First International "Aleksandar Klas" Cartoon Contest - Serbia

The oldest Serbian illustrated review "Ilustrovana politika" is organizing the first international cartoon contest honoring its own the most famous cartoonist Aleksandar Klas (1928-2002). Since 1950 over 30 000 his cartoons were published in national and international newspapers and magazines, and he had over 60 individual exhibitions. He got more than 130 prizes, so he entered in “Guinness’s book of records” as the most rewarded cartoonist in the world.
Besides cartoon his occupation is painting, as well as illustration of books.
Participation rules:
1. Competition is open to professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world.
2. The theme of the cartoons is free.
3. Participants take part in the competition with original cartoons. Cartoons must be signed by the cartoonist in case that they are submitted as digital prints. Photographs, photocopies, etc., will not be accepted.
4. Size of cartoons should not exceed 30 x 40 cm.
5. Name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail, country of origin of the participant should be written on the back of his/her piece of work.
6. Works must reach the organizer not later than November 1, 2009, packed in protective cover to:
"Ilustrovana politika" Za konkurs karikatura "Aleksandar Klas" Cetinjska 1, 11000 Belgrade SERBIA
7. Result will be announced on second half of November 2009.
8. Participating cartoons will be kept at the virtual Cartoon Museum, to be established by the review "Ilustrovana politika".
9. First International "Aleksandar Klas" Cartoon Contest will be celebrated with an award ceremony and exhibition of selected cartoons in November 2009 in Belgrade.
10. Jury will award the following prizes:
- Grand Prix A. Klas: 1000 euros and diploma
- 5 diplomas
11. Participating cartoons will be put into catalogue. The cartoons for the catalogue and exhibition will be selected by a jury. A catalogue will be sent to the cartoonists whose piece of work are exhibited and published in the catalogue.
12. Organizer reserve the right to use the sent cartoons for ILUSTROVANA POLITIKA advertising purposes without any special fees paid to the authors: to be exhibited and reproduced in a variety of advertising materials, as well as printed in catalogue and review.
13. Participants are considered to have accepted all the conditions.
14. Participants are kindly asked not to post the works via electronic means as these will not be accepted for the competition.
Best Regards,
Spiro Radulovic,
President of the Jury.
Source: CNC

International Magic Cartoon Contest 2009 - China

2. The competition is open to professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world.
3. Only original cartoons or internet print outs signed by the cartoonists will be accepted for the competition. Photographs, photocopies, etc... will not be accepted. Computer-based copies are also acceptable.
4. Each entrant should provide title, name, age, address, career, e-mail, and telephone number on reverse.
5. Entries can be either black and white or coloured.
6. Size of cartoons should not exceed 29.7 x 42 cm (A3 paper size).
7. Maximum 8 entries will be submitted.
8. Deadline for entries is July 12, 2009.
First Prize - 2000 RMB + Medal + Catalogue
Second Prize - 800 RMB + Medal + Catalogue
Third Prize - 300 RMB + Medal + Catalogue
Five Special mentions + Medal + Catalogue
Zhu Cheng, Room 2510, Kaiming Press (5th Floor), Foreign Language Teaching and Researching Press Mansions No.19 Xi San Huan Bei Road, Hai Dian District, Beijing 100089, CHINA
11. Submitted cartoons will not be returned.
12. All cartoonists whose cartoons are published in the catalogue will receive a free copy.
13. The organizers take no responsibility of the damages caused by postal service or bad transport.
14. The organizers reserve the right to publish the cartoons submitted to the festival and use them in any forms. Your cartoon may be used for promotional purposes: cards, posters, catalogs, newspapers, magazine, and books etc.
15. E-mail: redmanart@126.com
WEB: http://www.redmanart.com/ http://www.redmancartoon.com/
Source: comics-stripovi-exyu


1st Quality International Dental Caricature/Cartoon Contest - Israel

As Chairman of Quality dentis's committee, I would like to invite you to participate in this new contest. I would like to emphasize that the purpose of this contest-exhibition is solely cultural. There is no commercial benefits or any profits at all!!! It is for the people to smile and the art to bloom.
Good luck
Dr. Gilad Fiskus
Condition of entry
1-The contest is open to all. It is permitted to pass the contest entry form, to friends or clubs, amauters as well as professional.
2-Each individual entrant can send a maximum of 6 caricatures/cartoons.
3-The artist's name, address and e-mail should be written on each entry drawing, beside the title of the caricature/cartoon.
4-There is no fee for entry.
5-The contest is divided into two section. A caricature section and a cartoon section.
One 500 $ prize will be granted to the best caricature/cartoon drawing, winning the contest.
Each entrant will receive a prestige participant certificate, and 12 medals will be send to the best works, 6 for each section. 2 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze and 4 honorable medals.
6-The caricatures/cartoon drawings could be black and white or color.
7-The object of the contest is to convey a dental scene - funny, scary, dramatic, etc. The relation between the dentist and his patient, as well as facial expressions, body movement and dynamic positions, are all important.
8-All correspondences including the caricatures/cartoons in a jpg format, should be e-mailed to GILADOR@GMAIL.COM
9-All entries should reach the above e-mail no later than August 10th 2009.
10-Submission of entry implies acceptance of these conditions.
WEB: http://cartooncature-dentist.blogspot.com/

