Romanian cartoonist Gheorghita Ghinea - URIASU passed away

Romanian cartoonist Gheorghita Ghinea - URIASU passed away (1956-2008)
The Romanian cartoonist Gheorghita Ghinea - URIASU (the giant) passed away at the age of 52 of heart attack on 28 October 2008. He lived and worked in Plopeni, a city near Ploiesti. He was an excellent press cartoonist and a painter. He published over 7,000 cartoons in several newspapers and magazines and he won many prizes in competitions. In 2008 he was awarded with the Prize for Cartoon of the Romanian Press Club, the biggest recognition of a press cartoonist in the country.
This report by Florian-Doru Crihana fdcrihana@yahoo.com


"New" cartoons with the dominating of images without support of verbal have arisen in the thirtieth years of the twentieth century in the USA and in France. The founders of "new" cartoons were O. Soglou, S. Steinberg, J.M. Bosc, J.M. Folon.
Worrying signs of deep crisis in the "new" cartoon appeared in recent years. The main feature is the emergence of a large number of cartoons-clones or "secondary" cartoons. There were discussions, which of the "secondary" cartoons can be considered plagiarism, and which simply random coincidence. Plagiarism in the art can take a simple theft. Frequent cases matches are characteristic sign of the crisis in the "new" cartoon.
One indicator of the crisis in the "new" cartoons is discontinuing the Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest. Officially announced, that "contest has already made a significant contribution to the development of manga culture since it started in 1979. During its history of more than a quarter century, the number of cartoon entries received totalled 289,554." Two years before the closure of the contest in the newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun were published the article "Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest: New perspective may lead to fresh ideas" by Professor Masashi Ueda.
The article stated that more and more artists send to the competition cartoons such as those who previously had success. However, the author pointed out, one of the cartoons submitted for the competition, proved so unusual, grotesque, almost all members of the jury voted for awarding the author of Gold Prize of Free Event-Section. In the cartoon, monkeys hang from trees by their hands, while a man hangs from a tree by his brain. The author concluded that "this may reflect our belief that Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest is entering an era of change. I think the contest will receive more cartoons that include free and fresh ideas". But after two years this contest came to an end.
To speak convincingly about the crisis of "new" cartoons, will try to analyse the "essential" characteristics of cartoons. Cartoon can be seen in terms of visual images, which built its "semantic content". Interesting are also the philosophical, social and other messages that the audience receives by this cartoon. You can also consider methods that were used in the process of creating "comical effect" of the cartoons.
Let’s consider the imaging world of "new" cartoons. "Semantic content" of most cartoons based on the usual for spectators images, at the same time, "convenient" for the creation of "comic effects". Thus are the literary heroes (Don Quixote.), heroes of animation and cinema (Mickey Mouse., Charlie Chaplin.), paintings (Mona Lisa.), architectural structures (Tower of Pisa.) and many others. In addition, there are also stereotypical situations, such as man on desert island, man in the desert, a lover in the cupboard. And here it is necessary to notice that the number of "convenient" to create a cartoon images are not infinitely.
Each cartoon bears a certain message to the spectator. Quite often such messages are based on current information. For example, currently "fashionable" topics for cartoonists are the threat of terrorism in the world, global warming, etc.
The creative process of establishing a "semantic content" of cartoon is subordinated to the certain laws. The act of creation studied well enough (Koestler, A. 1964). For example, there is a two-stage model for the appreciation of jokes and cartoons (Suls, J. 1972). Very interesting is An Affordance Theory Analysis of Cartoon Humor by Dean H. Owen (1988). Basic concepts of conceptual integration theory (Fauconnier & Turner, 1994; 1998) include mental spaces, frames, or cultural models, and mappings. The research by Alan F. Blackwell and T.R.G. Green (1999) suggests that graphical metaphor should increase the usability of visual programming languages by providing an instructional aid when learning to use the language. General Theory of Verbal Humor by S. Attardo and V. Raskin (1991) means joke similarity. We can use the main ideas of this great theory for cartoon art with success, etc. Methods for creating cartoons are fairly universal.
During the development of art of a "new" cartoon have been created "primary" works. Combinations of the above elements of creative processes such as images, methods and messages lead to creation by beginner cartoonists "secondary" works. First of all this concerned creativity of artists from China, Iran, Indonesia and others, where "new" cartoon originated relatively recently.
Does this mean that the crisis in the art of cartooning will go deeper? And are there a ways out of crisis? Of course there is. As noted by Professor Masashi Ueda, "New perspective may lead to fresh ideas". Attempts to create new images in cartoons, the original messages, embodied in the cartoons, the search of unusual methods of creating of "comic effects" may allow other ways the development of "new" cartoons.
(Source: Yeni Akrep (New Scorpion) October 2008 Issue: 74)


