On-line voting for the PortoCartoon 2010 until December 31

Dear Cartoonist, Dear Friend,
We would like to remind you that is open the on-line voting for the PortoCartoon 2010.
The public can choose its favourite cartoon, independently of the choice of the jury of this festival.
People all around the world can vote in the Cartoon Virtual Museum at
37 artists are in contest, and each cartoon can be seen in detail.
The candidates are the awarded, the honourable mentions and the finalist ones
of the 12th PortoCartoon-World Festival.
The voting is open on the Portuguese Printing Press Museum and on the Cartoon Virtual Museum until 31st December.
Your vote is very important for the better decision!
With my very best regards,
Luís Humberto Marcos
Director, PortoCartoon and Portuguese Printing Press Museum.


Results 38th Osten World Gallery of Cartoons 2010

Osten, 38th World Gallery of Art on Paper
World Gallery of Cartoons Skopje 2010, Macedonia

The international jury met from 02 to 05 September year 2010 and made their decisions for the awards and reproductions.
The international jury, consisted of:
1. Dr. Midhat Ajanovik Ajan – president; professor of visual communications – Gothenburg, Sweden.
2. Joze Ciuha – academic painter – Slovenia
3. Mice Jankulovski – artist, director of Osten, World Gallery of Art on Paper – Skopje, Macedonia
4. Dragoljub Milicevik – president of Kandinsky foundation – Moscow, Russia
5. Momcilo Mosha Todorovik – galleryst and publicist – Belgrade, Serbia
6. Venceslav Antonov – director of international graphic biennale – Varna, Bulgaria
7. Vlado Gjoreski – art director of international graphic triennial - Bitola, Macedonia
has made the following decision:
Winner of Gran Prix for life work award: Darko Markovik – Macedonia
First prize for satiric drawing: Dushan Ludwig – Serbia
First prize for comic(strip): Afsun Azimi Modhadam – Iran
First prize for cartoon: Bozo Stefanovik – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Winners of Special awards:
Kostadin Ustapetrov – Macedonia
Tosho Borkovik – Serbia
Stane Jagodik - Slovenia
Masafumi Kikuci – Japan
Vladimir Kazanevski – Ukraine
Aleksey Mihalushev – Ukraine
Oto Lothar – Germany
Grigori Katz – Israel
Angelo Campaner – Italy
Ivan Haramija – Croatia
Traiko Popov – Bulgaria.
The awards will be personally handed on the formal opening on 14th October at 20.20h in Osten gallery in Skopje.


17th Ricardo Rendon International Cartoon Festival 2010

RICARDO RENDÓN: The Outstanding Colombian caricaturist born in Rionegro-Antioquia (1894-1931), called "The Emperor" of the Cartoon. One of the most penetrating and fine Latin American humorists in the XX century, in whose work the humor was satire, it was characterized especially by the political cartoon. His cartoons were true x-rays of the facts and of the individuals. He was pioneer of the graphic publicity in Colombia.
The Conditions :
1) The contest is open to all cartoonists all over the world.
2) The deadline for entries is October 30, 2010.
3) The themes of the competition are Three:
Theme 1. DEPENDENCE, (The situation of dependency as a person can not be used for political purposes.The political concept of Dependence is opposed to that of Independence.
Dependence Emotional, Economic, Psychological dependence and everything what relates him).

