The 8th International Cartoon Exhibition in Ymittos 2020, Greece

8th International Cartoon Exhibition in Ymittos 2020, Greece
Organized by the Municipality of Dafni - Ymittos & Ergastri
Subject: New technologies in our life
Terms of Participation
• The drawings should be in black and white or in color.
• Each participant may present up to 3 works printable in A3 size with margins around drawings. It is possible to print and exhibit drawings in A4 size.
• The resolution of the works should be at least 300 dpi.
• It is preferable that the drawings do not contain any text or comments. In case they do, an english or greek text should be definitely included.
• The use of collage is not permitted.
• The works should be sent via e-mail.
• Any drawings judged by the Jury Members to have been copied from other cartoonists’ works will be disqualified.
• The works should not have been previously published or presented in other exhibitions.
• The works should not include any offensive material.
• Each participant should make available a brief CV, an e-mail address, a Skype account (if available) and a postal address.
• All drawings participating in the exhibition may be presented in a touring exhibition in Greece or abroad.
• The works can only be used for non-profit purposes; in any case, with the name of the artist and the event explicitly mentioned.
• Any works not corresponding to the above requirements will not be accepted and the cartoonist will be informed accordingly by e-mail.
• Up to 100 drawings chosen by the Jury Members will be exhibited.
• The prizes will be decided by the Jury Members
• The Critical Committee consists of men of letters and artists of high repute.
• The works may be used as part of the advertising campaign of the exhibition. On no
account should drawings or copies be sold. Moreover, any commercial exploitation of part or all of the exhibition is prohibited.
• The participating artists will not receive payment of any kind for their participation.
• The copyright of the Exhibition is owned jointly by the organizers, the Municipality of Dafni – Ymittos and Ergastiri.
• Participation in the exhibition implies full acceptance of the above.
• Participants will receive a digital catalogue of the exhibition via e-mail.
Submission Deadline: July 31st 2020
The drawings are to be sent to the following e-mail address:
The dates of the Exhibition will be determined on the basis of health conditions.
The exhibition will be of a competitive character and not purely demonstrative. The best works will be awarded.
1st Prize: 5 days of overnight accommodation at Delphi Palace Hotel (4*) in Delphi, sponsored by Iniohos Kaltsis SA.
2nd Prize: 3 days of overnight accommodation at Delphi Palace Hotel (4*) in Delphi, sponsored by Iniohos Kaltsis SA
3rd Prize: an album of the expressionist painter George Bouzianis’s works published by Benaki Museum (english or greek edition).
4th Prize: book or CD
5th Prize: book or CD
In addition, 10 merit awards will be given.
All participants whose works will be exhibited will receive a Digital Certificate of Participation.
                   On behalf of the Organizing Committee
                     Yannis Kaltsas                          Anastasios Biniskos
              Coordinator                                     Chairman
                           Ergastiri                              Mayor of Dafni - Ymittos


"Values of Kuşadası" International Cartoon Contest, Karikaturistik 2020, Turkey

"Values of Kuşadası" International Cartoon Contest
Karikaturistik 2020, Turkey
A) Kuşadası
B) Kuşadası portrait caricaturist Lütfü ÇAKIN Portrait Caricature
C) Kuşadası portrait caricaturist Musa KEKLİK Portrait Caricature.
* The competition is open to all amateur and professional cartoonists.
* Each artist can submit unlimited cartoons for each theme.
* There is no limit on the techniques you can use.
* Artworks must not be larger than A3 paper.
* Artwork format must be JPG with 300 DPI resolution and the size of each artwork must not exceed more than 3 megabytes.
* The awards of the awarded artists will be sent to their addresses by mail.
Selected works of art will be exhibited in Kuşadası KUAKMER ART GALLERY in August and will be included in the PDF catalog (The participation sertificate and a copy of the PDF catalog will be sent to all participants).
* Along with the artworks you must also send this information: full name, mobile number, exact mailing address, biography and a photo of the artist.
* The cartoons will be kept in the archive of the institution and can be used in posters, handouts, calendars, magazines, and newspapers. The publication will be sent to the holder of that cartoon.
* By sending his/her works, and participating in the contest, the cartoonists agree to the mentioned rules and conditions.
* Click to get information about Kuşadası: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqgrPrmYucc
* Click to get photos of Lütfü ÇAKIN and Musa KEKLİK:
* The institution organising the competition: KARIKATURISTIK
* Competition organizers: Musa KEKLIK (Cartoonist-Teacher) - Lütfü ÇAKIN (Cartoonist).
Theme A
First Prize : First Plaque, Honorary diploma, Selection for the exhibition
Second Prize : Second Plaque, Honorary diploma, Selection for the exhibition
Third Prize : Third Plaque, Honorary diploma, Selection for the exhibition
3 Honor Prizes : Medal, Honorary Diploma, Selection for the exhibition.
Theme B
First Prize : First Plaque, Honorary diploma, Selection for the exhibition
Second Prize : Second Plaque, Honorary diploma, Selection for the exhibition
Third Prize : Third Plaque, Honorary diploma, Selection for the exhibition
3 Honor Prizes : Medal, Honorary Diploma, Selection for the exhibition.
Theme C
First Prize : First Plaque, Honorary diploma, Selection for the exhibition
Second Prize : Second Plaque, Honorary diploma, Selection for the exhibition
Third Prize : Third Plaque, Honorary diploma, Selection for the exhibition
3 Honor Prizes : Medal, Honorary Diploma, Selection for the exhibition.
Jury Members:
Aşkın AYRANCIOĞLU – Turkey
Fahriye ÇITAKLI – Turkey
Marian AVRAMESCU – Romania
Luis Carlos FERNANDES – Brasil
Musa KEKLİK – Turkey
Halit KURTULMUŞ – Turkey
Oğuz GÜREL – Turkey
Lütfü ÇAKIN – Turkey.
*Deadline for submission: 10 August 2020
*Address: kusadasicaricature@gmail.com


International Satirical Picture Competition "Karpik", Niemodlin 2020, Poland

The Regulations concerning the International Satirical Picture Competition
„KARPIK” Niemodlin, Poland

§ 1
These Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) specify the terms and conditions of holding the International Satirical Picture Competition „KARPIK” (hereinafter referred to as the Competition).

§ 2
1. The Competition is organized by Agnieszka Osiecka Cultural Centre in Niemodlin.
2. The Participants of the Competition may be natural persons, of legal age, with full legal capacity regardless of their place of residence.
3. Participation in the Competition is free of charge.

§ 3
Application for participation in the Competition is equivalent to the participant's acceptance of the Regulations in their entirety. The Participant undertakes to comply with the rules set out therein, as well as confirms that he meets the conditions that entitle him to participate in the Competition.

§ 4
1. Submitting entry of participation in the competition consists of sending to the Organizer an original version of a freehand drawing on the subject of fish, fishermen, fishing in nets, etc., meeting the conditions set out in these Regulations.
2. Drawings in sizes not exceeding A3 format are taking part in the Competition.
3. Each participant of the Competition is entitled to present a maximum 2 works.
4. Each of the entries submitted should be described on the reverse in the following manner: the date of completing the work, the author's full name and address, contact details such as the telephone number or the e-mail address.
5. Providing personal data referred to in paragraph 4, is voluntary, but necessary to conduct the Competition. Their submission is tantamount to consenting to the processing of these data, and failure to provide the data in question will consequently exclude the participant and the works sent by him from the Competition.
6. The submitted work must be authored by the Participant. By accepting the Regulations, the Participant declares that he is the author of the work submitted to the Competition and that he has unlimited proprietary copyrights and dependent rights to use and dispose of the submitted work.
7. Works submitted for participation in the Competition which will not comply with the terms and conditions set out in these Regulations shall not be included in the Competition.

