Similarity: Villamil 2009 - Zaman 2010

Fredy Villamil, Cuba
The 4th International Cartoon Contest Braila 2009, Romania (catalog).
Kursat Zaman, Turkey
27th Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition 2010 Success Award, Turkey.


Results XVI International Open Cartoon Contest "Debut", Zielona Gora 2014, Poland

Results XVI International Open Cartoon Contest "Debut",  Zielona Gora 2014 / Poland
Theme :"Celebrities"
Grand Prix: Zbigniew Woźniak (Poland)
1st Prize: Bretislav Kovarik (Czech Republic)
2nd Prize: Sławomir Makal (Poland)
3rd Prize: Antonio Garci (Mexico).
Special Prizes:
Julian Bohdanowicz (Poland) - Special Award funded by Muzeum Karykatury im. E. Lipińskiego w Warszawie
Henryk Cebula (Poland) - Special Award funded by Elektrociepłownia "Zielona Góra" S.A.
Jacek Lanckoroński (Poland) - Special Award funded by Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo S.A.
Kfir Weizman (Israel) - Special Award funded by Zielonogórski Ośrodek Kultury
Valeriu Kurtu (Germany) - Special Award funded by Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych w Zielonej Górze
Sławomir Łuczyński (Poland) - Special Award funded by Stowarzyszenie Polskich Artystów Karykatury w Warszawie
Zbigniew Jujka (Poland) - Special Award funded by Regionalne Centrum Animacji Kultury w Zielonej Górze.
Source: http://hajnos.miroslaw.w.interia.pl/.


Results 4th Biennial of Humor "Luis d'Oliveira Guimarães", Penela 2014, Portugal

1º Prémio da IV BHLOG 2014 - Agim Sulaj (Albania) (Top)
2º Prémio da IV BHLOG 2014 - Mihkail Zlatkovsky (Russia)
3º Prémio da IV BHLOG 2014 - Henrique (Portugal)
Prémio Especial Humorgrafe da IV BHLOG 2014 - Vasco Gargalo (Portugal)
Prémio Especial Municipio de Penela da IV BHLOG 2014 - Javad Takjoo (Iran)
Prémio Especial Antonio Oliveira Guimarães da IV BHLOG 2014 - Li Kui Jun (China)
Prémio Especial Junta de Freguesia do Espinhal da IV BHLOG 2014 - Matias Tolsa (Argentina).
All prize-winning works on humorgrafe.


Results VII. Baja Cartoon Competition 2014 with theme: The Eyeglasses

I. PRIZE: Lehotay Zoltán (Hungary) (Top)
II. Prize: Pol Leurs (Luxembourg)
III. Prize: Oleg Gutsol (Ukraine)
Diploma: Norbert Van Yperzeele (Belgium)
Diploma: Eray Özbek (Turkey) (Down)
Diploma: Anatoly Radin (Russia)
Diploma: Cristian Mihailescu (Romania)
Diploma: Nagy László Ervin (Hungary).
All prize-winning works on grafikuskelemen.


Results of the 9th International Cartoon Contest Braila 2014, Romania

Theme: PRESS
Jury: Tudor Octavian (art critic, writer) – president of jury, Mihai Stanescu (caricaturist),
Leonte Nastase (caricaturist), Iulian Pena-Pai (caricaturist), Costel Patrascan (caricaturist).
263 authors from 54 countries sent in 870 cartoons.
Grand Prize: Cemalettin Guzeloglu - Turkey (Top)

First Prize: Igor Lukyanchenko - Ucraine

Second Prize: Nicolae Ionița - Romania

Third Prize: Alexandr Zudin - Russia.

3 Special Prizes:
Zbigniew Piszczako - Poland
Ana von Rebeur - Argentina
Mihai Ignat - Romania.
See all prize-winning cartoons on source.
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Didie SW: Response to the article by Bernard Bouton about Plagiarism


by Didie SW / Indonesia

I strongly agree with the opinion of Bernard Bouton from France, about the idea of ​​plagiarism. When the announcement of the contest rolling, at least the committee gave a deadline to the community with a month - not just limited to the top cartoonists course, be a painter or a photographer who observe or look through the website are welcome to comment on the work of the winner.

If we feel -- what is perceived by all cartoonists, that follow the race was a struggle !!! The struggle over the brain thought to look for wild ideas, the struggle of the time, and the struggle of a material in terms of delivery to the race committee. If we think that all the struggle was broken by a winner who is clearly involved plagiarism, it's very mentally undermine a cartoonist participants. Not only in terms of plagiarism. A judge who has "a cartoonist idol" who then chose his work to be "won" --- as a good introduction relations or friends, without seeing the work of other participants who have a better idea, also very unfortunate, arrogant!

