9th Braila International Cartoon Contest 2014, Romania

9th EDITION, 2014
The contest is open to all cartoonists.
ENTRIES: max. 5.
SIZE: A4 (210 x 297 mm) – A3 (297 x 420 mm).
DEADLINE: August 15th, 2014.
The cartoons will be sent in electronic format,
as a scan (JPG 300 dpi) at the following address: cult.traditional@gmail.com;
please assure to enter your full name and address, telephone no., an attached photo and a brief CV;
do not use compression programs (ZIP, RAR, etc).
• Great Prize - 1500 €;
• First Prize - 1000 €;
• Second Prize - 800 €;
• Third Prize - 500 €;
• 3 Special Prizes – 3 x 300 € (each)
EXHIBITION and PRIZE AWARDING: September 5th, 2014.
REMARK: In order to to pick up the prizes, the winners will have to dispatch the work winning original.
Edition catalog will also include a selection of the most valuable works in the competition;
the selected artists will receive a copy.
The County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Braila
No. 2, Piata Traian, zip code 810153, Phone no.: +40.239.614.710, Braila, Romania
Email addresses: cult.tarditional@gmail.com.
Source: bestcartoons.


Catalog of the 19th International Cartoon Exhibition, Zagreb 2014, Croatia

Yesterday received the compact catalog of the 19th International Cartoon Exhibition Zagreb 2014, Croatia. 19x19 cm in size, it consists of 96 pages, half color and half b&w. My thanks to the organizers, the Croatian Cartoonist Association.
Musa Gumus is the only cartoonist selected out of 15 participants from Turkey and that is better than nothing I think.
In his introductory essay Ivan Haramija Hans reminds us that Daedalus who wanted to glide in the sky had a disobedient son Icarus who did not know the proverb they have in Croatia: "Who flies high, falls low" and finishes his word after telling the strange similarities between different people of different professions in different times: "The history and the experience has made us cautious: every useful work can harm us if we overdo it a little."
Anachronism as a useful tool to create humorous contradictions, with its types of parachronism and prochronism, is one of the best ways to make a cartoon on inventions and we see many examples of that here in this catalog like Roko's (p.33) and George Licurici's (p.36) works. Is there any work in the catalog that does not make use of anachronism? Let us check and see in the digital one here. Bon voyage!


15th Spirito di Vino 2014, Italy

Spirito di Vino is back!
On May 25th, day of Cantine Aperte 2014, the fiveteenth edition of the international competition of satirical cartoons concerning the world of wine “Spirito di Vino” (Wine and Wit) will be launched. The competition is organised every year by Movimento Turismo del Vino Friuli Venezia Giulia together with the Istituto Europeo di Design, the Municipality and the University of Udine and the Cassa di Risparmio del Friuli Venezia Giulia. The aim of the competition is to collect and select the funniest satirical cartoons concerning the world of wine produced by cartoonists from all around the world.
Since its first edition, Spirito di Vino has been particularly focussed on young artists, who have always proved very willing to take part to the initiative. Today Movimento Turismo del Vino is still carrying out this project with passion and momentum with the aim of raising awareness, not only among young people, but also among wine lovers from all around the world, on the need to drink responsibly. As last year, the competition will be made of two groups of cartoonists: the first group from 18 to 35 years old and the second one for artists older than 36 years old.
Spirito di Vino has always been characterised by its international allure as, since its first edition, it has been very well received by artists from Europe, Russia, Latin America, Japan and China. This cultural mix has resulted in a rich variety of viewpoints concerning the fascinating world of wine. Thanks to Spirito di Vino, satirical cartoons become a common ground enabling participants to express their thoughts and ideas.
To take part to the competition, applicants can send their works of art from May 25th to August 31st 2014 to Movimento Turismo del Vino Friuli Venezia Giulia (Via del Partidor 7 – 33100 Udine), or by visiting the website www.mtvfriulivg.it.
The satirical cartoons will be assessed by a jury chaired by Alfio Krancic – president of the competition - and Giorgio Forattini – honorary president of the competition - and composed of eminent figures from the field of journalism, satire and graphics such as: Emilio Giannelli (cartoonist), Valerio Marini (cartoonist), Gianluigi Colin (Corriere della Sera art director), Franz Botré and Enzo Rizzo (director and deputy director of the magazine Spirito DiVino), Carlo Cambi (editorial manager of the magazine Wine Passion), Paolo Marchi (journalist of Il Giornale), Aldo Colonetti (scientific manager of the Istituto Europeo di Design), Fede & Tinto (Decanter RadioRai radio programme) , Francesco Salvi (actor).
After August 31st, the jury will meet at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milano to select 30 cartoons for each group. On September 13th 2014, on the backdrop of the food and wine festival Friuli Doc, the three best cartoons of each group will be awarded a selection of wines produced by Movimento Turismo del Vino Fvg partner wineries.
Registration: http://www.mtvfriulivg.it/index.php?pag=isc_spirito&l=eng.
To have further information on the competition:
Movimento Turismo del Vino
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Tel. +39 0432 289540
Here you find the 2013 winners.
Source: www.mtvfriulivg.it.