§ 5
1. The Competition is announced by the Organizer annually, not later than by January 15 of a given calendar year and lasts till November 30 of the same year.
2. The works must be sent in a package preventing their damage.
3. The Organizers shall not be responsible for any losses or damage caused during the transport of the works.
4. The Competition entries may be submitted from the day of announcement of the competition until September 30 of the same year. The deadline for submissions is September 30. The date of receipt by the organizer is what counts.
5. The Works with the note "Karpik" on the envelope should be sent to the following address:

Ośrodek Kultury w Niemodlinie,
ul. M. Reja1,
49-100 Niemodlin, POLAND

§ 6
1. The selection of the award-winning works will be based on the following criteria:
1) the idea consistent with the theme of the competition,
2) the performance technique.
2. The winning entries are selected by the Jury, whose members will be made public after the completion of their work. The chairman of the Jury, if it is possible for organizational reasons, is the Grand Prix winner of the last edition of the Competition.
3. The winner of the competition in a given year shall be selected in the first half of October this year from among works that meet the criteria of these Regulations.
4. The final result of the Competition will be published on the Cultural Centre’s website:
www. okniemodlin.org.
5. The winners of the Competition shall receive the prizes specified in § 7.

§ 7
1. The prizes of the Competition are as follows:
1) Grand Prix – PLN 2,800 gross
2) three main prizes – PLN 1,150 gross each
2. The organizer may grant additional prizes or distinctions in any form or amount he chooses.
3. The competition prize will be issued only in the form specified in the Regulations, without the possibility of exchange for another prize in kind.
4. The main prize may be handed over at the Organizer's headquarters after prior notification of the competition winner during the prize giving gala or it may be sent by post to the winner's home address or bank account.
5. In case the Participant fails to collect the award in person, it shall be sent by post to the winner’s address.
6. In the case referred to in the paragraph 5 above, the winner of the competition shall pay the prize shipping cost. The shipping cost will be deducted from the prize received.

§ 8
1. The organizer has the exclusive right to choose the winner of the Competition based on the principles set out in these Regulations.
2. Pursuant to art. 30 paragraph 1 point 2 of the Act on personal income tax (income) on winnings from competitions, games and betting or prizes related to bonus sales obtained in a Member State of the European Union or in another country of the European Economic Area, subject to art. 21 paragraph 1 points 6, 6a and 68 - a flat-rate income tax of 10% on the prize or prize is collected. The tax on winnings is collected without reducing the income by the costs of obtaining. The cost of the prize tax is covered by the prize winners.
3. The organizer shall pay the competition prize and also collect from the winner of the Competition an appropriate amount of flat-rate tax on winning the Competition and will pay it to the account of the relevant tax office, in accordance with applicable regulations.

§ 9
1. Upon the submission of the entry to the Organizer, the Organizer will obtain non-exclusive licence for an indeterminate period of time, which will authorise the Organizer to free use of proprietary copyrights to the entry in the following areas of exploitation:
a) using the work on the organizer’s website,
b) presenting the work during the post-contest exhibition,
c) placing reproductions of the work in catalogues presenting the entries which will be distributed by the Organizer for promotional purposes of the Competition.
2. On the issuing of the prize to the Participant, the Organizer gains free proprietary rights to the awarded entry of the Participant in the following areas of exploitation:
1) with regard to the right to record and multiply the work using printing and digital techniques;
2) with regard to distribution of the work – in form of public exposition and making the work available in such manner that everybody could have access to it at a time and place chosen by themselves, in particular by placing it in the Organizer’s advertising or promotional materials.
3. Upon delivery of the competition entry to the Organizer, ownership of the drawing shall be transferred to the Organizer.

§ 10
1. Participant's participation in the Competition does not constitute grounds for demanding any remuneration by him.
2. All materials promoting the Competition are solely of an advertising nature, while only the provisions of the Regulations are binding.

§ 11
1. The Organizer is not responsible for problems in the functioning of the Competition, if they occurred as a result of events that the Organizer, with due diligence, was not able to predict or which could not be prevented, in particular in the case of problems related to random events of force majeure, participating in the Competition contrary to the provisions of these Regulations and damages caused by them.
2. The Organizer is not responsible for the inability to collect the Prize for reasons beyond his control and on the part of the Competition Participant.
3. Winners of the Competition shall not be entitled to transfer the right to the Prize to third parties.
4. The winner of the Competition may waive the prize in writing, but in return he is not entitled to any other equivalent.

§ 12
The provisions of these Regulations of the Competition are the sole basis for conducting the Competition, and their interpretation belongs solely to the organizer of the Competition and is final.

§ 13
The Organizer of the Contest has the right to exclude the Contest Participant or his work in the event of the Participant's failure to comply with the law, decency, violation of these Regulations or other violation of the rights or interests of the Organizer.

§ 14
1. These Regulations constitute the sole binding document specifying the rules of the Competition.
2. The organizer reserves the right to amend these Regulations in the event of a change in legal regulations or for another important reason, in particular if the change allows the Competition to be carried out efficiently and in accordance with the regulations, provided that it does not violate the participants' acquired rights.
3. The text and any amendments to these Regulations will be publicly announced on the Cultural Centre’s website www.okniemodlin.org.

§ 15
In connection with the requirements of the provisions on the protection of personal data, the organizer of the competition, being at the same time, the administrator of personal data, included in Annex 1 to these Regulations, information on the processing of personal data.

Annex 1 to the International Satirical Picture Competition "KARPIK"

Organizing and conducting cultural activities
Organization of the International Satirical Picture Competition „KARPIK”
Niemodlin, Polska

1. The administrator of your personal data is Agnieszka Osiecka Cultural Centre in Niemodlin,
ul. Mikołaja Reja 1, 49-100 Niemodlin, phone/fax: (+48) 774 606 096, e-mail:
2. The data protection officer is Krzysztof Kranc, phone .: (+48) 509 947 925, e-mail:
3. Your personal data is processed in order to organize and conduct cultural activities within the scope of the organization of the International Satirical Competition "KARPIK".
Legal basis for processing your personal data:
a. consent to the processing of personal data of the data subject.
4. Recipients of personal data / categories of data recipients: public recipient informed through the administrator's publications and social media (Internet - including social media, radio press television) and the jury of the contest.

In addition, to ensure the accuracy and transparency of processing, we inform you that:
5. Your personal data will be stored for the period necessary to implement the abovementioned the purpose of processing, i.e. until the resolution of the contest in question, and in addition, in relation to the names, surnames and images of the contestants, for the period of publication of these data.
6. You have the right to request the administrator to access your personal data, the right to rectify it, delete or limit processing, the right to object to their processing, as well as the right to transfer your data, when and to the extent that it is permitted by applicable law and possible for the administrator.
7. In relation to processing, based on your consent, you have the right, at any time, to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing that was carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.
8. In the event of a breach of the provisions on the protection of personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body, i.e. to the Office for Personal Data Protection.
9. Providing your personal data:
a. is not a statutory requirement,
b. is a contractual requirement but is not a condition for concluding a contract.
Providing your personal data processed on the basis of consent is voluntary.
Failure to provide personal data, which is not mandatory, prevents participation in the contest.
10. Decisions regarding your person are not made in an automated manner.
11. Your personal data is not profiled.
Source: okniemodlin.


