The 1st International Cartoon/Caricature Contest on Mahatma Gandhi 2021, India

1st International Cartoon/Caricature Contest on Mahatma Gandhi 2021
Rules & Regulations 
Theme: Gandhi, an answer to global crisis 
• Both professional and non-professional cartoonists are welcome to participate in this contest. 
• The competition is open to all individuals aged over 12 * (Corrigendum). 
• Works must be originals. All graphic techniques are allowed. 
• Works may be black & white or colored. 
• Each entry should include a covering letter with the cartoonist’s full name,postal address, contact no. and E-Mail ID. 
• Please mention the artist's name and country with the artwork. 
• The digital works have to be sent in JPEG format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (2480 x 3543 pixels). 
• The cartoons are to be drawn in A4 format. 
• (maximum size of 3 MB per cartoon) for digital cartoons 
• Number of entries per contestant maximum three 
• Cartoons sent by post need to have the name and address of the cartoonist on the back-side of each cartoon.
• The original versions of the cartoons will be accepted. 
• The organizer (EKTA PARISHAD) cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged cartoons during the shipment. 
• Works should not be awarded at other festivals. 
• Works must not be older than one year. 
• The Prizes will be taxed according to Indian legislation. 
• The Organiser/EKTA PARISHAD shall not be responsible for failure of a winner to receive the prize for reasons that are not related to the Organiser/ EKTA PARISHAD 
• Deadline for submission of Cartoons / Art work is 25 December 2021 (EXTENDED:) 05 January 2022
• Cartoons must be sent to: gandhicartooncontest@gmail.com 
• To send by post, please send package to: 
c/o Ekta Parishad 
Gandhi Bhawan Shyamla hills 
+91 7554223821 
• The content, thoughts and views expressed in the creatives / illustrations will be sole responsibility of the participating Artists. Ekta Parishad will not be held responsible for any content, views expressed by the artists in the creatives / illustrations developed. 
• By entering the contest, each entrant agrees to abide by these rules. 
Publication Rights: 
Property rights – Prize-winning works will become the property of the organizer (Ekta Parishad) or theme sponsor. Further the cartoonist provides Royalty- free and license to publish and publicly display the entries (Whether winning or not winning an award) for non-commercials purposes. 
• By entering the competition, the cartoonist represents and warrants that the work is an original work of the cartoonist and does not infringe on the rights of any third parties. 
• All selected works for exhibition may be used by the organizers to promote the contest . 
• Awarded works remain the property of the organizer( Ekta Parishad). 
• Decisions made by the jury cannot be challenged. 
• No correspondence with the jury will be allowed on their decisions. 
India + Foreign 
• First prize: 25,000/- INR 
• Second prize: 20,000/- INR 
• Third prize: 10,000/- INR 
• Two consolation prizes: 5000/- INR each 
• First prize: 25000/- INR 
• Second prize – 20000/- INR 
• Third prize: 10000/- INR 
• Two Consolation prize – 5000/- INR each 
Exhibition and award ceremony 
• The results will be announced 15 January, 2022. 
• An exhibition of the selected works will take place in the gallery. 
Source: egyptoons.