THE GOLDEN SMILE – Accompanying exhibition-contest – BELGRADE 2008

THE GOLDEN SMILE – Accompanying exhibition-contest – BELGRADE 2008
The 6th International Biennial of Caricature, December, 2008
Theme of the exhibition: TRADITION AND PROGRESS
Accompanying exhibition-contest: portrait caricature of Branislav Nušić (1864-1938), famous Serbian comedy writer in occasion of jubileum of writers death. The best caricature will be awarded by a Special prize and diploma.
Deadline: November, 10th, 2008.
ULUPUDS (»The Golden Smile«)
Terazije 26/II, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
(To avoid custom problems, please write DOCUMENT, NO VALUE on the envelope)
or by e-mail:
(JPG 300 dpi, max. A4)
For all the further information please contact
ULUPUDS, Tel/fax: +381 11 268 57 80
e-mail: http://us.mc656.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=ulupuds@beotel.rs or http://us.mc656.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=jugoslav@nin.co.yu
ULUPUDS web presentation: http://www.ulupuds.org.rs/


Results Second International City Complexities Cartoon Contest 2008

Results of the Second International City Complexities Cartoon Contest 2008 - Iran
The Jury:
Erdogan Karayel / Turkey, Julian Pena Pai / Romania, Mikhail Zlatkovsky / Russia, Cristobal Reinoso / Argentina, and Bozorgmehr Hosseinpour, Firouzeh Mozafari, Bahman Abdi from Iran.


First Prize: Angel Boligan - Mexico

Second Prize: Jitet Kustana - Indonesia

Third Prize: Mahmood Nazari - Iran

Honorable Mentions:
Dachuan Xia - China

Cau Gomez - Brazil
Navid Sharifi - Iran
Paulo Volmar Mattos - Brazil
Emre Ozdemir - Turkey
Agim Sulaj - Albania
Ares - Cuba
Carlos David - Cuba
Mohammad Amin Aghaei - Iran

Tawan Chuntra - Thailand.

Winning ceremonial Humorest 2008

Winning ceremonial Humorest - VII. cartoons biennale Hradec Kralove, Czech rep.; 16.10.2008

Photo: Winners (left to right): Lubomir Lichy (Czech rep.); Miroslav Bartak (Czech rep.); Valentin Georgiev (Bulgaria); Ivan Popovic (Slovakia).

Humorest 2008 Hradec Králové - Czech rep. Thema – "2"
1. Prize: Miroslav Bartak (Czech rep.)

2. Prize: Valentin Georgiev (Bulgarien)
3. Prize: Lubomir Lichy (Czech rep.)
Jury Prize:
Gustav Gusttavo Olivera (Brazil)

Ivan Popovic (Slovakia)
Igor Sevcik Prize(Best graphic cartoon): Angel Boligan (Mexico).


Results 1st International Cartoon Festival on Retrofitting - Iran

The result of the 1st international cartoon festival on Retrofitting (Professional section):

The 1st prize winner: Volmar Mattos Vilanova (Brazil)

The 2nd prize winner: Hicabi Demirci (Turkey)

The 3rd prize winner: Omer Cam (Turkey)

The juries prize: Naser Moghadam (Iran)

Selected Works:
- Mohsen Asadi (Iran)
- Fardin Mirzaeyan (Iran) (Also the winner of the Tabriz cartoon museum's special prize)
- Jamal Rahmati (Iran)
- Valentin Druzhinin (Russia)
- Abas Ryazi (Iran)
- Dragostinov (Bulgaria)
- Vladimir Kazanevsky (Russia)
- Abas Naseri (Iran)
- Onder Onerbay (Turkey)
- Jaber Asadi (Iran) (Also the winner of the Iran cartoon house's special prize)

Honorable mentions :
- Oleg Loktyev (Russia)
- Shirin GholiPour (Iran)
- Zhu Cheng (China)
- Parisa HosseinZadeh (Iran)
- Atila Ozer (Turkey)
- Mohammad Ali Khaleji (Iran)
- Spiro Radulovic (Serbia)
- Mahdiyeh Sabaghkar (Iran)
- Umit Mufit (Turkey)
- Makhmudjon Eshonkulov (Uzbekistan)
- Anneke Van Steijn (The Netherlands).
Source: http://www.rahimcartoon.com/en/index.php

FECO Website is renewed!

