Dong-A·LG International Digital Cartoon Competition 2007

1. Eligibility
■ All Individuals and Groups or Teams
■ One entrant can register on both sections.
■ This competition is open only to digital cartoons & caricatures that made in the form of digitalization originally. Scanned works of non-digital cartoons & caricatures are not eligible.
■ The entrant should be the copyright holder of the works. The works should not have been awarded in the other competition nor used commercially.
2. Section and Theme
A. Cartoon - Election
B. Caricature - Politician
3. Entries
A. Digitalized works in black-and-white or color
B. Number of entries per each section: minimum 3 ~ maximum 5
C. Limitation of Cartoon cuts: maximum 5 per one work
D. Each entry should be submitted in the form of both original digital file and jpg file.
1) original file - resolution size: A4, 300 dpi or higher (2480 x 3508 pixel)
2) jpg file - resolution size: the same as the original one with the best quality setting.
4. Registration
A. No Entry Fee
B. Deadline - All files including entry forms and entries should be submitted by 18:00(Standard time for Seoul, Korea: UTC/GMT +9hrs) September 3, 2007, and works submitted after this cannot be accepted for the selection.
C. Required Document - Entry form: Only completed and confirmed entry form will be accepted. * Official language of the competition is English and Korean.
* Use separate entry forms per each section you submit.
D. For Further Information & Question
■ e-mail: dcartoon@dcartoon.co.kr
■ Tel.: +82-2-2020-1610 Fax. : +82-2-2020-1639
■ Official Website: http://www.dcartoon.co.kr
E. Entry Guideline
■ On-line Entry - Upload all the files on the following internet hard.
http://www.kthard.com/ (Click English)
Membership Login
ID : artdonga
PW : kthard.com
- Choose your entry section folder between Caricature / Cartoon in Upload Folder
- All the files including entry forms and works (original files and jpg files) should be compressed in a .zip file, saved as “entrant’s name. zip.”
- Upload “entrant’s name. zip”
■ On-line Entry only
■ All entrants will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
5. Prizes
(In parenthesis is the number of awardees)
Grand Prize(1): Cartoon/Caricature 5,000 USD (1)
Gold Prize(2): Cartoon 2,000 USD (1), Caricature 2,000 USD (1)
Silver Prize(2): Cartoon 1,000 USD (1), Caricature 1,000 USD (1)
Bronze Prize(4): Cartoon 500 USD (2), Caricature 500 USD (2)
Promotion Prize(20): Cartoon 300 USD (10), Caricature 300 USD (10)
Fine Work Prize(40): Cartoon 100 USD (20), Caricature 100 USD (20)
(Tax is included)
6. Process
■ Registration: Aug. 20 ~ 18:00 Sept. 3, 2007
■ Selection: Sept. 10 ~ Sept. 14, 2007
■ Announcement of Prize Winners: Sept. 20, 2007 (Winners will be announced on the official website http://www.dcartoon.co.kr/ and contacted in person by e-mail.)
■ Exhibition: Oct. 6 ~ Oct. 14, 2007 / Seoul Animation Center
(■ According to the circumstances of the organizer, the above process can be changeable.)
7. Exclusive on Selection and Annulment of Award Decision
A. An entry will not be considered for selection when:
- The entry form is not completed and the entrant’s information is not clearly written.
- What is written in the entry form is different from what really is.
- The entrant is not the copyright holder of the work.
B. Award-winning decision will be annulled when:
- The entrant is not the copyright holder of the work.
- The winning work has been awarded or selected at any previous competition.
- The winning work is found to be a plagiarism of, or closely similar to other works
8. Copyright
■ All rights of prize-winning works - such as copyright, property right and the right of use etc. - belong to the organizer of Dong-A·LG International Digital Cartoon Competition 2007.
9. Others
- Each entrant should hold all the right license and permission to use the materials and softwares used to create the entering work, including graphic software packages for creating artworks.
- All the files submitted for selection will not be returned.
- Matters not mentioned in these regulations will be decided by the Organizer of Dong-A·LG International Digital Cartoon Competition 2007.- By submitting the entry form and participation in the competition implies agreement by entrants to all conditions and regulations of this article.


