Theme in 18th Humour a Gallarate International Cartoon Contest 2012: Theatre

18th Humour a Gallarate International Cartoon Contest 2012, Italy
1) The contest is open to all professional cartoonists, caricaturists, illustrators and graphic artists from all over the world. The contest is articulated in 3 sections (Graphics/Cartoon, Satire, Caricature)
2) Theme: THEATRE. Life, dual, truth and verisimilar, stage, show, actors and audience.
A) Graphics/Cartoon
B) Satire
C) Caricature (the most famous theater actors, writers and directors).
It's possible to participate in all the sections.
3) Entries: max. 3 works. The works must be original and accompanied by the author's photo or caricature, entry-form and biography. Each work should bear the signature or mark of the author and name, surname, address, phone number and other data on the back. The author have to indicate the section for each work/s.
4) Size: A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)
5) Technique: Free. Common graphic and digital prints will be accepted but only if signed by the author. Copies of ink and pencil drawings are not applicable. The works sent in digital form, by email or informatic devices, will not be considered for the awarding of prizes of Grand Prix "Marco Biassoni"; the works will be taken into consideration only for the exhibition and for the catalogue.
6) Deadline: October 1, 2012 (the post-mark will provide the proof)
7) Prizes: the Jury will award the following prizes:
Grand Prix "Marco Biassoni" for the best work between all sections (Graphics/Cartoon, Satire, Caricature)
1st Prize
Special Prize of Jury
5 Special Mentions for each section (Graphics/Cartoon, Satire, Caricature)
Special Prize Osvaldo Cavandoli "Cava" (creator of the famous character "La Linea") for the best work of all sections, that combines humoristic beauty with the essentiality of graphic execution.
8) Exhibition: October 28 - November 11, 2012 at the "MAGA" Museum Art Gallarate.
Opening ceremony: October 28, 2012 at 11:00 AM
All authors who will attend the opening ceremony are invited to a rustic lunch.
9) Catalogue: each selected author will receive a copy
10) Property: the Organizers reserves the rights to reproduce the cartoons in catalogue, newspapers, or posters to promote the Contest and to exhibit a selection of works in other locations in Italy and other countries. All the works will not be returned and will be included in the "Humour Gallarate Collection".
By submitting the works, the author accepts the rules and regulations of the Contest and the decisions of the Jury.
The works should be sent to:
Pro Loco Gallarate
Vicolo del Gambero n. 10,
21013 Gallarate (VA) ITALY

For further informations: proloco.gallarate@libero.it
Phone/Fax: (+39)0331.774968
Entry-form on source .

Results 5th International Cartoon Contest Molla Nasreddin, Azerbaijan 2012

Theme: Press (the importance of the satirical press).
Gold Medal: Aşkın Ayrancıoğlu (Turkey) (Top)
Silver Medal: Anon Anindito (Indonesia)
Bronze Medal: Babic Sava (Serbia)
Special prizes: Helmut Jacek (Germany); Yuri Manaev (Russia)

Special prize of Azerbaijan Artists’ Union: Bayram Qasimkhanli (Azerbaijan) (Above).
Winning cartoons and more on http://azercartoon.com/The_results_2012.htm .


Results International Cartoon Contest Ruse 2012, Bulgaria

Results of International Cartoon Contest, Ruse 2012, Bulgaria
Theme: Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations
1st prize: Vladimir Kazanevsky (Ucraine)
Special prize: Irien Trendafilov (Bulgaria); Valentin Alahverdjiev (Bulgaria).
Prize of Ruse Art Gallery: Dragomir Djukic (Montenegro)
FECO Prize: Luc Descheemaeker (Belgium).


Results 21st International Satire Exhibition, Trento 2012, Italy

Theme: Slowness
Minutes of jury
The jury convened the day May 30, 2012 at 15.00 at Studio d'Arte Andromeda via Malpaga, 17 has awarded the following prizes:
Prize young artist: Cristian Stenico
Selected young artist: Marianna Carazzai
Selected young artist: Bettelli Cesarino
1st Prize: Jerzy Glusek, Poland
2nd Prize: O. Sekoer, Belgium
3rd Prize: Maurizio Minoggio
Selected: Ahmet Buyukmehmetoglu, Turkey; Stanislav Ashmarin, Russia; Yuri Kosobukin, Ukraine; Musa Gumus, Turkey, George Licurici, Romania; Luc Vermeersch, Belgium; Marco De Angelis, Italy.
Special mention city of Trento: Vitold Marian, Sweeden
Special mention for the irony: Anatoly Radin, Russia.
The jury composed of: Giacinto Gaudenzi, Giuseppe Marchi, Giordano Pacenza, Ettore Paris, Giuliano Rossetti, Toti, Zap.
President: Toti
Secretary of the jury: Romano Oss.
Source: http://www.studioandromeda.net/event/index/rassegna-internazionale-di-satira .


