Miro Stefanovic from Serbia wins PortoCartoon 2013, Portugal

Miro Stefanovic, from Serbia, was the winner of Grand Prize of the 15th PortoCartoon-World Festival, organized by the Portuguese Printing Press Museum, under the theme "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity". The winning work is entitled "Shipwreck" (See top).
The second prize – “Atrapados” (Trapped) was awarded to Boligan, an artist from Cuba living in México, and the third – Libertea” - to Wilem Rasing, from Holland.
The quality of the works, led the international jury to award 8 Honourable Mentions to artists from different countries, such as: Belgium (two), England, Israel, Poland, Romania (two) and Ukraine:
Lucv Descheemaeker - Belgium, "Dilemma"
Luc Vernimmen - Belgium, untitled
Mahmoudi Houmayoun, England, "Liberty"
Alex Bartfeld - Israel, "Libre"
Pawel Stanczyk - Poland, "Liberty Equality Fraternity"
Julian Pena-pai, Romania, "Opening Ceremony"
Mihai Ignat, Romania, untitled
Vladimir Kazanevsky, Ucrania, untitled.
This year's edition included two special awards in tribute to the filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira (which this year will be 105 years old) and to the Nobel Prize José Saramago. The winners were respectively Mauricio Parra, from Colombia, and Ivan Prado, an author born in Peru and living in Germany.
In appreciation were 1700 works from more than 500 artists coming from all continents. Iran is the country with more participation: 121 works from 41 cartoonists, followed by Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Portugal and Belgium.
The international jury of 15th PortoCartoon was chaired by by Peter Nieuwendijk, President-General of Feco (Netherlands) and integrated Xaquin Marín, founder of the Museum of Humor Fene (Spain), Francisco Laranjo, director of the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Porto and Luis Humberto Marcos, director of PortoCartoon and the Portuguese Printing Press Museum.
Winning cartoons on source: cartoonvirtualmuseum.org.


DCMF announces winners of World Press Freedom Cartoon Contest 2013

To mark World Press Freedom Day on May 3, Doha Centre for Media Freedom organised a cartoon competition depicting the theme “Media Freedom” to honour the bravery and creativity of courageous cartoonists around the world.
DCMF received more than 200 entries from 47 countries for its inaugural DCMF World Press Freedom Cartoon Contest.
(From top down):
Alby Letoy - 1st prize winner- Cash prize of $1500
Hani Abbas - 2nd prize winner- Cash prize of $1000
Abdel Naser Z.M. Al-Jafari - 3rd prize winner- Cash prize of $800.
Jan Keulen, Director of DCMF
Ali Ferzat, cartoonist (Syria)
Shujaat Ali, cartoonist, Al Jazeera Network
Mohammed Abdullateef, cartoonist (Qatar), Al Raya newspaper
Robert Russell, Executive Director of the Cartoonists Rights Network International.
DCMF will host all the winners of the contest during the World Press Freedom Celebrations on May 1 in Doha. Apart from the the top three winners, the jury has nominated 25 cartoons that will be showcased in a cartoon exhibition on May 1.
Source: http://www.dc4mf.org/en/content/dcmf-announces-winners-world-press-freedom-cartoon-contest.


Results of the 8th International Cartoon Contest SYRIA 2013

Theme: We love life... No more blood
321 artist from 67 countries participated in the contest.
Jiang Lidong, China
Julian Pena-pai, Romania
Kifah Al Reefi, Iraq/Holand
Morhaf Youssef, Syria.
First Prize: Grigoris Georgiou, Greece (Top)
Second Prize: Haibat Ahmadi, Iran
Third Prize: Ikhsan Dwiono, Indonesia
Special Prize: Mello, Brazil
Special Prize: Li Kui Jun, China.
All prize-winning cartoons here.


