Exhibition of Caricatures of Indian and Egyptian personalities at MACIC

The Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture (MACIC) inaugurated an exhibition entitled "Faces and Features: Caricatures of Indian and Egyptian personalities" by the Egyptian Caricature Society on 30 October 2013. The exhibition has depictions of prominent Indian figures from the field of politics, art and literature, and cinema, and they are shown alongside leading Egyptians in similar fields. Indian personalities that are depicted include Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai while Egyptians include Naguib Mahfouz, Youssef Chahine, and Omar Sharief.

The exhibition was jointly inaugurated by the First Undersecretary in the Ministry of Culture, Ms. Camelia Sobhi, the pioneering Egyptian caricaturist Mr. Ahmed Toghan and the Ambassador of India to Egypt, Mr. Navdeep Suri. Dr. Camelia Sobhi in her keynote address said that such cultural and artistic events "contribute in further enhancing our interaction with the Indian civilization, which is a very unique one." The Artist Ahmed Toghan, quoted lines by the poet Ahmed Shawky written when Mahatma Gandhi passed through the Suez Canal. Toghan had drawn a sketch of the Jawaharlal Nehru and Gamal Abdel Nasser at the famous Bandung Conference in 1955, which was the first work on display at the function. Also present at the event was Mostafa El Fiqi, former diplomat and politician, who thanked the Ambassador for the role he was playing in furthering cooperation between India and Egypt. He said that India had always supported Arab causes, and the interests and hopes of the countries were closely aligned. He recalled an incident during the first Gulf war, when Indian officials had consulted Egypt in formulating a response to the events. Ambassador Suri said that even while the current exhibition was being prepared, Egyptian school children were participating in the Glimpses of India Competition, and all these collaborations only deepened the bonds between India and Egypt.

The Egyptian Caricature Society has worked closely with the Maulana Azad Centre recently with an exhibition of caricatures of Gandhi being inaugurated on 2 October to mark the International Day of Non-Violence and the 144th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Both India and Egypt have a rich history of caricatures and cartoons, and the exhibition is the first of a series of steps to deepen the cooperation in the field of caricature art between India and Egypt.

The exhibition will remain open at the Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture (MACIC), 23, Talaat Harb, Downtown Cairo till the 14th of November, except for Fridays and Saturdays.


23rd Sejong International Cartoon Contest SICACO 2014, Korea

The 23rd Sejong International Cartoon Contest SICACO 2014, Korea
The SICACO Committee is inviting world cartoonists to take part in SICACO 2014 (the 23th Sejong International Cartoon Contest).
1. This year’s contest comprises a Thema section (titled Reality + Cyber-space) and a Free section.
2. The size of works should be smaller than 297 mm × 420 mm.
3. Any color, free style, and unlimited items. (+2 Works)
4. Each entrant should provide title, name, age, address, career, e-mail, and telephone number on reverse.
5. The deadline for entry of original works is Jun. 30, 2014.
6. Entries should be addressed to the
Daejean International Cartoon Institute
450, Wolpyeongdong
Daejeon, Seoul 302-280
7. The most creative cartoon will win the Grand prize of $3,000, Gold prize of $1,000, Silver prize of $500, Bronze prize of $300, and 300 Selected works will be awarded.
8. Exhibit the cartoons at the City Gallery in Sept. 2014.
9. Submitted cartoons will not be returned, but exhibited forever in Korean public halls, art galleries, & museums.
10. Your cartoon may be used for promotional purposes : cards, posters, catalogs, newspapers, magazine, and books etc.
From Dr.Lim, Cheong San, President of the Daejeon Int’l Cartoon Institute
450, Wolpyeongdong, Daejeon, Seoul 302-280, Korea
Tel: 82 (42) 487-5034 C.P: 82-10-5425-6115
E-mail: csanlim@naver.com * http://www.dicaco.com/
http://dicaco.kongju.ac.kr/ (all works).