I signed this petition on Change.org

Yesterday, I signed this petition on Change.org: "Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition and other international cartoon contests: The results of the 31st Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition 2014 have already shown us that the rules of such cartoon contests should immediately be revised according to the internet age".
I think this is very important for the cartoonists. Would you please sign the petition as well? Here is the link (First to register with Name - Surname - E-mail - City - Comment (not compulsory) and finally Sign) Thank you.
P.S. Below is the most recent shot of the petition page which shows how responsibly world-famous cartoonists do feel about the unjust state of affairs and sign the petition (Click on the image please).


6th International Cartoon Contest La Ciudad de las Ideas 2014: Change the World

1. The contest is open to all artists in the world, professional or enthusiasts, who are 18 years old or above.
2. Submitted works may not participate simultaneously in other contests or events.
3. The topic and idea to develop for this year’s Festival of Ciudad de las Ideas is the following:
What would you do to change the world?*:
What would you change in the world?
Which questions would you make in order to move the world?
Express and capture your IDEAS in a cartoon and share with the IDEALISTS your innovative proposals which will positively change the world -you can use short texts on the cartoon and these should be written in Spanish or translated into English. Both the question and answer must be clearly implied on the cartoon or as the title of the work.
*The organization reserves the right to withdraw from the contest works that are offensive or that infringe upon human rights.
4. Each contestant may participate by submitting 3 works only (those who send over 3 works will be disqualified).
5. Any technique will be accepted (digital or freehand drawings, color or black and white).
6. The maximum size of the works should be: 21 cm x 29 cm or proportional. Resolution of digital works should be no less than 300 dpi and no greater than Megabytes
7. In case contestants send their original works, they must enclose the following information in an envelope:
Author’s full name and pseudonym:
Author’s photograph or self cartoon:
E-mail address:
Title of each work:
Is this the first time you participate?:
Brief biography (resume):
8. The contestant will sign a certificate of authorship, in case the work is sent electronically, by filling in a form and will click on the “I Agree” button. In case the form is sent along with the work by mail, it should include the following legend:
“I, (name of the author) hereby certify to be the author of the work submitted to the contest 2014 ‘Cambiar el mundo’ (Changing the World), and grant it to the contest of Ciudad de las Ideas. Likewise, I accept and grant, by solely submitting this work to the terms of the contest, the permission to use my work for the purposes considered relevant by Poder Cívico A.C.”
9. Works can be submitted in two ways: by mail (original work) or by email.
Original: Submit the work with the author’s information in an enclosed envelope to the following address:
6o. Concurso Internacional de Caricatura CAMBIANDO EL MUNDO (CHANGING THE WORLD)
Reforma 222, Piso 12
Col. Juárez
Delegación Cuauhtémoc
C.P. 06600 México D.F.
E-mail: The form must be filled in and the work(s) must be uploaded to the following webpage: www.ciudaddelasideas.com/caricaturas
*Fill in a form for each work, the resolution of each digital work should be no less than 300 dpi and no greater than Megabytes.
10. Selected works will be exhibited in Puebla, Mexico from November 6-8th, 2014 and will appear on several media of Poder Cívico.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Cddelasideas
Flickr: www.flickr.com/95637596@N07
Webpage: http://www.ciudaddelasideas.com
Cartoons will only be used for the dissemination of the Festival’s information through various media, which include: brochures, postcards or books, internet or television, according to the agreements with the sponsors.
11. The present call is open from June 15th to August 15th, 2014.
The postmark date or e-mail date will be taken as the official delivery date of each entry. Works sent by e-mail or mail must have a deadline of submission of August 15th.
12. Results will be announced on the official website of Ciudad de las Ideas www.ciudaddelasideas.com, en Twitter @cddelasideas y en Facebook www.facebook.com/ Cddelasideas.
Awardees will be notified to the e-mail submitted with their contact information. Please ignore any confirmation e-mails that do not have the following website domain: “ciudaddelasideas.com” and “podercivico.org.mx”.
13. The jury will be assigned by Poder Cívico and will have the powers required to solve any situation related to the contest which does not comply with the terms and conditions of the contest. The prize will not be awarded if the jury considers that the submitted works lack sufficient quality. The decision of the jury is final and not subject to appeal. The membership of the jury will be announced once the entry call is open.
14. Non-winning original works can be collected by the authors at the offices of Poder Cívico three months after the verdict is published. In order to pick up any uncollected works after the established date by Poder Cívico, contestants must address Martha Barragán Méndez, who will have them stored for the time being.
First Place:
An all-expense-paid trip to the city of Puebla, Puebla, Mexico including transportation, accommodation and meals.
One admission ticket to the Festival Internacional de Mentes Brillantes: La Ciudad de las Ideas with access to more than 30 lectures of personalities who are changing the world.
Access to the festival’s side activities: theme parties, art performances, exhibitions and more.
The opportunity to present his/her work under the framework of the Festival Internacional de Mentes Brillantes: La Ciudad de las Ideas.
A diploma awarded during the festival
Second Place:
An all-expense-paid trip to the city of Puebla, Puebla, Mexico including transportation, accommodation and meals.
One admission ticket to the Festival Internacional de Mentes Brillantes: La Ciudad de las Ideas with access to more than 30 lectures of personalities who are changing the world
Access to the festival’s side activities: theme parties, art performances, exhibitions and more.
The opportunity to present his/her work under the framework of the Festival Internacional de Mentes Brillantes: La Ciudad de las Ideas.
A diploma awarded during the festival.
Third Place:
An all-expense-paid trip to the city of Puebla, Puebla, Mexico including transportation, accommodation and meals.
One admission ticket to the Festival Internacional de Mentes Brillantes: La Ciudad de las Ideas with access to more than 30 lectures of personalities who are changing the world.
Access to the festival’s side activities: theme parties, art performances, exhibitions and more.
The opportunity to present his/her work under the framework of the Festival Internacional de Mentes Brillantes: La Ciudad de las Ideas.
A diploma awarded during the festival.
Three honorable mentions will be awarded. Each one of them will receive a diploma which will be sent a few days later after the festival has concluded.
Note: Awards may not be granted in cash or transferred to another person.
In case award winners are foreigners, they must have a valid passport and visa to be able to go to the Festival in Puebla, Mexico and receive their award.
Don’t believe everything you think
Martha Barragán Méndez "Mar".
International Cartoon Contest
Festival Internacional de Mentes Brillantes la Ciudad de las Ideas.
For further information or comments consult the following:
Twitter: @cddelasideas @marcartonist
Tel: +52 (55) 5140-3660
+52 (55) 8582-5340
Correos electrónicos: concursocaricaturas@ciudaddelasideas.com
Source: http://www.ciudaddelasideas.com/convocatoria.