But apart from that, honesty is the most important thing. As a cartoonist, I prefer "lost" in a fair race, rather than be a winner but his heart is dishonest and dirty ...

Didie SW / Indonesia

didiesw@yahoo.com .


Theme in 20th Euro-Kartoenale - Kruishoutem 2015, Belgium: Soil pollution and sanitation

1. Theme: "Soil pollution and sanitation"
2. The number of entries is limited to 5. Any kind of graphical technique will be accepted, including 3-D works. Digital artwork is preferably printed by the artist, in order to present a sufficient high quality work to the jury. They may not have been exhibited or published before.
3. The works have to be sent to the following address:
Competition website will inform you if your works have arrived. The list of participants will be updated every day.
4. The drawings shall have the following dimensions: 210 x 297 mm (A4) - (8.268 x 11.693 inches). The drawing must bear, on the reverse side, the surname and forename of the participant, for 3-D entries at the bottom of the work. The drawings shall not bear subtitles.
5. By participating, the artists authorize the organizers to publish the submitted works in the catalogue and for the promotion of the exhibition.
6. The following prizes are awarded:
1st prize: € 1.600,00 + trophy
2nd prize: € 1.400,00 + trophy
3rd prize: € 1.200,00 + trophy
Prize of the ECC: Personal exhibition in the ECC
Prize of the EU: € 750,00
Best Belgian Cartoon: € 750,00
On the occasion of the prize-giving, the winners are invited for a stay of 3 days.
7. On request the participants get a free catalogue. However, the postage costs are for their own account (for participants who do not reside in Belgium using 6 coupons international reply). These coupons are available in your local post office). They can also collect the catalogue at the European Cartoon Center.
8. By participating the artist lends the submitted works to the organizers for itinerant exhibitions. Consequently, the selected works will remain at the disposal of the organizers until December 2015! The awarded works will become property of the organization.
9. The entries will only be sent back by the organizers on written request. 3-D works can be collected at the ECC in the course of 2016. They can be sent back on written request, the postage costs being in this case on the account of the artist. The organization can in no way be held responsible for eventually damaged or lost works.
10. If after announcement of the prizes, it appears that plagiarism has been committed, the jury can after deliberation withdraw the prize.
11. The international jury consisting of cartoon professionals will meet in Kruishoutem on the 27th of January 2015.
12. The inauguration and awards ceremony will take place on the 28th of March 2015.
The exhibition will run from 29th March till 20th June 2015.
13. DEADLINE : 20th of January 2015 !!!!
Consult here the entry form.
Source: http://www.ecc-kruishoutem.be/wedstrijd_2015_ENG.html.




by Bernard BOUTON / France

Thousands of plagiarists !

Myriad of incompetent juries !

The plagiarists are now detected, and the black list is increasing daily !

Yes, some people actively look for similarities and publish them almost every day. I think it’s actually a good thing and these compilations are really a good work. Similarity is not plagiarism. In fact, I think that real plagiarism is very rare, because, for a professional cartoonist, it is very important to show that he is able to create something new and original.

But similarities are not surprising. There are coincidences, and when several artists are cogitating about the same theme in the same context, similar cartoons are more than a coincidence, they simply are a logical consequence. A cartoonist’s brain is full of pictures he has picked out anywhere in his environment. And then, when the artist is drawing out his idea, he could use unconsciously mixed components he had possibly seen in another artist’s work. A cartoonist must be careful about that problem.

The galleries of similar cartoons remind us how difficult it is to create an utterly original work ! Therefore they are very useful. But in some examples the similarity is not obvious; this is unwelcome. It is regrettable that some people are going overboard in the search for new similarities, and when they can’t find similar cartoons, they invent them !!! The searching of similarities must not turn into systematic suspicion of plagiarism ! And the juries should not be accused of being incompetent when an awarded cartoon is vaguely resembling a previous other one !
Even the most experienced cartoonist is not the only competent person…

That said, I think that this work of compilation is essential; it plays a vital and indispensable role; it is the key tool to increase knowledge about the inventory and the evolution of cartooning. I think it should be complemented by searching of similarities in the technique of drawing; because plagiarism of style is just as important and injurious as plagiarism of ideas.