10th International Milas Turhan Selçuk Cartoon Competition extended until 1 September

The date of participation to the 2020 International Milas Turhan Selçuk Cartoon Competition has been extended. The participation period of the International Turhan Selçuk Cartoon Contest, which will be held for the 10th time in Milas this year, has been extended until September 1, 2020 due to the current PANDEMIC that covers the world.
The competition is open to all cartoonists. The rules of the competition can be obtained from the website of Milas: (http://www.milas.bel.tr/index.php?modul=9_1&lang=en&ID=1990&pID=1).
Source: Milas Belediyesi.


Coast to Covid :(

Dear Drawers, dear Coaster
Unfortunately, as you all know, the coronavirus has upset our lives, stopped our walks, our paths but not our fantasy.
Many of you are locked in the house and all the initiatives that included gatherings are currently blocked and postponed until a later date.
So with extreme regret we have to announce that even our award ceremony scheduled for June 28 in Appignano will not be possible.
The prizes remain unchanged but with immense displeasure we will not be able to deliver them in person on that day of celebration as we had expected.
No longer having to organize the event, we, therefore, decided to give you some more time to receive your cartoons.
The deadline is therefore no longer 10 June but rather the: June 30, 2020
In the following days the jury will meet online and decide the winners who will be notified personally and the final ranking will be published on the website www.coastocomix.com and on the relevant Facebook page.
WE REPEAT: All cash and non-cash prizes specified in the announcement will be awarded and delivered.
Of course, the public prize for this first edition will unfortunately not be awarded.
Thanks, everyone for your understanding.
Coasto Comix coastocomix@gmail.com.


Deadline extended: 52nd World Gallery of Cartoons Skopje 2020, North Macedonia

52nd WORLD GALLERY of CARTOONS Skopje 2020
• The organizer of the competition is OSTEN Skopje, Republic of N.Macedonia.
• The SELECTOR assigned by the organizer will select the submitted works, and the INTERNATIONAL JURY will appraise the short-listed works.
• On the occasion of 75 years of OSTEN’s existence the opening of the exhibition and the official announcement of the awards will take place in September 2020 in Skopje.
• The following categories of original works will be considered: cartoon, satirical drawing, comic/strip (up to one panel of non-linguistic strip).
• Theme | technique | format – to be decided by the author.
• Number of works – to be decided by the author.
• DIGITAL IMAGES – scanned original hand-drawn works or digitally created works from the newer production (which have not been previously published or awarded) will be considered in the application process.
Note 1: The works that are deemed by the selector or jury to be already published / awarded, or identical / closely similar to the known works by another author - will NOT be judged.
Note 2: according to the organizer’s directions, the selector and the international jury will pay particular attention to both the idea / message and visual expression of the submitted works
• REGULAR APPLICANT – should fill out this Application Form (electronically or manually) and send it to the e-mail: cartoons@osten.com.mk along with her/his photo & short bio and the digital images of the works that the applicant attends to submit (.jpg .tif .png .eps .pdf / 300 dpi) – up to 31 May 2020.
Note 3: By completing the Application Form, the author gives to the organizer a non-exclusive right to use, exhibit, study and publish his works for promotion of the event.
• The SHORT-LISTED CARTOONISTS selected by the SELECTOR Mice JANKULOVSKI will be asked to send the original hand-drawn works / drawings (or printed digital works: titled, numbered and signed in pencil) via postal mail for showing them in front of the INTERNATIONAL JURY:
1. Norbert Van YPERZEEL, Belgium
2. Boris ERENBURG, Israel
3. Adriana MOSQUERA - NANI, Columbia
4. Kornelija KONESKA, N. Macedonia
5. Miroslav GRCEV, N. Macedonia
• The JURY MEMBERS review the works of the short-listed cartoonists, choose the work that will be presented in the catalog and decide on the awards envisaged by the organizer:
FIRST AWARD (1000 $)
CICO AWARD* for Macedonian Cartoonist (Plaque)
* In honor of the great Macedonian cartoonist Vasilije Popovic – Cico.
While submission of their works, the short-listed cartoonists should choose one of the options below:
To participate without Submission Fee (the submitted works remain in the OSTEN Collection)
To participate with a 40 $ Fee (unselected works are returned to the author)
• The ORGANIZER will notify all registered cartoonists about the results of the selection by 15 June 2020 via e-mail, and the short-listed cartoonists will be asked to send the original works via postal mail by 15 July 2020 at the address:
8 Udarna Brigada 2, 1000 Skopje, N. Macedonia
When sending the works, make sure to write on the package: NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES, FOR EXHIBITION ONLY!!!
Note 1.: The original works should be sent via postal mail together with the printed Application Form.
Note 2.: The name of the cartoonist, title and technique should be stated on the back of each work.
• The ORGANIZER will notify the short-listed cartoonists about the jury decision by the end of June 2020 via email and will publish the results on its website: osten.mk and in the public media.
(if selected participation with a Selection Fee)
Beneficiary: OSTEN DOOEL SKOPJE, 8 Udarna Brigada 2, Skopje 1000, N. Macedonia
IBAN: MK07210701000702188 | SWIFT: TUTNMK22
Bank: NLB AD SKOPJE, Majka Tereza 1, Skopje 1000, N. Macedonia
• The AWARDED and SELECTED WORKS will be exhibited on the official exhibition of the 52nd World Gallery of Cartoons Skopje 2020 / September 2020 in Skopje.
• For the AWARD-WINNING CARTOONISTS who will be present in Skopje during the opening of the exhibition and presentation awards ceremony, OSTEN will produce print portfolios of their works
• The AWARD-WINNING CARTOONISTS receive appropriate Certificates and printed copy of the catalog via post mail. Their works remain in the OSTEN Collection
• ALL OTHER CARTOONISTS receive appropriate Certificates (the short-listed – Certificates for Outstanding Participation / other participating cartoonists – Certificates for Participation) and digital catalog in .pdf via e-mail. The ones, who would like to have the Certificate / catalog in hard copy, can order them for a price of 30 $ and they will be sent to the appointed address by registered post mail.
The organizer invites all participants to attend the opening of the exhibition and presentation awards ceremony in September 2020 in Skopje, and for the award-winning cartoonists who will announce the presence by 1st August 2020 provides 3-nights accommodation in the OSTEN ART Hotel – Skopje.
Application Form in PDF.


