Results First International Kosova Cartoon Festival 2015, Republic of Kosovo

First Prize: Petar Pismestrovic - Croatia (Top)
Second Prize: Carlos David Fuentes - Cuba
Third Prize: Saman Torbi - Iran
Special Prize: Marcin Bondarowicz - Poland
Special Prize: Mehdi Azizi - Iran
Special Prize: Omer Cam - Turkey
Special Prize: Aristides Esteban Hernandez Guerrero / ARES - Cuba
Special Prize: Amir Soheili - Iran
MoneyGram Prize: Samedin Latifi with 4245 "Like"s.
Sources: facebook & cartooncenter.


VIII International Caricature Contest 2015 - Magazine "Nosorog" ("Rhinocervs")

The organizer of VIII International caricature contest is The International magazine for satire, humor and cartoons “Nosorog” (“Rhinocervs”; www.nosorog.rs.sr ; http://nosorog-rhinocervs.weebly.com/ ). The contest is opened for proffesional or amateur cartoonists, from any country, any nationality, age, sex, or profesion.
THEME: The world's greatest writers from Homer to the present day!
First Prize: 300 euros + Diploma
Second Prize: Diploma
Third Prize: Diploma
Five ( 5 ) Special Diplomas
Conditions of entry:
1. Technik: Any technik will be accepted.
2. IMPORTANT: Write on each caricature which writer you present! (you may find photos of writers on Wikipedia, or somewhere other on net)
3. Entries: maximum 7 entries will be submitted.
4. Size of entries: A4, A3 format.
5. Send your name, surname, address, country and the e-mail.
6. You may send by post or by E-mail.
7. E-mail for sending art-work: nosorog.magazine@gmail.com
Note: 300 dpi resolution; JPG, JPEG format.
8. If you send by post, address is:
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Note: Please, do not send originals, because we will not send you back!
Entry deadline is December 25th 2015 (Please write on envelope: PRINTED MATTER - NO VALUE !)
10. Some Names of BIG Writers:
1. Homer
2. Sophocles
3. Euripides
4. Aristophanes
5. Cicero
6. Vergil
7. Ovid
8. Horace
9. Dante
10. Francesco Petrarca
11. Giovanni Boccaccio
12. William Shakespeare
13. Jane Austen
14. William Blake
15. Charles Dickens
16. John Milton
17. George Orwell
18. Harold Pinter
19. Marcel Proust
20. Gustave Flaubert
21. Émile Zola
22. Victor Hugo
23. Alexandre Dumas
24. Honoré de Balzac
25. Stendhal
26. Jules Verne
27. Marquis de Sade
28. Molière
29. Miguel de Cervantes
30. Mario Vargas Llosa
31. Miguel de Unamuno
32. Federico García Lorca
33. Pedro Calderón de la Barca
34. Lope de Vega
35. Leo Tolstoy
36. Fyodor Dostoyevsky
37. Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov
38. Maxim Gorky
39. Vladimir Mayakovsky
40. Sergei Yesenin
41. Ernest Hemingway
42. William Faulkner
43. Mark Twain
44. Edgar Allan Poe
45. John Steinbeck
46. Tennessee Williams
47. Henry Miller
48. Harper Lee
49. John Updike
50. Walt Whitman
51. Norman Mailer
52. Arthur Miller
53. Emily Dickinson
54. Isaac Asimov
55. Jack London
… (also, you can draw some other BIG writers)
Ivo Andrić (Yugoslavia, Nobel Prize)
Branko Ćopić (Yugoslavia)
Plus: FREE choice, not included for Prizes (only for Exhibition):
Goran Kljajić (Republika Srpska).
The exhibition will take place in the galery of the National Library of Republika Srpska, city Banja Luka
12 - IMPORTANT NOTE: In the event that the State, from which the awarded artist is, under international sanctions, the organizer is not liable if it can not deliver the prize!
13 – IMPORTANT NOTE – 2: The Organizer of this Cartoon Competition has permanent troubles to deliver diploma or money-prize, if winner is from Iran! The Organizer is not responsible for that.
14. Note: Sender must be author of caricatures!
14. Jury members:
Mrs. Irina Iosip, painter, cartoonist and Editor of "Salt and Pepper" magazine - Romania
Mrs. Jasmina Bukva, satiric writer - Serbia
Mr. Aleksandar Blatnik, painter, cartoonist - Serbia
Mr. Milenko Kosanovich, cartoonist - Serbia
Mr. Milenko Mihajlovich, painter, cartoonist - Serbia
Mr. Miladin Berich, writer, Editor, Serbs Republic /BA
Mr. Goran Kljajich, writer, Chief Editor of “Nosorog” ("Rhinoceros"), Republika Srpska.
We wish good art-work and successful participation to everyone.
International magazine for satire, cartoon and caricature “Nosorog” (“Rhinocervs”)
City Banja Luka
Republika Srpska
Balkan, Europe
Source: http://www.nosorog.rs.sr/diff/diff2.html.