Catalog SICACO 2013 and winners of the main prizes

Received a couple of days ago the catalog of 22nd Daejeon International Cartoon Contest 2013 which has already been called the Sejong International Cartoon Contest since last year for the exhibition(s) taking place first and mainly in the newly-built administration city of Sejong while still being planned to be opened in Daejeon City as well and elsewhere also. The catalog keeps the standard size of 21 x 29.7 cm (DIN A4) with 96 pages. On the front and back covers is the Best Cartoon Prize-winning cartoon by Ying chen Zhao (China).
This edition received 1821 works in total: 1608 of them by 434 foreign artists, 26 works by 19 Korean artists, and 187 works by 104 students.
In the theme section of "Unisex * Happy Citizen" arrived 763 works while in the Free Theme section they received 1,068.
Cartoonists from 60 nations participated in SICACO 2013. The jury awarded 294 artists. The most awarded of this edition are artists from Korea (59 again), China (27), and Turkey (19 - on pages 15 and 30 are also theme prizes for Turkey).
The main prize-winners are as follows:
Grand Prize: Feng Gui Bo (China)
Gold Prize: Mihai Ignat (Romania)
Silver Prize: Jitet Kustana (Indonesia), Young Ji Choi (Korea)
Bronze Prize: Kfir Weizman (Israel), Hafız Nesiroğlu (Azerbaijan), Yae Eun Son (Korea), Ali Miraee (Iran).
And here is the list of the awarded cartoonists from Turkey:
Special Prize: Ercan Baysal
Student Special Prize: Deniz Cem Türkeş (12 yr), Doğa Yılmaz (14 yr)
Student Honorable Mention: Abdülhakim Orhanoğlu (12 yr)
Theme Prize: Mete Ağaoğlu, Nuri Bilgin, Musa Keklik, Mehmet Arslan, Ahmet Ümit Akkoca
SICACO Achievement Award: Recep Bayramoğlu, Musa Gümüş
Best Cartoon Prize: Aşkın Ayrancıoğlu, Kemal Özyurt, Ümit Müfit Dinçay, Erdoğan Başol
Honorable Mention: Sema Ündeğer, Kamil Yavuz, Bülent Okutan, Seyit Saatçi.
Many thanks to the organisers: Every awarded artist receives the catalog and the certificate!
See main awards-winning cartoons by clicking on the new invitation card.

AYACC 2013 • International Cartoon and Animation Contest • China

AYACC 2013 • International Cartoon and Animation Contest
Still image work (Cartoon \ Comics \ illustration \ Caricature) section
Host Units:
Government of Guiyang City
Red Man International Art Center
The competition is open to authors all over the world.
1) AYACC Contest is authorized by the Culture Industry Development Dept. of Culture Ministry of China and Guiyang government.
2) Theme 1: Merry Christmas (Added 26 October 2013)
Theme 2: Free Theme (My Choise)
3)Size and Format
Only the digital works will be accepted.
The entries should be A4 ( 21cmX29.7cm), 300dpi, Jpeg format.
Please sent your works to: (All works of Animation can be sent to the following address)
ayacc2013@126.com ; ayacc2013@163.com
A)The authors may submit multiple works, there are no limited of entry number.
B)Works awarded in other contests can be submitted.
C)Entry form is not required. But entries must be accompanied by author's full name, address, telephone (or fax) and email,and author’s resume.
5)Award and Prizes
A. Cartoon:
Best Cartoon (1)---------------------------10000RMB and Certificate
Excellent cartoons (2) -------------------------2000RMB and Certificate (each)
B. Comic:
Best Comics(1)---------------------------10000RMB and Certificate
Excellent Comics (2) -------------------------2000RMB and Certificate (each)
C. Illustration:
Best Illustration(1)---------------------------10000RMB and Certificate
Excellent Illustration(2)-----------------------2000RMB and Certificate (each)
Honorable mention (100) ------------------------Certificate
Other honors.
The organizing committee will inform all nominated prize winners the results of the contest before the awarding ceremony.
The organizing committee will invite ONE representative from each award to be present at the awarding ceremony and provide the invitees the transportation tickets and accommodations during the time of the awarding ceremony.
All selected authors will get a catalog published by organizer.
Entry Deadline: November 10, 2013.
The panel of judges will be include famous national and international cartoonists and comic artists.
9)Awarding Ceremony
The Awarding Ceremony will be held on November 22, 2013, in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China.
The organizing committee reserves all rights for final explanation.
11)The Right to Utilize the Work
For the sole purpose of publicizing the Award and the future AYACC or similar award(s) organized by the Organizer, the Organizer shall have the right, without notice to the applicant, to utilize the Work in whole or in part by means of broadcast (regardless of media), online transmission (including but not limited to the internet and mobile communications), exhibition, and distribution (e.g. in the form of a videogram) free of any payment to the applicant.
12)Contact Information
If you have any questions please contact with us directly:
ayacc2013@126.com ; ayacc2013@163.com
Web site: www.redmanart.com/en/bencandy.php?fid=6&id=516.