The 5th International Contest Animalcartoon 2020, Serbia

• Portal ANIMALCARTOON, Belgrade (www.animalcartoon.net)
are organizing cartoon contest on theme "Monkey".
A. Participation
The contest is open to all cartoonists all over the world, over the age of 18, regardless of nationality, religion, gender and education.
B. Cartoon theme: Monkey
C. Artworks - Send by e-mail on address: info@animalcartoon.net
Only the original artworks (up to 5) in digital form sent by e-mail will be accepted.
Digital works (A4, up to 300 dpi, JPEG or TIFF, the maximum length per one artwork is 3 MB (Artworks bigger than 3 MB will not be opened neither accepted) with personal information - name, address, e-mail, photo and brief CV (.doc format) should be sent by e-mail.
Condensed file zip, rar, etc... WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
The artworks must not be previously awarded.
Arrived submissions that passed the pre-selection will be immediately published on the portal Animalcartoon.
D. Deadline
Entry deadline is August 15, 2020.
E. Prizes and awards
First prize 500 €
Second prize 400 €
Third prize 300 €
Awards are subject to taxation according to the current Serbian regulations.
It will be also awarded 10 diplomas.
F. Exhibition
The exhibition will be staged in Zoological Garden Belgrade (BEO ZOO VRT) from October 10, 2020 to October 10, 2021.
The exhibition will be shown in other towns in Serbia and abroad.
G. Catalogue
Award-winning cartoonists will receive a free copy of the printed catalog. The other participants of the competition will be able to download the catalog in PDF format from our portal.
H. Other conditions
The organizers reserve the right to use them for various purposes without any obligation to compensate for it. The works will be included in the permanent exhibition and archive portal Animalcartoon.
By submitting works is considered that the authors accept these rules.
Arrived artworks remain the property of the organizers.
Špiro RADULOVIĆ, cartoonist
Manager of Portal Animalcartoon


International Covid19 Cartoon Exhibition 2020, Turkey

Dear Cartoonists,
This a though time for all of us. We believe that if we take the necessary precautions, we will get through this and come out stronger than ever!
In the meantime, if you would like to send your cartoons about COVID-19, we intend to publish them on our Virtual Museum Platform as a special exhibition and also share them on our social media accounts.
Please kindly fill out the form and sign it and send it with your cartoons to the following mail address; advakfi@advakfi.org
Stay safe and healthy!
Aydın Doğan Foundation
Click for the application form.


The 3rd International Cairocature Cartoon Contest 2020, Egypt

3rd International Cairocature Cartoon Contest
Egypt 2020
THEME: Mostafa A. El-Sayed
Mostafa A. El-Sayed (born 8 May 1933) is a highly cited Egyptian chemical physicist, a leading nanoscience researcher, a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a US National Medal of Science laureate. He is also known for the spectroscopy rule named after him, the El-Sayed rule. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mostafa_El-Sayed
Each participant can send up to 3 cartoons.
Must send their Full Name, Post Address, E-mail Address & Phone Number) via Word file.
Sent cartoons must be of 300 dpi resolution, A4 & Jpg format.
Note: Sent cartoons must not have won prizes before.
• Prizes: Golden, Silver, Bronze.
There will be Special Prizes.
Cartoons can be used for any promotional purposes (Printing, websites, newspapers, posters, invitation cards, etc.) without the permission of the artist and without any payment.
PDF catalog for final selected cartoons.
Deadline: 1/7/2020 ( EXTENDED:) 14/7/2020
Cartoon must be sending to: cairocaturecontest@gmail.com
The results and accepted works will be published in our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cartoonandcaricature/ .

The 2nd International Cairocature Cartoon Contest 2020, Egypt

2nd International Cairocature Cartoon Contest
Egypt 2020
THEME: The Scientists
Theme cartoon about the Scientists (their importance – their life – their effective in our world …etc.)
Each participant can send up to 3 cartoons only, not more.
Must send their Full Name, Post Address, E-mail Address & Phone Number) via Word file.
Sent cartoons must be of 300 dpi resolution, A4 & Jpg format.
Note: Sent cartoons must not have won prizes before.
• Prizes: Golden, Silver, Bronze.
There will be Special Prizes.
Cartoons can be used for any promotional purposes (Printing, websites, newspapers, posters, invitation cards, etc.) without the permission of the artist and without any payment.
PDF catalog for final selected cartoons.
Deadline: 1/6/2020 (EXTENDED:)15/6/2020
Cartoon must be sending to: cairocature@gmail.com 
The results and accepted works will be published in our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cartoonandcaricature/ .


Announcement about the 9th International Cartoon Contest, Kyrenia 2020, Cyprus

Dear friends,
As is known, there is an outbreak of corona virus in all countries.
Government offices and all workplaces were closed. All means of transport and postal transport are out of service.
We are also in quarantine here. There is a curfew. That's why we can't hold meetings.
Probably, the contest deadline will be extended.
Therefore, you can post the artwork you have drawn to the mail, when appropriate.
Then a detailed explanation will be made.
We wish you healthy days.


The International Cartoon Biennale Niko Nikolla,”Balkan Smile”: September 18-20, 2020

Covid 19 - The International Cartoon Biennale Niko Nikolla,
”Balkan Smile”:September 18-20, 2020
The International Cartoon Biennale Niko Nikolla, “Balkan Smile”, planned to be organized on May 18-21, 2020 in the city of Pogradec, will be postponed to September 18-20, 2020, due to the extraordinary situation created by the global pandemic of Covid virus 19.
We thank on behalf of all the organizers of this event, cartoonists around the world for all the works sent to the address of this Biennale, (bienalekarikature@gmail.com), to participate in this activity organized by Albanian Excellence and the Municipality of the city of Pogradec (Albania).
We look forward to your understanding and continued cooperation.
We are happy that so far the submitted works have passed the number 200 and we welcome other works.
May you be well and may we meet in September
Flora Nikolla, Executive Director
Agim Sulaj, President of the Jury
Albanian Excellence Center, the Municipality of Pogradec
invites the Balkan Peninsula artists to participate in
the first “Niko Nikolla Cartoon Biennale”
• In collaboration with the ‘Albanian Excellence’ Center, the Municipality of Pogradec invites the Balkan Peninsula artists to participate in the first “Niko Nikolla Cartoon Biennale” which will take place in honor of the ‘Niko Nikolla Days of Humor and Satire’ from 18-21 May 2020, in the city of Pogradec, Albania.
• This cartoon contest bears the name of one of the most popular Albanian humor figures. It will take place in the town of Pogradec, in southeastern Albania. Pogradec is home to the deepest lake of the Balkans and picturesque views. This Biennale puts Pogradec, the birthplace of Niko Nikola, on the world cartoon map.
• The cartoon biennale will be a periodic activity, from the cooperation of Albanian Excellence and the Pogradec Municipality,protected under all the rights granted to Albanian Excellence from the Albanian state legislature through a registered trademark.
• Historically, the countries of the Balkan Peninsula have often been caught in wars and misunderstandings. This competition seeks to leave behind the disagreements of the past, and instead move towards a peaceful Balkan Peninsula, where each nation is viewed as a valuable asset.
• It is with this spirit we invite all Balkan artists to participate by submitting works in response to the theme”Balkans Smile”.
• Each participating artist can submit up to 3 free original works in A3 or A4 format. Works must be sent to bienalekarikature@gmail.com and art.agimsulaj@gmail.com
• The deadline for submission will be April 20,2020 (EXTENDED:) 20 August 2020.
First Place: ‘Niko Nikolla Prize’ 500 €
Second Place: ‘Pogradec City Hall Prize’ 400 €
Third Place: ‘Jury Prize’ 300 €
• The awards ceremony will take place on May 18-21 at the Art Gallery of Pogradec.
• Hotel Accommodations for 3 nights will be provided by Municipality of Pogradec.
• The winning works will remain property of the Municipality of Pogradec and can be used to sponsor the Biennale Publicity.
Source: covid-19-the-international-cartoon-biennale-niko-nikolla & albanianexcellence.


