Winners in the 21st International Cartoon Exhibition, Zagreb 2016, Croatia

The 21st International Exhibitions of Cartoons ZAGREB 2016
has seen the arrival of 700 works by 282 authors from 59 countries.
Theme: Healthy Lifestyle


LUKA LAGATOR, Montenegro
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The 4th International Festival of Stock Market Cartoons 2016, Iran

The 4th International Festival of Stock Market Cartoons 2016, Iran
The objectives of festival:
1. Create the constructive and collaborative interaction between the artists and the capital market
2. Encourage artists to produce effective works with subject matter of "investment in the capital market"
3. Attract the artist's attention to the point of the Authorization and supervision management role of the capital market.
4. Promoting investment culture and influence on public thoughts by Cartoon Art
Suggested topics for cartoons:
1. Highlight the Funding role of stock market
2. Stock market Internationalization
3. Investment Opportunities in stock market
4. Risk and volatility of the stock market
5. Debt Market
6. To develop export markets with participation of international exchanges
7. The challenges of issuing firms in the stock markets
8. Benefits of stock markets for investors:
1. income
2. Liquidity
3. Participate in decision-making
4. Trust and confidence in investing
9. Futures coin and currency contracts
10. Investment for future
11. Young and new generation investment in stock market.
12. The investment can be double or in a short time only in stock markets.
Terms and Conditions:
Participate for all artists is free and there is no age limitation.
All Artists could submit 5 works maximum for every section.
Submitted Works should not include an award-winning before, and the reviewed works of previous years not be admitted.
Personal details (address, phone and…) should be attached with works.
The works size: 2000 pixels, jpeg format and the resolution should be 300 DPI.
Creation techniques are free.
The Festival has the right to use works for any commercially purpose.
(Not?) All the winners of the awards should be Presence at the closing ceremony.
Festival calendar:
Deadline for submission: 21 June 2016
The closing ceremony and awarding prizes: 24 (15?) July, 2016
First place: 3 thousand euro
Second place: 2 thousand euro
Third: 1 thousand euro
Child and youth section:
o Participants under 18 years old can participate in this section.
o Each participant can submit only 2 works in the contest.
o size of works should have cut to 20 x 30, and the resolution should be 300 DPI.
o all of the works should be with full personal details.
o arbitration of child and youth section will done separately and the award will be given to first till third place .
Prizes for Child and youth section:
First place: 300 euro
Second place: 200 euro
Third: 100 euro.
Address for submitting works:
All works should be submitted via secretariat email address info@cwn-news.com
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Letter from Andrey Popov about the 22nd Cartoon Rendon Festival 2015, Colombia

Dear Colleagues.
My name is Andrey Popov. I am an artist from Russia. I am the owner of the first prize of the twenty-second cartoon festival in Rendon. I ask your advice. There is a situation that requires a solution. I would like to inform you that the Organizers of 22nd International Cartoon Rendon Festival, Colombia (Fernando Pica) don`t like to be in contact with prize winner ( it's me) and don`t pay prize money. I do not want to raise a scandal, but I would want that the situation has been resolved.
Can you give me support and to indicate to the organizers of the contest on the need to fulfill the conditions of the competition.
Thank you and sorry for the trouble.
You can see from 11 minutes:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK9bIl6tXYs .


Results of the 12th International Cartoon Contest SYRIA 2016

Theme: Art against terrorism
Ridha Hasan / Germany
Juan Karajoli / Syria
Almohannad Kalthoum / Syria
Moaffak Makhoul / Syria
EMAD Salehi / Iran
W i n n e r s
Ahmed Khalil - Iraq
Hendriques David Arie - Indonesia
Li Hai Feng - China
Efat Amjadipoor - Iran
Hicabi Demirci - Turkey
Antonio Santos - Portugal
Special prize
Ramin Rezaei - Iran
Kazanevsky Vladimir - Ukraine (Top)
Luc Descheemaeker - Belgium.
All winning cartoons on source: raedcartoon .