19th Dutch Cartoonfestival 2016, The Netherlands / Holland

19th Dutch Cartoonfestival 2016, The Netherlands / Holland
1. PARTICIPANTS Cartoonists from all over the world.
2. NUMBER OF ENTRIES A maximum of 8 cartoons total from each participant is permitted. Originals as well as computer prints, screen prints or good quality copies are welcome. Originals will be sent back on request.
3. DIMENSIONS Max A4 (21x29,7 cm). Each entry must state on the verso of the drawing, the name and address of the cartoonist. NO CAPTIONS PLEASE.
4. THEMES “The 4 Freedoms”:
freedom of speech and expression
freedom of worship
freedom from want
freedom from fear
5. DEADLINE Thursday December 31, 2015
First Prize: € 1000 + trophy
Second Prize: € 750 + trophy
Third Prize: € 500 + trophy
FECO Award: € 500 + trophy
TULIP Award: € 250 + trophy
4 Special Mentions: diploma/certificate
Bert Witte Trophy 2016.
Travel expense and hotel stay for prize-winners will be paid by the organisers.
Opening ceremony & prize-giving: May 20, 2016.
8. CARTOON BOOK All cartoonists whose work(s) have been selected for the exhibition will receive a free sample of the catalogue, maximum four months after the closing date of the exhibition. They can also collect their books during the exhibition period.
9. COPYRIGHT By participating the cartoonists confer the right on the organizers to publish the selected works until ½ year after the exhibition, for no other purpose than the promotion of the cartoonist, The Roosevelt Foundation and the Dutch Cartoon Festival. The copyright of the works remain always to the cartoonists.
10. INSURANCE The works received will be insured by the organizers, equal to the value indicated by the cartoonist on the entry-form. If the value of the cartoon is not indicated, the works will be insured for € 50 Euro each.
Regulations in languages + Entry Form in PDF on source.