5th International Cartoon Festival Solin 2009 - Croatia

The organizer of 5th International festival of cartoon Solin 2009 is the city Solin. The festival is opened for everyone regardless of nationality, age, sex, or profesion.
Conditions of entry:
1. All entries must be original cartoons. Framed works, also, will not be accepted.
2. Entries can be either black and white or colored.
3. There should be the name, surname and the address on the reverse side of cartoons.
4. Maximum 5 entries will be submitted.
5. Maximum size of entries is A3 format (40x30 cm)
Entry deadline is the 01 August 2008. Please write; PRINTED MATTER - NO VALUE.
GRAND PRIX ....................................................1005 EUR
PRIZE CITY SOLIN.............................................3
The exhibition will take place in the galery of the culture home „ZVONIMIR“ Solin on the 15.09.2009.
Authors of works that quality to the exhibition are given a presentation copy of the exhibition catalogue (DVD). The works will be returned only on the special reqest of an autor. The postage EUR 5 will be paid by autor. The organizer reserves the right to reproduce the works sent to the festival, Solin 2009, as the advertising material without being obliged to pay a fee to an author whose work may be used. The prize-winning works become property of the organizer.


LAST NAME ---------------------------------------------

FIRST NAME --------------------------------------------

PSEUDONIM --------------------------------------------

STREET ---------------------------------------------------

POSTCODE -----------------------------------------------

CITY -------------------------------------------------------

COUNTRY -----------------------------------------------

TELEPHONE --------------------------------------------

E-MAIL ---------------------------------------------------

FAX --------------------------------------------------------

NUMBER OF ENTRIES -------------------------------

MALE-FEMALE ----------------------------------------


Graphic Humor Exhibition: The 8 Millenium Development Goals

The Coordinating committee of ONGD and other Solidarity Movements of Lleida and the Cultural Association Humoràlia organize the GRAPHIC HUMOR EXHIBITION – THE 8 MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS.
The aim of this exhibition is to make a campaign of awareness addressed to the society making use of the graphic humor as a visual journalistic genre of denunciation and civic commitment, which intends to contribute to the reflection and to the action over the 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDG), marked by the United Nations in September 2000 and which should be achieved by 2015.
The Millennium Development Goals include 8 key challenges for the development of countries which are socially and economically impoverished and so that these can be accomplished before 2015. Thus, from the reduction at half of the extreme poverty till combating the HIV/AIDS propagation or achieving the universal primary education by 2015, the MDG constitute a plan agreed by all the world nations and the major development institutions of the world. The goals made that northern societies make an unprecedented effort in order to help the poorest…but, for the time being, where are these commitments?
1. Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger
2. Achieving universal primary education
3. Promoting gender and empower women
4. Reducing child mortality
5. Improving maternal health
6. Fighting against AIDS, paludism and other illnesses
7. Ensuring environmental sustainability
8. Developing a global partnership for development
For further information:
In Spanish: http://www.un.org/spanish/millenniumgoals
In English: http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals/
1. Any professional artist or amateur can take part in the exhibition.
2. The exhibition topic is THE 8 MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS
3. Each work has to make reference to one of the eight goals.
4. Deadline for sending the works: 31st of May 2009.
5. The works may be carried out in any technique, with Din A4 format (210 mm x 297 mm) or proportional.
6. Participants may send a maximum of 3 works, in black and white or in colour, if it is possible without text. In case of including a text, this must be in Catalan, Spanish or English.
7. Works have to be sent by e-mail to odm@coordinadora-ongd-lleida.cat, to 300 dpi in JPG o JPEG format.
8. In the same e-mail, include a document containing the following information: Title of the work, name and surnames, pseudonym, address, telephone (with the corresponding international prefix), e-mail, a brief CV and a photography or caricature of the author.
9. Due to the character of the Exhibition, the selected works will not be rewarded with any economical amount.
10. A jury made up of qualified specialists in Solidarity and Graphic Humor will make a selection of 50 works among the presented ones.
11. The jury’s decision will be unappealable.
12. The selected drawings will be set forth in the International Biennial Exhibition of Graphic Humour, Catalunya HUMORÀLIA 2009. After Biennial, the Exhibition will be able to be itinerant.
13. The drawings, being digitals, will not be returned.
14. A catalogue with the selected works will be edited and sent to all the selected authors.
15. On the Coordinating Committee web page (http://www.coordinadora-ongd-lleida.cat/) and on Humoràlia web page too (http://www.humoralia.org/), it would be possible to visit the virtual gallery with a significant sample of the received works.
16. The organization reserves the right to reproduce the selected works without the expressed authorization, only with the purpose of making aware the population towards the 8 Millennium Development Goals. The use of the works will not have any lucrative end.
17. Taking part in the Exhibition implies accepting the entire terms and conditions. The Jury will solve any doubt that can arise.
Source: feco-spain

