28th International Cartoon Rendon Festival 2021, Colombia

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1) The contest is open to all of cartoon artist worldwide. 
2) The last day for participation is on Saturday, November 13 of 2021
3) The contest’s Theme is: 
ENVIRONMENT: The importance of caring for our natural environment, achieving control of deforestation, pollution, climate change, species extinction, and solid waste management, among others. 
The conservation of the environment will allow us to have a sustainable life. 
4) Each participant can submit a maximum of three cartoons to the contest. 
5) It’s possible to participate with black and white or colored cartoons. 
6) We kindly request that those who will participate in our contest, fill out the entry form and send their cartoons digitally to contestcartoonrendon2021@gmail.com attached as a doc. in A4 size, 300 dpi, JPEG or TIFF format, a maximum of 3 MB per cartoon, including the registration form (name, surname, postal address, country, email address, short biography, photo) until 6:00 p.m. on Saturday November 13 2021, Colombian local time. 
7) You can also participate in the contest with cartoons that have already been published or awarded previously, all the cartoons presented must be original. 
8) Selected cartoon artists will recieve a virtual catalog. 
9) The jury will be compossed by national and international cartoon artists. 
10) Results will be announced on about the end of November of 2021 and the winners must send the originals to the organization within 20 days. 
11) The presented cartoons won’t be returned, they’ll be part of the collection of the future Rionegro’s Cartoon Museum in agreement with Cartoonrendon agent. 
12) Filling out the application of participation and sending it involves that the contestants give their authorization to Rionegro’s town hall and Cartoonrendon to publish their work on any printed or digital media with all rights, including the transfer of these rights to thirds without any limit of time, place and number of publications. Besides, Rionegro’s town hall and/or Cartoonrendon will have the right to show, file and publish the works in other media not mentioned here. By sending the applicattion these conditions are considered as accepted. 
13) The organization reserves the right to exhibit works considered to attempt against individual or colective rights. 
14) The participation supposes the full acceptance of terms and conditions. 
AWARDS: They are subject to taxes according to tax regulations. And they will be paid to the TRM. 
1° Prize – 500 US 
2° Prize – 300 US 
3° Prize – 200 US 
Mentions (5 Diplomas). 
The Festival will take place between November 17 and 21, and the award ceremony on November 17, at the MAR Museum of Arts, in the city of Santiago de Arma de Rionegro at 4:00 p.m. 
Work must be sent to: contestcartoonrendon2021@gmail.com 
Entry Form and more on source.


The 1st edition of the International Cartoon Competition, Morocco 2021

1st edition of the International Cartoon Competition, Morocco 2021
Anyone who participates in the competition subscribes to
the conditions of the rules and to the Jury decisions.
Freedom of Expression
between press law and censorship
Conditions of participation in the competition
The number of works per participant is limited to 2 (two).
The works cannot have been published, or exhibited,
or have won awards in Morocco or abroad.
A4, 300 dpi, JPG / JPEG and free techniques
Deadline: 25/11/2021
Works that do not meet the conditions set in these regulations
will not be taken into consideration for the competition.
The following prizes are planned:
First prize
Second prize
Third prize
5 Special Prizes.
Cartoons should be sent to: fecomaroc@gmail.com
on source. maghrebtoon.


