Finalist cartoons of the 8th International Tourism Cartoon Competition 2016, Turkey

Dear Fellow Cartoonists,
After the meeting of the Pre-selection Committee on January 28, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey, the finalist cartoons of the 8th International Tourism Cartoon Competition were specified. 182 cartoons in the adult category and 49 cartoons in the youth category were chosen for the final evaluation. The finalist cartoons will be displayed on the organization website between February 1 and 10, 2017 before the evaluation of the final selection committee.
When you see any similar, copy cartoon/s or received an award before, and any fraud cartoon/s among the finalist cartoons, please write to organizing committee (There are numbers on every cartoons, you can use numbers when you are reporting). Any objections to authenticity will be considered until February 10, 2017.
The finalist cartoons are displayed on this web page.
Adult Category:
Youth Category:
Please write to:
E-mail: tourismcartoon@gmail.com

The United Nations / Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Awards for 2017

for 2017
Award Grants:
The following provisions govern the granting of
The names of the winners of our thirteen prizes will be published on December 15, 2017, on this web site, together with their winning cartoons:
First prize, of us$10,000 and a plaque.
Second prize, of us$5,000 and a plaque.
Third prize, of us$3,000 and a plaque.
Ten honorable mention plaques granted by
All winning entries will be announced via the worldwide press and on the website on December 15, 2017. All winners' prizes, either financial and/or plaques, will be sent via U.S. registered mail by December 31, 2017, to the winners.
Rules for Exhibits:
1. Entries must be submitted in writing and addressed to
25 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019
(No phone or fax calls or Emails, please). Entries for awards must be received on or before November 15, 2017, and represent work done from the beginning of September 2016, to the 15th of October 2017, reflecting the importance of human dignity, mutual respect and friendship among nations, as well as economic consideration and environmental responsibilities towards each other. While cartoonists may send in what ever they please, the contest does not encourage maligning member nations.
Winning cartoons will be chosen for their high professional standards in art, political analysis of events, projection of events to come, humor, while also reflecting the spirit and principles of the U.N.
2. Entries for these awards may be made by any professional individual, and should consist of political cartoons printed in any publication published anywhere, in any language. The entry must consist of reproductions only. The cartoon reproductions will be accepted only as published, with name of publication, language, and date included, accompanied by a newspaper reprint, and translated into English. Exhibits are limited to two cartoons per person. Reproductions must be presented measuring no larger than 8,5 x 11 inches. Envelopes larger than 8,5 x 11,5 inches and that are thicker than one eighth of one inch will not be opened, and their entries shall not participate in the competition.
The entries should be sent in soft envelopes, easy to open.
The Committee requires that all entries conform to the stated limits and sizes before it can be given any jury consideration. All exhibits should include a biography of no more than 75 words long, be written in clear English, and a picture of the entrant.
3. All materials including prize-winning exhibits become the property of
and will not be returned. Again: Only copies (not originals!) will be accepted for consideration. All material may be used for promotional purposes, including but not limited to inclusion in special United Nations albums or any other albums and/or exhibits.
4. Our obligation is fulfilled upon the mailing of the plaques and/or valid checks to the award winners. Checks must be cashed within three months of mailing, after which time the checks will become null and void. The Committee will not be responsible for banking procedures and limitations of any country, or negligence that may create obstacles in cashing the check.
5. The decisions of the judges are final and irrevocable.
Entry Form on source: http://www.lurieunaward.com/ .


Fantastic Cities: International Calicomix Call 2017, Colombia

We invite you to capture cities of the future, the past or cities with no time, visualizing happy or terrible places, with critical proposal, apocalyptic or waste of beauty and imagery.
The call includes a special category of work pieces, of great cities illustrated for children.
You can send up to 5 work pieces in digital format at a resolution of 300 dpi, in files with 1.0 mega minimum and 8.0 maximum mega, in whatever technique such as color or black and white, including manual process, digital or mixed.
You can participate with unpublished work or published.
The call is opened to artist of any age, sex or nationality.
The best work pieces participating will receive award Calicomix and certificates of selection in the sample to be held in the Dome in the Biblioteca Departamental Jorge Garcés city of Cali, Colombia, on April 2017.
All the work pieces participating will be published in the international memorial event of Calicomix 2017 and will circulate through all social media in a digital magazine on June 2017.
Each participating author Calicomix Foundation authorizes the publication in different media, of every work piece, released with his name and nationality.
The Call will be opened until February 18th 2017.
Work pieces will be sent to calicomix@gmail.com indicating the author’s name, title of the work piece, nationality and date of completion.
WEB: http://calicomix.com.co/ .
Source: FB .