Exhibition of Caricatures of Indian and Egyptian personalities at MACIC, Egypt

The Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture (MACIC) will inaugurate an exhibition entitled "Faces and Features: Caricatures of Indian and Egyptian personalities" by the Egyptian Caricature Society on 30 October 2013. The exhibition will have depiction of prominent Indian figures from the field of politics, art and literature, and cinema, and they will be shown alongside leading Egyptians in similar fields. Indian personalities that are depicted include Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai while Egyptians include Naguib Mahfouz, Youssef Chahine, and Omar Sharief.
The exhibition will be jointly inaugurated by the First Undersecretary in the Ministry of Culture, Ms. Camelia Sobhi, and the Ambassador of India to Egypt, Mr. Navdeep Suri. Mr. Ahmed Toghan, the pioneering caricaturist and the President of the Caricature Society, whose work will be shown in the exhibition, will also address the gathering.
The Egyptian Caricature Society has worked closely with the Maulana Azad Centre recently with an exhibition of caricatures of Gandhi being inaugurated on 2 October to mark the International Day of Non-Violence and the 144th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Both India and Egypt have a rich history of caricatures and cartoons, and the exhibition is the first of a series of steps to deepen the cooperation in the field of caricature art between India and Egypt.
The inauguration will take place at 5:30 pm on 30 October at the Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture (MACIC), 23, Talaat Harb, Downtown Cairo. The exhibition will remain open till the 14th of November, except for Fridays and Saturdays.


Results of the International Cartoon Contest -Young and EUROjobLESS 2013, Bulgaria

Results of the International Cartoon Contest -Young and EUROjobLESS 2013
1 prize - Luc Descheemaeker (O-sekoer), Belgium (Top)

2 prize - Dariush Ramezani, Iran

3 prize - Henryk Cebula

FECO prize - Marina Gorelova

RHGallery prize - Malgorzata Tabaka.

Winners in Brain Sneezing 2013 with theme "Brain Washing", Slovakia

Official results of the international cartoon competition Brain Sneezing
from kalokagathia to hypochondria and back
International jury of the competition Brain Sneezing:
Zoltán Kulin (UA), Istvan Kelemen (HU), Karol Čizmazia (SK), Bernard Bouton (FR),
Ivan Hanousek,(CZ), Fedor Vico (SK),Henryk Cebula (PL)
on the 17th – 18th October 2013 evaluated all the submitted humour cartoons
and agreed on the winners:
First Prize: Pawel KUCZYNSKI, Poland
Second Prize: Valentin DRUZHNIN, Russian Federation
Third Prize: Heibat AHMADI, Iran
Honorary Prizes:
Andrey POPOV, Russian Federation
Ribber HANSSON, Sweden
Pavel MATUŠKA, Czech Republic
Audience Prizes:
on the 19th October 2013 the members of the audience jury
Jozef Matejka (Head of the Jury), Ľubomír Gaston Štávorský and Stano Horváth
evaluated all the submitted humour cartoons and agreed on the winners (without order):
Naghi HAMIDI, Iran (Top)
Oleksy KUSTOVSKY, Ukraine
Peter SEDLÁK, Slovakia
Honorary Prizes:
Pavel TAUSSIG, Germany
Raed KHALIL, Syrian Arab Republic.
Winners, Honorary and Audience Prizes.


Results of the 11th International Cartoon Competition Karpik 2013, Poland

RESULTS XI International Cartoon Competition Karpik 2013
GRAND PRIX - Zbigniew Woźniak, Poland (Top)
Main Awards:
-Krzysztof Grzondziel, Poland
-Tomasz Rzeszutek, Poland
Awards of Agency for Agricultural Market Regional Branch in Opole:
1 place:: Tomasz Wołoszyn, Germany
2 place: Jacek Lanckoroński, Poland
3 place: Henryk Cebula, Poland
Distinction: Zbigniew Woźniak, Poland
Prize sponsored by the Association for Traffic Development of the Region of Nyssa:
-Wiesław Zięba, Poland
Award of the Hassan Company of Nyssa:
– Magdalena Wosik, Poland
Mayor's Award of Niemodlin:
- Wiesław Lipecki, Poland
Distinction: Sławomir Lizoń, Poland
Distinction of the Ornament Company of Nyssa:
- Piotr Opałka, Poland
Honorable Mentions - diplomas:
1. Alberto Jerez, USA
2. Luc Descheemaeker, Belgium
3. Mihai Ignat, Romania
4. Vladimir Kazanevsky, Ukraine
5. Tsocho Peev, Bułgaria
6. Sergei Semendyaew, Ukraine.
Source: cartoonblues.


