Letter from Andrey Feldshteyn on cartoon similarity, winners and prizes

The following letter from Andrey Feldshteyn is sent on February 23, 2009:
Recent events in the Cartoon Contest World left many cartoon fans unhappy and disappointed. We became witnesses of the growing number of cartoon similarities, prize cancelations, mutual accusations, suspicion etc.
Fortunately we are all united in understanding that the artists should not spend their energy and emotions for squabbles and quarrels, we see a better destiny for creative minds. That is why it is easier for us to build a comfortable and friendly competition environment, where everybody is treated with proper respect and etiquette.
There is a simple mechanics allowing us to avoid embarrassing situations, this technique was offered by the Don Quichotte humor magazine in 2007. We are talking about public prescreening of a certain number of best chosen cartoons (10-20). Placing these drawings on any site, announced in the Rules and Regulation, will allow the cartoonists’ community to discuss their originality. This will help the Jury to choose only original and new ideas.
We are also convinced that comparing the dates of the first publication (web site, newspaper, cartoon contest, etc) is the best way to establish the priority of the author.
The additional recommendation is to use the following point in the typical set of Contest Rules and Regulation: “The decision of the Jury is final and is not subject to an appeal.” Then we will avoid cases, which are painful for both: the artist and the jury.
Andrey Feldshteyn
On behalf of the International Cartoonists’ Club CARTUNION


Catalog KOSOVA 2007 World Cartoon Festival

Front cover of catalog Kosova 2007 World Cartoon Festival
Grand Prix: Leng Mu / China

Last week I received the great catalog "World Cartoon Festival KOSOVA 2007". Why great, because it is almost perfect, that is it seems flawless: no misspelling, no faults in binding, in translation, in information, or else. It is 21x27 cm in size and has 204 pages in full color. The topic of the Festival in 2007 was the "News" and 542 artists from 63 countries participated. In the catalog are about 180 cartoons selected and (14) awarded by the jury comprised of Astrit Haraqija, Rudina Xhunga, Gazmend Leka, Luan Mulliqi, Migjen Kelmendi, Binjamen Haxha, and Nekra. Nekra is the pseudonym of the world-famous cartoonist Nexhat Krasniqi (this "q" is pronounced like "ch" in English I suppose) who is the creator of the figure that symbolizes the Kosovar according to Mr Migjen Kelmendi as he puts it in his introductory "2 Words":
"As for me, preoccupied with cultural and identity particularity of this society and of this country that's called Kosova, and engaged to find the answer to the question 'Who is the Kosovar?', the question that was articulated by newspaper JAVA, a fast and very exact answer is this:
'Kosovar' is a drawn figurine of the world known cartoonist Nexhat Krasniqi-NEKRA, from Peja, that small depicted man with his hair waving down, that comments, imitates, pinches, teases, reacts, who usually is ironic, mocks, screws you, and congratulates you, who cries and laughs at all of us and with all of us."
The Festival is held under the supervision of Ministry of Culture, Youth, Sport and nonresidential matters of Kosova at Museum of Kosova in Prishtina on September 21, 2007. Prishtina is specially known among my colleagues for the city is the birthplace of the late master Necmi Riza Ayca (1914-2001), one of our classical Turkish cartoonists who is also remembered as a real gentleman. As Mr Kelmendi summarizes, one of the spheres where Kosova has the right to be proud for is - cartoons. And this quality catalog with its finesse shows that too.
About KOSOVA World Cartoon Festival:
+377 44 666548

Third Prize: Faik Krasniqi / Kosova

I'd like to introduce a cartoon from every catalog I review on my blog as "Blogger's Choice" just to remind that there are always quality cartoons in catalogs along with the awarded ones.
I am planning to write soon about the catalogs I received in 2008 from Iran, Syria, and Portugal.

Blogger's Choice: Vasiliy Alexandrov / Russia

The envelope carried the catalog has collectible stamps on it.

Cartoonists rally for the bushfire cause

This report from: Australian Cartoonists' Association http://www.cartoonists.org.au/
Rolf Heimann and George Haddon are leading the charge to raise money for the bushfire appeal in Melbourne.
George will be creating caricatures at Federation Square this Friday for a suggested fee of $35 per head for the appeal.
Meanwhile Rolf Heimann is working on a special cartoon exhibition that will probably take place in 3 weeks time. He is seeking contributions and cartoonists are encouraged to send cartoons (with no particular theme) to:
Rolf Heimann
170 Mills Street
Albert Park
You can call Rolf for further information on 03 9699 4858 or email heimann@iprimus.com.au.
A big thanks to Rolf and George for helping out for a great cause and we encourage cartoonists to support their tireless work.