International Comics Festival Contest 2016, Serbia

Happy Gallery SKC Belgrade, September 29th – October 2nd , 2016
Address: SKC Happy Gallery
Kralja Milana 48
11000 Belgrade
Propositions and rules:
• Participants are not age-limited
• HIGH QUALITY COPIES ONLY, up to 4 pages, will be accepted. Works have to be sent via post office (e-mails excluded). Along with their work, participants are also required to send a filled APPLICATION FORM for the International Comics Festival Contest 2016 can be downloaded HERE & HERE.
• Required language: English
• Submitted entries can be previously published
• Theme, style, technique and genre are free-choice
• Page numbers should be written on the back of each page
• Submitted entries will be reviewed for official awards, sponsors' prizes and the festival exhibition.
Awards & Prizes:
• Grand prix of the Festival (includes 1000 €)
• Awards for the best traditional style comic, the best alternative comic, the best script and the best graphics
• Special jury award for inventiveness
• Awards in the category up to 15 years of age: Young Lion special award (the best entry in the category), Special jury award for the best idea, Special jury award for maturity and imagination
• Special jury award for the youngest author
• Sponsors’ prizes.
Additional information: www.salonstripaskc.rs ; http://www.facebook.com/comicsfest
e-mail: salonstripaskc@gmail.com .

12th International Humor Exhibition of Limeira 2016, Brazil

Registrations are free. Participants all over the world can sign up with three works of his own, size A4 (21 X 29,7 cm) over A3 (29.7 X 42 cm) size until 16 September 2016.
All works must be ORIGINAL and UNPUBLISHED. If not respected the rules, the drawings do not compete for prizes.
To works sent by MAIL as Caricature, Cartoon, Political Cartoon and Comics:
Secretaria Municipal da Cultura - Palacete Levy
Largo Boa Morte 11
Centro, Limeira SP
CEP 13484 970 BRAZIL
To works sent by E-MAIL as Digital works and Interart:
Send to piuhumor@hotmail.com, A4 until A3 size, with 300 dpi on JPEG.
Digital is a drawing made and finished by freehand. You make a copy with a scanner and send by e-mail.
Interart is a built drawing or even just finished with the aid of a computer, or even done for it, by the direction of the artist who composes.
CHARACTER OF THE BRAZILIAN POLITICS (This prize win’s $500 reais)
For prize winners in each category will get certificates and trophies. This year we will have one cash prize of R$ 1,000.00 (one thousand reais) which will include an artist chosen by our judging panel. We’ll have one more cash prize winner of R$ 500, 00 (five hundred reais) for the theme CHARACTER OF THE BRAZILIAN POLITICS with trophy and certificate.
Those selected will be exhibited from September 30 to October 16 of 2016, at Palacete Levy and the permanent virtual exhibition on the O PIU Publisher House (www.jornalopiu.blospot.com). All entries will be considered acquisitive by O PIU Publishing House. The possession, use and other rights in these jobs are held by Editora O PIU Ltd., which reserves the right to make use of them to his will. The simple application configures automatically and full participant in accordance with this Regulation.
03_Birthday (day/month/year):
04_ID Number:
05_Street number and address:
08_State (or province, region):
10_Zip Code:
11_E-mail address:
12_Number of submitted works:
Source: jornalopiu.

