19th International Satire Exhibition Trento - Italy

Trento between reality and madness»
Subject: «We want the moon»
We aim at all the artists not overwhelmed by the current rampant savagery, but still able to look at the present world with critical realism and at the same time, wanting the moon. We want to be open minded to the ideals and the dreams.
1. The exhibition is by invite. Authors can present an unlimited number of works, the Studio will exhibit those that, by its incontrovertible opinion, considers most in line with the subject.
2. Works must be the originals, can be realized with any technique and must be strictly on topic.
3. Maximum format A3
4. Send your works to: Studio d’Arte Andromeda via Malpaga 17, 38100 Trento -Italy, before March 31st 2008
5. We will inform you of the inauguration date in time
6. The works will be returned on demand
7. The Organization Committee will keep the prize-winner and signal works
8. The Studio reserve the possibility of printing a catalogue with the most significant works and the right of using them for informations, news and documentations for the gallery. We will give a catalogue to all participant during the inauguration, or we will send it with the works.
9. The Studio d’Arte Andromeda don’t answer of possible damaged or missing works, but maximum care of the delivered works is assured.
10. The contest has the following prizes:
- 1st prize: 1000 Euro
- 2nd prize: 700 Euro
- 3rd prize: 500 Euro
- Prize visitors (300 Euro)
WEB: http://www.studioandromeda.net/

3rd Cartoon Contest Santomera 2008 - Spain

The Council of Santomera has organised this competition according to the following:
1. All professional cartoonists or not of any countries may take part in this competition.
2. Each cartoonist can submit 2 originals, being essential that the original works have not been submitted to a previous competition.
3. TOPIC: “Tolerance to other cultures”.
4. The works must be original, any painting technique being accepted. Top quality prints of works achieved by digital tools will be considered originals as long as the author signs them, and with the indication that it is Print nº 1.
5. The format of the works will be maximum 30x42 cms without frame.
6. PRIZES: 1st PRIZE: 900 €, 2nd PRIZE: 600 €, Two runners-up: 150 €
7. The works should be received by the organization by March 17th, 2008 at 14:00 hours. No works will be accepted after that limit time.
8. Each of the works for submission must carry an identification label, clearly filled in, including name of cartoonist, as well as address, phone number, photograph, e-mail and a brief curriculum.
9. All works must be sent to this address:
III CONCURSO DE HUMOR GRÁFICO “SANTOMERA 2008” Ayuntamiento de Santomera CASAGRANDE (Inmigración) C/ Cuatro esquinas, 58, 30140 Santomera • Murcia • SPAIN
10. The decisions of the Jury which will be taken by majority vote and will be final, will be made public on March 27th, 2.008. The prize might be considered desiertos on the Jury's decision.
11. The selected works will be exhibited from 1st to 30 April 2008 in Casagrande, in Santomera.
12. The prizewinning works will not be returned to their authors. They will become property of the Council of Santomera. The awarding of a prize to a specific word will automatically imply the waiving of its author's royalties to the organisation.
13. The works not awarded as winners will be returned to their authors, provided that this has clearly been by the authors in the identification label.
14. It must be made clear that accepting all these regulations is the essential requirement to take part in the competition.
Santomera, 16th January 2008
Information: http://humor-grafico-santomera.blogspot.com/
Source: http://www.hdk.hr/


Cartoon Exhibition: Ali Ulvi Ersoy (1924-1998)

Ali Ulvi Ersoy Cartoon Exhibition
January 30 - February 29, 2008
Cartoon Art Museum, Anadolu University, Eskisehir - Turkey

In the 10th year of his death, Ali Ulvi Ersoy, the late doyen of Turkish editorial cartooning is being commemorated by an exhibition of his works at the Cartoon Art Museum of Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.

Ali Ulvi ERSOY
Born in Uskudar, Istanbul in 1924, Ali Ulvi studied art in Ankara. He made his debut as a cartoonist in 1940. He worked as an assistant to Cemal Nadir Guler, the founder of modern Turkish cartoon, in "Arkadas" magazine (1940-1941). Between 1947-1949 he did cartoons for the humour magazines "Kahkaha", "Mizah", and "Karikatur". In 1950 he started cartooning for "Cumhuriyet" newspaper. Between 1957-1959 he contributed to "New Yorker", "Look", "SE Post", "Esquire" in the States and "Punch" in England. He made documentaries and animated films as well. He had been the editorial cartoonist in "Cumhuriyet" for four decades when he passed away on January 30, 1998.

(Source: http://www.krk.anadolu.edu.tr/karw/muze/index.htm)

1st International Sporthumor - Italy

1st International "Sporthumor" the smile olimpics - Italy
Theme: "Sport"
Section: Cartoon or caricature
Size: 21 x 30 or 35 x 50 cm
Work: Original – Max of 3 works
Deadline: 28 February 2008
Prizes: A prize of 2500 euros will be given to the artist to receive the most votes from the public. The designated winner will receive the prize during the second edition to be held in 2009 (trophies, plaques and medals)
Note: The most deserving and representative work will form part of a coloured catalogue specially created and sent free of charce to all the published authors.
Address: Emilio Isca, Via Aosta 29, 10152 Torino (Italy)
Phone: +39 011 2483046
e-mail: emilioisca@libero.it


XII Contest On-Line Fabricarica - Brazil

XII Contest On-Line Fabricarica / Brazil
Oscar Niemeyer Biography
Foundation Oscar Niemeyer: http://www.niemeyer.org.br/
The registrations can already be made and you can send your work to compete.
The winner will receive (by mail) a poster (0,70m X 1.00m) of his/her caricature drawn by one of the cartoonists of the Fabricarica. For further information, please log onto http://www.frabricarica.com.br/
Deadline: March, 15 2008
Rules and regulations of the Fabricarica On-line Contest
1- All caricaturists, professional or not, are allowed to participate.
2- The registration throught e-mail implies that the contestant accepts all the rules and regulations of the contest. Specific situations will be treated by the Organizing Committee.
3- The organizing committee consists of the legal representatives of the Fabricarica.
4- The person that will have his caricature drawn, will be defined on the site and there will be a link corresponding to the current contest.
5- Each contestant is allowed to send just one caricature for each contest. If more than one caricature is sent, just the first one will compete.
6- The works must be done using any conventional technique or digital technique. For the works done using digital techniques, those ones done with the photo manipulation of the photography will not be accpeted.
7- The works must be sent throught e-mail and they must contain the following information: Full name, address and telephone number. Without these information, the contestant will not be able to participate. If the contestant wishes, he or she will be able to use a pseudonym that will be available in the site of the contest. The works sent cannot contain companies’ websites. If this occurs, the work will not compete.
8- The digital file must have the following specifications:
· Maximum resolution 72dpi
· Maximum height or width of the image: 400 pixels
· Maximum size of the file 50kb.
Send: fabricarica@aleph.com.br
9 – The period to send the e-mails (registration) is available in the link that corresponds to the current contest.
10 – Each contestant is fully responsible for the origin and originality of the work registered under his/her name. The organizing committee is not responsible for copies illegally registered in the contest.
11- The jury will be defined by the site organizers in each contest. The definition of the winner will occur in up to 20 days after the ending of the time for registration. The final result will be announced on the site in the following order: 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.
12 – The awards and their delivery will be defined by the organizing committee and will be available on the link that corresponds to each contest.
For further information: http://www.fabricarica.com.br/