Theme 2. PERSONALITIE General Josè Marìa CÓRDOVA, Illustrious of the Independence Acquaintance as the " Heroe of Ayacucho ", was the general antioqueño more emphasized during the period of Independence. (See biography and images http://www.cartoonrendon.com/),
And theme 3. FREE.
4) Each participant can present in the competition a maximum of Three cartoons for theme.
5) You can participate with cartoons in white and black or in color.
6) The size of cartoons will not exceed 30 x 40 cms maximum.
7) You can also participate in the competition with cartoons that have already been published or rewarded previously, all the presented cartoons will be original. Photographs, photocopies etc, will not be accepted, and the transport of the cartoons in charge of the participant.
8) Participants are requested to send, together with their cartoons, a short curriculum vitae and a photograph.
9) In the reverse of each cartoon he/she should go the name, surname, address, telephone number and country of origin of the participant.
10) The selected Caricaturist will receive free a catalogue.
11) The jury composed of Colombian and foreign cartoonists.
12) The results will be announced in the month of December of 2010.
13) The cartoons presented in the competition won't be returned.
14) By filling in the entrance form attached, the participant declares and accepts in advance that (s)he has turned over the financial rights (s)he holds over the cartoon or cartoons vis-à-vis the public to Cartoonrendon without limitation on location, time period and number the intellectual property all rights for publication. (S)he agrees that Cartoonrendon may use such cartoons, exhibit them, keep them in its archives and publish them on the internet or through other media.
15) The organization is reserved the right of exhibiting those works that he/she understands they can attempt against individual or collective rights.
16) The Participation in the competition supposes the entire acceptance and without reservations all the conditions.
The Prizes:
1° Grand Prix Theme “DEPENDENCE”: US 2.000
2° Prize Theme “JOSÈ MARÌA CÒRDOVA”: US 500
3° Prize Theme FREE: US 600
4º Special Prizes offered by various institutions.
The works should be sent to:
17° FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CARICATURA Fernando Pica, Palacio de la Cultura / Cr 50 # 48 - 05, Rionegro Antioquia COLOMBIA
Entry Form at http://www.cartoonrendon.com/
E-mail: info@cartoonrendon.com


Results Bostoons International Humor Festival 2010 - U.S.A.

JURY: John Lent, President; Angel Boligán, Arturo Kemchs, Raúl de la Nuez, Omar Zevallos.
FIRST PRIZE Xiaoqiang Hou, China

SECOND PRIZE Hicabi Demirci, Turkey
THIRD PRIZE Lubomir Kotrha, Slovakia
Pepe Sanmartín, Perú

Ahmet Ozturklevent, Turkey
Magdalena Wosik, Poland
Cau Gomez, Brazil
Aleksandar Forkapic, Serbia
Farhad Bahrami Reykani, Iran
Omar Figueroa Turcios (Turcios), Colombia/Spain
Iván Prado, Perú/Germany
Matías Tolsá, Argentina/Spain.
All winners: http://bostoonsfestival.com/


Deadline extended for Salon International Against Racism

Salon International Against Racism
Extended the applications and increased prizes.
Join the International Humor Against Racism. Send your cartoons to: infobrazilcartoon@gmail.com until October 20.
More details in the regulation.
Source: http://www.brazilcartoon.com/


International Exhibition, Cyprus: "Naci Talat" Portrait Cartoons

THEME: “Naci Talat Portrait Cartoons...”
He was born on March 10, 1945 in Buyukkonuk Village in Magusa. After completing his primary and secondary education in Nicosia, in 1962 he went to University of Ankara Law School. He married Vesile Usar in 1969 and had a daughter and a son. He then graduated from Law School in 1971. He was fluent in English and Greek and while he was a student, he took part in various positions in student organizations. He was the first president of the Cypriot Turkish National Student Federation.
When he was elected as a deputy of the Congress in June 1976, he took a break from his job as a lawyer which he started in 1972. He was a representative of Cumhuriyetci Turk Partisi in the Founding Assembly of KTFD (Turkish Federative State of Cyprus) in 1975 and (Northern Cyprus Parlementer Assembly) in 1983. Without any breaks, he was re-elected as a deputy after the June 1981 and June 1985 elections. After the May 1990 election, even though he was elected as a deputy, he boycotted the anti-democratic practices and did not join the Congress.
Between 1972 and 1991, Naci Talat was the Secretary General of Cumhuriyetci Turk Partisi, and he dedicated his life for the peace and democracy struggle of the Cypriot Turkish Community.
This legendary leader, who was one of the most important politicians that guided Cypriot Turkish political life, said his goodbyes to the struggle and the people who loved him, on June 26, 1991 in London.
Even though years have passed since he passed away, Naci Talat's thoughts, voice, and image still continue to affect tens of thousands of people.
DEADLINE: 15 October 2010
A4 Size… Max. 100-300dpi... Max. one entry…
Black & white or colored, any style, any technique will be accepted…
Name, address, tel, e-mail…
All cartoonists can participate in festival through your own E-mail by submitting your cartoon to: yeniakrep@kibris.net
The cartoons will be displayed at or may be used for promotional purposes: cards, posters, catalogs, newspapers, magazine and books etc. Participants are considered to have accepted all the conditions and are aware that their submissions may be reprinted and used without future monetary compensation.
First Prize (Plaquet) To a person
Second Prize (Plaquet) Two persons
Third Prize (Plaquet) Three persons.
October 2010 Naci Talat Foundation (Nicosia - Cyprus)
Naci Talat photos, please visit the following web page: http://www.nacitalat.com/

