International Exhibition on a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind 2024, China

In the face of environmental challenges, we are acutely aware of the intricate interconnectedness and interdependence of humanity. Our choices reverberate globally, underscoring the imperative for a shift towards a more inclusive, cooperative ethos to confront pressing issues like climate change and to build a community with a shared future for mankind. With the goal of advancing ecological civilization, China Daily in partnership with relevant organizations presents the International Cartoon and Illustration Exhibition on a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind 2024. This initiative aims to attract attention to and encourage contemplation on the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind through the innovative mediums of cartoons and illustrations.
The theme of the exhibition is "One Earth", calling on everyone to work together to address global environmental issues such as biodiversity conservation, marine pollution, and climate change, and to achieve the United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. With art serving as a unifying force, the exhibition invites cartoonists, illustrators, and art enthusiasts worldwide to wield their brushes and portray a vision of verdant landscapes, pristine waters, low-carbon living, and the harmonious coexistence of humanity and nature. 
The theme is "One Earth" - showcasing a beautiful life of low-carbon, environmentally friendly, harmonious coexistence of humans and nature. Potential Content include: 
1. Respecting nature, protecting nature, and living in harmony with nature; 
2. The impact of climate change on human society and people's lives; 
3. Marine pollution and marine environmental protection; 
4. Harmonious coexistence between humans and animals; 
5. Advocating for an energy-efficient and thrifty lifestyle; 
6. Utilizing new energy sources and embracing the path of green sustainable development; 
7. Eco-friendly Ordos - depicting Ordos's achievements in sand prevention and control, green energy and energy conservation, and ecological environmental protection. 
Participants: Cartoonists, illustrators, and art enthusiasts from all over the world are welcome to participate. 
Work Submission: From now until July 15, 2024 
Assessment: July to August 2024 
Award Ceremony: Between September and November 2024 
Gold Prize: 1 winner 
¥30,000 CNY (before tax), a trophy, a certificate, and a portfolio book 
Silver Prize: 2 winners 
¥20,000 CNY (before tax), a trophy, a certificate, and a portfolio book 
Bronze Prize: 3 winners 
¥10,000 CNY (before tax), a trophy, a certificate, and a portfolio book 
Outstanding Prize: 10 winners 
An award, a certificate and a portfolio book 
Excellence Prize for Works Generated Using AI Technology: 10 winners 
An award, a certificate and a portfolio book  
Shortlisted Prize: 100 winners 
An award, a certificate and a portfolio book. 
The works must be original. The style of the works is not limited, and cartoons, illustrations, or other forms of art are all acceptable. The works should be submitted in JPG format, with a resolution of 300dpi, no less than 2M (the longest side should not be less than 3000 pixels), and not exceeding 10M. There is no limit on the number of single or group works, but each author can upload no more than 20 pieces. The works must be accompanied by a title and a brief textual description. If the artwork is created using AI technology, please label it as "Generated Using AI Technology". Contact information, including the email adress and the phone number, must be provided for timely communication in the event of selection. 
The submission period is from now to July 15, 2024
Submission Method:
1. Register and upload your submission on the website (artcontest.chinadaily.com.cn). 
2. Submission email: artcontest@chinadaily.com.cn
Note: Submissions can be made through either the website or via email. Please do not submit through both channels. 
Contact us: competition@chinadaily.com.cn (Email for inquiries, not for submissions)
Source: China Daily .


34th International Festival of Cartoon and Humorous Literature, Gura Humorului 2024

