Results XVIth International Festival of aphorisms and caricature, Strumica 2015, Macedonia

Winners in Strumica 2015
1st Prize: Valentin Georgiev - Bulgaria (Top)
2nd Prize: Slobodan Butir - Croatia
3rd Prize: Doru Aksinte - Rumania.


International Daesh Cartoon & Caricature Contest 2015, Iran

Resistance means:
- Protection of human dignity and true freedom
-Defense against Evil, terror, violence
- Defense against any occupation in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan
While the arrogant government with their unwavering support could bring such savaged group to the Islamic world to kill and murder many innocent Muslims and on the other hand in order to deceive world opinion chants the slogan against this group of mercenaries, any kind of help is worthy to uncover them. And in every possible way reveal the evil face of their supporters (Western - Hebrew - Arabs).
The goal:
- Promoting the culture of resistance
- Emphasis on the culture of resistance in contemporary and committed art
- Creating a field of interaction and dialogue between artists in Iran and other countries.
Cartoon section:
Theme: Daesh (Isis)
Caricature section:
1-Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi
2-Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani
3-Benjamin Netanyahu
4-François Hollande
5-David Cameron
6-Barack Obama.
Each participant can submit up to 5 works per part.
Send (name, last name, mailing address, email address and telephone number) is required by artists as word file.
To all whose works are found in the catalog, a copy will be awarded.
Entries must be 200 dpi in length or within 2000 pixel and jpg format.
Cartoon Section:
First Prize: 1500 $, Trophy, Mention
Second Prize: 1000 $, Trophy, Mention
Third Prize: 700 $, Trophy, Mention
With Three 500 $, Mentions
Caricature Section:
First Prize: 1500 $, Trophy, Mention
Second Prize: 1000 $, Trophy, Mention
Third Prize: 700 $, Trophy, Mention
With Three 500 $, Mentions
Please Send Your Artworks Via Email: info@resistart.ir
Deadline For Sending Artworks: April 30, 2015
Tel: +98 21 88 911 214
+98 21 88 911 215
Fax: +98 21 88 911 219
Website: Http://www.resistart.ir.

The Second Holocaust International Cartoon Contest 2015, Iran

The Second Holocaust International Cartoon Contest 2015, Iran
Technique: Free
Maximum Sending Artworks: 5 Artworks
Size: Artworks Must Be By Format (Jpg) Minimum 2000 Pixel By 200 DPI Dimensions.
Paticipants Must Send Their Photo, Full Name, Post Address, Email Address, Phone Number Via Word File.
All Participants That Their Cartoons Publish In Catalog Will Receive One Catalog.
1-If west doesn't know any limit for freedom of expression, why they don't permit the researchers and historians to consider Holocaust?
2-Why should Palestinian oppressed people compensate Holocaust. The people that didn't have any role in world war II?
3- We are worried about another Holocausts such as Atomic Holocaust (Holocaust in Iraq, Syria and Gaza)
Deadline: 1st April 2015
First Prize: 12000 $, Trophy,Honorable Mention
Second Prize:8000 $, Trophy, Honorable Mention
Third Prize 5000 $, Trophy, Honorable Mention
10 Special Prize.
Please Send Your Artworks Via Email: info@irancartoon.com
Deadline For Sending Artworks: April 01, 2015
Source: irancartoon.

