The 9th International Cartoon Festival, Ferizaj 2023, Kosovo

TOPIC 1: Railway as social and economic development, connection between people and war, urbanism and nature. 
TOPIC 2: Free topic
Each applicant can send up to 5 works (for each topic) in black and white or in color. 
Size 210x297 mm, min. resolution 300 dpi, and JPG format. 
Send to: hithi.kosova@gmail.com with subject: Name, Surname, Country and topic 
The deadline for submission of works: From 22 May until 30 June 2023
1. Golden HiTHi (plaque and 300 €) 
2. Silver HiTHi (plaque and 200 €) 
3. Bronze HiTHi (plaque and 100 €) 
(These three prizes are only given for Topic 1).
Also 5 special prizes/certificates.
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Announcement: Cartoon Movement joins AI-free newsrooms campaign of Molly Crabapple

Cartoon by Stellina Chen
Good morning, 
This is Emanuele Del Rosso, political cartoonist and editor of the international syndication and cartoonists collective platform Cartoon Movement (some of you know me for my role at the European Press Prize as well). 
I am reaching out to you to let you know that Cartoon Movement joined the campaign for AI-free newsrooms launched by the renowned artist Molly Crabapple and the Center for Artistic Inquiry and Reporting. 
The work of illustrators and political cartoonists is in jeopardy because of the uncontrolled use of AI-powered tools in newsrooms all around the world. AI seems to be a good substitute for human-made art, but it is not: it doesn't convey any artistic message, it strips artists, writers, and authors of their livelihood, to produce what are only simulacra of artistic products, and it must be fed with millions of images or real art that most of the time is under copyright. You can read the open letter Molly wrote, here
I know all of you work for high-quality media, that value ownership and authorship of what you publish. Therefore I am asking you to give resonance to this campaign, to undersign - if you will - Molly's manifesto and to ask your publication to show its position using, in the footer of their websites, the label attached to this email, linking it to our post or to the original one. Readers have to know what they are seeing and reading is not produced by some cold machine, but it is the work of dedicated and passionate professionals. Ultimately, I am sure, newspapers will profit from being openly AI-free. 
I hope this will interest you, and I want to close with a cartoon by my fellow cartoonist Stellina Chen. This comes for free to your outlet, if you will want to use it! 

Reported by Francisco Puñal.


33rd International Festival of Cartoon and Humorous Literature, Gura Humorului 2023

Gura Humorului Townhall
Suceava County Council
The Bucovina Cultural Centre
The 33rd edition, 2023
The 33rd edition of Umor la ... Gura Humorului, the International Festival of Cartoon and Humorous Literature will be held between July 07 – July 09, 2023. 
This year's edition will be held online. 
1. The Edition theme: THREE COLOURS 
2. Original works are accepted, in digital format, created after January 1st, 2023, which were not published and submitted or awarded prizes to other competitions. 
3. Each participant will submit two ( 2 ) cartoons to be analysed by the jury. 
4. The works will be submitted by JUNE 21, 2023 (posting date) on the following addresses: 
or postal address: 
Muzeul Obiceiurilor Populare din Bucovina, str. Sfântul Gavril, nr 14, 725300 - Gura Humorului, judeţul Suceava, România. 
5. Technical requirements: 
- Papers sent by e-mail: minimum 1600 x 1200 pixels, JPG format 
- Papers sent by regular postal mail: format A3 
- The technique used for the works will be at the free choice of the artist 
6. The works are not to be returned. They will be added to the patrimony of the Umor la ... Gura Humorului Festival and the organizers are entitled to use them later as edited materials with the name of their author on them. 
7. The participants are required the following documents enclosed with their works: the completed entry form attached, a brief CV and a personal photography/cartoon self portrait of minimum 6x9 cm (on paper) or 710x1065 pix. (digital format). 
8. The winners will be announced online until July 01, 2023 to be present for the Awards Festivity held on Sunday, July 09th, 2023, if they will not be able to participate, the diplomas will be sent by mail and the cash prizes by bank transfer. 
9. Transport expenses, accomodation and meals are the responsibility of the participant or the organization/institution he/she is part of. The organizers will be notified in due time to make the necessary reservations. 
10. The prizes to be awarded for adult participants: 
1st Prize : EUR 500 
2nd Prize : EUR 300 
3rd Prize : EUR 200 
The "George Gavrilean" Prize for the debutantes in Bucovina : EUR 200 
11. The prizes to be awarded for participants under the age of 18: 
1st Prize : EUR 100 
2nd Prize : EUR 50 
3rd Prize : EUR 25 
12. The jury are the ones who decide upon awarding or not awarding or re-allocating the prizes. In addition, the jury will decide upon the works or the authors to be rewarded by sponsors, associations, mass-media, institutions, commercial societies or private persons, with their consent. 
13. There will be no participation fees. 
Further information: 
Press Relations Office of „Umor la ... Gura Humorului” Festival 
• Curator Galavan Robert George - Folk Customs Museum in Bucovina (Muzeul Obiceiurilor Populare din Bucovina) 
Telephone: 00 40 757485882 
• Professor Sever Dumitrache – cultural adviser 
Telephone : 00 40 723270520 
Contest Rules & Entry Form on primariagh & umorlagurahumorului.