Results 10th International Festival of Caricature & Aphorism - Strumica 2009

National Institution Culture Centre "ANTON PANOV" Strumica
"International Festival of caricature and aphorism"
S t r u m i c a:
The jury commission of the Xth International Festival of caricature and aphorism – Strumica 2009:
1.Cocho Peev - president of the jury, 2.Vasil Gjorgiev - member, 3.Jordan Pop-Iliev - member, 4.Nikola Madzirov - member, 5.Dr.Dimitar Alachki - member.
On February 19,2009, reviewed and estimated all received works (cartoons and aphorisms) and made: DECISION

I prize, Gold plaque: Darko Drljevich - Monte Negro (See top above),
II Prize, Silver plaque: Vang Rui Sheng - China (See above),
III Prize, Bronze plaque: Ivan Anchukov - Russia (See below), and Vladimir Kazanevski – Ukraine.
Award of Strumica Carnival Organization Board: Kiril Bozkilov - Bulgaria.
Pande Petrovski - Macedonia, Aleksandar Popov - Macedonia, Damir Novak - Croatia, Ismail Serdar Sayar - Turkey, Leonte Nastase - Romania, Valeri Aleksandrov (Valeks) - Bulgaria, Veselin Zidarov - Bulgaria.
I prize, Gold plaque: code "Pacific" Aleksandar Chotrik - Belgrade, Serbia; II prize, Silver plaque: code "Malisha Jashik" Rade Jovanovik - Uzice, Serbia; III prize, Bronze plaque: code "Kerber" Vladislav Vlahovik - Podgorica, Monte Negro.
Diploma: Kostadin Ustapetrov - Macedonia; Natasha Gjorgijoska - Macedonia; Mile Gjorgijoski - Macedonia; Mitar Mitrovik - Serbia; Mane Mavrik - Serbija.
20.02.2009, Strumica, Marjan Pecev - Zahov.
This report by I.K.
Karcomic Magazine http://www.ismailkar.com/


Results the 7th LM International Cartoon Contest 2008 with free theme, China

Results of 7th LM International Cartoon Contest 2008
The 7th Googlm International Cartoon Contest received 2699 pieces of Cartoons, from 946 Cartoonists of 43 countries and regions. The selection is focused on the artistic level in Googlm.
Jury Members:
Doddy Iswahyudi (Cartoonist - INDONESIA); Yuriy Kosobukin (Cartoonist - UKRAINE); Marian Avramescu (Cartoonist - ROMANIA); Musa Gumus (Cartoonist - TURKEY); Ba Bilig (Cartoonist - CHINA); Sergey Sichenko (Cartoonist - ISRAEL); Liu Hai Feng (Oil Painter - CHINA); Wang Qiang (Art critic - CHINA); Leng Mu (Cartoonist - President of Googlm Cartoon Museum).
Grand Prize: Da Chuan Xia --- China (See top above)
Gold Prize --- 7
Doru Axinte --- Romania * Valentin Druzhinin --- Russia * Jovan Prokopljevic --- Serbia * Ji Zhao Hua --- China * Ivailo Tsvetkov --- Bulgaria * Zhu Zi Zun --- China * Slawomir Luczynski --- Poland
Silver Prize --- 6
Mohammad Kargar --- Iran * Qiao Wei --- China * Milan Bukovac --- Serbia * Seyran Caferli --- Azerbaijan * Ercan Baysal --- Turkey (See above) * Mahmood Mohammad Tabrizi --- Iran
Bronze Prize --- 6