World Press Cartoon 2022, Portugal

World Press Cartoon 2022, Portugal
a) The World Press Cartoon comprises three categories: Editorial Cartoon, Caricature and Gag Humour. 
b) Within Editorial Cartoon all works shall be considered that deal with specific news & current affairs issues and events. 
c) Within Caricature, only caricature works in the strict sense are considered, with only humorous portraits being allowed. 
d) Within Gag Cartoon, works shall be considered that deal with themes that are not directly related to current affairs issues. 
e)Authors should submit to competition the works they consider to be of the highest level. However, this being an international salon, the organisation draws attention that characters, themes, and events of a more universal outlook are the most suitable. 
a) Each work submitted to competition is required to have one entry form and identification label, fully filled and readable. 
b) Each entry form must be pasted on the back of the corresponding work. 
a) Only the works that have been published between 01 January 2021 and 31 December 2021, in newspapers or magazines of regular publication and on sale to the public, or in online publications of recognized journalistic nature, are accepted for competition. 
b) Authors may submit to competition up to three works, one single work for each category of the salon: Editorial Cartoon, Caricature and Gag Cartoon. 
c) For works created by using traditional techniques, only the originals are accepted. No reproductions. 
d) When elaborated by digital or mixed techniques, works in high resolution prints are admitted if signed by the author, and techniques and software used must be mentioned in the registration form. 
e) Format of the works cannot exceed the A3 European standard measure: 420 x 297 mm. 
f) Works published on paper printed media must be accompanied by the full page of the respective press publication as well as the front 1st page of the newspaper or magazine in which the competing work was published. 
g) Works published online must be accompanied by a print screen of the site page where they were published, with date and title of the publication clearly visible. The access link must be entered on the registration form. 
h) Works with captions, subtitles or other words must be translated into English, and are to be included in readable fashion on the registration form. 
i) Works competing in the Caricature category must include on the entry form the portrayed character's name, nationality, and media relevance. 
j) The works must be sent to one of the addresses made available by the organisation, by the postal limit date of 31 January 2022
a) The entry registration act of a work automatically implies the transfer of the respective reproduction rights for non-commercial purposes. 
b) The works that win a prize and the ones awarded an honourable mention become the property of the World Press Cartoon organisation, hence implying automatic transfer of all copyrights. 
a) The works must be sent in flat packaging, protected between two rigid cards. 
b) On the package front, clearly visible, the following must be written: NO COMMERCIAL VALUE/ SEM VALOR COMERCIAL. 
a) The organization of the World Press Cartoon, under guidance of the Salon´s Director, shall select the works that are to be included in the public exhibition and its catalogue. 
b) Prizes and Honourable Mentions shall be awarded by a five-member international jury including the Salon´s Director, who chairs it. 
c) The jury decisions are taken by majority vote and are not subject to appeal. 
d) According to the assessment made on the quality standard of the competing works, the jury may not award all the expected prizes. 
a) In total, 10 prizes will be awarded according to the following structure: 
GRAND PRIX - 10 000 € 
Gag Cartoon 
1st Prize-3000€ | 2nd Prize-2000€ | 3rd Prize-1000€ 
Editorial Cartoon 
1st Prize-3000€ | 2nd Prize-2000€ | 3rd Prize-1000€ 
1st Prize-3000€ | 2nd Prize-2000€ | 3rd Prize-1000€ .
b) The Grand Prix will be chosen from the 1st Prizes of the three categories of the Salon. 
c) The author distinguished with the Grand Prix will receive only the value attributed to that prize, hence not accumulating with the 1st Prize value of the won category. 
d) The prize value amounts are subject to subtraction of legal taxation as valid at the time of its attribution. 
e) Prizes are symbol translated by a trophy and also authenticated by diploma. 
f) Works distinguished by Honourable Mentions will be symbol translated by medals and also authenticated by diploma 
a) The exhibition of selected works and the awards ceremony will take place at the CCC – Cultural and Congress Centre of Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, on a date to be announced. 
b) The winning authors will be invited to take part in the awards ceremony and inauguration of the public exhibition. 
a) Participants with selected works for the exhibition will receive one copy of the catalogue as well as a participation certificate. 
b) Additionally, authors distinguished with Honourable Mentions will be sent the symbol representation medals. 
c) The competing original works will be returned to their authors, whether or not they are part of the exhibition, except those Prize awarded and the ones distinguished with Honourable Mentions. 
d) Competing high resolution print works shall not be returned. 
e) On the registration form, the author must indicate updated full data of his postal address, to be used for returning works and catalogue and certificate sending, with info like name, street, door number, and other useful references like town, postal code, and country. 
f) For this purpose, P.O. Boxes will not be accepted as postal addresses. 
g) The organisation of the World Press Cartoon will not resend packages returned by postal services, and therefore, authors should provide timely information on any possible change of address after sending their works to contest partaking. 


SICACO 2021 Prizes / Winners book + Next Rules

Dear Sir, 
Congratulations on winning the SICACO 2021 contest! 
After the tour exhibition, I announce the list of winners, main parts of its book, and SICACO 2022 Rules. I will send yours by int'l mail (air or ship available). 
Thank you for showing your great cartoons in the COVID-19. 
I'll give you some advice at SICACO 2022. 
* SICACO needs the winner's new home and email address immediately.(Only transferors
* SICACO prefers hand-painted, or color-printed 3-10 cartoons for Korean museums. 
* SICACO accepts works submitted with your consent by mail.(Attach or download) 
* SICACO 2022 (themed Crisis-Opportunity, Soccer) asks many fellow artists to participate. 
* SICACO 2022 will be gradually newly operated by Korean new capital, Sejong Special City
See you at SICACO 2022! 
Merry Christmas & Happy Year! 
Dr. Lim Cheong san 
SICACO 2022, Chairman of the steering committee. 
csanlim@naver.com +82 010 5425 6115 


Cover Prize / Daniel Garcia (Poland)
Grand Prize / Agus Widodo (Indonesia) 
Gold Prize / Murteza Albayrak (Turkey)
Silver Prize / Mihai Ignat (Romania) 
Silver Prize / Keyvan Varesi (Iran) 
Bronze Prize / Kim, Heung Su (Korea) 
Bronze Prize / Milanko Kalicanin (Serbia) 
Bronze Prize / Ronardo Cunha Dias (Brazil) 
Bronze Prize / Yang Hui Seon (Korea) 