Regulations for the International Exhibition Satyrykon - Legnica 2016, Poland

Participation conditions
1. SATYRYKON 2016 International Exhibition is an open competition.
2. The objects of the competition are drawings, graphics and other works of fine arts and photography created with the use of optional techniques, being originals, completed within the recent two years (2015-2016), and qualified by artists to section (drawing without captions preferred):
3. WORKS AWARDED IN OTHER COMPETITIONS will be excluded from the competition SATYRYKON.
4. The format of works -maximum A3 (297 x 420 mm).
5. Works should be sent or delivered by February 8, 2016 (date of the postmark), packed in a protective cover to:
SATYRYKON – Legnica 2016
International Exhibition
Chojnowska 2, 59-220 Legnica, Poland
Organisers are not responsible for transport damages.
6. Participation in the competition is free of charge. However, organisers reserve the right to include one of the submitted works in the Satyrykon Gallery. The work, chosen by the author, will in this way cover our costs of mailing.
7. Works should be accompanied by their author’s photo or caricature, a short biographical note and a filled application form (PLEASE USE CAPITALS).
1. Works for the competition will be qualified by the international Jury.
2. Jury will award the following prizes:
Grand Prix SATYRYKON 2016 – pure gold key and purse amounting to 8,000 PLN
2 gold medals and purses amounting to 6.000 PLN
2 silver medals and purses amounting to 5.500 PLN
2 bronze medals and purses amounting to 5.000 PLN
and 4 special prizes amounting to 4.000 PLN each
Director of Legnickie Centrum Kultury (Legnica Culture Centre) for a photography work in amount of 4,000 PLN award
Mayor of legnica award in amount of 4.000 PLN
Organisers plan to award the author of the best DEBUT and will organise her/his individual author’s exhibition at SATYRYKON Gallery included in Satyrykon 2016 programme as well.
Jury has the right of final distribution of the statutory prizes, change of their amount, or non – awarding them or non – awarding the Grand Prix SATYRYKON. Jury’s decisions are final.
The competition results will be announced on March 1, 2016 at Satyrykon web site: www.satyrykon.pl.
No t e !
AWARDS ARE SUBJECT TO TAXATION ACCORDING TO THE CURRENT REGULATIONS. The condition to pay the authors is their arrival for the opening of the exhibition and collection of their awards by December 15, 2016, or it can be transferred into a bank account in a currency specified by the author.
Participants’ privileges
1. Authors of work qualified to the exhibition are given a presentation copy of the exhibition catalogue.
2. Organisers provide competition prize-winners with gratuitous participation in the SATYRYKON 2016 event on June 16-19, 2016.
3. Works sent to the exhibitions will be exhibited in the country and abroad after the main exhibition, and then will be returned to their authors by the end of 2017.
Final provisions
1. Organisers reserve the right to use the sent works for SATYRYKON advertising purposes without any special fees paid to the authors: to be exhibited and reproduced in a variety of advertising materials, as well as printed and circulated in catalogues.
2. The prize-winning works become the property of the organisers and will be included in the collection of the Satyrykon Gallery.
3. The exhibition organisers are the final judges in interpretation of the regulations.
4. Sending her/his work the artist agrees to the mentioned above rules and regulations and agrees to publishing of the author’s profile in the post-exhibition catalogue.
5. Legnica Culture Centre (+4876 72-33-700; e-mail: lck@lck.art.pl) and Satyrykon Foundation (+48 76 852-23-44; e-mail: satyrykon@wp.pl – PL 59-220 Legnica, Chojnowska 2 – are organisers of the International Exhibition SATYRYKON – Legnica 2016.
T i m e t a b l e:
Deadline for works reception February 8, 2016
(date of the postmark)
Jury meeting February 19-21, 2016
Post-competition exhibition June 8 – August 28, 2016
Return of works after the exhibition cycle December 31, 2017
Download the Application Card  here.
Source: http://en.satyrykon.pl/regulamin/.

Notice of the 5th International Cartoon Contest SICACO 2016, South Korea

Click on the image to enlarge.
More on http://www.dicaco.com/.

Winners in the 4th International Cartoon Contest SICACO 2015, South Korea


9th International Cartoon Contest Urziceni 2015, Romania

The Culture House Of Urziceni Municipality and

The ACCES Association

The International Site BestCARTOONS.net and

CRISAN Publishing House

Are very glad to invite you to participate in


1. The 9th ICC Urziceni is an open competition for cartoonists all over the world. The participation is free of charge.
2. The artworks must be presented in a FREE THEME or/and on THE THEME - MIGRATION .
3. Deadline: 15 November 2015.
4. You can submit max 5 works for FREE THEME and max 5 works for THEME SECTION. The cartoons must not contain text. The name of the cartoons must contain the entrant’s family name, country and title of work (in english). The works must be digitized in 300 DPI resolution, RGB color mode, in JPG format, with the maximum limit of 2 MB.
5. Send your cartoons and your CV at the e-mail address urzicenicontest@gmail.com .
6. The cartoons submitted to the contest will be exhibited on the Urziceni 2015 web site for the attention and objection of all cartoonists to prevent similarity, copying and steeling. Any cartoon which is similar, copied or stolen will not be awarded. The contest results will be announced on the Urziceni 2015 web site .
7. The International Jury will award the following prizes for the best works, no mater the categories:
GOLD PRIZE ACCES 300 euro, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net
SILVER PRIZE ACCES 200 euro, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net
BRONZE PRIZE ACCES 100 euro, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net
10 EXCELLENCY Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net
Jury’s decisions are final. Other Special Prizes offered by the sponsors may be awarded.
The prizes can be paid in Urziceni or can be posted to the cost of the receiver. The organizer does not assume any liability regarding taxes or bank charges. The original drawings of the prize winning entries should be sent in maximum two weeks from the results announcement, well wraped and protected against damages.
8. By participating, entrants grant the organizing body the right to use their entries as advertising for the Urziceni International Cartoon Contest and for the site BestCARTOONS.net (e.g. as cartoon books, catalogues, advertising in the press, internet and other media, separate promotional printed works such as posters, leaflets, etc., promotional gifts by the city council and/or cartoon contest organization, calendars, etc) without any special fees paid to the authors.
9. For further information, e-mail: urzicenicontest@gmail.com .
10. By submitting the works to Urziceni 2015 INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST, the artists accept the decisions of the Jury and the rules printed above.
Nicolae PETRACHE, General Manager of CH Urziceni.