Tourism in Bucovina

The international exhibition of satirical graphic “Tourism in Bucovina”, the 1st Edition
The Bucovina Museum Complex from Suceava invites you to participate to the International Exhibition of Satirical Graphic: “Tourism in Bucovina”, the 1st Edition.
Bucovina is a region from Romania (the East Europe) of a rare natural beauty.
The picturesque sceneries, the touristic objectives: the museums, the natural reservations, the mountains with running waters, the historical monuments, and the worship places constituted hundreds of years ago, all these represent a touristic potential. The people of these places are cheerful, hard working and very hospitable. Although all along their history they have encountered lots of pressures, foreign occupations, wars, they kept their identity and the cultural traditions.
By this exhibition we would like to acknowledge the tourism passionate from all over the world of the natural potential and of the touristic and economic objectives.
Even though, the inhabitants of these regions bump against the carelessness of the tourists, who often leave their negative marks upon the touristic zone, the regional authorities do not concentrate their efforts to develop the infrastructure and to develop some facilities for the touristic development.
Further details regarding to the Bucovina region could be found at the following web pages: http://www.muzeul-bucovina.ro/, http://www.bucovinaturism.ro/, http://www.bukovina.ro/, http://www.vacanteinbucovina.ro/, etc.
The International Exhibition of Satirical Graphic has as theme: “Tourism in Bucovina”.
We address to all the professional and amateurs cartoonists regardless their age from all over the world.
The number of sent cartoons is unlimited.
Please attach in .PDF or .DOC format a brief presentation of your artistic activity (surname and first name, exact address, e-mail address, a photo and your CV).
The cartoons must be sent at the e-mail address: arta@muzeul-bucovina.ro and they must be of 300 dpi minimum resolution, A4 format, realized in any technique: black and white or colour.
The cartoons will be published in the web page of the Bucovina Museum Complex Suceava http://www.muzeul-bucovina.ro/
All the artists who will enter the saloon will receive the virtual catalogue of the exhibition.
If you want to participate at this event, please send your cartoons until 31st of August 2007.
The exhibition will be opened for the Bucovina public in September 2007.
The sent cartoons can be bought by the Bucovina public, that is why please note the price for each original work in order to receive the equivalent of the cartoon.
The Bucovina Museum Complex Suceava
Constantin-Emil URSU