The 5th International Cartoon Competition, Eurasia 2023, Russia

on the V International Cartoon Competition "Eurasia"
I. General provisions 
1. These Regulations govern the procedure for holding the V International Cartoon Competition "Eurasia" (hereinafter referred to as the Contest). 
2. Founders of the Contest: 
• Ekaterinburg city administration 
• Pavlov Anatoly Ivanovich, member of the General Council of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, Chairman of the Sverdlovsk regional branch of the All-Russian Council of Local Self-Government 
• Ekaterinburg Museum of Caricature. 
3. Theme of the Contest: "Laugh, Catherine's hail!
The year 2023 is an anniversary year for Ekaterinburg. Russia's largest metropolis, the centre of the vast Sverdlovsk Region, celebrates its 300th anniversary. Yekaterinburg deservedly bears the title of the capital of the Urals, because it is located in the centre of the Ural Mountains and lies at the junction of two continents - Europe and Asia, which determines its political, economic and cultural uniqueness. The city's history dates back to the 18th century during the reforms of Peter the Great. Three centuries of turbulent Ekaterinburg history are filled with events linked to the fate of the country and the world. Ekaterinburg is the region's most important industrial, business, financial and cultural centre, and has a particularly assertive and daring character. 
In the year of the 300th anniversary of Ekaterinburg we decided to look at it with respect and light irony. We invite cartoonists to share their vision of the capital of the Urals. 
4. Purpose and objectives of the competition: 
• To showcase Ekaterinburg as a major cultural and industrial centre open to humour and satire; 
• Promoting good neighbourly relations between the peoples of the Eurasian continent and the world; 
• to promote cultural dialogue, mutual understanding and friendship through the art of cartooning; 
• drawing the attention of graphic artists from around the world to social issues and problems of the metropolis. 
II. Organizational support for the Contest 
1. The Contest is carried out by the Organizing Committee formed by the founders. 
2. The exclusive competence of the Organizing Committee includes: 
• accepting applications for participation in the Contest; 
• formation of the composition of the competitive jury; 
• organization and conduct of the final award ceremony for the laureates of the Contest. 
3. Contest jury is formed from authoritative figures in the professional sphere in order to creatively evaluate the works submitted for the Contest. 
4. Members of the jury have the right to participate in the Contest without claiming prizes. 
III. Conditions for holding the Contest 
1. Contest works are accepted from May 15, 2021 to July 23, 2023.
The works must arrive in Ekaterinburg no later than July 23, 2023 (by postmark) (EXTENDED:) August 15, 2023 
2. Authors over the age of 18 are allowed to participate in the Contest. 
3. Each author may submit for participation in the Contest no more than 5 (five) works. 
4. Works that have received prizes in other Contests are not accepted for participation. 
5. The announcement of the results of the Contest and the opening of the exhibition of the best works will coincide with City Day and the opening of the Cartoon Museum. The time of the ceremony will be announced. 
6. Contest works are sent to the address: 
Lenin Avenue, 39, P.O. Box 126, 
Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation, 620000 
On the envelope it is necessary to indicate: 
"For the Cartoon Competition""For Maxim Smagin" 
7. Requirements for works: 
• Format: A4 (210 x 297 mm) or A3 (297 x 420 mm) 
• Works must be hand made original. Works made exclusively in digital technique, can be provided in the form of high-quality prints and signed in pencil on the front. Photocopies and Xeros are not considered. Works convicted of plagiarism do not participate in the competition. 
• Technique is free; works can be either black and white or color. 
• Works should not contain text. 
• Full name of the author, time of creation, return address, e-mail are to be indicated on the back. 
• Works must be accompanied by a completed application form for the participant of the Contest. 
• Works must be carefully packed. The organizers of the Contest are not responsible for damage during shipment. 
• Works by e-mail are also accepted (e-mail: eurasia-2022@mail.ru). Works sent in this way do not fall into the main competition, but are evaluated separately. The technical requirements for this category are JPEG (300 dpi), high quality, and a maximum of 3 MB. 
8. The works sent to the Contest are not returned and remain at the disposal of the founders of the Contest. 
9. Prizes of the Contest: 
• Grand Prix: 300 000 Russian roubles 
• First place: 200 000 Russian roubles 
• Second place: 150 000 Russian roubles 
• Third place: 100 000 Russian roubles 
• Honorary mention Prizes for entries sent by e-mail: 
• 1st place: 100 000 Russian roubles 
• 2nd place: 75 000 Russian roubles 
• 3rd place: 50 000 Russian roubles 
• Special prizes established by the sponsors and partners of the competition. 
10. Authors of works participating in the final exhibition receive a certificate of the participants in the Contest and a printed copy of the catalog. 
11. The founders of the Contest reserve the right to further use the Contest works for exhibition and information purposes. 
12. The Contest will result in an exhibition of the best works at the Cartoon Museum. 
E-mail address: eurasia-2022@mail.ru 
Source: cartoonblues.


