4th Guangxi City College International Cartoon Contest

4th China Guangxi City College International Cartoon Contest 2010
1) Theme: Future - Outer Space - Technology
2) Host: Guangxi City College
Sponsor: FreeCartoonsWeb (http://www.fcwfcw.com/)
3) Deadline: September 28th, 2010 (The arrival of the works)
4) Entries:
(1) Size: min A3 (297 mm - 210 mm)
(2) Quantity: Unlimited.
(3) Works must be the hand drawing original by cartoonists, the ways of representation are free. Pictures with color or black & white are both allowed, it would be better if the works are good for exhibition. Computer working pictures are not accepted in this contest.
(4) Works must be drawn independently.
(5) Please sign the themes, author's names, address & postal code, E-mail address at the back of the pictures.
5) Mail to:
(1) Mail address: Li Lin, 2010 Guangxi City College International Cartoon Contest Committee, NO.339 Fusui Street, Fusui County, Guangxi Province, 532100, China.
(2) Please mail the original works, recommend to use the big envelope. Do not pucker the pictures! Any production which is broken during mailing would not participate in the exhibition.
(3) Please fill in the Entry-Form, mail together with the works.
6) Jury & Adviser & Secretariat:
President of Judgment Committee: Huang Qigong (China)
Members: Xia Dachuan (China), Massoud Shojai Tabatabai (Iran), Yuriy Kosobukin (Ukraine), Rudy Gheysens (Belgium).
Adviser: Xu Pengfei
Secretary General: Huang Qigong
Vice Secretary General: Jiang Lidong, Zhang Wei.
7) Choosing and Presenting works:
The contest organization committee will invite the domestic and foreign renowned cartoonists to form the appraisal committee, who will discuss and elect the excellent works, simultaneously, they will host the corresponding evaluation work on the line too.
After the election had ended, we will invite the cartoonists who got the prizes and the appraisal committee to come to the Guangxi City College or the Guangxi Museum to attend the contest presentation ceremony, please pay attention to the announcement of media by the organization committee.
8) Copyrights:
Guangxi City College has the following rights to the participative works: (1)The works will be displayed permanently on the website of Guangxi City College; (2) The works can be collected, published, and displayed or auctioned in public; (3) The works can be published in other media and publications; (4) The organization unit can authorize others' legitimate applications.
All participative authors regarded as tacitly approve this contest rule.
9) Awards:
Gold Medal (1 person): RMB 18800 Yuan+Certificate+Album
Silver Medal (2 persons): RMB 8800 Yuan+Certificate+Album
Copper Medal (4 persons): RMB 3800 Yuan+Certificate+Album
Best Network Human Spirit Prize (1 person): RMB 6800 Yuan+Certificate+Album Excellent Prize (20 persons): Certificate+Album
Being Selected (200 persons): Certificate+Album.
10) Contact:
Guangxi City College website: http://www.gxccedu.com/
Contest organization committee official website: www.gxccfy.com/cartoon
Organization committee office email: cygjmh2007@163.com
Contest organization committee address: Guangxi City College International Cartoon Contest Organization Committee, NO.339 Fusui Street, Fusui, 532100, Guangxi, China (apart from Nanning international airport 28 kilometers)
Contact person: Huang Qigong (telephone: 0086-13878868045) (China).
Source: http://www.tabrizcartoons.com/en/detail.asp?ID=1493


My entry in Jaka bede ... 2010 - Poland

Seems my entry arrived in Poland in a week's time since I posted it by air-mail on February 13 very late in the evening. Now the work is on display for the visitors of the exhibition site.
See all entries at http://jaka.krzyskow.pl/catalog,pl,prace_2010,3.html .

