See you in SICACO 2018 with theme: Construction + Destruction

Dear Sir,
See you in SICACO 2018 !
The theme means (Construction + Destruction).
The deadline is August 31st.
I don't take your copied works by e-mail!
Only you'd better send me your original ones by mail.
Dr. Lim,Cheong San,
Cell 010-5425-6115


11th Anniversary of the Indian Cartoon Gallery in Bangalore, India

Dear Cartoonist,
IIC is organising 11th Anniversary of the Indian Cartoon Gallery,
Prize Distribution Ceremony of MKMA Competition 2017 and
150th Exhibition of Cartoons on 2nd June 2018.
Please find attached invite.
Thanking you.
Managing Trustee,
Indian Institute of Cartoonists,
#1, Midford House, Midford Gardens,
Off M.G.Road, Bangalore-560001
Ph:080-41758540, Mobile:9980091428
WebSite: http://cartoonistsindia.com/htm/home.htm
E-mail: info@cartoonistsindia.com


Results of the 23rd International Exhibition of Cartoons, Zagreb 2018, Croatia

The 23rd International Exhibition of Cartoons ZAGREB 2018
has seen the arrival of 788 works of 357 authors from 62 countries.
Theme: Meteorology
LUKA LAGATOR, Montenegro
More on www.hdk.hr.


Annual Cartoon Contest, Olen 2018, Belgium: Safety at work

Annual Cartoon Contest – Rules and regulation 2018
1. Participation
All contestants will be admitted with no distinction made regarding nationality or age. There are two categories:
Youth category up to 15 years inclusive;
Adult category: 16 years and older.
Both professional and non-professional cartoonists are allowed to participate in this contest.
2. Theme
The main theme is ‘Safety at work’. This year Amnesty International offers the best cartoon with the theme ‘Right to decent work’ a special prize.
More information about the main theme is to be found in annex to this regulation.
3. Entries
• Contributions have to be digital works. They shouldn’t contain an explanation of the drawing.
• The digital works have to be sent in JPEG format with a minimum of resolution of 300 dpi (2480 x 3543 pixels).
• Dimensions including any passe-partout 21 x 30 cm (A4).
• Number of entries per contestant: maximum five for each theme.
• You have to record your contact details through www.olensekartoenale.be.
• You can sign up your participation from 1 July 2018.
The originals of the rewarded cartoons and your curriculum vitae will be asked and must be sent to Community Olen, Dorp 1, 2250 Olen, Belgium within 2 days after the request of the organization.
4. Property rights
Prize-winning works will become the property of the organizer or theme sponsor. All works selected may be used by the organizers to promote the contest and the village of Olen.
5. Evaluation
The jury consists of artists, cartoonists and laymen. Decisions made by the jury cannot be challenged.
6. Catalogue/Cartoon book
Selected works will be considered for inclusion in a catalogue. The authors of these works will receive a free copy of the catalogue during the prize ceremony or it will be send afterwards by mail.
7. Deadline: 10 September 2018
The deadline is 10 September 2018 at 12.00 AM midnight. The entry form you can find on www.olensekartoenale.be where you also can upload your works. Do not send your works to kartoenale@olen.be!
8. Prizes
For the adult category:
1st prize: 1500 euro
2nd prize: 700 euro
3rd prize: 400 euro
4th prize: 300 euro
Prize of the city of Bialogard (only for Polish participants): 200 euro
Special prize Amnesty International: 350 euro
For the youth category:
Prize for best international work: 250 euro
Prize for best Belgian work: 250 euro.
9. Prize Ceremony and Exhibition
The prize ceremony will take place at Friday 9 November 2018 at approximately 20.00 h in the council room of the town hall of Olen, Dorp 1, 2250 Olen. Every participating artist will be welcome on that occasion. Only the winners are personally invited.
A selection of the cartoons will also be exhibited at the same address and can be visited:
• Sunday 11 November 2018
• All working days from Monday November 12, 2018 till the end of December 2018 during the opening hours of the town hall:
o Monday 09.00 u – 12.00 u13.00 u – 16.00 u17.30 u – 20.00 u
o Tuesday 09.00 u – 12.00 u
o Wednesday 09.00 u – 12.00 u13.00 u – 16.00 u
o Thursday 09.00 u – 12.00 u
o Friday 09.00 u – 12.00 u.
Main theme: SAFETY AT WORK
In every job, in every professional activity, risks are involved. Some problems hardly have any physical impact but can cause psychological disorders. In other professions accidents with physical damage are hardly inevitable.
What if safety regulations are practised inadequately? Manuals are not observed? Carelessness and routine have the upper hand? Which consequences does it have for the materials which are used, the product, the construction, the project in general?
Regulation in languages on source.