15th International Haifa Cartoon Contest and Exhibition - Israel

15th International Haifa Cartoon Contest and Exhibition 2009 - Israel
This year Haifa Municipality and the Association of Israeli Caricaturists, "Pencom", are organizing the 15th International Cartoon Contest and Exhibition.
Cash prizes will be awarded as follows:
■ 1st Prize: $500
■ 2nd Prize: $300
■ 3rd Prize: $200
Special Prizes and Honorable Mentions will be awarded to artists submitting the best cartoons.
The International Cartoon Contest comprises the main topic:
A Humoristic, Optimistic View of Our World
■ The Heart’s Wishes - Hopes
■ Ecology – An Environmental Approach
■ The World as a Stage for Cinema and Acting, etc.
Entry deadline: July 10, 2009
Our Address:
HAIFA MUNICIPALITY, P.O.B. 4811, HAIFA 31047, Israel
"Pencom" - Association of Israeli Caricaturists, P.O.B. 45598. Haifa 31454, Israel
1. The Contest is open to adult cartoonists from all over the world.
2. The number of cartoons sent by each participant is limited to five per category.
3. The submitted works in all sections must be originals or digital copies (high resolution file – 300 dpi required), standard size being A4 (21 x 29.7 cm, 8 1/2 x 11 inches), using Indian ink, watercolor, pen or other graphic and painting techniques.
4. Name and address should be written on the reverse side of each cartoon.
5. Entrants should pack their works securely and send them at their own expense to the International Cartoon Contest. Organizers are not responsible for damage caused during transportation.
6. By participating in this event, caricaturists agree that all cartoons submitted can be used in exhibitions throughout Israel and abroad.
7. Once the exhibition in Haifa closes, the original cartoons may be returned to the artist at his/her request (The organizers are not responsible for loss of original cartoons).
8. An Exhibition Catalogue featuring the best cartoons will be published and will be sent to the best participating artist free of charge.
9. The organizing committee reserves the right to reproduce the cartoons for the promotion of the Contest.
10. The cartoons for the exhibition will be selected by a jury.
11. Note: Caricatures on political leaders should not be submitted to the Competition.
For further information please contact:
Ronit Eshet - coordinator of marketing, Haifa Municipality, P.O.B. 4811, Haifa, 31047, Israel,E-mail: ronitcartoon@gmail.com Mobile: 972-54-4913383
You can access our site at: http://www.haifa.muni.il/ by opening the "English site" link of the International Cartoon Exhibition.
Source: humorgrafe


IV The Competition of a Caricature and a Short Comic Strip - KIKS ZIKISON 2009

IV The Competition of a Caricature and a Short Comic Strip, KIKS Zikison 2009
http://www.kiks.site90.net/, kiks.blogalerie.com
and The Satirical Manufactory "Zikison" are announcing in the categories, the themes:
1. PORTRAIT cartoon "ZIKISON", WITHOUT WORDS. How to see the cartoonist ZIKISON and his age, technology-free, for all three categories of works to send the full?
2. Caricature WITHOUT WORDS - FREE, free technique.
The competition will be opened and free for all of the professionals and amateurs, for affirmed and unknown authors from 7 to 77 years of age, for all people on this planet but in the case if someone appears from other planet then we will become the first interplanetar competition.
AWARDS: First prize in all three categories, the presentation of the special page http://www.zikison.net/Weekly electronic journal zikison and http://www.kiks.site90.net/ kiks (Caricature and Short Comic Cartoon). All authors whose works jury will be selected in your gallery Zikison.net and KIKS.net. All authors whose works selected for the jury will get ŽIKIŠON Charter or Diploma.
Works can be sent by E-mail zikison@zikison.net & zikison.mazos@gmail.com & kiks.zikison@yahoo.com with author’s short biography and photography. All of received works will not be returned to the senders. The organization of this project keeps the right for using and publishing of received works for the organization’s needs. Deadline: No deadline (Permanent Exhibition)
The competition is open Non-Stop! (Results: December 2009 / January 2010)
ZIKISON (1885. - 1950.) Was a Satirist, a caricaturist, an editor, a publisher, and a printer. Between two wars in Serbia he was an actuator, a Co – Author editor of many of newspaper for humor and satire. He has been suffering and imprisoned by Communist Regime in 1949. Soon after that torture and seizing his property, he was died in 1950.


Theme in the 19th International Festival "Humor at Gura Humorului" 2009: The Crisis' Smile