Water International Cartoonet (By email) contest 2010

The 1st International Water Cartoon Contest 2010 - Iran
1.We address to all the professional and amateur cartoonists regardless their age from all over the world.
2.The Tehran province Water & Wastewater Company and Iranian house of cartoon invite you to participate in Water International Cartoonet (By email) contest-2010
3.Theme: Water / Best usage of Water
4.The number of sent cartoons is 5.
5.Please attach in .doc format a brief presentation of your artistic activity (surname and first name, address, e-mail address, a photo and your CV).
- First prize: 3000 US$, Trophy and Honorable Mention
- Second prize: 2000 US$ , Trophy and Honorable Mention
- Third prize: 1000 US$ , Trophy and Honorable Mention
- 3 Honorable Mentions.
7.The cartoons must be sent at the e-mail address: watercartoon@yahoo.com and they must be of 200 dpi resolution, 1500 Pixel (Horizontal or Vertical) and JPG format. (Please do not send Zip or rar Format!)
8.The cartoons will be published in the web pages: http://www.irancartoon.com/ & http://www.irancartoon.ir/
9.All the artists who will enter the exhibition, will receive the catalogue of the contest.
10.Deadline: April 20, 2009 (?)
Thank you for participation
Tel: (+98 21) 22868600
Fax: (+98 21)22846928
Source: http://www.irancartoon.com/2010/contest/watercontest2010.htm


4th International Zagreb Exhibition of CARicature 2010

4th International Zagreb Exhibition of Car Caricature 2010 - Croatia
Honored Caricaturists (and all those who want to become one)
This year 4th International Zagreb car caricature exhibition 2010 marks the 112th anniversary of the car`s first appearance in Croatia. The car was driven by Count Marko Bombelles to his home in Vinica near Varaždin. Since those early days, in all its guises, the car has become an essential part of everyday life. “His Majesty”, the car, has become so necessary for work and play that it is difficult to imagine any activity which does not involve the use of an automobile. From basic functions such as travelling to and from work, to every other type of economic, sport, cultural, political, recreational, tourist, health, military, police or “romantic” pursuit. It is omnipresent, ever desirable and IRREPLACEABLE! Life without a car is unimaginable. We ask ourselves how did we manage to live without the car for thousands of years.
With message and slogan of this years exhibition: ”WITH CAR INSPECTION YOU CONTRIBUTE IN PRESERVATION OF OUR ECOLOGY”.
So our focus this year as well as a theme is going to be
With this theme we want to interest authors from around the world to warn public of a need to preserve nature.
This is a fantastic opportunity for caricaturists from all around the world to “speak up” through their drawings and show advantages and disadvantages of their majesty – the Car.
The main sponsors for this year 4th International Zagreb Car Caricature Exhibition are the City Government. They will be presenting the Grand Prix prize. Croatian Automobile Club (HAK) – Zagreb Branch will be awarding the First Place Prize. There will be two more prizes (special acknowledgement) and 7 special recognitions. The other sponsors will be revealed on the opening day.
This exhibition provides Zagreb and Croatia with an annual cultural and artistic show which is rapidly attracting international followers - with a theme instantly recognizable by all – cars in our daily work and life.
Opening of 4th exhibition will take place in Zagreb in a lobby of City Government as a part of World Environment Day celebration. Please send your caricatures and application forms to the following address:
Huna d.o.o, SREBRNJAK 55, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.
To be submitted by 23rd of April 2010.
We are looking forward to receiving your entry and meeting you at the exhibition. Thank you for your participation and cooperation. We hope your caricature will be selected for the exhibition and the catalogue!
Full details, terms and conditions and application forms are available on the organi zer’s web page www.huna.hr, and in co-operation with the Croatian Caricature Association, at www.hdk.hr.
Contact information:
Phone: 385(1)2430 302, Fax: 385(1)2430 217, e-mail: info@huna.hr
Ivan Palatinuš (English, German, Spanish)
Kind regards
Ivica Palatinuš
For HUNA d.o.o.
Zagreb, 12th of February 2010.
Propositions / Terms of participation
1. All caricaturists (and those wishing to be one) on the planet Earth have the right to participate.
2. Each participant may submit maximum of two (2) caricatures.
3. All caricatures must be made on either A4 or A5 paper size (but not smaller than A5 or bigger than A3).
4. Caricatures must be submitted on paper as originals. If a caricature was made on a computer it has be signed by the author. Photocopies and other forms of duplication will not be accepted.
5. Selection of caricatures that will be part of the exhibition will be done by officials appointed by the Organizer, Huna d.o.o. Zagreb. The following awards will be presented:
GRAND PRIX 4000 E or 30,000 Kn
1st PRIZE 1000 € or 7,500 Kn
2nd PRIZE 800 € or 5,500 Kn
3rd PRIZE 500 € or 3,500 Kn
2 special acknowledgements 300 € or 2.200 Kn
In addition to monetary prizes, each winner will receive a certificate.
Five (5) special recognitions without the money prize but with a certificate.
Jury can decide to give more recognitions, but not more than 10 recognitions.
6. Each participant in the exhibition will be represented in the exhibition catalogue with one caricature selected by the Organizers.
7. Every artist whose work is exhibited is entitled to a free copy of the exhibition catalogue.
8. The subject matter of the exhibition is: Our everyday car – CAR INSPECTION and CAR VALIDATION CHECK
9. Prizes will be awarded by a committee of at least seven people, of whom five will be sponsor representatives and two will be experts appointed the Organizer.
10. Caricatures which are awarded prizes become the property of the sponsor awarding the prize to the artist or remain the property of the Organizers.
11. Caricatures which are not awarded any prizes will become the property of the Organizer. At the explicit request of the artist caricatures can be returned (shipping cost is paid by the author of the requested caricature). Also caricatures may be collected in person from Huna d.o.o. 30 days after the exhibition.
12. All artists give the right to the Organizer to use, publish and exhibit caricatures, without compensation or payment, for the promotion of future exhibitions and projects.
13. The Organizer reserves the right to utilize caricatures with third-parties to promote the artist and the exhibition.
14. By submitting caricatures to the 4th International Car Caricature Exhibition Zagreb 2010 the artist automatically agrees and accepts the terms of participation.
15. All caricatures that will be submitted by 23th of April 2010 will be accepted for inclusion on the exhibition. You may send your work to the following address:
HUNA d.o.o. Srebrnjak 55, 10 000 Zagreb - Croatia
The exhibition will take place in the lobby of the Zagreb City Government on start of june 2010 in cause of World Environment Day.
Zagreb 16th February 2010.