Winners of the 19th Golden Keg 2013, Slovakia

Record of the meeting of the jury of the international competition of cartoons Golden Keg 2013
The jury of XIX. International contest of cartoons on beer under the name
Golden Keg 2013 at its meeting on 4 March 2013 in Saris gallery in Prešov
came to this decision:
Grand Prix (Grand Prix): Oleksy KUSTOVSKY (Ukraine)
1st Prize: Krzysztof GRZONDZIEL (Poland)
2nd Prize: Stephanie SERGEANT (France) - Prize of Nadácie ART. EAST Snina
3rd Prize: Ivailo TSVETKOV (Bulgaria) - Prize of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute
Special Prizes:
Prize of Pivovar Šariš: Luka LAGATOR (Montenegro)
Prize of Igor Sevcik: Marek CINA (Slovakia) (Top)
Prize of Beer Gallery: Andrej MIŠANEK (Slovakia)
Honorable Mentions:
Radoslav REPISKÝ (Slovakia)
Jana MAŤÁTKOVÁ (Czech Republic)
Emil ŠOUREK (Czech Republic)
Iva VALOCKÁ (Czech Republic)
Nikolay SVIRIDENKO ( Uzbekistan )
Jaroslaw WOJTASINSKI (Poland)
Slawomir LUCZYNSKI (Poland)
Michal GRACZYK (Poland)
Milos PANIĆ (Croatia)
Jozef STORINSKÝ (Slovakia)
Leszek HERMANOWICZ ( Australia )
Konstantin KAZANCHEV (Ukraine)
Igor SMIRNOV (Russia)
Run Tang Li (China)
Yhao Yun Sheng (China)
Group of children art school in Beijing (China)
The jury:
Dušan Pončák, President of the Jury
Henryk Cebula, cartoonist, Poland.
Mgr. Margita Rešovský, Šarišská gallery Prešov
Miro Vico, former editor of Boomerang
Fedor Vico, competition manager.
The jury examined 505 works by 202 artists from 37 countries.
Source: http://www.cartoongallery.eu/sutaze/vysledky/.


2nd International Cartoon Competition, Burdur 2013, Turkey

ARTICLE 1: Burdur Governorship, Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism will organize the 28th National and 2nd International Cartoon Competition in the framework of the Week of Museums to be celebrated on 18 May, 2013.
ARTICLE 2: The smuggling of historical artifacts, the efforts to bring the smuggled cultural artifacts back to our country, historical and natural sites, monumental works and consciousness of historical environment have continuously taken place on the agenda of our country in parallel to scientific researches and archeological excavations.
Our objectives in this competition are, besides encouraging our artists, also receiving their opinions and criticism on these issues, disseminating the love of historical artifacts to a wider section of population, contributing to the development of tourism in the city and ensuring that the messages on these issues will remain on the agenda of our country.
ARTICLE 3: The theme of the competition is “Historical Artifacts-Museum and Human Relations”.
ARTICLE 4: Everybody can participate in the competition, except jury members and their first and second degree relatives.
ARTICLE 5: Artists can send a maximum of 5 works to the competition.
ARTICLE 6: The works to be submitted to the competition must be original and not published before. The submission must be made with originals and not copies such as photocopy etc. The intellectual content of the works are the responsibility of artists.
ARTICLE 7: The works that highlight Burdur and its antique cities and artifacts will be given priority during the evaluation of the works.
ARTICLE 8: The name, surname, address and phone number of the participants must be written on the right hand side at the back of the works. Participants will also submit their brief resume enclosed in the post.
ARTICLE 9: The format of the works will be 35 x 25 cm and the works smaller or bigger than that format will be disqualified.
ARTICLE 10: The works which qualify in the preliminary evaluation (means that they are found worth to be exhibited) will be exhibited in the Burdur Museum or other relevant places.
ARTICLE 11: The cartoons to be submitted to the competition will be the property of the Burdur Governorship Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism. All the copyrights of the works will be considered to have been transferred to the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism. In case the works are published, the artists will not ask for copyright on the possible publications of their cartoons, but the copies of the publications will be sent to them free of charge.
ARTICLE 12: The deadline for participation in the competition is Monday, 06 May 2013. The evaluation will be made on 08 May 2013. The award ceremony will be take place on 20 May 2012 in the framework of the Week of Museums. The owners of the awarded works will receive their awards during their participation in the award ceremony. Their transportation to/from Burdur and the session fees will be covered by the organizers. The works for the 28th International Cartoon Competition can be submitted by post or in person to the following address: Burdur Müze Müdürlüğü, 28. Uluslararası Karikatür Yarışması, Özgür Mh. Halk Pazarı Cd. No: 3 BURDUR.
1 st Award:......... 1.500 $
2 st Award:..........1.000 $
3 st Award:............750 $
Mention:...............500 $
Burdur Municipality
Chamber of Architects of Turkey Burdur Representative Office
Burdur Marble Cutters Association
Burdur Culture and Tourism Association
and Jury
Special Prizes on selected cartoons.
ARTICLE 14: The artists that take part in the competition are considered to have accepted the provisions of the regulation.
Note: The regulation documents can be found at: www.burdurkultur.gov.tr and www.burdurmuzesi.gov.tr
All participants can sent their work by mail.
Address 1:
28. Uluslararası Karikatür Yarışması
Burç Mh. Atatürk Cd. No:13 Kat:1
Tel : 00 90 248 232 22 10
Fax : 00 90 248 234 00 14
Address 2:
Burdur Müze Müdürlüğü 
Özgür Mh. Halk Pazarı Cd. No:3 
Tel :00 90 248 233 10 42
Faks :00 90 248 233 87 63
Responsible personnel:
Şinasi VARLIK (Head of Section)
H. Ali EKİNCİ (Director of the Museum ).
WEB: www.burdurmuzesi.gov.tr .