International festival of caricature and aphorism “Green Green”, Delchevo 2014

Based on article 55 from Statute of Delcevo municipality (“Official gazette of Municipality of Delcevo” 12/06), the Commission for organizing events and cultural manifestations within Municipality of Delcevo, on the occasion of International festival of caricature and aphorism “Green Green”, announces:
C o m p e t i t i o n
For awards for caricatures and aphorism on subject “Green Green”
1. Call for caricature and aphorism on subject “Green Green” is open to authors from Macedonia and abroad, according following criteria:
For caricatures:
- Art works to be original, not marked, black-white or in color;
- Maximum size of caricatures A3 or A4;
- The author should write his personal data on the back side on the caricature;
- The authors in the category of caricature can participate in any number of caricatures.
For aphorism:
Art works to be encoded – code written on the back side of art work, and in separate envelope to deliver following data (name, surname, address and e-mail of author);
Each author sends a set of 10-15 aphorisms;
It is allowed to participate with maximum three art works.
2. The most successful authors in the category aphorism and caricature category will be awarded the following awards:
- golden plaque;
- silver plaque;
- bronze plaque.
3. Jury for this occasion will decide for the awards and selection of caricatures which will be part of exhibition, planned to be opened on 19.09.2014.
4. Detailed information about this call: Mr. Mile Gjorgijoski, telephone 00389 70 382 189, е-mail: mile_otkosi@yahoo.com
5. All received aphorisms / caricatures become ownership of the organizer.
6. Deadline for submission of aphorisms / caricatures: 14.08.2014 (Thursday).
7. Aphorisms / caricatures to be delivered on following address:
Municipality of Delcevo
„Svetozar Markovik” 1, 2320 Delcevo
Republic of Macedonia
Reference: Open call on subject: „Green Green“
Delchevo, 19.06.2014
Municipality of Delcevo
Commission for organizing of events
and cultural manifestations.
Source: blog.zikison.net.