International Satirical Picture Competition "Karpik" Niomedlin 2018, Poland

The Regulations concerning the International Satirical Picture Competition
„KARPIK” Niemodlin, Poland
§ 1
These Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) lay down terms and conditions of holding the International Satirical Picture Competition „KARPIK” (hereinafter referred to as the Competition).
§ 2
1. The Competition is organized by the Cultural Centre in Niemodlin, Poland.
2. The Participant must be a natural person of legal age, who has a full legal capacity irrespective of the place of the residence.
3. Participation in the Competition is free of charge.
§ 3
Submitting an entry to the Competition is tantamount to the full acceptance of the Regulations by the Participant. The Participant commits himself to comply with the rules laid down in the Regulations as well as to confirm to meet all conditions which make him eligible to participate in the Competition.
§ 4
1. Submitting entry to the Competition consists in sending an original version of a hand-made drawing to the Organizer. The subject matter of the drawing shall cover such topics as fish, fishermen, cast-net fishing, etc., and meet the conditions laid down in these Regulations.
2. The format of the works submitted to the Competition shall not exceed the A-3 size format.
3. Each participant of the Competition is entitled to demonstrate the maximum 2 of works.
4. Each of the entries submitted should be described on the reverse in the following manner: the date of completing the work, the author's full name and address, contact details such as the telephone number or the e-mail address.
5. The entry submitted to the Competition must constitute the participant’s original work. By accepting these Regulations the Participant declares that he is the author of the entry submitted to the Competition and the author hereby declares, that has exclusive and unlimited copyright (personal and proprietary) to the entry and related rights to use and dispose of the submitted work.
6. Entries sent in order to be submitted in the Competition which will not comply with the terms laid down in these Regulations shall not be included in the Competition.
§ 5
1. The Competition is announced by the Organizer annually, not later than by January 15 of a given calendar year and lasts till November 30 of the same year.
2. The entries must be sent in a package preventing their damage.
3. The Organizer shall not be responsible for any loss or damage sustained during shipment of the entries.
4. The entries may be sent from the day of the announcement of the Competition by September 30 of the same year.
5. The entries shall be sent to the following address:
Ośrodek Kultury w Niemodlinie
ul. M. Reja 1
49-100 Niemodlin, POLAND
marked "Karpik".
§ 6
1. The selection of the award-winning entries will be based on the following criteria:
1) idea corresponding with the thematic scope of the competition,
2) the technique.
2. The Competition Jury shall be responsible for the selection of the winning entries and the Jury’s composition will be made public after its session.
3. Determining the winner in the given year will take place in the first half of October of the same year and will be carried out of the entries complying with the criteria of these Regulations.
4. The final result of the Competition will be published on the Cultural Centre’s website: www.okniemodlin.org
5. The winners of the Competition shall receive the prizes specified in § 7.
§ 7
1. The prizes of the Competition are as follows:
1) Grand Prix – PLN 2.800 gross
2) three main prizes – PLN 1.150 gross each
2. The Organizer may also award prizes or distinctions in a form or amount set freely by him.
3. The winner will be awarded in the form specified in the Regulations and the award shall not be exchangeable for other non-cash awards.
4. The main prize may be handed in at the Organizer’s office during the award ceremony after the winner appears in person, or it may be sent by post to the winner’s address.
5. In case the Participant fails to collect the award in person, it shall be sent by post to the winner’s address.
6. In the case referred to in the paragraph 5 above, the winner shall bear shipping costs which will be deducted from the sum of the prize awarded.
§ 8
1. The organizer has the exclusive right to determine the winner of the Competition based on the rules specified in these Regulations.
2. Pursuant to Article 30, section 1, point 2 of the Personal Income Tax Act on the income gained by way of wins in competitions, games and pari-mutuel betting or prizes related to premium sale in a European Union Member State or another country which is party to the European Economic Area, subject to Article 21, section 1, point 6, 6a and 68 of the Act, a 10% flat-rate tax is charged and deducted from the win or prize. This tax is collected without lowering the income by the cost of its generation. The winners are liable for the payment of the tax due on the prize.
3. The organizer shall pay the monetary prize and collect the appropriate amount of the flat rate income tax of the prize’s value from the winner of the Competition and shall pay the appropriate amount of the tax in question to the account of the relevant Tax Office in accordance with applicable law regulations in this scope.
§ 9