Catalog of the 5th SICACO 2016, Korea

Yesterday received the great catalog of the 5th Sejong International Cartoon Contest (SICACO) 2016 from Korea. The standard A4 size catalog has over a 100 pages in color. The front and back page cartoons are the work of the Bronze Prize winner artist Musa Gumus from Turkey.
The statistics in the catalog report they had received 1215 works by 415 cartoonists from 53 countries including Korea. 259 artists are awarded in this edition with the theme "Trauma+Healing" and the Free theme. From Turkey are awarded the following cartoonists:
Bronze Prize: Musa Gumus.
Student Special Prize: Rumeysa Gul Tunc, 13 y.
Student Honorable Mention: Kubranur Gul Tokmak, 14 y; Abdulhakim Orhanoglu, 16 y; Merve Yurtseven, 12 y.
Theme Prize: Kemal Ozyurt, Ahmet Umit Akkoca.
Achievement Award: Askin Ayrancioglu, Menekshe Cham.
Best Cartoon Prize: Musa Keklik, Mete Agaoglu, Seyit Saatci, Omer Cam.
Honorable Mention: Ismet Lokman, Duru Ciftci, Sedat Ozturk.
Webtoon Prize: Halis Dokgoz, Ismail Tokdemir.
SICACO secures the world's most original works (35.000) and operates the world's largest Cyber International Cartoon Gallery, registered in the Guinness Book of Record: http://dicaco.kongju.ac.kr/.
Major prize-winners 2016 and more info about the forthcoming edition 2017 here.

International Cartoon Festival Franzensbad 2017, Czechia

International Cartoon Festival Franzensbad 2017, Czechia
Compulsory Subjects:
1) C. K. Austro – Hungarian Monarchy
2) Protection of Endangered Animals (patronage from CITES)
* The Author is obligated to deliver his cartoons on all subjects
* Total number of cartoons per author: at least 3 pieces, maximum 5 pieces
* Cartoons on anything other than the compulsory subjects will not be accepted
* A cartoon must not have won an appraisal at previous competitions
* Cartoons without words are not a requirement, but they have an advantage
* Cartoons should only be sent electronically to: mfkh@email.cz
* The technical parameters should be as follows: at least 300 DPI; JPG, PNG, or PDF format
* The cartoons must be delivered to the above e-mail on April 30th, 2017 at the latest
* By sending their cartoons, the author agrees with the following:
a) The organizer can use the cartoons for the promotional purposes of this International Festival of Cartoons (MFKH)
b) The cartoons will be used in the humorous magazine, Tapír
* The author must fill in a binding Application Form and send it to the following e-mail address: mfkh@email.cz
The Application Form is a part of the Rules and Regulations (See below)
1. Prize money: Winner 15.000 CZK
2. Runner-up 10.000 CZK
3. Second runner-up 5.000 CZK
Application Form on source: http://zlatytapir.cz/?page_id=319 .


Results 18th International Festival of aphorism and caricature, Strumica 2017, Macedonia

The international jury of the 18th International Festival of aphorism and caricature, Strumica 2017, composed of:
Maja Тcholakova, Bulgaria - President
Miroslav Georgievski – Miro, Macedonia - member of the jury
Gorgi Panov, Macedonia - member
Nikola Sarajlija, Macedonia - member
Aleksandar Filev, Macedonia - member.
On the day of 24th of January 2017, reviewed the incoming caricatures and aphorisms at the 18th International Festival of Cartoon and aphorisms and granted awards as below:
Category CARTOON:
Golden Plaque - Ivailo Tsvetkov, Bulgaria
Silver Plaque – Konstantin Kazanchev, Ukraine
Bronze Plaque - Klaus Pitter, Austria
Award of the Municipal Organizational Board of Strumica Carnival - Zlatko Krstevski, Macedonia
Goran Chelichanin, Serbia
Vladimir Semerenko, Russia
Tsocho Peev, Bulgaria
Tadeush Krotos, Poland
Branko Zupanich, Slovenia
Stojan Dechev, Bulgaria
Marco Ramos, USA
Erdogan Basol, Turkey.
Category APHORISM:
Golden Plaque - Code "Charobna lampa" Milorad Vujnović, Serbia
Silver Plaque - Code "Zoro sviti" Peko Lalichić, Serbia
Bronze Plaque - Code "Tajna veza" Aleksandar Chotrić, Serbia
Code "MM" Mane Marović, Serbia
Code "222" Veselin Zidarov, Bulgaria
Code "Sheeset i devet" Pande Petrovski, Macedonia
Code "Zhivot 2" Ekrem Mačić, Bosnia
Code "Karagash" Ljubomir Ilić, Serbia
Code "Divlje meso" Sasha Miletić, Serbia
Code "Nostalgia" Veselin Milicević, Serbia
Code "To me svidja" Abdurrahman Halilović, Croatia
Code "Od prva" Natasha Kurchiska, Macedonia.
Source: fb.