International Cartoon Contest of Nilufer Municipality 2015, Bursa - Turkey

Last Apply Date (Deadline): March 3, 2015
Concept (Theme): “War and Peace” (Who’ll go a waltzing Matilda with me). The concept refers to Eric Bogle’s song (And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda) which is dedicated to Gallipoli War in WW1.
Contest Details
18 March is the memorial date of Gallipoli Martyrs of World War 1. The cooperation of Nilüfer Municipality and Anatolian Cartoonists Association organizes a cartoon contest for that special day. The concept points out Scottish Singer Eric Bogle’s song, “And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda” which refers to Gallipoli War where more than 500 thousands soldiers lost their life. After war, antiwar movements substantially raised.
2015 is the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli. This is why Nilüfer Municipality organized this contest under the concept of “War and Peace.” Every cartoon works relates to “War and Peace” will be evaluated.
This contest is open to all professional and amateur cartoonists of any nationality, religion and etc.
The number of entries is limited to 3.
The works have to be e-mailed as format of A4-300dpi-jpg to anatoliancartoon@gmail.com
It is acceptable to join to the contest with cartoons that have been published previously. However, they should not have won any prize/award in any other competition.
The cartoons which are suspected due to plagiarism are going to publish on the website, www.anadolukarikaturculerdernegi.org between the dates 3-6 March. Hence, the owners of the works have a last chance to defend their work. Any of apply after those dates won’t be accepted.
Jury will be gathered on the 9th of March.
Jury members:
Ahmet Aykanat,
Mehmet Kahraman,
Cüneyt Şenyavaş,
Kemal Akkoç,
Halit Kurtulmuş
Nilüfer Municipality Representative
Nilüfer Municipality Representative.
All cartoons, whether they have won a prize or not, may be used for cultural purposes of Nilüfer Municipality and may be published for noncommercial aims such as poster, book, album, brochure, postcard, invitation, exhibition and etc. Other of any copyright belongs to the participated cartoonist. Participation assumes acceptance of these conditions.
The contest album will be sent to participated cartoonist.
The date of reward ceremony will be announced later by organization committee with the name of participated cartoonist.
The following prizes are awarded:
1st prize $1000 + Trophy
2st prize $700 + Trophy
3rd prize $500 + Trophy
(3) Honorable mention $100 + Trophy
For more information:
Birgül Telli Uysal
Content Office
+90 224 233 66 92
Source: anadolukarikaturculerdernegi.

3rd Niels Bugge Cartoon Award 2015, Viborg, Denmark

Theme explanation: Equal in diversity
Conditions and rules:
Initially, each participant can submit up to 3 entries in digital format by sending them before April 10th, 2015 via internet (Upload) to the following address: www.nielsbuggeaward.org/sendcartoon.html together with the digital entry form with the informations about the author.
Size for the first round: A4 Format, 300dpi, 2480x3508 pixel, Max. 5 MB each file.
The cartoons received after the deadline will be rejected.
Out of these submissions, the jury will make a selection of 100-150 drawings. Only the selected artists will be asked to send the original work by post. All these works will be shown at the exhibition.
The works can be made in black & white or color, with any drawing technique, we accept only wordless cartoons, without subtitles.
The submitted work should not have been awarded before the deadline of this contest.
Cartoon works will be appreciated by the International Jury.
The award winners selected by the jury will be personally informed via e-mail. The final decisions of the jury are incontestable.
The Prizes are:
1st Prize : 3.000 €
2nd Prize : 2.000 €
3rd Prize : 1.000 €
The selected participants give the organizers permission to use their drawings only for promoting the artist and the event itself.
Every other aspect of the copyright remains with the artist (except for the awarded submissions).
It ensures that the awarded works can no longer be submitted in other contests or published by their authors or third parties after the official publication of the results.
The drawings that were awarded one of the prizes will become property of the organizer.
The exhibition and the award ceremony will take place in late May 2015.
By taking part in this contest the participants accept the above mentioned rules.
Contact for further information: award15@hae.de.


Results 54th International cartoon contest Knokke-Heist 2015, Belgium

Golden Hat: Vladimir Stankovski from Serbia with the cartoon 'Scritch Screetch'. (Top)
Silver Hat: Klaus Pitter from Austria with the cartoon 'Life Belt'.
Bronze Hat: Mark Lynch from Australia with the cartoon 'Ballerina'.
Davidsfonds Prize: Alfons Vos fom Belgium with the cartoon 'Respect voor ons'.


32. Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition 2015, Turkey

• The Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition is organized every year in Turkey by the Aydın Doğan Foundation.
• The competition is open to professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world.
• The Jury, composed of international members, will meet in June 2015.
• The 32nd Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition will be celebrated with an award ceremony in October 2015 in Istanbul.
1. Choice of subject is free.
2. Only original cartoons will be accepted. Cartoons sent as printouts should bear original signatures of cartoonists. Photographs, photocopies, etc. will not be accepted.
3. Size of cartoons should not exceed 29.7 x 42cm (A3 paper size).
4. Participants are expected to send the filled out participation form, with a short curriculum vitae and a photograph, together with their cartoons. Please fill out the form attached or download it from www.aydindoganvakfi.org.tr. The documents should be sent to Aydın Doğan Foundation, Burhaniye Mahallesi Kısıklı Cad. No 65, 34676 Üsküdar Istanbul, Turkey.
5. The Foundation will not be responsible for any damage that may occur during postage.
6. Award-winning cartoons will not be returned to their artists.
7. By filling out the participation form, the participant declares and accepts in advance that (s)he grants license in form of non-exclusive simple license to Aydın Doğan Foundation without any limitations on location, time period and number including assignment to third parties in relation to the usage rights of financial rights such as processing, duplication, distribution, representation, indication and transmission to the public via audio and/or visual means (s)he holds over the cartoon(s) which will enter the competition as defined under Articles 21-25 of the Law No. 5846 on Turkish Intellectual and Artistic Works; and that (s)he gives consent to Aydın Doğan Foundation to exhibit such cartoon(s), to keep them in its archives, to publish them on the Internet or through other media or to use them in any other way without any limitations.
8. Should the cartoon(s) which enters the competition earns a rank and/or a prize, the participant declares and accepts in advance that (s)he transfers the financial rights such as processing, duplication, distribution, representation, indication and transmission to the public via audio and/or visual means (s)he holds over the cartoon(s) which earned a rank and/or a prize to the Aydın Doğan Foundation without any limitations on location, time period and number including assignment to third parties under Articles 21-25 of the Law No.5846 on Turkish Intellectual and Artistic Work; and that (s)he gives consent to Aydın Doğan Foundation to exhibit such cartoon(s), to keep them in its archives, to publish them on the Internet or through other media or to use them in any other way without any limitations; and that (s)he does not have any right of disposition over the financial rights subject to transfer and thus cannot enter into any transactions with third parties in relation to transferred financial rights.
9. The Foundation will cover travel and accommodation expenses of the first three award-winning cartoonists for the award ceremony in Turkey.
10. Cartoons that have not received any awards shall be returned to their owners upon written application to the Foundation within one year. The responsibility of the Foundation finishes after one year.
11. The deadline for entries is Friday, May 8, 2015.
12. Jury members cannot participate in the competition in the year they act as a jury member.
13. The decision to upload the cartoons sent to the competition on the Virtual Museum lies with the Aydın Doğan Foundation.
Participation Rules in languages (PDF).


Finalist cartoons of the 6th International Tourism Cartoon Competition, Turkey

Dear Fellow Global Cartoonists,
After the meeting of the Pre-selection Committee on January 17, 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey, the finalist cartoons of the 6th International Tourism Cartoon Competition were specified. 146 cartoons in the adult category and 34 cartoons in the youth category were chosen for the final evaluation.
The finalist cartoons will be displayed on the origination website (please see below) between January 22 and February 10, 2015 before the evaluation of the final selection committee. When you see any similar, copy cartoon/s or received an award before, and any fraud cartoon/s among the finalist cartoons, please write to organizing committee. Any objections to authenticity will be considered until February 10, 2015.
The finalist cartoons are displayed on this web page:
Note: All finalist cartoons displayed on the web page under the name of “Adult (1)” ….. and “Youth (1)” ….. When you report a cartoon, please write the label of the cartoon (you can see the label on the right of the screen when you click a picture). On the other hand, you can send the picture of the cartoon via e-mail.
Please write to:
E-mail: nazmi.kozak@gmail.com