Bayram Hajizadeh --- Azerbaijan * Konstantinos Tselios --- Greece * Damir Novak --- Croatia * Onder Onerbay --- Turkey * Vlado Volas --- Serbia * Javad Takjoo --- Iran
Excellence Prize --- 100
Abbas Naaseri (Iran) * Ahmet Umit Akkoca (Turkey) * Aidarbek Gazizov (Kazakhstan) * Akbar Torabpour (Iran) * Anatoli P.Radin (Russia) * Andre Mathijs (Belgium) * Arsen Gevorgyan (Armenia) * Athanassios Efthimiadis (Greece) * Aung Min Min (Myanmar) * Barthel Triny (Luxembourg) * Bambang Sulistyo (Indonesia) * Bao Jun (China) * Behnam Pormehdi (Iran) * Birol Cun (Turkey) * Borislav Hegedusic (Croatia) * Carlos Augusto R Nascimento (Brasil) * Chen Dong Chun (China) * D.T.Connaughton (England) * Dai Pei Cheng (China) * Drew Martin (USA) * Elrayah Ombaddi Abubaker (Sudan) * Erdogan Basol (Turkey) * Erico Junqueira Ayres (Brasil) * Fan Jun (China) * Fan Lin Tao (China) * Farnush Gorankhan Moghadam (Iran) * Grigoris Georgiou (Greece) * Hao Yan Peng (China) * Heino Partanen (Finland) * Hu Yue Jin (China) * Huang Lei (China) * I.Serdar Sayar (Turkey) * Iman Nouri Najafi (Iran) * Javad Tarighi Akbar Pour (Iran) * Jin Xiao Xing (China) * Kemal Ozyurt (Turkey) (See below) * Kim Dong Sik (Korea) * Koundouros Nicolas (Greece) * Li Xiao Yang (China) * Liu Kun (China) * Lutfu Cakin (Turkey) * Mahmood Azadnia (Iran) * Makhmud Eshonkulov (Uzbekistan) * Marieh Moghaddasi Rostami (Iran) * Marzeyah Rezaei (Iran) * Mehmet Kahraman (Turkey) * Mehmet Zeber (Turkey) * Menekse Cam (Turkey) * Mete Agaoglu (Turkey) * Miodrag Kurjak (Makedonija) * Miroslav Jakovljev (Serbia) * Mohammad Ali Valizade (Iran) * Mohammad Saleh (Iran) * Mohsen Asadi (Iran) * Mohsen Damandan (Iran) * Muammer Kotbas (Turkey) * Murat Ilhan (Turkey) * Mustafa Yildiz (Turkey) * Muzaffer Saygili (Turkey) * Nahid Maghsoudi (Iran) * Nuri Bilgin (Turkey) * Radik Azizov (Uzbekistan) * Ramin Rezaei (Iran) * Reza Jangi (Iran) * RoKo Idzojtlc (Croatia) * Rr Tantri Wurihasti (Indonesia) * Sajad Rafaee (Iran) * Sajjad Ebadi Farkoush (Iran) * Semerenko Vladimir (Russia) * Serkan Demir (Turkey) * Seyed Yousef Rahimi (Iran) * Shahid Atiqullah (Afghanistan) * Shahram Rezaei (Iran) * Song Xiao Jun (China) * Sun Shen Ying (China) * Syamsul Arifin (Indonesia) * Tadeusz Krotos (Poland) * Talent Shevchenko (USA) * Talip Dilber (Turkey) * Toku Kitawaki (Japan) * Ugur Pamuk (Turkey) * Urszula Deregowska (Poland) * Usman Harun Darmawan (Indonesia) * Vanoystaeyen Herbeht (Bulgaria) * Vijay kumar Puram (India) * Vladimir Pavlik (Slovakia) * Wang Shan Jia (China) * Wang Xue Wei (China) * Wen Feng Gang (China) * Wesam Khalil (Egypt) * William H.Lockett (USA) * Winfried Besslich (Germany) * Xue Hong (China) * Yang Xiang Yu (China) * Yang Xin (China) * Yang Yang (China) * Zhang Wei (China) * Zhao Yun Sheng (China) * Zidarov Veselin (Bulgaria) * Zulkuf Aba (Turkey) *