Selected works in the 4th Kalder Bursa International Cartoon Contest 2017, Turkey

The application for the 4th Kalder Bursa International Cartoon Contest 2017 ended. A total of 807 works participated in the competition with the theme "New Life". The four-person front jury made the initial assessment. The front jury chose 180 cartoons. The results will be announced on February 6th. Please notify bursa@kalder.org with a certified document for objections to copies, similar and stolen works until 31 January 2017.


Jury members of the 4th KalDer Bursa International Cartoon Contest 2017, Turkey

Theme: New Life

9th International Biennial Masters of Caricature, Plovdiv 2017, Bulgaria

Plovdiv’ 2017
Wealth and Charity
The caricature is universal language with hidden messages, “dressed” in humour.
Its goal is to make everybody smile, even when they suffer of life in hardship. “In order to receive, learn to give.” This folk wisdom has been experienced and well suffered.
“If you have two shirts, give one to the poor.” was written in the Bible. For some people wealth is in the possession of money and property. Others find it in love and wisdom…
Richness gives privileges, but it also obliges. Wealth can provide indulgence for the rich, but it can also mean another day of life for the poor. Is what some find valuable, valuable for others too? Should you possess, in order to give? Values and wealth meet in the act of donation.
In this Biennial, we will see how caricaturists will draw the shades of wealth and charity. Whether old wisdom will interweave with new mores and what will come out from it remains to be seen.
Address for submission:
Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv
2 Dr. Stoyan Chomakov str.
4000 Plovdiv
1. The Biennial for Caricature is open to professional and amateur caricaturists from all over the world;
2. Each participant should send up at least one piece of work 210/297 (A4 format);
3. The caricatures may be colourful or black-and-white;
4. Participants should send their caricatures by 31 July 2017;
5. Caricatures, sent only via email do not participate in the Biennial.
6. It is advisable that together with their caricatures, participants also send a photograph or take-off and CV;
7. An international jury will nominate five caricaturists who will be conferred the title Master of Caricature;
8. Awarded caricatures are not sent back;
9. The rest of the caricatures will be sent back if authors state that in written form;
10. The Catalogue of the exhibition will be given free of charge to participants whose caricatures are included in the Catalogue.
Time and venue: October, 1-st 2017, at 18:00
in the Regional Ethnographic Museum.
Submission deadline: July 31, 2017
The nominated works will be kept in Works of Fine Art Stock of Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv
Phone: ++ 359 32 626328; ++ 359 32 626339.
E-mail: ethnograph@abv.bg.