Similarity: Walking your dog

Kürşat Zaman
3rd International Caricature Competition, Mugla 2022, Turkey
JURY: Gürbüz DOĞAN EKŞİOĞLU (Assoc. Prof. Yeditepe University Lecturer, Caricaturist),  Savaş ÜNLÜ (Humourist), Şevket YALAZ (Caricaturist), Abdülkadir USLU (Caricaturist), Mehmet SELÇUK (Caricaturist, General Coordinator), Sait MUNZUR (Caricaturist), Sarkis PAÇACI (Caricaturist).
Şevket Yalaz
28th Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition

Hüseyin Çakmak
International "War on War" Cartoon Exhibition (catalog) 1988
Sofia Press, Sofia, Bulgaria.
This report by Santa Klaus (Turkey).
First blogged 28.04.2023.
Updated 12.05.2023 16:40.


Winners in the 28th International Caricature Exhibition, Zagreb 2023, Croatia

On 04th May 2023 in the premises of the Croatian Association of Caricaturists, Savska 100, Zagreb, the judging panel of the 28th International Caricature Exhibition Zagreb 2023 with theme "PETS", consisting of Antun Ponoš, Katja Hlup, Davor Trgovčević, Srećko Puntarić and Predrag Raičević, conducted the jury procedure and decided the following:
First prize: Zvonimir Čačić (Croatia) (Top)
Second prize: Valeriu Kurtu (Germany)
Third prize: Andrei Popov (Israel)
Five Special Mentions:
Hamid Ghalijari (Iran)
Oguz Gürel (Turkey)
Emil Idzikowski (Poland)
Borislav Stanković (Serbia)
Zoran Tkalec (Croatia).
The exhibition of awarded works
as well as those from the short selection process
will be held this fall in Klovićevi dvori in Zagreb.
All winning cartoons and more on website hdk.