Gura Humorului Townhall
Suceava County Council
The Bucovina Cultural Centre
The 34th edition, 2024
The 34th edition of Umor la ... Gura Humorului, the International Festival of Cartoon and Humorous Literature will be held between July 12 – July 14, 2024. 
This year's edition will be held online. 
1. The Edition theme: EVOLUTION
2. Original works are accepted, in digital format, created after January 1st, 2024, which were not published and submitted or awarded prizes to other competitions. 
3. Each participant will submit two ( 2 ) cartoons to be analysed by the jury. 
4. The works will be submitted by JUNE 25, 2024 (posting date) on the following addresses: 
or postal address: 
Muzeul Obiceiurilor Populare din Bucovina, str. Sfântul Gavril, nr 14, 725300 - Gura Humorului, judeţul Suceava, România. 
5. Technical requirements: 
- Papers sent by e-mail: minimum 1600 x 1200 pixels, JPG format 
- Papers sent by regular postal mail: format A3/A4
- The technique used for the works will be at the free choice of the artist 
6. The works are not to be returned. They will be added to the patrimony of the Umor la ... Gura Humorului Festival and the organizers are entitled to use them later as edited materials with the name of their author on them. 
7. The participants are required the following documents enclosed with their works: the completed entry form attached, a brief CV and a personal photography/cartoon self portrait of minimum 6x9 cm. 
8. The winners will be announced online until July 08, 2024 to be present for the Awards Festivity held on Sunday, July 14th, 2024, if they will not be able to participate, the diplomas will be sent by mail and the cash prizes by bank transfer. 
9. Transport expenses, accomodation and meals are the responsibility of the participant or the organization/institution he/she is part of. The organizers will be notified in due time to make the necessary reservations. 
10. The prizes to be awarded for adult participants: 
1st Prize : EUR 500 
2nd Prize : EUR 300 
3rd Prize : EUR 200 
The "George Gavrilean" Prize for the debutantes in Bucovina : EUR 200 
11. The prizes to be awarded for participants under the age of 18: 
1st Prize : EUR 100 
2nd Prize : EUR 50 
3rd Prize : EUR 25 
12. The jury are the ones who decide upon awarding or not awarding or re-allocating the prizes. In addition, the jury will decide upon the works or the authors to be rewarded by sponsors, associations, mass-media, institutions, commercial societies or private persons, with their consent. 
13. There will be no participation fees. 
Further information: 
Press Relations Office of „Umor la ... Gura Humorului” Festival 
• Curator Galavan Robert George - Folk Customs Museum in Bucovina (Muzeul Obiceiurilor Populare din Bucovina) 
Telephone: 00 40 757485882 
• Professor Sever Dumitrache – cultural adviser 
Telephone : 00 40 723270520 
Contest Rules & Entry Form on umorlagurahumorului.


Caricature Grand Prize "Málaga Grenet", Arequipa 2024, Peru

Caricature Grand Prize "Málaga Grenet" 2024
The city of Arequipa (Peru) has been the birthplace of great cartoonists, many of whom have showcased their talent in various national publications. It is for this reason that the Peruvian North American Cultural Center, aware of the importance of this art, calls for the international cartoon contest "Great Cartoon Prize Málaga Grenet 2024" in its second edition, focusing on the American cinema bombshell: Marilyn Monroe. 
The organization of the Cartoon Contest: "Great Cartoon Prize Málaga Grenet 2024" is led by the Peruvian North American Cultural Center, sponsored by Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde, with the support of Universidad Católica Santa María and Grupo Roberts, and the collaboration of Layconsa.  
1.-Any professional or amateur artist from anywhere in the world, of legal age, can participate in this contest. 
2.-The theme of the contest is a physiognomic cartoon of Marilyn Monroe
3.-Each participant can submit up to two works, provided they have not been awarded in another contest before. 
4.-The works can be created using any technique and must have a unique format of A-3 size. 
5.-Artworks generated with Artificial Intelligence will not be accepted. 
6.-Artworks and photographs must be submitted in JPG format with a resolution of 300 ppi (dots per inch) for promotional purposes. 
7.- The works sent must be submitted along with the Registration Form. 
8.-The deadline for submitting artworks is July 2, 2024
9.-The organizing entity will publish the list of all received artworks so that authors can see that their works have entered the final evaluation. 
10.-The winning artwork will receive a unique prize consisting of: 
1000 US dollars. 
A statuette of master Julio Málaga Grenet, crafted by Peruvian artist Alonso Núñez Rebaza. Recognition diploma. 
A trip to Arequipa, Peru, for the winner, including 3 nights of accommodation and meals in the city to attend the awards ceremony on Wednesday, October 9, 2024. 
11.-The jury's decision is final. 
12.-The Jury's decision will be communicated to the winner via email and subsequently published on the organizer's website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. 
13.-The winner must submit the original artwork upon arriving in Arequipa or send it by certified mail to the contest organization (if the author cannot personally attend to receive the prize). If the artwork is created, wholly or partly, with digital tools, a high-resolution copy signed by the author must be brought and sent to: 
Peruvian North American Cultural Center 
Melgar Street 109, Arequipa, 
14.-The selected artworks - up to 50 chosen by the jury - will be exhibited in the art gallery of the Peruvian North American Cultural Center. 
15.-The electronic version of the artworks can be visited in a virtual gallery; additionally, a digital catalog will be sent to the selected participants. 
16.-Selected artists for the exhibition will receive a digital certificate. 
17.-The organization reserves the right to promote and reproduce the winning artwork and the other selected works without the express authorization of the author, without any obligation towards the artist. 
18.-Participation in the contest implies full and unconditional acceptance of these rules. Any doubts that may arise will be resolved by the Jury. 
Link to Registration Form on source: Omar Zevallos.