Results of the 6th International Humor Contest GIN 2017, Spain

The winners of the 6th International Humor Contest GIN 2017 are:
FIRST PRIZE: Darko Drljevic, from Montenegro (Top)
SECOND PRIZE: Soltan Soltanli, from Azerbaijan.
THIRD PRIZE: Tawan Chuntraskawvon, from Thailand.
The exhibition "Humor Global: Sixth Contest GIN" will be open from January 17 to February 26 in La Fábrica del Humor (Alcalá de Henares). It is a selection of 77 works, including the 3 winners, of the nearly one thousand works received for the contest. The selected authors are:
Haller Scholarian
Ridha Ridha, RidhaStefan
Alejandro Becares, Becs
Horacio Petre, Petre
Ricardo Daniel Douelle, Dany Duel
Soltan Soltanli, Soltan (Segundo Premio)
Constann Sunnerberg, Cost
Jason William McLarnin, MC
Luc Descheemaeker O‐Sekoer
Hursky Arkadzi
Alexandre Alves Franco, Lex Franco
Alisson Orz Affonso, Alisson
Érico Junqueira Ayres, Érico
Joao Bosco Jaco de Azevedo, J Bosco
Ronaldo Cunha Dias Silvano Mello, Mello
Wallace Ramón Rolim Silva, Walace
Trayko Popov, Trayko P
Tsocho Peev
Jing Shan, Jingshan
Lijie Yang, Jimy
Raúl Grisales, Guaico
Raúl Zuleta, Zuleta
Nikola Listes
Omar Santana Caviedes, Santana
Fawzy Morsy, Fawzy
Vladimir Pavlík
Franšek Bojničan, Bojničan
Alex Estrada Delgado, Alex
Carlos Matera, Matt
Erik Berlin, ErikBerlin
Jorge Isurralde Gómez, Tatúm
José Luis Castro Lombilla, Lombilla
Josef Prchal, JP
Juan Gabriel Benavides Formas, Gabo
Luis Mendiguren Tarrés, Menta
Moisés Ramírez Alonso, Moi
Bernard Bouton, Bernie
Istvan Kelemen
BV Parundanga Rao, BC Parunganga
Lega Cecilia, Lega Cecilia
Ehsan Cheraghi Iranshahi
Esmaeil Babae
Hamid Ghalijari, Hamid
Mahdieh Sabbaghkar, Mahdieh
Mohammad Fakhredindost
Saeed Sadeghi, Saeed
Ilya Katz
Sergey Sichenko
Alfio Leoa, Fleo
Marco Fusi, Fusi
Román Rivas, Román
Darko Drkjevic, Darco (Primer Premio)
Nueva Zelanda
Bob Darroch, Darroch
Julio Ángel Carrión Cueva, Karry
Omar Zevallos Velarde, Omar
Czesław Przęzak, Cz. Przezak
República Checa
Tomas Trunecek, TT
Horia Crisan & Bogdan Petry, Crisan & Petry
Marin Chiorean, Cornel
Victor Eugen Mihai, VEM
Aleksey Kivokourtcev, Lexaxa
Vladimir Khakhanov, Khakhanov
Vladimir Vasiliev
Jovan Prokopljevic
Milenko Kosanovic, MK
Toso Borkovic, Toshow
Tawan Chuntraskawvong, TC
Gurhan Bilget
Kemal Ozyurt, Kozy
Musa Keklik, Musa Keklik
Turan Aksoy, Turan Aksoy
Konstann Kazanchev, Kazanchev
Sergey Dudchenko
Vladimir Chmyriov
Alfredo Cuesta
Pablo López,
(Source: iqh).

49th World Gallery of Cartoons, Skopje 2017, Macedonia

49th World Gallery of Cartoons - Skopje 2017
OSTEN is inviting you to participate in the 49th WORLD GALLERY OF CARTOONS Skopje 2017
Download the APPLICATION FORM, fill it, submit it along with your works and you can win one of the following awards:
FIRST AWARD for Cartoon (1000$)
FIRST AWARD for Satiric Drawing (1000$)
FIRST AWARD for Comic / Strip (1000$)
CICO AWARD (for Macedonian cartoonist).
Following our principle of creating and preserving the art on paper, only ORIGINAL WORKS (hand drawn cartoons, satirical drawings and comics) will be considered in the selection process. They should be sent no later than 31st March 2017 to our address:
8.Udarna Brigada 2, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Damir NOVAK, Croatia (Cartoonist)
Jury members:
Rudy GEYSENS, Belgium (President of the ECC – European Cartoon Center)
Angel BOLIGAN, Mexico (Cartoonist, editorial cartoonist of “El Universal” newspaper)
Massoud Shojai Tabatabai, Iran (Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Iran Cartoon”)
Seyran CAFERLI, Azerbaijan (Cartoonist and Director of the International Cartoon News Center)
Mice JANKULOVSKI, Macedonia (Artist, representative of OSTEN).
The jury activities will take place in April 2017, and the official opening of the 49th WORLD GALLERY OF CARTOONS Skopje 2017 and the announcement of the awards will take place on 25th May 2017 at the OSTEN Gallery, Skopje.
Download the APPLICATION FORM, fill it, submit it, follow us on FB, and do not forget to share this information with your colleagues and friends. For additional information, you can always contact us on: cartoons@osten.com.mk .
Source: osten.