FECO Website is renewed!
New features are added to the website; such as contests blacklist, categorized cartoon contests, protected part to publish your articles and artworks, etc.:
And here is what they write about the renewed website in the summary report of their meeting in St Just le Martel, France on October 4th, 2008:
There will be no password anymore. The FECO site will be restyled by Alban & Bouton. Easily to read. FECO logo in blue. Flags & logo’s. Heads of chiefs. Links to members and all other known cartoon sites. We keep it simple. We do not have the money nor the people to build a spectacular site. The star rating system will be on the site, as well as information about festivals. The ‘moving’ page will be: “What happened this month?” (with up-to-date news, pictures and cartoons). More news will follow.


On-line voting for the PortoCartoon 2008 until 31st December

On-line voting for the PortoCartoon 2008 until 31st December

Dear Cartoonist,
We are very pleased to inform you that is open the on-line voting for the PortoCartoon 2008 .
The public can choose its favourite cartoon, independently of the choice of the jury of this festival. People all around the world can vote in the Cartoon Virtual Museum (http://www.cartoonvirtualmuseum.org/f_portocartoon_2008_vote.htm).
42 artists are in contest, and each cartoon can be seen in detail.
The candidates are the awarded, the honourable mentions and the finalist ones of the 10th PortoCartoon-World Festival.
The voting is open on the Portuguese Printing Press Museum and on the Cartoon Virtual Museum until 31st December.
Your vote is very important for the better decision!
With my very best regards
Luís Humberto Marcos

(The author with more votes from the public will be invited for an individual exhibition in 2009)


8th International Contest of Ecological Graphic Humor - EcoCartoons PERU 2008

8th International Contest of Ecological Graphic Humor - EcoCartoons PERU 2008
The Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru and the Grupo de Apoyo al Sector Rural convokes to the Eighth International Contest of Ecological Graphical Humor ECOCARTOONS 2008 with the subject Global Warming. Caricaturists, graphic artists in general, amateurs and professionals from all over the world can participate; also, there is no age limit for the contestants.
1.The works must reflect ideas related to the subject of Global Warming.
2.The artistic criteria that will be considered for the evaluation, is based on a representation of humor or aesthetically obtained satire, whose language can be direct or symbolic.
3.The technique is totally free.
4.Each participant can present an unlimited number of works that must be sent by any of this two ways:
Via mail: format A4 (21 X 30 cm). Send works to:
GRUPO PUCP - ECOCARTOONS Av. Universitaria 1801 LIMA 32 - PERU
Via e-mail: JPEG format with 300 DPI of resolution. Send to: ecocartoons@pucp.edu.pe
The winners that send their works by e-mail will be notified to resend by mail the original picture to the address
GRUPO PUCP - ECOCARTOONS Av. Universitaria 1801 LIMA 32 - PERU
5.The works must not contain textual elements. In the reverse of the work must be indicated the information about the author: name, local address, country, E-mail or Website.
6.With the delivery of their work, each participant confirms the acceptance of the bases of the contest. The works will become part of the exhibition that will be made on the day of the awards ceremony, as well as publications and part of itinerary exhibitions in cities of Peru and in different countries. All these works will become part of the museum of ecological graphic humor of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.
7.The jury will be integrated by members of the sponsor institutions and enterprises, event organizers and the best representative personalities of graphic humor in our country. The decisions of the jury cannot be appealable.
8.The deadline for sending works is October 30. The winners will be announced on November 13, in an official ceremony at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. The organizers of the event will inform the winners by telephone, e-mail or through their respective embassies or consulates.
9.The post delivery of the works must be in flat packages. Do not roll or bend your works. They must not be put in frames or glass. The organizers do not assume responsibility for the damage that can be caused by the delivery. Also, the delivery costs will be afforded by the sender. Local post register on the stamp will be considered in the deadline. After that date, works will be refused.
First Prize: US$ 1,000.00 and honor diploma
Second Prize: US$ 500.00 and honor diploma
Third Prize: US$ 250.00 and honor diploma.


Results of the 6th International Cartoon Contest KARPIK 2008, Poland

Grand Prix: Pol Leurs - Luxembourg (Above)
Three Equivalent Prizes:
Pawel Kuczynski - Poland
Bartlomiej Bielniak - Poland
Jacek Lanckoronski - Poland
Iwan Anchukov - Russia
Igor Nikitin - Russia
Jurij Kosobukin - Ukraine
Vladimir Kazanevsky - Ukraine
Marek Gliwa - Poland
Special Prize of "Ornament" Company:
Wiktor Goriaczko - Poland
Miroslaw Hajnos - Chairman
Jacek Frackiewicz
Michal Graczyk
Wojciech Kwiecinski
Malgorzat Biedron.