Invitación :: Doble exposición de Agustín Sciammarella

Results of the 4th International Tourism Cartoon Competition 2012, Turkey

Results of the 4th International Tourism Cartoon Competition 2012, Turkey
1. The Grand Award: Klaus Pitter, Austria
2. The Second Award: Ahmet Aykanat, Turkey (Top)
3. The Third Award: Norbert Van Yperzeele, Belgium
4. Professor Atila Özer Recognition Award: Alla and Chavdar Georgievi, Bulgaria
5. Mentions:
Darko Drljevic (Montenegro)
Arif Sutristanto ((Indonesia)
Damir Novak (Croatia)
Jovan Prokopljevic (Serbia)
Ahmet Öztürklevent (Turkey).
Source: http://cartoonart.eu/Results/Results_2013/turism_turkey_2013.php.


Results the 7th HumoDÆVA International Cartoon Contest, Deva 2013, Romania

Results of the 7th HumoDÆVA INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST, Deva 2013, Romania
Theme: Free
From 55 countries 343 artists sent in their works by internet; 1095 drawings selected.
Jury: Liviu STANILA, Julian PENA – Pai. Horia CRISAN.
First prize, 1000 $, ex-aequo: Borislav STANKOVIC - STABOR (Serbia) 500 $
First prize, 1000 $, ex-aequo: Romeo RAILEANU (Romania) 500$
Second Prize (500 $): Lubomir KOTRHA (Slovakia)
Third Prize (300 $): Viacheslav BIBISHEV (Russia)
Excellency Prizes (Special Honor Diploma):
1. Hamid SOUFI (Iran)
2. Halasz GEZA (Hungary)
3. Costel PATRASCAN (Romania)
4. Rafael CORREA (Brazil)
5. Ze BIN (China)
6. Javad ALIZADEH (Iran)
7. Zu ZIZUN (China)
8. Ali MIRAEE (Iran)
9. Alireza PAKDEL (Iran)
10. Sun Shen YING (China)
Special Prizes (Special Honor Diploma):
1. Ba BILIG (China)
2. Mihai BOACA (Romania)
3. O-SEKOER (Belgium)
4. Menekşe ÇAM (Turkey) (Top)
5. J.Bosco de AZEVEDO (Brazil)
6. Iulian LALU (Romania)
7. Norbert van YPERZEELE (Belgium)
8. Ramiro ZAPATA (Colombia)
9. Raul Fernando ZULETA (Colombia)
10. Galym BORANBAYEV (Kazakhstan).
All winning cartoons here.