Theme in Studio Andromeda Festival Economia 2016: Where Growth Takes Place

Studio Andromeda
Festival Economia 2016
Exhibition: open to all professional cartoonists
- - - - -
Planet earth is anything but flat. For the joy of cyclists, ski enthusiasts and rock-climbers, it presents no shortage of hills and dales to explore. But the world of economics is even more uneven than the peaks that emerge from the maps of the alpine range.Granted, new communication technologies have greatly reduced distances in the exchange of information and market interactions. But the world’s economic geography suggests economic growth is increasingly concentrated in relatively few large cities capable of attracting human capital and of driving innovation. More than peaks, the maps of per-capita income reveal spikes, often located in areas that host research centres and top universities.In fact, the old centres and suburbs of the post-war era or even of the end of the last century are not necessarily the ones that are excelling. The economic hierarchy not only of countries, but also of cities, has undergone profound change and is in constant flux. There are many advancing and many falling back in the urban rankings of the world.It is vital that we study the economic and demographic growth of these new phenomena in order to understand not only the ingredients required for growth but also their optimal combination, the recipes we need if we want to prosper. The scale and size of cities matter, because only large labour markets can offer opportunities to a broad range of talents, matching demand and skill sets and enabling both members of power couples to fulfil their dreams.In order for these economies of agglomeration to succeed, the context must favour the circulation of ideas and networks of contacts among individuals. But the oft-cited amenity values also matter greatly, the not strictly economic factors that make one location more attractive than another and which draw on external talent. There is a lot of hysteresis in these processes: as soon as one location starts to take off or betrays the first signs of a decline, virtuous or vicious cycles are set in motion. And even if one wanted to, they are difficult to stop.Infrastructural networks play a very important role in promoting urbanization and in permitting the creation of talent bases. Housing policies for immigrants are also very important in determining the pace and quality of a city’s development. The economic context, of cities especially, plays a very important role in social mobility as well, as we learnt in last year’s edition of the Festival. This eleventh edition will instead tackle an area that has only recently been rediscovered: the economics of space and geography. We will welcome economists, demographers, and sociologists who are experts in urban agglomeration. And we will hear from those who today and in the past have played an active role in administering these territories, mindful that the rapid growth or decline of an area poses complex governance problems.
- - - - -
(Dynamic and static inequalities, disparities, rich and poor men, self-made men)
Entries: min. 1 cartoon
Size: min. A4 - JPG (col) or GIF (b/n), 300 dpi, max. 1 Mb
Technique: free
Deadline: May 29, 2016
Exhibition: gallery on website www.studioandromeda.net
Prizes: 3 winning cartoons, selected by jury, will be awarded by the organization of Festival (not-monetary prizes).
The works should be sent via e-mail to:
including entry-form with complete author's data
Festival Economia - Trento
Tema dell'anno: I luoghi della crescita
2-5 giugno 2016
For further information:
Source: fanofunny.


2nd Cartoon Exhibition of Faro, Fartoon 2016, Portugal

1 - FARO 1540 - Association for the Defense and Promotion of Faro’s Cultural and Environmental Heritage, organizes FARTOON – Faro's Cartoons Exhibition, whose works will be displayed in an exhibition at the end of the year;
2 – Participation in this Exhibition implies full acceptance of the conditions listed in this Regulation and the authorization to use the work(s) in this Exhibition and in future editions, in FARTOON extensions, promotions, publications and reproductions in any medium;
3 – All Portuguese or foreign citizens can participate in this Cartoons Exhibition;
4 – Only are accepted unpublished original works that can be black and white or color;
5 – Any graphic techniques are allowed and works measures should not exceed 42 x 30 cm (DIN A3);
6 – In 2016 edition, the contest theme is "Human Pollution". As pollution defined as the direct or indirect introduction, as a result of human activity, of elements in the air, water or land which may be harmful to health or the environment, with the theme “Human Pollution” we intend to go further. We want participants to explore not only the classical view of pollution, but particularly how men, their wars, their religions, their economic system, values or beliefs affect themselves and all they represent as a human being;
7 – Each competitor can participate individually or in teams to a maximum of 3 works;
8 - The enrollment in FARTOON should be formalized until 6th November 2016 and is free;
9 – Works must be sent by e-mail to geral@faro1540.org or by mail to:
FARO 1540
FARTOON – 2ª Mostra de Cartoons de Faro
Rua Reitor Teixeira Guedes, 133
8000-424 Faro
10 – For a correct submission should be sent: - Work(s) on paper; - Registration form, duly completed and signed; - Photocopy or scan from an identification document; - Author(s) short biographical note; - Declaration of the author of the work(s) accepting the conditions of this Regulation and authorizing the use of the work(s) at the Exhibition, in its future editions, in its extensions, promotions and publications, but with the authors’ knowledge.
11 – All works submitted for this Exhibition must be sent free of charge (postage or customs). In their packaging should appear clearly and prominently "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE / SEM VALOR COMERCIAL”. Works sent to be paid at the addressee will not be accepted, and its reception will be refused;
12 – The cartoons received will be submitted to a pre-selection, by the organization, and the competitor will be notified by e-mail if the work was selected to the Exhition mentioned in paragraph 1 of this Regulation;
13 – The Jury of FARTOON will be composed of 5 elements;
14 – From the jury's final decision there can be no appeal;
15 – There will be awarded 3 prizes by the jury;
16 – The Jury, according to the quality of the works presented, may or may not assign any of the prizes and/or assign Honorable Mentions;
17 – In addition to the award of diplomas, prizes mentioned in points 15 and 16 will have a symbolic character according to the partnerships established for this edition of FARTOON;
18 – All the works received for the Exhibition, which have been selected for display, or not, will not be delivered back to the competitors, becoming part of the estate of the FARTOON, and the organization will not use them for commercial purposes;
19 – The work(s) must have on the reverse the following information: - Author's name and address; - Title and year
20 – In exceptional circumstances, the organization may exhibit works that do not fully comply with the present Rules;
21 – In case of doubt, those interested can request any clarifications to: geral@faro1540.org
22 – Omissions in this Regulation shall be solved by the organizer.
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5th International Cartoon Contest Sinaloa 2016, México