VIII Salon of Humour «Santa Clara 2008» - Cuba

VIII Salon de Humor y el 40 aniversario de MELAITO - Cuba
BASES EN INGLES: The humorous publication Melaito and the Cuban Writers and Artists Union (UNEAC) convoke to the VIII Humour Hall «Santa Clara 2008», this issue dedicated to the 40 years of Melaito, and for the first time with international range. BASIS
The themes should be: free theme and erotic theme. The dimensions of the works should be up to 25 x 35 cm as maximum, in any technique or mounting. Three dimensional works will not exceed 50 cm in any of its sides. The works will be received until November 30th 2008 at: Casa de la UNEAC, Máximo Gómez 107, entre Julio Jover y Martí, Santa Clara, Villa Clara, CP 50100 CUBA Foreign partakers and abroad Cuban residents can send their works by email, with a 300 dpi resolution to: 40melaito@gmail.com PRIZES Three prizes will be granted in each category and all the recognitions considered by the jury. 1st Prize: 2.000 Cuban pesos and diploma 2nd Prize: 1.300 Cuban pesos and diploma 3rd Prize: 800 Cuban pesos and diploma The jury will be formed by prestigious Cuban cartoonists and their pronouncement will be out of query. Laureate foreigners will receive a canvas by the award-winning artist Juan Ramón González (Yiki) and a diploma, these will be sent to them in a safe manner. A meeting of the outstanding Cuban cartoonists will take place between the days 18 and 20 of December, who will paint a collective mural against terrorism and dedicated to cartoonist Gerardo Hernández Nordelo and his comrades wrongfully imprisoned in the United States of America. The opening of the exhibition and awards will be on December 20th of 2008 at 3. 00 pm. in the UNEAC house in Villa Clara.
That same day a group of founders and specially the Cuban cartoonist of great trajectory René de la Nuez, Plastic Arts National Prize, who played an decisive roll in the beginning of Melaito, will be honoured by this publication and the UNEAC. For further information about this summons call 202661. Organizing committee.

10th RIDEP 2009 Carquefou - France

10th Encounter of International Drawing Press 16-18 January 2009 in Carquefou -France
We organized to commemorate the 10 years an exhibition with the participation of designers from around the world. Seen the success of the exhibition on China last year, we wish once more to integrate the designers FECO, the purpose of organizing the exhibition "10 years of news in the world."
The goal is to look back on the basic facts of these last 10 years in the world (political, economic, cultural, environmental, sports, human rights ...).
You can send your drawings in the quantity you want, whether it is possible to the date of completion and historical context, either by mail:
Mairie de Carquefou - Service Communication / Ridep BP 60139 44471 Carquefou Cedex France
Format of the drawings: A4 or A3, at 300 dpi resolution.
Deadline for submissions: December 10, 2008.
Thank you very much in advance for your participation!

Results 9th International Cartoon Competition "Spirito di Vino" 2008

Winners of the 9th International Cartoon Competition "Spirito di Vino" 2008 - Italy

First prize: ANDREA ANDOLINA - Italy
Third prize: ANGELA GRANZOTTO - Italy


UMIT MUFIT DINCAY - Turkey (See below).


Exhibition of cartoons by Iranian women cartoonists opens in Turkey

The exhibition of cartoons by Iranian women cartoonists opened at the gallery of the Association of Cartoonists in Istanbul, Turkey on Monday, October 13, 2008. The Head of Tabriz Cartoon Association, Rahim Baggal Asgari and his wife also attended the opening party with their baby daughter Rose along with several Turkish cartoonists, the executive committee members of their association, and Metin Peker, the Chairman.
22 cartoonists with 34 works are taking part in this exhibition.
The collective exhibition of cartoons by Iranian women cartoonists is open until October 19, 2008.


Burhanettin Ardagil cartoon exhibition in Bulgaria

Burhanettin Ardagil cartoon exhibition in Bulgaria
Burhanettin Ardagil, the internationally famous Turkish cartoonist, is to exhibit his works in his native town Kircaali in Bulgaria between October 17 - November 16, 2008. The Ardagil cartoon exhibition will take place at the Art Gallery KRIG Trakya 3 Blv. Kircaali, Bulgaria.