The results of the 26th International Cartoon Competition on the Topic of Beer, Slovakia

The results of the 26th International Cartoon Competition on the Topic of Beer,
The Golden Keg 2020, Slovakia

Grand Prix: Alexander SHMIDT / Russia (Top)

1st Prize: Janek JANOWSKI / Poland

2nd Prize: Sławomir MAKAL / Poland

3rd Prize: Sergej SEMENDJAJEV / Ukraine.

Special Prizes:

Igor Ševčík’s Prize:
Andrej MIŠANEK / Slovakia

Prešov Beer Gallery Prize:
Augoustinos KISSAMITAKIS / Greece

Czech Union of Cartoonists Prize:
Jiří SLÍVA / Czech Republic

Prize of the Bumerang Magazine:
František MRÁZ / Slovakia.

Alosio ANDRADE / Brazil
Alireza Karini MOGHADDAM / Iran
Luis Fernando HIN-CAPIÉ ECHEVERI / Colombia
Doru AXINTE / Romania
Cai Weidong / China
Yang Xiang Yu / China
Liang Weichi / China
Miroslav BARVIRČÁK / Slovakia
Konstantin CHAKHIROV / Russia
Julio Angel CARIÓN CUEVA / Peru.
Source: Ilya Katz.


Annnual Cartoon Contest : Olense Kartoenale 2020, Belgium

Annnual Cartoon Contest – Rules and regulation 2020
1. Participation
All contestants will be admitted with no distinction made regarding nationality or age. There are two categories:
• Youth category up to 15 years inclusive;
• Adult category: 16 years and older.
Both professional and non-professional cartoonists are allowed to participate in this contest.
2. Theme
The main theme is ‘Shopping: yesterday, today, tomorrow’. This year Amnesty International offers the best cartoon with the theme ‘There is nothing wrong with solidarity, so certainly don’t prosecute’. More information about the theme Amnesty International is to be found in annex to this regulation.
3. Entries
• Contributions have to be digital works. They shouldn’t contain an explanation of the drawing.
• The digital works have to be sent in JPEG format with a minimum of resolution of 300 dpi (2480 x 3543 pixels).
• Dimensions including any passe-partout 21 x 30 cm (A4).
• Number of entries per contestant: maximum five for each theme.
• You have to record your contact details through www.olensekartoenale.be .
• You can sign up your participation from 1 July 2020.
• The originals of the rewarded cartoons and your curriculum vitae will be asked and must be sent to
Community Olen, Dorp 1, 2250 Olen, Belgium within 2 days after the request of the organization.
4. Property rights
Prize-winning works will become the property of the organizer or theme sponsor. All works selected may be used by the organizers to promote the contest and the village of Olen.
5. Evaluation
The jury consists of artists, cartoonists and laymen. Decisions made by the jury cannot be challenged.
6. Catalogue/Cartoon book
Selected works will be considered for inclusion in a catalogue. The authors of these works will receive a free copy of the catalogue during the prize ceremony or it will be send afterwards by mail.
7. Deadline: 14 September 2020
The deadline is 14 september 2020 at 12.00 AM midnight. The entry form you can find on
www.olensekartoenale.be where you also can upload your works. Do not send your works to kartoenale@olen.be.
8. Prizes
For the adult category:
1st prize: 1500 euro
2nd prize: 700 euro
3rd prize: 400 euro
4th prize: 300 euro
Prize of the city of Bialogard (only for Polish participants): 200 euro
Special prize Amnesty International: 350 euro
For the youth category:
Prize for best international work: 250 euro
Prize for best Belgian work: 250 euro
9. Prize Ceremony and Exhibition
The prize ceremony will take place at Friday 13 November 2020 at approximately 20.00 h in the council room of the town hall of Olen, Dorp 1, 2250 Olen. Every participating artist will be welcome on that occasion. Only the winners are personally invited.
A selection of the cartoons will also be exhibited at the same address and can be visited:
• Sunday 15 November 2020
• All working days from Monday 17 November 2020 till the end of December 2020 during
the opening hours of the town hall:
 o Monday 09.00 u – 12.00 u13.00 u – 16.00 u17.30 u – 20.00 u
 o Tuesday 09.00 u – 12.00 u
 o Wednesday 09.00 u – 12.00 u13.00 u – 16.00 u
 o Thursday 09.00 u – 12.00 u
 o Friday 09.00 u – 12.00 u
Topic Amnesty International: There is nothing wrong with solidarity, so certainly don’t prosecute
Nowadays showing solidarity and helping each other is often regarded as a crime. More and more people who want to help refugees, asylum seekers and migrants are being threatened, intimidated and harassed. They are put on trial and convicted only because they want to help people in need.
When governments punish and condemn natural acts of solidarity, it threatens our own values and human rights.
Source in languages: https://www.olen.be/product/884/olense-kartoenale.

The I U I Youth Cup “Longing for Spring” Anti-Coronavirus Int. Cartoon Competition 2020

The I U I Youth Cup “Longing for Spring”
Anti-Coronavirus International Cartoon Competition
UYACC 2020, China
The I U I Youth Cup “Longing for Spring” Anti-Coronavirus International Cartoon Competition (UYACC) is an open online competition.
1. Anti-Coronavirus
2. Expressing positive attitudes such as hope, warmth, bravery, environmental protection, joint efforts for a better Earth, etc.
*Both themes are required to be expressed in the artworks.
1. The objects of the competition are cartoons, drawings, graphics or other works of art created by artists.
2. The minimum resolution of electronic editions or scanning copies should be 300dpi in the form of TIFF or JPG.
3. The minimum size of paper works should be A4(210mm×297mm) and the maximum size is A3 (297 x 420 mm) to make sure that the scanned original is clear, undistorted and complete. Original works are also welcome You can find the address in Contact Information.
4. Only submission by email is valid and should be sent to cmiassn@vip.163.com by May 30, 2020. All the submissions should include the entry formthe work and a brief introduction to the work. (No word limitation).
*Photos and Videos are welcome to express support for this global fight against the coronavirus.
*Based on your works, a letter to those who are still struggling against the epidemic, poetry, songs or any other forms showing your feelings are also welcome. Your words may be selected and published in the e-book of selected works of this competition.
All above-mentioned works can be sent along with your entry to the designated email. Let’s contribute our strength to the global fight and hope for the best!
1. The contest will be divided into 2 Groups:
· Adult Group - 18 and above
· Youth Group - ages under 18
2. Timetable
· Submission deadline: Beijing Time 24:00 on May 30, 2020
· Jury Meeting: June 2020
· Contest Result will be published on the website wwwNaNiassn.org in June 2020
3. The Jury has the final right of the ranking of the works, as well as distribution of the statutory prizes. The Jury’s decisions are final.
The Organizers will award the following prizes and diplomas for each winner. AWARDS ARE SUBJECT TO TAXATION ACCORDING TO CHINESE TAX REGULATIONS.
Adult Group: (Ages above 18)
· Grand Prix (1) 1000 USD
· Gold Medal (2) 800 USD
· Silver Medal (3) 500 USD
· Bronze Medal (4) 300 USD
· Outstanding Nominated Awards (40) 200 USD
Youth Group: (Ages under 18)
· Creative Star (1)
· Gold Medal (2)
· Silver Medal (3)
· Bronze Medal (4)
· Outstanding Nominated Awards (40)
· Presents and certificates will be provided by Qingjin Tec.
*All the participants will receive an e-book of the selected works in this competition.
Final Provisions:
1. The Organizers reserve the right:
· To use the submitted works for advertising purposes such as news reports, media broadcasts, as well as circulation on the internet and social media without any special fees paid to the authors.
· To use the submitted works for the post-contest art-related activities such as: to be published materials, printed materials, circulated on phones, the internet, in publications, video materials, etc.
2. Organizers are the arbiters of the rules and regulations.
3. By sending her/his work the artist agrees to the mentioned above rules and regulations.
Contact Information:
Email Address: cmiassn@vip.163.com
Mailing Address: Organizing Committee of UYACC, 2801 Suite, No.7 Building, Tianchang Yuan Media Village, Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100107
Tel: 0086-10-84827182
Source: http://en.cmiassn.org/contestrules .