International Gaza Cartoon (By Email) Contest-2008

International Gaza Cartoon (By Email) Contest-2008
Iranian House of Cartoon Organizes with Museum of Palestine Contemporary Arts and collaboration of syriacartoon.
1. We address to all the professional and amateur cartoonists regardless their age from all over the world.
3. The number of sent cartoons is five.
4. Please attach in .doc format a brief presentation of your artistic activity (surname and first name, address, e-mail address, a photo and your CV).
5. Prizes :
- First prize ? 3000 EURO
- Second prize ? 2000 EURO
-Third prize ? 1000 EURO
- 10 Honorable Mentions.
6. The cartoons must be sent at the e-mail address: info@irancartoon.com and they must be of 100 dpi resolution, 1200 Pixel( Horizontal or Vertical) and JPG format.
7. The cartoons will be published in the web pages: http://www.irancartoon.com/ http://www.syriacartoon.com/
8. All the artists who will enter the site, will receive the virtual catalogue of the contest.
9. Deadline: April 30,2008.
10. The exhibition will be opened for the public on May 12, 2008 in Museum of Palestine Contemporary Arts.
Thank you for participation.
Iranian House of Cartoon: Tel: (+98 21) 22868600-22867080 Fax: (+98 21)22846928


11th Itinerant Humour Festival Topic: Offside - Italy

TOPIC: OFFSIDE (To violence, indifference, discrimination and doping)

Opened to all the professional cartoonists, the works must be accompanied by the author card file (name, address, country, pic or author parody).
Dimension approved: Cm 20 x 30 – Cm 30 x 40
Quantità : Maximum two drawings
1) The authors must indicate back of the drawings if they desire to participate to the competition domain or out of the competition.
2) A jury composed by drawers, journalists and domain authorities will choose the best five drawings present "in competition". Each one of the most voted drawings will receive:
FIRST PRIZE, "Humoris Causa" with Silver plaque
SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH & FIFTH PRIZE, Special Plaque "Humoris Causa" of the International Festival.
The prized work choice will take place after the last day of the "11th International Graphic Itinerant Humour Festival" exhibition, edition 2008.
3) The Festival direction, after the final poll will communicate the result on the Festival Web Site (http://www.festivalhumourgrafico.com/)
4) The cultural association "Lo Scrigno Dell’Arte" and the Festival artistic director will select the drawings for the exhibition. The choosen authors will receive one biennial catalogue at the end of the exhibition
5) Every author is liable of the content of his works, included the copyright of the authors themselves for what concerns texts, titles and images.
6) All the received works will not be returned, and they will become part of the future International Graphic Humour Festival museum.
7) The Festival doesn’t take on accountability for eventual damages during the works expedition.
8) The festival will reserve the right to expose the drawings and to publish them on the catalogue or in articles pertaining to the Festival.
9) The Festival Web Site will inform you of the 11th Itinerant Festival with news and photos at the end of it.
10)The participation at the exhibition involves the integral legal consent of this policy.
Expiry date: FRIDAY 14 MARCH 2008
Exposition inauguration in preview: June 2008
Itinerant exposition: July – December 2008

OFFSIDE / to violence, indifference, discrimination and doping
From the dictionary
Off - side / inglese – fuorigioco / italian / sm. Inv [ sec XX ; fuori + gioco ].
Situation in which the player, in some team games, in the beginning of the offensive action from his own team, is situated after the last man of the other team; goals marked in off side aren’t good, and the irregular position is punished. In football the players that attacks is in off side when he is in the half side of the opponent team field and there’s noone between him and the opponent team golie.
The Cultural Association "Lo Scrigno Dell’arte" (non profit organism) organize the 11th International Graphic Humour Festival.
Why offside? Because thematics like football guised on paper from graphic humourist, creates an event that amuse the whole world spectators. In fact all the drawers present in the press pages of their country publish ideas on the football world as it’s the most popular sport in the world.
“Offside / to violence, indifference, discrimination and doping” is a cultural event on football world also to remember us that when life is in game, we play for life, because football is sport, happiness and desire of living. This proposal done in a critic moment for football, confirms what we’re saying from the beginning, that a football exposition is meeting moment for an healthy sport vision.
Football game is absolutely the national sport all over the world; the only one that join in a common enthusiastic feeling and participation of all the social classes and that can keep awake the attention much before and much later than the hour and a half of the match. The fact that television or the direct vision can communicate the games images, the public excitation is always on a very high level and tension never get down with the game’s end but goes over and involves in the streets also those who didn’t follow the match. It’s a game that, projected besides the official stadiums, daily propose itself in the thousand of football fields quite extemporized in schools, houses gardens or everywhere a kids group meet himself around a balloon.
Registering this phenomenon, with share spirit and with the placid point of view of cultural interest, with the clever curiosity inquiry and the gage thrown during the time by journalist, writers, photographers, sociologists, philosophers, painters and also drawers. This last category, the humoristic worldwide painters, compare themselves in a meeting exposition under the umbrella football.
A tribute to football in a cultural meeting that overpass the simply football language.
Football appassionates, is like a powerful river that can drag with him million of people to ride his wawe, in a climate mostly of party, football is life, most of all for those who live life in a sportily way. Football is love, especially for those who know the passion. Football is health, because sport must be healthy and honest and against every doping. Football is fun for everyone,above all for sceptic and committed persons. Football is also money, a meeting occasion for those who like staying together and they don’t want to stay no more alone.
For this and for all that this sport represent, we couldn’t do without involving the nibbest international pencils, trying to give football with a smile his primary identity: the game.