The District Centre for Conserving and Promoting Traditional Culture, Suceava
Gura Humorului Townhall
Best Western Bucovina Hotel
"Terra Design" Print Shop Gura Humorului
“Humor...at GURA HUMORULUI” International festival of Cartoon and Humorous Literature the 19th edition, 2009
The 19th edition of “Humor...at GURA HUMORULUI”, the International Festival of Cartoon and Humorous Literature will be held in the period 3-5th of July, 2009 as part of the Festive Days of Humor City.
The Contest Regulations - Cartoon:
1. The theme of the edition: ”The crisis’ smile”
2. The eligible works are the ones which have not been published or awarded any prizes for other contests.
3. All the works will have on the backside the name of the author and contact data (address, telephone number, e-mail account).
4. A page A3 or A4 will be the right dimensions of the works.
5. The technique used for the works will be at the free choice of the artist.
6. The works are not to be returned. They will be part of the “Humor...at GURA HUMORULUI” festival's patrimony and the organizers are entitled to use them as materials edited later, but with the name of the author on them.
7. The participants are required to send the following papers with their works: the completed entry form attached, a brief CV and a personal photo or portrait/caricature self portrait of the following minimum dimensions: 6x9 cm (on paper) or 710 x 1065 pix. (digital format).
8. Number of works: 3 (three)
9. The deadline for the works is June 10, 2009 (the post date)
10. The prizewinners are to be notified by June 27, 2009, to be present for the Awards Festivity on Sunday, July 5, 2009 and will be provided accommodation and meals. Transport expenses will be the responsibility of the participant or the organization/institution he/she is part of. In case other people will accompany the participants, they will pay all the expenses incurred. In addition, the organizers are to be notified in due time, no later than June 30, 2009 to make the necessary reservations.
11. The list of the jury members will be posted on the site http://www.gurahumorului.ro/ and http://www.gurahumorului.info/ starting with June 15, 2009.
12. The prizes to be awarded:
- 1st Prize Eur 500
- 2nd Prize Eur 300
- 3rd Prize Eur 200
- The “George Gavrilean” Prize for the débutantes from Bucovina Eur 200.
13. The jury is the one to decide upon awarding or not awarding or re-allocating the prizes. In addition, the jury will decide the works or the authors that can be rewarded by sponsors, associations, mass-media, institutions, commercial societies or private persons.
14. There will be no fee for participation.
The works will be sent to the following address:
Muzeul Obiceiurilor Populare din Bucovina, Piata Republicii nr.2, 725300 Gura Humorului, judetul Suceava ROMANIA
Telephone at the Museum: 0040.230.231.108 or mobile phone: 00 40 724 576 000 , 00 40 740 926 479
E-mail: muzeulhumor@gmail.com
Centrul Judeţean pentru Conservarea si Promovarea Culturii Tradiţionale Suceava
The District Centre for Conserving and Promoting Traditional Culture, Suceava

Primăria oraşului Gura Humorului Gura Humorului Townhall
Hotel „Best Western Bucovina” Best Western Bucovina Hotel
Tipografia „Terra Design” Gura Humorului "Terra Design" Print Shop Gura Humorului


“Humor...at GURA HUMORULUI” International festival of Caricature and Humorous Literature the 19th edition, 3 – 5 iulie 2009


NUMELE / NAME ………………………………………………………………………………………………………

VÂRSTA / AGE…………………………………………………………………………………………………

ADRESA / ADDRESS…………………………………………………………………………………………



TELEFON / PHONE…………………………………………………………………………………………….

EMAIL / WEB SITE…………………………………………………………………………………………………







Vă rugăm ataşati o notă biografică şi o fotografie personală.
Please include your biography and your personal photo.

Organizatorii nu restituie materialele primite!
The organizers will not give back the art works received!


…………………………………. ………………………….


International Cartoon Contest "TOGETHER FOR SECURITY AND PEACE" Ruse, Bulgaria 2009

International Cartoon Contest "TOGETHER FOR SECURITY AND PEACE" Ruse, Bulgaria 2009
Organizer: Ruse Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, Ruse, 49 General Skobelev Blvd
Provides opportunity for professionals and amateur cartoonists around the world to show their attitude to the staff of order and security authorities through the eyes of the cartoonist.
In a humorous way to represent relationships between the police employees and people who have come in simple, interesting, strange, conflict or other situations such as traveling on the road, in the court scenes, corrupt transactions, conversations, etc.
1. Each participant is entitled to participate with no more than 3 works. The cartoon size should be min. A4, max. A3 format.
2. Cartoons can be color or black and white, also digital works with original signature of the author.
3. Deadline for submission of the works is June 25, 2009 at the following mail address:
OD MVR - Ruse (Cartoon contest)
49 General Skobelev Blvd
Ruse-7000 Bulgaria

4. Participants should send a short CV as well as: name, surname, job title, address and telephone contact, e-mail address.
5. The Jury will consist of the following members:
1) Ivailo Tsvetkov, President of FECO Bulgaria / Federation of cartoonists’ Organizations /
2) Rumen Dragostinov, Vice-President of FECO Bulgaria
3) Valentin Georgiev, cartoonist, illustrator, artist
4) Volodya Kenarev, artist, Deputy Mayor for humanitarian activities in the Municipality of Ruse
5) Elena Velikova, art expert, director of Ruse Art Gallery
6) Svetoslav Parvanov, commissar, director of Ruse Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior
7) Daniela Malcheva, regional spokesman for the Ministry of Interior in Ruse, Presscenter and Public Relations specialized administrative directorate of the Ministry of Interior.
I - 300 Euro (€) plus diploma
II – 200 Euro plus diploma
III - 100 Euro plus diploma
7 encouraging prizes and public choice awards.
6. Winners and other selected works will participate in an Art Exhibition in Ruse Art Gallery. Cartoons will not be returned, but will remain in the collection of the Ruse Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior. Some will be involved in prevention activities and projects for the public benefit, if appropriate (always displaying the author's name).
7. Postage must be paid by the participants. No fee is charged for participation in the contest.
8. In addition the exhibition artists will receive e-catalog on CD from the show and awarded works will be included in the contest brochure.
Participation in the competition is taken as consent of the author with these conditions.
We wish success to all participants!
OPENING OF THE EXHIBITION: 1 July, 2009, from 18 hours
Ruse Art Gallery, Ruse, 39 Borissova Str.
Questions about the organization and rules of the contest can be sent to Valentin Georgiev phone: 359 885 447 511 е-mail:mailto:valyo1970art@yahoo.com or at the e-mail of Ruse Directorate of MoI: mvr_ruse@abv.bg