Reduce it! – International Illustration Contest 2015, Hungary

Reduce it! – International Illustration Contest 2015, Hungary
STKH Sopron és Térsége Környezetvédelmi és Hulladékgazdálkodási Nonprofit Kft.
Application begins
8. October, 2015.
Deadline for entries 
12. November 2015.
The STKH Sopron és Térsége Kft. invites all professional and amateur cartoonists, satirical artists and graphic designers to an international illustration contest with the theme
flatten your trash before putting it in the bin 
• because this way others garbage will fit inside as well
• and the garbage truck has to make fewer trips
• which is a more efficient use of resources
The entry can be either a poster, advertisement, logo or icon.
I. prize: 300 €
II. prize: 200 €
III. prize: 100 €
General rules 
Entries can be sent via post or e-mail to the organiser of the contest.
Size of entries received by post should be A/3.
Cartoons sent by emails should be in JPG format (300 dpi), sized at about 2500 pixels wide if in portrait format and 3500 pixels wide if in landscape format.
Competition details 
• All participants must be 14 or older.
• Previously published cartoons are not allowed for submission.
• Each competitor is allowed to participate in the competition with a maximum of 3 cartoons.
• Postal address for entries:
STKH Sopron és Térsége Kft, Sopron, Pf. 101, 9401, Hungary
Entries received by post will not be returned.
• Email address for entries: palyazat@stkh.hu
• Cartoons sent by email should contain the surname of the participant and a two digit serial number. A txt, doc or docx format text is required with the same two digit serial number, which includes the data of the participant and the cartoon. (listed below)
• Attachment of works received either by post or by email should include:
o Title of the work
o Name
o Address
o Phone number
o Email address of the applicant.
Works will be judged by a professional jury. Unique vision, expressiveness and eye catching aesthetic are the highest priorities when deciding the winners.
The jury will automatically disqualify any submission deemed offensive or inappropriate or any submission that violates copyright law or the rules of the competition.
A notification of the result of the competition will be sent to the provided email address by 20. November 2015.
The best submissions to the competition will be displayed on STKH’s website in the „www.stkh.hu/ Főbb információk / pályázatok / Reduce it!” section from 23. November 2015. The best submissions will be exclusively exhibited as a part of the European Week for Waste Reduction programme. The exhibition can be viewed at the Liszt Ferenc Conference an Cultural Center in Sopron from 23. November 2015.
Further information about the competition will be constantly posted on STKH’s homepage in the „www.stkh.hu/ Főbb információk / pályázatok / Reduce it!” section.
Special professional advice can be asked of the competition’s artistic director Szénási Ferenc at the following email address: palyazat@stkh.hu.
The competition organizer claims the rights for all submission.
By taking part in the competition, all participants agree to the conditions and regulations of the competition.
By entering the contest, the participants accept that any decision made by the jury is not negotiable.
We wish good luck to all participants! 
STKH Sopron és Térsége Környezetvédelmi és Hulladékgazdálkodási Nonprofit Kft.
Source: http://www.stkh.hu/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Reduce-it_2015-english.pdf.