2nd Biennal "Wine, Humour and Fantasy" - Italy

We always talk about the wine culture, we also add wine in culture. Cinema, painting, literature, art generally have drawn from wine and whereas a two-sided journey that makes get high the wine glass on the seventh art podium, as cinema is considered the seventh art.
Thinking to Mario Soldati, writer and Italian movie director who said that “wine is something that lives and make part of our lives”, we can say that the product wine is the “8th art “.
The first historical reference we find it in the Bible, the patriarch Noé ate fermented grape to celebrate the Deluge.
Another ancient wine reference we have it in Kana’s wedding. According to the legend, a Persian king forgot a grape bunch inside an amphora. After a little time, he saw with surprise that it has fermented and spread some juice. He thought that juice was poison and inform about that his courtesan. But one of them who lost the king’s favour, tried to committ suicide drinking that juice thinking it was poison. Instead the more she drinked it, the more she felt happy and wishful and so she gave them a glass to the king waking in him desire.
The wine alchemy has always been present in magician and sublime aspects of human beeing.
Our most happiest moments are celebrated with this nectar produced by earth and by man’s work.
Celebrations, weddings, birthes, deceases, great banquets, family or religious parties are accompained with wine, nectar from fermented grape that transmits euphoria and happiness.
Wine has been the inspiration source in literary creation in all his genres.
Wine is life and truth, according to the classical motto "in vino veritas", as it’s been told by the French director Jean Luc Godard: “Truth is images in 24 images per second”.
Wine is, like humour "drinking poetry, that has to be tasted, felt, seen and heard…" always present in history and art.
Introduction: For this biennal second edition, all the paintings must arrive only and exclusively by e-mail.
The biennal is open to all professional cartoonists. Works must be presented with the participation form of the author (Name, Address, Country, Photograph or Caricature of the author).
Dimensions: A4 format 21 cm x 29,7 cm in JPEG style with 300 dpi resolution
Quantity: Max two paintings
Please send one e-mail per painting and one for the participation form. The e-mail can be sent indiscriminately to the following addresses:
A jury made up of artists, journalists and other professionists will choose the best five paintings participating to the competition. Each of the most voted five paintings will receive:
First Prize: Special Silver Plate "Humoris Causa"
Second, Third, Forth, and Fifth Prize will receive a Special Plate "Humoris Causa" of the International Festival.
The choice of the winning works will be communicated after the last date of presentation of the "Second International Graphic Humour Biennal".
After the last scrutiny, the festival direction will communicate to the authors the final choices on the festival website: http://www.festivalhumorgrafico.com/
The paintings of the authors that will be chosen for the exhibition will be selected by the cultural association “LO SCRIGNO DELL’ARTE”, by the biennal director in accordance with the selection made by the jury. The authors that will be published will receive one copy of the biennal catalogue at the end of the exhibition.
Each author is responsible of his own creation so the copyright of the eventual texts, titles and images belong to the creators.
The festival has no responsibility for any eventual not received e-mail or in a different format from the requested one (JPEG in 300 DPI)
The festival has the right to expose the works in the exhibitions, to publish them on the catalogue or on any article concerning the biennal. All the sent works will not be returned and will be part of the "International Festival of Graphic Humour Museum".
The Festival website will keep you updated with news and images about the event.
The participation to the event implies the acceptance of all the above-mentioned points.
Expiry date: Sunday, 24 of February 2008.
Date of exhibition opening in preview: April 2008
Itinerant exhibition: June-December 2008
Works must be exclusively sent to:


Atila Ozer cartoon exhibition in Eskisehir - Turkey

Atila Özer cartoon exhibition in Eskişehir, Turkey
In commemoration of the 800th year of birth of Nasreddin Hodja, the Eskisehir-born master of humour, Turkish cartoonist Atila Ozer is exhibiting his work in Eskisehir, Turkey. The exhibition will be on at Vestel Art Gallery from January 24, 2008 and the opening ceremony will take place at 17.30 local time.
Born in Burdur, Turkey in 1949, Atila Ozer made his debut as a cartoonist in 1973. He is not only a cartoon artist, but also a scholar on graphics and cartoon art at Anadolu University, Eskisehir. He also heads the Research Center for Art of Caricature and the Cartoon Art Museum of the university. The following is a short CV of the artist:

Atila Ozer
Occupation/Profession: Professor, Anadolu University, Eskisehir-TURKEY.
Prizes and Major Achievements: One of the works accepted to the Warsaw Caricature Museum in Poland, Yomiuri Shimbun Cartoon Contest (Japan 1982-1983-2001), Skopje Cartoon Contest (Macedonia 1989), Okhotsk Cartoon Contest (Japan 1995), Goethe Institut Cartoon Competition (Germany 2001). About 24 prizes in different exhibitions in Turkey.
Turkey; Eskişehir-Nasrettin Hoca (1978), Eskişehir (1988), İstanbul-Şile (1992), Eskişehir-Sivrihisar (1993), Ankara (1994), Mersin-Anamur (1996),
Germany; Staufen (1996),
Austria; Klagenfurt (1986), Landeck, Zams(2000).
Karikatüre Selam (1982) (Greetings to Cartoons),
Çizgiler (1985) (Cartoons),
Çizgimizah (1995) (Humors in Cartoons),
Karikatür Sanatı ve Reklamcılık (1988) (Advertising and Art of Cartoon),
İletişimin Çizgi Dili Karikatür (1994) (Cartoon as a Language of Communication),
Yurtdışında Ödül Kazanan Türk Karikatürleri (1995) (Award Winning Turkish Cartoons Abroad),
KARİKATÜR (1998) (Cartoon),
Karikatür Müzeleri (1999) (Cartoon Museums).

See more at: http://home.anadolu.edu.tr/~aozer/

"Street Children" new deadline: 30 January 2008

The first International Cartoonet (by email) Contest Theme: "Supporting Street Children" organised by irancartoon website is extended.
New deadline for entries via e-mail is January 30, 2008.
See http://www.irancartoon.com/
Regulations of the contest at:
An entry by Liu Hong - China (See right).

Anadolu University 3rd International Exhibition - Turkey

3rd International Cartoon Exhibition - Eskisehir Anadolu University - Turkey
Dear Cartoon Artist,
Anadolu University, one of the esteemed and well-known institutions in Turkey and among the ten mega universities in the world based on an international survey, will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year.
Anadolu University as an initiator of many innovations, has established the Research Center for Cartoon Art and Museum of Cartoon Art, both of which are the 'firsts' in Turkey. As it does on every branch of arts, Anadolu University places high importance on cartoon arts also. A number of exhibitions of famous cartoonists are produced each year. The collection of the museum becomes richer every day.
We invite all cartoonists to participate in the 3rd International Cartoon Exhibition. The theme of this year's exhibition is Celebration. We would like to furnish the museum with the works of famous artists. We hope that, by participating in the exhibition, you will support the museum and enrich the collection.
The theme of the exhibition is Celebration. Works which do not conform to the theme will be eliminated in accordance with the decision of the organization committee.
There are no technical or dimension limitations, but passe-partout and framing should not be done.
There is no limit to the number of works that can be submitted for the exhibition.
The submissions accepted for the exhibition will be exhibited at Anadolu University first, then in other cities and countries.
The works will become a part of Anadolu University Museum of Cartoon Art's archives. Upon request, cartoonists will be sent back their work but one copy will be reserved for the archives.
If the cartoonists choose to give the original or a copy of their work to Anadolu University, Museum of Cartoon Art, they will be the owner of all publication rights except in the books, catalogs, brochures, posters printed by the Museum and the University publications.
The works will be collected in an album and sent to the participants.
The participants should fill in the application form and send it with their work(s) to the address below no later than 10 April 2008.
Anadolu University
Museum of Cartoon Art
Akcami Mh. Malhatun Sok. No:6 Odunpazari
Eskisehir / TURKEY


