Murat Ahmeti from Kosova wins the International Caricature Web Contest 2013 with theme Yuri Kosobukin

First Prize: Murat Ahmeti - Kosova
Second Prize: Arash Foroughi - Iran
Third Prize: António Santos - Portugal
Special Prize of the “DQ” International Cartoon Web site: Alireza Pakdel - Iran
Special Prize of the “CNC International” Web site: Speeged Sumigit - Indonesia
Honorable Mentions:
Andrés López Sandoval - Colombia
Walter Toscano - Peru
Xiaoqiang Hou - China
Ramiro Medelin - Colombia
J.Bosco Jacó de Azevedo - Brazil.
All winning caricatures on source: cartooncenter .


Call to suggest the theme for the 20th International Exhibition of Arts of Humor

Help us with the theme of the XXth International Exhibition of Arts of Humor.
The International Exhibition of Arts of Humor (formerly International Exhibition of Graphic Humor) is celebrating its 20th edition.
During these 19 exhibition, we did the themes of the university, tolerance, picaresque, North America, third millennium, film, inventions, sports, Quixote, road safety, equality, gender violence, the recycling, education, childhood, motherhood, food and crisis.
On the occasion of this 20th anniversary, we ask help choosing the theme of this year so special.
We hope your suggestions via the web, e-mail, Twitter or Facebook before 10 March. We will choose the most requested item, or we will vote later with several of them.


Results International Exhibition Satyrykon Legnica 2013, Poland

of the jury session of International Exhibition SATYRYKON - Legnica 2013
19 February 2013
Jury represented by:
The chairman: David HUGHES (GB)
Members: Marco DE ANGELIS (I)
Florian Doru CRIHANA (RO)
having seen 2.118 works by 585 authors, who come from 53 countries of the world, the Jury has decided to qualify 129 works by 94 authors for the post competition exhibition. The Jury has awarded Grand Prix Satyrykon 2013 and money award in amount of 8,000 PLN to Ms Małgorzata LAZAREK (Poland) for her untitled works (See top).
The Jury has also awarded the following regular prizes:
Section I: j o k e
1st prize, golden medal and money award of PLN 6.000 to Mr Lech FRĄCKOWIAK (Poland) for his work ”Arc 2”
2nd prize, silver medal and money award of PLN 5.500 to Mr Stoyko SIVRILOV (Bulgaria) for his work ”Abroad”
3rd prize, bronze medal and money award of PLN 5.000 to Mr Vladimir ABROIAN (Armenia) for his work ”Psychiatrist”
and the two equal distinction awards of PLN 4.000 each for:
Mr Włodzimierz STASZCZYK (Poland) for his work ”Cosmodrome”
Mr Andrea PECCHI (Italy) for her work ”Siren and tuna”.
Section II: s a t i r e
1st prize, golden medal and money award of PLN 6.000 to Mr Łukasz BOGDAN (Poland) for his work ”Homo laptopus”
2nd prize, silver medal and money award of PLN 5.500 to Mr Jerzy GŁUSZEK (Poland) for his work ”Wanderer”
3rd prize, bronze medal and money award of PLN 5.000 to Ms Klaudia KOST (Poland) for her work ”Primer”
and the two equal distinction awards of PLN 4.000 each for:
Mr Lex DREWIŃSKI (Germany/Poland) for his work ”One, two, three… Depardie!”
Mr Michał TATARKIEWICZ (Poland) for his work „Non Justice”.
That way the protocol was close.
s p e c i a l a w a r d s
The Mayor of Legnica award in amount of PLN 4.000 for Mr Mirosław GRYŃ (Poland) for his work ”Polish Pride”
The Director of Legnica Culture Centre Award in amount of PLN 4.000 for Mr Ghadir VAGHARI SHURRCHEH (Iran) for his untitled work.