Results Satyrykon - Legnica 2009, Poland with theme "Women" and free category

Results Satyrykon 2009 - Legnica, Poland
Jury: M. Wasilewski (president); W. Chmurzynski, M. Lazarek, El. Pietraszko (all Poland), V. Georgiev (Bulgaria), M. Granger (France), Z. Lipinska (England) and I. Hanousek (Czech repubic).
2.674 works, 747 authors, 50 country.
Grand Prix Satyrykon: Agata Dudek (Poland)
Category Women:
1. prize: Marta Wlodarska (Poland)
2. prize: Tomasz Broda (Poland)
3. prize: Jerzy Gluszek (Poland)
Mention: Grzegorz Szumowski (Poland) and Ivailo Tsvetkov (Bulgaria).
Category Humor and satire social :
1. prize: Shahrokh Heidari (Iran)
2. prize: Mohammad Aghaei (Iran)
3. prize: Rumen Dragostinov (Bulgaria)
Mention: Jiri Sliva (Czech republic) and Bretislav Kovarik (Czech republic).
Special Prize of Director Cartoons Museum Warszawa: Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz (Poland).
Ceremonial + Expositions: 18. 6. 2009 Legnica, Poland.
This report by: I. H.

4th International Contest for a Cartoon about Lodz – The Big Boat of Humour

4th International Contest for a Cartoon about Lodz – The Big Boat of Humour
In Polish, the word ŁÓDŹ means a vehicle propelled by sails, oars or engine, used as a means of water transport. Almost all around the world, it carries symbolic connotations:
- it is an allegory of human fate in both individual and collective dimension,
- it is associated with courage, when imagining sailors embarking on a voyage across rough oceans,
- it symbolizes human longing for adventure and some change in life.
Łódź is also the name of the second largest city in Poland which is an inland city with no access to navigable waters. We hope that the name of our metropolis will become an inspiration for graphic artists, especially those with a flair for satire. The theme should be taken up with humour, with panache and perhaps with a bit of poetry...
This explanation, indispensable to foreigners, is also aimed at the Poles, for whom the popular usage of the name of the city might have blurred the sharpness of its paradox.
For the fourth time, the Big Boat of Humour invites all the drawers who would like to face the theme of Lodz, but also – a theme of the city, the technical organization that requires constant reconstruction and renovation. The renovation process often causes frustration among citizens, triggers nostalgic feelings towards the ‘old’, more ‘friendly’ shape of the city but at the same time – gives hope for the ideal city of the future.
City in reconstruction
How does this year’s theme influence the imagination of artists? We hope to see the results in the contest’s exhibition.
1. The aim of the contest is:
- creating an art gallery comprising works that could be used in actions promoting the city in a printed form or in the form of organized exhibitions.
- promoting the city, changing the traditional perception of Łódź and challenging the stereotypical image of the city.
2. It is an open contest. Everyone can participate in it, on condition that they submit their works with the application form before the regulatory deadline. The contest is an international event.
3. The theme of this year’s Big Boat of Humour contest is ‘City in reconstruction’ and also, traditionally – ‘Łódź’.
4. The original works entered in the contest can be made using any drawing, graphic (including computer graphics) or painting technique and should not be larger than A3 format (297x420 mm). Accepted by the Jury as original graphic works are the copies of author’s edition described and signed by the author. Photocopies and xerox copies of the works, computer printouts of scanned works or any other kind of duplication using multicopy techniques, for example offset printing, which serve as reproductions of a work, shall not be accepted by the Jury. Previously published works, works entered in other contests or works to which rights do not belong to the authors shall also be excluded from the contest.
5. Each participant may submit up to 5 works. The works should be unframed, provided with the name and the surname of the author and possibly the title on the reverse. The works should be accompanied with an application form, which shall be tantamount to the acceptation of the contest regulations and a permission for publishing author’s personal data contained in the form, and with a CD with the electronic form of submitted works (in TIFF format, the resolution of 300 dpi, 15 cm at the base), which is the condition of placing them in the catalogue.
6. The works should be sent to the address of Łódzki Dom Kultury (The Big Boat of Humour 2009), ul. Traugutta 18, 90-113 Łódź, Poland till 30 April 2009.
7. The organizers are not liable for any damage to the works during delivery. The works shall be insured since the moment they are received by the organizers, during the exhibition and until their return to the authors.
8. The Jury shall choose works for the post-contest exhibition and hand out the Grand Prix of the contest in May 2009.
9. The ceremonial opening of the post-contest exhibition and the verdict announcement shall take place on May 2009 during th celebrations of the City of Łódź.
10. The authors of works admitted to the contest shall be invited to the ceremonial opening of the exhibition and shall receive the catalogue. The organizers do not provide the return of expenses covering transport to Łódź and stay in the city. The organizers anticipate the exhibition of the original works admitted to the contest in the building of Łódzki Dom Kultury (Łódź Cultural Centre) and the exhibition of printouts (on the basis of the submitted CDs) in Piotrkowska Street in the centre of the city.
11. The works that shall not be admitted to the contest as well as the works shown on the exhibition should be taken back from the organizers or they shall be sent back at the author’s expense.
1. The works shall be judged by the Jury of the Contest consisting of professional artists, the representatives of the City of Łódź Office and the Organizers of the contest.
2. The Jury shall hand out the regulatory Grand Prix of the contest amounting to PLN 10,000, funded by the Mayor of the City of Łódź. The prize is indivisible. The Jury reserves the right to resign from handing out the award. In such case, the amount is added to the pool of prizes of the next edition of the contest. The decisions of the Jury are definitive without the right to appeal. The work (or works of one author) honoured with the prize, together with all the rights, become the property of the sponsor.
3. The organizers allow for a possibility of handing out sponsored awards other than the regulatory prize. Works awarded by the sponsors, with all the rights, shall become the property of the sponsors.
Final provisions
1. Sending works to the contest together with a filled in application form equals giving consent to:
- participation in the post-contest exhibition (or a series of exhibitions), unpaid reproducing the works in all media and all techniques as far as promoting the City, the Contest and the exhibition is concerned.
- duplicating the works for the needs of non-commercial promotional actions carried out by the organizers (occasional publications, press materials and the Internet), at the same time, promoting the authors and their works.
- using the works in charity actions, carried out for the citizens in need by the Organizers, Sponsors or the City of Łódź during the period of one year starting from the date of the post-contest exhibition opening.
2. Participation in the contest means the acceptation of the above regulations.