150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy is the theme in BURGOSATIRA 2010

Theme: FRATELLI D'ITALIA (150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy)
1. The contest is open to all cartoonists, illustrators, and graphic designers around the world. You are also allowed to participate without competing. Such requests exempt the author from winning a prize, but makes it possible to still publish and/or display the author's work.
From the kingdom of Sardinia to the kingdom of Italy. From the Italian republic to the European Union. From Europe to the United Nations. Independence and globalization. One hundred and fifty years of events, action, heroes and influential people either in Italy or the European Union.
In the age of globalization try to express:
- The capacity to evoke concepts of unity and national identity, independence, liberty, and the state. Philosophers, politicians, and poets of the Italian rebirth (Risorgimento Italiano) and to retell the most important moments and the influential people that characterize the first 150 years of Italian history.
- The current condition of democracy, humanitarian works, and peace.
- The future of the state, of the state in times of globalization and fortunes of the current ideals of the '900.
3. Sections
The contest is divided into three categories:
A) Sardegna. This is dedicated to the artists that with any graphic technique, satire, caricature, or cartoon strip that brings to mind the actions and the Sards that, originating from the kingdom of Sardegna, were creators of the kingdom of Italy and of the Italian Republic.
B) Illustrations. Graphics, lithography, web art, computer art.
C) Satire and Humour. Cartoons, strips, caricatures.
It is permitted to submit an entry for each of the three categories.
4. Prizes
Total money prizes amounting: 25.000 €uro.
- Prize "Sardegna": 1st prize 5.000 €uro - 2nd prize 1.500 €uro
- Prize "Illustrations": 1st prize 5.000 €uro - 2nd prize 1.500 €uro
- Prize "Satire and Humour": 1st prize 5.000 €uro - 2nd prize 1.500 €uro
The prizes are offered by: Presidenza Consiglio della Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Presidenza Consiglio della Regione Lazio, Presidenza della Regione Toscana, Presidenza Consiglio della Regione Piemonte.
- Prize "Black Sheep": 3.000 €uro from the Comune di Burgos
- Prize "Inside the history": 1.000 €uro from the Fondazione Giuseppe Siotto, Cagliari
- Prize "They see us like this": 1.500 €uro from the ACLI Sardegna
There will be 10 "Special Mentions".
Other special prizes may be offered from various institutional sponsors, private interests, associations, newspapers and agencies.
5. Participation
A maximum of three works for each section may be submitted with any technique and any supported paper or canvas of the same dimension. The submitted works must be originals, and must arrive with the application form and the biography of the author. Each work must be signed and must have on the back the following information: the title of the work, the author's name, last name, address, phone number, and email address. The author must indicate on each work into which section it is to be entered.
The entries must be mailed (postage paid by the sender) without frames or glass to the following address:
FASI Casella Postale 18260 Ufficio Postale 018 Via Cavour, 71/A, 50129 Firenze ITALY
Photocopies or photographs will not be accepted.
6. Deadline
30th of April (EXTENDED) 30th JUNE, 2010 (based on the postmark)
7. Format
UNI A4 (21 x 29,7 cm) otherwise UNI A3 (29,7 x 42 cm)
8. Technique
Free. The works can be created even with digital techniques as long as they can be printed in high quality, the signature must be by hand, and come with a CD that contains the digital file of the work in the format TIFF with the resolution of 300 dpi.
9. Jury
The acceptance of the works, the selection, and the assigning of the prizes are completely up to the jury nominated by the FASI.
The jury is composed of: Gavino Sanna - President, Giuliano Rossetti, Tonino Mulas, Luca Paulesu, Giovanni Sorcinelli 'Gióx', Bepi Vigna, Bruno Culeddu: Secretary without the ability to vote.
The decisions of the jury are non debatable or up for appeal.
The results of the jury will be given directly to the winning artists and published on the website of the Burgosatira, of the FASI and of FanoFunny.com
10. Exhibitions
In 2011 (the anniversary of the Proclamation of the Unity of Italy), dates listed below, the works will be exhibited in Torino, Firenze, Roma, Cagliari and Burgos.
The works will be consigned to the Museum of the Satire of Burgos, for a permanent exhibit.
From Burgos will begin a touring exhibit throughout the various communities of Sardegna and all of Italy. This touring exhibit will also go abroad and be under the care of ACLI Sardegna and move throughout the Sardinian club worldwide.
The inauguration ceremony and the awards ceremony will be held in Torino, which was the original capital of Italy.
11. Catalogue
All the authors selected for the catalogue will receive a free copy of said catalogue.
12. Ownership and rights
The Organization reserves all rights to reproduce and distribute the works in any form and to organize exhibitions with selected works in any location in Italy or abroad, citing the author, without any payment. All the works submitted will not be returned and will remain the property of the Comune of Burgos where they will be exhibited and cared for by the Museo della Satira.
The participation in the contest implies that complete acceptance from the part of the author to all the conditions and rules herein stated and implied.
For further informations fasicentro@virgilio.it
Phone/Fax (+39)055.242006 - (+39)055.240549
Source: fanofunny