5th International Turhan Selcuk Cartoon Competition 2015, Turkey

5th International Turhan Selcuk Cartoon Competition 2015
1. The competition is open to any cartoonist.
2. It is acceptable to enter with cartoons that have been published previously. However, they should not have won any prize/award in any other competition.
3. Any technique is allowed. The cartoonist can submit a maximum of 5 cartoons.
However, the cartoons must be original. As long as the cartoons have the original signature of the cartoonist, digital prints are acceptable.
4. All cartoons must be 30x40 cm maximum.
5. The participants must write their names (first and surname) in capital letters, address, e-mail, country and telephone number; a brief CV should be submitted in a sealed envelope.
6. The cartoons must be sent to the following address, no later than 10th May 2015:
Milas Belediyesi Kultur Sanat Birimi
48200 - Milas - Mugla / Turkey
7. The results of the competition will be announced on 27th May 2015.
8. The cartoons sent to the competition will not be returned. All cartoons, whether they have won a prize or not, may be used for cultural purposes and may be published. Participation assumes acceptance of these conditions. All cartoons will be kept in the ‘Turhan Selcuk Karikaturlu Ev’.
9. All cartoonists whose cartoons are selected for the exhibition and the album will receive a copy of the competition album.
10. The reward ceremony will be held on 19th September 2015. The opening of the exhibition will be held on the same date, in ‘Turhan Selcuk Karikaturlu Ev’ for cartoons which have won an award or have been selected for display. The exhibition will be open until 4th October 2015.
11. Accommodation and meal expenses for participants who have won a ‘Special Award’ will be met. Travel expenses will be borne by the participants.
Muhammet Tokat - Mayor of Milas
Kamil Masaraci - Cartoonist / ISTANBUL
Serpil Kar - Cartoonist / ADANA
Rasit Yakali - Cartoonist / ISTANBUL
Muhammet Sengoz - Cartoonist / IZMIT
Xia Lichuan - Cartoonist / CHINA
Christina Sampaio - Cartoonist / PORTUGAL
Winner: $3000.00
Runner up: $2000.00
3rd: $1000.00.
Other Special Prizes will be awarded by various establishments, societies, newspapers, art magazines, trade unions, news agents and individuals.
Note: The jury meeting will be held on the 16th May 2015.
(Updated on 26 May 2015).



The International Site BestCARTOONS.net,
CRISAN Publishing House,
The ACCES Association (as the organizers) and
The Founders (Horia CRISAN & Liviu STANILA),
Are very glad to invite you to participate in
R U L E S 2015
1. The 9th HumoDEVA ICC is an open competition for cartoonists all over the world. The participation is free of charge. For all the cartoonists accepted in the contest, the drawings will be displayed FREE OF CHARGE on HumoDEVA’s site.
2. The artworks must be presented in a FREE THEME - MY BEST OF 2014, (your best cartoons made in 2014) or/and on THE THEME - SEX, LOVE AND…MONEY!
3. Deadline: April 30, 2015.
4. You can submit max 5 works, made in 2014, for FREE THEME and max 5 works for THEME SECTION. The cartoons must not contain text. The name of the uploaded cartoons must contain the entrant’s family name, first name, country and title of work (in english). The works must be digitized in 300 DPI resolution, RGB color mode, in JPG format, with the maximum limit of 2 MB.
5. Upload your cartoons here! (To finish, click DONE in the up right side, on green.)
Separately please send at the e-mail address humodeva@gmail.com the author’s photo or caricature and a short biography in English, including date of birth, education, profession, citizenship, awards, publications and exhibitions.
6. The cartoons submitted to the contest will be exhibited on the HumoDEVA 2015 web site for the attention and objection of all cartoonists to prevent similarity, copying and steeling. Any cartoon which is similar, copied or stolen will not be awarded. The contest results will be announced on the HumoDEVA 2015 web site .
7. The Jury will award the following prizes for the best works, no mater the categories:
GOLD PRIZE 500$, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net
SILVER PRIZE 400$, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net
BRONZE PRIZE 300$, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net
10 EXCELLENCY Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net.
Jury’s decisions are final. Other Special Prizes offered by the sponsors may be awarded.
The prizes can be paid in Deva or can be posted to the cost of the receiver. The organizer does not assume any liability regarding taxes or bank charges. The original drawings of the prize winning entries should be sent in maximum two weeks from the results announcement, well wrapped and protected against damages. The mail address for sending winning originals is: CRISAN Publishing House, Mihai Viteazu street, bl. 47, ap 1, 330091 Deva, jud. Hunedoara, ROMANIA.
8. By participating, entrants grant the organizing body the right to use their entries as advertising for the HumoDEVA International Cartoon Contest and for the site BestCARTOONS.net (e.g. as cartoon books, catalogues, advertising in the press, internet and other media, separate promotional printed works such as posters, leaflets, etc., promotional gifts by the city council and/or cartoon contest organization, calendars, etc) without any special fees paid to the authors.
9. For further information, e-mail: humodeva@gmail.com .
10. By submitting the works to The HumoDÆVA INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST, the artists accept the decisions of the Jury and the rules printed above.
Horia CRISAN, Founder
Liviu STANILA, Co-founder and art director