3rd International City and Citizen Cartoon Contest, Tabriz 2013, Iran

Theme: City & Citizen
For example: Traffic, Apartment living culture, Citizen right, Air pollution, neighbor right, city imagine pollution, Irregular city constructions, Garbage Repelling, Destruction of traditional shape of the cities.
-The number of sent cartoons is 5.
Please write your surname and first name, address, e-mail address, phone number.
-All participants that their works enter in exhibition will receive the catalogue of the contest
-Sent works should be in 300 dpi with 1500 pixel width or length and jpg format.
Sent works could be published or won in a contest before.
Deadline: 30 September, 2012
-First Prize: $ 1200, Honorable Mention and Trophy.
-Second Prize: $ 700, Honorable Mention and Trophy.
-Third Prize: $ 400, Honorable Mention and Trophy.
-5 Honorable Mentions.
The cartoons must be sent at the e-mail address:
and by post:
Address: Azadi st. Tabriz Municipality Art and Cultural Organization,Tabriz, Iran
Tel:(98 411) 5545960
-Jury board of every year are the last year`s winners.
-An album will be sent to all Participants.
Web: http://www.cwn-news.com/ .
Complete regulation on source .


Axiál Cartoon Contest 2012, Hungary

Axiál International Cartoon Contest 2012
Theme: Machines in agriculture, construction and warehousing
The Baja based AXIÁL Ltd. – a retailer for agricultural, construction and warehousing machines – calls for an International Cartoon Contest.
The brands marketed in Hungary by the company: Agrifac, Annaburger, Budissa Bag, Framest, Berthoud, Gregoire Besson, Horsch, Hyundai, Gehl, Supertino, Sulky, CLAAS, Tume, Monosem, Oehler, Romill, Fendt, Manitou, Landini,OMG, CLM, Arcusin, Supertino, Hidromek and RMH.
All entries must feature a machine marketed by AXIÁL Ltd. (see above).
You can choose whichever you want: a tractor, an earth mover, a fork lift or other.
These machines can be viewed at http://www.axial.hu/ !
Apart from the one condition above, you can unleash your imagination!
The world of work in agriculture, the construction industry or warehouses must give you plenty of ideas!
1. The contest is open to all –amateur or professional - participants above the age of 18.
Participants can enter maximum three works in A4 and/or A3 size.
There are no technical constraints regarding the technique.
2. Entries can be sent via post or e-mail to the organiser of the contest.
3. ( jpg; A/4; 300DPI; good or excellent quality)
postal address: Kelemen István, HUNGARY 6500 Baja, Bajza J. u. 19.
e-mail address: grafikuskelemen@gmail.com
4. Deadline for receiving entries: 27th, August (EXTENDED: 02 SEPTEMBER) 2012
5. The jury will decide on 31st August, 2012. The jury’s decision is not negotiable!
6. A catalogue will be compiled from the selected cartoons, which will be sent to the participants concerned by 31st, November, 2012.
I. net HUF 150,000
II. net HUF 100,000
III. net HUF 75,000
+ Five diplomas.
The original works of the winners will be retained!
7. Entries will be viewable at http://www.axial.hu/
8. AXIÁL Ltd. wishes to use the entries in communication materials (in-house and other) for free of charge.
These materials (e.g.: adverts, company publications, calendars, T-shirt prints, exhibition stalls, company events) will indicate the name of the cartoonist.
9. Entries received by post will not be returned.
10. By entering the contest the participant accepts the terms of the contest.
11. For information or enquiries about the contest contact:
phone: +36 20 426 58 82
e-mail: grafikuskelemen@gmail.com .