XII International Cartoon Contest Zielona Gora 2010

XII International Cartoon Contest Zielona Gora 2010 – Poland
Announcement and publication of the Competition: Febuary 2010
Deadline for receiving works: 31st May 2010
Sitting of the Jury: June 2010
Announcement of the Jury decision , seminar and the opening of the post competition exhibition: September 2010
GRAND PRIX – PLN 4.000 and Statuette
1st PLACE – PLN 3.000 and Statuette
2nd PLACE – PLN 2.000 and Statuette
3rd PLACE – PLN 1.500 and Statuette
Sponsors’ prizes.
The Organizers have the right to the change in the amount of particular prizes, nonetheless, the total amount of prizes shall remain unchanged.
THE JURY: The Jury comprises of the Organizers representatives as well as artist dealing with art in practice or as theoreticians.
Both professional and amateur cartoonists are eligible to take part in the competition.
Unlimited original works (format min. A5 – max. A3) in optional technique should be sent or delivered by May 31st, 2010 to the following address:
The Organizers are not responsible for damage or loss during transportation!
The winners as well as cartoonists qualified to participate in the post-competition exhibiton shall be provided with a free copy of a catalogue published by the Organizers.
The Organizers provide the competition prize winners with free acccomodation and boarding during the exhibition event.
The winners receive their prizes on condition that they are either present at the opening of the post competition exhibition or else they indicate a bank account where the money is to be transfered.
The works become the property of the Organizers and shall be included in the collection of the False Mirror gallery located in Lubuskie Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Działań Kulturalnych DEBIUT in Zielona Gora.
Every participant in the competition agrees to their free of fees delivery of works to the False Mirror gallery.
Every work delivered to the competition ought to be accompanied (on the reverse) with the readable author’s signature, address and a telephone number.
By sending their works to the competition the participants agree to the abovementioned regulations and they further agree to the free of fees publication of their works for marketing purposes connected with the competition and post competition exhibition.
The exhibition organizers are the final judges in the interpretation of these regulations.
By sending his/her works and taking part in the competition the artist agrees to the abovementioned rules and regulations.
WEB: http://www.debiut.org.pl/
E-mail: debiut-zg@o2.pl
History of the Competition