Invitation to the opening of the 18th Dutch Cartoon Festival 2013 on April 14

Michael Kountouris from Greece wins the World Press Cartoon 2013 Grand Prix

Greek artist Michael Kountouris, with the editoril cartoon titled «EU Rescue Team» is the winner of the World Press Cartoon 2013 Grand Prix. The cartoon was published in «Efimerida Ton Syntanton» newspaper, from Athens.
Caricature category
1st Prize: «Evo Morales», by Pablo Lobato, from Argentina, published in the «Qué Pasa» newspaper from Santiago do Chile;
2nd Prize: «Mandela» by Jarbas Domingos, Brazil, published in «Diario de Pernambuco» newspaper from Recife, Brazil;
3rd Prize: «Messi» by Carbajo, Spain, published in «El Jueves» magazine from Barcelona.
Honourable Mentions:
«John Lennon & Yoko Ono», by Glen Batoca, Brazil, published in the «Jornal de Letras» newspaper from Rio de Janeiro;
«Mitt Romney», by Ninja, Philippines, published in the «Gulf News», Dubai;
«Kim-Jong Un», by Tet, Indonesia, published in «Kompas Morning Daily», Jakarta;
«Steve Jobs» by Bóligan, México, published in «El Universal» newspaper, Mexico City;
«François Hollande» by Cost, France, published in «Courrier International», Paris;
«Dictator Hassad», by Agim Sulaj, Albania, published in «Romagna Corriere», from Rimini, Italy.
Gag Cartoon category
1st Prize: «Low Economy», by Saeed Sadeghi, Iran, published in the «Jam-E-Jam» newspaper, from Tehran;
2nd Prize: «Who is...», by Robert Rousso, France, published in «Barricade», from Paris;
3rd Prize: «Free Warrior», by Raul Zuleta, Colombia, published in «El Mundo de Karry», from Lima, Peru.
Honourable Mentions:
«Two Worlds» by Zlatovsky, Russia, published in the «Courrier International» from Paris;
«Child Kingdom» by Firoozeh Mozaffari, Iran, published in «Etemad» newspaper, from Tehran;
«A Sea of Plastic Bottles» by Diego Herrera Yayo, Canada, published in the «L’Actualité», from Montreal;
«Mission Impossible» by Cristobal Reinoso, Argentina, published in «Diario Clarin» newspaper, from Buenos Aires;
«Rain», by Jean Galvão, Brazil, published in «Folha de São Paulo» newspaper, São Paulo, Brazil;
«Summer Tyres», by Ilian Savkov, Bulgaria, published in «Standart Bulgaria», Sofia;
«Hold Up» by Martirena, Cuba, published in «Melaito», Santa Clara;
«Confession» by Chubasco, Mexico, published in «El Chamuco» from Mexico City;
«Untitled», by Zhang Wei, China.
The jury decided to distinguish with a Special Mention the high quality work «Untitled» by late Ukranian artist Yuri Kosobukin, published in «Perets», from Kiev, as a posthumous homage to a great cartoonist.
Editorial Cartoon category
«EU Rescue Team» by Michael Kountouris, Greece, published in «Efimerida Ton Syntanton» newspaper, from Athens;
2nd Prize: «Untitled» by Radulovic Spiro, Serbia, published in «Politika», from Belgrade;
3rd Prize: «USA greatest enemy», by Gregório de Holanda, Brazil, published in the «Diário de Pernambuco» newspaper, from Recife.
Honourable Mentions:
«Innocence of Muslims», by David Rowe, Australia, published in the daily «The Australian Finance Review», from Melbourne;
«Euro Crisis» by Tet, Indonesia, published in the «Kompas Morning Daily» newspaper, from Jakarta;
«Untitled», by Haddad, France, published in «Courrier International», Paris;
«Muhammad Cinema», by Cau Gomez, Brazil, published in «A Tarde» newspaper, from Salvador, Brazil;
«Petrol ways», by Cost, France, published in «Le Vif Express», from Brussels, Belgium;
«World of Sport» by Schot, Nederlands, published in «De Volkskrant» newspaper, from Amsterdam;
«Obama has disappointed...» by Randi Matland, Norway, published in «VG» newspaper, Oslo.
More on http://www.worldpresscartoon.com/en#/wpc2013.

Pol Leurs from Luxembourg wins 4th International Cartoon Competition Berlin 2013

1st Prize - 1000 €: LEURS, Pol (Poleurs), Luxembourg (Above)
2nd Prize - 500 €: Kosanovic, Milenko (MK), Serbia
3rd Prize - 300 €: Drljevic, Darko (Darco), Montenegro
Awards - 100 €:
Jafari, Saman, Iran
Bhati, Mukesh, India
V. Chmyriov, Ukraine
Despodov, Stefan, Bulgaria
Hendrickx, Nikola (Ioa), Belgium.
KURTUKUNST Gallery Prize - 100 €: Mohylnyy, Valeriy, Ukraine
LIMES Prize - 100 €: Kuczynski, Pawel (Pavel), Poland
Audience Award - 200 €: Sivrilov, Stoyko (Toto), Bulgaria
Contestants: 603 cartoonists
Cartoons: 1379
Countries: 80.
All winning cartoons on http://www.limes-net.com/contest/.