Second International Productivity Cartoon Festival - Iran

Second International Productivity Cartoon Festival - Iran
The significance of productivity can now be felt more than any other time.
The world crisis ahead can be managed and harnessed through teaching productivity techniques to the world community and transferring its culture to them. More appropriate use of resources and modifying the consumption patterns, along with proper use of appropriate decisions are among the requirements in this regard.
Therefore, the second international cartoon festival on productivity cordially invites all artists to once again provide the society with the opportunity to learn through serenity and smile. As the previous festival was quite successful, this time the focus is more on the content and educational, training, pedagogical aspects, and transfer of culture. This is not merely a contest, but also playing a role in a world where productivity is sought as a suitable solution.
Works can cover any productivity related fields. Fields you can work on are among, but not limited to, the following:
Theme: Productivity (correct usage of ...)
- Productivity in factories
- Productivity in houses
- Productivity and Technology
- Productivity in Human Resources
- Productivity and the Urban Life
- Productivity and ...
1- A maximum of 3 works can be sent.
2- Only original artworks are accepted, without any kind of frame, accompanied by the application form and author's brief biography and photo.
3- Computer-based copies are also acceptable provided that the print versions are signed by the cartoonist. The computer version should also be in TIFF format with 300-DPI resolution on CD.
4- No photocopies or photographs will be accepted.
5- Name, surname, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the participant should be written on the back of each cartoon.
6- The size of the works should be A4 to A3.
7- There is no limit on the techniques employed for cartoons.
8- The original cartoons will not be returned.
9- All cartoonists whose cartoons are published in the catalogue will receive a free copy.
10- The organizers will do their best to protect all submitted cartoons from any probable damage, but take no responsibility of the damages caused by postal service or bad transport.
11- The organizers reserve the right to publish the cartoons submitted to the festival and use them in any forms.
It is worth mentioning that the jury will consist of international referees and include Art (cartoon specialists) and science referees (management thinkers).
Deadline (EXTENDED): July 09, 2009
First Prize: 3.000 Euros and Trophy
Second Prize: 2.000 Euros and Trophy
Third Prize: 1.000 Euros and Trophy
Moreover other ten selected works will be awarded by the festival sponsors.
Secretariat of the Second International Productivity Cartoon Festival, Room No. 608, 6th Floor, Faculty of Humanities, Science and Research Campus, IAU, End of Ashrafi Isfahani Highway towards Hesarak, Tehran IRAN
Source: tabrizcartoons


Results 2nd Festival of Honorable Mentions for Cartoonists 2009

Results of 2nd Festival of Honorable Mentions for Cartoonists 2009 - Brazil
CARICATURE/ HUMOUR PORTRAIT: Theme: "JORGE BENJOR" (Brazilian singer and composer)


First Prize: Daniel Mendes / Brazil
Second Prize: Rodrigo de Lira Mineu Rocha / Brazil
Third Prize: Diogo Jose Palma Loredo / Brazil
Honorable Mentions:
Clayton Rabelo / Brazil
Danielescu Mihai / Brazil
Erico de Oliveira Junqueira Ayres / Brazil
Ertan Sertoz / TURKEY
Guilherme Boniole Abel / Brazil
Hector Salas / Brazil
Henrik Cebula / POLAND
Joao Bosco Jaco de Azevedo / Brazil
Jeferson Lucas Souza Santos / Brazil
Leonardo Valenca Fernandes / Brazil
Makhmud Eshonkulov / UZBEKISTAN
Milton de faria e Souza / Brazil
Ney Jackson Pontes dos Santos / Brazil
Paulo Jose Brito da Silva / Brazil
Raimundo Rucke Santos Souza / Brazil
Raimundo Waldez da C. Duarte / Brazil
Silvano Rosa Goncalves de Melo / Brazil

First Prize: Makhmud Eshonkulov / UZBEKISTAN
Second Prize: Daniel Mendes / Brazil
Third Prize: Raul De La Nuez / U.S.A
Honorable Mentions:
Alan Souto Maior Alves / Brazil
Camila Ferreira Dias / Brazil
Fabio Coutinho / Brazil
Hector Salas / Brazil
Jefferson Lucas Souza Santos / Brazil
Joao Bosco Jaco de Azevedo / Brazil
Jose Victor / Brazil
Leandro Spett / Brazil
Marcos Lasmar Noe / Brazil
Mohammad Saleh Razm Hosseim / IRAN
Paulo Volmar Matos Vilanova / Brazil
Pedro Paulo Dias / Brazil
Raimundo Waldez da C. Duarte / Brazil
Rodrigo de Lira Mineu Rocha / Brazil
Silvano Rosa Goncalves de Melo / Brazil
Tiago Paes Barbosa Borges / Brazil
Victor Gabriel Siqueira de Melo/ Brazil