Global Cartoon Contest Invitation

Africa: No Opportunities, Continent of Crises or Renaissance
Africa’s image largely depends on the extent to which news and background are covered in the media in a diligent and differentiated manner. Africa mainly continues to be perceived as a continent ravaged by disasters, crises and failing states, including extremes such as genocide, civil war and escalating violence (also in every day life), increasing poverty, widespread hunger and malnutrition and exploitation of resources and destruction of nature. The economic deprivation of many Africans has motivated people – among them many celebrities – in the rich industrialised nations to support and donate for development and charitable projects. At the same time, the African “welfare cases” and neo-patrimonial systems have deterred foreign investors. These conditions are not suitable for a partnership based on equality.
Recently, however, a surprising change of perspective has been offered by development experts: “Africa on the rise”. It has been welcomed that most of the civil wars have been brought to an end, that a growing number of countries are now governed democratically and by the rule of law, that governance is improving and that the economic conditions in most African countries have become more favourable – from macroeconomic policies to increased efforts in the fields of education, health and utilities (e.g. water supply). African projects such as the "New Partnership for Africa's Development" (NEPAD) and the Peer Reviews are being acknowledged and appreciated. There has also been a fundamental shift in the conditions for private business activities in Africa. China is not the only new country increasingly investing in Africa. India, Korea and Malaysia are in the process of starting and expanding their activities. This, in turn, has challenged Western governments to strengthen their efforts in order not to be left behind by the emerging powers. In Africa, this has given rise to a new self-confidence.
The cartoon contest under the title “Africa: No Opportunities, Continent of Crises or Renaissance” is meant to contribute to a critical discussion of these ambiguous images which partly date back as far as the early years of colonialism and the times of the slave trade. We therefore invite you to contribute your highly appreciated creative ideas to overcome prejudices and clichés about the African continent.
It is safe to assume that many of the cartoons sent in will find their way into the print media, especially into daily newspapers, since Africa is increasingly being covered. The image of Africa is also an important subject in development education.
We would like to ask you to kindly submit cartoons for the contest by 26th August to: info@cartoon-competition.org and dwjn@cartoon-competition.orgThe cartoon contest is being supported by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development (Switzerland), the protestant development agencies Bread For All (Switzerland) and German Church Development Service, the Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund and Misereor (Germany) as well as Dritte Welt Journalist/innen Netz (Third World Journalists’ Network, Germany). We are seeking cooperation with one of the influential daily newspapers. The contest builds on the experiences from previous contests in 2000, 2003 and 2005.
If you participate in the contest…
After 26th August 2007 (deadline for submissions), the cartoons will be screened by an international jury.
We are happy to welcome prominent members to our expert jury this year, such as Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai (Kenya) and Erich Stather, Minister of State, German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.
The awards are to be handed over to the winners of the contest at a ceremony planned as highlight of an event to be organised in Berlin.
The organisers of the contest will encourage the reprinting of cartoons in print and online media. We will bring out a special publication and will present the cartoons in the contest website www.cartoon-competition.org and other relevant websites.
Conditions of Participation
The theme of the contest is
"Africa: No Opportunities, Continent of Crises or Renaissance"
Terms and Conditions of Entry
Members of the jury or the organisers/promoters (and their families) may not enter the competition.
Entrants may submit one cartoon each. No strip cartoons.
Technical details and format of entries
The cartoons must be in b/n for PC and suitable for reproduction. As a selection of cartoons will be enlarged to A1 size (594mm x 841mm), the following file formats and resolution must be strictly observed.
Size: A4 (max 294 mm)
Resolution: 300 dpi
File format: jpg
The entries must be without any previous award history. The cartoons should be understood by people in all parts of the world. Therefore, please avoid text and words in the cartoons. If you need to use words, they must be in English. Please submit the title of the cartoon as well as your personal details (cartoonist’s name and address) along with the cartoon.
Rights of use and fees
All entries submitted are offered to the organisers of the contest for publication. If they are published, the cartoonist will be paid according to the standards applicable. The copyright owners of the winning cartoons grant the organisers the right to publish their cartoons free of charge within the context of the contest. All entrants agree to their works being featured on the contest website and being published in the magazine ”eins Entwicklungspolitik”.
Furthermore, all entrants agree to their works becoming part of an exhibition free of charge, provided that their works are considered suitable. The cartoons selected will be used in the field of development education. The exhibition will be shown at the award ceremony and on other occasions. If applicable, we might contact entrants with requests for the temporary use of copies in preparation of the exhibition.
The jury’s decisions are final and non-contestable.
With the cartoons and the results of the contest being publicised, the media will be interested in using and especially in reprinting the cartoons. Cartoonist should therefore provide their bank details and conditions for reprinting, so that those interested can be informed accordingly.
The three winners will be awarded as follows:
1st prize = Euro 3,000.00
2nd prize = Euro 2,000.00
3rd prize = Euro 1.000.00
How to Submit Entries:
The cartoons are to be sent to mailto://info@cartoon-competition.org ,
and, to be safe, to be copied to mailto://dwjn@cartoon-competition.org
by 26th August 2007 !!!
No Legal Recourse
The jury's decision is final. The organisers assume no responsibility for any loss of entries. Costs of dispatch are to be borne by the sender.
Please address further inquiries to: mailto://dwjn_jw@rediffmail.com