International Cartoon Contest Engelsizmir 2013 with theme: "Remove the Obstacles"

Aiming to become a pioneer of life without obstacles, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing an international congress to find solutions to the problems of the disabled. “International Congress of the Problems and Solutions of the Disabled” will be organised between October 30 and November 3, 2013, under the leadership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. In addition to being a scientific congress, ENGELSIZMIR 2013 is also a fair containing a series of artistic, cultural and social events. For this purpose, a cartoon contest themed “REMOVE THE OBSTACLES” has been organised.
Ten percent of the world’s population is disabled, meaning they are not able to hear, see and/or walk. They come across many difficulties in social life. When compared to the disabled in developed countries, the disabled living in Turkey are in need of great care. Most of them cannot read and they are leading their lives without any medical care. The discrimination against them and being treated as invisible lead them to live a life as invisible people. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who has established the first “Education and Cultural Complex for the Disabled” in Turkey, now wants to show the difficulties that the disabled experience with an international cartoon contest which is organised with the Güzelyalı Rotary Club.
Now, we are inviting you to think about them. We believe that the cartoonists can enlighten the “invisible” obstacles and raise awareness regarding this matter.
The theme of the cartoon contest is “Remove the Obstacles”.
Artists from all over the world may participate in the contest. There are no restrictions regarding this issue. Each contestant can enter the contest with 5 cartoons at most. The cartoons can be previously published ones. However, they cannot be ones that have been awarded before. If they are so, they will be disqualified from the contest and the given awards can be taken back from the contestant.
1.) Original:
The drawing technique is not restricted and cartoons can be either coloured or black and white. The size of the cartoons should be 29.7 x 42cm at most on an A3 sheet. Cartoons sent in such a way are preferred.
2.) Digital:
If cartoons are to be sent digitally, cartoonists need to sign their cartoons before. Photographs and/or photocopies of the cartoons will not be accepted. Cartoons should be 29.7 x 42cm at most on an A3 sheet.
3.) Online:
Contestants can also enter the contest online. Cartoons can be sent using the “Cartoon Contest” menu on www.engelsizkongre.org. Cartoons should be sent in 300 Dpi, JPB or RGB formats without being zipped using programs such as Zip and Rar. The contestant will be asked to send the original copy of the cartoon via mail if it wins an award.
Cartoonists who are going to send the original or the digital copies of their work are to write their names and contact numbers on the back of the cartoon and add their photographs and personal backgrounds, bank accounts (IBAN No) and their ID Numbers. Contestants that apply via internet are to fill in the application form on www.engelsizkongre.org
Contestants under the age of 18 should also add a document regarding their parents’ approval of them participating the contest.
Cartoons entered in the contest will not be sent back to their owners but will be used in media such as brochures and exhibitions to be prepared by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and/or Güzelyalı Rotary Club under copyright. Participants are deemed to have accepted this term.
Cartoonists who do not reside in Izmir and are awarded with a prize will have to pay their own travel and accommodation expenses. For that reason, if an award-winning cartoonist cannot participate in the award ceremony, s/he will receive her/his award via mail. Likewise, award-winning cartoonists residing in foreign countries will be able to receive their awards via banks, Western Union etc.
The cartoons that are thought to be worthy of display by the jury will be displayed in an exhibition and will be included in an album. The owners of the cartoons will be sent a copy of the album.
On the condition that a cartoon does not meet the necessary requirements, it will be disqualified.
Güzelyalı Rotary Club,
International Engelsizmir Cartoon Contest, Cumhuriyet Bulvarı Bulvar İşhanı
No.109 Kat:2 Daire:202 Pasaport 35210 – İzmir / Türkiye.
Last Submission: 02 / 09 / 2013
Evaluation Date: 15 / 09 / 2013
Announcement of results: 18 / 09 /2013
Award Ceremony: 24 /10 / 2013
First Place: $1.500 and a plaque
Second Place: $1.000 and a plaque
Third Place: $750 and a plaque
2 Achievement Awards: $300 and a plaque
The Caricaturists’ Society Special Award: plaque
Latif Demirci ( Head of Committee ), Gören Bulut, Ertan Ayhan Sertöz, Raif Gökkuş, Engin Boğaz, Ömer Çam, Mustafa Yıldız, Cem Güzeloğlu, Hikmet Savatlı.
Tel: Gülşen Kitunur (Güzelyalı Rotary Club)
Tel.+90.232. 441 30 29 Fax +90.232. 441 30 25





Brief Personal Background:


ID Number:

Bank Account (IBAN No):









I verify that I have read and understood the terms of participation and that I have accepted
to participate in the contest and that the personal information I provide is fully correct.