Results of the 5th International Cartoon Contest Virton 2014, Belgium

Theme: "When the peace will be"
1st Prize: Batti (France)
2nd Prize: Sava (Serbia)
3rd Prize: Den Trick (Belgium)

OPEN LETTER by Julian Pena-Pai, Romania

Dear Mr. Aydin DOGAN,
You, as a supporter of world culture, you have the authority to stop the deterioration of the most important international cartoon contest worldwide - (Aydin Dogan Int’l cartoon contest).
I am a cartoonist who knows very well the present and the past of this Salon, I have been awarded a few prizes, and I was a member of the 2007 jury.
If you will permit me, please let me inform you that:
1. It is not the international jury that is responsible for the decline of your Salon, because the jury are supposed to analyze only the 120 works selected by the Turkish selection committee . And this, out of over 2,000 works received. This is not fair.
2. I think that Mrs. Candan Fetvaci –very good worker and organisator - is manipulated by the three Turkish cartoonists, members of selection committee, presscartoonists, who are incapable of selecting the best 120 works. (Special Latif Demirci).
See their selection this year.
This selection team has no relation to the high standards of the teams led by master Semih Balcioglu.
The biggest fan of A.DOGAN international cartoon contest,
Julian Pena-Pai


Turkish cartoonist wins the 31st Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Contest 2014, Turkey

A Turkish cartoonist has come out on top at the 31st Aydın Doğan Cartoon Contest, which kicked off in Bodrum on June 17 with a day-long session where judges got together to select the winner.
Kürşat Zaman, who was awarded with the third prize in the competition in 2010, won the first prize this year. His winning work depicts a scene where a military helicopter delivers the coffins of those who died in a war as families await their deceased loved ones around a baggage carousel (Top).
The second prize of the contest went to Iranian artist Mojtaba Heidarpanah and third prize went to Krzysztof Grzondziel, who was last year’s winner.
Cartoons by Doğan Arslan, Akın Candemir, Menekşe Çam and Burak Ergin from Turkey, Rafael Correa and Rodrigo Machado da Rosa from Brazil, Pawel Kuczynski from Poland, Peter Nieuwendijk from Netherland, Alireza Pakdel, Sajad Rafeei, and Farzaneh Vazifitabar from Iran, Zhang Wei from China all won Merit Awards at this year’s contest.
A total of 814 cartoonists from 70 countries joined the competition with 2,556 pieces this year.
The international committee, which gathered at Bodrum’s Işıl Club, evaluated 300 cartoons by 214 artists from 43 countries, which had already been chosen by the pre-selection committee.
The selection committee was headed by Liza Donnelly, who is an award-winning cartoonist and writer for the New Yorker Magazine and Forbes. The jury also consists of famous figures Ercan Akyol, Latif Demirci, Selçuk Demirel, Piyale Madra and Tan Oral from Turkey, and Dokhshid Ghodratipour from Iran, Moacir Knorr Gutterres from Brazil, Catherine Meurisse from France, Lichuan Xia from China and Anita O’Brien from London, who is the director of the Cartoon Museum in London.
More on source: hurriyetdailynews.
All winning cartoons here.

VII. Baja Cartoon Competition 2014 with theme: The Glasses

VII. Baja Cartoon Competition
(sunglasses, reading glasses, monocle, etc.)

Competition details:
1.) Participants can submit up to 5 cartoons in A/4 or A/3 size, using any technique. Prints of cartoons produced or coloured with software can also be submitted on condition that it has the cartoonist’s original signature and the print’s serial number.
2.) The participants should write their name, address, phone number and e-mail address on the back of the cartoons.
3.) Deadline for entries: 31. 08. 2014.
4.) Postal address for entries (please note the order!):
István Kelemen
Bajza József 19.
5.) For information or enquiries about the competition contact e-mail: grafikuskelemen@gmail.com
6.) Awards:
I. prize: 100.000 HUF
II. prize: 60.000 HUF
III. prize: 50.000 HUF
+ three diploma.
7.) The opening ceremony and prize distribution will be at 19.09.2014, Baja.
8.) The organizer will use the entries in the following locations:
- Digital or paper catalogue
- The material exhibition of invitation, poster, leaflets, etc..
- Report on media television, newspapers, magazines, etc..
9.) For the list and works of participants and for any other information visit: www.grafikuskelemen.hu
10.) We do not send back the cartoons.