Years 2020 – 2021 Golden Olive Humor Service Awards are given

Within the framework of the 20th International Olive Festival
at the Award Ceremony Held in Zeytinlik Village
(October 13, 2021 – Kyrenia) Local artists who won the Golden Olive Humor Service Awards in 2020 and 2021 were awarded at the award ceremony held in Zeytinlik village within the framework of the 20th International Olive Festival organized by the Municipality of Kyrenia. Due to the pandemic conditions, the award-winning artists from abroad were not invited, only the award-winning artists from our country were given their awards at the ceremony. 
At the award ceremony, which started after the opening speech of Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, the following local artists were presented their awards: Biler Demircioğlu (for his works in Humorous Theater and Humorous Play - Parody branches); Cemal Tunceri (for his contributions to Turkish Cypriot Cartoon Art); Mahmut İslamoğlu (for his studies on Humorous Poetry – Satiring and Cyprus Humor Culture); Utku Karsu (for his contributions to Turkish Cypriot Cartoon Art); Mustafa Tozakı (9th International Cartoon Contest 2020, First Prize in the "Free Theme" category); Mehmet Ulubatlı (for his contributions to Turkish Cypriot Cartoon Art); Neriman Cahit (for her contributions to Turkish Cypriot Humor Culture and Turkish Cypriot Caricature Art through her Articles and Interviews); Semra Yalçın Bayhanlı (for her contributions to Turkish Cypriot Cartoon Art.).
At the end of the award ceremony, International Olive Festival Organizing Committee Member Hüseyin Çakmak made a speech on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the International Olive Cartoon Competition and announced the surprise decision of the Organizing Committee Members unanimously on September 16, 2021. He announced that the Mayor of Girne, Nidai Güngördü, was given the Golden Olive Humor Service Award for his contributions to the World Cartoon Art. 
The awards to the artists who won the 2020 and 2021 Golden Olive Humor Service Awards, were presented by Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, Girne Municipality Council Members, Cyprus Turkish Cartoonists Association President M. Serhan Gazioğlu and officials of sister municipalities participating in the Olive Festival from Turkey as special guests as well. 




1 – REGISTRATION: October 13, 2021, to November 15, 2021 
The 13th Salão de Humor Medplan e Humana Saúde is open to all graphic artists who wish to submit their own work. Each entrant may submit a maximum of 5 (five) works total, using whichever technique, and the entry format must be 30x40cm. Categories are: Cartoon; Caricature; and Comic Strip/Comic book (the comic book must be a single-page story, and the comic strip may contain a maximum of 5 strips on a single page). Registration is free and online at salaodehumor.com. The artist will submit the entries through the registration page at salaodehumor.com, with a maximum of 3MB file size. The website is the only registration channel for artists to submit their works. 
2 – THEME 
The 13th Salão de Humor Medplan e Humana Saúde’s theme is RESILIENCE / OVERCOMING 
A juror will select the winners between November 16 and November 19, 2021. 
Winner (Cartoon): R$5,000 (five thousand reais). 
Runner-up (Cartoon): R$ 3,000 (three thousand reais). 
Medplan Caricature Prize (open theme): Winner R$ 2,000 (two thousand reais) 
Medplan Comics Prize (open theme): Winners R$ 2,000 (two thousand reais) 
Internet Prize: Winner R$2,000 (two thousand reais). Public online voting will decide the winner. Voting goes from Nov 22 to Nov 26, 2021, at www.salaodehumor.com.
Selected artworks will join our 13th Salão de Humor Medplan e Humana Saúde traveling exhibition. Selected artists (copyright holders) automatically grant the 13th Salão de Humor Medplan e Humana Saúde unlimited non-exclusive use of the selected artwork copyrights for activities in all media, without any remuneration being due, for promotional and educational activities for and under the auspices of the 13th Salão de Humor Medplan e Humana Saúde. 