Celje International Cartoon Contest

TOPIC: shopping, price, sales, payment, bargain, money, bar code, action and shop.
Entries must be A3 (297 x 420 mm) of size.
Each applicant may submit an unlimited number of entries.
The drawings must not contain any text.
On the back side of each entry there must be full name and address of the applicant. Applicants should enclose a short autobiography and a self-portrait or a photo.
Deadline for submitting the entries is September 5th, 2007.
ADDRESS to send entries to:
Entries will be examined by September 15th, 2007.
Awarded contestants will be informed about the Jury's Decision.
Participants whose entries are nominated for the catalogue are entitled to a free copy.
Entrants surrender to the organizer the right to keep entries and shall not have them returned. Entrants surrender to the organizer the right to publish entries in cataloque or any other form of publication.
Entrants are expected to familiarise themselfs with above stated regulations and to be in agreement with the specifications and conditions of participation.
1. GRAND PRIX 1000 €
3. THIRD PRIZE 500 €
4. Gold, silver and bronze award 250 €
Three special awards.
All prizes shall be encashed in EURO

Medijana Fest Cartoon Competition

Medijana Fest International Cartoon Competition - Child
Theme: "CHILD"
Technique: free
Maximum 3 works
Deadline for works: July 20 2007
Exibition: July 25 2007
Works to be sent to: fest@medijana.org.yu/
JPG 300 dpi /
1st: TV set
2nd: DVD player
3rd: Audio mini line
Three diplomas
Art Direktor: Medijana City Municipality president.
(Source: http://www.cartoonblues.com/)

14th International Exhibition of Alcala

The Alcala University General Foundation announce the 14th International Graphic Humour Exhibition of Alcala, related to the subject of Gender Equality, under the following conditions:
1. Participation is open to all professional cartoonists that publish or have published in any national or international media.
2. The work about Gender Equality will be submitted, in order to participate in the exhibition. It may be a cartoon, comic strip, or caricature. The application form below should be filled and sent together with the artwork (also available at www.humor.fgua.es/XIVmuestra). The organization reserves the right to invite some authors.
3. The artworks must be original and any technique or support can be used (for those created with computer, the artist has to prove that it is the only technique he usually employs - by signing the artwork, indicating its copy number and the amount created [for example: 2/4, if it is the second of 4 copies] -). The maximum size will be 297 x 420 mm (A3).
4. The works have to be packaged to protect the contents. It is recommended to place the entry between two plain pieces of cardboard. The organization has no liability for any eventual loss or damage during the sending. Participants will be responsible for Packaging and Postage costs.
5. The works must be submitted before July 31st, 2007 at the following address:
Fundación General de la Universidad de Alcalá
XIV Muestra Internacional de Humor Gráfico.
C/ Imagen, 1-3. 28801 Alcalá de Henares.
Madrid. España.
Respecting the deadline is essential in order to plan the catalogue and design the exhibition.
6. The works selected by the Selection Committee will be displayed at the 14th International Graphic Humour Exhibition of Alcala, and other exhibitions that may be carried out.
7. Submitted works will be part of the Alcala University General Foundation´s graphic humour funds (unless there is an opposite statement, by means of writing the word "Devolución"-Return on the back of the artwork) and may be used in its spaces, publications and in travelling exhibitions.
8. The Alcala University General Foundation has the right to reproduce and circulate the entries, whenever the author's name appears and the main objective is the dissemination of the exhibition, or the participation in other activities of the Alcala University General Foundation in the graphic humour area, is to say, catalogues, posters, the press, web sites, etc., without generating any obligation towards the participating authors.
9. The organization will communicate through its web page or by means of letter the name of the authors whose entry has been received as well as the names of the selected works. Authors may attend exhibition opening and other parallel activities.
Further information on accommodation conditions will be sent to those who request it.
10. Once the exhibition has closed in Alcala, all the authors whose work has been selected will receive a copy of the publication made for the exhibition.
11. The organization reserves the right to not exhibit those artworks considered to be an attempt against individual or collective rights.
12. The participation to the event implies the acceptance of all the above mentioned points.
WEB: http://www.humor.fgua.es/