1st International SNAIL’S Graphical Humor - Spain

1st International Aid of SNAIL’S Graphical Humor
1 Any professional artist or amateur can participate in this aid.
2 The subject of the aid is the SNAIL.
3 The participants can send a maximum of 3 works to compete, as long as they have not been awarded previously in another contest.
4 The works can be made with any pictorial technique, with unique format of A-4 size (210 x 297 mm) or proportional.
5 Works without words will be only accepted, in Catalan language or Castilian language.
6 It is precise to send works, solely by lleidacaragol@viajerosporinternet.com, 300 points of resolution in format JPG or JPEG.
7 The term of work admission finalizes the 1 of April 2008.
8 The works must go accompanied of a card that includes the name, last names, direction, telephone and photographs or cartoon of the author.
9 An only prize will be granted, to the winning work, of 1,000 euros; the trip in Lleida for two people and, if therefore it express the winner, two nights of lodging in the city with data in determining by the organization to attend the collection of the prize that will give day 23 of May of 2008. It is recommended not to vary the data of the trip since the expenses that any change of the arranged data generates are in charge of the winner.
10 The decision of the jury will be unquestionable.
11 The composition of the Jury will occur to know after the proclamation of the person who gains the aid.
12 The decision of the Jury will be notified the winner between the first fifteen days of April of 2008 by electronic mail and will later publish to the Web of Humoralia http://www.humoralia.org/ and the Fecoll http://www.aplec.org/
13 The author of the winning work will have to give original in hand or by mail certified properly protected to the organization of the contest during the first fortnight of May. The direction of the Federation of Gangs of l’Aplec of the Caragol is: Obradors Street, 2. 25002 LLEIDA.
14 The first 50 selected works will be exposed to the seat of the Fecoll, and if it is placed diagonally in other enclosures.
15 The electronic version of works could be visited the virtual gallery that will be published after the vestibule of Humoralia and the Fecoll.
16 The organizers reserve the right to spread and to reproduce the winning work and the other 49 selected without express authorization of the author or author, and without that represents no obligation respect of the artist.
17 The participation in the aid supposes the complete acceptance and without reserve of these bases. Any doubt that can arise will solve the Jury integrated by two members of Humoralia, two of FECOLL and one in representation of the sponsor.
(Source: http://regulamentoscartoon.blogspot.com/)

Call for support to the new element: VIEWPOINT

Possibly you have noticed the new element named VIEWPOINT on top right-hand corner of the blog. I think it needs some explanation.
To enrich the blog caricaturque, I am planning to publish daily cartoons / caricatures sent by blog-friendly cartoonists and / or borrowed by the blogger from cartoonbooks, catalogs, blogs, or websites as I did from Mr Kosanovic's when I first had the idea while surfing among his excellent works.
Hope international cartoonists take interest in this new element and e-mail a couple of their cartoons recently achieved or from their archives. Of course, the copyrights will still belong to the artists themselves except for this promotional use in the blog caricaturque.
You can e-mail your cartoons / caricatures for the VIEWPOINT in attachment to one of the following addresses please (Subject: For Viewpoint):


1st Cartoon Beer Contest Mondial de la Bière - Canada

Cartoon Beer Contest Mondial de la Bière
Mondial de la Bière, 2236, Beaubien East, Montréal, (Québec) Canada H2G 1M7 • Phone: 514-722-9640 # 442 • FAX: 514-722-8467 •
For the 15th anniversary of the Mondial de la bière we are pleased to announce the first International Concours bières bandes desssinées - Cartoon Beer Contest.
The contest will be announced February 11th 2008 via the internet. The deadline for participants to confirm their participation in the competition is February 25th 2008. All entries must be received no later than April 4th 2008. Judging will take place on April 11th and 12th 2008 with a panel of International Judges, the decision of the judges is final.
Announcement of winners will be made at the official opening of the Mondial de la bière on May 28th 2008 in Our Cheese Media-Group area.
1.) The contest is open to all people aged 18 years or older. All contestants accept the conditions and provisions included in the official rules and regulations. To complete registration to the contest the information form and signed release form must be returned by February 25th, 2008 and your original art work by April 4th, 2008. Participation to the contest is free of charge, the participants are responsible for delivering their work at their own expense to:
MBiere — Bandes desssinées - Cartoon — Beer
c/o Mondial de la bière
2236 Beaubien East
Montréal, Québec H2G 1M7
E-mail will be sent to contestants to confirm the registration. If you want to deliver your work electronicly send it to:
olegderg@hotmail.com and infombiere@globetrotter.net
2.) Theme: Beer, beer and women, beer and humor, beer and love, beer and sports, beer and history, beer and fun, beer and global warming, beer and politics, beer and ecology etc. etc. You may choose any humorous beer related theme to inspire your original cartoon, comic strip, caricature or gag. For comic strips we ask artists to include 3 to 4 frames on one page.
3.) Entries: participants may submit a maximum of 3 cartoons, or comic strips.
a) The cartoons must have never been exhibited in Canada, or have won an award in a previous
b) The cartoons may bear no captions, except for comic strips.
c) The cartoons must be sent flat without folds, or rolled in a tube.
d) The participants are responsible for the originality of their cartoons. Discussions and claims related to the originality, privacy, property rights, and or good taste of the work is the responsibility of the participant. The cartoons will not be returned and will belong to the permanent collection of the Mondial de la bière.
4.) a) Dimensions of the cartoons. Cartoons should be 21.5 cm x 28 cm or, 11 inches by 8 inches
(horizontal, or vertical).
b) Cartoons that are submitted under glass, framed or on other materials than paper as a support will be rejected from the competition.
5.) Property rights, By agreeing to take part in the contest the participants renounce their property rights on the work submitted, thus empowering the organizing association to make use of their entries for promotional purposes on behalf of the International Concours bières bandes desssinées - Cartoon Beer Contest. This includes use of their entries by sponsors for publicity, publicity in the Medias, cartoon books, posters and or catalogues, folders, calendars or other promotional materials etc. Entries may be used for official gifts by the festival organizers.
6.) Jury. A first selection of all entries will be made by the Head Judge the Honorable Oleg Dergachov in preparation of the final judging that will be done by an International team of expert judges. The judging will take place on April 11th and 12th 2008 in Montréal, Québec, Canada.
The International jury will include professional cartoonists, and or art critics, and possibly a representative of a major sponsor and also one of the festival. A minimum of 6 judges will be on the jury.
7.) Prizes
Golden Mug Medal — First prize cash award of $1,500 CDN
Silver Mug Medal — Second prize cash award of $1,000 CDN
Bronze Mug Medal — Third prize cash award of $500 CDN


Entry form


Date of birth:







I agree to the rules and regulations of the International Concours bières bandes desssinées - Cartoon Beer Contest. No entries will be returned to the participants, and will remain the property of the festival. The cartoons may be used for promotional purposes as described in the rules and regulations. Legal responsibilities related to the work submitted remains the responsibility of the author of the cartoons or comic strips.