6.1 – Your artwork must be your own original artwork and not a copy of anyone else's copyrighted material (If your image infringes upon another's copyright it will be disqualified) 
6.2 – Your submitted artwork mustn’t have won other contest awards or any other prize until the last date of registration for the 13th Salão de Humor Medplan e Humana Saúde. 
6.3 – Professionals and amateurs can enter works of authorship, which mustn't have been awarded in other events until the last date of registration. The Internet Award follows the same rule as in the main clause. 
6.4 – In case of disqualification, the ulterior artist in the rankings will go up one position and be awarded as the winner or runner-up, if that is the case. Example: In case the runner-up is disqualified, the third place will become the runner-up. In case the winner is disqualified, the runner-up becomes the winner, and the third-place becomes the runner-up. 
6.5 – All works must be signed by the author. 
6.6 – The following people are not allowed to participate in this contest: All Medplan e Humana Saúde workforce; and their relatives, no matter the degree in which they are related; and also any member of the organization of this event (directly or indirectly involved). 
6.7 – Plagiarism, infringement of the rights of others, or other violations of the Contest rules will result in disqualification, even if the artwork has already been awarded (in which case the jury will cancel the prize). 
6.8 – We request for your curriculum and photograph to catalog in Medplan’s and Saude Humana’s research and database. You should make sure your own work is original, and we suggest all contestants should double-check on specialized websites if there is no coincidence of image, text, and /or status between your work and another one already published in newspapers, magazines, or websites. If plagiarism is confirmed, the work will be automatically disqualified. 
6.9 – By registering you automatically agree upon all terms and rules. For more information: +55 (86) 99975 2514. 
§ 1º – Selected artists will automatically grant unlimited non-exclusive use of the selected artwork for activities in all media, including social media, online and print, concerning the contest, the exhibition, the yearbook, the public archive, and all promotional and educational activities for and under the auspices of the 12th Salão de Humor Medplan e Humana Saúde, without any remuneration being due. 
6.10 - The results may be contested four days after the event opening, with proof of any irregularities perpetrated by any contestant. 
7.1 - Kids age 06 to 12 are allowed to participate in our kids' contest, Salãozinho. Registration: from October 13, 2021, to November 15, 2021. The theme for this year’s competition is “RESILIENCE / OVERCOMING”. You can submit up to two artworks in a 30x40cm format. Every technique and style is allowed in any category (cartoon, caricature, comic strips), and any kind of material can be used in the drawings. The artwork must be submitted in a digital format at salaodehumor.com on the registration page. The winner will receive a cash prize of R$ 600 (six hundred reais) and the runner-up R$ 400 (four hundred reais). 
8.1 - Prized authors (and honorable mentions) will automatically grant unlimited, universal, total, and definitive non-exclusive use of the selected artwork, under the law 9.610 of February 19, 1988 (Copyright law in Brazil - “Lei Dos Direitos Autorais) in all modalities of use and without any remuneration being due, protected by the law regarding the awarded work(s) in the Salão de Humor, which become part of Medplan's and Humana Saúde's assets for all purposes of rights. 