International Cartoon Exhibition theme "DIGNITY", Portugal

FECO PORTUGAL (Cartoonist association) and Amnesty International - (Portugal), are co-organizers, of a cartoon international exhibition, whose topic and title is : “Dignity”.
It is the intention of this initiative to call the attention of society for a crisis in values which we have been witnessing, where “HAVING” is being overestimated as up against the undermining of “BEING”.
For more information about the theme, see Demand Dignity Campaign in http://www.amnesty.org/ .
This event is not a contest; consequently there will not be any prizes or classifications.
1 - Theme: “Dignity”. Each artist is free to approach the concept of Dignity (or the lack of it….), having in mind the positive side of such a concept.
2 - The exhibition is opened to all nationalities, professionals or amateurs.
3 - All the proposed drawings must be original creation of each authour, irrelevant of the fact that they might have already been (or not) published or exhibited in any way.
4 - Only one work is allowed per artist in one of the following: cartoon, caricatures and graphic story (the last one, not exceeding one page). Any technique is allowed, including the usage of a computer, in black and white or in color.
5 - If a drawing has text, this text must be written in Portuguese.
6 - Drawing size permitted is A4 (21 x 29,7 cm). Drawings must be sent by e-mail using JPEG file at 300 dpi to: presidente_dir@feco-portugal.org
7 - Each work must be accompanied by a file containing: the title of the work, the author’s name, telephone number, e-mail address, (not forgetting to mention the country).
8 - Short curriculum must be included in another computer file.
9 - Entry deadline is September 30, 2010.
10 - Drawings will be selected by a Jury composed by 5 elements, after which the works will be framed, exhibited and reproduced in a catalogue. The jury is entitled to the right to select a number of works extra-catalogue, which will also be exhibited and their authors will be also mentioned in the catalogue. The jury is composed by a representative of FECOPORTUGAL, one representative of Amnesty International, one guest-cartoonist, one cartoonist-researcher and one text expert.
11 - Every artist who has been selected will be given a copy of the catalogue.
12 - The exhibition will be inaugurated at the “Sociedade Artística Guilherme Cossoul, Rua Prof. Sousa Câmara, n.º156” (Lisbon - Portugal) October 21st, 2010. The exhibition will stay on place for about two weeks after which it will go on an itinerancy through Portugal and other countries.
13 - The artist’s participation implies accepting the rules above and the submission of respective author’s rights, only to be used to promote and inform about the event as well as the edition of the catalogue and the itinerary exhibition. As there is no profit involved in these procedures, no payment will be made to any of the participants.
14 - No media or other entity will be authorized to use for publication or any other use, any of the works submitted to this event, with the exception of rule 13.