1. Upon the submission of the entry to the Organizer, the Organizer will obtain non-exclusive licence for an indeterminate period of time, which will authorise the Organizer to free use of proprietary copyrights to the entry in the following areas of exploitation:
a) using the work on the organizer’s website,
b) presenting the work during the post-contest exhibition,
c) placing reproductions of the work in catalogues presenting the entries which will be distributed by the Organizer for promotional purposes of the Competition.
2. On the issuing of the prize to the Participant, the Organizer gains free proprietary rights to the awarded entry of the Participant in the following areas of exploitation:
1) with regard to the right to record and multiply the work using printing and digital techniques;
2) with regard to distribution of the work – in form of public exposition and making the work available in such manner that everybody could have access to it at a time and place chosen by themselves, in particular by placing it in the Organizer’s advertising or promotional materials.
3. On handing over the entry to the Organizer, the ownership of the drawing will be transferred to the Organizer.
§ 10
1. By entering the Competition in the manner permitted in these Regulations, the Participant agrees to be bound by the provisions of these Regulations, including consent to the processing of personal data by the Organizer, and agrees to comply with these Regulations. The personal data provided will be processed by the Organizer pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Law of 29 August 1997 for the following purposes: organization and conducting the Competition; determining the Winner and notifying possible winners; handing over the possible awards; achieving the broad objectives of marketing and promotional activities of the Organizer; obtaining statistical and analytical data; contacting the owner of the data.
2. The Organizer informs that he is an administrator of personal data in terms of the Act referred to in Art.1. The data owner has the right to view and correct his personal information at the Organizer’s Office. Furthermore, the data owner at any time has the right to object processing of their data by the Organiser as allowed by the above mentioned Act. Due to safety reasons the data owner shall contact the Organizer in person or in writing.
§ 11
1. Personal data of Participants will be processed by the Organizer solely for the purposes and solely in the scope necessary to conduct the Competition, i.e., in order to identify the Participant, issue the awards and the possible public disclosure of the full name and the place of residence of the Competition winners, as well as to publish the entries in the Organizer’s promotional materials.
2. The Organizer will store the personal data according to the applicable law and implement appropriate measures to protect the processed personal data, in particular against their unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized takeover, processing with violation of the Act, as well as against any change, removal, damage or destruction.
§ 12
1. The Participant grants publishing permission to use of his full name in promotional materials related to the Competition, in particular on the Organizer’s websites, as well as gives consent to use them for the Organizer’s promotional and marketing purposes.
2. Participation in the Competition shall not constitute grounds for requesting any remuneration of any kind whatever.
3. All materials used to promote the Competition are of a purely advertising nature, whereas the provisions of the Regulations have a binding character.
§ 13
1. The Organizer shall not be responsible for any problems arising during the course of the Competition if they took place as a result of the events which may not have been foreseen by the Organiser with the preservation of due diligence or which may not have been avoided, in particular in case of force majeure events which are not possible to predict, participation in the Competition which fails to comply with any of the provisions of these Regulations and the potential subsequent damage caused.
2. The Organiser shall not be liable for impossibility of receipt of the award for reasons beyond the Organiser’s control which lie with the Participant.
3. The awarded Participants are not liable to transfer their rights to the award to third parties.
4. The Winner of the Competition may renounce the award in writing, nevertheless, shall not be entitled to receive any equivalent in exchange.
§ 14
The rules of these Regulations constitute the sole ground for holding the Competition and their binding and final interpretation lies solely with the Organizer.
§ 15
The Organizer has the right to exclude the Participant or his entry from the Competition in case the Participant fails to obey the provisions of the law, good manners, these Regulations or in case he infringes any other rights or interests of the Organizer.
§ 16
1. These Regulations constitute the sole binding document specifying the rules of the Competition.
2. The Organizer reserves the right to change these Regulations in case of a change of the law or for other important reasons, in particular when the change allows for efficient organization of the Competition in accordance with the rules, provided that it will not undermine the rights that have been already acquired by the Participants.
3. The text and any changes to these Regulations will be publicly announced on the Cultural Centre’s website www.okniemodlin.org.
Source in PDF.