International Orhan Kemal Portraits Caricature Exhibition 2022, Adana - Turkey

International Orhan Kemal Portraits Caricature Exhibition 2022

An exhibition of portrait cartoons will be opened at the event for Turkish novelist and playwright Orhan Kemal. We are waiting for your works to be included in this event. 

1- The exhibition is open to amateur and professional artists from all over the world. 
2- the subjet of the exhibition; It has been determined as "Orhan Kemal Portraits". 
3- The technique is free of charge for the works that will participate in the competition. 
 4- Participants can submit as many works as they want. 
5- The cartoons to be sent must be in maximum A3 (29.7 cm x 42 cm) size, 300 dpi resolution and jpg format. 
6- The works that will participate in the competition can be sent by e-mail until January 15 2022; it should be sent to the address okcaricature@gmail.com 
7- Along with the works, all artists must send their name, e-mail address, short CV and one photograph.
This news from Mustafa Yıldız.
More photos here.


Results of the International Biennial for Caricature, XI. Masters of Caricature, Plovdiv 2021

Topic: “The Museum
37 countries, 115 artists, 260 cartoons.
The Jury Members:
Assoc. Prof. Angel Yankov, PhD (director, REM – Plovdiv)
Tsocho Peev (Plovdiv Cartoonists Association)
Assoc. Prof. Svetla Dimitrova, PhD (president of UARD)
Irien Trendafilov (Plovdiv Cartoonists Association)
Iliyan Savkov (artist).
Master of Cartoon for 2021:
Hristo Nedyalkov (Bulgaria)
Miro Georgijevski (North Macedonia)
Yalda Hasheminezhad (Iran)
Nikolay Popov (Russia)
Mehmet Zeber (Turkey).
The Special Prize of the President of theUniversity of 
Agribusiness and Rural Development – Plovdiv goes to:
Slobodan Butir (Croatia).
For “Master of caricature” Nominated (Diplom):
Steffen Jahsnowski – Herschel (Germany)
Hossein Eskandery (Germany)
Grigoris Georgiou (Greece)
Salar Eshratkhah (Iran)
Huseyin Cakmak (Cyprus)
Wei Li (China)
Raul Fernando Zuleta (Colombia)
Ilja Bereznickas (Lithuania)
Peter Nieuwendijk (Netherlands)
Maciej Trzepalka (Poland)
Alexander Shmidt (Russia)
Milan Bukovac (Serbia)
Erdogan Basol (Turkey)
Sergey Sokolov (Ukraine)
Michel Roman (France). 
More on ethnograph.

Culture connects people - cartoonists wanted

Culture connects people - cartoonists wanted
Binding terms and conditions
Anyone aged 18 and over can participate in this international contest. Participants declare that they agree with the terms and conditions of the contest, the rules, and the jury’s decisions. Participation is free. The deadline is December 31st 2021
Definition of a cartoon 
A cartoon is a humorous drawing. This can be a parody of a current situation or simply an image of a comic situation. This cartoon can consist of a single image or take the form of a short comic with a maximum of 3 drawings. Moving images are not allowed. 
The theme of this contest is “Culture connects people”. 
Each entrant may submit a maximum of 5 entries (color or black and white) in A4 format. 
All drawings must be submitted digitally in sufficiently high quality, at least A4 600 dpi. Accepted file formats are jpg, png, psd, eps and pdf. 
The drawings must be original, i.e. not previously awarded, published or exhibited. They may not be provided with text, nor may the name 'vtbKultuur' and the logo of the association be used. 
Entries are made through the website www.vtbkultuur-cartoons.be where a registration form can be filled in and files can be uploaded immediately. Another option is to deliver the files via WeTransfer to the email address below. 
Originality of the works 
The participant is responsible for the originality of his works. Disputes and possible claims with regard to all forms of plagiarism, etc. are the responsibility of the participant. 
Ownership rights 
By submitting an entry, the participants entitle the organizing association to use their entries to promote the association, especially - but not exclusively - in the context of the celebration year on the occasion of its 100th anniversary (e.g. catalog, image archive, cartoon expo, publicity in the press and on other media, individual printed matter such as posters, leaflets, etc.). 
All selected works for the exhibition become the property of the organizing association. When using it, the cartoonist's name will always be mentioned. Contest participants whose work has not been selected are free to use it for other purposes. 
A professional jury makes a selection for the exhibition from the entries received and appoints the prize winners. Determination of plagiarism will result in exclusion from the entry. 
The laureates will be announced during the opening of the first cartoon expo in early April 2022. There will be no communication whatsoever about the contest. However, the organizing association will inform all participants whether they are among the winners or whether their work has been selected for the traveling cartoon expos. 
Award ceremony and expo 
The winning cartoons, together with an exquisite selection of the submitted cartoons, will travel through Flanders and Brussels with traveling cartoon expos from the end of March 2022 till the end of October 2022. If successful, the period of the exhibition will be extended. 
With each cartoon the name of the cartoonist is mentioned. 
The award ceremony will take place during the opening of the first expo. Date to be determined. 
Cartoon brochure 
A digital and paper cartoon brochure will be published. Selected participants will receive a digital version and are entitled to one paper copy that they can obtain free of charge upon simple request. However, they are responsible for the postage themselves or collect the brochure themselves from the organizing association. 
The prizes 
1st prize: 1.000 euros 
2nd prize: 500 euros 
3rd prize: 250 euros 
Prize for best Flemish entry: 250 euros 
Audience award: 250 euros (this prize will be awarded after the last cartoon expo, at the end of October 2022) 
Organizing association 
vtbKultuur vzw 
Grotehondstraat 44, b 1/1, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium 
Source: vtbkultuur.