18th International Exhibition of Design for Printing Porto Alegre 2010

18 ° International Exhibition of Design for Printing: Edition 2010
This Regulation aims to select artists for the 18th INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION DESIGN PRESS taking place from March 25 to 09 May 2010 in the Gallery of the Arches in Usina do, to stimulate and disseminate a comprehensive manner, the graphic applied to press, and give awards to each of the categories described below.
Entries can be made from 05 February to March 5, 2010, at
Av Presidente João Goulart, 551, Room 603 - Sector Shows and Exhibitions, CEP 90010-120 - Porto Alegre / RS BRAZIL, Monday through Friday, 10 to 12pm and from 14 to 17h, or via e-mail salao.press.portoalegre@gmail.com.
For works sent by mail and via e-mail, the last days of receipt will also be on 05 March, according to the date of the postmark on the envelope and date of sending the email.
Will not be accepted or awarded in selected issues of this Hall
Artists honored at previous salons can not enroll in the same category.
The competition is aimed at professionals and amateurs, in terms Cartoon, Charge, Caricature, Comics and Editorial Illustration (for newspaper, magazine, book, album cover, poster, etc.)..
Entries in Editorial Illustration mode should have actually been published between March 2009 and January 2010, and must be accompanied from the original publication, with date and name of the journal identifiable.
Participants can compete with up to 05 (five) distributed in any work of 05 (five) categories.
As this is a Hall of graphic arts, will also be considered as original works printed by computer printers or other means of reproduction of images, provided with good quality. However, it is up to the participants to send their documents.
The entries must have a maximum size of 42 cm x 29.7 cm (A3).
Entries in the mode Comics can have up to four (04) pages up to 42 cm x 29.7 cm (A3).
The work should be wrapped in opaque paper and sturdy. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the work that arrives damaged and / or unidentified. Participants should strictly observe the following instructions:
- Send, with the work, the application form accompanying this regulation, with all items completed legibly.
- All papers, documents or not, should be properly identified on the back with author's full name, type of registration, title, category they are applying and editing of the hall that is participating. For Editorial Illustration, should also inform the publication of full details (name, date, page). Papers submitted electronically should include this information in the nomination file.
Failure to comply with these instructions shall result in summary disqualification of the work.
The city of Porto Alegre designate, by Order published in the Official Gazette of Porto Alegre - DOPA, a selection committee and another Award, formed by cartoonists, journalists, graphic designers, artists and representatives of the Municipal Bureau of Culture.
The Selection Committee will be the main criteria includes creativity, originality and artistic quality of the designs and select obeying the following purposes:
- All works selected will participate in the exhibition hall of the Manor Vasco Prado at Usina do, Pres. João Goulart, 551, Porto Alegre / RS, 25 March to 11 May 2010.
The list of selected papers will be available from March 19, 2010, at site http://www.portoalegre.rs.gov.br/smc/cap/editais. Relation of winners will be announced at the opening ceremony of the Show.
The list of selected and awarded shall be published in DOPA (Official Gazette of Porto Alegre).
The decision of the Jury that cripple the papers presented, on grounds of non-submission of required documents or made in breach of the required administrative appeal may be filed in the Department of Fine Arts within 05 (five) days from the date of publication result.
The appeal will be heard no later than 05 (five) days.
Be assigned one (01) prize acquisition, valued at $ 1,000.00 (one thousand reais) to each of 5 categories: Cartoon, Charge, Comics, Cartoon and Illustration Editorial. The criteria will again be guiding the creativity, originality and artistic quality of the drawings. May be awarded Honorable Mentions at the discretion of the Award Committee.
The awarded works will become part of the Municipal Art Collection.
Prizes not claimed within 90 (ninety) days from the publication of the result, will expire.
Work not selected will be returned on 29 March to 09 April 2010, at the same place and time of registration. From this date we are not responsible for the work not removed.
Selected works may be used by the Municipality of Porto Alegre for the purpose of advertising the event, free of charge.
Entry in this competition implies full acceptance of the terms of this regulation.
The cases shall be resolved by the Organizing Committee, subject to the Law 8666/93.
Committees of Selection and Awards will be sovereign in its decisions.
According to Law 8666/93, Art.9 of the members of Committee of Selection and Awards, and the servers of the Municipality of Porto Alegre, may not participate in this contest.
The cost of the prizes of this contest will run for the budget allocation 1003.2481.339031
The awards will be paid after the publication of the results and the expiry appellate.
The cases shall be resolved by the organizing committee.
INFORMATION may be obtained from the Municipal Department of Culture Phone (0XX 51) 32898127 or (0XX 51) 3289 8126 Sector Trade Fair and Exhibition and email: salao.press.portoalegre@gmail.com
Rules and Registration Form on the blog and the website: http://www.portoalegre.rs.gov.br/smc/cap/editais
Registration: February 05 to 05 March
Jury selection: 09 and March 10
Jury Award: March 12
Opening of the Hall and disclosure of awards: March 25
Visitation: March 26 to May 11.
(Translation: GOOGLE)