Special Prize / Seyran Caferli (Azerbaijan) 
Special Prize / Jayarathna Wickramasingha (Sri Lanka) 
Special Prize / Chiorean Cornel-Marin (Romania) 
Special Prize / Zlaticanin Zoran (Serbia) 

Theme Prize / Yoemnis B. D. Toro (Cuba) 
Theme Prize / Engin Selcuk (Turkey) 
Theme Prize / Halit Kurtulmus Aytoslu (Turkey) 
Theme Prize / Alexander Shmidt (Russia) 
Theme Prize / Mete Agaoglu (Turkey) 
Theme Prize / Steffen Jahsnowski-Herschel (Germany) 
Theme Prize / Lutfu Cakin (Turkey) 
Theme Prize / Nikola Listes (Croatia) 
Theme Prize / Aurel Stefan Alexandrescu (Romania) 
Theme Prize / Didie Sri Widiyanto (Indonesia) 
Theme Prize / Ekaterina Vorobeva (Russia) 
Theme Prize / Milan Alasevic (Slovenia) 
Theme Prize / Ilya Katz (Israel) 
Theme Prize / Zdenko Puhin (Croatia) 
Theme Prize / Mark Winter (England) 
Theme Prize / Huey Nguyenhuu (U.S.A) 
Theme Prize / Musa Keklik (Turkey) 
Theme Prize / Evelyn De Paz Samayoa (Guatemala) 
Theme Prize / Sittipunt Tumying (Thailand) 
Theme Prize / Radko Oketic (Slovenia) 

Theme Prize / Myat Ko Ko (Myanmar) 
Theme Prize / Zlatko Krstevski (Macedonia) 
Theme Prize / Oleg Gorbatchev (Finland) 
Theme prize / Myo Min Tun (Myanmar) 
Theme Prize / Vitaly Bondar (Belarus) 
Theme prize / Yunus Erlangga (Indonesia) 
Theme Prize / Nicolas Koundouros (Greece) 
Theme Prize / Mehmet Zeber (Turkey) 
Theme Prize / Delaram Gholami (Iran) 
Theme Prize / Shakila Behmanesh (Iran) 
Theme Prize / Prawit Mongkolnowrul (Thailand) 
Theme prize / Li, Jing Shan (China) 
Theme Prize / Vaso Krcmar (Serbia) 
Theme prize / Mirtad Gazaian (Armenia) 
Theme Prize / Mileta Miloradovic (Serbia) 
Theme Prize / Makhmudjon Eshonkulov (Uzbekistan) 
Theme Prize / Blaze Dokuleski (Macedonia)
Theme Prize / Stefaan Provijn (Belgium) 
Theme Prize / B. V. Panduranga Rao (India)
Theme Prize / Wei, Li (China) 

Theme Prize / Anatolii Belov (Russia) 
Theme Prize / Zbigniew Kolaczek (Poland) 
Theme Prize / Goran Celicanin (Serbia) 
Theme Prize / Zhang, Ya Ming (China) 
Theme Prize / David Evzen (Czech) 
Theme Prize / Resad Sultanovic (Bosnia) 
Theme Prize / Louis Pol (Australia) 
Theme Prize / Gerald Peigneux (France) 
Theme Prize / Krotos Tadeusz (Poland) 
Theme Prize / Yustinus Anang (Indonesia)
Theme Prize / Bibek Sengupta (India)
Theme Prize / Boboc Mihai Gabriel (Romania) 
Theme Prize / Milan Bukovac (Serbia) 
Theme Prize / Spiro Radulovic (Serbia) 
Theme Prize / Fan Lintao (China) 
Theme Prize / Borislav Hegedusic (Croatia) 
Theme Prize / Gabriel Lopez Marejnez (Mexico) 
Theme Prize / Venugopal Galisetty (India) 
Theme Prize / Graziella Malvasi (Italy) 
Theme Prize / Carlo Sterpone (Italy) 
Theme Prize / Gopal Sarkar (India) 
Theme Prize / Aloisio Andra de Souza (Brazil) 
Theme Prize / Tode Risto Blazevski (Macedonia) 
Theme Prize / Yar Zar Thazi (Myanmar) 
Theme Prize / Enn Ehala (Estonia) 

Achievement Award / Jitet Kustana (Indonesia) 
Achievement Award / Askin Ayrancioglu (Turkey) 
Achievement Award / Agus Widodo (Indonesia) 
Achievement Award / Murteza Albayrak (Turkey) 
Achievement Award / Mihai Ignat (Romania) 
Achievement Award / Keyvan Varesi (Iran) 
Achievement Award / Ronardo Cunha Dias (Brazil) 
Achievement Award / Milanko Kalicanin (Serbia) 
Achievement Award / Musa Gumus (Turkey) 
Achievement Award / Sokolov Sergey Valerievich (Russia) 
Achievement Award / Arif Sutristanto (Indonesia) 
Achievement Award / Feng, Gui Bo (China) 
Achievement Award / Huseyin Cakmak (Cyprus) 
Achievement Award / Mikhail Zlatkovsky (Russia) 
Achievement Award / Constantin Pavel (Romania) 
Achievement Award / Corradeschi Ghino (Italy) 
Achievement Award / Constantin Ciosu (Romania) 
Achievement Award / Emad Salehi (Iran) 
Achievement Award / Zhu, Zi Zun (China)

