Contest on Road Education

1- Any professional or amateur artist is allowed to participate in this contest.
1.a- If the participant is a minor, he or she has to present a certificate guaranteed by a responsible adult.
1.b- It is allowed to participate individually or in groups. Minimum one, maximum two contestants.
2.- Those who work for 'Vialidad Nacional' as employees and those who organize this contest are not allowed to participate in it.
3- The topic of this contest is "Road Education" (intended to educate the community about traffic regulations and raising awareness about the importance of obeying these regulations).
It is divided into two categories:
A) Aimed at adults. (The adults are the target)
B) Aimed at children and adolescents. (The children and adolescents are the target)
4.- The participants can send a maximum of three works, only if these drawings were not previously awarded in other competitions.
5.- Any pictorial technique can be used. The shape of the paper has to be A-4 format (210 mm x 297 mm) or proportional. The sheet of paper can be horizontally or vertically used.
6.- The works have to be sent only by e-mail to salonhumorgraficovial@gmail.com after being scanned at 300 points of resolution in JPEG or JPG format (maximum 5 Mb each work)
7.- The deadline for the presentation of the works is November 16th, 2007.
8.- In tandem with the works, there has to be attached an oficial form with the author's name, surname, address, telephone number and photograph.
9.- The first prize will be the equivalent amount of 1,000 US dollars, the second prize will be of US$ 600 and the third prize will be of US$ 300 in Argentinean currency in each category. If the authors of the winning prizes are minors, the corresponding prizes will be given to the adult legally in charge. After the evaluation of the works, the jury might consider that there is no winner for one or more than one category.
10.- The decision of the jury can not be appealed.
11.- A notification saying who the winners are is sent. If the winners do not reply this notification within fifteen days (from the day when the notification is sent) this prize will be considered vacant. If the jury is willing to, it may choose a new winner for that vacant prize.
12.- The organizers of this contest will not be in charge of paying any extra or adittional expenses. They will only pay the ones explicitly mentioned in this document. Besides, the organizers are not bound to any contractual and non-contractual responsibility by using the winners' works.
13.- The members of the jury will be announced after the winner is officially declare.
14.- The authors of the winning works will be informed by e-mail or by telephone. If the winning works were made by more than one person, the amount of money of the prize is the same (see point 9) and it is the winning group responsible for deciding how to divide the money among its members.
15.- The exhibition of the works
15.a- The first 250 selected works of each category will be exhibited in a gallery in Santa Fe city (Argentina) form December 1st to December 9th, 2007.
15.b- The awarded works, plus the ones that received honourable mentions and those especially chosen by the jury will be exhibited on December 1st and 2nd, 2007 in the 'Sala de Exposiciones DNV 07 del 7th Distrito Santa Fe de la Direccion Nacional de Vialidad'.
15.c- The awarded works, plus the ones that received honourable mentions and those especially chosen by the jury will be published in a magazine. This magazine will be given free of charge to the general public.
16.- Once the contest if finished, the winning works will be also shown on the http://www.vialidad.gov.ar/ site.
17.- The organizers of the contest have the right to publish and reproduce the winning works without the authorization of the author('s). Therefore, the organizers have no legal obligation towards the author(s). Vialidad Nacional can publish and reproduce the works by different means and within local, national and international boundaries.
18.- Vialidad Nacional DVN 07 assumes the commitment to announce publicly the identity of the author(s). (According to law No 11.723 de Propiedad Intelectual y sus modificatorias)
19.- The participation in this contest implies the absolute and unreservedly acceptance of these requirements. Any possible doubt that may arise will be solved by the jury.
20.- The organizers have the right to totally or parcially change the requirements in this document according to their criterion. They can even cancel or extend.
21- The mere fact that someone register in this contest implies the total acceptance of all the items mentioned above.
Santa Fe (Argentina) agosto de 2007
Direccion Nacional de Vialidad 7th Distrito - Santa Fe (Argentina) Avda. 27 de Febrero 2199 – CP 3000 – Santa Fe – Tel: 0342 – 452-0031/34
http://www.vialidad.gov.ar/ http://www.vialidad.gov.ar/prueba_prov_nuevas/sta_fe/humor_grafico.htm

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