The 50th lnternational Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba 2023, Brazil

50th lnternational Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba
1 - DATES 
The 50th lnternational Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba 2023, realized by the Piracicaba City Hall/Cultural Action Secretariat/National Graphic Humor Center of Piracicaba will be held in accordance with the followings scheduIe 
Registration: until June 23. Selection Jury: July 08 and 09. Awards Jury: August 19. Opening Ceremony: August 26. Closing: October 29. 
a) Professional and amateur artists, Brazilians and foreigners can apply unpublished and authorship artworks that were not awarded until the closing date for entries. 
b) The works - all categories - can be sent by MAlL or ELECTRONIC (applications over the Internet on the official website, in the format JPEG and 300 DPI, attached images at once). 
c) The theme and technique are free. 
d) Digital works must contain the signature of the author. 
e) Humorous sculptures should come with the author's data. 
f) Maximum measures allowed: paper- 42 x 30 centimeters (A3) (16,54 x 11,81 inches), sculptures - 42 centimeters or 16,54 inches (height) x 30 centimeters or 11,81 inches (depth) x 30 centimeters or 11,81 inches (width). 
g) Each artist may enter a maximum of 03 works per category: CARTOON (graphic humor with universal and timeless themes), CHARGE (graphic humor with journalistic themes of nowadays), CARICATURE (graphic humor that expresses the physical and/or personality of a known celebrity), SCULPTURE (art that expresses itself through the creation of plastic forms in volumes or reliefs, either through the modeling of malleable and/or moldable substances, or through the grinding of solids (as in toreutics and glyptics), or through the gathering of different materials and/or objects, in any technique, which address different characters or themes), COMIC STRIPS/COMIC STORIES (graphic art in sequence. Caution: for comic stories will be accepted a maximum of 02 pages per work , UNIMED HEALTH (for works that address the health theme) and Thematic (only for works that address the theme “50 Years: Midlife Crisis”, proposed by the organization: 
Midlife crisis is an expression created in 1965 by Elliott Jaques to describe a form of insecurity suffered by some individuals who are going through middle age, in which they realize that the period of their youth is ending and advanced age is approaching. This crisis can be triggered by several factors related to this time of life, such as the death of parents, extramarital affairs, andropause, menopause, feeling of aging, dissatisfaction with their professional careers and children leaving home. Usually, those who go through this feel an enormous desire to change their ways of life, making exaggerated expenses with futile acquisitions, quitting their jobs or ending their marriage. 
h) In addition to the prizes for the categories, special prizes may be awarded, offered by our supporters, during the registration and selection process. 
i) Along the registered artwork, the artist must attach a complete registration form with legibly writing. lt is also requested reduced curriculum and photo, for registration in the CEDHU's data base. To make sure your work is original, it is suggested to the artist to check on specialized websites if there is no match of image, text and/or situation of your work with another already published in newspapers, magazines or websites. If there is confirmation of plagiarism the work will be automatically disqualified. 
2.1 - Sent by MAlL 
50º Salão Internacional de Humor de Piracicaba - Av. Dr. Maurice Allain, 454 - Caixa Postal 12 - CEP 13.405-123 Piracicaba- SP - Brasil 
IMPORTANT: The work submitted must be accompanied by the registration form, duly completed and signed by the author. 
Inscriptions works in JPEG format, 300 DPI (attached images at once) only on our website, on 
 IMPORTANT: Uploaded files should be named as follows: artist name_country_catgegory_number. Example: paulosilva_brazil_cartoon_01 
2.3 deliver in person 
In the CEDHU - National Center for Documentation, Research and Disclosure of Graphic Humor of Piracicaba - Av. Maurice Allain, 454 - Warehouse 14A - Parque do Engenho Central - CEP 13.405-123 - Piracicaba SP BRAZIL 
2.4 - The exhibition will be virtual and in presence 
The 2023 edition of the International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba will be virtual and in person. Therefore, the selected physical works (either 2D or 3D / sculpture) will be scanned and photographed to be exposed in the virtual exhibition. Therefore, we reaffirm that there will be physical and face-to-face exposure until the contrary is decided in a later decision. 