XXI International Festival of the Arts Humor 2014, University of Alcalá, Spain

The General Foundation of the University of Alcalá, through the Instituto Quevedo del humor, announces XXI International Festival of the Arts Humor around the subject of WATER. There will be more information about the subject in the website.
1 Participation is open to all the persons older than 18.
2 In order to participate in the Exhibition, every artist must send a piece on the theme of WATER. It can be a vignette, a comic strip or a caricature. Together with the piece, the authors must send the filled formulary attached to these requirements, that can also be found and sent online here. The organization reserves the right to invite those authors that the organization members agree to consider important for the exhibition.
3 The works must be original and must be signed. They can be made with any technique and in any format, with maximum dimensions of A3 (297x420 mm). For digital works, they must be made in formats JPG or TIFF with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, and they must be sent to miah@iqh.es or to the online form.
4 All pieces will be sent properly wrapped. It is recommended to protect them with flat cardboard. The organization won't take responsibility on any possible damage occurred during transportation. All shipping charges will be at the participant's expense.
5 All art pieces will be sent before July 11, 2014, by mail, online form, or to the following address:
Fundación General de la Universidad de Alcalá
XXI Muestra Internacional de las Artes del Humor
C/ Nueva, 4.
28801 Alcalá de Henares
Madrid (España)
It is essential to comply with the noted date for the adequate planning of the catalogue and design of the exhibition.
6 A Selection Comission will carry out a selection of the pieces submitted, that will be exhibited in the XXI Internacional Exhibition of the Arts of Humor in october-november 2014.
7 All pieces submitted will be kept at the Graphic Humour Archives of the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá, except specific indication to the contrary, for which the artist must write on the reverse of the piece “Devolución”. The authors who want a donation certificate must write "Certificado" on the reverse of the piece.
8 The submission of the piece means that the author authorizes the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá to reproduce it and exhibit it, as long as the name of the artist is displayed and the objective is the media coverage of the Exhibition and the rest of activities of the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá within the field of Graphic Humour and/or of this call (edition of catalogues, posters, leaflets, media coverage, web page, etc.), and in any case it generates any type of obligation on the author's part.
9 The organization will communicate through the Exhibition web page the list of participants with submitted piece and the list of selected pieces.
10 At the end of the exhibition in Alcalá, those people with selected pieces will receive a copy of the catalogue, which will be edited to mark the celebration of the Exhibition.
11 The organization reserves the right to not exhibit those pieces considered to infringe individual or collective rights.
12 The participants will be responsible before any claim on the authorship of the works. The organization will not be responsible before any claim made by a third party upon the violation of intellectual rights or property of the works.
13 The participation on this Exhibition means the acceptance of these conditions of entry.


NOTICE of SICACO2014 CONTEST (2014.06.16 18:04)

Thanks for your interests & participating in SICACO2014. Our committee has extended the deadline of SICACO2014 by two months due to new theme within World Cup Cartoon. Please inform it your cartoonists and mass communication. We hope many cartoonists take part in my SICACO2014 contest.
1. This year's contest comprises a Thema section (titled Reality+ Cyber space + World Cup) and a Free section
2. The size of works should be smaller than 297mm × 420mm.
3. Any color, free style, and unlimited items(+2 original works)
4. Each entrant should provide title, name, age, address, career, e-mail, and telephone number on reverse.
5. The deadline for entry of original works is August. 31, 2014.
6. Entries should be addressed to the Sejong Int'l Cartoon Institute.
7. The most creative cartoon will win the Grand prize of $3,000, Gold prize of $1,000, Silver prize of $500, Bronze prize of $300, selected works will be awarded.
8. Exhibit the cartoons at the Sejong & Daejeon Galleries in Nov. 2014.
9. Submitted cartoons will not be returned, but exhibited forever in Korean public halls, art galleries, & museums.
10.Your cartoon may be used for promotional purposes : cards, posters, catalogs, magazine, books and web etc.
From Dr. Lim, Cheong San,
President of SICACO(the Sejong Int'l Cartoon Institute)
450, Wolpyeongdong, Daejeon 302-280, Seoul Korea
C/P : 82-10-5425-6115, Tel: 82-42-487-5034
E-mail : csanlim@naver.com, http://dicaco.kongju.ac.kr(all DB).