No information concerning entries will be sent by mail, or e-mail to the entrants. The winners will be announced on May 28th 2008 at the official opening of the 15th anniversary of Mondial de la bière, winners, and selected cartoons can then be seen on the website at http://www.festivalmondialbiere.qc.ca/
The competition will be announced on February 11st 2008 via the internet. The award winning work, and selected runners-up will be displayed during the duration of the Mondial de la bière in Our Cheese Media-Group area, plus exposed on the web site. Entrants must confirm their participation via internet by February 25th 2008. No information concerning your entries will be given over the phone, or via the internet. The cartoons entered in the competition must be received no later than April 4th 2008, accompanied by the signed entry form.
Please send your entries to:
MBiere — Bandes desssinées - Cartoon — Beer
olegderg@hotmail.com and infombiere@globetrotter.net
Mondial de la bière 2236 Beaubien East, Montréal, QC, Canada H2G 1M7

7th FCW International Cartoonet Festival - China

7th FreeCartoonsWeb International Cartoonet Festival-2008
1) Sections/Themes:
1. Cartoon:
A) Olympic Humour (for Beijing 2008 Olympic: 1. track and field events, 2. gymnastics, 3. shooting, 4. weight lifting, 5. judo, 6. equestrianism, 7. soccer/football, 8. badminton, 9. tennis, 10. softball, 11. field hockey/cricket, 12. rowing/boat, 13. swimming, 14. archery, 15. wrestling, 16. boxing, 17. fencing, 18. basketball, 19. volleyball, 20. table tennis, 21. baseball, 22. handball, 23. cycling, 24. paddling/skin boat, 25. sailing, 26. modern pen-tathlon, 27. Taekwondo, 28. Iron-man triathlon, 29. Olympics)
B) Free Theme
2. Caricature:
A) Sports Star
2) Deadline: May 01, 2008
3) Entries:
1. Size: Min: A4(210 mm x 297 mm), Max: A3 (297 mm x 420 mm)
2. Quantity: Unlimited
3. Please send original drawings to this Festival. Black & white or colored, any style, any technique will be accepted. Digital artworks(CD&Disk) and good quality photocopies will be accepted.
4. Please write the following information in the top left corner on the back side of cartoon: name, address, tel & fax, e-mail, title & theme, sections.
5. Participants are requested to send together with their cartoons, an entry-form with signature, a photograph or caricature. The form can be downloaded at our website.
6. Titles or entry-form must be filled out in understandable English or Chinese.
7. After sending original drawings, all cartoonists can participate in festival through your own E-mail by submitting your cartoon to: freecartoons@126.com
Format: JPEG Size: max. 2000 k per cartoon Resolution ratio:200 dpi-300 dpi
(Each e-mail must be accompanied by the author's entry-form for the submitted cartoon.)
4) Prizes:
1. Cartoon:
Grand Prize (1 award): Certificate+Catalogue+Olympic Gifts; Gold Prize (2 awards): Certificate+Catalogue+Olympic Gifts; Silver Prize (4 awards): Certificate+Catalogue; Bronze Prize (8 awards): Certificate+Catalogue.
2. Caricature: Grand Prize (1 award): Certificate+Catalogue+Olympic Gifts; Gold Prize (2 awards): Certificate+Catalogue+Olympic Gifts; Silver Prize (4 awards): Certificate+Catalogue; Bronze Prize (8 awards): Certificate+Catalogue.
5) Contact:
Address: Jiang Lidong, FCW2008 Cartoonet Festival, Room 602, No.28 Hong Kong Garden Lane 188, South Jidi Road, Shanghai 201107, P.R.CHINA
URL: http://www.fcwfcw.com/, http://www.fcw.cn/
E-mail: freecartoons@126.com
(Only for Festival) Tel: 0086-21-62216801; 0086-13818006180
Regulations & entry-form 2008: http://feature.fcw.cn/main.php?sLAN=en

Winners of 5th FreeCartoonsWeb International 2007

Winners of 5th FreeCartoonsWeb International Cartoonet Festival - 2007
Mikhail M. ZLATKOVSKY: Cartoonist, (Russia)
Raed Khalil: Cartoonist, Syria Cartoon Website (Syria)
Xia Dachuan: Cartoonist, Secretary-China Artists Association (Beijing, China)
Jin Hui: Cartoonist, Shanghai 85 Hospital (Shanghai, China)
Yu Liang: Cartoonist, MaAnshan Daily (MaAnshan, China)
Huang Qigong: Cartoonist, Guangxi City College (Guangxi, China)
Jiang Lidong: Cartoonist, Oriental Morning Post (Shanghai, China)
Grand Prize: Rumen Dragostinov (Bulgaria)
Gold Prize (2 awards): Valeriu Kurtu (Germany), Marcin Bondarowicz (Poland).
Silver Prize (4 awards): Eugenio de Faria Neves (Brazil) (See top right), Mohammad Ali Khalaji (Iran), Shahrokh Heidari (Iran), Ji Shaohua (China).
Bronze Prize (8 awards): Santiago Cornejo (Argentina) (See right below), Jabbar Abdolee (Iran), Nizar Outhman ( Lebanon), Rooshan Gataullin (Russia), Yuriy Kosobukin (Ukraine), Makhmudjon Eshonkulov (Uzbekistan), Dai Peicheng (China), Liu Hong (China)
Success Award (15 awards): Arsen Gagiki Gevorgyan ( Armenia), Louis Pol (Australia), Ivan Haramija (Croatia), Athanassios Efthimiadis (Greece), Nahid Maghsoudi (Iran), Pooya Sareh (Iran), Young Sik Oh (Korea), Jordan Pop Iliev (Macedonia), Jovan Prokopljevic (Serbia), Milenko Kosanovic (Serbia), Ba-Bilig (China), Guo Zhong (China), Jin Xiaoxing (China), Tang Shilei (China), Sheng Kai (China).
Selected Prize
(30 awards): Shahid Atiqullah (Afghanistan), Beas Hector (Argentina), Bayram Hajizadeh (Azerbaijan), Seyran Caferli (Azerbaijan), Resad Sultanovic (Bosnia), Silvano Rosa Goncalves de Melo (Brazil), Ferreol Murillo Fuentes (Costa Rica), Boeidar Vukelic-BOBA (Croatia), Neda Mobinipouya (Iran), Tadeusz Krotos (Poland), Julian Pena-Pai (Romania), Boris Petrushansky (Russia), Erdogan Basol (Turkey), Ismail Kar (Turkey), Musa Gumus (Turkey), Oguz Gurel (Turkey), Umit Mufit Dincay (Turkey), Kazanevsky Vladimir (Ukraine), Cai Lian (China), Cheng Shibi (China), Li Chongwu (China), Li Jingshan (China), Li Xiaoyang (China), Liu Zhongliang (China), Qiao Wei (China), Wang Ruisheng (China), Yang Xiaobo (China), Zhang Wei (China), Zou Zhengchun (China).
Winning cartoons:
Source: Karcomic Magazine http://karcomic.com/

Call for entries to Hong Kong Cartoon Art Festival

Dear Pals,
As you all know by now that I have started an international art Gallery in the heart of Hong Kong last month and now we have decided to have an international Cartoon Art Festival from February 5th onwards until April 2008. There will be more exposure through this exhibition to the art lovers and to all participants, taking a step forward to grant a certificate to all the participants including profile exposure through our printed monthly international magazine called FUNWORLD from the month of April. You can send all your entries via email as JPEG file format and please remember to send as 300 dpi jpegs. Send all your entries to: gallery.sarasen@gmail.com or to: menakasene@gmail.com
Please visit the gallery site now and get more details: http://www.sarasene.com/
Thanks folks and hope to receive more mails and entries from you guys!
Good Luck!
With Best regards!