Results of the XIII contest of cartoons "Independence" 2013 with theme "The Knight’s Move"

Session XIII International Contest Jury cartoons «Independence» (Theme: «The Knight’s move») was held on October 04, 2013 in Kiev.
Jury: Volhov Nicholas (political advisor), Nikolai Kravchenko (Chairman of the NGO «Book Space»), Luk’yanchenko Igor (cartoonist), Nazimova Irina (byldredaktor newspaper Governmental Courier), Solonko Vladimir (cartoonist), Tovmach Eugene (administrative and marketing Director TRK «Bolshevik»), Kosobukina Nina, Kosobukin Maxim.
133 cartoonists from 39 countries submitted 497 works. 100 selected works presented in this catalog.
1st Prize: Vasil Vozniuk (Ukraine) (Top), 2nd Prize: Riabokon Sergey (Ukraine), 3rd Prize: Andrei Popov (Russia)
Eshonkulov Mahmudzhon (Uzbekistan), Kazanevsky Vladimir (Ukraine), Nikolay Popov (Uzbekistan), Andrey Ryzhov (Russia), Savilov Victor (Ukraine), Semendyaev Sergey (Ukraine).
Special Awards:
Golub Viktor (Ukraine) — Diploma of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
Kustovskiy Alexey (Ukraine) — Diploma of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.
Hahanov Vladimir (Russia) — Honorable mention prize named Yuriy Kosobukin.
Butir Slobodan (Croatia) — Diploma of the Association of Cartoonists.
Source: http://www.cartoon.org.ua/?page=independ_13&lang=eng.

Menekşe Çam (Turkey)


The 13th Graphic Humor International Salon Santa Clara 2013, Cuba

Melaíto humorous magazine and the Cuban Union of Writers and Artists (UNEAC) in Villa Clara announce the 13th Graphic Humor International Salon Santa Clara 2013. This time the Salon will be devoted to Argentina as guest country.
Rules and regulations:
· The contest categories are: general humor and erotic humor.
· The works can reach up to 25 x 35 cm maximum size, using any technique and support, including copies of digital works.
· Three-dimensional works shall not exceed 50 x 50 cm on either side.
· Each author may submit up to 3 works per category.
· The works must be sent by post and will be accepted until December 10th, 2013 at the following address:
Comité Provincial de la UNEAC
Máximo Gómez no. 107, entre Julio Jover and Marti
Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba
Telephone: 202661 and 207080 (ext. 110 and 114)
The Judges:
· Pedro J. Méndez Suárez, Director of Melaíto, President
· John Lent, USA
· Gericles García (Gericles), Argentina
· Hameed Khan (Ham), Argentina
· Arístides Esteban Hernández Guerrero (Ares ), Cuba
· Félix Adalberto Linares Díaz (Linares), Cuba
· Rolando González Reyes (Roland), Cuba.
The Awards:
Three prizes will be awarded for each category and as many honorable mentions as the jury deems appropriate:
For Cuban participants:
1st Prize: 2000.00 MN and diploma
2nd Prize: 1300.00MN and diploma
3rd Prize: 800.00 MN and diploma
For foreign participants:
The winners will be awarded a work of visual arts consisting of a painting by a famous Villa Clara artist, plus a diploma, that will be sent to them in a safe manner.
The jury’s decisions will be final.
The opening of the exhibition and awards ceremony will be held on December 20th at the UNEAC headquarters in Villa Clara.
For any questions about this call please email the Organizing Committee at: 40melaito@gmail.com
Organizing Committee.
La publicación humorística Melaíto y la Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (Uneac) en Villa Clara, convocan al XIII Salón Internacional de Humorismo Santa Clara 2013. En esta ocasión estará dedicado a Argentina como país invitado.
Bases: Las categorías a concursar serán: humor general y humor erótico. Las dimensiones de las obras pueden llegar hasta 25 x 35 cm como tamaño máximo, en cualquier técnica y soporte, incluidas copias impresas de trabajos digitales, las obras tridimensionales no rebasarán los 50 x 50 cm por cualquiera de sus lados.
Cada autor puede enviar un máximo de 3 obras por categoría. Las obras deben ser enviadas por correo postal y se recibirán hasta el 10 de diciembre de 2013 en la siguiente dirección:
Comité Provincial de la Uneac 
Máximo Gómez no. 107 entre Julio Jover y Martí, 
Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba.
Teléfonos: 202661 y 207080(ext.: 110 y 114)
El Jurado integrado por:
- Pedro J. Méndez Suárez, Director de “MELAITO”, Como Presidente
- Jonh Lent - USA
- Gericles Garcia (Gericles) - Argentina
- Hameed Khan (Ham) - Argentina
- Aristides Esteban Hernandez Guerrero (Ares) - Cuba
- Felix Adalberto Linares Diaz (Linares)
- Rolando González Reyes (Roland).
Otorgara los siguientes premios
Se otorgarán 3 premios por cada categoría y las menciones que el jurado estime pertinentes:
Para participantes nacionales:
1er premio: 2000.00 MN y diploma
2do premio: 1300.00 MN y diploma
3er premio: 800.00 MN y diploma
Para participantes extranjeros:
Los laureados recibirán como premio una obra de artes plásticas consistente en un lienzo realizado por un reconocido pintor villaclareño, además de un diploma, que se les hará llegar de forma segura. El jurado estará integrado por prestigiosos caricaturistas, y su dictamen será inapelable. La inauguración de la exposición y entrega de los premios se efectuará el 20 de diciembre en la sede de la Uneac en Villa Clara.
Para aclarar dudas sobre la presente convocatoria pueden dirigirse a la siguiente dirección electrónica 40melaito@gmail.com
Comité Organizador.


