International Cartoon Festival Vucje - Serbia

International Cartoon Festival Vucje - Serbia
Subject: “Forest is Health
Works dimensions : A4
Number of entries : 3
Technique: free
Deadline: April 30, 2008
Exhibition: May 8th in Vucje
Entries to be submitted in JPG format at a resolution of 300 dpi to the e-mail address: tinaseal@ptt.yu
First prize:10 days full board accommodation in the Kukavica Mountain Hotel for two persons and a diploma
Second prize: 7 days full board accommodation in the Kukavica Mountain Hotel for two persons and a diploma
Third prize: 5 days full board accommodation in the Kukavica Mountain Hotel for two persons and a diploma
Three special prizes.
Artistic Director: Aleksandar Blatnik
Festival executive Director: Dragan Stojilkovic
Cultural Center Vucje /for submitting original artworks/
Koste Stamenkovica bb 16203 Vucje
Phone: +381 16 885 142
(Source: http://www.syriacartoon.com/)

16th Piracicaba's University Humor Exhibition - Brazil

The 16th Piracicaba’s University Humor Exhibition UNIMEP / BRAZIL
Rules 2008
1 - Dates: The The 16th Piracicaba’s University Humor Exhibition – UNIMEP, organized by “Universidade Metodista de Piracivaba”, will take place according to the following Dates:
Registrations: up to May 26th, 2008.
Selection of the works: June 2th, 2008.
Awarding: June 6th, 2008.
2 - The contest is for college and university students only. The participants must present a document to prove that they are enrolled in those institutions.
Comical Cartoon: Humor drawing related to fact that took place recently
Cartoon: Humor drawing not necessarily having a connection with any specific fact.
Caricature: a portray, generally of a famous person, with anatomic distortions.
Comic strip: a sequence told in steps/boxes.
It is free and can be done through the Internet, mail or in the organization.
Each participant is able to register in all wished categories with no limit of works. The works must be original and done by the participants themselves. If the works do not fit these instructions, they will be disqualified. Copies like photographies and xerox will not be accepted.
The works sent by mail or delivered in the organization must be 30X40 cm (or 12X16 inches.). They must have full name, country, telephone number, e-mail, the category and the name of the Teaching Institution, which the participant attends, all these information must be in the back of the work.
The address to deliver the works is:
Salão Universitário de Humor de Piracicaba/UNIMEP
Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba
A/C: Laboratório de Comunicação

Rodovia do Açúcar, Km 156 - C. Taquaral
Caixa Postal 68 - CEP: 13400-911 Piracicaba/SP/Brasil
Telefone: (19) 3124-1611
Works sent through the Internet (salaodehumor@unimep.br) must follow the specifications: JPG; 300 dpi; maximum 2MB. For further information log onto www.unimep.br/salaodehumor.
The works must reach the organization before May 26th, 2008. The mailing date will be taken into consideration.
All submitted works may be reproduced in order to publicize the event.
Prizes: Two prizes in cash, R$ 1.000,00 each, for the two best works indicated by the jury. The category will not be taken into consideration.
One prize in cash, R$ 1.000,00, for the best work chosen by the audience (Internet and visitors).
Eight prizes (special portfolios) elaborated by the organizing committee. It will consist of: The image of the awarded work, biography of its author, the image of other works and contacts. These prizes will be sent to professional in the field of communications, directors and editors of art and other destinations indicated by the jury. The chosen artists must send their personal information within 45 days after the announcement of the winners.
The selection and the awarding will done by the jury.
The awarded works will belong to UNIMEP, which will use the works as wished.
The other works may be taken back. The participants should go to the address mentioned above or require the devolution of the works through mail, under the participants’ expenses.
The organizing committee is not responsible for damages during the sending of the works.
All participants agree with all rules mentioned here.
Source: http://www.brazilcartoon.com/


8th "New Technologies" Contest of Barakaldo


The city of BARAKALDO organizes the "New technologies" eighth international contest of pictorial humour.
The cartoonists will send a work of illustrated humour in relation with new technologies which have a considerable impact on the day to day life (i.e. INTERNET, BIOLOGY, SPACE, TELECOMMUNICATIONS, MEDICINE, ETC...). The idea is to help citizens to think about the new grounds for scientific progress.
The competition is open to everyone, especially with no regard of age. Each applicant can present a maximum of three piece of work. The works of the authors who won the Hermes prize the year before will not be taken in consideration.
The scenes and characters will have to be originals and of proper creation. The works can be drawn in black and white or in colour. The works will have a length of one page that will not exceed 800 x 600 pixels, with a minimum resolution of 72 pixels per inch.
The authors must not include their name or any other information about themselves on the works. Otherwise, they will be eliminated from the contest.
Only two languages can be used: spanish or basque. Nonetheless the panel will take into consideration works of pictorial interest without text, proceeding from artists of places where these languages are not used.
Applicants will send a e-mail with their names, surnames, address, date of birth, passport number, telephone number. They will send this e-mail with the file of the picture in JPG format.
The piece of work with the reference of the artist will be sent exclusively through e-mail, to the following address: hermesbarakaldo@barakaldo.org before 2008 Octobre 13th.
The city contemplates realizing a public diffusion of the works presented and lately selected by the panel. The virtual show of the works received during the contest will not be granted by any type of economic retribution.
The "Hermes de Barakaldo" prize amounts to 4.500 euros shared between five winners:
1st prize: 1.500 euros.
2nd prize: 1.000 euros,
3rd prize: 800 euros.
4th prize: 700 euros.
5th prize: 500 euros.
A qualified panel of judges will pick out the best works. Prizes will be handed on the first week of December 2008, in Barakaldo. The city leaves to the panel the possibility to declare no winners, according to quality criteria.
Taking part to the competition implies the acceptance of the conditions overhead.