(The terms of participation can also be downloaded from www.engelsizkongre.org).


25th Olense Kartoenale themes: 'Clear Surface Water' & 'Right to a home and some food'

Theme Kartoenale 2013 :
'clean surface water'
Water used for daily activities such as showering, washing-up, cleaning, … is transported via the
sewage system to a wastewater treatment plant. It is purified there making it clean enough to be
discharged into the surface water. In the past, our wastewater was discharged straight into the
waterways. By first treating it, waterways are reviving and humans and animals are rediscovering
the attraction of the water. Living and relaxing in the vicinity of the water, you see it more and
Annual Cartoon Contest – Rules and regulation 2013
1. Participation
All contestants will be admitted with no distinction made regarding nationality or age. There are two
• Youth category up to 15 years inclusive;
• Adult category: 16 years and older.
Both professional and non-professional cartoonists are allowed to participate in this contest.
2. Theme
The main theme is ‘Clear Surface Water’. Also this year Amnesty International offers a special prize to
the best cartoon with theme ‘Right to a home and some food’.
More information about this theme is to be found in the application form.
3. Entries
• Contributions have to be originally drawn or printed (digital works) cartoons, in black and white or
colour. They shouldn’t contain an explanation of the drawing.
• Photocopies will not be accepted.
• We prefer digital cartoons (JPEG format; resolution of 300 dpi) which can be sent to kartoenale@olen.be. In the foreseeable future only digital work will be accepted. This will be announced
in the regulations.
• Dimensions including any passe-partout 21 x 30 cm (A4).
• Works sent rolled and works larger than DIN A4 will not be returned. The cartoons should be appropriately
wrapped before sending in order to prevent damage.
• Number of entries per contestant: maximum five for each theme.
• Following data should be mentioned on the back of your work: name, adress, age and theme.
4. Property rights
Prize-winning works will become the property of the organizer or theme sponsor. All works selected may
be used by the organizers to promote the contest and the village of Olen.
5. Evaluation
The jury consists of artists, cartoonists and laymen. Decisions made by the jury cannot be challenged.
6. Catalogue/Cartoon book
Selected works will be considered for inclusion in a catalogue. The authors of these works will receive a
free copy of the catalogue during the prize ceremony or it will be send afterwards by mail.
7. Return mail
Return of the cartoons happens only on explicit request of the participant, as mentioned in the entry
form. Every cartoon meeting with the demands but which is not selected for a prize will be sent back
within 18 months. In the foreseeable future contributions will not be sent back to stimulate the submis
sion of digital cartoons.
The organizers will endeavour to handle the return forwardings with the utmost care but cannot be held
responsible for loss or damages.
8. Deadline: 30 September 2013
The deadline is 30 september 2013. The entry form and the cartoon(s) must be sent to:
Olense Kartoenale
Dorp 1
B-2250 Olen – Belgium
9. Prizes
For the adult category:
1st prize: 1000 euro
2nd prize: 500 euro
3rd prize: 300 euro
4th prize: 250 euro
5th prize: 200 euro.
For the youth category:
1st prize: 200 euro
2nd prize: 180 euro
3rd prize: 160 euro
4th prize: 130 euro.
Prize of the city of Bialogard (only for Polish participants): 200 euro
Special prize: “poverty and human rights”: 350 euro.
10. Prize Ceremony and Exhibition
The prize ceremony will take place at Friday 15 November 2013 at approximately 20.00 h in the council
room of the town hall of Olen, Dorp 1, 2250 Olen. Every participating artist will be welcome on that occasion.
Only the winners are peronally invited.
A selection of the cartoons will also be exhibited at the same address an can be visited:
• Sunday 17 November 2013
• All working days from Monday 16 November 2013 till the end of December 2013 during the opening
hours of the town hall:
o Monday 09.00 u – 12.00 u 13.00 u – 16.00 u 17.30 u – 20.00 u
o Tuesday 09.00 u – 12.00 u
o Wednesday 09.00 u – 12.00 u 13.00 u – 16.00 u
o Thursday 09.00 u – 12.00 u
o Friday 09.00 u – 12.00 u.
Regulation in languages & Entry-Form: www.olen.be.