1st LIBEX Competition 2018 : Imagination and power in the digital age

2nd Exhibition & 1st LIBEX Competition 2018
"Imagination and power in the digital age"
The Euro-Mediterranean Center LIBREXPRESSION – Foundation Giuseppe di Vagno, located in Conversano (BA), on the occasion of the 14th edition of its Festival LectorInFabula www.lectorinfabula.eu - from 13 to 16 September 2018 - organizes an exhibition of 54 selected satirical cartoons selected on the basis of a competition.
The cartoons must illustrate one of the themes developed during the Festival under the general title "Imagination and power in the digital age". (See the description of the festival theme and various sub-themes in annex).
1- The competition is open to press cartoonists without a nationality condition;
2- The participation form must be completed in its entirety and signed. The cartoons sent without a complete form will not be taken into consideration;
3- Each cartoonist can send a maximum of 3 cartoons;
4- The vignettes must be sent in high definition (at least 2 Mo), in .jpg or .png format ;
5- The cartoons must be in color;
6- The cartoons may not have been produced specifically for this exhibition / competition;
7- The cartoons sent must not have already been awarded in other competitions;
8- The cartoons without text will be privileged for the choice;
9- If the cartoon contains a text, the text must be translated in Italian by the author. Vignettes with text not translated in italian will not be considered eligible for the competition;
10- In the first phase, a high-level jury composed of journalists and cartoonists will select 54 vignettes for the exhibition;
11- In the second phase, the jury will nominate the 3 best cartoons and 10 with mention, among the 54 already selected.
- The cartoons must be sent by June 15, 2018
- The cartoons must be sent only by e-mail or via We transfer, to thierry.vissol@gmail.com
Awards and rewards:
* First prize: € 500.00
* Second prize: € 300.00
* Third prize: € 200.00
- The first three vignettes will also be reproduced in the form of a 50x70 cm poster.
- All the cartoonists selected for the exhibition will receive a catalog and 5 copies of the poster will be sent to the three winners.
- The 54 vignettes selected for the exhibition will also be published in the form of a postcard. Each selected cartoonist will receive 10 copies of the postcards with the reproduction of his own sticker.
Other conditions:
- The organizers reserve the right to reproduce and / or publish the cartoons received as part of this exhibition / competition (even those not selected for the exhibition) without the obligation of recognition of compensation to the author but will clearly indicate the copyright of the author.
The exhibition will be presented in the Major Cloister of the San Benedetto Monastery - home of the Giuseppe di Vagno Foundation - in Conversano, province of Bari- Italy, as from September 13, 2018 and will remain open to the public for at least a month.
The cartoons of the exhibition will be published in a four-color catalog.
Participation form:
The participation form can be downloaded at the following address: www.libex.eu / ......
Presidente: Thierry Vissol, direttore del Centro LIBREXPRESSION
- Cristiana Castellotti, capo redattrice RAI radio3
- Piero Ricci, presidente Ordine dei Giornalisti di Puglia
- Gianpaolo Accardo, Direttore di www.voxeurop.eu
- Marco De Angelis, vignettista
- Fabio Magnasciutti, vignettista (membro del Comitato scientifico di Librexpression).