MELA RIDENS Special contest via e-mail - Italy

Special contest via e-mail only for young artists 16-29 years old
(with a special reserved section for professional artists over 30 years)
Prizes: Special Prizes
Deadline: September 20, 2008
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"An apple a day..." A popular motto that has found in scientific research a punctual and precise confirmation. The Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori (Italian League for the Struggle against Tumors), appraising the most recent scientific studies, has activated a series of initiatives to favor the daily consumption of apples and a style of life founded on a correct feeding.
To comunicate this message there has been organized an ample informative campaign including a space dedicated to the juvenile creativeness.
The expressive form chosen is the humorous graphic: cartoons, sketches or brief comic strips in order to provoke a reflection on the benefits deriving from the consumption of this magic fruit that in making us feel good guarantees a dynamic, lively, pleased, serene life.
The apple is pleasant much more than a medicine. On website melaridens.com you can get scientific news about organolettic property of apples.
The initiative will last a whole year, a jury composed of the artists of Studio d'Arte Andromeda will select the works to expose and the virtual exibition will continually be adjourned. The project will be enriched as contacts, meetings, exchanges and prizes come along.
1. The contest is intended for young people of the whole world of inclusive age between 16 and 29 years.
2. Professional artists over 30 years of age can also participate in a special reserved section.
3. The virtual exibition will be visitable on the site http://www.melaridens.com/
4. Works have to be sent to the address info@studioandromeda.net beginning from November 1st 2007 and up to September 20th 2008.
5. Number of works max 2; size vertical or horizontal A4; 300 DPIs.
6. Admitted: comic strips, cartoons, coloured or white/black illustrations.
The works should be sent via e-mail to:
(including entry-form with complete author's data)
For any further information and communication:
Segreteria Festival


"Drought & Water" February 2008 results - Turkey

Above: (February 2008 Finalist) Valentin Georgiev - Bulgaria

MAN & NATURE February 2008 results
February 2008 results of the monthly Nature & Man Cartoon Contest 2008 with theme "Drought & Water" are announced at the contest website: http://www.muhittinkoroglu.com/default.asp


Orhan Zafer - Turkey

Musa Gumus - Turkey

Roman Kubec - Czech Republic.



Organization: Câmara Municipal de Penela / Junta de Freguesia do Espinhal
Curator: Osvaldo Macedo de Sousa (humorgrafe_oms@yahoo.com)
1) The contest is open to all caricaturists living in Europe
2) The subject matter of the exhibition is: Justice (the lawyers exercise, being a Judge, the Laws, Justice, the Courts…)
3) Each artist can send until 4 works in black and white with the maximum format of A4, in all techniques and styles (the works done by computer sent in a computer support - CD or disquette with 300dpis or Jpeg - must also be submitted in a A4 print , hand signed and numbered 1/1) as caricature , cartoon, humor drawing, comic strip , comics (story in one page only)… and these should be identified on the back of the drawing with the name of the artist, address, email, telephone number and income tax number.
4) The works will be awarded by a Jury and the awards will be :
1st prize - € 2.000,0
2nd prize - € 1.500,00
3rd prize - € 1.000,00
5) The Jury hás the right not to exhibit any submitted work with no quality
6) The Caricatures which are awarded prizes become the property of the organisers. After the exhibition, all the other works will be returned to the artists with a catalogue
7) All exhibited artists give the right to the organisers to use, publish and exhibit caricatures without compensation or payment , for the promotion of the exhibition
8) Works must be submitted until April 28th 2008 to I Bienal de Humor Luís d’Oliveira Guimarães, Sector de Cultura, Câmara Municipal de Penela, Praça do Município, 3230-253 Penela - Portugal
9) The I Bienal de Humor Luis d’Oliveira Guimarães will take place between June 7h and September 22nd 2008.


5th International Cartoon Competition GRAFIKATUR

The town Lübben (Spreewald)
announces the 5th international cartoon competition “GRAFIKATUR”
on the topic hotel and restaurant trade
The submitted maximum three cartoons are not allowed to be bigger than 297x420 mm, have to be without words and must be submitted as a copy. (They won’t be sent back.)
The sender must be written down clearly on the back of each copy.
The cartoons should reach town administration until the 30th of May 2008.
Stadtverwaltung Lübben (Hauptamt)
Postfach 1551
D-15905 Lübben (Spreewald)
Every participant, who was judjed with at least one cartoon for the exhibition from 5th of November 2008 to the 9th of January 2009, will get a catalogue.
“GOLDEN FEATHER”: 1000,00 €
“SILVER FEATHER”: 800,00 €
“BRONZE FEATHER”: 600,00 €