17th International Drawing Contest for Press 2009 Brazil

PORTO ALEGRE's City Hall, through the municipal Office of culture, communicates the interested, the regulation and cronogram of the 17th INTERNATIONAL DRAWING CONTEST FOR PRESS, as it follows: This regulation has the goal to select artist for the 17th INTERNATIONAL DRAWING CONTEST FOR PRESS that will happen from March 19 to April 26, 2009, with the goal to stimulate and divulge, in a wide way, the graphic expression aplied to press, besides giving prizes to each one of the categories described below.
The registration may be done from February 25th to March 6th, 2009, on Av. Presidente João Goulart, 551, Sala 603 -Setor de Mostras e Exposições, CEP 90010-120 - Porto Alegre/RS (Brazil), from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 12h and from 14 to 17h or via e-mail salao.press.portoalegre@gmail.com
To the Works sent by mail or e-mail, the deadline will be also March 06, with the date on the postal stamp of the envelope, and date of the e-mail sent. Works selected or rewarded on previous editions of this contest will not be accepted.
The constest is destined to professionals and amateurs, on the modalities Cartoon, Comical Cartoon, Caricature, Comics and Editorial Illustration (to newspaper, magazine, book, album cover, cover, etc.).
The registered Works on the modality Editorial Illustration must have been effectively published on the period of march, 2008 to march, 2009, and must be with the original page of the publication, with date and name of the periodic identified. The participants may register 05 (five) Works distributed on any one of the 05 (five) categories.
As it is a Contest of Graphic Arts, there will also be considered as originals the printed Works by printers or any other type of image reproduction, but they must be in high quality. However, it is participant's choice to send their originals.
The registered Works must be on the Max format of 42cm x 29,7cm (A3). The registered works on the modality Comics may have four (04) pages of 42cm x 29,7cm (A3). The Works shall be conditioned in cloudy and resistant paper. The Organization Commitee is not responsible for damages to the works and/or not identified. The participants must observe with criteria the following instructions:
-Send, with the Works, the registration form that is on the end of this regulation, with all the items filled in a legible way.
-All the originals must be properly identified with the full name of the author and the modality, written on the back.
By not following this instructions will imply the disqualifications of the works.
Porto Alegre's City Hall will assign, through the portaria published on the Diário Oficial de Porto Alegre -DOPA, a Selection Commitee and other rewarding, composed by cartoonists, journalists, graphic artists, and representatives of the Municipal Office of Culture.
The Selection Commitee will have as main criteria the creativity, new idea and plastic quality of the drawings and will select obbeying the following propose:
-All the selected Works will participate on the exposition of the Contest on Espaco Vasco Prado on Usina do Gasometro, Av. Pres. Joao Goulart, 551 Porto Alegre/RS (Brazil), March 19 to April 26, 2009.
The relation of the selected Works will be to the disposal from March 13, 2009.
The rewarded relation will be published on the ocasion of the solemnity of oppening of the Contest. The selected and rewarded relation will be published on DOPA (Diario Oficial de Porto Alegre). About the Judging Commitee that judge the presented Works, in reason of not presenting what was requested, there will be able a administrative resource of 05 (five) week-days, with protocol of the Graphic Art Coordination.
The presented resource will be judge of the Max period of 05 (five) week days.
One (01) prize will be given in the value of R$ 1.000,00 (one thousand reais) to each of the 5 categories: Cartoon, Comical Cartoon, Comics and Editorial Illustration. The guiding criteria are, once again, creativity, new Idea and plastic quality of the drawings.
Honorable mentions may be given, according to the decision of the Rewarding Commitee.
Single Paragraph: The rewarded Works will become part of the property of the Municipal Artistic Colection.
The prizes not requested in 90 (ninety) days, counting from the publication of the result, will loose it value.
The not-selected Works will be avaliable to devolution from March 23 to March 31, 2009, on the same place and houd of the registration. From that date on we will not hold responsability for the works that are not properly taken.
The selected works may be used by the Porto Alegre's City Hall, to divulge the event, with no costs.
The registration on this contest implies the acceptance of this regulation; the cases that will not follow it will be decided by the Organization Commitee, according to the law 8666/93. The Selection and Rewarding Commitees will be soverein on it's decisions. According to the law 8666/93, 9th article, the members of the Selection and Rewarding Commitees, as well as the servers of the Porto Alegre's City Hall, cannot participate on this contest.
The costs of the rewarding of this contest will happen by espesas com as premiacoes do presente concurso correrão pela budgetary endowment 2038339031 and/or 2042-339031. The prizes will be given after the publication of the results and after the resource period. The omissive cases will be decided by the organization commitee.
May be gotten on the Municipal Office of Culture
Phone (0XX 51) 32 89 81 27 or (0XX 51) 32 89 8126
Shows and Expositions Sector
Regulation and Registration form on the site:

Registrations: February 25 to March 6, 2009
Selection Juror: March 11 and 12, 2009
Rewarding Juror: March 13, 2009
Opening of the Contest and publishing day of the awards: March 19, 2009
Visitation: March 19 to April 26, 2009

2009 Edition
Artist name:
Full address:
ZIP Code: ...............................
Phone: ....................................................
E-mail: ..............................................
Data e local de nascimento / Date and place of birth:
Title of the work / Category
01............................................................. ......................................................
02............................................................. ......................................................
03............................................................. ......................................................
04............................................................. ......................................................
05............................................................. .......................................................


Results 8th Tabriz International Cartoon Contest with theme "No War"

Results of 8th Tabriz International Cartoon Contest - "No War"
Theme: NO WAR
Mikhail Zlatkovsky, Vladimir Kazanevsky, Bayram Hacizadeh.
1st Winner: Wlodek Wasilewski – Poland (See above)
[2009-02-22 first winner was canceled On the basis of the
8th Tabriz international cartoon contest's jury agreement and their request,
the reward of the first winner was canceled because of having similarity.
Details at: http://www.rahimcartoon.com/en/index.php]
2nd Winner: Dmytro Skazhenyk – Ukraine
3rd Winner: Carlos David Fuentes - Cuba
Special Awards:
Shiva Zamani – Iran
Alessandro Gatto – Italy
Ross Thomson – England
Jovan Prokopljevic – Serbia
Mehmet Kahraman – Turkey
Marcin Bondarowicz – Poland
Aleksei Kivokourtsev – Russia
Valentin Georgiev – Bulgaria
Jesse Ribeiro – Brazil
Sergei Tunin – Russia (See below)