Deadline in the 8th International Cartoon Contest SYRIA 2013 is March 12

Syria Cartoon website present
The 8th International Cartoon Contest SYRIA 2013
• Theme: We love live... No more blood
• Only 1 cartoon, A4, 300 dpi, JPG/JPEG and free techniques.
• Deadline: 12 / 3 / 2013 (EXTENDED) 20 MARCH 2013
• Prizes: Golden, Silver, Bronze and 3 Special Prizes.
• Jury members will be considered as participants in the exhibition
and represent their own countries.
Their names will be automatically added to the List of Participants
(They will participate only in exhibition,
Not in contest (just honorary participation).
• Cartoons can be used for any promotion purposes
(Printing, websites, Newspapers, posters, invitation cards....etc)
without the permission of the artist and without any payment.
• Cartoons must be sent to:  syiacontest2013@gmail.com
along with
Artist’s recent C.V, address (doc format), and personal photo.
Syria Cartoon website:


International Cartoon Competition: "The Great and the Little Warsaw" 2013, Poland

The Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art in Warsaw celebrates its 35th anniversary by inviting artists
to take part in an International Cartoon Competition whose topic is:
The Great and the Little Warsaw
– or whatever good or even better things we can say about our capital
Warsaw – the capital of Poland – has one of the largest populations among European cities. Its long history, dating back to the 9th century, can often prove fascinating. It is a city that was razed to the ground, burnt and gutted during World War II, and still, rebuilt after 1945, it continues to live, though it was supposed to disappear from the face of the earth. It is a city that received the Silver Cross of Poland's highest military decoration for heroism and courage – the Virtuti Militari.
Fascinating as the city can be, it is certainly not devoid of problems that may get on its inhabitants’ nerves. Like every great agglomeration it can delight with life on a grand scale, but also – irritate with its traffic jams. What does the city look like in the eyes of those who live here, but also – of visitors from other Polish cities and of foreigners? What do they find amusing, and what – annoying? What delights the onlooker? This is the topic that we ask our astute observers – the cartoonists – to illustrate.
Competition Rules
The competition is open to artists from all over the world.
Each participant may submit up to 5 works.
The cartoons must be original and signed by their Authors; the maximum dimensions are 42 x 30 cm. The following data must be given on the back: author’s name and surname, address, title of the work, year of creation.
Along with the works, Authors are obliged to submit their CVs in Polish or English (incl. publications, exhibitions and awards). The registration form (pdf) to download is on the bottom of this page.
Entries must be sent in by 15th May 2013 to the following address:
Muzeum Karykatury
ul. Kozia 11
00-070 Warsaw, Poland
Regular prizes and distinctions:
Grand Prix: 8,000 PLN
1st Prize 4000 PLN
2nd Prize 3000 PLN
3rd Prize 2000 PLN
3 honourable mentions - 1000 PLN each.
The Jury, chaired by Mr Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz, Director of the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art in Warsaw, will announce its verdict by the end of June 2013.
The Jury reserves the right to divide the prizes differently than specified above. The Jury’s decisions are final and may not be the subject of an appeal.
The awarded works become the exclusive property of the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon Art in Warsaw, together with copyright and property rights. The Museum also reserves the right to select and include in its collection one work by each Author. The other works will be returned to their Authors only at their formal written request, after all the activities related to the post-competition exhibition have been completed.
Entering the competition is tantamount to granting permission for reproducing the works free of charge for the publicity purposes of the post-competition exhibition in all the fields of exploitation.
Authors of all the works selected for the post-competition exhibition will receive the exhibition catalogue free of charge.
Source: muzeumkarykatury.pl.