First Prize: Diogo D'Auriol / Brazil
Second Prize: Alan Souto Maior Alves / Brazil
Third Prize: Tiaggo Gomes / Brazil
Honorable Mentions:
Adam Rabelo Dias / Brazil
Alberto Vonach Correa / Brazil
Augusto Gomes de Oliveira Filho / Brazil
Daniel Mendes / Brazil
Eder Medeiros Galdino / Brazil
Erico de Oliveira Junqueira Ayres / Brazil
Fabio Coutinho / Brazil
Henrik Cebula / POLAND
Joao Bosco Jaco de Azevedo / Brazil
Jorge Adao / Brazil
Jorge Luiz Bento de Araujo / Brazil
Glen Barbosa de Carvalho Batoca / Brazil
Guilherme Ferreira Mariano Praca / Brazil
Milton de faria e Souza / Brazil
Raul De La Nuez / U.S.A.
Sandro Magno cabral da Cunha / Brazil
Wiliam de Almeida Gaspar / Brazil.


Alessandro Gatto wins the 17th Euro-Kartoenale Kruishoutem 2009

Alessandro Gatto wins the 17th EURO-KARTOENALE KRUISHOUTEM 2009
Theme: 'Sand, pebble and gravel'
The laureats of the 17th Euro-kartoenale are:
First prize: Alessandro Gatto (Italy) (See above)

Second prize: Pawel Kuczynski (Poland)

Third prize: Stefaan Provijn (Belgium)
Best entry of the EU: Ross Thompson (UK)
Best Belgian entry: Norbert Van Yperzeele
Prize of the ECC: Rumen Dragostinov (Bulgaria)
Prize of the citizens of Kruishoutem:
Prize of the young potential: Romy Puttevils (Belgium)
Click here for the winning cartoons and more info ...

Theme in Belgian Cartoonale Brugge 2009 is still the Crisis!

Contest rules Cartoonale Brugge 2009
Article 1 – Concept
The cultural department of the City of Bruges organises Cartoonale Brugge, a cartoon contest. From among the entries, a jury will select a number of works that will be exhibited, and from among these exhibited works, the same jury will also appoint three prize-winners.
Article 2 – Organisational committee
The Organisational Committee consists of:
• The Alderman for Culture (chairman);
• Three delegates of the Cultural Department of the City of Bruges.
All administration work concerning this contest will be carried out by the Cultural Department of the City of Bruges, A.C. ‘t Brugse Vrije, Burg 11, 8000 Brugge (Tel: 050/44 82 84, Fax: 050/44 82 80, E-mail: dirk.van.royen@brugge.be).
Article 3 – The jury
The jury consists out of three members who are selected by the College of Burgomaster and Aldermen on the basis of their knowledge and experience.
The prizes will be awarded at the suggestion of the jury. Their decisions are final and cannot be challenged.
Article 4 – Prizes
There are three prizes: the first prize is 1000 euro, the second prize 500 euro and the third prize 250 euro.
Article 5 – Theme
Article 6 – Participation conditions
The members of the organisational committee and the members of the jury are excluded from entering Cartoonale Brugge. Participation is free of charge. The entrant guarantees the originality of his/her works. Disputes and potential claims in relation to all forms of plagiarism etc. are the sole liability of the entrant.
Every participant can send up to three cartoons before 27 July 2009, by post to:
College van Burgemeester en Schepenen
Dienst Cultuur
Cartoonale Brugge
Burg 12,
8000 Brugge BELGIUM

The cartoons may also be hand-delivered, against receipt, at the following address:
A.C. 't Brugse Vrije
Dienst Cultuur
Cartoonale Brugge
Burg 11,
8000 Brugge.
Opening hours: from Monday till Friday, from 8.30 a.m. till 12 a.m. and Tuesday afternoon also from 2 p.m. till 4 p.m.
In both cases, it is recommended to put the cartoons in a sealed protective envelope bearing the words “NIET PLOOIEN – DO NOT FOLD”. This will allow us to display the works in an orderly fashion.
The cartoons must be original drawings or digital prints on paper or on light cardboard. The maximum paper size is A3 (29,7 cm x 42,0 cm).
In addition, the following elements must be mentioned on the back of the cartoon:
- surname and first name;
- full address;
- phone number;
- birth date;
- sex;
- statement whether or not the cartoon(s) should be returned.
All cartoons can be displayed at the exhibition or published in a virtual catalogue created for this purpose, without any financial compensation for the artist. Furthermore, the cartoons may be used to make publicity for the cartoon contest and for the City of Bruges.
The three prize-winning cartoons will become property of the Municipality of the City of Bruges. The cartoonists who stated that they wanted their cartoons returned will receive their works by post. The organizers will take care when returning the cartoons, but cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage caused by postal service.
By entering the contest, i.e. by sending in one or more cartoons, each entrant agrees to abide by the contest rules.
Article 7 – Exhibition and prize-giving
The exhibition will take place from 19 September 2009 till and including 14 October 2009 in the ‘Hal voor Cultuur’, A.C. ‘t Brugse Vrije, Burg 11, 8000 Brugge. The exhibition is open every day from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m and entrance is free.
The public announcement and the prize-giving ceremony will take place during the vernissage on Saturday 19 September 2009 at 7 p.m.
Article 8 – Disputes
All disputes over matters that are not dealt with in these contest rules will be settled by the organisational committee whose decision will be final and cannot be challenged.
WEB: http://www.brugge.be/