Iranian cartoonist Ardeshir Mohasses passed away

Iranian cartoonist Ardeshir Mohasses passed away
Ardeshir Mohassess (also spelt Ardashir Mohases, born on 9 September 1938 in Rasht died 9 October 2008 in New York) was an Iranian illustrator and cartoonist, residing in New York.
IRANCARTOON had Mohasses’s biography in their site as follows:
Ardeshir started his work as a child, drawing the characters from his mother's bedside stories. Today he is not only a prolific Iranian graphic artist, but also one of the most distinguished artists in this field.
Ardeshir was born in 1938 in Rasht in the northwest of Iran. His mother was a poetess and his father was a judge. After receiving his degrees in political science and law from the University of Tehran, he began working with Iranian and international newspapers and magazines, such as Keyhan, Ettelaat, Ayandegan, Ferdousi, The New York Times, Harpers, Jeune Afrique, and Nation.
His work has been featured in leading art magazines, such as Agraphis, Graphic Design, Graphic & Communication Arts, and he has had numerous one-man art shows in Iran, Europe, and the United States. Recently a collection of his works was purchased by the Library of the U.S. Congress to be presented in a show in the near future.
Ardeshir works constantly. He takes his pen and paper everywhere he goes – even to the movie theater, nightclubs, or when he goes to see a circus. The people and daily events are a powerful source of inspiration for his works.
Ardeshir says:
I begin the morning looking at and making sketches from old pictures and photos, Persian miniatures, and old Iranian religious paintings that are full of scenes of beheadings, spears, and scimitars that drip blood on the flowers and grass on the hills in the background. I end the day drawing people in cafes, cabarets, and music halls, dancers and acrobats leaping and jumping.
I arrange my characters in the manner of the colored lights strung above the shops and streets of Iran during the festivals and religious celebrations. If a work requires color, I use the same colors that once decorated the handles of the old meat cleavers and carcasses of lambs in butcher shops.
While I'm drawing, everything I've read or heard goes around in my head. Sometimes I recall an anecdote of the famous poet of Iran, Ahmad Shamlou, related to me. It seems an Arab general, noted for his incredible strength in wielding a sword, could strike with such speed that his victims continued to fight without realizing that they were sliced in half. The general would call out to them, "If you're a man, move!" When they did, they fell into two pieces. Whenever I am involved with a drawing that isn't going the way it should and one of the characters isn't doing what I want him to, I lift my pen from the paper and say softly, "If you’re a man, move."(http://www.irancartoon.ir/artists/categories.php?cat_id=109 )
In his essay “The pen is mightier”, Arsalan Mohammad writes:
... it is Mohasses’s deep-seated insecurity about himself that informs the characteristic perspective of his work – the constant identification with the underdog, the distorted characters, the bitter worldview. While there is a grim humour to many of Mohasses’s pieces, it comes at a price – real flickers of hope, of affirmation or positivity barely come through from his pen and ink pieces. Only in the colour paintings, produced at various phases of his career, do we see a redemption of sorts, through the vivid colours and fleshed-out forms....
Read the complete article at: http://www.thenational.ae/article/20080922/ART/210480103/1007/rss
See Ardeshir Mohasses's illustrations & sketches at: http://www.irancartoon.com/100/mohases/index00.htm



Regulation 2009
This contest is open to anybody aged at least 18. By the simple fact of participating, all contestants accept the conditions and provisions of these regulations and agree to abide by the decisions of the jury. There will be no correspondence about this competition. The Belgian law is applied as far as the tax on the prizes awarded to foreign participants is concerned.
A cartoon is a humoristic drawing. It could be, for instance, a caricature of a famous person, a parody of a real situation or simply a sketch of a comical situation. The cartoon may be a single image or in the form of a short strip. The cartoon may be static (drawn) or moving (computer animated).
3. THEME: NO THEME (free)
a. original drawn cartoons: maximum 5 submissions.
What? black and white or colour. The cartoons may not be accompanied by text. Drawings may also be made digitally and submitted on CD-ROM. They may not have been exhibited in Belgium or awarded a prize abroad. They should be packed flat and unfolded.
How? Dimensions: min. 21 x 30 cm - max. 40 x 60 cm. When submitted on a CD-ROM, the cartoon should be in A4 or A3 format at a resolution of 300 dpi in TIFF format. Works behind glass, framed or mounted with other materials will not be accepted.
b. animated, moving cartoons: maximum 3 animated cartoons with a maximum duration of 15 minutes per animated cartoon.
How? Animations should be submitted on a DVD (PAL). Submissions are not accepted via URL (YouTube, MySpace, Google Video or Quicktime uploads). No demo versions, only the complete cartoon. Works should be in Dutch or English or with subtitles in either of these languages.
c. The entrant guarantees the originality of his/her works. Disputes and potential claims in relation to all forms of plagiarism, etc. are the sole liability of the entrant.
Your participation will only be taken into account if your entry form carries your date of birth as well as your signature. Every cartoon must state the surname and first name of the author on the back. Postage must be paid by the participants.
By the mere fact of taking part in the contest, the participants empower the organizing association to make use of their entries for promotional purposes on behalf of the “International Cartoon festival” and the seaside resort of Knokke-Heist (cartoon book, catalogue, publicity in the press and other media, posters, folders, calendar, official gifts by the local authorities and/or the festival’s organizers, etc.)
Among the entries, a jury makes a selection for the exhibition and appoints the prize-winners.
Upon presentation of the receipt of their entries, all contestants will be admitted to the exhibition without charge.
All award-winning entries will become property of the organizing association. The organizing association will have the option to retain one drawing at the most of every contestant whose work was selected. Article 6. will be applicable.
In cooperation with the “Davidsfonds Leuven” a catalogue / cartoon book will be edited according to the technical and financial means. Selected participants are entitled to one catalogue.
As from this year cartoons will only be returned if this has been indicated on the registration form. The charges for returning such works as will not become the property of the organizing association will be borne by the latter. The organizers will endeavour to handle the return with the utmost care but cannot be held responsible for loss or damages. CD-ROMs and DVD’s are never returned.
Golden Hat + 3.500 €
Silver Hat + 2.000 €
Bronze Hat + 1.250 €
Knack Cartoon Award 500 €
Publics Prize 500 €
+ flight and hotel accomodation in Knokke-Heist during openingsweekend
EXHIBITION: 28.06.2009 - 27.09.2009
VERNISSAGE: 27.06.2009
DEADLINE: 12/01/2009
Address: Cultuurcentrum Knokke-Heist vzw Meerlaan, 32, B-8300, Knokke-Heist BELGIUM
Tel: +32.50.630.430 Fax:+32.50.630.429
E-mail: cartoonfestival@knokke-heist.be
Complete regulations


2. WRITTEN FORM (short story, poem, aphorism)
1. CARTOON - Minimum A4 (210 x 297 mm), Maximum A3 (297 x 420 mm), free technique
2. WRITTEN FORM - maximum two typed pages
3. COMIC - original, up to eight tables, free technique
The Jury will award one category each and select five best participants in all three categories to attend Master Class within 15th to 17st January 2009 in Krusevac. Lecturers will be prominent authors.
Works to be signed in full name, family name, address, contact phone and e-mail.
Written works to be send exclusively under a code.
All woks to be properly packed and sent to:

TEL/FAX: + 381 (37) 423 025, 28 983
The authors will be informed on awards on December 1st, 2008. The Organizer will bear travel and accommodation cost of awarded authors. Festival official languages are Serbian and English.
DEADLINE: November 20th, 2008.


- Short story
- Poem
- Aphorism
1. CARTOON: ORIGINAL, MIN. A4 (210x297 mm), MAX A3 (297x420 mm), TECHNIQUE FREE
1ST AWARD: PLAQUE *GOLDEN HELMET* ...........1500 €
2ND AWARD ............................................................ 1000 €
3RD AWARD ............................................................. 700 €

POEM: PLAQUE *GOLDEN HELMET*........................ 500 €
APHORISM: PLAQUE *GOLDEN HELMET* ............... 500 €
DEADLINE: 20.11. 2008.
Only unpublished works will be taken into consideration. Author's short biography, phone number and e-mail addres are obligatory.
Written works to be sent under a code!
Jury decision will be announced on 01.12. 2008.
Awards will be handed at Final Festival Evening on April 1. 2009. The Organizer will bear travel and accommodation cost of awarded authors. Festival official langauges are Serbian and English.
All works remain property of the Festival.
TEL/FAX: +381 (37) 423 025
e-mail: goldenhelmet@ptt.rs ; goldenhelmet@kck.org.rs


International Cartoonfestival Zemst 2009 - Belgium

International Cartoonfestival Zemst 2009 - Belgium
1. Theme: EVE and SPORTS Women and sports: female athletes, female supporters, women who hate
sports etc…
2. The number
2. The number of entries is limited until 5. They shall not have been exhibited or published before.
3. The works have to be sent to the following address:
SPORTIMONIUM, Bloso-domein, for the attention of Kelly Van Laethem, Trianondreef 19, 1981 Hofstade-Zemst (Belgium).
4. The drawings shall have the following dimensions: 210 x 297 mm (DIN A4). The works shall not be provided by a passe-partout, neither be stuck on larger paper. The drawing must mention, on the reverse, the surname, Christian name and address of the participant. The drawings shall not mention subtitles.
5. By virtue of their participation, the participants authorize the organizers to publish some of their works that they have received.
6. The following prizes are foreseen:
1st place: 600 EURO 2nd place: 400 EURO 3rd place: 250 EURO.
7. The prize of public: 150 EURO.
8. By participating the participant lends his works to the organizers for exhibitions. The works received will remain at the disposal of the organizers during one year until August 2011.
9. The entries will only be sent back by the organizers on receiving a written request. The awarded works will become the property of the organizers.
10. Entry till 30 March 2009.
11. Exhibition: 3rd July - 30th August 2009. Opening Friday, 2nd July 2009 at 8 pm.
Complete regulations