NEW FECO Model Regulations for Cartoon Competitions

NEW FECO Model Regulations for Cartoon Competitions (2009)
If you are organizing a cartoon competition, the following guidelines are provided to help you attract a large number of high quality entries from professional cartoonists worldwide.
Following these rules, your competition is ensured a 5 point rating ***** from FECO which will encourage the top cartoonists to enter (Notice: in case of failure to respect the written rules, the next contest announcement could be put in a special page named “not serious contests”).
1. The name of this cartoon contest is (enter name)
2. The theme(s) of this contest is (mention other categories if there are any)
3. The contest is open to cartoonists who are professional/semi-professional/amateur (state from which group you will receive works)
4. The deadline for receipt of cartoons is (state date).
5. The jury's awards will be made on (date)
6. The exhibition will open on (date, place and period)
7. The maximum size of artwork is to be (state size in mm). The minimum size of artwork is to be (state size in mm). Artwork to be submitted unframed.
8. The maximum number of entries is to be (state number and number per category if appropriate).
9. The name, home address (and e-mail address), the value of the work, telephone number of the artist is to be stated on the back of each cartoon. The artist is to provide a brief CV and a photograph (or self-caricature). If submission of a standard entry form is required, then this should be downloadable from a website or copied from colleagues.
10. The cartoons must be the original work of the artist. Cartoons that are deemed by the jury to be the same or closely similar to that known to be the work of another cartoonist will not be judged.
11. The cartoons may not have been previously published.
The cartoons may not have been previously awarded. (State which of these sentences apply, if at all)
12. Original works and digital artwork will be accepted. Digital artwork is to numbered in pencil on the front and pencil signed.
13. (Optional clause) Non-digital artwork to be provided initially as color photocopies which will not be returned. Artists of selected works will be asked to provide original artwork, which will be returned at the organizers expense (see 14)
14. Original artwork will be returned to the artists on request.
15. A catalogue will be published and one free copy will be supplied to each artist whose work has been selected for exhibition (or each entrant).
16. Money-Prizes and trophies will be awarded as follows (state all prizes).
Main-Prizewinners will be invited to attend the opening ceremony and prize giving. The costs for their stay and transport will be covered by the organizers of the cartoon contest.
If the artist’s physically presence is required to receive the prize, this rule should be clearly expressed by the organizers.

17. The organizers have the non-exclusive rights to use awarded works (meaning works who were awarded with a money prize) to advertise the next edition of the contest, without payment to the artist. The organizers of cartoon contests claim no other rights to the use of awarded cartoons.
Donation transfer of ownership of actual paper artwork to the organizers does NOT signify unconditional transfer of copyrights - these are retained, unless otherwise specifically agreed, by the artist. Should further rights be sought, they are to be subject of a new agreement between the artist and the organizers.
18. The organizers claim no rights for the use of non-awarded works.
19. The organizers will be liable for the safe keeping of selected original artwork whilst in their possession. If they intend to sell originals or copies, the cartoonist will receive the value of his works as indicated on the entree form. For selling prints or copies the cartoonists will receive 50% of the auction/selling prize.
20. The organizers will inform participants (by ordinary mail, through e-mail or website information) if cartoons are received and selected or not selected.
21. Address for delivery (state address and any special advice for customs) and contacts for further information (as phone/fax, e-mail address or websites of the organizers)
FECO does not support e-mail contests with small prize money (or just funny diploma’s) and digital catalogues, organized by un-known organizations of whom their only reason is to enrich their personal cartoon collection or to use the ‘e-mail works’ only for commercial purpose.
WEB: fecocartoon

Results 1st International Tourism Cartoon Competition

Results of the First International Tourism Cartoon Competition, Turkey
Theme: Tourism
The First International Tourism Cartoon Competition held with the cooperation of Anadolu University Research Center for Caricature Art, Association of Tourism Writers and Journalists and Anatolia: Turizm Araştırmaları Dergisi (Anatolia: A Journal of Tourism Research) is concluded. 269 artists from 50 countries sent in 599 cartoons for the competition.
The Jury, comprised of Prof. Atila ÖZER, Kamil YAVUZ, Rahim Baggal ASGARI (Iran), Ahmet AYKANAT, Athanassios EFTHIMIADIS (Greece), Bülent ÇELİK, Fehmi KÖFTEOĞLU, Dr. Nazmi KOZAK, and Osman Nihat AYDOĞAN, convened at Medison Otel, Istanbul, and decided to award the prizes as follows:
The Grand Award: All inclusive holiday in a five star hotel in Turkey (7 days, 2 persons): CEMALETTiN GÜZELOĞLU (Turkey), (See SIMILARITY at http://www.ismailkar.com/)
The Second Award: All inclusive holiday in a five star hotel in Turkey (6 days, 2 persons): OLEG GOUTSOL (Belarus),
The Third Award: All inclusive holiday in a five star hotel in Turkey (5 days, 2 persons): JORDAN POP ILIEV (Rep. Macedonia),
Mentions: MEHMET ZEBER (Turkey), ÖMER ÇAM (Turkey), LUC VERNIMMEN (Belgium), VLADIMIR KAZANEVSKY (Ukraine), VALERIU KURTU (Germany).
Prize-giving ceremony is on Thursday, February 11, 2010, at TUYAP Beylikdüzü, Istanbul, Turkey.