In the north of Portugal there is a town named Porto. This town is very well known all over the world because of the famous Port wine, but also because of the very important international contest named PortoCartoon. Every cartoonist knows that this very important contest announces a very very important awards amount : for instance, the first prize is 7 000 euros, but paid « half part of it in money and the other half in wine ». So, if you are the lucky cartoonist who wins the first prize, you get, of course, 3 500 euros in cash and a few bottles of Port wine, but also other sorts of wine supposed to be a very high quality wines and, therefore, very very expensive ones. The problem is that last year, the Cuban-Mexican cartoonist Boligan, who won the second prize, received, of course, 1 500 euros in cash and, of course, several bottles of wine for the amount of… 191,71 euros, as it was checked by some Portuguese friends of him, including me. Which means that 1 308,29 euros of wine are still missing in Boligan’s throat or in his pocket if he had tried to sell his « missing bottles » in some Mexico City (black) market. But before doing that, he would have had to pay for the transport fees from Portugal to Mexico and the customs duty, of course. Big problem and big trouble that other awarded cartoonists could have had with their bottles of PortoCartoon wine.
As a matter of fact, why not just announce a good nice first prize of 3 500 euros and some wine bottles as a courtesy, instead of 7 000 unrealistic euros ?
We stay in Portugal and travel now to the south where there is an other town, Sintra, not far from Lisbon and also very well known all over the world because of its beautiful site and the former kings and queens who chose this piece of the Portuguese Republic to live in, but also its very important international contest named World Press Cartoon. This event was initiated ten years ago and used to be very successful because of the quality of its organization, its excellent catalog and its very very very high prizes… not paid « half in wine » but all in cash. I say « used to » because this year, as it happens, the new mayor has decided to stop supporting this contest for budgetary reasons after having said to the organizers that the contest could go on. So, it seems that everything was organized as usual but had to be stopped in the middle of the river crossing because of the mayor’s decision. Many cartoonists had already sent their cartoons to the World Press Cartoon but the members of the jury couldn’t go to Portugal because there was no money to pay for their flight tickets, hotel bills, meals and drinking… Sintra wine. Surely, it’s really a pity that this kind of artistic and cultural event, with a very rich history and so famous among the cartoonists community, depends on a political change and the decision of just one person.
We all know that things of life are very fragile, but it seems that the cartoons life is more and more fragile indeed. And, as a Portuguese-French cartoonist, that troubles me a lot. So does it to you, I’m sure.
Carlos Brito, vice president general of FECO
with the agreement of the international board
Source: fecocartoon.


Results of the 19th International Cartoon Exhibition Zagreb 2014, Croatia

The 19th International Exhibition of Cartoon ZAGREB 2014
has seen the arrival of 536 works of 248 authors from 51 countries.
Theme: Inventions Throughout History


List of Participants.


Results III International competition "Ukrainian choice. Ukraine – the European Union" 2014

The results of the III International competition of cartoons and caricatures
"Ukrainian choice. Ukraine – the European Union".
The FIRST PRIZE and big "Rudoi Panko" bronze figurine was received by
Victor Holub from Zdolbunov, Ukraine (Top).
The second place and small "Rudoi Panko" bronze figurine was received by
Sergei Tunin from Moscow, Russia.
The third place and "Rudy Panko" wooden figurine was received by
Valery Tarasenko from Pskov, Russia.
Diplomas of competition gained:
1 . Luís Paul, Australia
2 . Ivaylo Tsvetkov, Bulgaria
3 . Wlamir Rodriguez, Brazil.
4 . Jin Xiao Xing, China.
5 . Zbignev Pishchako, Poland.
 6.Tadeusz Krotos, Poland
1 . Andrey Levchenko, Poltava.
2 . Dmitry Skazhenik, Mariupol.
3 . Filip Marushchak, Kiev.
4 . Oleg Loktev, Zaporozhye.
1 . Victor Bogorad, St.Petersburg.
2 . Nikolay Rachkov, Moscow.
3 . Igor Smirnov, Moscow.
1 . Oleg Gutsol, Minsk.
Total catalog of a caricature and cartoons "Ukrainian choice. Ukraine -European Union"
is prepared for printing. It will be sent to authors till July 1, 2014.
In the catalog of a cartoons/caricatures of authors which passed in
the first round of competition are selected.
It is possible to order additional copies with an advance payment.
Advance payment conditions: http://art-krug.com/Content/show/page/reklama
Selected Artists.