First International Cartoon Competition - Danube River, Rousse 2024, Bulgaria, EU

First International Cartoon Competition - Danube River, Rousse, Bulgaria, EU - 2024
Contest theme: "WATER-RIVER-PEOPLE
The major navigable rivers of the world have been the most used routes for people for millennia, a source of water and sustenance for them, agriculture, hygiene and other domestic needs. Water is the source of life. The river is its provider. People are its users. Nowadays, the river is still a way for transport, industrial, sports and tourism, it is still a place for fishing and recreation. But people look at the river in a different way. 
On the one hand, it provides irrigation for agricultural crops, cools nuclear power plant reactors, carries away spent and filtered wastewater from industry and domestic use, provides bulk materials for construction, diverts water from smaller rivers during floods, to incentivize boat manufacturers and more. Large vessels and barges, harbor facilities and their repairs, bridges and ferries, and last but not least, it inspires the riverside poets, writers, artists and musicians, we would not or would to mentioned "courtship" to enter also into the intimate relations of the sexes "There by the river ". 
On the other hand, people already take care of the riverbeds and their catchment areas, from the source to the mouth. Starting from international conventions and agreements, the laws of each country, through the normative documents of the relevant ministries and agencies, the constant care of mayors and municipal councils, and reaching non-governmental organizations, environmental protection associations, local clubs and student organizations that are a guarantor of environmental and water protection. The river next to us – Danube 490th kilometer from the mouth of the Black Sea. 
Every single word of the above can and should be revised, disassembled, defragmented, "jumped" and assembled anew, according to the visions of the author-caricaturist, brought out graphically to humor and satire, to message or entertainment, to meaning or cheerful nonsense, to a simple line or a picturesque canvas, but necessarily in the triangle of the triad: "WATER-RIVER-PEOPLE" and with gratitude to nature. 
It has been celebrated since June 29, 1994, when 13 countries and the European Commission signed the international Convention for the Protection of the Danube River. For the first time, Danube Day was celebrated in Ruse in 2004. 
Deadline: June 10, 2024 
1st prize: €300 
2nd prize: €200 
3rd prize: €100 
3 nominations – Honoris Mansion – 50 € each 
Possible awards to companies and organizations. 
Certificate of participation for all finalists participating in the exhibition. 
E-Catalog for all finalists approved by the committee. 
The E-Catalog will be published on social media. 
Each participant can submit up to 2 cartoons made with any technique plus digital, scanned with jpg. 300 dpi. A4, up to 3 Mb per cartoon. Signature on the obverse in the lower right corner of the work. 
Entry form - mandatory in Word format in English. You can download the form from the websites – inter. contests. 
Receipt of works: 10 May 2024 – 10 June 2024 year. 
Two e-mail addresses for sending the works – walex.toon@gmail.com plus zbankova@abv.bg
The works that received awards in other competitions participate in the exhibition, but do not receive awards. 
Only award-winning artists will mail the original work or signed print to an address they will receive upon presentation of a bank account. 
Selected participants give permission to the organizer to use their drawings for the catalog, exhibitions and for the promotion of the event. The awarded proposals will become the property of the organizers - sponsors and the municipality of Ruse, ME “Ruse art”, Bulgaria, EU. 
Official opening of the exhibition: 29.062024, EU, Bulgaria, Ruse, Revenue building and the square in the city center. 
Good luck to all participants. 
More info from Walex walex.toon@gmail.com
Municipality of Rousse, ME “Ruse art”, Union of Bulgarian Artists - Cartoon section.