2nd International "Olive" Cartoon Contest and Exhibition 2009

1-This contest and exhibition is open to all professional and amateur cartoonists of any nationality religion and background…
2-Subjects-Topics: Cartoons against detroying the olive trees, olive, olive industry, olive oil, olive branch, olive tree, cutting olive trees, benefit from olive etc...
3-The minimum and maximum sizes of each cartoon to be submitted must be A4 and A3. Cartoons can be drawn in any colour… There shall be no frame nor any bandages around the cartoons…
4-The cartoons must be original... Not photocopies...
5-The cartoons submitted to the contest which will be pre-elected will be put and exhibited on a web page for the attention and objection of international cartoon associations to overcome copying and steeling… Any cartoon which is copied, stolen or awarded in other cartoon contest will be disqualified…
6-All participants are allowed to submit maximum two cartoons… Name, surname, address, e-mail and telephone numbers of the participants must be written at the back of each cartoon… A short resume and photograph must also be attached…
7-All the cartoons must reach to the specified addresss till 01 JUNE 2009… The cartoonists themselves will be responsible from all losses, delays and damages…
8-Being publicated or not is not important for the cartoons… The important thing is that they should not be awarded in any contest…
9-All cartoons eligible for an award or not shall not be returned and shall be stored in archive of the "Cyprus Inernational Catoon Museum."
10-Besides those cartoons which will be awarded, all the cartoons approved by the selection committee will be pubicated in an album and exhibited in Kyrenia Village during the “8th International Olive Festival”.
11-The result of the contest will be announced in local newspapers…
* The transfer and accomodation expenses of the cartoonists who will win the first three awards will be paid by the Municipality of Kyrenia…
* Only the accomodation expenses of the cartoonists who will win particular/distinctive awards will be paid by the Municipality of Kyrenia…
1st Prize: 1.500 Euro+Gold Medal...
2nd Prize: 1.000 Euro+ Silver Medal...
3th Prize: 750 Euro+Bronz Medal...
10 or 20 person “Special Prize” (Bronz Medal)


Results of the Competition KIKS III "ZIKISON 2008"

We are introducing the prize-winning artists whose works have arrived to
The Competition KIKS III "ZIKISON 2008"
of the Caricature and the Short Alternative Comic Strip:
1.The Portrait Caricature "ZIKISON 2008";
First Prize: Phei Cheng - CHINA & Raul Alfonso Grisales GUAICO – COLOMBIA (See above);
Second Prize: Cival Einstein - BRAZIL;
Third Prize: Gheorghe Matei – ROMANIA;
2.The Caricature Without Words - Free Form;
First Prize: Ben Heine – BELGIUM;
Second Prize: Veselin Zidarov - BULGARIA;
Third Prize: Ismail Kar – TURKEY;
3.The Short Alternative Comic Strip - Free Form;
First Prize: Bira Dantas – BRAZIL;
Second Prize: Oguz Gurel – TURKEY (See below);
Third Prize: Goran Ćelicanin Čelik – SERBIA;
ZIKISON 2008 Special Diploma:
Seyran Caferli - AZERBAIJAN;
Valentin Georgiev - BULGARIA
Zhu Zizun – CHINA;
Yuriy Kosobukin – UKRAINE;
Majed Badra - PALESTINE;
Slobodan Srdić – SERBIA.

Valentine's Day Red Cross Bushfire Appeal

In the aftermath of the Victorian bushfires, Sydney-based cartoonist Matthew Martin has come up with a unique way for people to help the bushfire victims.
He has designed and supplied a free image for romantics to print out as a Valentine’s Day card.
He’s suggesting people print out the image, and donate to charity any money they would normally spend on their loved one for Valentine’s Day.
Print out Matthew’s design (see attached), and ring the Australian Red Cross on 1800 811 700 to donate to the bushfire victims.
A big thank you to Matthew for his spirit of humanity.
(This report from: Australian Cartoonists' Association http://www.cartoonists.org.au/)


IV Health and Graphic Humor Contest, on Eating Behavior Disorders

1.Any professional or amateur artist can participate in this competition.
2.The topic of this contest will be on Eating Behavior Disorders.
3.The participants may submit up to three (3) items to the contest, with the provision that these images have not previously received awards in other contests.
4.The works (only drawings) can be any graphic technique in single A-4 (210 mm x 297 mm) format or proportional size, in Catalan, Spanish or English.
5.All works must be submitted only via e-mail, to info@humorisalutlleida.cat, after being scanned at 300 point resolution in JPG (JPEG) format.
6.The submission deadline is March 30, 2009
7.Works must be accompanied by a file which includes first and last name, address, telephone number and a photograph or caricature of the artist.
8.A prize of 1000 € will be given to the winning application and a second prize of 500 € will also be awarded. The jury panel of may declare that there is no winner.
9.The decision of the jury panel is not subject to appeal.
10.The composition of the jury panel will be made public after the winner is announced.
11.The decision of the jury panel will be communicated to the winner during the week of April 24th, 2009, by e-mail, and will then be published on the website of Humoràlia (http://www.humoralia.cat/) and http://www.humorisalutlleida.cat/ .
12.The first fifty (50) works selected will be exposed at the University of Lleida Medical School during the second half of May, 2009. Furthermore, a catalogmagazine with these works will be published, as well as editions of the posters.
13.The electronic version of the works will be available in a virtual gallery on http://www.humorisalutlleida.cat/ and the Humoràlia website after the competition.
14.The organizers reserve the right to reproduce and distribute the winning entry without express authorization from the author and without further compensation to the artist.
15.The fifty (50) entries published in the final catalog must also be presented on paper.
16.Participating in the competition constitutes acceptance of the contest rules in their entirety and without reservation. Any questions or conflicts will be resolved by the jury panel.
Source: http://feco-spain.blogspot.com/2009/02/iv-concurso-de-humor-grafico-y-salud.html