Results of the 9th International Cartoon Contest SYRIA 2014

J u r y
1-Bernard Bouton /France
2-Horia CRISAN /Romania
3-Rahim Baghal Asgari /Iran
4-Dr.Maher Alkhouli/ Syria
5-Naji Benaji /Morocco
6-Zdenko Puhin /Croatia
Director: Raed Khalil
1-Theme: Nidal Sijery (portrait)
Saman Torabi/Iran
Passaprawas A-chinoboonwat/THAILAND (Top)
Ivailo Tsvetkov/BULGARIA
Hadi Asadi/Iran
Hule Hanusic/AUSTRIA
Shankar Pamarthy/India
Arash Foroughi/IRAN
Fadi Fadel/Syria
Brahim Idlhaj/Morocco
Aref Niazi/Iran
Walter Toscano/PERO
Usman Yulianto/Indonisia
Vahid Alimohamadi/Iran
Redwan Al ferekh/Lebanon
Omar Sedeek/Egypt.
Bayram Hajizadeh/Azerbaijan
Elena Ospina/Colombia
Mehdi Azizi/Iran
Ashmarin Stanislav/Russia
Damir Novak/Croatia
Oleksy Kustovsky/Ukraine
Borislav Stankovic Stabor/Serbia
Doru Axinte/Romania
Kazanevsky Vladimir/Ukraine
Seyran Caferli/Azerbaijan
Jaksa Vlahovic/ SERBIA
Oleg LOKTYEV/Ukraina
Shahram Rezaei /IRAN
Spiro RADULOVIC/Serbia.
All winning works in PDF.
Source: raedcartoon.

Results 22nd International Satire and Humor Contest 2014: "The Time is Running Out"

Trento, 31/05/2014
On 31st May 2014 the jury of the 22nd International Exhibition on Satire and Humor with title:
«THE TIME IS RUNNING OUT» met at the Studio d’Arte Andromeda in Trento.
Members of the jury:
Toti Buratti, Giordano Pacenza, Giuliano Rossetti, Gloria Canestrini and,
live online from Fano Giovanni Sorcinelli, Cinzia Battistel, Giorgio Valentini.
Works received: 968 by 378 authors from 55 countries.
First prize: Vyacheslav Shilov (Russia) (See top)
for the wise and expressive graphic sign, and for
getting the theme in a striking and hilarious humorous form.

Second prize: Pavel Matuska (Czech Republic)
for the great skill of illustrator and humorist in a cartoon
with also a narrative and evocative flavour.

Third prize: Maurizio Minoggio (Italy)
for the graphinc synthesis, the refined message,
the originality to express the theme.

Distinguished works:
Akbar Torabpor (Iran)
Alexandr Zudin (Russia)
Andrei Popov (Russia)
Ba Bilig (China)
Bogumil Lach (Polonia)
Hasan Gara (Iran)
Trayko Popov (Bulgaria).
Special mention:
Atefeh Maleki (Iran)
for hitting the target theme with an intensely poetical image.
Gianfranco Uber (Italia)
for the dimension of the absurd, linked at the originality of the ironic message.
Video category:
Distinguished works by Andrea Oberosler, Marianna Carazzai and Asyat Gamzatova
for the professional fulfillment and for hitting the target theme.
Comic category:
Distinguished work by Giuseppe Mangini
for the technique e dynamism of the script.
President of the Jury
Gloria Canestrini.
Source: http://studioandromeda.net/?p=155.
Artists allowed to contest.