Nature & Man Contest 2008: Drought and Water

The Subject of the year 2008: Drought and Water
The Association of Cartoonists, TEMA Foundation and Cartoon Publishing had organized this contest aiming to direct people for focusing more on this matter by describing through cartoons that mankind will sooner or later face these dangers and by focusing on their probable results and also aiming to create an attitude and behavioral change in the society in order to slow down this process. The contest is open for all the amateur and professional cartoonists.
The cartoon may be published or awarded. Technique is free. Can be colored or black and white. The dimensions A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
Contest cartoons can be sent only through internet.
Awards: By the end of each month, the best 3 cartoons of that month will be selected and 20 saplings will be planted in Tekirdag Memorial Forest on their behalf. An introductory sign will be erected on the plantation region.
The works that are sent to the contest will be exhibited through internet.
By the end of the year, those works awarded and those works to be determined by the selection committee will be collected in a CD and will be sent to the owners of the works as free of charge.
The cartoons of the contest, whether awarded or not, may be exhibited in the introductory announcements of the contest and they can be published in books, magazines, posters, postcards. Copyrights will not be paid to the owners of the works due to these publications.
In case they are used for other purposes or by third parties, then permission will be obtained from the owner of the work.
Those who send their works to the contest, will also indicate whether they can be used or not, in the t-shirts to be produced by TEMA Foundation's Economic Management in order to obtain revenue.
The utilization rights of the works are for Turkey.
The cartoons may be used in postcards for introductory purposes.
Each cartoonist will be assessed by the jury both for the following month’s elections and the annual elections, whether they are awarded or not by the monthly jury election.
The artists participating in the contest will be deemed to accept all the participation conditions.
This contest is organized by the Association of Cartoonists, TEMA Foundation and Cartoon Publishing.
Since environmental disasters are continuous, our contest will also continue without interruption. Exhibition: The exhibition of the contest cartoons that were drawn previously will be realized at the Gallery of the Association.
Award ceremony: will be announced later.
Sending address: by e-mail dogalcevre@gmail.com and mailto:mnaturalenv@gmail.com
Jury evaluation: Election will be held in every month.
General Authority of the Organization: Muhittin Koroglu
Selection Committee: Representative of the Association of Cartoonists, Representative of TEMA Foundation, Representative of Cartoon Publishing.
WEB: http://www.muhittinkoroglu.com/yduyuru.asp


7th Euro-Fruitcartoonale - Belgium

An organization of the Imperial Commanderie of the Noble Haspengouwse Fruyteniers and their Gastronomy.
On the eve of the Olympic Games 2008 in Peking become from our Cartooncontest the topic:
Haspengouws fruit and Olympic games 2008.
We wonder ourselves in advance which positive influence can our Fruit from Haspengouw* on this greatest sport event or could in the distant Peking, where the complete international sport world collects. Our jury expects, the Olympic idea keeping in mind that "take part is more important than win" that our Haspengouws fruit in these disciplines will ensure lunatic interpretations and hilarity combinations. The jury expects with impatience your funny interpretations of the topic FRUIT & OLYMPIC GAMES before 27 February 2008.
Everybody can participate at this Eurofruit-cartoontest. The participants agree with the regulations and the decisions of the jury. The jury has the right to refuse works for ethical reasons. No correspondence will take place concerning the results and the decisions of the jury.
All humoristic situations concerning things, actions, emotions, persons and events, with regards to the theme ‘Fruit from Haspengouw and the Olympic Games ‘ which are portrayed in a humorous and artistically responsible way, are qualified. Only original designs which include Fruit from Haspengouw (pears, apples, prunes, cherries, strawberries, berries, raspberries...) can win a price. It is forbidden to send in works that have been awarded before, and works that are subjected to third-party rights.
Number of works: maximum 5 (without frame)
Dimensions: only A4 size (297 x 210 mm).
Please write on the back side of every cartoon in capital letters: Name, first name, address, telephone, fax, mobile number and e-mail address.
By participating, participants give the organisation the right to use, archive, print and duplicate the works and to let them participate at every initiative, commercially included, without any compensation to the author. The rewarded works remain the organizers property. Non-rewarded and nominated works, which are not collected within three months after the exhibition, also remain property of the organization. The organization is not responsible for damage or loss. The participants who wish to ensure their works, have to do this themselves. The organization takes no responsibility or initiative on this area.
SEND VIA POST before February 23th 2008 (thoroughly packed and not folded) and sufficiently prepaid at the participants own risk and expense to:
and money prizes €600, € 300, €200, €150
Several special prizes
Baskets with fruit for all the winners
Certificates for the 25 nominations
Friday April 18th 2008 at 8 pm in Cultural Centre “de bogaard” Capucienessenstraat 8, 3800 Sint-Truiden. The participants whose works are nominated and rewarded will be personally invited. All cartoonists who are present receive a cartoon book free of charge.
The selected works will be exposed from Saturday 19th of April until Sunday, 10th of May 2008 in the white hall of the cultural centre “de bogaard”, Capucienessenstraat 8 in 3800 Sint-Truiden.
JOHNY VANDERHEYDEN, Chairman Eurofruitcartoonale
Marshal Keizerlijke Commanderie HAMELSTRAAT 39, 3800 SINT-TRUIDEN, BELGIUM
TEL 0032 (0)11 68 92 59 ( 8-18U30)
FAX 0032 (0)11 68 92 59

*Fruit from Haspengouw
pears, apples, prunes, cherries, strawberries, berries, raspberries...

Regulations: http://www.ecc-kruishoutem.be/graphics_algemeen/Eurofruitcartoonale_ENG.pdf

Results 1st "Laughter is Health" - Argentina

Results of 1st "Laughter is Health"
The objective of the contest was to emphasize the fundamental paper of graphical humor in the prevention in the public health, specially in fulfillment of the law control of the tobacco, approved in September of 2005, by the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires.
Graphical humor is a journalistic sort that is able to express a civic commitment, trying to contribute to the reflection and the action, waking up with a smile the conscience in favor of a free life of smoke, without smoking, to be better and not to become ill to third liabilities, victims of whom smoke.
These are the winners of the Contest The Laughter is Health! in 2007:
- Walter Gastaldo - Puerto Rico
- Ignacio Martín Palomares - España

- Elcio Danilo Ruso Amorim - Brasil (See above)
- Ludo Goderis - Bélgica (See below)
- Aliyev Ramil – Azerbaijan.