The 4th City Complexities International Cartoon Contest 2013, Iran

The 4th City Complexities International Cartoon Contest 2013
City Complexities
Apartment Living Culture
City Dweller Right
Air Pollution
Garbage Repelling
Damaging the City Traditional Structure
Each Participant can send maximum 5 artworks.
The artworks should not be published in 3 previous catalogues of this festival.
The send artworks shouldn’t won a prize before.
All participants must send their Name & Family Name, Post Address, Email Address,
Telephone number, Their Photo and their Resume in Word File.
All participants that their artworks are in exhibition will receive catalogue.
Send artworks must be 200 dpi, by length or width 1500 pixel by jpg format.
First Prize: 30,000,000 Rials, Honorable Mention & Trophy
Second Prize: 20,000,000 Rials , Honorable Mention& Trophy
Third Prize: 10,000,000 Rials, Honorable Mention & Trophy
5 Honorable Mention and 4000,000 Rials
Deadline: Dec 10, 2013
Participants must send their artworks to: info@irancartoon.com
(Source: irancartoon).


Prize-winners of the 6th Molla Nasreddin- Azerbaijan International Cartoon Contest 2013

“The Occupation of Lands”
“No to War”
Gold medal / Vladimir Kazanevski - Ukraine (Top)
Silver medal / Mehdi Azizi - Iran
Bronze medal / Boris Erenburg - Israel
Special prizes:
Peter Nieuwendijk - Holland
Ilya Katz - Israel.
Source: http://www.azercartoon.com/.



1. SATYRYKON 2014 International Exhibition is an open competition.
2. The objects of the competition are drawings, graphics and other works of fine arts and photography created with the use of optional techniques, being originals, completed within the recent two years (2013-2014), and qualified by artists to:

(drawings without captions preferred)

3. WORKS AWARDED IN OTHER COMPETITIONS will be excluded from the competition SATYRYKON.
4. The format of the works - maximum A3 (297 x 420 mm).
5. Works should be sent or delivered by February 9, 2014 (date of the postmark), packed in a protective cover to:
Międzynarodowa Wystawa
59-220 Legnica
Organisers are not responsible for transport damages.
6. Participation in the competition is free of charge. However, organisers reserve the right to include one of the submitted works in the Satyrykon Gallery.
The work, chosen by the author, will in this way cover our costs of mailing.
7. Works should be accompanied by their author's photo or caricature, a short biographical note and a filled application form (PLEASE USE CAPITALS).
1. Works for the competition will be qualified by the international Jury.
2. The Jury will award the following prizes:
- pure gold key and purse amounting to 8.000 PLN
* 2 gold medals and purses amounting to 6.000 PLN
* 2 silver medals and purses amounting to 5.500 PLN
* 2 bronze medals and purses amounting to 5.000 PLN
* 4 special prizes amounting to 4.000 PLN each
* Director of Legnica Culture Centre award for a photography work in amount of 4.000 PLN.
* Mayor of Legnica award in amount of 4.000 PLN.
Organisers plan to award the author of the best DEBUT and will organise her/his individual author’s exhibition at SATYRYKON Gallery included in Satyrykon 2014 programme as well.
Jury has the right of final distribution of the statutory prizes, change of their amount, or non-awarding them or non-awarding the GRAND PRIX SATYRYKON.
Jury's decisions are final.
The competition results will be announced on March 1, 2014 at Satyrykon web site: www.satyrykon.pl.
N o t e !
The condition to pay the authors is their arrival for the opening of the exhibition and collection of their awards by December 15, 2014, or it can be transferred into a bank account in a currency specified by the author.