Cuban cartoonist Tomás Rodríguez Zayas (TOMY) dies at 61

TOMY & TURHAN in the Cartoon & Humour Museum in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2008

Hello Everyone.
Today we woke up with the sad news of the physical disappearance of the Cuban cartoonist Tomás Rodriguez (TOMY), a significant loss for the Latin American humor... (26 April 1949 - 6 September 2010)
In 2001 he won the Coruxo Award given annually by the Museum of Humor Fene, northwest Spain.
Here I attach the winner drawing... and send the article by Jose Alejandro Rodriguez (Juventud Rebelde).
A hug.
Francisco Puñal.

(Tomás Rodríguez Zayas was the member of Grand Jury for the 28th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest in 2008:
http://www.karikaturculerdernegi.org/detay.asp?id=7189 ; http://www.karikaturculerdernegi.org/detay.asp?id=7184 ; http://www.karikaturculerdernegi.org/detay.asp?id=7186 ; http://www.karikaturculerdernegi.org/detay.asp?id=7187 .
Some of his work was exhibited in the association gallery along with the illustrations by Paolo Dalponte, the member of the jury as well:
http://www.karikaturculerdernegi.org/detay.asp?id=7185 .)

Tomy: de Barajagua a la eternidad
El miocardio feraz de Tomás Rodríguez Zayas, ya fatigado de tanta entrega, fue incapaz de emular con esa voluntad mítica que lo empujaba como un jinete incansable del humorismo gráfico cubano
José Alejandro Rodríguez - períodico Juventud Rebelde - Ciudad de la Habana
7 de Septiembre del 2010 0:44:35 CDT
Se cansó ayer el intrépido corazón de Tomy, el gran caricaturista cubano. Sus diástoles y sístoles no pudieron seguir marcando el compás de una vida tan inquieta. Sus arterias desafiaron ese talento artístico imparable, que barrió cuanta zancadilla se le atravesara.
El miocardio feraz de Tomás Rodríguez Zayas, ya fatigado de tanta entrega, fue incapaz de emular con esa voluntad mítica que lo empujaba como un jinete incansable del humorismo gráfico cubano desde aquella mañana en que, con el monte y la tierra en sus zapatos, partió de su natal Barajagua y se apareció en Juventud Rebelde con los sueños casi adolescentes de dibujar la vida y reírse de ella. O al menos sonreírse, con mucha agudeza y hondura.
Tomy fue un artista insólito en el envoltorio de un impenitente muchacho campesino. Un verdadero labriego de la belleza y la verdad. Y su inmensa obra gráfica, que hace rato ancló en la posteridad, fue una cátedra silvestre sin academias ni retoques: A pura vida, y con una sed de saber y sentir que fue saciando autodidactamente por todas las guardarrayas y autopistas de este mundo.
No escatimó su talento, así como fue fecundo en el amor y la amistad. Su generosidad le hizo postergar muchos empeños mayores para embellecer la inmediatez, el aquí y el ahora del periodismo, en el antológico DDT de Juventud Rebelde, y en cuanta publicación cubana o foránea le incitara.
Más que laureado y respetado por tantos artífices del pincel, Tomy nunca dejó de ser el eterno caminante de la caricatura, con esos silencios a cuestas que le permitían observar el mundo para captar sus latidos. Y no hubo proyecto artístico, político o social que le convocara y no lo tuviera en zafarrancho por Cuba y por la Revolución. Hombre leal a toda prueba, fiel a sus ideas y a la vez eterno inconforme hasta el resabio. Limpio de ambiciones y montaraz ante las mediocridades y conveniencias.
Como en toda su vida, mostró mucha entereza y calma en todos estos días en que estuvo internado en el Cardiovascular. Cada vez que le llamaba por teléfono para darle ánimo, él terminaba convenciéndome de que disfrutaba una suerte de «reservación turística» para descansar. «Chévere», como acostumbraba a decir. Y soñaba, hacía proyectos ahora que se había jubilado del diario, para pintar sin las urgencias, junto a sus dos hijos varones.
Aun cuando le falló ahora, habrá que bendecir siempre el corazón de Tomy, que resistió tantos arrestos y lo llevó tan lejos y tan cerca a la vez. No lo imagino yerto, sino caminando sudoroso por una vía celestial, urgido por llegar a una nube y allí comenzar de nuevo a dibujar la vida.