On-line voting for the PortoCartoon 2007

Dear Cartoonist,
We are very pleased to announce you that is open from today the on-line voting for the PortoCartoon 2007.
The public can choose its favourite drawing, independently of the choice of the jury of this festival. People all around the world could vote in the Cartoon Virtual Museum (http://www.cartoonvirtualmuseum.org/f_portocartoon_2007_vote.htm).
35 artists are in contest, and each cartoon can be seen in detail. The candidates are the awarded, the honourable mentions and the finalist ones of the 9th PortoCartoon-World Festival. The voting will be open until 30th September on the Portuguese Printing Press Museum and until 31st December on the Cartoon Virtual Museum.
With my very best regards
The Director
Luís Humberto Marcos.


2nd Greekartoon Cartoon Contest - Greece

The Hellenic Ministry of Culture (Directorate of Fine Arts) and Greekartoon are organizing the 2nd International Cartoon Contest entitled “Future Children”. It would have been perfect that “Children” to have not only write down the concept, but also to participate to this contest. Anyhow, this job is not a “toy and a children’s fun game”… Therefore, even this job is one of the so many serious jobs that belong exclusively to the “jurisdiction” of the adults. But which “adults” and with what kind of “qualifications” are undertaking such a responsibility against “Children”? Well, the answer to be continued and discovered in the works of the artists that will be sent. In the meantime, even partially and for the sake of the record, let’s comply with our “duty and obligation” towards Children, by stating that:
Children are:
The life source of a society,
Potential agents of the modern and new,
An inexhaustible and unfailing source of feelings and creative renewal,
A “delicate” social group with a sensitive - fragile psychology vulnerable to discrimination and abuse.
Thus, the aim of the Contest is to “Cartoonconstruct” the archetype philosophy, route and life of the planet “Child” to the cosmic cultural universe named Life, to join and mingle to with other planets and galaxies. This Contest is dedicated to all world children as the “Generation Next.”
Contest rules
1. The contest theme is “The Future Children”
2. The contest is open to all cartoonists and illustrators worldwide.
3. Each artist may submit up to three entries. The size of the works should be from 210 x 297 mm (min.) to 297 x 420 mm (max.). Any technique shall be accepted. Works should be submitted unframed and unmounted.
4. Word cartoons will be accepted. In this case, a translation in English must be provided.
5. Previously awarded works will not be accepted.
6. The right to resolving of any arising dispute or conflict of interests or in any other matter deemed appropriately (e.g. regulations compliance, artistic, technical or otherwise), after consultation with the Jury Members, rests with the GREEKARTOON, whose decision is final and uncontestable.
7. Collective work will not be accepted.
8. Entries should be accompanied by a completed entry form, a short biographical note and a photograph of the artist. Name, correspondence address, telephone number and e-mail address of the artist should also be indicated on the reverse side of each entry.
9. Deadline for entries is August 24th, 2007.
10. The International Jury will meet in September 2007 for the selection and award of the works. The jury’s decision is final and cannot be contested.
11. Prizes:
First Prize: 8.000,00 euros and Trophy
Second Prize: 3.500,00 euros and Trophy
Third Prize: 2.000,00 euros and Trophy
Seven (7) Honorary Mentions
Prize winners will be invited at the award ceremony.
12. All selected works will be displayed in an exhibition and one free copy of the exhibition catalogue will be sent to the artists whose works have been selected.
13. Awarded works will not be returned to the artists.
Non-awarded works will be returned to the artists upon request, not before May 2008.
Click appropriate box: YES NO
Unclaimed or offered works by artists could be used for cartoon art making promotional purposes.
14. The works will be displayed at http://www.greekartoon.gr/ and may be used for promotional purposes printed or electronically or otherwise and permit third parties to reproduce them for promotional purposes of the exhibition and used without any monetary or otherwise compensation. Participants are considered to have accepted all the conditions stated herein.
15. The organizers are not responsible in any way whatsoever and cannot also be hold responsible for any liability arising from any damage cause by shipping or handling of the third parties.
16. By filling and signing the entry form, the artist unconditionally agrees with the above-mentioned rules of the contest.
17. The award ceremony will take place in Greece, October 2007.
18. All entries should be sent to:
GREEKARTOON P.O. Box 3953, 102 10 Athens, GREECE