The Awards are a totaI of R$ 82.500,00* (eighty-two thousand and five hundred reais) divided as follows: 
a) Five 1st place prizes in the amount of R$ 7.500 (seven thousand and five hundred reais) each, divided among the categories (cartoon, charge, caricature, sculpture and comic strips). 
b) A prize of R$ 7.500 (seven thousand and five hundred reais) called "THEMATIC AWARD “50 Years: Midlife Crisis”", destined to works of any category (cartoons, caricature, charge, sculpture or comic strips) that address the theme “50 Years: Midlife Crisis”, proposed by the organization of the event to the 2023 edition. 
c) One award of R$ 15.000,00 (fifteen thousand reais) called GRAND PRIZE INTERNATIONAL HUMOR OF PIRACICABA chosen among the six winners of each category (cartoon, charge, caricature, comic strips, and thematic) 
d) One prize called Popular Jury "Alceu Marozi Righetto", in the value of R$ 7.500 (seven thousand and five hundred reais),chosen by online open voting. The contestants to this award will be the honorable mention, selected by the Awarding Committee. The indicated, such as the schedule and the local for the voting will be announced on the event's opening. 
e) Also planned: a prize of R$ 7.500 (seven thousand and five hundred reais) called CHAMBER OF MUNICIPAL OF PIRACICABA award, exclusively for the caricature category; 
f) a prize of R$ 7.500 (five thousand reais) called UNIMED HEALTH AWARD for work for any category that explore the themes of health. 
*the values of the individual prizes may be changed during the registration period, until the day of the award. New prizes may also emerge during this period. 
Besides the monetary value, the winning authors will receive trophies (creation of Zélio Alves Pinto). Other prizes and mentions may be established, at the discretion of the Organizing Committee and Award Committee. There will be a selection committee and another award committee with recognized and trained professionals. 
The result of the award may be challenged up to one week after the opening of the exhibition, with adequate proof of any irregularities committed without the knowledge of the juries. If fraud or plagiarism is found in any award-winning work, the prize awarded will be canceled. 
The values corresponding to the cash prizes will only be deposited in a current account in the name of the winners according to the legislation established by the Municipality of Piracicaba responsible for the International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba. It is mandatory that the winning artist has a current account in his name and he must inform it on the registration form. If you do not provide a current account within 02 (two) months, counted from the day of the announcement of the winners, payment of the prize amount will be canceled. Authors of countries that face economic embargoes of any kind with Brazil and that make impossible the transfer of the monetary values of possible awards can only compete for nominations of honorary prizes. 
a) The simple application requires the artist to accept these regulations. The selected artists automatically transfer the authorial rights of his artworks for reproductions and publications in any media, without restriction, aiming promotion of the event. 
b) The CEDHU is not responsible for any damage caused to the work during the transport via post office or other carrier. 
c) After the exhibition, the original works must be withdrawn by the artist or authorized person carrying a letter of authorization signed by the artist, at CEDHU - Piracicaba, within a period of up to six (6) months, counted from the closing date of the exhibition show. After the deadline, CEDHU will exercise the right of ownership, according to its interest. 
d) Awarded authors (including honorable mentions) transfer the assignment of the Copyrights of their work, in accordance with Law 9.610 of February 19, 1988 (Copyright Law). total, universal and definitive, in all the modalities of use and free of charge, protected by said law referring to the work(s) awarded at the International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba, which are now part of the Municipal Public Patrimony for all rights purposes, in accordance with the Municipal Law n 2249-1976, partially amended by the Municipal Law n 2486-1982 and consolidated by the Municipal Law n 5194-2002. 
f) Works that have already been selected in other editions of the Piracicaba International Humor Exhibition cannot participate again. 
g) Works where the use of Artificial Intelligence is identified will be disqualified. 