1. Authors of work qualified to the exhibition are given a presentation copy of the exhibition catalogue.
2. Organisers provide the competition prize-winners with gratuitous participation in the SATYRYKON 2014 event on June 12-15, 2014.
3. Works sent to the exhibitions will be exhibited in the country and abroad after the main exhibition, and then will be returned to their authors by the end of 2015.
1. Organisers reserve the right to use the sent works for SATYRYKON advertising purposes without any special fees paid to the authors: to be exhibited and reproduced in a variety of advertising materials, as well as printed and circulated in catalogues.
2. The prize-winning works become the property of the organisers and will be included in the collection of the Satyrykon Gallery.
3. The exhibition organisers are the finial judges in interpretation of the regulations.
4. Sending her/his work the artist agrees to the mentioned above rules and regulations and agrees to the publishing of the author's profile in the post-exhibition catalogue.
5. Legnica Culture Centre (+4876 72-33-700; e-mail: lck@lck.art.pl) and Satyrykon Fundation (+48 76 852-23-44; e-mail: satyrykon@wp.pl - PL 59-220 Legnica, Chojnowska 2) are organisers of the International Exhibition SATYRYKON-LEGNICA 2014.
* Deadline for works reception February 9, 2014 (date of the postmark)
* Jury meeting February 21-23, 2014
* Post-competition exhibition June 6 - August 25, 2014
* Return of works after the exhibition cycle December 31, 2015.
(Source: http://www.satyrykon.pl/en/menu.php?ID=competition.)


20th CartoonRendon International Festival Colombia 2013

1. The contest is open to all cartoonists all over the world.
2. The deadline for entries is October 31 (Thursday) 2013.
3. The themes of the competition are Three Themes
* Like any breakthrough in the history of mankind, and as one of the Most Important Cultural assets of our civilization, That part of the human needs to count, measure and determine how everything around him.
* The worrying situation of teacher thinking, which aims to better understanding of the teaching - learning.
* The Teaching of Mathematics explained in simple language, puzzles, games, tests and worksheets for students, teachers and parents.
* Everything about mathematics as a science and fun.
2) JORGE ELIECER GAITÁN: Colombian political leader of the twentieth century.
See Biography: www.cartoonrendon.com.
3) FREE.
4. Each participant can present in the competition a maximum of Three cartoons for theme.
5. You can participate with cartoons in white and black or in color.
6. The size of cartoons will not exceed 30 x 40 cms maximum.
7. You can also participate in the competition with cartoons that have already been published or rewarded previously, all the presented cartoons will be original. Photographs, photocopies etc, will not be accepted, and the transport of the cartoons in charge of the participant.
8. Participants are requested to send, together with their cartoons, a short curriculum vitae and a photograph.
9. In the reverse of each cartoon he/she should go the name, surname, address, telephone number and country of origin of the participant.
10. The selected Caricaturist will receive free a catalogue.
11. The jury composed of Colombian and foreign cartoonists.
12. The results will be announced in the month of December of 2013.
13. The cartoons presented in the competition won't be returned.
14. By filling in the entrance form attached, the participant declares and accepts in advance that (s)he has turned over the financial rights (s)he holds over the cartoon or cartoons vis-à-vis the public to Cartoonrendon without limitation on location, time period and number the intellectual property all rights for publication.(S)he agrees that Cartoonrendon may use such cartoons, exhibit them, keep them in its archives and publish them on the internet or through other media.
15. The organization is reserved the right of exhibiting those works that he/she understands they can attempt against individual or collective rights.
16. The Participation in the competition supposes the entire acceptance and without reservations all the conditions.
1) Prize Theme “MATHEMATICS” - US 2.000.
2) Prize Theme “JORGE ELIECER GAITÁN” - US 800.
3) Prize Theme “FREE” - US 500.
4) Prize Institute for the Development of Antioquia IDEA (Artist Antioqueño) - US 500.
5) Special Prizes offered by various institutions.
The works should be sent to:
Fernando Pica / Centro Cultural Cr 50 # 48 - 05, Rionegro, Antioquia COLOMBIA
Entry Form on WEB: http://www.cartoonrendon.com/.

The results of the 2nd International Contest of Social Illustration • 2IS13!