About the contests, I think it is a good idea to publish the selected cartoons on the internet during a period of 7-15 days before the choice of the finalists by the jury in order that everyone can report cases of similarity. In my opinion, this is not the issue of plagiarism, but I think it is better to award very original cartoons, ideas that no one had found before !

Bernard BOUTON

(author of the article is renowned French cartoonist and the President General of FECO)
Source: cartoongallery.


Results of the 34th International Nasreddin Hoca Cartoon Competition 2014, Turkey

Grand Prize in the 34th International Nasreddin Hoca Cartoon Competition 2014, Turkey,
goes to the Italian artist Alessandro Gatto once again.
See complete list of the winners here.
See similarities as well.


Sad news: Croatian cartoonist Ivan Haramija (HANS) passes away

Croatian cartoonist Ivan Haramija (HANS) passed yesterday (14 September 2014) at the age of 68. The funeral will be held at the cemetery of Pri Svetom Duhu in Koprivnica on 16/09/2014 at 14:00. May he rest in peace!

Born in 1946, Ivan Haramija (HANS) was educated at the Fine Arts Department of the Teachers' Training Faculty. While teaching after his graduation, he organised cultural and art activities. Been the editor of the humor magazines “Pikac” (1967-1968) and “Feferon” (1981-1990). Published cartoons in several Croatian and some foreign newspapers. Won about a hundred prizes in national and international cartoon competitions. He was one of the founders of the Croatian Cartoonist Association (HDK). He illustrated many books including children's books. Some of his cartoon books are:
Prst u oko (1981)
Na nisanu (1990)
Zdravlje je najbolja medicina (1998)
Hans (2004).
Some of his personal exhibitions took place in:
1968 Prelog
1974 Donja Dubrava
1975 Cakovec
1977 Koprivnica, Varazdin, Sisak
1978 Cakovec
1983 Varazdin
1985 Zagreb
1988 Zagreb
1989 Koprivnica
1990 Prelog
1992 Koprivnica
1998 Prelog
1999 Cakovec
2001 Zagreb
2002 Cakovec
2004 Koprivnica.
Source of biography: http://www.ekm.anadolu.edu.tr/ivanharamija.htm.


Results of the 5th International City and Citizen Cartoon Contest 2014, Tabriz - Iran

Theme: Culture of Citizenship
JURY: Jury board of every year are the last year`s winners
First prize: Angel Boligan - Mexico (Top)
Second prize: Alex Pelayo - Chile
Third prize: Mehdi Azizi - Iran
Mohammad Bagher Ranjbar - Iran
Pezhman Alipour - Iran
Taher Shabani - Iran
Vladimir Kazanevsky - Ukraine
Ehsan Ganji - Iran.
See all prize-winning cartoons on source.


1st International Cartoon Contest and Graphic Humor - Noticartun Colombia - 2014

News Cartoon News Blog Colombia since 2008, reports the professional work of caricaturists and cartoonists in national events, exhibitions and national and international competitions, invited to perform (we) tribute to all caricaturists and cartoonists of the country, this contest and drawings virtual exhibition tribute to the Colombian national hero José María Espinosa and the fact this profession so loved and suffered.
1) Open to all cartoonists in the world and the last day for participation October 15, 2014.
2) The themes of the competition are :
A. José María Espinosa: physiognomic caricatures of him, not portraits.
B. Graphic Humor: Caricature; the exercise I make cartoons. Being a cartoonist or illustrator.
1st place: Diploma of the event.
- Two Honorable Mentions.
Humor Graphic
1st place: Diploma of the event.
- two Honorable Mentions
2 SPECIAL AWARDS FOR COLOMBIANS: "Best Caricature Noticartun Colombia" and "Best Humor Graphic Noticartun Colombia".
Besides there will be a virtual exhibition of all the works that will stay in COLOMBIA CARTOON NEWS and CARTOON ALBUM OF COLOMBIAN.
4) Each participant can present at the event up to two jobs per subject but can only be awarded in one category and can participate with cartoons in black and white or color.
5) Soon the names of the jury, composed of professional cartoonists will be revealed. They may participate with works but only by way of participation and not for awards. As they can not be considered for award of work relatives or people who have work commitments currently.
6) The cartoons will have a maximum size of 30 x 40 cms. JPG, 72 dpi. (With the possibility of 300 dpi then send to potential exposure in physical, will be notified in time)
7) You can participate with cartoons that have already been published or rewarded previously. The selected works will be online for given case if someone has a complaint about the originality of the work the jury and Cartoon News Colombia, select a new selected.
8) All drawings submitted must be made from original ideas, either analog (scanned) or digital, no photographs, scanned photocopies, etc. will be accepted.
9) Participants must submit a brief curriculum vitae in word format, contact information (name, surname, email, website or blog and the participant's home country) and a photograph or caricature with his work.
10) Each author owns the rights to their work and only authorizes CARTOON NEWS FROM COLOMBIA to expose in this tribute online, without any financial compensation to the parties. Any problems with copyright shall be borne by the participant.
11) COLOMBIA CARTOON NEWS reserves the right to exhibit works that consider that can affect individual and collective rights.
12) Participation in the competition implies full and unreserved acceptance of these terms.
13) Works should be sent to:
Topic: CARTOONIST COLOMBIAN DAY CELEBRATION - trianacartoon@gmail.com
Images and information about JM Espinosa.
More on source.