International cartoon contest: "Color is the wonder of light", Antwerp 2023, Belgium

Color is the wonder of light
In 2021, we organized an international cartoon contest to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our socio-cultural association. And with great success! 
The many entries, the enthusiastic reactions and the unique traveling cartoon expo motivated us to organize a biennial event. One year the focus is on the cartoon contest, the next year on the traveling cartoon expo. 
From May 1st 2023 to August 31st 2023 cartoonists from all over the world can participate in our cartoon contest and this time with the theme: “Color is the wonder of light”. We were inspired by the quote by the Flemish poet Marc Van Halsendaele. 
Cartoons can be submitted via www.cultuursmakers-cartoons.be with a maximum of 5 cartoons per participant. 
The award ceremony will take place on Friday February 9th 2024 in Sint-Truiden, after which the 30 best cartoons will travel around for a year in an expo through Flanders and Brussels. 
Cultuursmakers is a socio-cultural association in Flanders (northern state of Belgium) and Brussels. The association consists of groups of volunteers who organize high-quality and varied cultural activities. Our mission: to bring people and culture closer together. With us you can discover, experience and enjoy culture together with others. In this way, real contact and connection between people grows. At Cultuursmakers we look at the world from a broad perspective, with respect and openness towards everyone. In this way we contribute to a warm society. 
We are already curious about your creativity and wish you good luck! 
Wanted: cartoonists 
Binding terms and conditions
Theme: “Color is the wonder of light”.
Deadline: August 31st 2023
Anyone aged 18 and over can participate in this international contest. Participants declare that they agree with the terms and conditions of the contest, and the jury’s decisions. Participation is free. The deadline is August 31st 2023. 
Definition of a cartoon: 
A cartoon is a humorous drawing without explanatory text. This can be a parody of a current situation or simply an image of a comic situation. This cartoon can consist of a single image or take the form of a short comic with a maximum of 3 drawings. Moving images are not allowed. 
The theme of this contest is “Color is the wonder of light”. 
• Each entrant may submit a maximum of 5 entries (color or black and white) in A4 format. 
• All drawings must be submitted digitally in sufficiently high quality: A4 600 dpi with a maximum size of 8 MB. Accepted file formats are jpg, png, psd, eps and pdf. 
• The drawings must be original, i.e. not previously awarded, published or exhibited. They may not be provided with text, nor may the name 'Cultuursmakers' and the logo of the association be used. 
• Entries are made through the website www.cartoons-cultuursmakers.be where a registration form can be filled in and files can be uploaded immediately. 
• The participant agrees that the personal information (name, e-mail, address) will be used to inform her/him about the competition. 
Originality of the works: 
The participant is responsible for the originality of his works. Disputes and possible claims with regard to all forms of plagiarism, etc. are the responsibility of the participant. 
By participating, the participants agree to the terms and conditions of the cartoon contest and entitle the organizing association the right to publish the submitted works in the cartoon brochure and to use them for the promotion of the cartoon expo. For any other use of the cartoons, the cartoonist will be asked for permission in advance. 
A professional jury makes a selection for the cartoon expo from the entries received and appoints the prize winners. Determination of plagiarism will result in exclusion from the entry. If, after the announcement of the prizes, plagiarism appears to have been committed, the jury may withdraw the prize after deliberation. 
The laureates will be announced during the opening of the first cartoon expo. There will be no communication whatsoever about the contest. However, the organizing association will inform all participants whether they are among the winners or whether their work has been selected for the traveling cartoon expo. 
Award ceremony and cartoon expo: 
The winning cartoons, supplemented with an exquisite selection of the submitted cartoons, will travel through Flanders and Brussels with traveling cartoon expos from February 2024 till the end of December 2024. Each cartoon is accompanied by the name of the cartoonist and the country. The award ceremony will take place during the opening of the first cartoon expo on Friday February 9th 2024 at 8 pm in Sint-Truiden. 
The participant lends his works to the organizing association for the purpose of organizing the traveling cartoon expo up to and including December 2024. The awarded works remain the property of the organizing association. 
Cartoon brochure: 
A digital and paper cartoon brochure will be published. Selected participants will receive a digital version and are entitled to one paper copy that they can obtain free of charge upon simple request. However, they are responsible for the postage themselves or collect the brochure themselves from the organizing association. 
The prizes: 
1st prize: 1.000 euros 
2nd prize: 500 euros 
3rd prize: 250 euros 
Prize for best Flemish entry: 250 euros 
Audience award: 250 euros (this prize will be awarded after the last cartoon expo) 
Organizing association: 
Cultuursmakers vzw - Grotehondstraat 44, b 1/1, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium