Important message for cartoonists from Osten Gallery, Skopje

Dear Cartoonists and friends,
There was a technical problem with our email address.
If you have sent your cartoons until yesterday they probably did not arrive.
We apologize in advance for this inconvenience and we ask you to send the same email once again on our address: cartoons@osten.com.mk
We assure you that this email address is functional and this time we will receive your cartoons and participation forms.
Once again, thank you for being our friends and for participating on our manifestation.
Moreover, if you have recommended this contest to your friends, please forward this email or announcement to them so if they have sent some works, to send them again.
We remind you that our deadline for sending cartoons is 15th of March 2011.
Thank you very much, big apology to all our cartoonists.
Sincere regards
Mice Jankulovski


International Forum of Visual Humor KARIKATURUM 6 Surgut, Russia

The International Forum of Visual Humor KARIKATURUM 6 Surgut 2011-2012
The Competition Terms
I. generalities
1. The International Forum of Visual Humor KARIKATURUM 6 is held with the view of development and support of the humoristic visual arts, consolidation of creative and professional international contacts.
2. Nomination: caricature
3. Topics
The main topic: “Oh, what a lucky man!
Special topics:
Surgut is the town of Black Fox
Surgut was founded in 1594. A black dog-fox became its symbol that is depicted on the emblem of Surgut.
The Surgut Fine Arts Museum celebrates its 20th anniversary!
4. The organizers
Department of Culture, Youth Policy and Sports of Surgut Administration;
The Surgut Fine Arts Museum
5. Time-frame
Competition starts on the 1st of February 2011.
Deadline – the 1st of June 2011.
Period of the jury work – 9-13 of June 2011.
Opening of the Exhibition and the Award Ceremony – 11-12 of June 2012.
The exhibition will be open till the 31st of August 2012.
6. The Jury
Andrei Popov (Russia),
Vladimir Stepanov (Russia),
Rumen Dragostinov (Bulgaria),
Svetlana Kruglova (Russia),
Iatsek Fratskevich (Poland).
7. Prizes
The main prizes:
Topic: “Oh, what a lucky man!”
The 1st Prize “Golden Ushanka” 120 000 rubles
The 2nd Prize “Silver Ushanka” 60 000 rubles
The 3rd Prize “Bronze Ushanka” 30 000 rubles
The special prizes:
Topic: “Surgut is the town of Black Fox”
The 1st Prize “Black Fox in the Golden Ushanka” 50 000 rubles
The 2nd Prize “Black Fox in the Silver Ushanka” 30 000 rubles
The 3rd Prize “Black Fox in Bronze Ushanka” 20 000 rubles
Topic: “The Surgut Fine Arts Museum celebrates its 20th anniversary!”
2 prizes each worth 20 000 rubles.
According to the legislation of Russian Federation the money prizes are taxable.
The competition is open, professional artists as well as amateurs can take part in it.
Only original works of authorship or printouts of high quality with the autograph (for computer works) are accepted to the competition. The works sent by e-mail as well as xerocopies are not to be considered.
Any techniques are available. The size of each work is from А4 (210х297) to А2 (420х590). The quantity of works is not limited.
The works must be carefully packed. The shipping cost is paid by the participants of the competition. The organizers do not bear responsibility for any damages caused during the shipping.
The works sent to the competition stay it the Museum collection. The Surgut Fine Arts Museum expresses big thanks for the presented works and pressingly requests a free expression from the authors for donation to the Museum collection which is declared in the Deed of Gift. Please, send the Deed of Gift with the works and the Form.
The participant’s Form must be filled in with block letters. The works without the filled Form are not to be considered.
At the back of the work there must be the topic (the main or the special topic), the name, surname, address, telephone, fax, e-mail of the author, material and techniques.
The works sent to the competition may be exhibited at the Surgut Fine Arts Museum, other museums, galleries and exhibition halls at the discretion of the Museum. Also the works can be displayed at the Museum site.
The organizers have the right to publish the works in mass communication media and replicate them for the publishing package of the Forum, with no royalties to the author.
Сopyright for the picture, title and the texts of the work belongs to the participant of the competition (the author of the picture), it’s inalienable. The author bears responsibility for his works as provided by the existing legislation of RF. The author reserves the prerogative right to the original work of art at alienation (transfer into the ownership, donation) if the author doesn’t transfer the right by the Deed of Gift.
Drawings awarded at other competitions can take part in our competition, but it must be stated where and when they were awarded. The jury reserves the right to introduce such works to the award list or not.
The money prizes may be divided among several winners by the jury’s decision.
The fact of the participation in the Forum means the participants submit to all the Terms of the Competition.
Special conditions
To the Winners of the Main and Special Prizes of the Forum the organizers pay the travel costs to the Award Ceremony by any type of transport from any city in Russia and back, and staying in a hotel in Surgut.
To the opening of the exhibition and the Award Ceremony all comers are welcome. They bear travel and living costs by themselves.
A catalogue will be issued as a result of the competition KARIKATURUM 6. All authors whose works will be included in the catalogue by the jury’s decision will take a free issue.
The organizers and sponsors of the Forum may institute more special prizes after having received all the works to the competition.
The International Forum of Visual Humor
The Surgut Fine Arts Museum,
30 Let Pobedy Str., 21/2,
Surgut, Tyumen region, Russia, 628403
Tel/fax: +7 (3462) 51-68-16, 51-68-12, 51-68-08,
e-mail: karikaturum@admsurgut.ru, scruglova@rambler.ru
web-site: http://www.karikaturum6.blogspot.com/
Please, pass information about the Forum to your friends – artists.


International cartoon contest Volunteering, Ruse - Bulgaria 2011

International cartoon contest: Volunteering
Ruse, Bulgaria 2011

· European Information Centre Europe Direct Ruse
7000 Ruse, 4 Svoboda sq.
· Ruse Art Gallery
7000 Ruse, 39 Borisova str.
Terms and conditions
The aim of the contest is to have a look at Europe’s 2011 theme Volunteering through the creative insight and interpretation of professional and amateur cartoon artists from all over the world. "If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever," Kofi Annan said. It is in this spirit that 100 million Europeans dedicate their time and expertise to help those in need and give back to their communities: A retired art teacher gives lectures on European masterpieces to foreign visitors at a museum. A high school student reads to sick children at a hospital. A former national football player coaches at a neighbourhood club. There are thousands of ways people make a difference. To highlight these efforts and encourage more citizens to join in, the European Commission kicked off the 2011 European Year of Volunteering.
І. Cartoon;
Terms for participation:
1. The contest is open for professional and amateur cartoon artists over 18 years;
2. Each participant could send up to 3 works /originals/ in A4 or A3 format;
3. Cartoons could be either color or black and white;
4. Deadline for receiving works 29.04.2011 on the following address:
European Information Centre Europe Direct Ruse
4 Svoboda sq., p.b. 209,
7000 Ruse Bulgaria

For Cartoon contest
5. Participants should send a short СV, as well as name and family name, titles of the works, postal address, e-mail address and telephone.
6. Jury:
· Rudy Gheysens – director of European Cartoon Center Kruishoutem, Belgium;
· Paul De Ruyck - European Cartoon Center Kruishoutem, Belgium
· Dominique Termote - European Cartoon Center Kruishoutem, Belgium
· Ivaylo Tsvetkov – chairperson of FECO for Bulgaria, cartoon artist for newspaper Monitor, newspaper Telegraph and magazine Tema.
· Valentin Georgiev, cartoon artist, illustrator, artist;
· Elena Velikova, director Ruse Art Gallery;
· Irina Jordanova, expert in EIC Europe Direct Ruse.
1. Prizes:
І prize of the contest – plaque and diploma;
2 special prizes and diplomas;
All awarded and selected works will be part of exhibition in Ruse Art Gallery and EIC Europe Direct. Cartoons will not be returned. All cartoons will be included in collection of Europe Direct and will be included in travelling exhibition among Europe Direct Centers in Bulgaria.
2. Postal costs for sending works are covered by participants. There is no fee for participation;
3. Selected and awarded authors will receive electronic catalogue - CD with exhibition.
4. Participation in this contest is considered as author’s agreement with present terms.
5. We wish success to all participants!
Opening of exhibition:
3rd June 2011, 17.30 EET.
Ruse Art Gallery, Ruse, 39 Borisova str.
For all questions referring organization and terms of the contest you can write to: info@europedirect-ruse.eu to the Europe Direct Ruse or to valyo1970art@yahoo.com Valentin Georgiev.


16th International Festival of Cartoon Zagreb 2011, Croatia

16th International Festival of Cartoon Zagreb 2011, Croatia
The organizer of the 16th International festival of cartoon ZAGREB 2011 is the Croatian Cartoonist Association. The festival is opened for everyone regardless of nationality, age, sex, or profession.
VICES (alcohol, smoking, adultery, gambling ...)
Terms of entry:
1. Original works and digital artwork will be accepted. Digital artwork is to be numbered in pencil on the front and pencil signed. Copies cannot be admitted.
2. Entries can be either black and white or coloured.
3. There should be the name, the surname and the adress on the reverse side of cartoons.
4. The cartoons must not have been previously awarded on festivals.
5. Maximum 3 entries will be submitted.
6. Size of entries is A4 or A3 format.
Entry deadline is 2nd May 2011.
First Prize 1.000 EUR
Second Prize 500 EUR
Third Prize 300 EUR
Five Special mentions.
The exhibition will take place in Klovićevi dvori Gallery in Zagreb on 21st June 2011.
Authors of the works that qualify to the exhibition will receive a copy of the exhibition cataloque. Original works will be returned to the authors in the end of the exhibition cycle (in the second half of 2012) on explicit request only at the organizers expense. The organizer keeps the right to reproduce the works sent to the festival, Zagreb 2011, as the advertising material without being obliged to pay a fee to an author whose work may be used. The prize-winning works become property of the organizer.
ENTRY FORM Entry form download here
Source: http://www.hdk.hr/vijesti/zagreb2011pozivnica.htm

11th International Editorial Cartoon Competition 2011, Canada

The Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom 11th International Editorial Cartoon Competition
1. The theme for the 11th International Editorial Cartoon Competition is:
“Wikileaks” and its creators: villains or heroes?
The Internet and the growth of social networking have greatly enhanced freedom of expression and people’s access to information. The “Wikileaks” revelations has shown us the degree to which the US, like many governments, operates behind a veil of secrecy and severely limits the information citizens need to participate in a free society. While the First Amendment protects freedom of speech, some legislators are calling for the prosecution of Julian Assange and insist that the disclosures threaten international relations. You be the judge.
2. Prizes: three prizes will be given: a first prize of $1500, a crystal trophy, plus a Certificate from Canadian UNESCO, a second prize of $750 plus a certificate, and a third of $500 and certificate. All sums are in Canadian dollars. Ten additional cartoons will receive an ‘Award of Excellence.’ Regrettably no financial remuneration accompanies the Awards of Excellence.
3. Only one cartoon will be accepted from each cartoonist. It may be either in color or black and white and must not have won an award.
4. The size of the cartoon should not exceed A4; 21 by 29.2 cm; or 8.50 by 11 inches.
5. The name, address, telephone number and a short biography of the Cartoonist must be included in the submission.
6. The Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom shall have the rights to use any of the cartoons entered in the Competition for promotion of our Editorial Cartoon Competition. Entrance by the cartoonist is deemed acceptance of this condition.
7. The winners of the Cartoon Competition will be announced at the World Press Freedom Day Luncheon held at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Canada on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 as well as being advised by e-mail. The winner’s names and their cartoons will be posted on the CCWFP web site: http://www.ccwpf-cclpm.ca/
8. The best 30 cartoons will be exhibited at the Luncheon.
The deadline for receipt of Cartoons is 5 p.m. Friday, April 8th, 2011.
Send submissions by E-mail to: info@ccwpf-cclpm.ca
Cartoons should be in jpeg format at 300 dpi.
Source: canadiancartoonists


"The Value of Your Creativity" by Mike Lynch

Should you give away your work for free?
If you do, then "free" is your price.
Hey, even if you do not want to work for free, there are people out there who have no problem asking you... (Read the whole post by Mike Lynch)


Deadline in the 23rd Rotary Cartoon Awards: 31st May 2011

The Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour City invites you to enter . . .
The 23rd Rotary Cartoon Awards

The competition is designed to recognise the best of Australian and International cartoons with prizes totalling over $10,000. The Rotary Cartoon Awards are sponsored by the Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour City to raise funds for various Rotary charities and to promote cartooning through the Bunker Cartoon Gallery. All entries will be donated to the Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour City for exhibitions at the Bunker Cartoon Gallery and other galleries in Australia. They will become part of the Coffs Cartoon Collection. The cartoons may be exhibited and reproduced in a catalogue or similar, onto post cards and copied, at the Rotary Club's discretion, any time in the future, for sale through the Bunker Cartoon Gallery. The First and Merit winners in all categories also receive a medallion.
Info at source: http://www.rotarycartoonawards.com.au/
Open to cartoonists worldwide, over 18 years of age. Closing date for entries is 31st May 2011.
This year there are two possible themes available; the cartoonist may choose either:
Prizes: 1st: $750 ; Merit: $250
One cartoon will be selected from all categories (National and International sections).
This prize which includes the category prize will be $3000 and a special Winner’s Plaque.
The Award Presentation will be held on Saturday 23rd July 2011 at The Bunker Cartoon Gallery, Coffs Harbour. The Rotary Cartoon Awards 2011 are conducted in association with the Australia Cartoonists' Association and the Federation of Cartoonists Organisations.
WEB: http://cartoonists.org.au/
Entry form & Rules in PDF


The Human Stupidity is the theme in 1st Cartoon Contest Virton 2011

1. NAME : The 1st international press cartoon and humor contest in Virton (Belgium)
2. THEME : « the human stupidity »
3. DEADLINE OF SENDING : March 1st 2011
The draftsmen of any countries, any sex, any age can participate.
The participants accept the rules and the decisions of the jury.
The jury has the right to refuse a cartoon for moral reasons.
No correspondence will be done concerning the results and the decisions of the jury. 5. THE JURY : The jury consists of draftsmen and journalists.
A maximum of 3 works by author will be authorized.
Characteristics: in black and white or in colors.
We prefer the works without text. If there is a text, it will be accepted only in English or in French.
Sending in the form of digital .jpeg files, resolution of 300 dpi, at the following address: virtondessin@yahoo.fr
The author will indicate in his sending the following information:
- His (her) name
- His (her) first name
- His (her) date of birth
- His (her) complete address
- His (her) e-mail address
- His (her) phone number - The title of his (her) work.
- Join a short biography with photo or self-portrait.
The list of the participants will be published on the site (?).
7. DONATION OF THE WORKS : By participating, the authors give to the organizers their agreement to use, to archive, to print, to make a copy of their work(s) and to let them participate in any demonstrations - commercial one included -, without any compensation or payment for the author.
The rewarded works remain the property of the organizers.
We are constituting a permanent collection with the aim of promoting our international contest.
8. EXHIBITION : From Friday 3rd June (Inauguration show) to Sunday 5th June 2011 (rewards attribution).
The prices will be awarded on Sunday at the end of morning during a cocktail party.
The best cartoons will be selected for the book "Virton International press cartoon and humor contest 2011".
All the artists whose work is selected for the exhibition will receive a certificate and those selected for the publication will receive free of charge a copy of the book.
Organisation : ACAI Virton in partership with the Lion's club «la Gaume»
Michel BLAISE: rue de la Vergette, 7. B-6761 Chenois (Virton) tél. : +32 (0)496.41.11.13.
Raphaël DONAY: Place Nestor Outer, 6. B-6760 Virton tél.: +32 (0)496.38.74.32.
Source: http://www.ecc-kruishoutem.be/graphics_algemeen/virton.pdf

Hal Foster Award 2011 goes to Mat Schifferstein of Sherpa Publishing

The prestigious Hal Foster Award for the Advancement of Comic Books and Art will be bestowed upon Mat Schifferstein, founder of Sherpa Books Publishing, this Friday 11 February at 5:30 P.M. local Amsterdam time. The Awards Ceremony will take place in Lambiek Comic Bookstore, Kerkstraat 132 in Amsterdam.
The jury wants to express its appreciation for the way Mat Schifferstein makes obscure comics and comic art accessible for Dutch readers. The jury consists of the comic book artists and/or experts Klaas Knol, Aloys Oosterwijk, Ben Westervoorde, Floris Oudshoorn and Peter de Wit.
The Hal Foster Award was created in 1982 and has been given to Dutch comics entrepeneurs Rene Meulenbroek, Peter de Wit, Frits Jonker, Pieter M. Dorrenboom, Shamrock, Vince and Klaas Knol. The Hal Foster Award honours those who commit themselves to the advancement of comic books and art. Mat Schifferstein's translations include Alan Moore (Sandman), Neil Gaiman (Sandman), Mezzo & Pirus (King of the Flies), Nate Powell (Swallow Me Whole) and Mariko and Jilliam Tamaki (Skim).
Stripantiquariaat Lambiek
Kerkstraat 132
1017 GP Amsterdam

1st International Competition ‘Cartoonist without borders’ 2011

1st International Competition ‘Cartoonist without borders’ 2011, Istanbul - Turkey
- Cartoonists are free to participate with already published works as long as these works have not previously been awarded in any other contest.
- The subject of the competition is: "Disabled people and life".
10 % of the world population are with disabilities. They cannot hear, see and walk…
They face with many obstacles in social life.
Lots of people with disabilities are in need of care when we compared to many developed countries…

Most of them cannot read and continue their lives without medical support.
Can we describe the lives of people with disabilities in social life…
We are inviting you to think for them…
- The participants may send maximum 3 cartoon work.
- The dimensions of works should not exceed 30x40 cm.
- Cartoons can be send via email but the original cartoon works should be send until 15 April 2011 via post.
- Participants should write their name, surname, address, phone number and country of origin on the back of their cartoon work.
- Short CV of the participants should be attached.
- The works must reach the organizing association until 15 April 2011.
- Results will be announced on 23rd of April 2011.
- The participating cartoons will be put into an album. The cartoons for the album and the exhibition will be selected by a jury.
- Competition album will send to cartoonists whose works are exhibited and published in the album.
First Prize: 1000 Euro
Second Prize: 750 Euro
Third Prize: 500 Euro
Success Prizes: 250 Euro for 4 participants
Special Prizes: Special prizes offered by various organizations and associations.
Adress: 1.Uluslararası “Engel Tanımayan Karikatürler” Yarışması KuzguncukART, İcadiye caddesi No: 145/1 Kuzguncuk / İstanbul / Turkey
Tel: +90 (0216) 532 00 24
WEB: http://www.duyabilirsin.com/
E-mail: info@www.duyabilirsin.com ; duyabilirsin@gmail.com


6th International Biennial for Caricature, Plovdiv 2011, Bulgaria

Subject:"You are welcomed by your clothes, you are seen off by …"
This is a part of a popular Bulgarian proverb which you should “complete”.
As a rule the first impression of a man leaves its mark on our mind.
We expect to receive interesting caricatures matching the text which should either keep the tradition or be a personal interpretation of the authors.
We are looking forward to your works.
Address for submission:
Regional Ethnographic Museum
2, Dr. Chomakov St.
4000 Plovdiv BULGARIA
Phone: ++ 359 32 626328; ++ 359 32 625257.
E-mail: ethnograph@abv.bg
1. The Biennial for Caricature is open to professional and amateur caricaturists from all over the world;
2. Each participant should send up at least one piece of work 210x297 mm (A4 format);
3. The caricatures may be colorful or black-and-white;
4. Participants should send their caricatures by 31 July 2011;
5. It is advisable that together with their caricatures, participants also send a photograph or take-off and CV;
6. An international jury will nominate five caricaturists who will be conferred the title Master of Caricature;
7. Prize caricatures are not sent back;
8. The rest of the caricatures will be sent back if authors state that in written form;
9. The catalogue of the exhibition will be given free of charge to participants whose caricatures are included in the catalogue.
Time and venue: 1 October 2011, at 18.00 hrs at the Regional Ethnographic Museum.
Submission deadline: 31 July 2011 (mail date)
The nominated works will be kept in Works of Fine Art Stock of Regional Ethnographic Museum, Plovdiv.
Source: syriacartoon


Be a member of worldwide funny organization, Good Humor Party!

10 years of Good Humor Party - cartoons for exhibition and GHP website:
Make cartoon about GHP, scan, send by e-mail and be a member of worldwide funny organization name Good Humor Party!
More info
Szczepan Sadurski
cartoonist, president of Good Humor Party
Warsaw, Poland


39th World Gallery of Art on Paper, Osten 2011, R. Macedonia

* Organizer of the Manifestation is OSTEN, Skopje, R. Macedonia
* The received works will be judged by international jury.
* The ceremony of the opening and announcing of the prize winners will be held on 26th May 2011 in Skopje.
Theme: "My Theme/Subject"
* The cartoons are sent electronically.
* One author may send maximum three (3) cartoons.
* Size of the cartoons: A4 (210x297 mm) or A3 (297x420 mm)
(300 dpi resolution, CMYK or RGB, pdf, jpg or tiff file).
* All works of the artists will remain in the collection of the Museum of Art on Paper.
* By completion of the Participation form, the participant declares and accepts in advance that (s)he hands over the copy rights (s)he holds over the drawings for printing/publishing by World Gallery of Art on Paper – Cartoons 2011 and Osten without any limitations on time period or location of publishing. The author agrees that the organizer can use the art works, exhibit them, study them and publish them on internet or through other media.
* Participants are expected to send the filled Participation form including short curriculum vitae (CV) and photograph, all together with their work(s).
* The participation form is sent on the email address either scanned or downloaded from Osten webpage.
* The participation form and coupons can be photocopied and passed to friends and colleagues who would like to participate in the World Gallery of Art on Paper – Cartoons 2011.
* The commission for selection will maket he selection of artists that will be presented in the catalogue. The presented artists will get a free catalogue.
* Deadline for submitting cartoons is 15 March 2011
* The selected works which are candidates for awards are sent in original samples at Osten address no later than 15th April 2011.
* The organizer will cover the accommodation expenses for first prize winners for the opening and award ceremony in Republic of Macedonia.
* E-mail: cartoons@osten.com.mk ;
* WEB: http://www.osten.com.mk/
* Address: OSTEN World Gallery of Art on Paper – Cartoons 2011, 8 Udarna brigada 2, 1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia
Grand Prix for Life Achievement: 5000 $
First prize for cartoon: 1000 $
First prize for strip: 1000 $
First prize for satiric drawing: 1000 $
Ten (10) Special prizes.


4th International Contest of Caricature & Cartoon of Vianden 2011

The Museum of the Caricature of Vianden with the cooperation of Les Amis du Château de Vianden, Naturpark OUR and CartoonArt.lu are pleased to announce the 4th INTERNATIONAL CONTEST OF CARICATURE AND CARTOON OF VIANDEN 2011
1. Subject: Capitalism
2. Deadline: 15th March 2011
3. Prizes:
Adult category: 1 prize: 3000 € + trophy, 2 prize: 2000 € + trophy, 3 prize: 1000 € + trophy; four honourable mentions.
Youth category: Prize: 500 € Shopping Center Belle Etoile + trophy. This is a special category for people who are no older than 25 and who are currently residents of the Grande Région (including Wallonia, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Lorraine, and Luxembourg). This deadline is 15th July 2011.
4. Entries: Initially, each participant can submit up to 3 entries in digital format by sending them to the following address: cartoon@caricature.eu . The author must include the following details in his or her e-mail: first name, last name, complete address, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth, as well as the category and the title or the number of each submission. The specifications for these electronic submissions are as follows: format JPEG, good quality, and max. 1MB per picture. If, for some reason, the participant is unable to submit his or her work via e-mail, he or she may submit the original prints via regular mail. Out of these submissions, the jury will make a selection of 90-120 drawings and will ask the artists to send in the original documents via regular mail. All these originals will be shown in the exhibition and in the catalogue. Their size should be between DIN A4 (210x297mm) and DIN A3 (297x420mm); furthermore, the paper should be of high quality. The drawings must not be folded or included in a passe-partout. On the backside of every drawing, the artist needs to indicate his/her first name, last name, complete address, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth, as well as the category and the title or the number of the work. This deadline is 8th April 2011.
5. Technique: Free, black and white or in colour, without subtitles. Printouts of digitally created drawings will be accepted, but will not be returned. The submitted drawings must be signed by the artist on the backside. Photos, collages, photocopies and coloured b&w reproductions will be eliminated.
6. Exhibition: The award ceremony for the adult category will be held on 7th May 2011 in Castle Vianden and the exhibition will take place in the Hall of the Knights of Castle Vianden from 8th May until 5th June 2010. There are plans to display the exhibits in the Museum of Caricature and Cartoon of Vianden and in other cities until June 2012. The award ceremony of the youth category will be held during the opening of the itinerant exhibition at the Shopping Center Belle Etoile in Bertrange.
7. Returns: At the end of this series of exhibitions, the original drawings will be returned to their authors. The drawings that were awarded one of the prizes will not be returned. They will become property of the organizer. The organizer cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that might occur during shipping.
8. Catalogue: The authors whose submissions are selected for the exhibition will receive a free catalogue by mail upon return of his or her submissions. Prize winners will get their catalogue at the award ceremony.
9. Results: The results will be published on the website www.caricature.eu on 8th May 2011. The award winners selected by the jury will be personally informed via e-mail or by phone. The final decisions of the jury are incontestable.
10. Copyright: The selected participants give the organizers permission to use their drawings only for promoting the artist and the event itself. Every other aspect of the copyright remains with the artist (except for the awarded submissions). It ensues that the awarded works can no longer be submitted in other contests or published by their authors or third parties after the official publication of the results.
11. Generalities: The submitted work should not have been awarded or published before the deadline of this contest. Artists interested in selling their work will need to label the backsides of their drawings with the words “for sale” and the selling price. By taking part in this contest, the participants accept the abovementioned rules.
12. Submission address:
Musée de la Caricature et du Cartoon de Vianden
48, Grand-RueL - 9410 VIANDEN
13. Further informations:
Florin BALABAN Phone nr.: 00352 – 621 28 37 90
Pol LEURS Phone nr.: 00352 – 78 83 18
E-mail: cartoon@caricature.eu
Source: http://www.caricature.eu/salon%202011.html .