Dear friends, participants of the Contest 2IS13!
We have concluded with the event. The jury, after many hours of carefully evaluation, made its final verdict.
We are pleased to announce the results of the winners of 2IS13!
The Jury:
Gustavo Fabián Abalde: Visual Technician and Visual Arts Professor.
Andrea Elena Polito: Visual Artist and Visual Arts Proffesor.
Cecilia Goñi: Visual Art Proffesor, Visual Technician. Exhibitor and Muralist.
...conducted the selection based on the following criteria:
ELOQUENCE - incidence of the message inscribed.
METAPHOR - the illustration that does not fall into the obvious or literal.
BEAUTY - The care and effort put into realization of the work.
Finally, as a guideline for the selection was considered the MEANING OF HOPE (from POSITIVE look), they choose images that would generate that POSITIVITY.
The jury said: "As we consider the diverse cultures it was somewhat complicated when taking word HOPE worked IN OPPOSITION. Assess for award is not an easy task, since there was a great amount of really good works. We believe that the choice of illustrations we made, meet the specified criteria, this images are POETIC, since they open - through metaphor, to multiple interpretations."
1st Prize: Mojtaba Heidarpanah (Iran)
2nd Prize: Vahid Alimohamadi (Iran)
Special Mention Award "Reaction": Adrian Palmas (Argentina).
• With the support of the Technology Library at the Autonomous University Gabriel René Moreno (Bolivia), the Awards Ceremony will be held on October 31. With the presence of government authorities, academic, artistic and groups invited.
• During the next week we will be sending the corresponding Diploma to the participants whose works have been selected for Itinerant Exhibition of Social Illustrations ( EIIIS! ).
• On the day of the Award, we will present the Digital Catalog EIIIS!, which will be sent to you after that date.
Thank you for your participation and for capturing through illustrations messages of Hope.
Journal Communications Reación Team.
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Winners of IX International Hall of Humor of Limeira 2013, Brazil

Dear artists who did participate of the IX INTERNATIONAL HALL OF HUMOR IN LIMEIRA, friends and colleagues, we come to inform you the winners of the IX HUMOR HALL OF LIMEIRA. Once more, we got surprised with so much talent. We also could confirm how important is to suggest themes that work out with the creativity and relies easily the artist to put down art on the paper. Therefore, on the ninth event we had the big honor to receive 43 countries and 13 of Brazilians estates. It means hundreds of works that went through a several search to reach the best of we got.
Would like to thank The Mayor House of Limeira, Municipal Secretary of Culture of Limeira, and everybody who did work out to the success. Soon, as we do every year, we’ll publish in our blog (here) all 54 works selected to the exposition, who had a chance to be one of the winner’s. Thank you very much!!
Roberto Bonomi.
BEST CARTOON: Anderson de Oliveira Delfino SP Sorocaba, TROPHY PIU + R$ 750,00.
BEST CHARGE: There was no winning work.
BEST COMICS: There was no winning work.
BEST DIGITAL: Luc Descheemaeker BELGIUM, TROPHY PIU + R$ 750,00.
BEST INTERART: Kazanevsky Vladimir UCRAINE, TROPHY PIU + R$ 750,00.
PIU: Rafael Limaverde CE Fortaleza, TROPHY PIU + R$ 2.000,00.
Artists selected on the exposition:
Alireza Pakdel IRAN
Antonio Amancio RN Natal
Augusto Gucharges Oliveira PR Maringá
Benedetto Nicolini ITALY
Constantin Pavel ROMANIA
Fredy Villamil USA
Hao Yanpeng CHINA
Luiz Fernando Cazo SP Bocaina
Paulo Sergio Baeta SC Joinville
Priit Koppel ESTONIA
Valentin Georgiev BULGARIA
Víctor Vélez MEXICO
Wilson Rodrigues SP Tupã.
* The award of the categories CHARGE and COMICS were reversed for the other four categories equivalent. Therefore the categories CARTOON, CARICATURE, DIGITAL and INTERART receive prize money amounting to R $ 750.00, keeping up with R $ 2,000.00 prize PIU.
Source: jornalopiu.

Invitación :: Inauguración XX Muestra Internacional de las Artes del Humor


Winners in the 17th Biennial Cartoon Competition Novomestsky Osten 2013, Slovakia

Topic: WATER
1. prize: Jozef Grušpier, Slovakia (Top) (See similarity)
2. prize: Jiří Srna, Czech republic
3. prize: Konstantin Kazancev, Ukraine.
Honorable Mentions:
Jovcho Savov, Bulgaria
Gai Guibao, China
Vladimír Kazanevsky, Ukraine
František Bojničan, Slovakia
Érico Jungueiva Ayres, Brasil.
See all winning cartoons on source:


2013 University Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection, China

2013 University Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection / China
1. Theme: “Saving, Recycle, Environment friendly
Cartoons and illustration works on the theme or any other concerning with environment protection are accepted.
2. Participants
1) Students group of those from China and oversea universities,
2) Social group of professional and armature cartoonists
3. Schedule:
The works should be submitted from June 5 to October 31, 2013
Notice: Since the deadline is set upon the receipt of the works, it is suggested to have the works delivered as early as possible.
4. Prizes
Student group:
First Prize [1 competitor]: RMB 5,000 (pre-tax) and certification
Second Prize [2 competitors]: RMB 3,000 (pre-tax) and certification
Third Prize [3 competitors]: RMB 1,000 (pre-tax) and certification
Excellent Prize: [50 competitors]: souvenir and certification
Top-over-List Prize: souvenir.
Notice: Top-over-list Prize is awarded to the top on the voting rank on the official website.
Social group:
First Prize [1 competitor]: RMB 8,000 (pre-tax) and certification
Second Prize [2 competitors]: RMB 4,000 (pre-tax) and certification
Third Prize [3 competitors]: RMB 2,000 (pre-tax) and certification
Excellent Prize: [50 competitors]: souvenir and certification.
5. Sponsors:
China Daily, the People’s Government of Nantong,
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Center for Environmental Education and Communication of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (CEEC), China Environmental Protection Foundation (CEPF), China Journalistic Caricature Society,
China Daily Website, 21st Century, newscartoon.com
Natong Environment Protection Bureau, Natong Culture, Natong Gouyou Property Grouop.
6. Requirements
1) There is no limitation on number of works submitted by the participants.
2) Hand painting on paper should not be smaller than A4 size (210mm*297mm). Please mark the title, participant’s name, college name, address and other contact information at the back of the paper.
3) If you submit your contribution via email, please follow the specifications as follows :
- 300 dpi (file size no more than 2MB)
- longest side of the file should be under 1000 pixels.
4) Work description: title of the work, participant’s name, and the name of the college or university he or she attends are required, and pen name (if necessary).
Caption of email contribution should be in TXT format and include the title of the work, name of author, college and department she/he attends, address, and telephone number.
7. Submissions
1) Register on the official application webpage, fill in authentic information and upload your work(s).
2) Email to mhds@chinadaily.com.cn
3) Postal delivery to the address found below. Please write “Cartoon Contest” on the front cover of envelope.
8. Application Form (downloadable)
All participants shall register for the competition with an application form. Fill out the form. Photocopies or hand painting form are acceptable. Click www.newscartoon.com.cn to download.
9. Contact Us
Address: 6/F, B3 Tower, Ziguang Building, No.11 Huixin Dongjie Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China
Tel: 86-10-8488 3652 Mr. Zheng
Official Website: www.newscartoon.com.cn
Email Address: mhds@chinadaily.com.cn
10. Contest Procedure:
1) Registration: No fees required
2) Work submission;
3) Winning works will be displayed on newscartoon.com
4) Top-over-list prize are selected according to the numbere of votes and views received.
5) The contest results will be posted on newscartoon.com, as well as other newspapers or websites.
11. The Referees
1) The referees include pro cartoonists, academic professors and environment protection experts.
2) The referees will review the works submitted and select the winners.
3) The winner will be announced on December, 2013
12. Copyrights
1) The organizers reserve the right to refuse entries they consider morally, politically or religiously offensive, as well as work that is considered in contravention of the acknowledged moral standards.
2) If a contribution has any intellectual property rights or copyright dispute, the organizer holds the right to revoke the participant’s eligibility to participate in the competition. Participants are solely liable for any consequence that may arise from submitting work to the competition. The participant must be the owner of all rights on the work submitted and it is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that his or her contributions to the competition do not generate any copyright or other intellectual property rights dispute.
3) Newscartoon.com reserves the right to use the contributions for presentation and media use.
4) Organizers and participants share the copyrights of the contributions: the organizers of the event have the right to display and distribute the works of the contestants.
5) By submitting a contribution to the competition, the participant is assumed to agrees to accept all of the terms and conditions.


15th International Festival of aphorisms and caricature, Strumica 2013, R. Macedonia

XVth International Festival of aphorisms and caricature - Strumica 2013
Theme :
C A R N I V A L – E R O T I C A
In this category each author can participate with maximum of 10 aphorisms, printed in three copies, completed with code and particulars about the author, and set in sealed envelope.
The authors are allowed to participate with more works, each as group of 10 (ten) aphorisms and marked with particular code.
In this category, the authors can participate and send 3 caricatures, maximum.
The technique is on their own choice, and dimensions A/4.
Particulars about the authors should be written at the back side of the work.
Contest due date:
The works will be accepted up to: December 10,2013, at latest.
Three main prizes will be awarded: Golden, Silver, and Bronze Plaque.
The Organizer retains the right to award some additional prizes.
The works should be send to:
NUCK “Anton Panov’
Blvd. “Goce Delcev” bb
2400 Strumica , R Macedonia
with note: To the Festival of aphorism and Caricature
The works received, remain in property of the Organizer and the author, and they have the right to its public presentation, catalogue prepare or other publication.
The works received in due time will be reviewed and evaluated by competent jury commission.
The presentation of the works – exhibition and the Reward Ceremony will come to: March 10, 2014.
Contact - Further information
Tel: ++389 (0)34 322 182
E-mail: trimerotikon@yahoo.com.