The 9th International Exhibition of Satirical Graphic BUCOVINA 2015, ROMANIA

The International Exhibition
of Satirical Graphic
the 9th Edition, 2015
Bucovina Museum – muzeulbucovinei.ro
„Gândeşte” Association – gandeste.org
Suceava County Council- cjsuceava.ro
The Bucovina Museum from Suceava has the distinct pleasure of inviting you to participate to the 9th International Exhibition of Satirical Graphic BUCOVINA - ROMANIA.
1. The International Exhibition of Satirical Graphic has as theme: “Ukraine: War and Peace”.
2. We address to all the professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world, regardless of their age.
3. The number of sent cartoons is maximum five (otherwise you will be disqualified).
4. Please attach in .doc format a brief presentation of your artistic activity (surname and name, exact address, e-mail address, a photo and your CV) (otherwise you will be disqualified)
5. The exhibition prizes are:
- Grand prize– 500 € + diploma + gold medal
- Second prize - 300 € + diploma
- Third prize - 100 € + diploma
- Three mentions - diploma + medal.
6. The cartoons must be sent at the e-mail address: competition@muzeulbucovinei.ro and they must be of 300 dpi minimum resolution, A4 format, realized in any technique: black and white or coloured.
7. All the events of the exhibition will be published in the web page of the Bucovina Museum http://www.muzeulbucovinei.ro/ and also on the webpages of the partners. All the artists who will qualify for the exhibition will receive the.printed catalogue containing all the selected cartoons.
8. Deadline for sending your cartoons: 30th of April 2015.
9. The exhibition will be opened for the public in June 2015.
10. Bucovina Museum – muzeulbucovinei.ro and „Gândeşte” Association – gandeste.org reserve the right to use the works submitted for the contest in any way suited to promote the contest and its results.
Jury Members: Mihai Panzaru Pim – cartoonist; George Licurici – cartoonist; Ovidiu Ambrozie Borta BOA- cartoonist
Artistic manager: BOA www.artboa.ro; www.artboa.blogspot.com, boa-caricatura.eu.
Source: cartooncenter.


I am Charlie Cartoon Festival January 30th 2015, Norway

I am Charlie
Religious tolerance, respect
and freedom of expression
Cartoon Festival
January 30th 2015
Universal Tolerance Organization with the vision of global peace, democracy, peaceful coexistence, respect of human rights and sustainable development through tolerance, organizes this festival to support the freedom of expression and respect to human rights.
UTO ask you to send one or two of your art for the festival because of the attack in Paris. In January 7, 2015, at approximately 11:30 CET(10:30 UTC), two masked gunmen armed with Kalashnikov rifles, a shotgun, and a rocket-propelled grenade launcher stormed the headquarters of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris. They shot and killed 12 people, including Charlie Hebdo staff and two French National police officers, and wounded 11 others.
This festival will hold I am Charlie Cartoon Festival out of respect for human rights and support for journalists and cartoonist around the world.
Subject: Religious tolerance, respect and freedom of expression.
Deadline: 30 January 2015
Artists may start sending their work from January 10th to: festival@universaltolerance.org
Terms and conditions:
The competition is open to everybody around the world.
The art work must be original and not published or exhibited previously.
The work should be designed and colored digitally.
The artist should sign the original digital artwork, and number the printed version with pencil before mailing it to our postal address.
The artwork should be filed as JPG with a resolution of 300 dpi.
Name, personal details and contact information (phone, email, country of origin, mailing address) of the artist should be written behind the artwork.
Artists should enclose a personal photo and a short biography of themselves.
The artwork should demonstrate of the subjects mentioned above.
International juries will select the artwork for competition.
A collection of artworks will be published to present an artistic view of the principles of tolerance.
Universal Tolerance Organization will have the right to publish the artworks in books, and websites of U.T.O etc.
First prize: 600 Euros.
Second prize: 400 Euros.
Third prize: 300 Euros.
Website: www.universaltolerance.org
I am Charle Cartoon Festival on the FACEBOOK CLICK HERE.