Received the catalog 2010 Osten World Gallery of Cartoons, Macedonia

Grand Prix for Life Work: Darko Markovik

1st Prize for Satiric Drawing: Dusan Ludwig

Osten World Gallery of Cartoons after its revival a few years ago, organised the 38th international exhibition of art on paper (World Gallery of Cartoons) in 2010 in Skopje, Macedonia, between Oct 14 - Dec 14 and they sent the catalog to every participant in the event. According to the introduction, in 2010 they started to build an International Institute of art on paper sited in Ohrid - the town where Cyrillic alphabet was developed as a foundation of Slavic literature - where they plan to establish Museum of the Art on Paper.
The catalog is 20x22 cm in size and has 112 pages all color. The prize-winning cartoons are followed by the selected ones published in the alphabetical order of their countries of origin. There are special pages for some works of Darko Markovik, the laurate of the Grand Prix for Life Achievement in 2010. An index of participants is also given at the end of the catalog.
From Turkey in 2010 the cartoons of the following artists are selected for the catalog: Nuri Bilgin, Erdogan Basol, Mehmet Kahraman, Serdar Sayar, Musa Gumus, Sait Munzur, Omer Cam, Cemalettin Guzeloglu, Mete Agaoglu (See above), Osman Gural Suroglu, Oktay Bingol.

Angelo Campaner


Catalog 14th Fax for Peace, Fax for Tolerance 2009-2010, Italy

Catalog to every participant: that is what they say in their regulation and now I see that they do what they promise. This is great job! And it is worth of course I should say, to promote the artistic struggle for peace and tolerance in the world! Congratulations to the organizers and many thanks for sending me this precious cartoon book although my work is not included in it (I did participate of course!).
This partly color catalog is 21x21 cm in size and has 96 pages. The book opens with the introductory essay by prof.ssa Lucia D'Andrea, School Executive of the Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore of Spilimbergo. Then follows the longer one by Kerry Kennedy where the father Robert Kennedy is remembered in his efforts for equality, democracy, and justice:
"Those whose lives he touched began to believe in themselves.
He urged us to dream things that never were and say why not."
After these essays come the lists of participating artists, participating schools, pre-selection jury members, and the international jury members of the event.

Best Work (satira): Azad Maryam (Iran)

Morteza Khosravi (Iran)

Rumen Dragostinov (Bulgaria).