5th International Cartoon Contest Sinaloa 2016, México
The Contest is open to all cartoonists from all over the world and beyond.
2. THEME: Organized crime
More than ever, especially from the beginning of this century, organized crime has become a serious threat to social stability in many countries. In these cases the control organized crime imposes is notorious. Through economical power and physical intimidation it has managed to infiltrate every level of official government. It is responsible for controlling the press and other mass media, even assassinating journalists. It is said that it sponsors political campaigns, buy judges and other important civil servants, including top military officers. It launders huge amounts of money and owns countless "legitimate" businesses. At times it shows off the weight of its power publicly. Finally, it is deeply involved in drug production, distribution and trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, trafficking in women, terrorism and arms sales, among many other illegal activities.
1st Prize: $27,000 Mexican pesos.
2nd Prize: $23,000 Mexican pesos.
3rd Prize: $17,000 Mexican pesos.
Winners will be notified by e-mail after 1st. September 2016.
A maximum of 3 works can be submitted by E-mail in any media, in black and white or colour, but they should not be currently participating in other contests or have been awarded.
Works should have a minimum resolution of 200 dpi, size 21.5 cms x 27.9 cms. They should be sent to any one of the following:
5. DEADLINE: August 7th, 2016
6. PLEASE FILL IN THE ENTRY FORM AND SEND IT TOGETHER WITH YOUR WORK (The entry form can be downloaded from http://concursosinaloa2016.orgfree.com).
. Name
. Photograph
. Address
. E-mail
7. A catalogue with the winners and selected works will be available on the web page of the contest:
http://concursosinaloa2016.orgfree.com .
8. Participants that were winners in 2015 can participate but if they win again they will only be entitle to receive honorary mentions.
Copyright belongs to authors. The Contest will use some works, but only for promotional purposes, such as publicity, the catalogue and the press.
Entry Form in WORD or PDF on source.


25th International Contest for the Young up to 18 year old, Serbia

Click on the image to enlarge.

25th International Festival on Humour and Satire, Golden Helmet 2017, Serbia

- Short story
- Poem
- Aphorism
1. CARTOON: ORIGINAL, MIN. A4 (210x297 mm), MAX A3 (297x420 mm), TECHNIQUE FREE;
2ND AWARD...400 €
3RD AWARD...200 €
DEADLINE: 25. 01. 2017.
Only unpublished works will be taken into consideration.
Author's short biography, phone number and e-mail address are obligatory.
Written works are to be sent under the code!
All the works are to be sent exclusively via the postal service.
Jury decision will be announced on 11. 02. 2017.
Awards will be handed at Final Festival Evening on April 1, 2017.
The Organizer will bear travel and accommodation expenses of awarded authors.
Festival official langauges are Serbian and English.
All works remain property of the Festival.
Entry Form on source and below.
Address: Cultural Center - Kruševac
International Festival on Humour and Satire Golden Helmet
Toplicina no. 2; 37000 Kruševac SERBIA
tel/fax: 381 (37) 423 025 ; 421 877
e-mail: goldenhelmet@ptt.rs


