Results of the 3rd International Cartoon Contest Kolašin 2018, Montenegro

Results 3rd International Cartoon Contest Kolašin 2018, Montenegro
Luka Lagator, cartoonist, President of the jury
Medi Belortaja, cartoonist, Albania
Radojica Bulatovic, artist, director Radio of Montenegro
Nina Bojanovic, graphic designer
Darko Drljevic, cartoonist.
1st Prize: Damir Novak, Croatia (Top)
2nd Prize: Jerzy Gluszek, Poland (Above)
3rd Prize: Yuksel Cengiz, Turkey (Down)
Special Prize:
Ridha, Germany
Dusan Gadjanski, Serbia
Shahrokh Heidari, Iran
Gabriele Corvi, Italia
Thocho Peev, Bulgaria
Sergei Sokolov, Russia.


Invitation: Wonderful? Wonder World 2018 cartoon exhibition in Tokyo, Japan

Wonderful? Wonder World 2018
We held the cartoon exhibition ‘Wonderful? Wonder World 2017’ with the great support by cartoonists all over the world. This year we will hold ‘Wonderful? Wonder World 2018’. We would like the cartoonists to participate this exhibition. This exhibition will be open to every professional and amateur. Now there have been a lot of problems around the world, war, refugees, dictator, poverty, unilateralism and so on…. We want to show the images of recent world situation to Japanese people.
・Theme: recent world situation. In principle; without caption and title.
・The exhibition will be held in 3-9 September 2018.
・The cartoon isn’t necessarily new work.
・Maximum 2 cartoons.
・Please attach the information (homeland and name. If you need, you can add your profile).
・All the cartoonists will be introduced on Facebook page with the works.
・If we get so many cartoons, we will exhibit a work by a cartoonist.
・No participation fee required.
・Gallery; Motoazabu gallery, Motoazabu 3-12-3, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
・The works have be sent on internet in over 200 Dpi and Jpeg.
・Deadline; from 25 July to 10 August 2018.
・Address; yoshiakiyokota@yahoo.co.jp or Facebook message.
If you have any question, please let us know. Please participate to our small but meaningful event.
The Executive Committee of Wonderful? Wonder World.
Yoshiaki Yokota 20.07.2018.


15th Int. Cartoon festival competition "BOOK AND TECHNOLOGY", Prizren 2018, Kosovo

Open Call for the 15th edition of International Cartoon festival
competition in Kosovo "BOOK AND TECHNOLOGY"
12 - 14 October 2018, Prizren, Kosovo



Dear Sir, my lovely SICACO cartoonists,
Welcome to you in SICACO 2018!
This year theme means (Construction + Destruction).
This time free section's football, game, race etc.
The deadline is August 31st.(52 more days)
You'd better send me your original works by mail.
(Korea National Museums display yours forever.)
You can send me your printed digital cartoons by mail.
(Maybe our judges rank low your copies. But I don't think so.)
I'll wait for your best cartoons. See you in SICACO 2018!
Dr.Lim, Cheong San, President of SICACO 2018
Mobile 82-10-5425-6115
http://dicaco.kongju.ac.kr / www.dicaco.com .


3rd International Cartoon Exhibition, Cakovec 2018, Croatia

(Click on the image to enlarge)
3rd International Cartoon Exhibition for Youth under 16, Cakovec 2018, Croatia
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