The exhibition aims to illustrate in a satirical way the LectorInFabula 2018 festival on the theme "Imagination and power in the digital age"
The general theme of the Festival
In a particular way, we will try to understand today, what has become our society starting from the relationship between Power and Imagination and the consequences of a series of revolutions that have shaken the western world starting from the Sixties socio-cultural revolution, when the individual has been placed at the center of politics in order to arrive at the great changes related to communication and mobility, determined by new technologies and by the diffusion of internet.
The information society (and the imagination?) in particular has created unprecedented scenarios with respect to social, political, economic and cultural issues. The advent of the twenty-first century brings with it new challenges, completely revolting the geography of international relations and with it the associated paradigms, thus putting into discussion assumptions that were considered, until recently, unchangeable.
Thus, the globalization of the flows of people and goods, environmental problems, transnational market agreements, the pervasiveness of communications, produce continuous transformations while the gaps and inequalities in the world are increasingly widening. While, everything that happens, suddenly becomes social fact only in function of the echo and the consensus expressed through the "likes" that it is able to produce.
All this should lead us to a rethinking of our way of life. Starting from the concept of Power, also seen as the individual ability to make the best choices, through three key words: knowledge, awareness and responsibility.
And to understand what role to entrust to the imagination, to our ability to look beyond, to remember to better orient ourselves, to elaborate concepts to solve problems, to link memory to the present, in the need to imagine and build our future.
Specific themes
1) The digital man
- artificial intelligence
- human and humanoid
- industry 4.0
- digital natives and digital migrants
- do androids dream of electric sheeps?
2) Power without imagination
- the dictatorships and the "egoarchi" (Trump, Putin, Kim, Erdogan ...)
- invisible powers (finance, markets, criminality ..)
- populisms and nationalisms
- fascists and xenophobes
- the bureaucracy
3) Imagination in power: sustainable Utopias
- equality
- peace
- environment
- Welfare
- migrations
4) Far web: a new vocabulary
- hate speech
- fake news
- selfie
- fashion blogger
- influencer
- follower
5) (Super) Powers and (others) Imaginary
- heroes and superheroes
- women
- artists and culture
- the children's gaze
- the madmen and the dreamers.
More on
www.libex.eu .

1st Competition of satirical drawing «Dzhmelyk», Dolyna 2018, Ukraine

1st Competition of satirical drawing «Dzhmelyk»
Dolyna, Ukraine, 2018
The founder and organizer of the Competition: Dolyna City Council.
with the participation of the Association of Cartoonists of Ukraine
1. The Competition can be attended by citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, stateless persons. Participation in the Competition is free.
2. The Competition is held in two age categories:
- Category I (from 12 to 17 years old)
- Category II (from 17 years old and older)
3. To participate in the Competition, the participant sends to the Organizer the original version of the handwritten drawing on a theme: a bumblebee, a bee, a drone, a hornet, beekeeping products and others.
4. A participant of Competition may submit no more than 2 works, on a sheet of A4 format, or maximum of A3 format.
5. The submitted work must be authored. The participant accepting the terms of this Regulation confirms that he is the author of the work he sent, and has the right to his unlimited copyright and related rights to use and dispose of the work submitted.
6. Every work should be described in the reverse way of a leaf as follows: year of birth, surname, name and address of the author, telephone or electronic contact, work title if it needed.
7. Entries sent to the Competition that do not meet the conditions set forth in this Regulation will not be included in the Competition.
8. All works with the inscription have to be sent to:
Dolyna city council
5 Prospect Nezalezhnosti,
Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region,
9. Provided that if the participant does not have time to send the work by the original mail (taking into account the distance), it is allowed to send the work to the e-mail: dmckst@gmail.com
10. Work that promotes violence, religious and ethnic enmity is not allowed for the Competition.
11. The submitted works will be evaluated according to the following main criteria:
- having a sense of humor;
- interesting plot;
- creative approach;
- technique of execution;
- compliance of the works with the subject matter of the Competition.
12. The deadline for submission of works by June 10, 2018.
13. The quantitative and personal composition of the jury is determined by the organizer, approved by the mayor's decree.
14. The jury selects works for the exhibition and defines the winners of the Competition in two age categories. The jury's decision is final and can not be appealed.
15. The organizers of the Competition provide the printing of the catalog. Each participant of the Competition, whose work is included in the number of selected works, will receive an illustrated catalog.
16. The winners of the Competition will be announced and awarded during the Festival of Humor «Vesela Kopytsya» on July 7, 2018. Selected works will be exhibited in Dolyna Local History Museum «Boykivshchyna» by Tetiana and Omelyan Antonovich (Chornovola St., 2a).
17. Winners of the Competition are awarded prizes and monetary rewards for the first, second, third place in each age category. Prize fund of the Competition - 20 thousand hryvnia. The Jury reserves the right to award the Grand Prix.
The Organizer may assign additional prizes in any form or quantity determined by him.
18. This Regulation is the only document defining the terms of the Competition. Changes and amendments to this Regulation are entered in the order of its adoption.
19. The organizers of the Competition reserve the right to use works in conducting further exhibitions, to prepare and publish informational materials, printed products (catalogs, calendars, booklets), publications on the competition in the media and on the Internet. The organizers are obliged to provide the corresponding reference to the author of the work in any public reproduction of the works of the participant.
20. Prospekt Nezalezhnosti 5, Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Ukraine 77504, Dolyna City Council, http://rada.dolyna.info
e-mail for help: dmckst@gmail.com
Tel .: 0506405330 - Galyna Kurus, Director of the Organizing Committee of the Competition.