XV International Salon Humor Santa Clara 2015, Cuba

XV International Salon Humor Santa Clara 2015
The humoristic journal Melaito and the Cuban Association of Authors and Artists (UNEAC) in Villa Clara, call for the XV International Salon Humor Santa Clara 2015.
Brazil is the invited country
The themes for the salon will be “free” and “erotic”.
The works must not exceed 25x35 cm in any technique including printed copies of digital images.
Three-dimensional works should not exceed 50x50 cm on any side.
Each participant can send a maximum of three works for each theme.
Entries should be posted no later than November 30th, 2015 to the following address:
XV Salón Internacional de Humor Santa Clara 2015
Casa de la Uneac 
Máximo Gómez no. 107
entre Julio Jover y Martí,
Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba.
Entries can also be sent via e-mail to the following address:
Drawings should be formatted to a resolution of 300 dpi in format JPG or TIF.
The Organizing Committee will award there prizes for each category, consisting on a artistic plate made by a well known local artist and a certificate, which will be posted by secured delivery. Other awards will be also given such as mentions of winning works.
A panel of prestigious cartoonist will decide the winners and its decision is final.
The awards will be given on December 20th at the UNEAC venue. Shortlisted cartoons and works will be part of an exhibition.
Organizing Committee
For more details about this announcement you can email: 40melaito@gmail.com
Source: cartoonblues.


2015 International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection, China

2015 International Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection, China
1. Theme: “Environment and Safety
Focus on the theme of the competition, though contributions relating to environment protection are also accepted.
2. Participants
1) Students group of those from China and oversea universities,
2) Social group of professional and armature cartoonists
3. Schedule:
Submissions will be accepted beginning September 1, 2015
The deadline for entries is October 30, 2015 (EXTENDED:) 16 NOVEMBER 2015
Notice: Since the deadline is set upon the receipt of the works, it is suggested to have the works delivered as early as possible.
4. Prizes
Student group:
First Prize [1 competitor]: RMB 5,000 (pre-tax) and certification
Second Prize [2 competitors]: RMB 3,000 (pre-tax) and certification
Third Prize [3 competitors]: RMB 1,000 (pre-tax) and certification
Excellent Prize: [50 competitors]: souvenir and certification
Top-over-List Prize: souvenir
Notice: Top-over-list Prize is awarded to the top on the voting rank on the official website.
Social group:
First Prize [1 competitor]: RMB 6,000 (pre-tax) and certification
Second Prize [2 competitors]: RMB 4,000 (pre-tax) and certification
Third Prize [3 competitors]: RMB 2,000 (pre-tax) and certification
Excellent Prize: [50 competitors]: souvenir and certification
5. Organizer:
China Daily, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), China Environmental Protection Foundation(CEPF), China Journalistic Caricature Society, China Daily Website, 21st Century
6. Requirements
1) There is no limitation on number of works submitted by the participants.
2) Hand painting on paper should not be smaller than A4 size (210mm*297mm). Please mark the title, participant’s name, college name, address and other contact information at the back of the paper.
3) If you submit your contribution via email, please follow the specifications as follows :
- 300 dpi (file size no more than 2MB)
- longest side of the file should be under 1000 pixels
4) Criteria for paper submissions: title of the work, participant’s name, and the name of the college or university he or she attends are required, author’s pen name is optional.
Caption of email contribution should be in .TXT format and include the title of the work, participant’s name, institute participant attends, address, and telephone number.
7. Submission Format
1) Register on the official application webpage, fill in authentic information and upload your work(s).
2) Email to mhds@chinadaily.com.cn
3) Postal delivery to the address found below. Please write “Cartoon Contest” on the front cover of envelope.
8. Online Entry Form (downloadable)
All participants need to register for the competition by completing an entry form. Fill out the form as accurately and truthfully as possible. Photocopies are acceptable. Click to download here.
9. Contact Us
Address: 6/F, B3 Tower, Ziguang Building, No.11 Huixin Dongjie Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China
Tel: 86-10-8488 3652 Mr. Zheng
Official Website: www.newscartoon.com.cn
Email Address: mhds@chinadaily.com.cn
10. Additional Key Points
1) No fees needed for the competition
2) Cartoons and illustrations must be submitted
3) Winning contributions will be displayed on News Cartoon
4) Monthly champions are selected according to the number of votes and views the submission receives.
5) The result will be publicized on News Cartoon, as well as other newspapers or websites.
11. The Jury
1) The jury is made up of famous cartoonists, university professors and experts of environment-protection.
2) The jury will maintain an objective, fair and just principles of the entries submitted for judging and voting, and recommended the winners.
3) The winner will be announced in December 2015
12. Copyrights
1) The organizers reserve the right to refuse entries they consider morally, politically or religiously offensive, as well as work that is considered in violation of the acknowledged moral standards.
2) If a contribution has any intellectual property rights or copyright dispute, the organizer holds the right to revoke the participant’s eligibility to participate in the competition. Participants are solely liable for any consequence that may arise from submitting work to the competition. The participant must be the owner of all rights on the work submitted and it is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that his or her contributions to the competition do not generate any copyright or other intellectual property rights dispute.
3) News Cartoon reserves the right to use the contributions for presentation and media use.
4) Organizers and participants share the copyrights of the contributions; the organizers of the event have the right to display and distribute the works of the contestants.
5) By submitting a contribution to the competition, the participant is agreeing to accept all of the rules.
Source: http://cartoon.chinadaily.com.cn/zhuanti/dasai/2015/xuzhi.shtml.