Beauty is the theme in Karikaturum 7, Surgut 2013 – 2014, Russia

The International Forum of Visual Humour KARIKATURUM 7, Surgut 2013 – 2014
The International Forum of Visual Humour KARIKATURUM 7 is an open contest, where both professional and amateur artists can take part, regardless of their education, age, sex and nationality.
The organizers of the Forum are the Department for Culture, Youth Policy and Sports and Surgut Fine Arts Museum.
The International Forum of Visual Humour KARIKATURUM 7 is held in two nominations: Cartoon and Poster.
“Cartoon” nomination
“Poster” nomination
Contest period
The announcement of the contest – February 2013
The deadline for the submission of works – May 31, 2013
The jury work period – June 8 to 12, 2013
The Winners awards ceremony and the opening of the exhibition – June 12 2014
1.Alexander Kondurov/Russia/ – Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation
2.Vladimir Stepanov/Russia/ – artist, cartoonist
3.DimitrTraichev/Bulgaria/–designer, Art Director, Stalker Graphic design Studio
4.Luis Humberto Marcos/Portugal/– Director of the National Museum of the Press, organizer of PortoCartoon-World Festival
5.Riber Hansson/Sweden/ – artist, cartoonist
6.Svetlana Kruglova/Russia/ – Director of Surgut Fine Arts Museum
7.Yuri Surkov/Russia/ – artist, designer
Main prizes
“Cartoon” nomination
1.prize GOLD USHANKA 100 000 rubles
2.prize SILVER USHANKA 60 000 rubles
3.prize BRONZE USHANKA 30 000 rubles
“Poster” nomination
1.prize GOLD USHANKA 100 000 rubles
2.prizeSILVERUSHANKA 60 000 rubles
3.prize BRONZE USHANKA 30 000 rubles.
All prize money is paid in rubles and in accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation is subject to taxation.
II. Contest participation
Contest requirements in CARTOON nomination
1.1.The cartoons must be original; the copyright belongs to the participant. Photocopies, printouts and works sent by e-mail will not be evaluated.The works that have won awards earlier have to contain information where and when they were awarded. The jury reserves the right to include or not include it into the list of prize-winning works.
1.2. Techniques: painting, graphics, printed graphics (etchings, lithography, xylograph and linocut), collage.
1.3.The sizes of works -А4 (210х297) toА2 (420х590).
Contest requirements in POSTER nomination
2.1. Both individuals and teams of artists can participate in the contest.
2.2. The posters submitted to the contest must be made specifically on the theme “The Beauty Will Save the World”. The works should not exceed 60х84cm (horizontal and vertical) at 300dpi, СMYK or RGB, and saved in formats: TIF, PDF, EPS or JPG, all the images should be flattened. The author should record his work onto a CD in high resolution; all the files and CDs should be signed. The CD accompanied by the Participant Form (see clause 3.3) is to be sentto the contest address. The works selected for the exhibition will be printed by the organizers.
2.3. The newly created posters should include:
2.3.1.The text in Russian Красотаспасетмир
or in English The Beauty Will Save the World
2.3.2.KARIKATURUM logo, the colour is left to the author’s discretion:
.Ai http://www.shm-surgut.ru/karikaturum.ai
.Eps http://www.shm-surgut.ru/karikaturum.eps
2.4.We also accept posters made by the author in the last 7 years and conforming, in the author’s opinion, to the theme «The Beauty Will Save the World».
2.5.The works that have won awards earlier have to contain information where and when they were awarded. The jury reserves the right to include or not include it into the list of prize-winning works.
2.6. Further texts or mottos can be added by the author’s choice.
General conditions
3.1.Any number of works will be accepted from each cartoonist.
3.2.The works are posted at the participant’s expense. The works should be carefully packed. The organizers are not responsible for any damage during transportation.
3.3. The works should be accompanied by the Participant Form where name, surname, author’s addresses, title of work and year when it was made, telephone, fax and e-mail must be stated. The Participant Form is to be filled out in block letters. The works without the Participant Form are not accepted.
3.4.At the back of each cartoon name, surname, title of work and year when it was made, material and technique should be stated.
3.5. The Organizers guarantee that the authors’ personal data will be processed in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation (Federal Law № 152-FL “About Personal Data” dated July 27, 2006)
3.6. The copyright to the image and texts of a work belong to the participant, it is inalienable. The author bears responsibility for his works as provided by the existing legislation of RF. The author reserves the prerogative right to the original work of art at alienation (transfer into the ownership, donation) if the author doesn’t transfer the right by the Deed of Gift. (article 1291of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).
3.7.The works sent to the Forum will not be returned and will become part of Surgut Fine Arts Museum collection. The Museum will be grateful for your donation and asks the authors by expression of will to fill out the Deed of Gift (the form of Deed of Gift is attached) to donate your works into the Museum collection and send your Deed of Gift with the works and the Form.
3.8. The works sent to the competition may be exhibited in Surgut Fine Arts Museum, other museums, galleries and exhibition halls at the discretion of the Organizers. The works can also be displayed on the Museum website.
3.9.The Organizers reserve the right to publish the works in Media, including electronic media; or duplicate the works in the Forumadvertising materials with no royalties to the author but the author’s name, surname and nationality will appear on each work.
Special conditions
4.1.The Organizers will cover travel costs to the Award ceremony from any (one) city of Russia and a return ticket and accommodation in Surgut hotel for all prize-winners and jury members. All travel and living costs in transit cities are at the participants’ expense.
4.2.The main money prizes can be divided by the jury decision.
4.3.The Organizers and sponsors of the Forum reserve the right to establish Special prizes upon receiving contest works.
4.4.The catalogue will be published after the contest. All authors, whose works will be included into the catalogue by the jury decision, will receive a free copy of the catalogue.
4.5.You can find further information about the International Forum of Visual Humour KARIKATURUM 7 on the web site:
4.6.The fact of participation in the Forum means that the participants accept our terms and conditions.
The works should be sent to the following address:
The International Forum of Visual Humour
Surgut Fine Arts Museum,
30 let Pobedyst., 21/2,
Surgut, Tyumenskaya oblast, Russia, 628403
Tel.: +7 (3462)51-68-12,51-68-08; tel./fax: +7 (3462)51-68-16;
e-mail: karikaturum@admsurgut.ru
We will appreciate if you pass the information about our Forum to your fellows.
Entry Form on WEB: http://www.shm-surgut.ru/publ/karikaturum/karikaturum_7/1-1-0-97.