Open Call XXVII MIAH 2020 with theme: Our Planet (Threats, disasters and solutions)

XXVII International Exhibition of Arts of Humor 2020
The Quevedo Institute of Arts of Humor through The General Foundation of the University of Alcalá announces the XXVII International Exhibition of Arts of Humor around the subject “OUR PLANET (Threats, disasters and solutions)”. There will be more information about the subject in the website.
1 Participation is open to all the persons older than 18.
2 In order to participate in the Exhibition, every artist must send a piece on the theme “OUR PLANET (Threats, disasters and solutions)”. It can be a vignette, a comic strip or a caricature. Together with the piece, the authors must send the filled formulary attached to these requirements. The organization reserves the right to invite those authors that the organization members agree to consider important for the exhibition.
3 The works must be original and must be signed. They can be made with any technique and in any format, with maximum dimensions of A3 (297x420 mm). For digital works, they must be made in formats JPG or TIFF with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, and they must be sent to miah@iqh.es.
4 All pieces will be sent properly wrapped. It is recommended to protect them with flat cardboard. The organization won't take responsibility on any possible damage occurred during transportation. All shipping charges will be at the participant's expense.
5 All art pieces will be sent before June 7, 2020, by mail (miah@iqh.es) or to the following address:
Fundación General de la Universidad de Alcalá
Muestra Internacional de las Artes del Humor
C/ Nueva, 4.
28801 Alcalá de Henares
Madrid (España)
It is essential to comply with the noted date for the adequate planning of the catalogue and design of the exhibition.
6 A Selection Comission will carry out a selection of the pieces submitted, that will be exhibited in the XXVII Internacional Exhibition of the Arts of Humor in september-november.
7 All pieces submitted will be kept at the Graphic Humour Archives of the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá, except specific indication to the contrary, for which the artist must write on the reverse of the piece “Devolución/Return”.
8 The submission of the piece means that the author authorizes the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá to reproduce it and exhibit it, as long as the name of the artist is displayed and the objective is the media coverage of the Exhibition and the rest of activities of the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá within the field of Graphic Humour and/or of this call (edition of catalogues, posters, leaflets, media coverage, web page, etc.), and in any case it generates any type of obligation on the author's part.
9 The organization will communicate through the Exhibition web page the list of participants with submitted piece and the list of selected pieces.
10 At the end of the exhibition in Alcalá, those people with selected pieces will receive a copy of the catalogue, which will be edited to mark the celebration of the Exhibition.
11 The organization reserves the right to not exhibit those pieces considered to infringe individual or collective rights.
12 The participants will be responsible before any claim on the authorship of the works. The organization will not be responsible before any claim made by a third party upon the violation of intellectual rights or property of the works.
13 The participation on this Exhibition means the acceptance of these conditions of entry
Source in languages: https://miah.iqh.es/.


Similarity: Restaurant and the Ambulance

Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition
2004 entry.
Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition
1983 entry.


The 16th International Humor Hall of Limeira 2020, Brazil

Registration until June 30 of 2020
All freehand artists are invited to participate in the competition. Registration is free. Participants must only enter their own works. Competition registration ends on the 30th of June of 2020.
Entries can be sent either digitally by email or on paper by post and must be a minimum size of A4 (21 x 29.7cm) up to the size A3 (29.7 x 42cm).
All works must be ORIGINAL and UNPUBLISHED. If the regulations are not respected, the drawings cannot be selected and awarded.
All digital works must be send to the e-mail: piuhumor@hotmail.com 
The works must be send in JPEG in the minimum size from A4 to A3, with 300 dpi.
For jobs sent on paper by post office:
Secretaria Municipal da Cultura de Limeira - Palacete Levy
Largo Boa Morte 11
Centro, Limeira SP
CEP 13480 188 BRAZIL
(Wins surgical stainless steel trophy + certificate + R$ 300.00)
(Wins surgical stainless steel trophy + certificate + R$ 300.00)
(Wins surgical stainless steel trophy + certificate + R$ 300.00)
(Wins surgical stainless steel trophy + certificate + R$ 300.00)
PIU (Only works submitted on paper compete for the PIU award)
(Wins surgical steel trophy + certificate + R$ 1000.00)
Note: There are four categories and each artist may only enter up to three works per category, therefore no more than 12 works have to be submitted per artist.
All four-category winners will receive R$ 300 (three hundred Reais), however any winning paper entries will receive a bonus of R$ 200.00 award as part of their prize award, totaling R$ 500.00.
All prize winners will be paid by electronic bank transfer, all trophies will be sent by post, and certificates by e-mail.
The winners of all 4 (four) Categories: CARICATURE, CARTOON, CHARGE and COMICS - will each receive a prize of R$ 300, 00 (three hundred Reais) for digital copy via email or R$ 500, 00 (five hundred Reais) in case of an original paper cartum via post. There is also 1 (one) Special Prize PIU of R$ 1000, 00 (One thousand Reais) for entries made on paper, sent by post.
Each of the 5 (five) winners will receive a trophy, a certificate and cash for their prize, plus there will be 10 (ten) HONORABLE MENTIONS selected by our esteemed, world class jury members that will be notified by email. The 5 (five) trophies will be sent by post to the winners in the 4 Categories and to the PIU Award, and the certificates by e-mail.
The selected winners will be announced via our blog (wwww.jornalopiu.blogspot.com) in July 2020.
The selected works will be exhibited from 7 to 21 September 2020, at the Palacete Levy, headquarters of the Municipal Secretariat of Culture of Limeira, and in the permanent virtual exhibition on the blog of “Editora O PIU” - www.jornalopiu.blospot.com - in addition to the exhibition promoted by the Secretariat City of Limeira Culture and highlighted places on the city of Limeira SP.
“Editora O PIU” will consider all entries acquisitive. The possession, use and any other rights over these works will become the property of “Editora O PIU”, which reserves the right to use them as it sees fit. The simple registration configures the participant's automatic and full agreement with these Regulations.
01 - First Name:
02 - Last Name:
03 - Date of birth:
04 - Address (Street and number):
05 - Quarter:
06 - Town or city:
07 - State (or province, region):
08 - Country:
09 - Zip Code:
10 -E-mail address:
11 -Number of submitted works:
12 - Application date:
Source: jornalopiu.