Results 30th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest

Winners in the 30th International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest 2010 - Turkey
852 cartoons by 852 artists from 58 countries are accepted for the competition.
Jury: Tonguç Yaşar (Turkey), George Licurici (Romania), Erdoğan Başol (Turkey), Konstantin Kazanchev (Ukraine), Ivailo Tsvetkov (Bulgaria), Jordan Pop-Iliev (Republic of Macedonia), Kadir Doğruer (Turkey), Muhittin Köroğlu (Turkey), Metin Peker (Turkey).
Jury meeting: September 2, 2010 at Armada Otel, Istanbul, Turkey.
1. Grand Prize: Alessandro Gatto (Italy)
2. Honour Prize I: Burak Ergin (Turkey)
3. Honour Prize II: Houmayoun Mahmoudi (United Kingdom)
4. Honour Prize III: Angel Boligan Corbo (Mexico)
5. Honour Prize IV: Ahmet Öztürklevent (Turkey)
6. Honour Prize V: Shahram Rezai (Iran).
7. Special Prize of Nasreddin Hodja: Aleksei Kivokourtsev (Russia)
8. Special Prize of the Association of Cartoonists: Milko Dikov (Bulgaria)
9. Special Prize of the Jury: Sadegh Bagheri (Iran)
10. Special Prize of Koç Holding: Nikola Listes (Croatia)
11. Special Prize of The Culture & Tourism Ministry: Mohammad Ali Khalaji (Iran
12. Special Prize of Press, Publications, and Informations Administration: Vladimir Kazanevski (Ukraine)
13. Special Prize of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality: Rumen Dragostinov (Bulgaria
14. Special Prize of Beşiktaş Municipality): Trayko Popov (Bulgaria
15. Special Prize of Şişli Municipality: Sergey Riabokon (Ukrania)
16. Special Prize of Çankaya Municipility: Aşkın Ayrancıoğlu (Turkey)
17. Special Prize of Turkish Association of Journalists: Şevket Yalaz (Turkey)
18. Special Prize of Akşam Newspaper: Musa Gümüş (Turkey)
19. Special Prize of Cumhuriyet Newspaper: Tommy Thomdean (Indonesia)
20. Special Prize of Turkish Radio & Television Company: Czeslaw Przezak (Poland
21. Special Prize of TRT TURK Channel: Igor Smirnov (Russia)
22. Special Prize of NTV Channel: Ana Maria Pilipczuk (Argentina)
23. Special Prize of Fox TV Channel: Larichev Michail Nikolaevich (Russia)
24. Special Prize of TV8 Channel: Vladimir Stepanov (Russia)
25. Special Prize of Show TV Channel: İbrahim Tuncay (Turkey)
26. Special Prize of the Chamber of Architects - Ankara Branch: Serdar Günbilen (Turkey)
27. Special Prize of the Association of Graduates from Faculty of Political Sciences: Mehmet Selçuk (Turkey).
Source: http://www.karikaturculerdernegi.org/detay.asp?id=8063