The III International Salon of Graphic Humor of Pernambuco 2018, Brazil

Regulation of the III International Salon of Graphic Humor of Pernambuco 2018
The III International Salon of Graphic Humor of Pernambuco (III SIHG-PE) has as its general theme THE LITERARY WORLD, inspired by the following phrase of Jorge Luís Borges: "It becomes great for what one reads and not for what one writes." The focus will therefore be on encouraging reading as the greatest treasure of people. Thus, the theme of the exhibition and award will be Writers - in the category CARICATURE; Literature - in the CARTOON category; and Adaptation of Stories, Tales and Novels of the Universal Public Domain Literature - in the category COMIC STORIES/COMIC STRIPS.
a) The graphic artists in general, amateurs or professionals, of Brazilian or foreign nationality may compete.
b) Each competitor may submit up to two (2) works in each category: cartoons, caricature and comic stories/comic strips, as long as they have not been awarded until the date of submission of the work to the III SIHG-PE. Comics should contain a maximum of 4 pages, in A3 format, vertical. Jobs that exceed the number of pages allowed will be automatically declassified.
c) By entering this contest, the candidate is aware that he / she is solely responsible for the veracity of the data and authorship of the submitted works, responding civilly and criminally if it is proven, during or after the contest, the falsity of the data or authorship works submitted.
d) Works of the comic stories/comic strips category will only be accepted based on authors in the public domain. Each participant must make sure of this condition to avoid having their work disqualified if the public domain concerning the chosen work is not confirmed.
e) The persons directly associated with the organization, the award committee and the production of the III SIHG-PE, in addition to their respective relatives up to the second degree, are excluded from participation in the contest.
a) Application forms will be available at www.sihg.org.
b) Registration can only be made exclusively via the website or by e-mail available on the site.
c) The participant must complete a registration form for each category, attaching the related works.
d) The works must be sent in the format A3 (297 mm x 420 mm), horizontal (cartoon) or vertical (cartoons, caricature and comic stories/comic strips) in JPEG, with resolution of 300 DPI - maximum 5 MB.
e) The organization is not responsible for registration or work not received due to technical reasons of computers, congestion, failure of communication lines, as well as any other factor that makes it impossible to successfully send via the event website.
f) The homologation of the registrations will be announced through a confirmation e-mail.
g) The registration will imply the acceptance of this regulation, in all its terms, including the compliance of the final result of the contest and the items referring to the destination and use of the drawings.
a) The works will go through a pre-selection and the selected ones will be exposed in the III SIHG-PE showcase. The complete list of the chosen ones will also be published on the website www.sihgpe.com.
b) The authors of the selected works will assign the copyright to the III SIHG for the use of the hall for the purpose of disclosure during the event and the dissemination of the next salons. The winning works may be used on a permanent basis for the promotion of this and the next editions of SIHG-PE. In both cases, the possibility of charging for the use of the works is excluded, in view of the selection and award criteria described in this regulation.
a) The works will be received from May 13, 2018 until midnight on August 12, 2018.
b) The selection of works will take place in August 2018.
c) The trial of the works will occur on October 28, 2018.
d) The awards will take place during the opening ceremony of III SIHG on October 30.
e) The exhibition of the winning and selected works takes place from October 30, 2018 to December 9, 2018, at Caixa Cultural, Marco Zero, Bairro do Recife (Recife-PE).
a) For the selection and award of the works, criteria of creativity, originality and relevance to the proposed theme will be obeyed, in an evaluation that will be the responsibility of the judging committee, whose decisions must be accepted by the participants, with no possibility of challenge.
b) The works sent to the SIHG will pass through two juries: one of selection and one of awards. The first, made up of professionals trained in the area of graphic humor, will select around 120 (one hundred and twenty) works that will compose the exhibition and the catalog. Among these, those awarded by the awards committee will be chosen.
c) Of the works selected, the first and second places of each category will be awarded.
d) The panel of judges may select up to two works in each category to receive Honorable Mention, which does not include cash prizes.
e) Any omissions of this Regulation shall be settled by the jury.
a) The following prizes will be awarded to the selected category:
CARTUM | literature
1st place ................................ R $ 5.000,00 and trophy;
2nd place ................................ R $ 3.000,00 and trophy;
Honorable Mention ................. Certificate.
CARICATURA | writers
1st place ................................ R $ 5.000,00 and trophy;
2nd place ................................ R $ 3.000,00 and trophy;
Honorable Mention ................. Certificate.
COMIC STORIES/COMIC STRIPS | adaptation of the public domain
1st place ................................ R $ 8.000,00 and trophy;
2nd place ................................ R $ 4.000,00 and trophy;
Honorable Mention ................. Certificate.
b) In total, R$ 28,000.00 (twenty-eight thousand reais) in prizes will be awarded.
c) All those selected for the exhibition will have their works published in the III SIHG catalog.
d) The release of the winners will be held on October 30, 2018, when the opening of the exhibition, at 7:00 pm, and the site of the event. Winners will be informed via telegram and / or call and / or e-mail of their prize.
e) The value of the award will be delivered within 40 days after its disclosure via deposit in bank account or via international transfer in the name of the holder.
f) The value of the prize is subject to the legal tax in force at the time of its assignment.
g) To receive the prize value, it is mandatory to hold a bank account in your origin country.
Samuca Andrade - Organizer of SIHG - PE
Clériston Andrade - Coordinator of SIHG - PE.
Source: sihg.