2008 Guangxi City College Cartoon Contest - China

2008 China Guangxi City College International Cartoon Contest
A) 2008 Beijing Olympic Sport & Health
B) Cartoon Icon of Sports Stars
C) Freedom of Choice
2)Hosts & Sponsors:
Hosts: Guangxi City College
Sponsors: FreeCartoonsWeb
Before June 8th, 2008 ( The arrival of the works)
(1)Size: A3(297 mm X 420 mm)----A2 (420 mm X 590 mm)
(2)Quantity: 6 pictures as the most for each person
(3)Works must be the hand drawing original by cartoonists, the ways of representation are free. Pictures with color or homochromy are both allowed, it would be better if the works are good for exhibition. Computer working pictures are not accepted in this contest.
(4)Works must be drawed independently. The pictures which were rewarded, will not be rewarded in this contest.
(5)Please sign the themes, author's names, address & postalcode, E-mail adress at the back of the pictures.
5)Mail to:
(1)Mail adress: Li Lin, Guangxi City College International Cartoon Contest Committee, Fusui Street, Fusui County, Guangxi Province, 532100 China.
(2)Please mail the original works, recommend to use the big envelope. Do not pucker the pictures! Any production which is broken during mailing would not participate in the exhibition.
(3)Please fill in the blank of personal data, mail together with the works.
6)Jury Members:
President of Judgment Committee: Qigong Huang (China)
Members: Dachuan Xia(China), Massoud Shojai Tabatabai(Iran), Yuriy Kosobukin(Ukraine), Askin Ayrancioglu(Turkey).
7)Choosing and Presenting works:
The contest organization committee will invite the domestic and foreign renowned cartoonists to form the appraisal committee, who will discuss and elect the excellent works, simultaneously, they will host the corresponding evaluation work on the line too.
After the election had ended, we will invite the cartoonists who got the prizes and the appraisal committee to come to the Guangxi City College or the Guangxi Museum to attend the contest presentation ceremony, please pay attention to the announcement of media by the organization committee.
Guangxi City College has the following rights to the participative works:
(1) The works will be displayed permanently on the website of Guangxi City College;
(2) The works can be collected, published, and displayed or auctioned in public;
(3) The works can be published in other media and publications;
(4) The organization unit can authorize others in legitimate applications.
All participative authors regarded as tacitly approve this contest rule.
Gold Medal (1 person): Bonus 18800 Yuan and certificate, picture album
Silver Medal (2 persons): Bonus 8800 Yuan and certificate, picture album
Copper Medal (4 persons): Bonus 3800 Yuan and certificate, picture album
Best Network Human Spirit Prize (1 person): Bonus 6800 Yuan and certificate, picture album
Excellent Prize (20 persons): Certificate, picture album
Being Selected (200 persons): Certificate, picture album
Guangxi City College website: http://www.gxccedu.com/
Contest organization committee official website: www.gxccfy.com/cartoon
Organization committee office email: cygjmh2007@163.com
Contest organization committee address: Guangxi City College international cartoon contest organization committee, Fusui road, Fusui, Guangxi, China (apart from Nanning international airport 28 kilometers)
Zip code: 532100
Contact persons: Huang Qigong (telephone: 013878868045) (China)
Li Lin (telephone: 015877141007) (China)
The application form downloading website:
1) http://www.newscartoon.com.cn/;
2) http://www.fcw.cn/
(Thanks to Google Language Tools for translating Theme C)

Jaka bede ...2009 - Poland

Jaka bede ...2009
International competition on drawing for women - "Jaka bede ...2009"
The subject of the competition is a woman, modern and fashionable, joyful and upset one, a wife, mother and a friend but not also a sportswoman, a physician or just the woman... Everybody knows thet it is not possible to live without her...
In the competition will take a part drawing, cartoons and other plastic acts made in optional technics; those original works that have already been exhibited or published but not being rewarded.
1. Competition will be carried in categories: DRAWING
2. Format of work - max A3, amount of work - up to 1 works
3. Entrants are responsible for ensuring the correct postage.
4. Entries must arrive at the address below by not later that 25.02.2009 /deadline/
Miroslaw Krzyskowul.
Powstancow Warszawy 10/1,
11-400 Ketrzyn
Poland (with additional note: Konkurs)
5. The reverse side of the cartoon and / or drawing should bear the surname, forename and address of the entrant in Latin block letters.
6. A short biographic note and some personal details (the surname, forname, address, mobile phone number, e-mail address) should be added.
7. The condition of returning of sent entries is handing down for the Gallery one selected by the author work.
8. Rewarded works will belong to the organisers.
9. Sending plastic works is synonymous with author's agreement for the regulations of the competition.
1. Entries will be appreciated by the jury selected by organisers among friendly artists and satirists.(Tomasz Wołoszyn (2001), Krzysztof Toboła(2002), Dorota Chwałek(2003) Andreas Malecki - Niemcy (2003) Daniel Strzelczyk (2005) Sławomir Łuczyński (2006) Bretislav Kovarik - Czechy (2005, 2006) Anna Sokolska (2005, 2006) Stanislav Aszmarin - Rosja (2005) Mirosław Krzysków - ORGANIZATOR
Never work of jurors subjected estimate and they are exposed (set out) beyond competition.
2. Prizes will be appropriate, unexpected and original.
3. Awards are handed in during the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Jaka bede..." or during the summer /plener/ in Jedwabno organized specially for laureates of the competition. On special request of a laureate his award can be sent by mail.
Privileges of the entrants
1. Authors of selected for the exhibition entries will get a gratuitous catalogue.
2. The decision of the festival is predicted to be announced on 10 March 2009 at 17 o'clock
3. The participating in the competition is free of charge. If you need more details please contact: mirek@krzyskow.pl