Results 1st Veredas Graphic Humor Hall 2015 - Sete Lagoas city - MG - Brazil

Theme: WATER
Charge 1st Prize: Oktay Bingol, Turkey (Top)
Charge Honour Mention: Saman, Iran

Cartoon 1st Prize: Anderson de Oliveira Delfino, Brazil
Cartoon Honour Mention: Carlos Augusto Nascimento - Casso, Brazil

Caricature 1st Prize: Shankar Pamarthy, India
Caricature Honour Mention: Rui Miranda Cerqueira, Brazil
Popular Prize: Claudio Mancha, Brazil.
Source: http://festivalveredasdehumor.com.br/.

Kevin (Kal) Kallaugher to discuss “Political Cartooning in the 21st Century” in Istanbul

“Political Cartooning in the 21st Century”
Thursday, October 8, 2015
Kevin (Kal) Kallaugher is the editorial cartoonist for The Economist and The Baltimore Sun. Kal will discuss “Political Cartooning in the 21st Century” at Schneidertempel and will answer questions from the audience.
Kal’s diverse portfolio for The Economist includes over 4000 published cartoons, 140 magazine covers, a 2008 board game he created about the world financial crisis titled “Credit Crunch” and 3 award-winning illustrated wall calendars. In 1999, The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons said of Kal, "Commanding a masterful style, Kallaugher stands among the premier caricaturists of the (twentieth) century."
Kal is a former President of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists and Cartoonists Rights Network International. His work has been widely displayed at exhibitions including at the Tate Gallery in London and the Library of Congress in Washington.
More on http://www.schneidertempel.com/https://www.facebook.com/events/1474931329503507/.


Cartoons from Croatia in Belgium

The Croatian Cartoonist Association was founded in 1985 in Zagreb and this year they celebrated their thirtieth anniversary of existence and successful work on promoting the cartoon in Croatia and the Croatian cartoon in the world. Ever since the beginning the Croatian Cartoonist Association has been a member of the international cartoonist association FECO. With Belgium, the Netherlands and England, Croatian cartoonists were co-founders of this international association.
By participating in many festivals around the world, a lot of their members have won numerous prizes. Over the last few years they have organized Croatian cartoon exhibitions in Norway, France, Turkey, Austria, and Slovenia. So now in Kruishoutem (Belgium), with works of some 30 Croatian cartoonists, as Živko NIMAC, Zdenko PUHIN, Tomislav KAURIN, Srećko PUNTARIĆ, Roko IDŽOJTIĆ, Damir NOVAK, Petar PISMESTROVIĆ, Oto REISINGER, Nik TITANIK, Zarko LUETIĆ, Miroslav GERENČER ... These exhibitions, as well as the overall work of the Association, would not be possible without the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and the City Zagreb.
More info on the Croatian Cartoonist Association you can find on their website www.hdk.hr.
You can visit the exhibition in the ECC from 27 September till 20 December 2015, every Sunday from 10 to 12 am and from 2 to 5 pm. Groups of 10 persons or more are welcome on other days by appointment.
More info on the exhibition on ECC website www.ecc-kruishoutem.be.

Mojmir Mihatov
Marijan Pavečić
Oton Reisinger


‘Gandhi through Eyes of Egyptian Cartoonists’ exhibition in Cairo, Egypt

The Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture (MACIC), Embassy of India, Cairo, in collaboration with the Egyptian Caricature Society would be hosting the ‘Gandhi through Eyes of Egyptian Cartoonists’ exhibition at MACIC from 4 – 15 October 2015. The Exhibition will be inaugurated at 18:30 hrs on Sunday, 4 October 2015.