Circassian Associations Federation International Cartoon Contest 2014, Turkey

Submission Deadline: September 15, 2014
SUBJECT: "Circassians’ Bleeding Wound: Genocide; The Crime of the Crimes"
In todays literature the name of the events that are performed by Russians during their attacks and occupation with a disproportionate power in the Caucasus is called Genocide.
• The Russian Historian P. P. Korolenko writes in his book in "Chernomorts" published in 1874: "During the year 1825, our detachments were destroying beyond Kuban and destroying the villages of highlanders. Fire and raid that killed thousands of Circassians, also the survivors were dying of starvation and disease because food and fuel reserves were also destroyed..."
• Again, the Russian Tsar Alexander II, in a letter he wrote June 24, 1861 to the Kuban Cossack Army Commander Adjutant General Yevdakimov was saying: "Now, with the God's help and the invasion of entire Caucasus entirely has been reached to an end. After that, the task to do with a few years of hard work is to exile the hostile mountaineers from their country and place Russian Christian population to their place where they will live there permanently" (Caucasian War on archive materials and Circassians in Turkey expulsion (1848-1874), Nalchik - 2003, p. 80-81).
• In 21 May 1864, Russian Army had held a Celebration Parade for the victory they had from the Russian-Caucasian War in Sochi Kbaada (Krasnaya Polyana) region. General Fedayev records that day as follows: "Everything that is done with gunpowder and bullets ended however, there is no peace to us as the mountain people that is kept by coast to be delivered (to Ottoman Empire) are still there. They has to be sent to the Ottoman Empire." (RA Fedayev, Caucasus Letters, The Complete Works, Saint Petersburg 1889, v.1, Part 1, p. 197)
Indeed it was ...; nearly to 2 million of Circassian were removed from the territory and sent to the Ottoman Empire.
All of those acts is according to the article 2 of the "UN Convention on Prevention of Genocide and Punishment" and in Article 6 of "the Statute of the International Criminal Court" are listed as the "acts of genocide".
Circassians are for 150 years suffering from this genocide and deportations.
As a result of genocide and exile,
Circassians whom were removed from their homeland and distributed to the 40 countries of the world,
Lost the advantage of ensuring their continued existence "by living in a geographical area with a demographic density"
Due to the dissolution of their population in geographical areas they deported to, has come under the threat of assimilation,
Today both in homeland and in Diaspora they are in a position where they can not preserve their national language and culture.
In order to increase the awareness of the Circassian genocide and exile practiced, Circassian Associations Federation have held an International Cartoon Contest named, ‘Genocide: The Crime of the Crimes’, in consideration of the effectiveness of the art of cartooning with its language that delivers fast and clear messages to the public.
Of the participants works over the issue of the genocide that Circassians have suffered are expected .
- The contest is organized on an international scale, open to amateur and professional cartoonists.
- Drawing technique is free. Cartoons are submitting artwork as a computer printout has to deliver the final work with a wetseal on (Hand signed).
- Cartoon dimensions: at least A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) and maximum A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) and should not be affixed, glued to any floor.
-Artworks submitted should NOT have had submitted to any other contest and prized with an award. Jury considering similarity with any other cartoons belonging to other cartoonist will not be considered. Participants will be responsible by any possible controversy of stealing or similarity claims.
- Competitors should submit their artwork with a CV including photo, address, phone and e -mail information, and specifications attached to the entry form (Appendix 1).
- Contestants can submit up to 5 cartoons.
- On the back of each artwork of information of the participants has to be included (Name, Surname , Address, Telephone and e- mail information). Works do not contain this information will not be considered.
- Participants artworks should be delivered only to the address of our Federation specified. Works that are not sent to this address will not be considered.
- On the envelope of the Artwork sent please print 'Circassian Association FEDERATION Cartoon Contest' with text by typing the artist's name and surname. Artworks should to be sent to the specified address until 15 September 2014.
- Cartoons should be prevented for any damage and should not be folded. In accordance with the specification should be delivered with a courier, registered mail or by hand.
- Jury Meeting will be held on September 27, 2014. Contest results will be announced on 6 October 2014.
- Awards will be given at NOVEMBER / 2014 during the "International Conference of the 150th year of the Circassian Genocide".
- The cartoons of the jury awarded will be exhibited in the foyer of the first conference day; followingly exhibited at the appropriate galleries.
- The travel costs of the winners living out of Istanbul, Turkey, will be covered by our Federation.
- Awards will be sent to the address of the contestants that are unable to attend the award ceremony.
- The Copyrights of submitted artworks either received an award or not for a competition will belong to the Circassian Associations Federation.
- The cartoons submitted to the competition will not be returned. All cartoons submitted either awarded or not can be displayed or may be published by the Circassian Associations Federation.
- Sent artworks that are selected by the jury will be collected in an Album. And the Album will only delivered to the award winners and the artists which the artwork has been published on the album.
The participants whom sent their artworks to the contest accepts the above conditions.
Kuştepe Mah. Mecidiyeköy Yolu Cad.
Contacts: Erol Karayel 90 505-476 39 97 (Turkish)
Didem Bilge 90 536 845 9980 (English)
E-Posta: cerkesfederasyonu@gmail.com
Web: http://www.cerkes-fed.com/.
First Prize: 2000 USD
Second Prize: 1000 USD
Third Prize: 500 USD.
Nusret Baş (President, Circassian Associations Federation, Turkey)
Oğuz GÜREL (Cartoon Artist)
Hikmet CERRAH (Cartoon Artist)
Kamil YAVUZ (Cartoon Artist)
Faruk KUTLU (Artist)
Emrah ARIKAN (Cartoon Artist)
Adel Baskawi (Justice For North Caucasus, Jordan)
Erol Karayel (Contest Coordinator).
(Appendix 1)
"Circassians Bleeding Wound: Genocide; The Crime of the Crimes"
Circassian Associations FEDERATION


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