Call by Marko Ajdaric for Worldwide expo the second Coxias de Caxias - Brazil

Call for Worldwide expo the second Coxias de Caxias - Brazil
Marko Ajdaric, editor of Neorama dos Quadrinhos, the widest 9th art newsletter in the world, at http://www.neorama.com.br/ is already organizing the second Coxias de Caxias [ http://www.comicsblog.it/post/4196/giuseppe-camuncoli-aprira-lincontro-brasiliano-coxias-de-caxias] that will happen in March.
Coxias de Caxias is a kind of comics showroom in Caxias do Sul, the second largest city in Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil. For the next editions, we are already going to show stuff from 45 different Brazilian comics artists.
As 'Coxias' got excellent answers from many publishing houses and artists, Marko is already organizing the same event (specially on the EXPOSITION part) to be shown in at least 7 cities in Brazil. 4 comics festivals in 4 different countries have already been contacted, and probably the expo will be shown very far away from the place it began.
The intent is to present different possibilities of comics as a medium. We are already receiving material that features artists from 30 different countries. That includes albums, collective magazines, comic books and books about comics. We consider this the best way to popularize our medium: putting people in direct contact with good modern comics. Unhappily, the greatest part of Brazilians know only miantsream comics.
We are pleased to say that we are going to awe everyone with marvelous stuff that comes from 'unsuspected' places like Slovenia, Romania, Chile and Uruguay. Consider that Miriam Katin, Rutu Modan and Shaun Tan come form 'unsuspected' places, too, and you yes, marvelous comics are being produced in the whole world.
We are asking for anyone to send us any kind of comics to be presented at the Coxias de Caxias. We won't only expose hentais or similar stuff. Maybe, as in the case of Roman Tolici, a great surprise we got form Romania, your stuff will be on our worldwide expo, that already includes publications with comics signed by artists like Guy Delisle, Marcel Rujiters, Tony Millionaire, Scott Mc Cloud, Joe Sacco, David Lloyd, Miguelanxo Prado, Carlos Nine, Gradimir Smudja, Aleksandar Zograf, Ruben Sosa, David B., Carlos Trillo, Boilet, Nick Abadzis, Hermann, Max Andersson...
So, get in touch with us, let the good comics find good readers. The contacts are: MSN neoramaqq@hotmail.com Skype: markoajdaric, e-mail ajdaric@uol.com.br
My best regards,
Marko Ajdaric.


Theme in 12th Festival Humorgrafico: Without H2O there's nothing to laugh

Dear Friends: after few absence months (due to our old server and provider), we come back in a simple way with our new website, where we can tell you about our last realized events and we invite you to participate to the the next 12th Graphic-Itinerant Humour International Festival. Always being at your back and call, we brotherly salute you.
Julio Lubetkin, Graphic-Itinerant Humour International Festival Director.
Regulations & Entry-form: http://www.festivalhumorgrafico.eu/download/convocation.pdf
Blog: http://www.festivalhumorgrafico.blogspot.com/
12th International Graphic-Itinerant Humor Festival
Theme: Without H2O there's nothing to laugh.
Opened to all the professional cartoonist. The works must be send accompanied by an author schedule (name, address, country, photo or author's caricature).
Dimension : CM 20 x CM 30 - CM 30 x CM 40.
Quantity : Maximum three paintings.
1) The authors will have to POINT IN THE BACK of their paintings if they desire to participate inside the competition or outside of it.
2) Every author will be able to send no more than three works totally.
3) This edition will look ahead to receive one paint maximum each author by e-mail to smilefestival@libero.it or smilefestival2@yahoo.it in jpg format at 300 dpi.
4) A jury formed by painters, journalists and field personalities will chose the five best drawings presented. Each one of the five most voted drawings will receive:
A) First prize "Humorist Cause "with a silver plate.
B) Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Prize a silver plate “Humorist Cause " of the International Festival. The Choice of the prized works will take place after the last day of the presentation of the "12th International Graphic-Itinerant Humor Festival" edition 2009.
5) The Festival direction, after the last poll will indicate the result on the festival websites http://www.festivalhumourgrafico.com/ and http://www.festivalhumorgrafico.eu/ .
6) The cultural association "Lo Scrigno Dell'Arte" and the Festival artistic director will select the exposition drawings considering the choice realized by the panel and they will select the drawings for the exposition. The chosen authors will receive one copy of the biennal catalogue at the end of the manifestation.
7) Each author is in charge of his own works' content, included the copyright of the authors themselves for what concerns titles, images and texts.
8) The Festival doesn't take any responsibilities for any possible damages during the mailing of works and for the mailing of the "Humorist Cause" prize.
9) The Festival will reserve itself the right to expose the drawings and to publish them on the catalogues or in articles concerning the Festival.
10) At the end of the Festival the works won't be given back and they'll become part of the International Graphic Humor Festival permanent museum archive that will open again in 2010 and they could be used for further expositions in Italy and in other countries.
11) The Festival website will inform you with news and images about the 12th Itinerant Festival at concluded manifestation.
12) The participation at the exhibition entails the integral acceptation of the present regulation.
Expiry date: Saturday, 30th May 2009
The launch preview of the exposition: June 2009
Itinerant exposition: July - December 2009
The works must be send at:
11th International Itinerant Graphic Humor Festival P.O. Box 52, 00045 Genzano di Roma, Roma - ITALY
E-mail: festival@virgilio.it Website: http://www.festivalhumorgrafico.eu/