International competition of cartoons on road safety 2016, Russia

Dear friends!
We invite you to take part in the international competition of cartoons on road safety.
Each year in road accidents kill millions of people worldwide. We can make the roads of planet safer together!
on conduct of the open international competition of cartoons on road safety, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the formation service of the State traffic Inspectorate of MIA (Ministry of internal Affairs) of Russia.
The management of SIRS (State inspection of road safety) MIA of Russia in the Tyumen region together with the Department of culture of the Tyumen region organises the open international competition of cartoons on road safety, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the formation service of the State traffic Inspectorate of MIA of Russia, aimed at improving road safety and creating a positive image staffers of SIRS and traffic police.
1. Goals and objectives of the competition.
Goal of the competition:
- prevention of offenses in the field of traffic and traffic accidents, reducing the severity of their consequences;
- formation of road users sustainable knowledge of traffic rules, skills of safe behavior on the road, respect each other, discipline and personal responsibility for their actions in traffic.
Objectives of the competition:
- formation of positive public attitudes to road safety with the help of humor;
- uniting the efforts of the staffers of SIRS, traffic police, artists and cultural workers in road safety;
- the development of new forms of cooperation and interaction of the subjects of prevention in the promotion of road safety.
2. Dates of the competition:
Works on competition are accepted till 10 Jun 2016. Summing up to 3 July 2016.
3. Participants of the competition:
3.1. Adult section:
Professional artists and amateurs.
3.2. Children's section:
The participants may be minors under the age of 10 to 16 years.
4. Contents of the competition:
The competition provides made individually cartoons, comics (with words and without words) representing a satirical or comic figure in any style in the following categories:
4.1.Adult section:
- ensuring road safety;
- interaction of traffic police and road users for road safety.
4.2. Children's section:
- ensuring road safety;
- interaction of traffic police and road users for road safety.
5. Order of the competition:
The number of figures accepted for consideration from one participant is not limited.
The best cartoons, selected by the organizing Committee, will be presented at the Exhibition, which will be held in Tyumen within the framework of festive events, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the service of the State traffic Inspectorate.
The jury determines the winners in each section (adult and child).
The format of works provided for the competition: A4.
The technique of drawing is free.
The letter, sent to the address: gibdd72-konkurs@mail.ru with a mark "On competition of cartoons" and containing contest drawing is the application form for participation in the competition.
Contest drawing is submitted in electronic form in JPG format not exceeding 3MB, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
Each letter must be accompanied by a brief information about the author of the competitive figure: surname and name, age of participant, phone, and e-mail (contact) address, short CV of the author.
Evaluation criteria: conformity to the theme, originality of approach, creative personality, technique of performance.
6. Conditions of participation in the competition:
Not allowed to participate in the Competition and will not be considered collective and anonymous figures, which do not contain information about participant of competition.
It is an unacceptable violation of copyright.
The correspondence is available at: gibdd72-konkurs@mail.ru
In case of violation of the Condutions and Regulation of competition - cartoons are removed from competition without explanation.
The cartoons of participants can be used by the organizers of competition for exhibitions, publications in mass media, production of printed and visual propaganda in traffic safety.
Submission by authors of their works for participation in the contest, entrants agree to these terms and conditions.
In case of obvious repetitions among the submitted to the competition, the final decision on a caricature is assigned to a jury.
7. Organizing committee of the competition:
- develops the regulation on the Competition,
- takes the contest works,
- registers participants of Competition,
- form the Jury, exercising estimate competitive works and determines the winners of Competition,
- organizes the Competition, Exhibition of the best works, awarding the winners.
8. Encouragement of participants of the competition
All participants will receive an e-card and a certificate of participation, prize-winners of the competititon will be awarded with souvenirs with symbols of the State traffic Inspectorate and cups.
9. The contest pages in social networks:
«VK» http://vk.com/karikatura_bdd
«Facebook» https://www.facebook.com/groups/1202065466484589/files/ .