X Salón de Humorismo «Santa Clara 2010» - Cuba

X Salón de Humorismo «Santa Clara 2010»
Melaíto, the humorous publication and the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba in Villa Clara (UNEAC) announce the X Humour Salon «Santa Clara 2010" .. an international event that will be dedicated to 42 years of this legendary publication in the Midwest.
The topics are free to compete and erotic.
The dimensions of the works could reach up to 25 x 35 cm in maximum size, in any technique and support, including copies of digital works, the third dimension does not exceed 50 x 50 cm on either side.
Each author may submit up to three works per category.
Entries must be sent by post and will be received until November 30, 2010 in:
Casa de la UNEAC Máximo Gómez no. 107 entre Julio Jover y Martí, Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba.
The prizes:
3 prizes will be awarded in each category, and entries that the jury deems appropriate:
For domestic participants:
1st prize: 2000 pesos and diploma
2nd prize: 1300 pesos and diploma
3rd prize: 800 pesos and diploma.
For foreign participants: The winners will be awarded a work of original art on canvas of a famous painter from Villa Clara and diploma, which will send them safely.
The jury will be composed by renowned cartoonists, and their opinion is final. In the days between December 18 and 20, 2010 will be a meeting with prominent cartoonists in the city of Santa Clara. The opening of the exhibition and delivery of awards will be held on December 20 at 3:00 pm at the headquarters of the UNEAC, where we will celebrate 42 years of publication.
For questions on this call, please contact the following address: 40melaito@gmail.com
Organizing Committee.
August 20, 2010
Source: feco-spain
Translation support: Google.


KOMIKAZEN 2010: 6th International Reality Comic Festival

6th International Reality Comic Festival: KOMIKAZEN 2010
Gathering of Authors, workshops and performances from 8th to 10th October
Exhibitions until 7th November 2010
Ravenna – Various venues
The sixth edition of the Komikazen International Reality Comic Festival following tradition presents major previews from internationally accredited authors until now unpublished in Italy, together with the big names of the world of comics who are well-known to the Italian public.
Created with the aim of researching and investigating the relationships between the presentation of reality and graphic literature, Komikazen does not disappoint enthusiasts of the ninth art thirsting for something new and for meaningful face-to-face meetings with the authors. In addition to being occasions for reflecting and gaining deeper insights, there will also be exhibitions of high quality art and workshops with guest authors both for the curious and for professionals.
In the setting of MAR – the city’s Museum of Art – there will be an exhibition with originals from the talented young Frenchman Maximilien Le Roy: just 24 years old, he has already published six volumes, among them the major work dedicated to Nietzsche on the text by the philosopher Michel Onfray. He is also an expert in comic journalism and works with the photographer Maxence Emery, who collaborated with him on the important trilogy on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict (Faire le Mur, Gaza and Hosni). In particular the collective work entitled Gaza, December 2008: uscito per La Boîte à Bulles will be presented to the public. It is a book that uses comic strip, graphical art and political analysis to tell the story of the operation Cast Lead in real time, but also to present the conflict in a new form.
From Spain there will be Pablo Auladell, illustrator of a comic script by Felipe H. Cava, of Soy mi sueño, nomination of the best illustrator award at the Salon de Comic of Barcelona in 2009 and set in the Second World War. It is a work that achieves the poetic level of a metaphor for the rise and fall of a Europe that was staring into the abyss. A master illustrator who visualises with oneiric precision the text of the Spanish scriptwriter already a guest at the first edition of the festival who, with his usual mastery, pits himself against the difficult theme of the recovery of memory. Auladell’s illustrated book Isis, was published in Italy by Orecchio Acerbo.
Instead, guest of honour at the exhibition of the Teatro Rasi is the Italian drawer Igort, who will present for the first time in Italy the storyboard of his new book Quaderni ucraini. Memorie dal tempo dell'URSS, published in Italy by Mondadori.
There will also be an important meeting with an artist who goes beyond the realms of the comic, that is Apostolos Doxiadis, author of the best seller Lo zio Petros e la congettura di Goldbach, but who created the screenplay of Logicomix, another publishing success recently released also in Italy by Guanda.
But Komikazen is a centre, not merely of knowledge, of deeper insights and reflections, but also of production: the participants are young designers from Emilia Romagna, from among whom Komikazen will make its selection with the prize of the publication of a book. For the fourth year a winner will be chosen, giving a designer under 35 the opportunity to produce a book to be published by Comma 22. There will also be the presentation of the volume of the 2009 winner, Pietro Scarnera, that deals with an autobiographical matter of a highly delicate ethical nature, that is his perception of his father's life in a vegetative state from 2003 to 2008. From notebooks full of drawings and sketches produced during those years, he has created a delicate and tormenting volume. After the polemics surrounding the case of Eluana Englaro, the author decided not to remain silent and to tell the story of his own experience.
Scarnera's originals can be seen at Mirada's stand.
In addition to the workshops and the meetings, Komikazen coincides with the city's golden night and so the evening of Saturday 9th offers the possibility of enjoying the city until dawn.
Some information about the festival.
Mirada has organised extensive exhibitions and workshops with comic-strip writers such as Joe Sacco, Marjane Satrapi, Aleksandar Zograf, Danijel Zezelj, and many others. It has organised the Komikazen International Reality Comic Festival each year since 2005.
The need to 'tell it as it is' is becoming urgent in an era in which it is becoming ever more difficult to understand whether or not what we are being told is reliable and truthful.
In the world of comics, characterised through antonomasia by the patina of careless people, an imaginative source of the fantastic and absolutely unreal, the trend of real story telling is, when all is said and done, fairly old (obviously in the meaning that this adjective can have when we are speaking of this medium). The autobiographical, memoir oriented, historic and news reporting tendency has always been present and has always been ingrained in many of the grand masters of sequential art.
Komikazen is the promoter of the European and Mediterranean circuit of comic art and research of which are a part: Periscopages Association - Rennes (France), Babel – Athens (Greece), Comica – London (UK), Chili cum Carne - Lisbon (Portugal), Boom Festival – St. Petersburg (Russia) and La Maison du Livre – Beirut (Lebanon).
The following have been guests of Komikazen: Raul, Felipe H. Cava, Khamel Khelif, Tomaz Lavric, Nicole Schulman, Phebe Gloeckner, the Turkish comic writers of the magazine Le Man, Stripburger, Filipe Abranches, Marcos Farrajota, Le Dernier Cri, Ho Che Anderson, Stefano Ricci, Samir Harb, Federico Del Barrio, Nadim Tarazi with the Lebanese comic writers, Anke Feuchtenberger, Giuseppe Palumbo, Vittorio Giardino, Paolo Bacilieri, Dave McKean, Davide Toffolo, Carlos Trillo and Peter Kuper.
For information:
Associazione Mirada
Via Mazzini 83 Ravenna
Tel +39 0544 217359
Mob: +39 3280709837