Iran Cartoon Association to be established

Iran Cartoon Association is going to be established by Rahim Asghari.
Iranian cartoonists from all over the country met on 16.03.2008 and chose Rahim Asghari as the founder and head.
5 were chosen as the Founders' Committee:
Rahim Asghari - Tabriz
Shahrokh Heideri - Ahvaz
Mohammad Ali Khalaji - Tehran
Masud Ziaei - Esfahan
Neda Tanhayi - Tabriz.

STUTTGART AWARD 2008 - Germany

International competition for Cartoon and Caricature
In cooperation with Federation of Cartoonists´ Organisations FECO
1. The title of the competition is STUTTGART AWARD 2008 for Cartoon and Caricature. The topic is ‘The World of Wine’.
2. The contest is open to professional as well as semi-professional cartoonsists and caricaturists.
3. The deadline for receipt of works of art is May 15, 2008.
4. Each artist may submit up to three cartoons and up to three caricatures, i.e., an overall number of six works.
5. The minimum size of artwork is to be 210 x 297 mm. The maximum size is to be 297 x 420 mm. Artwork is to be submitted unframed and unmounted.
6. Techniques: no limits.
7. Original works, signed copies and digitally created works will be accepted. Requirements for digital works: minimum 300dpi/DIN A5; colour representation: RGB; format: jpeg or pdf. Delivery by e-mail: up to 5MB per mail.
8. Text caricatures can be compiled in any language you like. However, a translation in English or German shall also be enclosed.
9. The artist’s name, address, e-mail account, and telephone number must be shown on the back of each work. In case of entries via e-mail, this information must be included in the mail.
10. A short biography of the artist and a photograph (or self-caricature) shall be attached.
11. The artwork must be the genuine work of the artist.
12. The prize winner will be determined by an impartial jury while ensuring anonymity.
13. Prizes
1st. prize: € 5,000
2nd. prize: € 3,000
3rd prize: € 2,000
In addition there will be 10 special prizes.
14. The awarded works will become property of Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH.
15. Selected works will be exhibited. In addition a competition catalogue will be published. Every artist who has work in the exhibition or in the catalogue will receive a free copy of the catalogue.
16. It is planned to auction off selected works for a good cause, provided that the participant does not expressly refuse to auction their submitted works when registering for the competition.
17. The return of original works is only possible at the author’s express request at the time of entry in the competition.
18. Participants in the competition permit the organiser to publish the works submitted by them for non-commercial purposes in connection with the competition.
19. By entering works to the competition the participant automatically agrees to the Terms and Conditions of Participation. It is expressly referred to the fact that the author thereby also agrees to the exhibition of his/her works and their reproduction in the Competition Catalogue.
20. Any recourse to legal action shall be excluded.
Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH
Reference: „STUTTGART AWARD 2008“
Lautenschlagerstrasse 3,
D-70173 Stuttgart, Germany
All participants receive a confirmation of receipt per e-mail.
Phone: +49 (0)711 / 22 28-279
Fax: +49 (0)711 / 22 28-214

Satyrykon 2008 winning artists and artworks

T H E P R O T O C O L of the jury session of International Exhibition SATYRYKON - Legnica 2008
16 February 2008
Jury represented by:
The chairman: Adam KORPAK
Members: Adam KORPAK, Marek Wojciech CHMURZYŃSKI, Michel GRANGER, Rudy GHEYSENS, Wiesław KOT, Reiner SCHWALME, Mieczysław WASILEWSKI
Secretary: Elżbieta PIETRASZKO.
Having seen 2.829 works by 873 authors, who come from 55 different countries, the Jury qualified 205 works by 127 artists for the post-competition exhibition and decided to award the

Grand Prix Satyrykon 2008 in amount of PLN 5.500 to Mr Valentin GEORGIEV (Bulgaria) for his untitled work - 2 (See above), and awarded the following regular prizes:

Section I: S o c i a l h u m o u r a n d s a t i r e
1st prize
, golden medal and money award of PLN 5.000 to Mr Grzegorz SZUMOWSKI (Poland) for his untitled work
2nd prize, silver medal and money award of PLN 4.500 to Mr Lech FRĄCKOWIAK (Poland) for his work ”Not strong head”
3rd prize, bronze medal and money award of PLN 4.000 to Mr Witold MYSYROWICZ (Poland) for the work ”Scream”
and the two equal distinction awards of PLN 3.500 each for:
Mr Mirosław GRYŃ (Poland) for her set ”Lustration” &

Mr Piotr ZATORSKI (Poland) for his work ”Walk” (See above)

Section II: D o g
1st prize
, golden medal and money award of PLN 5.000 to Mr Lex DREWIŃSKI (Poland/ Germany) for the set of his works ”Dog”

2nd prize, silver medal and money award of PLN 4.500 to Mr Zygmunt ZARADKIEWICZ (Poland) for his work "Players" (See above)
3rd prize, bronze medal and money award of PLN 4.000 to Ms Magdalena NOWAK (Poland) for his work ”Longing”
and the two equal distinction awards of PLN 3.500 each for:
Ms Małgorzata LAZAREK (Poland) for her work "Dog"
Mr Gerhard GEPP (Austria) for his work ”Dalmatian Greyhound”
That way the protocol was closed.

s p e c i a l a w a r d s
The Mayor of Legnica award
in amount of PLN 3.500 for Mr Jirzi SLIVA (Czech Republic) for his work „Pigeon - Airport”.