23rd International Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art, Gabrovo 2017, Bulgaria

23rd International Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art
19th May – 30th September 2017, Gabrovo
The 23rd International Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art is comprised of a competition and a curated exhibition. The competition is held in two sections: cartoons and contemporary art.
1. Organizers
Museum House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo Municipality and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria. The Organizing Committee is chaired by the Mayor of Gabrovo.
2. Opening
19th May 2017, 7.00 p.m. at the Museum House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo
3. Theme: Laughing in the Face of…
fear, crises, adversity, the status quo – artists are invited to complete the phrase and make a statement by addressing the present day and its social, economic, political, cultural and daily problems and challenges.
Eligible for the contemporary art section of the competition are works of art executed in any technique and media (painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, drawing, poster, installation, video, and others).
Golden Aesop Prize – a statuette and 5 000 BGN (appr. 2 550 euro)
Gascar Prize of the town of Gabrovo awarded to a young artist (up to 40 yrs.) – a statuette and 3 000 BGN (appr. 1 530 euro)
Special prize given by Skalni Materiali JS Co-Rousse – 3 000 BGN (appr. 1 530 euro)
The cartoons competition section includes the following categories:
Cartoons (original works signed by the artists and digital works, up to A3 size)
Animated cartoons (gif and flash)
Printed cartoon publications (albums, catalogues, artists’ books)
Grand Prix – 3 000 BGN (appr. 1 530 euro)
Prize for cartoon (hand-signed originals and digital drawings) – 2 000 BGN (appr. 1 020 euro)
Prize for animated cartoon (gif and flash formats) – 2 000 BGN (appr. 1 020 euro)
Prize for printed cartoon publication – 1 000 BGN (appr. 510 euro).
The prizewinning works remain in the Humour of the Peoples art collection of the Museum House of Humour and Satire.
The organizers kindly invite all artists to visit Gabrovo on 19th May 2017 for the opening of the Biennial exhibition and join in the Gabrovo carnival.
General Entry Rules
1. The competition is open to all artists who accept the conditions of entry. Each artist may enter no more than two works in a section.
2. Application procedure:
In order to apply, artists complete an online entry-form; depending on the type and media, each work may be visually represented with:
* up to 3 images each one of which should not be larger than 4 MB, jpg or png format (your images are best represented at 1000px on the longest side and a resolution of 72ppi)
* video that can be watched online at a URL provided by the artist in the entry form
* animated cartoons (gif and flash) with duration of up to 25 seconds (provided through a URL or file upload)
The selection of the works is made online by an international jury.
Artists with selected works send the originals by post within the indicated deadline.
Print cartoon publications are sent directly by post – no online submission is necessary.
3. Important dates:
* 12th March 2017, midnight Bulgarian time (GMT+2) – closing date for applications
* 24th March – the selected works are published on the website
* 27th March – 22nd April – the original works are to be received at the following address:
68, Bryanska Str., P.O.B. 104
5300 Gabrovo
4. Artists whose works are not selected to be shown in the competition exhibition will not be personally notified.
5. The Museum House of Humour and Satire will be pleased to accept donations. Artists are requested to state their will as donors (provided their works are selected to be shown in the competition exhibition) in the entry form. The donated works become part of the museum collection.
6. Artists who wish to have their works returned should indicate it in the entry form. Works will be sent back from 1st October until 30th November 2017 at the artists’ expense by post or express services to an address indicated by them. Artists may personally collect their works within the same deadline at the Museum. The Museum bears no responsibility for the storage of the unclaimed works after 30th November 2017.
7. All works should be sent by post or express services with PRINTED MATTER and NO COMMERCIAL VALUE noted on the package.
8. Artists should cover the transport costs franco Gabrovo. The organizers will not collect packages sent to other destinations. All customs dues and landing charges payable upon the receipt and the return of the works should be covered by the artists who will be personally notified of the exact amount.
9. The cash prizes are subject to taxation in conformity with Bulgarian law. The prizes can be received no later than 31st December 2017.
10. The Museum guarantees the safety of the works from the date of receipt to the date of return assuming no responsibility for damage or loss during transit. It is recommended that the works should be insured in advance.
11. With regard to the Biennial exhibition, the Museum reserves the right to reproduce the works on display and have them printed in its and other publications, as well as on the Biennial website.
12. The organizers guarantee that the artists’ personal data shall be processed as it is stipulated in the Personal Data Protection Act in force in the Republic of Bulgaria now.
13. The conditions of entry are contractually binding. By submitting works to the competition artists agree to the terms of this contract.
Source: biennial.humorhouse.