See all prize-winning cartoons at:


2nd "Laughter is Health" - Argentina

International Contest of Graphical Humour
"laughter is health"

Buena Salud magazine invites all graphical humorists worldwide to participate in the contest “physical activity is essential for health
The objective of the contest is to emphasize the importance of graphical humour in the public health prevention.
Graphical humour is a journalistic genre that is able to express a social commitment, pretending contribute to the reflection and action, waking up with a smile consciousness for a full physical activity to improve health.
Rules of the Contest

Buena Salud Magazine
Main Sponsor:
Pfizer SRL
Subject of the Contest
physical activity is essential for health
Who participate
The contest is open to Graphical humorists of all nations, professionals, semi-professionals or amateurs.
Amount of pieces
Each participant will be able to send up to two (2) pieces.
Characteristics of the original work
The works may not have been previously published nor awarded.
The maximum size of artworks is A4 210 x 297 centimeters. Mounted in cardboard.
The technique to use is free. Colour or Black and white
The original work could be sent in digital format, by post or delivered personally before May 5, 2008, in Avda San Juan 499, CP 1147, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, República Argentina.
The participants who sent the works in digital format, and providing that those that have been rewarded and / or selected for the exhibition, will have to send the original work by post, which will be able to be withdrawn after finished the sample.
The presentation of the original work will be a condition necessary for the effective delivery of the prize.
Condition for participation
As a condition for participation, the authors should fulfill, together with his work, the data in the form annexed to these rules, the veracity of which must be accredited at the time of receiving the award. The organizer guarantees absolute privacy of the data contained in this form, except for the full name and nationality, which will be published in the digital catalogue and other publications referred to in this regulation.
Of the juries
The jury will be integrated by: Oskar Blotta (president), Publishing Consultant of Buena Salud magazine, and the recognized graphical humorist, Andrés Cascioli and authorities related to health and physical activity.
The jury will fail 15th may, 2008. The opinion of the jury will be Not appealable.
The first prize will have an allocation of us$ 1000, two second prizes us$ 500 each. The jury will be able to declare up to two special mentions.
Digital Catalogue
The Jury, under his experience and sound judgment will select a certain number of works, which may be included in the Digital Catalogue of " laughter is health." The inclusion of the works in it, is not guaranteed, nor give rise to any compensation
The selection and show of the art works will be exhibited in a special event where the jury will fail and will deliver prizes.
Rights and obligations
All participants of the graphical humour contest should accept and will opportunely sign the following rules:
1. Deadline for the delivery of works: 5th May 2008, up to 6 PM. All works sent through post office will have to certify the date and reception time in Av. San Juan 499, CP 1147, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2. The original works only could be withdrawn personally by their authors or by authorized person, in Av. San Juan 499, CP 1147, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, until December 21, 2008, at the time of 10 to 17 hours.
The original works will be sent by post with cost for the participant, after their special requirement.
3. The author transferred the rights of exhibition of the sent works, as well as the ones published in the Digital Catalogue of the Contest.
4. The results of the contest will be notified by mail to the winners and published in www.larisaessalud.com and Buena Salud magazine.
5. The winners transferred their rights freely for publication in Buena Salud magazine and / or any of XYZ Editora S.A. publications, as well as posters, brochures, banners or Internet web pages, mentioning in all cases author's name and nationality, who retain their Intellectual Property Rights (Argentina National Law 11.723).
6. The organizer will be liable for the safe keeping of selected original artwork whilst in their possession, but is not responsible for loss and / or damage that may suffer for circumstances beyond the control of organizer.
7. Any other issue not covered by the Rules of the contest will be resolved by the Organizer, who reserves the right to change the terms of this contest without the right to any claim by participants.
8. Participation implies knowledge of this regulation contest.
More information:
Avda. San Juan 499, Capital Federal, (CP1147), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Phone: (5411) 43073505
Fax. (5411) 4307-2505


20th International ISHS Humor Conference - Spain

20th International ISHS Humor Conference
July, 7 – 11th 2008 Alcalá de Henares MADRID SPAIN
have the pleasure of welcoming you to the 20th International ISHS Humor Conference website. Following the tradition established in previous gatherings we will like this Conference to be a distinguished forum for scientific discussion in the area of humour and, of courses, a place to enjoy the laughter, the wit and the games.
The congress will be held on July, 7 – 11th 2008, at the University of Alcalá, in Alcalá de Henares. We invite all the humour areas investigators, experts, studious and professionals to participate.
The International Society Humour Studies (ISHS) is a studious and professional organization dedicated to the study of the humour. Many of its members are University professors and investigators of different areas as Biomedical Sciencies, Linguistics, Psychosocial Sciences, Cultural Studies, Communication, Translation, Educational Sciences... Many professionals of different areas also participate in the Society. That is the reason why the ISHS is a group that has a lot of disciplines and facets, united by the humour in all its multiple dimensions.
Alcalá de Henares is also the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote de La Mancha, one of the most important world wide comedies. The city is located a few kilometres northeast of Madrid. It was founded during the Romans era, and was given the name of Complutum. Its existence is related to its University which was founded in 1499 by Cardinal Cisneros. The 500 anniversary commemoration of the first promotion will be celebrated on 2008. Alcalá was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1998.


1st Amazon Humor Salon - Brazil

1st Amazon Humor Salon - Ecology in a line-drawing
From March 25th to 30th, 2008
Place: Boulevard das Feiras / Estação das Docas. Belém-Pará- Brazil
1. Nature and scope of the Salon
The 1st Amazon Humor Salon – Ecology in a line-drawing, intends to be part of the agenda of events related to cartoon production in Brazil and abroad, aiming at stimulating and publicizing cartoonists in general. It is important that this salon is a graphic platform that will show the talent and critic perception of all cartoonists concerned with ecological problems that afflict our planet, specially the Amazon region.
2. Deadlines
The 1st Amazon Humor Salon – Ecology in a line-drawing will take place from March 25th to 30th. See deadlines below:
a) Deadline for entries: March 5th, 2008;
b) Selection of entries: March 15th, 2008;
c) Opening and Award Ceremony: March 25th, 2008;
d) Closing ceremony: March 30th, 2008.
3. Themes
a) Ecology (Compulsory) - In this category will be all cartoons whose theme is related to ecological problems.
b) Communication - In this category will be all cartoons whose theme is related to communication around the world.
4. Registration
a) Works must be submitted by e-mail, 300 dpi resolution image; dimension of 3,543 x 4,724 pixels or 30 x 40 cm; RGB color model; jpg format (average quality = 5) maximum size of 1.5 MB, along with the Entry Form containing the following data: name of the author, fictitious name, address, phone numbers, e-mail, ID card or Passport number and bank account details.
b) Each author may sent a maximum of two works per theme:
1- Theme: ecology 2- Theme: communication.
c) Entries must be sent to the following e-mails: salaohumordaamazonia@gmail.com / contato@centralcinevideo.com until March 5th, 2008.
5. Jury
a) The organizing team of the 1st Amazon Humor Salon will appoint a Pre-Selection Committee whose responsibility will be to select the works that will take part in the exhibition and in contest. This Committee will also select the works that will be in the catalogue;
b) The Jury will be constituted by five members qualified professionals in the field.
c) The president of the Jury will be an artist specially invited for the event;
d) The number of works in the catalogue may be different from the number selected for the exhibition. No complaints on this matter will be considered;
e) The Jury is responsible for granting prizes and special awards;
f) Decisions made by the Jury and the Pre-Selection Committee are final.
6. Works and originals
a) Submitted works will not be returned and will be part of the Amazon Humor Salon’s collection.
b) The production company Central de Produção – Cinema e Vídeo na Amazônia, which is responsible for this project, has the right to use any submitted work, at any time, for publicizing the event.
c) None of the works will be put for sale or used for commercial purposes.
7. Catalogue
a) All participants with works selected for the catalogue will receive a copy of it
8. Copyright
a) Submitting a work will imply that the author grants reproduction rights to the salon for non-commercial purposes.
b) All rights of prize-winning works will be automatically given to the organization of the 1st Amazon Humor Salon.
11. Prizes
a) A total of 4 (four) prizes will be given:
Theme: Ecology
1st prize: R$ 6.000,00 (gross amount)
2nd prize: R$ 3.000,00 (gross amount)
Theme: Communication
1st prize: R$ 2.000,00 (gross amount)
2nd prize: R$ 1.000,00 (gross amount)
b) Prizes are subject to tax withholdings as established by the current and applicable law.
c) All prize and special awards winners will receive a trophy and a certificate.
e) All authors with works selected for the exhibition and catalogue will receive a certificate of participation in the salon.
9. Venues and Dates
The 1st Amazon Humor Salon – Ecology in a line-drawing will take place in the city of Belém, State of Pará, Brazil, from March 25th to 30th, 2008, at Boulevard das Feiras, Estação das Docas.
10. Organization
Conceived and coordinated by Biratan Porto, the Amazon Humor Salon is realized by Central de Produção – Cinema e Vídeo na Amazônia.