The Award of SATYRYKON's Andrzej Tomiałojć Fundation in amount of PLN 3.500 for Mr Mohammad Amin AGHAEI (Iran) for the work ”My dog”. (See above)
The Director of Legnica Culture Centre Award in amount of PLN 3.500 for Ms Julia MIRNY (Poland), the youngest contestant, for her work „Poodle Grandma”
The Director of The Museum of Caricature in Warsaw in amount of PLN 3.500 for Ms Agata Katarzyna DUDEK (Poland) for the set of her works.


2nd International Car Caricature Exhibition in Zagreb 2008 - Croatia

2nd International Car Caricature Exhibition in Zagreb 2008
Coming to Croatia in 2008 a unique and original international cultural event the 2nd Zagreb Car Caricature Exhibition.
This year marks the 110th anniversary of the car's FIRST APPEARANCE in Croatia, a Benz model driven by Count Marko Bombelles, first president of the Croatia automobile Club (HAK), to his home in Vinica, near Varazdin. Zagreb, the capital, had to wait until 1901, when Prince Ferdinand Budicki (first secretary of HAK) drove a car to the city from Vienna, almost causing riots in the streets!
Since those early days the car, in all its guises, has become an essential part of everyday life. “His Majesty”, the car has become so necessary for work and play that it is difficult to imagine any activity which does not involve the use of an automobile; from basic functions such as travelling to and from work, to every type of economic, sport, cultural, political, recreational, tourist, health, military, police and “romantic” pursuit. It is omnipresent, ever desirable and IRREPLACEABLE! Life without a car is unimaginable, which is why we have given this beloved vehicle a principal and permanent role in our caricature exhibition which, this year, has the theme: OUR EVERYDAY CAR PARKING.
The main sponsors for this year are the City of Zagreb and Zagreb Holdings, who are presenting the Grand Prize, and the Croatian Automobile Club (HAK) Zagreb Branch, who are awarding the First Prize. The other sponsors will be revealed on the opening day 28/05/2008 in the lobby of the Autobusni kolodvor (Main Bus Station), Zagreb - a location specially chosen to appeal to both caricature fans and the thousands of travellers and visitors to Croatia's capital city.
This exhibition provides Zagreb, and Croatia, with an annual cultural and artistic show which is rapidly attracting an international following - with a theme instantly recognisable by all cars in our daily work and life.
Please despatch caricatures and application forms to the following address to arrive by 21st April 2008:
Huna d.o.o Srebrnjak 55,
10000 Zagreb Croatia.
We very much look forward to receiving your entry and to meeting you at the exhibition. Many thanks for your participation and here's hoping your caricature will be selected for the exhibition and the catalogue!
Full details, terms and conditions, and application forms are available on the organiser's web page (www.huna.hr), the blog autokarkature.blog.hr, and, in co-operation with the Croatian Caricature Association, at http://www.hdk.hr/.
You can also contact us by phone +385 (1) 2430 302, fax +385 (1) 2430 217, or email: info@huna.hr
Contact: Ivan Palatinuš (English, German, Spanish)
Kind regards
Ivica Palatinuš
For HUNA d.o.o.
There is nothing quite like a car. Wherever we turn this omnipresent menace (or should we say “sensible means of transport”) is with us. But where would we be without one? Could we really face our friends and neighbours without our “four-wheeled friend”? Even if it means our bankaccount is more often in the “red” than the “black” if we see a car we like - we MUST HAVE IT!
In many societies a car is a status symbol which says to everyone just how cool, trendy or well-off the driver is. More CC's, expensive stereos or funky add-ons all add up to create our own personal advertisement. Being different or innovative is cool, too. Fancy a swimming pool in the back of your car? Too late, that's already been done! Anyway, most of us can only afford a DIY sink… Of course, we must not forget that cars are thought of as phallic symbols by many men (and women, too!). Even the cheapest two-seater sports car can boost your potency and self-confidence… and there is no doubt that some ladies love something hot and throbbing to play with! And, talking about the ladies, we must not forget that they love their cars as well. Some of them even like to give their cars cutesy kitten names... like “Love-bug” or “Fluffy”…
But whatever car YOU drive, remember it has a PERSONALITY… and that is what the exhibition is all about! So come along to the 2nd International Car Caricature Exhibition in Zagreb 2008. You know it makes sense… And there is plenty of parking space for your “personality extension”, too!
A Note from the Organisers
1. All caricaturists (and those wishing to be one) on the planet Earth have the right to participate.
2. Each entrant may submit a maximum of 2 caricatures
3. The format for caricatures is either A4 or A5.
4. Caricatures must be submitted on paper, (either drawn or as a computer print) and signed by the artist. Photocopies and other forms of duplication will not be accepted.
5. Caricatures will be exhibited following selection by the judges appointed by the Organisers, Huna d.o.o. Zagreb.
6. The Organisers will present the following awards:
GRAND PRIZE…… 4,000 € or 30,000 Kn
1st PRIZE………….. 1,000 € or 7,500 Kn
2nd PRIZE…………. 800 € or 5,500 Kn
3rd PRIZE………..... 500 € or 3,500 Kn
Two special recognition prizes: each 300 € or 2.200 Kn
In addition to monetary prizes, each winner will receive a certificate
7. Each participant in the exhibition will be represented in the exhibition catalogue with one caricature selected by the Organisers.
8. Every artist whose work is exhibited is entitled to a free copy of the exhibition catalogue.
9. The subject matter of the exhibition is: Our everyday car - parking
10. Prizes will be awarded by a committee of at least seven persons, of whom five will be sponsor representatives and two will be experts appointed the Organisers.
11. Caricatures which are awarded prizes become the property of the sponsor awarding the prize to the artist or remain the property of the Organisers.
12. Caricatures which are not awarded prizes become the property of the Organisers or, at the explicit request of the artist, can be returned (on payment of shipping costs) or may be collected from Huna d.o.o. six months after the exhibition.
13. All exhibited artists give the right to the Organisers to use, publish and exhibit caricatures, without compensation or payment, for the promotion of future exhibitions and projects.
14. The Organisers reserve the right to utilise caricatures with third-parties to promote the artist and the exhibition.
15. By submitting caricatures to the 2nd International Car Caricature Exhibition Zagreb 2008 the artist agrees and accepts and the terms of participation.
16. Caricatures will be accepted for inclusion in the exhibition until 21.04.2008 at the Organisers address.
17. The exhibition will take place in the lobby of the Autobusni kolodvor (Main bus Station) in Zagreb on 28.05.2008.
Info & application form: http://www.huna.hr/en/Default.aspx