Free theme in the 7th International Turhan Selcuk Cartoon Competition 2017, Turkey

7th International Turhan Selcuk Cartoon Competition 2017
1. The competition is open to any cartoonist.
2. It is acceptable to enter with cartoons that have been published previously. However, they should not have won any prize/award in any other competition.
3. Any technique is allowed. The cartoonist can submit a maximum of 5 cartoons. Originals or electronic versions suitable for printing in 300 dpi and jpg format sent by e-mail would also be acceptable. No reposnibility will be assuemed for documents sent in different formats and documents that can not be opened.
4. All cartoons must be 30x40 cm maximum.
5. The participants must write their names (first and surname) in capital letters, address, e-mail, country and telephone number; a brief CV should be submitted in a sealed envelope.
6. The cartoons must be sent to the following address, no later than 5th May 2017:
Milas Belediyesi Ozel Kalem Mudurlugu
48200 - Milas - Mugla / Turkey
e-mail: info@milas.bel.tr
7. The results of the competition will be announced on 17 th May 2017.
8. The cartoons sent to the competition will not be returned. All cartoons, whether they have won a prize or not, may be used for cultural purposes and may be published. Participation assumes acceptance of these conditions. All cartoons will be kept in the ‘Turhan Selcuk Karikaturlu Ev’.
9. The cartoons selected by the jury will be displayed in the exhibition and will also be printed in the album.
10. The reward ceremony will be held on 11th September 2017. The opening of the exhibition will be held on the same date, in ‘Turhan Selcuk Karikaturlu Ev’ for cartoons which have won an award or have been selected for display. The exhibition will be open until 1th October 2017.
11. Accommodation and meal expenses for participants who have won a ‘Special Award’ will be met. Travel expenses will be borne by the participants. Travel, accommodation and meal expenses for competitors who come first, second and third will be met by Milas Municipality.
Muhammet Tokat - Mayor of Milas
Ruhan Selçuk
Kamil Masaracı
Gülay Batur
Meral Onat
Erhan Candan
Grigoris Georgiou
Coordinator :İzel Rozental
Winner: ₺7.500.00
Runner up: ₺5000.00
3rd: ₺2000.00
Other Special Prizes will be awarded by various establishments, societies, newspapers, art magazines, trade unions, news agents and individuals.
Note: The jury meeting will be held on the 13th May 2017.
Source: Milas Municipality.


International Cartoon Festival Sportimonium 2017, Belgium

English Version
ENG/ REGULATIONS 2017 : Sports in the future
The contest is open to any person. Participation is free of charge. Participation in the contest implies full acceptance of the current regulations. The jury’s decisions are final and not subject to appeal.
Art.2. Contest theme: Sports in the future
Art.3. Specifications of entries
Paper entries
3.1. The drawings shall have the following dimensions: 210 x 297 mm (DIN A4).
3.2. The works shall not be provided by a passe-partout, or be stuck on larger paper.
3.3. The drawing must mention, on the reverse, the surname, name, address and e-mail of the participant.
3.4. The drawings shall not include subtitles
Digital entries
3.1. Digital entries are admissible.
3.2. Cartoons can be sent by e-mail to: cartoonale@sportimonium.be
3.3. They shall have following dimensions 210 x 297 mm (DIN A4) and resolution of max. 72 DPI.
3.4. When your digital entry is selected, you are obligated to send in your original work
3.5. Entries which do not meet these criteria will not be accepted.
Art.4. Entry
4.1. The entry-form must be sent together with the cartoons.
4.2. The works must be sent to the following address:
SPORTIMONIUM, to: Liesbeth Salens, Trianondreef 19, 1981 Hofstade-Zemst (Belgium).
Art.5. Number of entries
5.1. Each contestant can provide up to 5 cartoons.
5.2. The cartoons shall not have been exhibited or published before.
Art.6. Jury
6.1. A jury will select the works for the exhibition and will award the following prizes.
6.2. Prizes: The first place will be awarded with the prize of 600 EURO – 2nd place: 400 EURO – 3rd place: 250 EURO.
Art.7. Property of organisation
All received entries will become the property of the organizers.
Art.8. Damage or loss
The organisation cannot be held responsible for damage or loss during the shipment.
Art.9. Patent rights and intellectual property
9.1 Participants grant the authorization to publish their works free of charge for the purposes of eventual promotion campaigns and communications
9.2. Participants guarantee that they are the authors of submitted artworks.
Art.10. Deadline
10. Entry until 1st of May 2017.
Art.11. Vernissage
11.1. The awards are planned to be granted with the opening of the exhibition (25th of June 2017).
11.2. The participant can visit the exhibition for free.
Entry Form on source: sportimonium.
More in languages on WEB.