Theme in 7th International KARPIK 2009: Fish, fishermen, fishing, anglers

VII International Cartoon Contest-KARPIK 2009
Competition rules:

Each author can send at maximum 2 original work.
The formats of the works should not exceed the A-4.
Each work should be signed on the reverse and bear the author’s full address.
Theme: “Fish, fishermen, fishing, anglers”
The following prizes have been established:
• 1st prize of 2.500 PLN
• 2nd x 2 prize of 1.500 PLN.
The works must arrive by 30 September 2009 !
After the exsposition, illustrations become the property of organizer and may be used for promotion purposes.
The winners as well as cartoonists qualified to participate in the post-competition exhibition shall be provided with a free copy of a catalogue published by organizers. Send your work to the following address:
OŚRODEK KULTURY [KARPIK 2009] ul. Mikołaja Reja 1 49-100 Niemodlin POLSKA


26th Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition 2009 - Turkey

26th Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition 2009 - Turkey
* The Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition is held every year in Turkey by the Aydın Doğan Foundation.
* The competition is open to professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world.
* The Jury, composed of foreign members, will meet in June 2009.
* The XXVI. Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition will be celebrated with an award ceremony in November 2009 in Istanbul.
Participation Rules
1) Choice of subject is free.
2) Only original cartoons or internet print outs signed by the cartoonists will be accepted for the competition. Photographs, photocopies, etc... will not be accepted.
3) Size of cartoons should not exceed 29.7 x 42 cm (A3 paper size).
4) Participants are expected to send the filled out participation form, with a short curriculum vitae and a photograph, together with their cartoons. Please find the form attached to the competition booklet and posted on http://www.aydindoganvakfi.org.tr/ . The documents should be sent to:
Aydın Doğan Foundation, Oymacı Sokak, No:15, Altunizade 34662, Istanbul / Turkey.
5) The Foundation will not be responsible for any damage that may occur during postage and handling.
6) Award-winning cartoons will not be returned to the artists.
7) By filling out the participation form, the participant declares and accepts in advance that (s)he hands over the financial rights (s)he holds over the cartoons vis-à-vis the public to the Aydın Doğan Foundation without limitations on location, time period and number including assignment to third parties under Articles 21-25 of the Law on Intellectual Property Rights for publication. (S)he agrees that the Aydın Doğan Foundation may use such cartoons, exhibit them, keep them in its archives and publish them on the Internet or through other media.
8) The Foundation will cover the travel and accommodation expenses of the first three prize-winning cartoonists for the award ceremony in Turkey.
9) Cartoons which do not win awards will be returned to the artists upon written request.
10) Deadline for entries is Friday, May 1st, 2009.
11. Former jury members can not participate in the competition.
The Prizes
First Prize : 8000 US Dollars and the First Prize of the Aydın Doğan Foundation
Second Prize : 5000 US Dollars and the Second Prize of the Aydın Doğan Foundation
Third Prize : 3500 US Dollars and the Third Prize of the Aydın Doğan Foundation
Awards of Success : 500 US Dollars and the Award of Success of the Aydın Doğan Foundation
(In the event of a tie, the prizes may be shared equally among the winners. A minimum of 5 and maximum of 12 success awards will be granted.)
Complete Regulations in languages
Postal stickers


3rd "Black Cat" International Cartoon Web Contest 2009 - Azerbaijan

3rd "Black Cat" International Cartoon Web Contest 2009 - Azerbaijan
Contest: Open to all cartoonists
CATEGORIES: A) Cartoon (The Cartoon Contest Jury) B) Caricature (The Popular Cartoonists)
Deadline: 15 March 2009
ENTRIES: Max. 1 cartoon (2 or more cartoons sent to contest will not be accepted)
TECHNICAL INFO: A4 size max. 100 dpi, format (JPEG). Max one entry in each section: black & white or colored, any style, any technique will be accepted. Name, address, tel and e-mail.
At the end of competition there will be an exhibition on internet from the selected cartoons.
The participant must send their photo along with their autobiography.
All cartoonists can participate through their own e-mail by submitting your cartoons to: scaferli@gmail.com
PRIZES: First prize: Diploma, Second prize: Diploma, Third prize: Diploma, Honourable mentions: 5 (certificate).
The results will be on http://www.cartooncenter.net/ on 30 March, 2009, right after the international juries' evaluation.
Organizer: Seyran Caferli
Address: Az 1000, Post BOX N0 1, Baku-Azerbaijan