10th International Cartoon Contest "DEBUT" Zielona Góra 2008 - Poland

SUBJECT: "Crude Oil and Natural Gas"
Announcement and publication of the Competition
February - March 2008
Deadline for receiving works
31-st May 2008
Sitting of the Jury
June 2008
Announcement of the Jury decision, seminar and the opening of the post competition exhibition
September 2008
GRAND PRIX – PLN 4.000 and Statuette
1-st PLACE – PLN 3.000 and Statuette
2-nd PLACE – PLN 2.000 and Statuette
3-rd PLACE – PLN 1.500 and Statuette
Sponsors’ prizes
The Organizers have the right to the change in the amount of particular prizes, nonetheless, the total amount of prizes shall remain unchanged.
The Jury comprises of the Organizers representatives as well as artist dealing with art in practice or as theoreticians.
Both professional and amateur cartoonists are eligible to take part in the competition.
A maximum of five original works (format min. A5 – max. A3 ) in optional technique should be sent or delivered by May 31-st, 2008 to the following address:
ul.Ptasia 2 A/7

The Organizers are not responsible for damage or loss during transportation!
The winners as well as cartoonists qualified to participate in the post-competition exhibiton shall be provided with a free copy of a catalogue published by the Organizers.
The Organizers provide the competition prize winners with free acccomodation and boarding during the exhibition event.
The winners receive their prizes on condition that they are either present at the opening of the post competition exhibition or else they indicate a bank account where the money is to be transfered.
The works become the property of the Organizers and shall be included in the collection of the “False Mirror” gallery located in Lubuskie Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Działań Kulturalnych “DEBIUT” in Zielona Góra.
Every participant in the competition agrees to their free of fees delivery of works to the “False Mirror” gallery.
Every work delivered to the competition ought to be accompanied (on the reverse) with the author’s signature, address and a telephone number.
By sending their works to the competition the participants agree to the abovementioned regulations and they further agree to the free of fees publication of their works for marketing purposes connected with the competition and post competition exhibition.
The exhibition organisers are the final judges in the interpretation of these regulations.
By sending his/her works and taking part in the competition the artist agrees to the abovementioned rules and regulations.
Source: http://hajnos.miroslaw.w.interia.pl/cc21.htm

When the cartoon is as cutting as the occupation

Exhibition of Naji al-Ali's work reveals that, 20 years on, it's still eerily contemporary
By Olivia Snaije
Special to The Daily Star
Friday, March 14, 2008
LONDON: It has been just over 20 years since master political cartoonist Naji al-Ali was assassinated in London. To commemorate this sad anniversary, an exhibition of original artwork, "Shooting the Witness: The cartoons of Naji al-Ali" opened here last week. The venue, fittingly, is London's respected and alternately serious and rollicking, Political Cartoon Gallery.
There are many elements that make Ali's work compelling but what is initially striking is how contemporary his drawings remain, after 30 years. The Palestinian situation is possibly worse than ever, the US and Israel continue to be military partners, oil is at the top of everyone's agenda and some fear Lebanon's present political paralysis will lapse back into chaos.
Ali, who left his Palestinian village in Galilee during the Nabka, came of age in the refugee camp of Ain al-Hilweh, then on the outskirts of Sidon, in South Lebanon. As political awareness made its way into the camps in the 1950s, Ali began to draw on the walls of the camp and in Lebanese prisons, where he was confined for his political activities.
In 1961, Palestinian writer Ghassan Kanafani gave Ali his first break by publishing his cartoons in "Al-Huria," the official magazine of the Arab Nationalist Movement. Two years later, he moved to Kuwait where he found work with the magazine Al-Talea (Avant-Garde).
It was in the wealthy Gulf state that Ali created his alter ego and his guardian angel, the iconic 10-year-old character Hanthala, who shares the cult-like status of his creator. The reason he introduced Hanthala (literally "Bitter Desert Fruit") to his readers, Ali explained, was that "the young, barefoot Hanthala was a symbol of my childhood. He was the age I was when I left Palestine and, in a sense, I am still that age today....
To read the complete article, please click on the post title:
When the cartoon is as cutting as the occupation.


