catch you 
10/ Tying the red thread on the horns or in the tail of the cow, protects it from the evil eye 
11/ The springling of water on the road behind the back of the boy who goes as a soldier, makes him return home good and safe. 
12/ The cutting of the ram and the shedding of blood on the foundations of the house make it prosperous for their inhabitants 
13/ Do not whistle with the trumpet before Shengiergi, because the animals run out of milk. 
C. Conditions 
1. Will accept the original cartoons only, digital art, signed from the author and to be in the accepted formats: A4, in JPG with 300 dpi, in different technics, in black and white. 
2. The cartoon should not be a winner of any previewed festival. 
3. Application can be no more than 5 cartoons for the same topic. 
4. The author must send a photo, CV, contact number, mail address and e-mail address. 
D. Deadline 13 June 2021 
E. Festival Address 
Shoqata e Karikaturisteve "HiTHi" Qendra e Kutures, Rr, Ramadan Rexhepi, 70000 Ferizaj, Kosove 
E-mail Address: 
F. Prizes and Certifications 
First Prize- Golden HiTHi - Gratitude; (plaque and 300 €) 
Second Prize- Silver HiTHi - Gratitude; (plaque and 200 €) 
Third Prize- Bronze HiTHi - Gratitude; (plaque and 100 €) 
5 Special Prizes- Gratitudes 
With money prizes will award the cartoon with superstitions topic only. 
The special prizes can be awarded with the free topic 
G. The Exhibition 
The Exhibition will open in the Art Gallery- Ferizaj city, on July 4th 2021; 6:00h pm. 
H. Other Conditions 
The authors which will be qualifited for exhibition will take digital gratitude for participation and also the digital catalog too. 
The organizers reserve the rights of the reproductions and promotions without any fee. 
I. Festival Guests 
Special Guest: 
Mrs Luljeta GORANCI - Veteran Kosovar cartoonist who will publish 20 cartoons non-competition. 
Other Guests: 
Everybody is wellcome. Let it be the cartoons as a bridge of corporation through nations, even when all the roads are closed like this situation of pandemy. The cartoon makes its own road crossing borders through virtual exhibitions around the world. 
Imri MUSLIU- Director of Sh. K. "HiTHi" 
tel. +38344224586 
Source: hithi.


The European Cartoon Award 2021

The European Cartoon Award will welcome entries for the 2021 edition from May 6, 2021, to June 18, 2021. 
Any cartoonist that operates in or is from any of the 47 countries of the Council of Europe is eligible to compete in the European Cartoon Award. 
The cartoons need to be accompanied by a description in English (250 words maximum), explaining the theme of the cartoon(s), together with an assessment of its impact and reception. If you need assistance with writing this in English, please reach out to us at info@europeanpressprize.com.  
During the entry period for the European Cartoon Award, a button will become available on our website that brings you to our cartoon entry form. Please submit your cartoon(s) here and fill out the form. 
The entry period for the 2021 edition is: May 6 to June 18
Cartoonists can send in a maximum of three cartoons, either entered separately or in one entry if they are part of a series. 
Submitted cartoons must have been realized between 1 January and 31 December 2020 and published in European online and offline media. 
Entries should be submitted digitally by completing the form on this website. Only complete forms can be entered. Cartoons must be submitted in JPEG format. 
Applicants are required to upload images with a resolution of 1080 x 1080 pixels minimum. 
If your caption is in any other language than English, please submit an English translation of the caption as well. 
Judging procedure 
After the entries have come in, they will be assessed and sifted through by the Laureates Jury and the Panel of Judges, consulting widely. The two juries, the Laureates one composed by 5 nominees of the last edition, and the latter composed by the winner of the last year’s edition together with four expert journalists, cartoonists, or activist, will vote on cartoons and select a shortlist from which the Panel of Judges will select the winner. 
Source: europeanpressprize .


