Crisis & Opportunity: Sejong International Cartoon & Webtoon Contest, SICACO 2022, Korea 


7th International Contest of Caricature and Graphic Humor Noticartun 2021, Colombia 

International Cartoon Salon, Botoșani 2021, Romania 

Int. press cartoon competition "Under the blades of the helicopters: Pampelonne beach" 2021, France 

Radio and TV: XXI. Biennial of Cartoon Humor and Satire, Novomestský osteň 2021, Slovakia 

Just Funny!: The 4th CARTUNION Cartoon Contest 2021, Russia / USA  

10th International Cartoon Contest, Kyrenia 2021, Cyprus 

23rd PortoCartoon 2021 with the main theme of Health, Portugal 

XXI International Salon of Antiwar Cartoons, Kragujevac 2021, Serbia 

11th International Turhan Selçuk Cartoon Competition 2021, Turkey 

The Cage of Freedom: 31st Internationa Festival of Cartoon, Gura Humorului 2021, Romania 

XXII International Biennial of Graphic Humor 2021, Cuba

Shopping: yesterday, today, tomorrow: Olense Katoenale 2020, Belgium

"Values of Kuşadası" International Cartoon Contest, Karikaturistik 2020, Turkey 

Pulling the plug on social media: 20th WPF International Editorial Cartoon Competition 2020, Canada

Equal Rights and Gender Equality International Cartoon Contest 2019-2020, Norway

2nd Trumpism International Cartoon Contest 2019, Iran


The 19th International Humor Salon, Santa Clara 2019, Cuba

From bovine to handbag: Olense Kartoenale 2019, Belgium

51st World Gallery of Cartoons - Skopje 2019, R. Macedonia


Travel: International Cartoon Festival Franzensbad 2018, Czechia

35th Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition 2018, Turkey

International Cartoon Competition "Don Quichotte against the Unmanned Utopia" 2018, Turkey

If you don't read on time: 12th Internationa Exhibition of Satirical Graphic Bucovina 2018, Romania

Wild animals: 3rd International Contest Animal Cartoon 2018, Serbia

7th International Olive Cartoons Contest, Kyrenia 2018, Cyprus

The Water: 2nd International Cartoon Contest, Morocco 2018

With the head on the clouds: Caneva Ride 2018, Italy

Meteorology: 23rd International cartoon exhibition Zagreb 2018, Croatia

1st International Organ Donation Cartoon Contest 2018. Turkey

High price of free press: 18th CCWPF International Editorial Cartoon Competition 2018, Canada

8th International Turhan Selcuk Cartoon Competition, Milas 2018, Turkey

Music is Life: The 14th International Cartoon Contest SYRIA 2018

Empathy + Free theme: International Exhibition Satyrykon – Legnica 2018, Poland

International Cartoon Festival Golden Hat 2018, Belgium

2nd International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest 2018, Turkey

Prix Mémorial 2018, The International Cartoon Awards for Human Rights, France

19th International Festival of Aphorism and Cartooning, Strumica 2018, Macedonia


Happy Life: 19th Annual Biennial Cartoon Competition, Novomestsky Osten 2017, Slovakia

International Satirical Picture Competition „KARPIK”, Niemodlin 2017, Poland

1st International Festival of Satire, Humor and Caricature "Me, Itar Pejo" 2017, Macedonia

The 23rd International cartoon contest, Haifa 2017, Israel

 The first Nishkhat international cartoon contest 2017, Iran

Marriage: 9th Salon Medplan de Humor 2017, Brazil

2017 Philosopher Wang Yangming Caricature & Ancient China International Competition

37th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest 2017, Turkey




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