XXIII International Satire and Humor Contest 2015, Studio d’Arte Andromeda, Trento, Italy

XXIII International Satire and Humor Contest 2015, Studio d’Arte Andromeda, Trento, Italy
Any Italian and foreign artists can enrol. The age limit is 16 years. Each participant is allowed to submit max 3 original works, not rewarded or reported in other competitions.
Illustration/satire: size A4/3
Cartoon: max 2 pages size A4/3
Animations video: maximum running time of 1 minute
The works must be sent in digital format to info@studioandromeda.net
Images should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and saved in jpg or tiff format at the highest quality.
Important: the images can be max 5MB, for images larger than 5MB use www.wetransfer.com
Entries must be received no later than March 28, 2015
The international jury will select the works that will be exhibited in the exhibition and published in the online catalog and sent in pdf format to the selected authors.
The jury meeting is scheduled for April 11, 12, 2015.
The winners and reported undertake to send the works in the original, if digitally printed in high quality and signed by 15 October 2015, on pain of forfeiture of the prize. The three winning authors will be hosted at the expense of study Art Andromeda on 14 and 15 November in Trento.
The award ceremony will be Saturday, November 14, 2015 at: 18,00, the place will be announced later.
The exhibition will be on display from November 14 to December 5, 2015.
A preview of the exhibition will be exposed to Trentino Book Festival Caldonazzo (TN) on days 12,13 ,14 June 2015. The selected works will remain on permanent display on the site www.studioandromeda.net.
The authors, taking part in the competition, give the non-exclusive right to publish the work in any medium for promotional purposes by Studio d’Arte Andromeda not have any claim as copyright.
1° prize € 1000,00
2° prize € 700,00
3° prize € 500,00
Cartoon special prize € 300,00
Animations video special prize € 300,00
10 mentions with small gift.
Download rules + Entry Form (PDF Format) here.

Rules of the 13th FreeCartoonsWeb International Cartoonet Festival 2014, China

1) Cartoon:
(A) Gourmet; (B) 12 Chinese Zodiac; (C) 12 Constellations; (D) Free Theme
2) Caricature:
(A) Famous President; (B) Sports Star; (C) Entertainment Star; (D) Business Star
February 18, 2015 (Chinese New Year's eve)
1) Size: Min:A4(210mmx297mm), Max:A3(297mmx420mm).
2) Quantity: Unlimited.
3) Please send digital original drawings to this contest. Black & white or colored, any style, any technique will be accepted.
4) Participants are requested to send together with their cartoons, an entry-form with digital signature, a photograph or caricature. The form can be downloaded at FreeCartoonsWeb.
5) Titles or entry-form must be filled out in understandable English or Chinese.
6) All cartoonists can participate in festival through your own E-mail by submitting your cartoons to: freecartoons@126.com
Format:JPEG Size:max.4M per cartoon Resolution ratio:200dpi-300dpi
7) The excellent cartoons will be published in Chinese newspaper and magazine. Some cartoons will be exhibited in China. All cartoons will not be returned.
1) Cartoon:
Grand Prize (1 awards): Certificate+Catalogue+Gifts;
Gold Prize (2 awards): Certificate+Catalogue;
Silver Prize (4 awards): Certificate+Catalogue;
Bronze Prize (8 awards): Certificate+Catalogue.
2) Caricature:
Grand Prize (1 awards): Certificate+Catalogue+Gifts;
Gold Prize (2 awards): Certificate+Catalogue;
Silver Prize (4 awards): Certificate+Catalogue;
Bronze Prize (8 awards): Certificate+Catalogue.
URL: http://www.fcwfcw.com , http://www.fcw.cn
E-mail: freecartoons@126.com (Only for Festival)
Source: http://www.fcwfcw.com/Diary.asp?ID=696.

New deadline for Pannonpower Cartoon Contest 2014, Hungary

Pannonpower Cartoon Contest
NEW DEADLINE: 18. 01. 2015
only on the internet, by e-mail!
Theme: Drawings in green – innovative energy production by biomass
Information here.