XXI International Salon of Antiwar Cartoons, Kragujevac 2021, Serbia

The international jury will make a selection out of submitted cartoons which is to be exhibited and published in the Salon‘s catalog. Besides, the following prizes are to be awarded: 
Grand Prix "Courier of Peace" and a prize of 1,500 euros from the International Association of Cities of Peace Newspapers 
Gold plaque and 1,000 euros 
Silver plaque and 800 euros 
Bronze plaque and 500 euros 
Award of the Mayor of Bydgoszcz (Poland) in the amount of 750 euros 
Award of the city of Ingolstadt (Germany) in the amount of 500 euros 
Award of the city of Bielsko-Biala (Poland) in the amount of 500 euros 
Prize of the city of Suresnes (France) in the amount of 500 euros 
Prize of the city of Pitesti (Romania) in the amount of 500 euros 
Award of the city of Carrara (Italy) in the amount of 500 euros. 
The jury may also award a number of diplomas to shortlisted works for awards. 
Cartoonists and fine artists from all over the world have to right to participate. They should submit at most 3 (three) cartoons, which have not been awarded by any other international competition, on the subject of antiwar as well as solidarity between people and nations. The artworks should be utmost A4-A3 formatted, while art technique is at the artist’s choice, including, electronically version of the cartoon with the original signature. On the back of the artwork there should be written data on the artist (such as: name, surname, address, phone/fax, e-mail.) 
The deadline for submission of works is August 17th, 2021. The jury session is to be held on August 21th and 22th, 2021. 
The Cartoons should be sent to the address: 
SALON ANTIRATNE KARIKATURE, Desankin venac bb, 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia 
or to the e-mail address salon@spomenpark.rs . 
The works submitted to the competition are not returned and the Salon reserves the right to use them without special compensation. 
NOTE: The International Salon of Antiwar Catoons had a great international promotion and affirmation. After the announcement of the winners, the presentation of awards and the opening of the exhibition in Kragujevac, the Salon exhibition is being set up in numerous cities around the world and in international organizations. The salon has visited more than 40 cities in 20 countries. Thus, the Salon exhibition was presented in the United Nations building in New York, in the exhibition premises of the European Commission in Brussels. Polish cities Bydgoszcz, Bielsko-Biala, Plonsk, Vielun, Torun. The audience also saw her in Mexico City, Limassol (Cyprus), Berlin and Dresden (Germany), Paris (France), Tryavna (Bulgaria), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Skopje (Macedonia), Carrara and Monte Cassino (Italy), New Haven (USA), Poltava (Ukraine), Mesolongia (Greece), Kotor (Montenegro), Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia)...The virtual exhibition of the Salon is available on the Salon's website www.antiwarkragujevac.rs.


The 13th OSCARfest International Cartoon Exhibition, Osor 2021, Croatia

13th OSCARfest International Cartoon Exhibition
OSOR 2021, Croatia
13th OSCARfest 2021
OSOR Social Home / July - October 2021
The exhibition has international character, there is no age limit, or limit on the participant profession.
(Internet, email, social networks, phone, cell phone, TV, radio,
mail, newspaper, signals, conversation... on a desert island). 
1 (one) Cartoon WITHOUT WORDS
Branka Hlevnjak, MSc. (art historian and art critic) selects artworks for the exhibition according to the criteria: topic, original idea, artistic quality, completed Application form, meet the deadline. 
A4 (210x297 mm), RGB, JPEG, 200-300 dpi, high resolution
June 15, 2021
All participants shall be sent the results and a digital catalogue via e-mail.
Confirmation of participation will be sent on request.
Visitors of the Exhibition vote for the best cartoon by secret ballot.
First place: Personal exhibition at the 14th OSCARfest 2022, Diploma, sponsorship award
Second and Third place: Diploma
First-ranked Croatian cartoonist: Personal exhibition at the 14th OSCARfest 2022, Diploma
The submitted works remain at the disposal of the organizer who may use them for promotional and other non-commercial purposes (awards for voters, sponsors and donors ... with the name of the author and the festival) without royalties to the authors and continue to exhibit them.
OSCARfest - International Cartoon Exhibition will take place in the eternal small town of OSOR (4000 years old, today about 50 inhabitants) on the island of Cres, within the town of Mali Lošinj (northern Adriatic Sea, Croatia, EU).
The festival has been held continuously since 2008 during the tourist season.
It is visited by tens of thousands of visitors every year.
Organizer ARTour-Nerezine Association
Art Selector Branka Hlevnjak
Program Leader
 Dado Kovačević
Financial Support Town of Mali Lošinj + Mali Lošinj Tourist Board
Support Osor Local Comitee + Croatian Cartoonist Association
Sponzors DesignArt + Ars Tempesta + ARTshirt + Foto studio Nadir Mavrović + friends
Media Support Radio Mali Lošinj-Radio Jadranka + portal otoci.net + Novi list.




Nickname / Pseudonym





Telephone / Fax

Cell Phone


Sex                   Male                       Female



 Please insert a portrait of yourself (photo or caricature).