Exhibition "Warm Cold" by Cuban cartoonist Alex Falco in Gallery Osijek

On 29 September 2008 opened the 74th exhibition in a row named "Warm Cold" by Cuban cartoonist Alex Falco.
He was born in 1965, Holguín, Cuba, graphic artist, illustrator, designer. He graduated in English language, graduated from various courses for drawing, art, tourism, informatics. He is a member of a couple of associations. In order brochures, promotional materials, visual identity, logos, slogans, web pages, multimedia, presentations, all kinds of marketing in digital form or printanom - his clients are renowned companies, hotels. Participated in different festivals. He had 8 independent and 16 group exhibitions, all in Cuba.

As each month in the Gallery we open exhibitions of the world-known cartoonists and the same opening embellish young people well-known from their circle of activity.
So this time we have had Marina Ban, flute, student of Academy of Art in Osijek and Dunja Paprić, clarinet, the state champion in the discipline clarinet, schoolgirl on a forth year of Music school Franjo Kuhac in Osijek.

The exhibition was opened by a young and successful Ana Zvonar, a student at the Economy University, Osijek.


7th LM International Cartoon Contest 2008 - China

7th LM International Cartoon Contest 2008
The Organizing Committee of the 7th LM International Cartoon Contest invites cartoonists from all over the world to participate in this contest. Beautiful tableaus, lovely sculpting, humorous content and rich sentiment are the criterion of China LM International Cartoon Contest to award prize every year.
1. THEME: Free (Humorous)
A) Only original cartoons are accepted. Photographs, Copy, Computer painting, photocopies etc. will not be accepted.
B) The cartoonist's name, address, telephone number and E-mail, must be on the reverse side of each cartoon.
C) Size: Preferable 21 x 29.7 cm or 29.7 x 42 cm.
D) Maximum number of entries: 3.
Googlm, Jin Ling Zha 21- 603, Nanjing City, p.c.210001, China
TEL: 0086-25-52202120
4. WEB: http://www.googlm.com/ E-MAIL: googlm@126.com
5. DEADLINE: December 22, 2008 (The late works will be accepted as the entries for the 8th LM International Cartoon Contest)
6. FREQUENCY: Annual
7. JURY: The group of judges consists of the organizer, cartoonists, Editor and art scholars. Participants are not allowed to raise any objections to judge determinations.
* Grand prize of 1 (Gold Medal, Certificate, Album)
* Gold prize of 4 (Gold Medal, Certificate, Album)
* Silver Prize of 5 (Gold Medal, Certificate, Album)
* Bronze Prize of 5 (Gold Medal, Certificate, Album)
* Prizes for excellence of 100 (Certificate, Album)
A) The results of the contest will be made public in March 3rd, 2009 on our website: http://www.googlm.com/
B) We will send the medals, certificates and albums for all the winners before May 1st, 2009.
C) The exhibition will be organized from January to October in 2009 in large cities of China for three times between two LM cartoon contests.
A) The organizer can collect the works and put them into an album for publishing, exhibition.
B) The entries can also be expressed in other publication.
C) Artworks: will not be returned. Unite the collections to the Lm Cartoon Museum.
Participants are considered to have accepted all the conditions and are aware that their submissions may be reprinted and used without future monetary compensation.


Russian editorial cartoonist Boris Jefimov (108) dies Oct 1, 2008

Boris Yefimov (1900-2008), Stalin’s favorite cartoonist passed away aged 108 on Wednesday.
By Nabi Abdullaev
Boris Yefimov, an eminent Soviet political cartoonist who once personally took Josef Stalin’s orders on how to depict U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower, died in Moscow on Wednesday, just two days after President Dmitry Medvedev congratulated him on his 108th birthday.
Yefimov, born Fridland in Kiev in 1900, published his first cartoon, a caricature mocking the White Army General Anton Denikin in 1918, after his elder brother, journalist Mikhail Koltsov, suggested that he start drawing.
From 1922, Yefimov regularly published his cartoons in Pravda and Izvestia newspapers and in the satirical magazine Krokodil. Curiously, Yefimov’s latest job was with Izvestia: On his 107th birthday, he was appointed the newspaper’s chief artist.
Yefimov succeeded in drawing enemies of the Soviet state — first, the top German Nazi officials and particularly Adolf Hitler, whom he drew with a swastika under a sharp nose, and then, during the Cold War, portraying American and British politicians as plump villains with sagging cheeks...
Read the complete obituary