3rd "Red Man" International Cartoon & Humour Contest

1. The contest is open to all artists worldwide, cartoonists, caricaturists, painters, illustrators, etc.
2. Theme:
(1). Collection.
(2). Monument, Myth, Moon, Flying, Woman, Marriage, Wine, Fish, Football, Forest, Shopping, Festivals, Christmas Day, Hallowmas, Valentine's Day…
(3). Free.
B. CARICATURE: Famous people (Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Shirley Temple, Bruce Lee, Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa, Zhang Yimou, Elvis Aron Presley, Michael Jackson, Luciano Pavarotti, Madonna, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Willem van Gogh, Leonardo Di Ser Piero Da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Ilya Yafimovich Repin, William Shakespeare, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Hans Christian Andersen, Lu Xun, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Karl Marx, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Confucius, Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, Maria Sklodowska-Curie, Alfred Bernhard Nobel, Isaac Newton, Mikolaj Kopernik, Stephen William Hawking, Napoléon Bonaparte, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Ilich Lenin, Sun Yat-sen, Michael Jordan, Maradona, Pele, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alan Greenspan, Bill Gates III…
3. Entries: unlimited.
4. The size of the works should be unlimited.
5. The works whether they have been awarded in other contests previously will be accepted. Participators should summit the original works. Photographs, photocopies, etc... will not be accepted.
6. First name, Last name, Address, Email, Telephone number should be written on the reverse. Accompanied by the author's entry-form and biography.
7. Technique and medium of works are unlimited. Traditional Chinese Painting, Oil painting, Print, Watercolor or Children’s painting are all acceptable. Black and white or in colors.
8. Deadline for entries is July 7, 2010.
9. The works must be original. The authors should have full copyright and be responsible for all the legal responsibilities related to the productions copyright. The Foundation will not be responsible for any damage that may occur during postage and handling.
10. Prizes:
FIRST PRIZE: 4500 RMB + Medal + Catalogue
SECOND PRIZE: 2000 RMB + Medal + Catalogue
THIRD PRIZE: 1000 RMB + Medal + Catalogue
HONOURABLE PRIZE: Medal + Catalogue + Award
GRAND PRIZE: 3500 RMB + Medal + Catalogue
FIRST PRIZE: Medal + Catalogue+ Award
SECOND PRIZE: Medal + Catalogue+ Award
THIRD PRIZE: Medal + Catalogue+ Award
HONOURABLE PRIZE: Medal + Catalogue
PRIZE FOR BEST ANIMATION: 500 RMB + Medal + Catalogue
HONOURABLE PRIZE: Medal + Catalogue.
11. Some of accepted works will be printed in a brochure, on posters, in the world press or other printed matter for the purpose of publicizing the exhibition. In these cases, any fee for the use of works will not be paid.
12. Remark: the works will not be returned.
13. Participation in the contest means the complete acceptance of all the above conditions and agreements with jury's.
14. Address: HU ZHEN YU, Room 341 Building #364, Jinqiaoshidai, Yunjing East Road, Tongzhou District, Beijing 101121, CHINA.
15.E-MAIL: redmanart@126.com , redmancartoon@163.com
HTTP: http://www.redmancartoon.com/ , http://www.redmanart.com/
Source: http://regulamentoscartoon.blogspot.com/