The 31st International Biennial Exhibition of Humour in Art, Tolentino 2021, Italy

31a Biennale Internazionale dell'Umorismo nell'Arte
Tolentino 25-26-27 November 2021
The Municipality of Tolentino convenes and organises Biumor 2021 the 31a Biennale Internazionale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte (31st Festival of Humour in Art) – a prize contest focused on humour in art. The contest is divided into two sections:
1 - “Premio Internazionale Città di Tolentino” (“City of Tolentino International Award”) - for humorous art themed around “Envy"
Envy is wishing evil on others. 
Envy is when our heart feels sorrow for the achievements of those around us. 
Envy is resenting other people’s success. 
Envy is a feeling of person-to-person or social discontent that thrives in contemporary society. 
Envy comes from the Latin in – adversative – and videre, and translates as to ‘look against’, ‘unfavourably’ or better yet ‘to frown upon’ and refers to an unfailing emotion of human soul that has a timeless quality and cuts across all social groups. 
The theme aims at sparking critical thinking about the malevolent side of social relations.
2 - “Premio Luigi Mari” (“Luigi Mari Award ”) for caricatures of illustrious figures.
The contest comprises:
• a selection of the competing entries by a qualified jury. The artworks so singled out will be exhibited at the venue of the 31a Biennale Internazionale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte, from November 25, 2021 throughout January 30, 2022.
• publication of a complimentary catalogue that will be presented to the authors of the selected works;
• a prize awarding event;
Against the backdrop of the festival is a commendation for Humour on the internet awarded for products at the cutting edge of communications technology that shatter the stereotypical patterns typical of traditional comedy.
The contest is open to contemporary artists of any nationality and any age, who are allowed to enter a maximum of three works which must be unreleased and authentic, free in size and technique, and performed in whatever form of visual art, material and support – pictorial, graphics, sculpture and installation, photography and video. Computer-aided digital visuals, as well as photographic source artworks with purely structural digital fix are also allowed to enter the contest as long as they are produced in paper format and are autographed and numbered by the authors.
The deadline to enter the contest is October 11, 2021, by which time all entries will have to have been sent to the address below:
Segreteria della “31a Biennale Internazionale dell'Umorismo nell'Arte ” – Palazzo Europa – Via Tambroni n. 4 – 62029 TOLENTINO (Italia)
After having filled out and signed the entry form, the contestants are requested to attach it to their works prior to shipment. Artworks must be authentically signed and provided with the special coupon. The works must be shipped carriage free - they will only be accepted on condition that they are not subject to any taxes or customs fees - the local municipality will not bear any fees due.
ART. 4 – JURY 
Admission of the works, their selection for display, and the awarding of prizes are exclusive competence of the jury nominated by the Municipality of Tolentino in consultation with the Artistic Director. The jury's decision is final and irrevocable.
The Jury will award below prizes:
“Premio Internazionale Città di Tolentino” ("City of Tolentino International Award”) for humour in art themed around “Envy
1st Prize - € 3,000.00, will be awarded to the winner of the 2021 contest. In case of a tie, the prize money awarded will be split among the winners.
2nd Prize - € 1,000.00
3rd Prize - € 500.00
“Premio Luigi Mari” (“Luigi Mari Award”) for caricatures of illustrious figures
1st Prize - € 1,000.00
2nd Prize-€ 500.00
Other special commendations may possibly be awarded by the jury.
The prize winning works will not be returned, they shall remain the property of the Municipality of Tolentino and will become part of the collection of MIUMOR - the International Museum of Humour in Art. As clearly shown on the coupon, the works that are expressly donated by the artist shall remain the property of the Municipality of Tolentino, that is entitled to make a discretionary use of them. The works not expressly donated can be collected from the MIUMOR as from 28 February 2022 personally by the artist or their delegate; alternatively they can be returned, not earlier than the thirtieth day after the scheduled closing date of the Exhibition, unless extended, if specifically indicated on the coupon attached to the work.
The Municipality of Tolentino, in its capacity as organizer of the event, pledges to the greatest care, custody and supervision over the length of time they will be at the venue of the Biennale Exhibition and during transportation, but declines all responsibility for theft, fire, damage or loss that may occur as a result of any unforseen causes.
Contestants allow the Municipality the right to reproduce any of the selected works free of charge for publication in the official catalogue of the Exhibition, in as many copies as the Municipality shall deem appropriate, including publication on the website and any other form of communication and promotion.
The City is authorized to publish the works on any support, even for commercial purposes. In case of reproductions, the author will be mentioned in the habitual ways. The author allows free use of their work for popularisation, cultural and recreational purposes, as well as for public enjoyment. The author must expressly renounce all rights to any compensation.
Contestants expressly authorize the Municipality of Tolentino to process the personal data in its possession in accordance with the personal data protection law, so as to include them in databases operated directly by the local administration or a third party appointed by it.
As organizer of the 31st exhibition, the Municipality is entitled to adopt final decisions on all matters not mentioned in these Regulations. These are published on the website www.biumor.com in Italian, English, French and Spanish. In case of controversy, the Italian text shall prevail. Participation in the 31a Biennale Internazionale dell'Umorismo nell'Arte implies unconditional acceptance of all items contained herein.
phone : 0733.901365/0733.969797
E-mail: info@biennaleumorismo.it
Source: biumor.