International Caricature Contest «Press Without Press», Russia

International Caricature Contest «Press Without Press», Russia
Contest Rules: The international contest, «Press Without Press» is open for participation to everyone. The New Izvestia's jury accepts new caricatures as well as the works which were previously exhibited or awarded at other contests. However, the jury will give preference to authors of new pictures while choosing the contest prize winners.
Techniques: Authors are allowed to use any kind of drawing techniques including computer graphics.
Images: All caricatures must be submitted only electronically via a special form at the New Izvestia website. Maximum size of a submitted picture is 3 MB, minimum length of the caricature's bigger side is 2400 px. We accept only .jpg files.
Deadline: The deadline of the contest is October 1, 2012.
Contest Prizes:
* Main prize – $1.500
* Second prize – $1.000
* Third prize – $500
* Ten Diplomas of Honor
According to the laws of the Russian Federation, all money prizes are taxable.
Exhibitions and publications: 100 best caricatures will be printed in the contest catalogue and will be exhibited at the New Izvestia editorial office and at one or more exhibition hall(s) in Moscow. The expositions will be held in November 2012.
Chairman of the contest jury is Mikhail Zlatkovsky – a political caricaturist, New Izvestia.
The contest organizers reserve the right to use submitted works at their discretion with no compensations to authors.
Source: http://www.newizv.ru/fotoreport/about/?f_id=378 .

Results International Awakening World Award Cartoon Contest 2012, Iran

The Results of the International Awakening World Award Cartoon Contest 2012, Iran
Grand Prize: Houmayoun Mahmoudi - Iran
Cash Prize: Andrzej Graniak - Poland
Cash Prize: Ali Miraei - Iran
Cash Prize: Armen Hamonangan - Indonesia
Cash Prize: Galym Boranbayev - Kazakhstan (Top)
Cash Prize: Mohsen Asadi - Iran.
Gallery of winning cartoons: http://www.irancartoon.ir/gallery/album592
Final judgement of the Jury: http://www.irancartoon.ir/gallery/album591 .

3rd Koroglu Exhibition 2012 in Turkey


The 6th Chinese Jiaxing International Cartoon Exhibition 2012, China

6th Chinese Jiaxing International Cartoon Exhibition 2012, China
Host Units: Artists's Association of China
The Municipal Goverment of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province
Award: The Jury committee will choose 120 works for exhibition, there are 10 works provided for The Best Theme Prize of 2500 RMB each, 10 work provided for The Best Free choice Prize of 2500 RMB each, the total 20 winning works will be awarded with top grade trophy and Prizes.
Each author whose work selected for exhibition will get one copy of the catalogue of exhibition and certificate, and 600 RMB prizes.
The selected works will be collectted in Puhua gallery, Jiaxing city.
Exhibition: The exhibition of The 6th Chinese Jiaxing International Cartoon Exhibition 2012 will be held in Jiaxing library in October, 2012 in the gallery of Jiaxing city.
About rules:
Exhibition have two sections:
A) Theme: Water, Human and Homeland;
B) Free choice.
Each author may submit no more than 2 works for each section respectively.
Any technique of works will be acceptted, the size of work should not exceed 420 × 297 mm.
Author's name, title, address, postcode, email, telephone should be written on the back of works.
Also a resume should accompany with works.
The deadline is August, 31, 2012.
Program: Host Units will invite the winners to attend the award ceremony and the cartoon
week in October, 2012 in Jiaxing city. Host Units will cover the flight and hotel's charge.
The Host Units have right to use the selected works for spreading on media.
The works which can not enter the exhibition will be returned to the authors after exhibition.
Address: No.36 Zhonghe Road, Jiaxing Gallery, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, P.R.China Postcode: 314000
Telephone: 0086 573 82091028, 0086 573 82071601, 0086 573 82031836
International Email: cartoonfestival@126.com
Web site: http://www.jxmsg.com/
Contact: Mr.Ling Jiachun, Mr.Zhong Zhongxiao
Committee of The 6th Chinese Jiaxing International Cartoon Exhibition 2012.
Source 1: redmanart
Source 2: licurici.eu .

International Cartoon Humour Competition Brain Sneezing 2012, Slovakia

PRERAG association announces the International Cartoon Humour Competition
Brain Sneezing - from kalokagathia to hypochondria and back
Topic 2012 : BALANCE
Competition terms :
1.Each author can send maximum 5 original works.
2.The competition is open to everybody and is not restricted in terms of artistic design methods.
3.The format of works should not exceed the A4 dimension.
4.The competition is non-anonymous.
5.The works can be sent either online, by filling the electronic application form, or via regular mail, with each work signed on the reverse with the author´s name and their address.
6.The rewarded works will become the property of the organiser.
Deadline : 30 September 2012
The exhibition of the works and the announcement of the results will take place in October 2012 in Prešov. The most successful authors will be awarded by the international jury as follows:
1st prize 500.00 EUR
2nd prize 300.00 EUR
3rd prize 100.00 EUR.
The competition Jury reserves the right to grant other special prizes or not to grant some of the prizes.
The organisers will accept all the works that will be delivered online at the web address:
or the works that will be sent by regular mail to the address:
PRERAG, združenie
Mgr. Peter Rázus
Dubová 5
08001 PREŠOV

Please, sign the envelope with the motto: Brain Sneezing .
The organisers reserve the right to publish selected works in promotional materials and to re-install the exhibition. The catalogue will be sent to each competitor whose works will be published in the catalogue.
The authors agree that their works become the property of the organisers at no charge, that copies of their works might be made and used in re-installing the exhibition in other venues and that their works might be published free of charge in order to promote the exhibition.
E-mail : info@cartooneast.com
WEB: http://www.cartooneast.com/ .