Final and Definite Result of 1st International Olive Cartoon Contest - Cyprus

THE FINAL AND DEFINITE RESULT OF THE CONTESTThe 1st International “Olive” Cartoon Contest Committee, after consideration of the objection of the participants M. A. from Turkey and A.F. from Russia concluded that the cartoons of the cartoonists Dechko Nikolov(Bulgaria) who won the second prize and the cartoon of the cartoonist Kürşat Zaman (Turkey) who won special award were drawn in the past. Similar cartoons of the above mentioned cartoonists can also be found in the following files and web pages:
Due to this situation and result the awards of the above mentioned cartoonists had been cancelled. The cartoonists cartoons which had the highest scores, in the evaluation minutes of the Committee after the above mentioned cartoonists, are decided to get the awards, instead.
The final and definite result of the contest is as follows:
First Prize: Anton Buzetti (Slovenia)
Second Prize: Vladimir Stankovski (Serbia)
Third Prize: Atilla Ozer (Turkey)
"International Journal of Comic Art" Special Prize:
Valentin Georgiev(Bulgaria)
Allesandro Gatto (Italy)
Pavel Constantin (Romania)
“Cartoon Foundation” Special Prize:
Muammer Kotbaş (Turkey)
Igor Vartchenko (Cyprus)
Shirin Gholipoov (Iran)
Yuri Manaev (Russia)
Paolo Dalponte (Italy)
Heidi Trautmann (North Cyprus).

See more prize-winning cartoons on


16th Dutch International Cartoonfestival - The Netherlands

16th Dutch International Cartoonfestival - The Netherlands
Theme: Feeding & Education (2000 years Men & Education)
Number of works: Max. 7 works. Each entry must state the name and address of the author on the verso of the drawing.
Originals as well as computer prints, screen prints or good quality copies are welcome. Originals will be sent back on request.
Size: Maximum A4 (19 x 28 cm)
First Prize: € 1000 + trophy
Secon Prize: € 750 + trophy
Third Prize: € 500 + trophy
Public Award: € 250 + certificate
FECO Award: € 250 + trophy
TULIP Award: € 250 + trophy
KEVER Award: € 250 + certificate
4 Special Mentions: certificate
Markiezen Award 2009
The works received will be insured by the organizers, equal to the value indicated by the cartoonist on the entry-form. If the value of the cartoon is not indicated, the works will be insured for € 40 Euro each.
Selected cartoonists will receive a free sample of the catalogue.
Regulations & Entry Form
Deadline: December 31, 2008

Exhibition "Masters of ZEMUN and Collection Crihana"

Exhibition "Masters of ZEMUN and Collection Crihana" 15-29 October 2008
The exhibition brings together ten cartoonists, illustrators of domestic and international politics in Serbia and Romania. The works come from two private collections of the two countries, namely, Salon International Caricature Zemun collection and collection of Galatean cartoonist Florian Doru Crihana.
International cartoon Saloon Zemun was founded in 1995 and quickly became known in the world, and now is living in a selective manner, that is participation is based on special invitation. Thus, the event was posted by salons and festivals in the cartoon world, dominated debut artists and amateurs.
"Collection Crihana" was founded in 2000, through acquisitions and exchanges of works that cartoonist Florian Doru Crihana did with Romanian authors in particular, but also with colleagues abroad. In only 4 years, the collection was presented to Cartoon Museum in Warsaw and the House of Humor and Satire in Gabrovo. Florian Doru Crihana organized with his collection over 80 exhibitions in Galati, Bucharest, Warsaw, Gabrovo, Bielefeld, Istanbul, Urziceni, Gura Humorului, Oostende.
Ten cartoonists who exposed in the Romanian Literature Museum are particularly active in Serbia and Romania. They are: Slobodan Srdic, Dusan Gadjanski, Vladan Nikolic, Vlado Volas, Slobodan Obradovic, Devis Grebu, Octavian Bour, Constantin Ciosu, Mihai Panzaru-PIM, Dan Silviu Turculet. Among the Serbian artists are the great masters Slobodan Obradovic and Slobodan Srdic with over 50 years of activity in every area and the Romanian cartoonists Devis Grebu, Octavian Bour and Constantin Ciosu with a long activity in Romania and the West - Devis Grebu, for instance, the illustrator and a columnist at the daily newspaper with a presence for decades in famous publications Le Monde, The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and more.
The exhibition is the third in the series of Serbo-Romanian presentations. The first two took place in 2006 the "Exhibit Serbia - Romania" and in 2007 the "Serbia vs. Crihana" exhibition.