The 47th lnternational Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba 2020, Brazil

47th lnternational Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba 2020
The 47th lnternational Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba 2020, realized bythe Piracicaba City Hall/Cultural Action and Tourism Secretariat/National Graphic Humor Center of Piracicaba in will be held in accordance with the followings cheduIe
Registration: until June 26 Opening Ceremony: August 29 Closing: November 01
a) Professional and amateur artists, Brazilians and foreigners can apply unpublished and authorship artworks that were not awarded until the closing date for entries.
b) The works - all categories - can be sent by MAlL or ELECTRONIC (applications over the Internet on the official website, in the format and 300 DPI, JPEG, attached Images at once).
c) The theme and technique are free.
d) Digital works must contain the signature of the author.
e) Humorous sculptures should come with the author's data.
f) Maximum measures allowed: paper- 42 x 30 centimeters (A3) (16,54 x 11,81 inches), sculptures - 42 centimeters or 16,54 inches (height) x 30 centimeters or 11,81 inches (depth) x 30 centimeters or 11,8 1inches (width).
g) Each artist may enter a maximum of 03 works per category: CARTOON (graphic humor with universal and timeless themes), CHARGE (graphic humor with journalistic themes of now a days), CARICATURE (graphic humor that expresses the physical and/or personality of a known celebrity), COMIC STRIPS/COMIC STORIES (graphic art in sequence. Caution: for comic stories will be accepted a maximum of 02 pages per work and Thematic (only for works that address the theme COMMUNICATION, proposed by the organization:
Verbal, non-verbal, mixed. Communication (from the Latin communicatio.onis, which means "action to participate") is a process that involves the exchange of information between two or more interlocutors through mutually understandable signs and semiotic rules. It is a primary social process, which allows to create and interpret messages that provoke a response.
The basic steps of communication are the motivations or intention to communicate, the composition of the message, the encoding and transmission of the encoded messages, the reception of the signals, the decoding and finally the interpretation of the message by the receiver. The communication process is defined by the communication technology, the characteristics of the senders and recipients of information, their cultural reference codes, their communication protocols and the scope of the process. (by: wikipedia)
h) In addition to the prizes for the categories, special prizes will be awarded, offered by our supporters:
FUNDIART SCULPTURE AWARD (open for sculptures that deal with cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, strips), UNIMED HEALTH AWARD (works addressing health issues) and
ÁGUAS DO MIRANTE AWARD (destined to brazilian authors in any category).
i) Along the registered artwork, the artist must attach a complete registration form with legibly writing. lt is also requested reduced curriculum and photo, for registration in the CEDHU's data base. 
To make sure your work is original, it is suggested to the artist to check on specialized websites if there is no match of image, text and / or situation of your work with another already published in newspapers, magazines or websites. If there is confirmation of plagiarism the work will be automatically disqualified.
2.1 - Sent by MAlL
45º Salão Internacional de Humor de Piracicaba - Av. Dr. Maurice Allain, 454 - Caixa Postal 12 - CEP 13.405-123 Piracicaba- SP - Brasil
IMPORTANT: The work submitted must be accompanied by the registration form, duly completed and signed by the author.
Inscriptions works in JPEG format, 300 DPI (attached images at once) only on our website, on
IMPORTANT: Uploaded files should be named as follows: 
artist name_country_catgegory_number. 
Example: paulosilva_brazil_cartoon_01
2.3 deliver in person
In the CEDHU - National Center for Documentation, Research and Disclosure of Graphic Humor of Piracicaba - Av. Maurice Allain, 454 - Warehouse 14A - Parque do Engenho Central - CEP 13.405-123 - Piracicaba SP BRAZIL
The Awards are a totaI of R$ 65.000,00 (sixty five thousand reais) divided as follows:
a) Five 1st place prizes in the amount of R$ 5.000,00 (five thousand reais) each, divided among the categories (cartoon, charge, caricature, comics strips).
b) A prize of R $ 5,000.00 (five thousand reais) called "THEMATIC AWARD – COMMUNICATION", destined to works of any category (cartoons, caricature, charge or comics strips) that address the theme COMMUNICATION, proposed by the organization of the event to the 2020 edition.
c) One award of R$ 10.000,00 (ten thousand reais) called GRAND PRIZE INTERNATIONAL HUMOR OF PIRACICABA chosen among the five winners of each category (cartoon, charge, caricature, comics strips, and thematic)
d) One prize called Popular Jury "Alceu Marozi Righetto", in the value of R$ 5.000,00 (five thousand reais) chosen by online open voting. The contestants to this award will be selected by the Awarding Committee. The indicated, such as the schedule and the local for the voting will be announced on the event's opening.
e) Also planned: a prize of R$ 5.000,00 (five thousand reais) called CHAMBER OF MUNICIPAL OF PIRACICABA award, exclusively for the caricature category ;
f) A prize of R$5.000,00 (five thousand reais) called UNIMED HEALTH AWARD for work for any category that explore the themes of health
g) A prize of R $ 5,000.00 (five thousand reais) called FUNDIART SCULPTURE AWARD, destined to sculptures. Thus, sculptures will compete only among themselves in this category.
h) A prize of R$5.000,00 (five thousand reais) called ÁGUAS DO MlRANTE AWARD, destined to brazilian authors in any category.
Besides the monetary value, the winning authors will receive trophies (creation of Zélio Alves Pinto). Other prizes and mentions may be established, at the discretion of the Organizing Committee and Award Committee. There will be a selection committee and another award committee with recognized and trained professionals.
The result of the award may be challenged up to one week after the opening of the exhibition, with adequate proof of any irregularities committed without the knowledge of the juries. If fraud or plagiarism is found in any award-winning work, the prize awarded will be canceled.
The values corresponding to the cash prizes will only be deposited in a current account in the name of the winners according to the legislation established by the Municipality of Piracicaba responsible for the International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba. It is mandatory that the winning artist has a current account in his name and he must inform it on the registration form. If you do not provide a current account within 02 (two) months, counted from the day of the announcement of the winners, payment of the prize amount will be canceled. Authors of countries that face economic embargoes of any kind with Brazil and that make impossible the transfer of the monetary values of possible awards can only compete for nominations of honorary prizes.
a) The simple application requires the artist to accept these regulations. The selected artists automatically transfer the authorial rights of his artworks for reproductions and publications in any media, without restriction, aiming promotion of the event.
b) The CEDHU is not responsible for any damage caused to the work during the transport via post office or other carrier).
c) After the exhibition, the original works must be withdrawn by the artist or authorized person carrying a letter of authorization signed by the artist, at CEDHU - Piracicaba, within a period of up to six (6) months, counted from the closing date of the exhibition. show. After the deadline, CEDHU will exercise the right of ownership, according to its interest.
d) Awarded authors (including honorable mentions) transfer the assignment of the Copyrights of their work, in accordance with Law 9.610 of February 19, 1988 (Copyright Law). total, universal and definitive, in all the modalities of use and free of charge, protected by said law referring to the work (s) awarded at the International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba, which are now part of the Municipal Public Patrimony for all rights purposes, in accordance with the Municipal Law n 2249,1976, partially amended by the Municipal Law n 2486-1982 and consolidated by the Municipal Law n 5194-2002.
Regulation in languages on source: salaointernacionaldehumor.