Results Yilmaz Guney Caricature Contest - Turkey

Results of Yilmaz Guney Culture and Art Festival Caricature Contest

The cartoon contest organized along with others in the context of Yilmaz Guney Culture and Art Festival has concluded. The Selection Committee comprised of cartoonists Canol Kocagoz, Mete Gokturk, Kamil Yavuz, E. Yaşar Babalik, Seyit Saatci and Askin Ayrancioglu convened on January 13 and after examining the 126 cartoons sent in for the festival they decided to award the "Honor Plaque of the Festival" to Hicabi Demirci (Turkey), Louis Pol (Australia), Sevket Yalaz (Turkey), and Sait Munzur (Turkey). Bayram Hajizadeh (Azerbaijan) is awarded the "Special Prize of the Selection Committee" while "Yilmaz Guney Freedom Prize"s went to Mahmut Ulusan and Mehmet Bogatekin. The Committee awarded “Promising Young Caricaturist” award plaques to Seref Kaya and Esma Balkan among participants younger than 18 years of age.

The exhibition and the prize-giving ceremony will take place at Yeni Melek Cultural Center in Beyoglu, Istanbul on January 27, 2008. The cartoons selected for the exhibition will be put in a catalogue and each cartoonist will receive one free of charge.

Details of the festival: http://www.yilmazguneyksf.org/
All prize-winning cartoons: http://www.karikaturculerdernegi.org/detay.asp?id=6879


8th International Mediterranean Contest - Turkey

Mediterranean catchment which is the meeting point of Asia, Europe and Africa has the characteristic to be a cradle of the cultures that constitute contemporary world civilization. Mediterranean is wholly a separate world .
Mediterranean had been witness to chipping of the stone, cultivation of soil, working with iron, invention of the writing, production of the glass, usage of the money, beginning of the commerce, construction of the temples, discovery of the stars and the tone of the music which makes the human being a person. Mediterranean is a history itself. If tourism has a history, it begins from the Mediterranean because Mediterranean is also the center of tourism. Therefore, "tourism in Mediterranean" is the subject of this contest. Our call is to all cartoonists of the world: “Draw, draw the tourism in Mediterranean”.
Tourism in MediterraneanRULES
1. The contest is organized by Alanya Tourism and Promotion Foundation and it is open to the cartoonists worldwide.
2. The works contributed to this contest may have been published before; however, they should not have received any prize in any type of contest.
3. Each artist should contribute with only one work. They should not be computer print-outs or photocopied.
4. If there is any script involved, it should either be in English or Turkish.
5. The size should not exceed 30x40 cm.
6. Participants should write their names, family names, country, address and telephone number (s) in capital letters on the back of their works and they should enclose a short biography either in English or Turkish.
7. The contributions should be received by the following address prior to May 1, 2008.
Alanya Turizm Tanıtma Vakfı
Atatürk Caddesi Şen Apt. No: 51/6,

07400 Alanya / Turkey8. The results of the contest will be announced on May 03, 2008.
9. Works sent to the contest will not be sent back to the participants. All works submitted whether they are given a prize or not can be used or published in cultural activities.
On the other hand the copyright in commercial usage is belonged to the artist.
All of the participants are considered to have accepted these conditions.
10. Some of the cartoons may be exhibited in Alanya along with the prize-winning works for a week after the ceremony.
11. If the contributions are collected and published in an album by Alanya Tourism and Promotion Foundation, the participants will receive a copy.
12. The prize ceremony will be held in Alanya on May 31, 2008.
Kamil Deniz Som ( Journalist, Istanbul-Turkey)
Kamil Masaraci (Cartoonist, Istanbul-Turkey)
Cihan Demirci (Cartoonist, Istanbul-Turkey)
Nuvit Ozkan (Tourism Organisation, Alanya-Turkey)
Ibrahim Tapa (Cartoonist, Istanbul-Turkey)
Marlene Pohle (Cartoonist, Germany).
1st Prize: 2.000 USD + Air ticket(two way for one person) + 1 week holiday for double in Alanya(HB-extras are belonged to the guest)
2nd Prize: 500 USD + Air ticket two way for one person) + 1 week holiday for double in Alanya(HB-extras are belonged to the guest)
3rd Prize: 500 USD + Air ticket (two way for one person) + 1 week holiday for double in Alanya(HB-extras are belonged to the guest)
· District of Alanya
· Municipality of Alanya
· Alanya Chamber of Commerce
· Alanya Tourism & Promotion Foundation
· Eastern Mediterranean History and Culture Research Foundation.
WEB: http://www.alanya.com.tr/
Tel: 00 90 242 511 76 21
E-Mail: altav@alanya.cc or nocten44@hotmail.com


Results 1st Campos Ecological Humour - Brazil

Results 1º Salão Internacional de Humor Ecológico de Campos - Brasil
Theme: "The end of drinkable water in the world"
The following artists from Turkey are among the 140 artists selected with their 180 works from 800 cartoons sent in from 42 countries for the Saloon:
Askin Ayrancioglu 1
Faruk Soyarat 2
Ismail Kar 1
Musa Gumus 2
Oguz Gurel 2
The prize-winning cartoons in the Saloon and their artists are announced as follows:

1st Place: Duke - Brazil

2nd Place: Beto - Brazil

3rd Place: David Vela - Spain

4th Place: Xiaoqiang Hou - China

5th Place: Regional prize - Alicio Gomes - Brazil
All selected artists at: http://www.ecohumorcampos.com/