BuzziNews "Good Word" Competition 2007 results

The "Good Word" Competition is Over and the Winner is Mete Agaoglu from Turkey
Silver prize goes to Saeed Sadeghi from Iran and the Bronze goes to Tawan Chuntra from Thailand

In the recent 3 months we have laghed, admired, loved and were moved to see your immense creativity and that you came from every corner of the world. It may satisfy you to know that the downpour of "Good Words" that you have created is making its way through 91 countries and approximately 700 cities in which BuzziNews has been exposed.

Winner of the Golden Prize: "Leave Your Child a Good World" by Mete Ağaoğlu – Turkey (See above)

Winner of the Silver Prize: "Replant the Forests" by Saeed Sadeghi - Iran (See above)

Winner of the Bronze Prize: "Doing Business Anytime" by Tawan Chuntra – Thailand (See above)
The Winners of the Judges Choice Award are:
"Only the Good News" by Alexey I. Gvardin - Uzbekistan
"Leaders Looking for Peace" by Seyran Caferli (Nasirov) - Azerbaijan
"Cartoon Exhibition" by Eshonkulov Makhmdjon - Uzbekistan
"Some Things are Still Free" by Cival Einstein - Brazil


3rd International Don Quichotte Cartoon Contest

3rd International Don Quichotte Cartoon Contest
In our world today 6800 languages are spoken in over 200 countries. Even in the countries having the same language exist dialects. Consequently each country adds its own social values to the language and makes it more colorful. On the other hand, in the latest 500 years about 750 languages are disappeared forever. According to the linguists, every 15 days a language is disappearing on the earth. One of the crucial reasons for this devastation is colonialism for sure.
There is a dialogue among languages as well. For example Latin lies at the root of many languages. In connecting people language plays an important role; while doing so it can build borders and remove them as well. Chinese is the most widespread language in the world. Second comes Spanish. English is the state language of 52 countries as you can surmise.
Even if we cannot imagine a positive religious dialogue we can talk about a worldwide linguistic dialogue which is much more attractive and active. The aim of our contest is to convey this rich variety through cartoons as much as possible. The most succesful cartoonists in reflecting the linguistic dialogue will be rewarded by the worldwide top 15 jury of cartoonists whose members are also in the “Don Quichotte Cartoon Committee”.
1) With participation in competition is possible only by Internet: donquichotte@donquichotte.at / donquichotte@gmx.net
2) The participating work may have been published neither with another competition presented nor on any way. With an offence, the deprivation of the achieved prizes is the result.
3) The designs are to be drawn in A3-Size to deliver in 300 dpi dissolution and in JPEG format. They know both and black-and-white, and to be colored, the coloured representation is exactly the same as the colortechnical treatment of the work is incumbent on not a containment.
4) The sent in caricatures are issued first on the web pages of the “Don Quichotte” under the column “Today”. Thus the work those is excluded the regulation to contradict, promptly from the competition. Thus in the past the pretty often experienced unauthorized counterfeit, of a work is avoided.
5) The closing date of the competition is 31 Juli 2008.
6) The jury, which consists from international well-known cartoonists, evaluates the forwarded art-works in September. Results of this evaluation and the award-winning art-works will be published on 1st Octobre 2008.
7) The award of the prize will take place in the context of the opening of the exhibition in Oktober in Esslingen (place and date of this meeting are communicated at a later time).
- First Prize: $ 1000
- Second Prize: $ 750
- Third Prize: $ 500
- Spezial Prize of “Necati Abacı”
- Mentions.
JURY: Agim Sulaj (İtalia) - Ares (Cuba) - Benjamin Heine (Belgium) - Carlos Brito (France) - Carlos Latuff (Brazil) - David Baldinger (USA) - Erdoğan Karayel (Germany) - Firuz Kutal (Norway) - Hasan Fazlic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) - Hicabi Demirci (Turkey) - Julian Pena Pai (Romania) - Marcin Bondarowicz (Poland) - Marlene Pohle (Germany) - Massoud Shojai (İran) - Seyran Caferli (Azerbaijan) - Stephan Stötzler (Germany).