II International Exhibition of Graphic Humor of Pernambuco 2016, Brazil

The themes of the II International Graphic Humour Salon of Pernambuco (SIHG-PE) are Human Rights and Thinkers. The idea is to put Human Right issues such as violence against women, ethnic discrimination, homophobia, religious intolerance, children’s and adolescents’ exploitation and political persecution at the centre of discussion. Not leaving aside the guarantee of individual freedoms, the right to come and go and the polemic about privacy between the public and private.
The idea is to promote, through the cartoons and caricature contest, the reflection about Human Rights and about personalities who contributed with their ideas and thoughts to humanity.
a) Both, Brazilian or foreigners, amateur or professional, graphic artists in general may participate.
b) Each contestant can send up to 2(two) pieces of work for each category: cartoon or caricature, as long as they have not been awarded the price by the time they do so.
c) The candidate to enrol on this contest acknowledges being solely responsible for the veracity of the data and authorship of the work presented, being held liable on a civil and criminal basis, during or after the contest, if proven guilty.
d) Anyone working directly with the organisation, awarding committee and production of SIHG-PE is not allowed to participate, including and up to their second degree relatives.
a) Registration forms will be provided on the website www.sihgpe.com.
b) The registration must be done exclusively via website.
c) The contestant must fill in a form for each category, attaching the corresponding pieces of work.
d) The pieces of work must be sent in A3 format (297 mm x 420 mm), horizontally or vertically, in JPEG, with resolution of 300 DPI.
e) The organising committee takes no responsibility for entries or work not received due to technical problems with computers, network congestion, communication failure, or any other factor that prevents the successful electronic entry.
f) The homologation of the entries will be published through the confirmation email.
g) The entry will imply accepting this rules and regulations in all its terms, including the deference of the final result of the contest and the items related to the destination and use of the drawings.
a) The pieces of work will go through a pre-selection process and the chosen ones will be shown at the SIHG-PE exhibition. The full list of selected works will also be published on the site www.sihgpe.com
b) The authors of the selected works will assign the copyright to SIHG to their use at the salon during the event and advertisement of the next ones. The prizewinner pieces may be permanently used for advertisement purpose of the current and future editions of the SIHG. In either case, it is not possible to charge for the use of the works, considering the selection and awarding criterion described in this rules and regulations.
a) The works can be submitted from 1st October, 2015 until 31st January, 2016 by 24:00
b) The judgement of the selected works will occur on 01st April 2016.
c) The exhibition will take place from 3rd April to 1st May, 2016.
a) For the selection and prize awarding, the obeyed criteria will be: creativity, originality and pertinence to the proposed theme. The selection will be made by a judging commission whose decision must be accepted by the participants, with no possibility of being challenged.
b) The submitted pieces of work will be judged by two juries: a judging and an awarding one. The first mentioned, composed of prepared professionals in the area of graphic humour, will select around 120 (a hundred and twenty) pieces of work to compose the catalogue display. Among these, the awarded will be selected by the awarding commission.
c) From the selected pieces, 4 (four) will be awarded a prize, corresponding to one 1st and 2nd place for each category.
d) The jury may choose up to two works from each category to be awarded an Honourable mention, which does not include a monetary prize.
f) Possible omissions will be remedied in due time by the jury.
a) The selected will be awarded the following prizes per category:
1st Place................................R$ 6.000,00 and trophy;
2nd Place...............................R$ 2.000,00 and trophy;
Honourable mention........... Certificate
1st Place................................R$ 6.000,00 and trophy,
2nd Place...............................R$ 2.000,00 and trophy;
Honourable mention........ Certificate
This makes a total of R$16.000, 00 (sixteen thousand reais) in prizes.
b) All selected works for the exhibition will have their works published in the SIHG catalogue.
c) The winners will be announced on 3rd April, 2016, at 4pm, upon the exhibition opening and through the site of the event. The winners will be informed via telegram, phone call and/or email.
d) The winners will receive the amount of their prize within 40 days from the disclosure via bank account deposit.
f) The amount will be subject to the tax in force at the moment of accreditation.
Samuca Andrade, Organiser
Clériston Andrade, Coordinator.
Source: http://www.sihgpe.com/#!sobre-2/cwv7.