First International Niels Bugge Cartoon Contest,Viborg 2013, Denmark

First International Niels Bugge Cartoon Contest,Viborg 2013, Denmark
Cartoon theme: TO EAT OR NOT TO EAT
Deadline: March 25, 2013
1st Prize: 3.000 euro
2nd Prize: 2.000 euro
3rd Prize: 1.000 euro
Number of entries: max. 2
The caricaturists/cartoonists selected in the first round per e-mail sending, will be asked to send their originals by post for a specified deadline.
At the end of the second selection the prizewinners will be elected.
Each artist is allowed to send up to two works.
Digital: The digital works are admitted, but the print out must be signed by the artist (print number one, manual numbered).
(The copy or digital run-off of the original cartoon is not accepted.)
Format: A4
Works returned: yes
Exhibition: yes
Free catalogue: Yes, for every selected entrant
Copyright issues:
Organisers reserve the right to use the sent works for advertising purposes.
The copyrights will remain to the artists.
FECO overall rules rating: * * * * *
Address to send the artworks: cartoon@hae.de : for the first round: A4 Format, 300dpi (2480x3508 pixel).
Contact for further information
Web: http://www.hae.de/cartoon.
Source: fecocartoon.


Free theme in the 30th Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition 2013, Turkey

• The Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition is organized every year in Turkey by the Aydın Doğan Foundation.
• The competition is open to professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world.
• The Jury, composed of international members, will meet in June 2013.
• The 30th Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition will be celebrated with an award ceremony in
November 2013 in Istanbul.
1. Choice of subject is free.
2. Only original cartoons will be accepted. Cartoons sent as printouts should bear original signatures of cartoonists.
Photographs, photocopies, etc. will not be accepted.
3. Size of cartoons should not exceed 29.7 x 42cm (A3 paper size).
4. Participants are expected to send the filled out participation form, with a short curriculum vitae and a photograph, together with their cartoons. Please fill out the form attached or download it from
www.aydindoganvakfi.org.tr (Click English on top right).
The documents should be sent to
Aydın Doğan Foundation, Burhaniye Mahallesi Kısıklı Cad. No 65, 34676 Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey.
5. The Foundation will not be responsible for any damage that may occur during postage.
6. Award-winning cartoons will not be returned to their artists.
7. By filling out the participation form, the participant declares and accepts in advance that (s)he hands over the financial rights such as processing, duplication, distribution, representation, indication and transmission to
the public via audio and/or visual means (s)he holds over the cartoons to the Aydın Doğan Foundation without limitations on location, time period and number including assignment to third parties under Articles 21-25 of the Law No. 5846 on Turkish Intellectual and Artistic Works for publication; (s)he also declares and accepts in advance that the Aydın Doğan Foundation may use such cartoons to exhibit them, to keep them in its archives, to publish them on the Internet or through other media or to use them in any other way without limitations.
8. The Foundation will cover travel and accommodation expenses of the first three award-winning cartoonists for the award ceremony in Turkey.
9. Cartoons that have not received any awards shall be returned to their owners upon written application to the Foundation within one year. The responsibility of the Foundation finishes after one year.
10. The deadline for entries is Tuesday, May 10, 2013.
11. Jury members cannot participate in the competition in the year they act as a jury member.
12. The decision to upload the cartoons sent to the competition on the Virtual Museum lies with the Aydın Doğan Foundation.
Winner : 8,000 USD and the Aydın Doğan Foundation Winner Award
First Runner up : 5,000 USD and the Aydın Doğan Foundation First Runner up Award
Second runner up : 3,500 USD and the Aydın Doğan Foundation Second Runner up Award
Success Award : 500 USD and the Aydın Doğan Foundation Success Award
(In the event of a tie, the monetary awards may be shared equally among the winners. A minimum of 5 and
maximum of 12 success awards will be granted).