2nd International Caricature Contest Festival "Humoreix" Lleida 2009

1. Any artist, amateur or professional, can participate in this competition, as it is a competition which is open internationally.
2. The competition theme is: "Caricature Celebrities Cinema Actors."
3. Only one original piece of work will be accepted from each participant. The piece must be original, not have won any prizes in previous competitions or have been published anywhere else. Any pieces which are considered, according to the criteria of the judges, to be similar in any way to other well known artwork will be disqualified immediately.
4. Artwork can be executed using any pictorial technique within a maximum scale of A3 (420 x 297 mm) or a scale which is proportional to this. Digitally formatted work will also be accepted. In this case the work must have a resolution of 300 ppi and be presented in JPG or JPGE format.
5. If any text is present in the work it must be translated into Spanish or Catalan.
6. Artwork must be presented within a sealed envelope together with the details of the participant (name, surname, address, nationality, telephone number, email address, etc). Work can also be sent by email to the following address: eix@eixcomerciallleida.com (Eix Comercial), with the participant’s details in another document attached to the same email. It is advisable for artwork that is not digital to be colour photocopied and hand signed. All original artwork will be returned to the artist once the competition has finished.
7. The final admissions date for artwork is 4th May 2009.
8. From 12th May 2009 artwork will be exhibited in the shops that are members of the Association of the Lleida Eix Comercial (Shopping District), and will be duly labelled. Prior to this a panel of specialist judges will be convened, formed by one representative of Humoralia, another from the Shopping District and two professionals who will judge the 200 best entrees, which will be exhibited. These artworks will also be exhibited on the Eix Comercial (Shopping District) Association website. The judges reserve the right to declare the prize null and void if the quality of the originals is insufficient or if there is little or no public interest.
9. The artist is obliged to give up all image copyrights for the artwork presented for its publication and exhibition, both physical and digital, as well as publishing them in a catalog, which can be downloaded from the web humoreix. Once the work has been judged and finalized it will be returned to the artist. The organization pledges not to use images of the winning piece, or any other award winning pieces, without prior permission from the artist. Moreover, the organization will take full responsibility for the originals from the moment they are received until the finalization of the competition.The organization promises to inform the contestants of the reception and acceptance of the participating artwork via email or publication on the Eix website.
10. One prize only of €1,500 will be awarded to the winning entry.
11. The verdict will be decided by public vote over the Internet using the Shopping District’s website in a first phase. Only allowed one vote per person. In a second phase, a qualified Jury composed by representatives persons of the Commercial Association “Eix” and Humoràlia will decide between the 3 most popular votes, wich was the winner. The judges’ decision will not be open to appeal.
12. The verdict will be released during the 5th and 6th June 2009.
13. Participation in the competition means the acceptance of all terms and conditions. Any doubts or problems that may arise during this time will be dealt with by the organization through a memo to its members.
Source: regulamentoscartoon


17th Universitarian Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba / UNIMEP

17th Universitarian Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba / UNIMEP - Brazil
01 – The 17th Universitarian Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba/UNIMEP, organized by the Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba – UNIMEP (Methodist University of Piracicaba), will be held in accordance with the following schedule:
Applications until: May 25th, 2009
Art selection: June 1th, 2009
Awards: June 5th, 2009
02 – Only students enrolled in an under-graduate or graduate program, of any University or College acknowledged by its local government, can apply to the Universitarian Humor Exhibition. They must send the Application Form together with a document that can prove his enrollment in a University or College.
CHARGE: humoristic drawing related to a recent fact
CARTOON: humoristic drawing with no relation with any specific fact
CARICATURE: face reproduction with anatomic distortion, usually from a well-known person.
COMIC STRIP: sequential story in stages/frames.
SPECIAL: thematic category specific to humor artworks that deal with ENVIRONMENTAL / ECOLOGICAL issues.
There is no charge or cost for the application and it can be done in person or by electronic or regular mail.
03 – Each participant can apply to as many categories as he or she wishes, with no limit reganding the quantity of works sent. However, THEY MUST BE FROM HIS OWN AUTHORSHIP AND NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED BEFORE. In the cases where these conditions are not followed, the committee will proceed with the cancellation of the application or the annulling of the awards and the mentions received. In addition, the committee may decide to take legal action against the transgressor.
Obs 1: COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (photocopies, photography, heliography) of the artworks.
Obs 2: Artworks made in the computer and printed will be accepted since they follow the rules of authorship and must not have been published before.
04 – The Artworks sent by email or delivered in person must respect the following observations: 30 x 40 centimeters (12x16 inches), no frames attached, identification in the overleaf containing first and last name, country, telephone, e-mail, the category in which the specific artwork is being submitted and the name of Educational Institute (write in print). The address is:
Salão Universitário de Humor de Piracicaba/UNIMEP
Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba
A/C: Laboratório de Comunicação
Rodovia do Açúcar, Km 156 - C. Taquaral
Caixa Postal 68 - CEP: 13400-911 Piracicaba/SP/Brasil