More similarities

About similarities between Shibu's prize-winning 2007 and Borta's 2005 cartoons, Julian PENA - PAI reminds Muhittin Koroglu's grand prize cartoon 2003 (see above): http://www.cartoonvirtualmuseum.org/imagens/orisodomundo/2003/vpc01.jpg
Well, the problem seems to have two aspects:
A) A jury should be more careful about similarities and repetitions. Especially, if there is a pre-selection jury, the runners-up (finalists) should consist of such original works that they wouldn't lead to any controversy.
B) What is the mechanism of humoristic creation that causes the same ideas occur to artists from diverse parts of the world? Huseyin Cakmak has collected a great number of cartoons closely similar to each other yet made by artists from different countries and at different times. They don't necessarily be thought always as plagiarism I suppose. There are hidden or intrinsic patterns of humoristic thinking. Umit Mufit Dincay has once told me that he has thousands of sketches or drafts which he would develop any one into a cartoon in a short time. Muhittin Koroglu also has sets of unpublished cartoons on specific themes like Noah of the Ark, etc. What makes a cartoonist think of so many variations of a theme is deep concentration on a subject I think. Yet a cartoon is something more than an idea, isn't it? The perspective, figures, style, technique, colour, and the MESSAGE is also important. Shouldn't there be some criticism too?


Saloon of Humor for the Amazon Forest

1st International Saloon of Humor for the Amazon Forest / Brazil
1. Dates:
Registration: From June 27th to August 31st.
Result of the previous selection: September 2007
Result of the selection by the International jury and the releasing of the final result: October 2007
2. Participation: All cartoonists, professional or not, are allowed to submit original works, since they have not been awarded in other saloons up to the deadline for registrations (August 31st 2007). Each author may submit up to 3 (three) works developed under any technique, including those ones done by computers. For each work sent, one entry form must be filled up. The entry forms are available at http://www.brazilcartoon.com/
3. Theme: Humor for the Amazon Forest
4. Sending the works: All works, including those ones drawn by hand, must be sent by e-mail, resolution 300 DPIs, color mode RGB, JPG (average quality - 5) or PDF up to the limit of 1,5 MB for each work. Each e-mail must contain only one work and it must come with the respective entry form.
5. Prizes:
5.1 The guiding criteria for selecting and awarding will be:
Originality (The work must not have been published in any kind of media and must not have been awarded in this kind of competition either).
Quality of the drawings.
5.2 Prizes: The prize for the first place will be R$ 10.000,00 (Ten thousand Reais) plus a trophy and a certificate. The second and third places will receive trophies and certificates. The jury may give honorable mentions to the participants.
The awarded works will be part of the brazilcartoon Artwork Collection.
Prizes not taken in 90 (ninety) days after the releasing of the results will become worthless.
The value of the prize for international works will be converted to dollars according to its value on June 27th 2007, date of the beginning of the competition. The prize will be paid in March 2008.
6. Copyright: By submitting their works, the authors transfer automatically all copyright of their awarded works to brazilcartoon, which may use the works freely. The awarded works will be part of the brazilcartoon Artwork Collection.
7. Disagreement on results: If the jury verifies any kind of fraud or plagiarism on one or more works, it will cancel the prize. The works will be on the website http://www.brazilcartoon.com/ in October 2007 and the results may be contested up to 10 (ten) days after the opening of the saloon, supported by proper proves of any mistake made by the jury. Works sent that are not according to these rules and regulations or those containing any kind of plagiarism will be automatically excluded of the contest.
8. Where to register: To ensure that the works will be sent properly, we suggest that the works be sent through our website, using the system bellow, filling out the entry form and attaching your drawings.
Deadline: August 31st 2007. The date the e-mail was sent will be observed.
9. Further information: Brazilcartoon Organization.
Marcio Leite 55 38-3216-1109 info@brazilcartoon.com