14th International Cartoon Contest «Independence» 2014, Kiev, Ukraine

Association of Cartoonists, Kiev, Ukraine
XIV International Cartoon Contest «Independence»
Competition conditions:
1. Contest theme: «New World Order».
2. Are accepted:
• the originals
• high-quality copies (on thick paper!)
• works done by a computer.
Works on electronic media and e-mail are not accepted!
3. Format: A4 (297x210mm.).
4. Number of works is unlimited.
5. On the back of each work it is necessary to specify: name and surname, address, phone number, e-mail.
6. The deadline for submission of works: November 10, 2014.
7. Along with the work required to send a fully completed application form with a photograph.
8. The prize fund: $ 1,400.
9. Organizers are not responsible for damages incurred during the shipment. The submitted works are not reviewed, are not refundable and can be used by the organizers for promotional purposes in the publications associated with the Cartoon Contest «Independence».
10. Winners will be informed separately. According to the results of the contest it will be published a catalog, which will be sent to all the artists whose works will be included in this catalog. The exhibition of the best works and the awards ceremony will take place in Kiev.
11. The results of the contest will be published on the website: www.cartoon.org.ua.
12. The jury’s decision is final and cannot be revised. Participation in the contest means that all applicants accept these terms.
13. The works sent to the address:
Асоциация карикатуристов
А/я 185,
www.cartoon.org.ua, e-mail: kazanchev@ukr.net, phone: +38 063 578-0482
Organizer of competition: Konstantin Kazanchev.


3rd International Cartoon Exhibition Ymittos 2014, Greece

3rd International Cartoon Exhibition Yymittos 2014, Greece
«Our Diet is Our Life - Genetically Modified Foods
Environmental Pollution - Codex Alimentarius»
on 15-29 November, 2014.
Venue: Event Hall of the Municipal Community of Ymittos,
1 Iroon Polytechniou Sq. Ymittos.
It will reward the best works.
Will be awarded 1st Prize, Best Guest and 4 more.

• The cartoons must be black-and-white or in colour.
• Each participant may present up to 3 works (size A3).
• Resolution must be at least 300 dpi
• It would be preferable that the works not contain any text or comments. In case they do, the English or Greek language should be definitely included.
• The use of collage is prohibited.
• The works must be sent via e-mail.
• The works will be evaluated by an Artistic Committee.
• There will be a Judging Committee Award.
• A short CV, the e-mail address and the postal address of each participant is required.
• All participating works may be exhibited in a touring exhiition in Greece or abroad.
• The works may be used in the information campaign of the Exhibition. Under no circumstances will the works or copies of the works be sold. The commercial exploitation of part or the total of the exhibition is prohibited.
• The artists who will participate will not receive any kind of payment for their participation.
• Participation in the exhibition implies full acceptance of all above terms.
• Copyright of the Exhibition belongs to the three organizers.
• Submission deadline October 20, 2014.
• The works should be sent to the following e-mail address: cartoondafniymittos@gmail.com
• All participants will receive the Exhibition Catalogue in digital format.
• With the support of FECO HELLENIC GROUP LEVADIA.
• News: https://www.facebook.com/groups/737436866297438
• The Organising Committee:
The Chairman, Michael I. Stavrianoudakis, Mayor of Dafni-Ymittos
The Vice-Chairman, Yiannis Geroulias, President of the Cartoon Friends Association
The Coordinator, Yiannis Kaltsas, Ergastiri.
• Information:
e-mail: cartoondafniymittos@gmail.com
Yiannis Kaltsas +30 6984106117.