20th International Cartoon Exhibition Zagreb 2015, Croatia

The organizer of the 20th International cartoon exhibition ZAGREB 2015 is the Croatian Cartoonist Association.
The festival is opened for everyone regardless of nationality, age, sex, or profession.
Conditions of entry:
1. Original works and digital artworks will be accepted. Digital artwork is to be numbered in pencil on the front and pencil signed. Copies cannot be admitted.
2. Entries can be either black and white or coloured.
3. There should be the name, the surname and the adress on the reverse side of cartoons.
4. The cartoons must not have been previously awarded on festivals.
5. Maximum 3 entries will be submitted.
6. Size of entries is A4 or A3 format.
Entry deadline is the 16th of April 2015.
First Prize 1.000 EUR
Second Prize 500 EUR
Third Prize 300 EUR
Five Special mentions
The exhibition will take place in Gallery Klovićevi dvori in Zagreb on the 2th of June 2015.
Authors of works that qualify to the exhibition are given a presentation copy of the exhibition cataloque.
Only on explicit request will remaining (original) works be returned to the owners in the end of the exhibition cycle (in the second half of the year 2016).
The organizer reserves the right to reproduce the works sent to the festival, Zagreb 2015, as the advertising material without being obliged to pay a fee to an author whose work may be used.
The prize-winning works become property of the organizer.
Entry Form here .
WEB: http://www.hdk.hr/ .

New Year 2015 : Dragutin Kovačević


The end of the Arab Cartoon House website / Nedal Hashem

Like all beautiful ideas, there is always an end, and this is the end of the Arab Cartoon House website.
The site will halt due to the lack of usefulness, and poor attention of professional cartoonists. In a time when the beginning was modest in terms of services provided, there was broad interest from professional cartoonists, which formed our identity as a site specialized in professional caricature. However, with the spread of social networking sites that have become a strong competitor to various types of sites, we have become in front of a strong octopus which we cannot resist, especially with the great desire for sites such as Facebook to monopolize the cyberspace.
The site will halt because we are not an organization that has the necessary potential to implement the tasks of archiving and posting news specialized in the Arabic caricature art, although we have made efforts of this kind with individual potential and without any financial support.
The site will halt because of the level of bathos in cartoons published in some Arabic newspapers, which do not deserve the price of its ink, so how it could deserve my effort in saving and archiving it.
The site will halt because of the level of trauma caused by the institutions which supposed to be a cultural lever, but it turned out to be speculation centers which value the culture only at the level of interest generated by some stock.
The site will halt because I left my professional specialty in engineering, thinking that it is more important to be a cartoonist, then I was spending long time in following up site affairs more than the time I was spending in drawing, thinking that it is more important to perform this task that it is performed by none in the Arab world.
The site will halt because I have other ideas hoping that I will be able to achieve them before they become obsolete.
This is a message of apology to whom it may concern, including a number of friends and great cartoonists whom I could not know without this site.
I hope that the Arab Cartoon House website has contributed to the development of this art during the past nine years.
Author: Nedal Hashem
October 27, 2014.
Source: arabcartoon.


New Year 2015 : Ivan Hanousek

Umoristi A Marostica becomes biennial

After 46 years’ edition of the competition, the group graphic organizer of the event, has decided that it is time to re-think the most current key in the mode of the event.
Since the birth of the competition to date the social reality, Italian and international, has changed dramatically. Was 1969 when a group of university students, in the wake of the movements of the ’68 proposed a manifestation of complaint is not with protest signs, but with humorous cartoons. They chose the graphics in the belief that it was an international language suited to overcome political barriers, language and culture. We added the humor that for them meant not to laugh and just, but most do reflect, often throwing a critical message on existence. Over time the quality of the works, the honest intent, the seriousness and the quality of the jury, the freedom of choice of themes, the independence from political strategies and/or commercial as well as the passion of the group, have meant that the competition has imposed among the most important in Italy and abroad and is still very popular with artists from around the world.
But the rapid transformation that are affecting the cultural field is changing rapidly forms of production, distribution and consumption of culture in each country, and the forms of cultural exchanges that can take place between countries. Digital culture is causing revolution of all target reference points for human growth social and mental.
This rapid spread of social communication is transforming the quality of virtual information and creates new challenges for art in general, but especially for graphics. In recent years, the group graph has made a considerable effort in this area with results undoubtedly significant, but not optimal yet.
Then to reason with serenity and attention has decided to bring the competition every two years.
However, we will keep the focus on the graphics in the year proposing a “pause”, an exhibition of graphics of great artists in the industry, but we would have so more “time” to re-think our competition in a modern both in structure and in the mode of participation and proposition to the public that has always faithfully followed.
See you in the competition in 2016!
Gruppo Grafico Marosticense
Source: http://www.umoristiamarostica.it/?p=53.

New Year 2015 : Milenko Kosanovic