The 11th International Eskisehir Cartoon Festival 2020, Turkey

11. International Eskisehir Cartoon Festival
Eskisehir, TURKEY
Dear Cartoonist Friend,
Eskisehir International Cartoon Festival is a cultural organisation organized once in two years by Aktiffelsefe Cultural Association. We organize the eleventh one which started in Istanbul first and then moved to Eskisehir. The themes before were Mixed (1997), East – West (2000), Water and Life (2003), Global Warming (2005), Intercultural Tolerance (2007), Energy (2009), Philosophy (2012), Voluntariness (2014), World Heritage (2016) and the theme of the tenth festival was Black-White ‘Compromise’. The tenth festival was organized in cooperation with Eskisehir City Council and 287 cartoonists from 52 different countries participated with 961 cartoons. Festival took place with a panel and an exhibition held in Eskisehir Haller Youth Center.
The theme of this year’s eleventh International Eskisehir Cartoon Festival has been determined as “Our Differences and Similarities”.
Aktiffelsefe suggests a wholistic development way that can make it possible for both the individual and the society to create solutions for the problems of the modern world by doing voluntary works in different subjects.
With this regard, the idea that the differences and the similarities constitute a way for us to understand all the living things and our place in the whole, that they don’t seperate but unite, form the theme of the 11th International Eskisehir Cartoon Festival.
Hypatia the philosopher who pioneered the education of many people in The School of Alexandria which is known for its famous library and which is one of the most effective institutions in ancient ages, lived in a time when many differences and different views emerged. She tried to prevent these differences from seperating the people and she gave importance to the things that unite us rather than seperate us. With the inspiration of Hypatia, it is worth considering that our differences besides our similarities can unite us and can help us to create a better society.
Millions of sand particles in a beach are different from each other but they can be together in harmony in a whole. We too are one of the millions of different creatures living on earth. Each one of them being unique is a part of harmony on earth. Our differences and similarities are not good or bad, they are natural factors that move us forward when we realize them.
Similarity is a very good opportunity to empower two things. Difference always shows us that there are new things we can learn from another. We think that differences and similarities don’t create a problem, on the contrary, they are indispensable in creating a better society which tolerances different life styles and different points of view. Our starting point is the differences and similarities are natural. We expect your cartoons with the theme ‘Our Differences and Similarities’.
The cartoons that will be exhibited in this festival will also be exhibited later in other cities of Turkey such as Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Eskisehir, Istanbul, Izmir, Izmit, Mersin where there are branches of Aktiffelsefe and also in other exhibitions which will be organized abroad by other institutions that collaborate with Aktiffelsefe Cultural Associaton.
• EXHIBITION: There will be an exhibition of the cartoons with the theme ‘Our Differences and Similarities’ on November 2020.
• PANEL: There will be a symposium with the theme ‘Our Differences and Similarities’ with the participation of invited guests from art, science and philosophy branches.
• ACTIVITIES: There will be different activities in the exhibition area.
1. The theme of the exhibiton is “Our Differences and Similarities”. Cartoons with different subjects can not participate in the festival nor the exhibition. Organizing Committee has all the rights. The Committee works under the leadership of the cartoonist Tan Oral.
1. Technique is free. It can be black white or coloured.
2. Size is A4 or A3. Cartoons with sizes other than these will be evaluated but not be exhibited.
3. One or more than one cartoon can be sent.
1. Via E-mail: contact@cartoonfest.org
The works that will be sent via e-mail should be scanned with 300 dpi resolution and uploaded as JPEG format. (2 MB max.) Names of the works should be as follows: name and surname of the artist_country_work no.jpeg (alikorkmaz_turkiye_1)
2. Via postal office: The works that will be sent via post should not be framed or paspartu. The participation form attached should be filled and resent.
Postal Address: Aktiffelsefe Kultur Dernegi Visnelik Mah. Gul Sok. No:18 26020 Eskisehir – Turkey
1. The works will be archived in Aktiffelsefe International Cartoon Festival archives and will not be resent. (If resending is required, it should be declared.)
• All the rights belong to Aktiffelsefe Cultural Association with the exception of being used with commercial purposes. Aktiffelsefe Cultural Associaiton can publish the works domestic and abroad, can exhibit them, can use them in the published media such as books, catalogs, magazines etc., can send to another association abroad for publishing or exhibiting without commercial purposes. The cartoonist has all the publishing and commercial rights. The cartoons exhibited will be collected in a festival catalog and the news in the press with this catalog will be announced on the website of Aktiffelsefe Cultural Association (www.aktiffelsefe.org) and on the website of the cartoon festival (www.cartoonfest.org). Aktiffelsefe Cultural Association is responsible for its own sharings.
1. The deadline for the cartoons to arrive to the Organizing Committee of the Cartoon Festival is
August 15th, 2020.
Participation Form and more on http://cartoonfest.org/.


30 April is the new deadline for the 25th International Exhibition Zagreb 2020, Croatia

Dear cartoonists,

Because of the well known reasons and the situation regarding the corona virus, the deadline for submitting the works for the 25th International Exhibition Zagreb 2020 (theme: CUISINE) shall be extended until April 30, 2020.

You can send original works by mail, but it’s even better to send scanned works by e-mail.
The exhibition will probably take place in the autumn.


Best regards to everyone, we hope you are all well!
Zdenko Puhin, Secretary HDK/CCA

Savska 100, 10000 ZAGREB, CROATIA
hrvdrukar@gmail.com .

Social networks : First International Competition "IT In Cartoons"

1st International Competition "IT In Cartoons"
Independent TV channel I-UA.TV and ADAMANT group of companies.
The competition is open to everyone, regardless of nationality, age, gender or profession. Contestants agree with the terms of the competition and the decision of the international jury.
3. THEME: Social networks.
Social networks are more and more often influencing our lives. Increasingly, we see people literally not taking their eyes off the screens of their gadgets, even on the go. They have fun, study, travel in the virtual world, communicate with people from any corner of the planet, share their secrets ... There are no borders or other obstacles for social networks. Information is spreading across the globe more than ever before, and this is accelerating the movement of mankind to freedom and progress. Is this good or bad? Social networks have already changed the world. Reporting the secret information on networks by WikiLeaks, igniting and managing the color revolutions, using personal data of users to interfere in the US presidential election and leaving Great Britain off the European Union are largely due to social networks. The role of social networks in the course of world history is growing and no one knows how they will affect humanity in the future. All this is the subject of an international cartoon competition. As always, cartoonists in their witty form will not only be able to show the strengths and weaknesses of social networks, their positive or negative role in human development, but also to foresee their future. Sharpen your pencils and turn on your gadgets! But the main thing - think! Although computer viruses are easily spread through social networks, fortunately, they are not a threat to human health.
Maximum number of works is no more than 3 by one author, black and white or color. Cartoons should not be accompanied by text or include it. Cartoons can be done on a computer. Minimum size: 500 KB, maximum size: 3 MB. Format: A4, JPG. Works cannot be awarded at other international cartoon competitions.
The submission of works will end on September 1, 2020.
The works send to the e-mail: contest@adamant.ua
First prize - $ 500,
Second prize - $ 300,
Third Prize - $ 200,
Special prize of ADAMANT group of companies
and other awards.
An exhibition of cartoons will be held in one of the museums of Kyiv city, online catalogue will be published.
The organizers invite private, state and municipal institutions and organizations to participate in the award ceremony as sponsors of the Contest with special prizes.
Famous artists from different countries.
Organizers reserve the right to publish works submitted for the competition as promotional material without being obliged to pay the author's fee. All copyrights belong to the author of the cartoons. The jury's decision is final.
For more information contact: contest@adamant.ua
Dear artists, we are waiting for your сartoons, as always witty, original, reflecting independent ideas of the author.
Source: Vladimir Kazanevsky.