Dagarcik Turkiye Cartoon Contest 2018 : Don Quixote is against the unmanned utopia

Theme: "Don Quichotte is against the unmanned utopia".
The new technological developments that remove human power... An unmanned world... The efforts that seemed to remove human from the life... To rid of human-specific mistakes, not of human... Can a life be sustained without human? How come would an unmanned world? If the human being brings the end of the earth, could it be the human being who saved it again?
1- The contest is open to all cartoonists.
2- The cartoons sent to the competition may have already been published before but they should not have been awarded in another contest.
3- Free technic. The participants can send up to 5 cartoons. They can also send their work to the following addresses (mail or e-mail) in original or printable format JPG and 300 dpi.
No responsibility is taken for files sent in different formats and not opened.
4- The size of the cartoons should be at most 30X40 cm.
5- The Participants should send a brief biography, including their name, surname, address, and phone number with their cartoons.
6- The Deadline: 5th June 2018.
Enis Musluoğlu
Yatırım Finansman Menkul Değerler A.Ş.
Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No: 99 Kat: 3
E-mail: menekshecham@gmail.com
7- The results will be announced on 19th June 2018.
8- The cartoons sent to the competition will not be returned. They can be used for cultural purposes. Participants are deemed to have accepted these conditions.
9- The award ceremony will be held on 6th July 2018.
Jury Members:
Barış Baklan
Menekşe Çam
Turgay Karadağ
Kamil Masaracı
Enis Musluoğlu
3 Achievement Awards (3 Laptops)
Other Awards: The awards to be awarded by various organizations.
Source: Menekşe Çam.


27th International Festival of Humour and Satire, Golden Helmet 2019, Serbia

- Short story
- Poem
- Aphorism
2ND PRIZE...400 €
3RD PRIZE...200 €
DEADLINE: 25 January 2019.
Send only unpublished works of creation. Also you must send your short biography, address, contact telephone and e-mail address.
Written works must be sent by post in three copies with the code!
Caricatures can be sent by post, but also by e-mail in JPG form (resolution of 300 dpi and a maximum size of 4 MB). Original caricatures must be sent, too. Computer-generated caricatures must be printed in A4 format, signed manually with the No.1 mark and sent by post, also.
The decision of the jury will be announced by 14 February 2018.
The Awards ceremony will be held at Final Night of the Festival - 1st April 2019.
The Organizaion of the festival will bear the cost of the trip and accommodation for the awarded authors. The official langauges of the festival are Serbian and English.
All artists whose works are selected for the exhibition and the catalog, will receive a free copy of the catalog. The works of art remain the property of the Festival. The organizer reserves the right to use the works sent for the competition in order to promote the Festival.
Entry Form (PDF).
Address: Cultural Center Kruševac
International Festival of Humour and Satire "Golden Helmet"
Toplicina 2; 37000 Kruševac SERBIA
tel/fax: +381 (37) 423 025, 421 877
e-mail: goldenhelmet@ptt.rs
WEB: www.kck.org.rs.
Source: kck.