XVI International Cartoon Contest "Independence" 2016, Ukraine

1. The theme of the competition: "COSMOPOLIT".
Cosmopolite (man of the world) - it is the ideology of world citizenship, which puts the interests of all mankind above the interests of individual nations or states, and considers man as a free individual in the whole territory of the planet. Cosmopolitan has rich history, many fans and opponents. Cosmopolitanism is regarded as one of the most important foundations of human freedom. Like it or not, but mankind has been trying in various ways to rebuild their troubled lives on this planet ...
2. The competition shall be taken:
- Originals
- Quality copies (on thick paper!)
- Work performed by the computer.
Work on the electronic media and e-mail will not be accepted!
3. Format: A4 (297x210mm.).
4. Number of works: maximum 5.
5. Please indicate on the reverse side of each work: name, address, telephone number, e-mail.
6. The deadline for receipt of papers: September 15, 2016
7. Together with the works necessarily send the completed application form with a photo.
8. Prizes: $ 900. Diplomas and prizes from sponsors.
9. The organizers are not responsible for any damage in transit. The submitted works will not be reviewed will not be returned and may be used by the organizers for promotional purposes, in the publications relating to a competition for cartoons "Independence."
10. The winners will be informed additionally. According to the results of the competition catalog it will be published, which will be sent to all the artists whose works will be included in the directory. The exhibition of the best works and awards ceremony will be held in Kiev in the shopping center "Cosmopolite".
11. The results will be published on the website: www.cartoon.org.ua.
12. The jury's decision is final and not subject to revision. Participation in the contest implies that all applicants take these terms.
13. The works sent to the following address:
Асоциация карикатуристов
А/я 185,
e-mail: kazanchev.ukraine@gmail.com, kazanchev@ukr.net
phone: +38 063 578-0482 (Konstantin Kazanchev)
Conditions + Application Form in PDF.


9th International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival 2016, Turkey: "World Heritage"

9. International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival
24 November 2016 – 11 December 2016, Eskişehir, TURKEY
1) The theme of the exhibition is “World Heritage”. Cartoons not related with the main theme and the sub-themes, may not take part in the festival and the exhibition. The final decision is to be given by the Organizational Committee, and this committee works with cartoonist Tan Oral’s chairmanship.
1) Technique: Free. Black/white or colored.
2) Dimension: A4 or A3. No passé partout, no frame.
Shipment (Possible by 2 ways):
1) By mail: (cartoonistfest@gmail.com)
Cartoons should have 300 dpi resolution and JPEG formatted. (Max. 2 MB)
Work should be named. Example: nameandsurnameofartist_nameofwork.jpeg
2) By post: If this way is preferred, cartoons shouldn’t have passé partout and frame. Please send them with filled participation form to the below address.
Aktiffelsefe-Yeni Yuksektepe Kultur Dernegi
Isiklar Mah. Gultugrul Sok. No:6 Eskisehir-TURKEY
P.S: No limitation for the number of works to be sent for the exhibition.
Sending Back the cartoons:
1) All cartoons will be kept in the cartoon archives of Active Philosophy-Yeni Yüksektepe Cultural Association and archives of Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality and will not be sent back, unless there is a special request from the artist to send his/her work back.
Usage Rights of the cartoons:
All the usage rights of the cartoons belong to Active Philosophy-Yeni Yuksektepe Cultural Association without any commercial purposes and Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality, partner of the 9 th International Cartoon Festival. The originals may be printed or exhibited in Turkey or abroad; used for the books, magazines, catalogues, brochures, VCD’s and DVD’s to be printed by Active Philosophy-Yeni Yuksektepe and its corporative associations in Turkey or abroad; sent to another association in Turkey or abroad for the purpose of exhibiting or printing without commercial purpose by Active Philosophy-Yeni Yuksektepe. Even if the cartoonist sends the originals or the copies to Active philosophy-Yeni Yuksektepe, the cartoonist will be the owner of the publication and financial rights.
Cartoons that were exhibited in the festival will be covered under a catalog. A copy of the catalog will be uploaded on the Internet web site http://cartoonistfest.org and www.eskisehir-bld.gov.tr free for download. News covering the festival will also be available on the same web sites. The originals may be used in the news coverage about the Festival in the Print and TV Media. Both collaborators Active Philosophy Yeni Yüksektepe Cultural Association and Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality are responsible for their own publications.
The deadline for the cartoons to arrive to the Festival Organizational Committee is 23rd October 2016 (EXTENDED: 30 OCTOBER 2016).
More info & Participation Form on source: http://cartoonistfest.org.