20th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest: DICACO 2011

The 20th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest (DICACO 2011) - Korea
The Daejeon City is inviting world cartoonists to take part in DICACO 2011 (the 20th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest).
1. This year’s contest comprises a Thema section (titled Orient+Occident ---> Convergence) and a Free section.
2. The size of works should be smaller than 297 mm × 420 mm.
3. Any color, free style, and unlimited items.(+2 Works)
4. Each entrant should provide title, name, age, address, career, e-mail, and telephone number on reverse.
5. The deadline for entry of original works is Jun. 30, 2011.
6. Entries should be addressed to the Daejean International Cartoon Institute, 450, Wolpyeongdong, Daejeon, Seoul 302-280, Korea.
7. The most creative cartoon will win the Grand prize of $3,000, Gold prize of $1,000, Silver prize of $500, Bronze prize of $300, and 300 Selected works will be awarded.
8. Exhibit the cartoons at the Daejeon Gallery in Oct. 2011.
9. Submitted cartoons will not be returned, but exhibited forever in Korean public halls, art galleries, & museums.
10. Your cartoon may be used for promotional purposes : cards, posters, catalogs, newspapers, magazine, and books etc.
From Dr.Lim, Cheong San, President of the Daejeon Int’l Cartoon Institute
450, Wolpyeongdong, Daejeon, Seoul 302-280, Korea
Tel: 82 (42) 255-9944, 487-5034 C.P: 82-11-425-6115
http://www.dicaco.com/ E-mail: dicaco@paran.com
http://www.kongju.ac.kr/ (all works)