The 16th OSCARfest International Cartoon Exhibition, Osor 2024, Croatia

16th OSCARfest International Cartoon Exhibition
OSOR 2024, Croatia
16th OSCARfest 2024
OSOR Community Center / June – November 2024
The exhibition is open to all artists, regardless of nationality, age, gender, profession…
Trading, shop, sale – purchase, offer – demand, prices, discounts, promotions, barter…
1 - 3 Cartoons WITHOUT WORDS
A4 (210x297 mm), RGB, JPEG, 200-300 dpi, high resolution
10 May 2024 (EXTENDED)
MAY 20, 2024
Please name the attachments:
First name-Surname-ARTISTIC NAME-Country-1 (2, 3, Entry Form)
(Example: Dragutin-Kovačević-DADO-Croatia-1)
Exhibition selector MSc. Branka Hlevnjak, art historian and art critic (Croatia) selectsone work from each registered author according to the criteria: topic, originality of the idea,artistic quality, the default format of papers, completed Application form, deadline.
First place authors at the 15th OSCARfest 2023
Luis Fernando Pica Hincapié Echeverri (Colombia), Boris Erenburg (Israel),
Luc Descheemaeker O-Sekoer (Belgium), Dubravka Bodulić Du (Croatia)
and Branka Hlevnjak and Dragutin Dado Kovačević, cartoonist/OF Program leader (Croatia)
they each chooses and evaluates 100 authors/cartoons (1 point)
and the first, second and third place cartoons (5, 3, 2 points)
Selector points are added to the public jury votes (voting until November 1, 2024).
Maximum number of exhibits: 200
Selection results until June 10, 2024
Selectors automatically participate in the competition but may not vote for themselves.
Exhibition visitors choose the 3 best cartoons by secret vote
(1st = 3 points, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 1 point)
All participants shall be sent the results and a digital catalogue via e-mail.
Confirmation of participation will be sent on request.
First, Second, Third place and First-ranked Croatian cartoonist:
Personal exhibition at the 17th OSCARfest 2025, Diploma, sponsorship award
and the position of selector of the 17th OSCARfest 2025.
The submitted works remain at the disposal of the organizer who may use them for promotional and other non-commercial purposes (awards for voters, sponsors and donors ... with the name of the author and the festival) without royalties to the authors and continue to exhibit them.

Organizer ARTour-Nerezine Association
Art Selector Branka Hlevnjak
Program Leader
 Dado Kovačević
Financial Support Town of Mali Lošinj + Mali Lošinj Tourist Board
Support Osor Local Comitee + Croatian Cartoonist Association
Sponzors DesignArt + ARTshirt + Zdjelarević Wine Selection + OPG Benvin-Nerezine + Foto studio Nadir Mavrović + friends.
Media Support Radio Mali Lošinj-Radio Jadranka + Portal otoci.net + Novi list.


Deadline: May 20, 2024
Email: oscarfest.croatia@gmail.com


First name

Family name

Artistic name






Place and date of birth

Sex                   Male _                      Female _



The author agrees to the application of cartoons on OSCARfest souvenirs in a limited edition (for publicity, awards to voters, sponsors, donors and self-financing of the festival). The author will receive author's copies. 

YES _                    NO _

Please attach a portrait of yourself (photo or caricature).