Telefone: 55 (19) 3124-1611
05 – Copies of the Application Form will be accepted if they are perfectly readable.
06 – The Artworks sent by e-mail to salaodehumor@unimep.br must be formatted in JPEG, 300 dpi, limit file size: 2MB. Other procedures for sending an electronic file can be found at www.unimep.br/salaodehumor.
07 – The applications will be valid if, besides the observation of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th items, are received by the Organizational Committee until May 25th, 2009. For the application by mail, the date of postage will be considered.
08 – All valid Artworks applied will be submitted to a pre-selection process, and only these will be eligible for the awards.
Obs: All applied Artworks can be reproduced by UNIMEP with the purpose of promoting the Universitarian Humor Exhibition.
09 – The following awards will be granted:
a) Three (03) awards in cash of R$ 1.000,00 (one thousand Reais) each. Two of them will be given by the Award Jury. The third award will be granted to the winner of an open Internet Election. All categories are eligible for these awards.
b) Eight “Special Portfolio” awards, that will be elaborated by the Organizational Committee with the following composition: the awarded Artwork; the history of the artist; a letter of recommendation from the Universitarian Humor Exhibition, UNIMEP and the Award Jury; reproduction of other Artworks from the artist and contact information. The “Special Portfolio” will be sent to professionals from the area of communication and arts, press, organizations, directors of art, and other destinations pointed by the jury and by the Organizational Committee. The selected artists for the award “Special Portfolio” must send all the material needed to the Organization of the event until 45 days after the award ceremony.
c) 01 Special/thematic Award ‘Meio Ambiente/”Centro Cultural Martha Watts”’, in the value of R$ 1.000,00 (one thousand Reais), given to the best artwork that deals with ENVIRONMENTAL/ECOLOGICAL issues (according to the item “Categories”)
Obs: Other awards and mentions can be created by the Organizational Committee.
10 – The selection of the Artworks to be presented in the Exhibition and the selection of the winners will be conducted, respectively, by the Selection Jury and the Award Jury. Members of the Jury are people with acknowledgeable talent in the area.
11 - The awarded Artworks in conformity with items 8 and 9, will be considered property of the Methodist University of Piracicaba. The ownership, utilization rights and any other rights over the Artwork will pertain to UNIMEP, that maintains to itself the right to use it as wanted.
12 – The non-awarded Artworks can be withdrawn by the authors in person or by written permission to a third party in the period from August 26th to October 27th, 2009, in the same location mentioned in item 07. The Artworks can also be returned by mail; for that the author must send a written request authorizing the mailing of the work, which will be paid by the recipient.
13 - The Organizational Committee and the Methodist University of Piracicaba are not responsible for eventual damage or loss of the artworks sent by mail.
14 – The formalization of the application will indicate that the participant is in accordance with this regulation.
15 – Problems not foreseen by this regulation will be solved by the Organizational Committee and the President of UNIMEP.
WEB: http://www.unimep.br/salaodehumor/english/procedimento.html


Theme in the International PAPKINADA 2009: The devil does not sleep

International Humor Contest PAPKINADA 2009 - Poland
1. International Humor Contest PAPKINADA 2009 is an open competition.
2. The object of the competition are drawings, prints and other works of art and photo made in any technique, which are the originals (may be also the work done in computer technology in the form of high-quality print signed by hand) on the topic: "The devil does not sleep"
3. The work of award-winning in other competitions will be excluded from the contest
4. The format works - maximum A3 (297 x 420)
5. Work must be submitted or sent in the package to prevent damage by the deadline of 1 June 2009 (date arrival of the consignment to the organizer) to:
Kołobrzeskie Stowarzyszenie Inteligencji Twórczejul.
Kiemliczów 16, 78-100 Kołobrzeg POLAND

with a note: "PAPKINADA 2009"
6. Organizers do not assume responsibility for losses arising in transport.
7. Please do not transfer the work electronically.
8. Participation in the competition is free. The author agrees to the public disclosure of the data in accordance with current provisions on the protection of personal data.
1. The jury will award prizes following rules: GRAND PRIX of 3000 €. The extra prize.
2. In the final distribution of awards, the jury have the right to regulate, change their amount or not to grant or not grant GRAND PRIX. Jury decisions are final. The results of the competition will be announced until 20 June 2009, at: http://www.papkinada.prv.pl/
The award is subject to tax in accordance with current requirements. The condition of payment of prize money is their authors arrive at the opening of the exhibition or for the designated by the Author his bank account or address. Condition for granting awards of property authors is their arrival at the opening of the exhibition.
1. The authors whose work selected for the exhibition will be eligible for free catalog.
2. Organizers provide free entrance for winners participated in the event PAPKINADA 2009 on 3-5.07.2009r.
Source: http://hajnos.miroslaw.w.interia.pl/cc30.htm
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February 2009 results in NATURE & MAN International Cartoon Web Contest - Turkey

February 2009 results of the monthly Nature & Man International Cartoon Web Contest with theme "Drought & Water" are announced at the contest website: http://www.muhittinkoroglu.com/default.asp
Burhanettin Ardagil – Turkey
Milenko Kosanovic – Serbia