Rahim Asghari goodbyed Tabriz Cartoons

Rahim Asghari goodbyed Tabriz Cartoons
Rahim Asghari who was the head of Tabriz Cartoon Association, the manager of TabrizCartoons.com, FECO Iran President, founder of Tabriz Cartoon Museum, editor-in-chief of Caricareh cartoon magazine, goodbyed Tabriz Cartoon Association.
He writes in his website:
Today I left all my responsibilities behind; FECO Iran, Tabriz Cartoon Association, TabrizCartoons.com, Tabriz Cartoon Museum, Caricareh cartoon magazine. After me, Neda Tanhayi will be the head of Tabriz Cartoon Association and Naeimeh Nikooray, FECO Iran President.
I've told all friends of mine before that I would goodbye Tabriz Cartoon Association and they knew about it. Now, I hope to pay more attentions to my speeches, have more free time for my books and thoughts, spend more time with Rose, my daughter, care about my art school, Arsoy, and try to be known as an artist, not a manager.
Draw more cartoons, pay a lot of attention to the quality of my cartoons, do not drink tea in hurry, escape offenses of others, watch people from our balcony, read my favorite books over and over, earn more money and have time to spend with my God.
Rahim - Iran
It is worth mentioning that after Rahim's goodbye to Tabriz Cartoon Association, Farhad H. Eftekhar also quited his position as the webmaster and designer of TabrizCartoons.com. So a new webmaster will take place in few days.


Results Jaka Bede 2008 - Poland

The results of Jaka Bede 2008 International Competition on Drawing with theme "WOMAN" are announced at their website.


First Prize: Rumen Dragostinov – Bulgaria (See above)

Second Prize: Jugoslav Vlahović - Serbia (See above)

Third Prize: Seyran Caferli - Azerbaijan (See above)

Special Prizes:
Wiesław Lipecki – Poland
Arsen Gevorgyan – Armenia.
See all prize-winning and participating cartoons at: http://jaka.krzyskow.pl/jaka2008/jaka2008.htm


Results of 7th Tabriz International Cartoon Contest

Results of 7th Tabriz International Cartoon Contest - Iran
The Jury (Above)
Winners of Theme Section (SOLIDARITY):

First Winner: Dariush Ramazani / Iran (See above)
Second Winner: Jalal Pirmarzabadi / Iran
Third Winner: Mohammad Ali Khalaji / Iran
Special Prizes of Theme Section:
Javad Takjou / Iran
Carlos Jorge Nunes / Brazil

Darko Drljevic / Montenegro (See above)

Makhmudjon Eshonkulov / Uzbekistan (See above)
Tommy Thomdean / Indonesia
Winners of Free Section:
First Winner: Rumen Dragostinov / Bulgaria

Second Winner: Mohsen Asadi / Iran (See above)
Third Winner: Jaber Asadi / Iran
Special Prizes of Free Section:
Valentin Druzhinin / Russia
Mehmet Kahraman / Turkey

Morhaf Yossef / Syria (See above)
Somayyeh Shoghi / Iran
Tommy Thomdean / Indonesia.
See all prize-winning cartoons at: http://www.tabrizcartoons.com/en/detail.asp?ID=731

SIMILARITY: Suicide by credit card: Camila - Taeyong Kang

Festival de Mencoes Honrosas 2008 - Albums - CHARGES - Camila (RJ)


Caricature Competition 2008 - Romania

CARICATURE COMPETITION at: http://www.caricatura.ro/
Adress: Cartoonists Rights Network Romania
Str-Eminescu, nr-28A, bl-Gioconda, ap-27, 100329 - Ploiesti, ROMANIA


Yu Gai - 68th exhibition‏ at Cartoon Gallery OsijeK

Cartoon Gallery «OsijeK»
Is presenting
68th Cartoon Exhibition
“Geometry Through the Eye of the Cartoon”
of the Chinese cartoonist
Yu Gai

He was born in Chengdu City in 1962. Graduated from Shandong college of Art & Design, his major is Department of Graphic Art Design. He is graphic designer, oil painter, indoor decoration designer, illustrator, cartoonist. He is an Assistant of Arts Design Specialist and also a member of Si Chuan Artist Society Cartoon Researching Committee. By now he had issued more than 800 cartoons in many well-known magazines and newspapers in the world. His works have won many prizes such as in China, Belgium, Ukraine, Iran, Turkey, Brazil, Poland, Slovak, Sweeden, Germany, Israel and other countries in the world. Some of the cartoons had been collected by in international cartoon museums in countries.

Four-shape Combina Diagram Design is designed according to the existent form of natural figures, and consists of small triangles, big triangles, semicircles, “J” shape, and sectors. Because the above four figures have math relations, they can be combined freely and changed continuously, they can also be combined into about 300 diagrams.
It is beneficial for people's intelligence and can also be used as jigsaw puzzle for the children.

Exhibition was opened by math teacher from elementary school “Jagoda Truhelka” Marija Arandelovic, classmistress of Stela Dusanic. She shared how it look like when she met Stela for the first time when she introduce her with the work of her dad Tomislav Dusanic – Tod. "That’s how work of Tod became a part of my life. A destiny of every teacher is to be connected with his students by the invisible filaments and from a distance monitor their lives. I cheer up when I found out that Stela is continue to go by the path of her dad – to lead a unique Cartoon Gallery in the world."

Ivan Balic have introduce himself by the pantomime called “Growing Up”. In that way he have embellish the opening night!

Exhibition, in any case, wasn’t accostumed!! It was awesome!