Theme in 5th International Exhibition of Graphic Humor Lima 2012: Pollution

Theme in 2nd UCGE International Cartoon Contest 2012: Shopping is Life

Source: http://www.ucge.com/karikaturyarismasi/english.htm
Subject: Shopping is life
Rules and regulations:
1. The cartoon contest is open to all cartoonist of the world.
2. Cartoons can be sent by e-mail or by post. In case of necessity, the executive committee is entitled to request the original cartoons from the participants.
Below are the contact details:
E-mail : info@anadolukarikaturculerdernegi.org
Anadolu Karikatürcüler Derneği, Hüdavendigar Mh. Hısım Sk. No:1/19 Osmangazi / Bursa / Turkey
Tel: +90 224 235 65 00
3. Cartoons need to be in A4 size and JPG format with 300 dpi resolution. Cartoons in different formats will be disqualified.
4. The cartoons must not have been awarded before.
5. Curriculum Vitae (CV) including contact details and a photo is required in word format (doc).
6. Maximum 5 cartoons per artist are allowed in the contest.
7. All rights of the submitted cartoons are transferred to ÜÇGE Company for use in different platforms. Cartoon artists cannot claim any charges for the use of their cartoons by ÜÇGE. ÜÇGE has the right to publish submitted cartoons at different media organs providingö the artists’ signature.
8. Exhibited cartoons cannot be claimed back.
9. Deadline for the contest is the 20th July 2012.
10. Cartoons chosen for the grand finale will be published online at http://www.ucge.com/karikaturyarismasi/ between 23rd and 27th July. At this period, cartoons will be publicly available for evaluation for authenticity, and any inquiries for fraud will be further considered by the organization committee. After this date, objections to authenticity will not be considered.
11. The jury will meet on the 28th of July 2012 and the winner will be announced on the 30th of July 2012.
12. Award ceremony and the exhibition dates will be announced later.
13. All participants who take part in the contest are assumed to be aware of the above-mentioned rules and regulations. Cartoons which do not comply with the above-mentioned rules and regulations will be disqualified from the contest.
1st Place 2.000 USD
2nd Place 1.000 USD
3rd Place 500 USD
Honorable mentions will be given to three participants (plaquet)
The Anatolian Cartoonists Association special prize (plaquet).
Ahmet Aykanat
The Anatolian Cartoonists Association


Festival SMILEANAPA 2012, Russia

Theme of the festival: "Our police officer" (the police officer which job is dangerous and difficult, sometimes gets in the funny situation ...).
Supplementary theme: "Police School".
Final term of reception of any work: August 1, 2012.
The format for originals or high-quality copies: A-4 (210 X 297 mm).
Prokhorov Alexandr Mikhailovich
General post-offis, box 14,
Anapa, Krasnodarsky region,
353 440

The format for caricatures in an electronic form: JPEG (300 dpi), max 3 MB.
E-mail: SMEHANAPA@mail.ru
Prizes, catalogs and diplomas for winners and participants of the final exhibition.


Results 29th Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition 2012, Turkey

From 80 countries 944 artists sent in 2,945 cartoons for the competition and the international jury could evaluate the 175 works by 147 artists from 43 countries presented to them by the preselection jury. The winners are:
First Prize: Dogan Arslan (U.S.A.) - Javad Alizadeh (Iran)
Second Prize: : Vladimir Stankovski (Serbia)
Third Prize: Pawel Kuczynski (Poland).
Success Award: Jose Antonio Costa (Brazil), Rodrigo Mineu (Brazil), Raimundo Waldez (Brazil), Ludo Goderis (Belgium), Musa Gumus (Turkey), Muhittin Koroglu (Turkey), Aliyeh Mazaheri (Iran), Negin Naghiyeh (Iran) (See above), Sergey Riabokon (Ukraine), Cai Weidong (China), Bert M.L. Witte (Holland).
Prize-giving ceremony to be held on October 9, 2012 in Istanbul.
Winning cartoons on sanalmuze.aydindoganvakfi .