10th International Don Quichotte Cartoon Contest 2017: Respect differences!

Theme: “Respect differences!
Societies differ based on their language, religion and racial features. These features create the basics of the “differences” description. In such terms, we may not talk about equality since every body has a different color. Amongst crowds, these concepts are unfortunately referred as discriminators. Whereas these differences should be seen as riches. Whilst facing differences, we should acknowledge everybody as they are and respect their differences. Respecting people’s thoughts, lifestyles, views of life are a must in the first place for societal values. These differences shouldn’t be a reason for imposition, othering and end up into opression. People’s values, lifestyles, visions, beliefs, anticipations, tastes, perceptions and interpretations pof the World may differ. All of them represents the riches of life. Acknowledging, understanding the other and whatever his/her differences are, knowing that he/she also owns all the rights we do, elevates our humanist side and universality.
In a society where some masses want the others to be just like themselves and rejecting the others’ cultural heritage representing the differences is a menace towards societal values. In any society, all the people must live in equal conditions and rights. Every race is different yet all create a harmony like a rainbow when joined. We deserve living in a colorful World independent of race, language and religion. Respecting the differences..
The purpose of our contest is to underline the difference while showing its importance to societies and implement it through the cartoon art.
The Rules of Competition:
1) With participation in competition is possible only by Internet. (respect@donquichotte.org)
2) All submitted work should be participating a contest for the first time. With an offence, there's a risk of deprivation of the achieved prizes.
3) The designs are to be drawn in A3 Size to deliver in 300 dpi dissolution and in Jpeg format. They know both and black-and-white, and to be colored, the coloured representation is exactly the same as the color technical treatment of the work is incumbent on not a containment.
4) The closing date of the competition is 15 March 2017.
5) Pre-selective Jury will determine the 100 finalists between dates 20-31st March 2017.
Finalists will be presented in social media and on DQ website for the following 10 days.
6) The jury exists, evaluates the works between 01 and 07 April 2017. Results of this evaluation and conception of the price-crowned works are published on 10 April 2017.
7) The award of the prize will take place in the context of the opening of the exhibition in 5 May 2017 in the municipal art gallery Filderstadt.
8) Received caricatures will be securely saved in Don Quichotte's archive. We certainly will get permission from you if we need to use your caricatures for purposes other than displaying it in exhibitions and album.
9) Contest Album will be developed in pdf and, if sponsored, will be printed.
10) Awarded and best performing cartoons will be exhibited in various European countries.
The Prizes:
- First Prize: 1.000 Euro +Don Quichotte Medal
- Second Prize: 750 Euro +Don Quichotte Medal
- Third Prize: 500 Euro +Don Quichotte Medal
- Special Awards
- 10 Mentions
Preselector Jury:
- Hayati Boyacıoğlu/Germany
- İsmail Doğan/Belgium
- Erdoğan Karayel/Germany
Jury Members:
- Tan Oral/Turkey
- Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu/Turkey
- Elena Ospina/Colombia
- Peter Nieuwendijk/Netherlands
- Jitet Koustana/Indonesia
- Marco De Angelis/İtaly
- Walter Toscano/Peru
- Valeriu Kurtu/Germany
- Ivailo Tsvetkov/Bulgaria
- Hicabi Demirci/Turkey
- Hayati Boyacıoğlu/Germany
- Erdoğan Karayel/Germany
Technich Assistance:
Saadet Demir Yalçın/Turkey.
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