Best Cartoon / Erdogan Basol (Turkey) 
Best Cartoon / Liviu Stanila (Romania) 
Best Cartoon / Bambang Sulistyo (Indonesia) 
Best Cartoon / Nikolay Slavov Fitkov (Bulgaria) 
Best Cartoon / Tommy Thomdean (Indonesia) 
Best Cartoon / Patrick Heymans (Belgium) 
Best Cartoon / Mojmir Mihatov (Croatia) 
Best Cartoon / Victor Eugen Mihai (Romania) 
Best Cartoon / Kazanevsky Vladimir (Ukraine) 
Best Cartoon / Semerenko Vladimir (Russia) 
Best Cartoon / Javad Takjoo (Iran) 
Best Cartoon / Roman Peshkov (Russia) 
Best Cartoon / Liang, Wei Chi (China) 
Best Cartoon / Mustafa Yildiz (Turkey) 
Best Cartoon / Vladimir Stevovic Beluga (Serbia) 
Best Cartoon / Qiao, Wei (China) 
Best Cartoon / Hule Hanusic (Austria) 
Best Cartoon / Bozidar Vukelic-Boba (Croatia) 
Best Cartoon / Slobodan Obradovic (Serbia) 
Best Cartoon / Heru Garsita (Indonesia) 

Best Cartoon / Slobodan Butir (Croatia) 
Best Cartoon / Ehsan Ganji (Iran) 
Best Cartoon / Masafumi, Kikuchi (Japan) 
Best Cartoon / Shen, Hong Li (China) 
Best Cartoon / Jiri Srna (Czech) 
Best Cartoon / Musa Kayra (Cyprus) 
Best Cartoon / Bogdan Petry & Horla Crisan (Romania) 
Best Cartoon / Michael Mayevsky (Ukraine 
Best Cartoon / Stephen Mumberson (England) 
Best Cartoon / Bossens Philippe (Belgium) 
Best Cartoon / Dubovsky Alexander (Ukraine) 
Best Cartoon / Ratko Maricic (Croatia) 
Best Cartoon / Ercan Baysal (Turkey) 
Best Cartoon / Kemal Ozyurt (Turkey) 
Best Cartoon / Bernard Bouton (France) 
Best Cartoon / Wang, Xue Wei (China) 
Best Cartoon / Bulent Okutan (Turkey) 
Best Cartoon / Hong, Xue (China) 
Best Cartoon / Leonid Storozhuk (Ukraine) 
Best Cartoon / Octavian Covaci (Romania) 

Best Cartoon / Valery Momot (Ukraine) 
Best Cartoon / Anatoly Radin (Russia) 
Best Cartoon / Vitaliy Levitskiy (Ukraine) 
Best Cartoon / Zhao, Yun Sheng (China) 
Best Cartoon / Raed Khalil (Belgium) 
Best Cartoon / Sincinov Aleksandrl (Russia) 
Best Cartoon / Malatesh M Garadimani (India) 
Best Cartoon / Deniz Ilker Kuruoglu (Turkey)
Best Cartoon / Darsono (Indonesia) 
Best Cartoon / Damir Novak (Croatia) 
Best Cartoon / Suratno (Indonesia) 
Best Cartoon / Sinchinov Evgeniy (Russia) 
Best Cartoon / Pierpaolo Perazzolli (Italy) 
Best Cartoon / Armin Ganjdeh (Iran) 
Best Cartoon / A Lukis Haryadi (Indonesia) 
Best Cartoon / Sepideh Faramarzi (Iran)
Best Cartoon / Henryk Cebula (Poland) 
Best Cartoon / Tengku A. Z. Anshary (Indonesia)
Best Cartoon / Juli Sanchis Aguado (Spain)
Best Cartoon / Zordan Daniele (Italy) 
Best Cartoon / Michal Graczyk (Poland) 

H.M / Lupu Marian (Romania) 
H.M / Nikolay Chernyshev (Russia) 
H.M / Ahmet Esmer (Turkey) 
H.M / Fahri Eyican (Turkey) 
H.M / Barthel Catherine (Luxembourg) 
H.M / Dias Safira (Indonesia) 
H.M / Ferhat Demirbas (Turkey) 
H.M / Partono (Indonesia) 
H.M / Zoran Mihailovic (Serbia) 
H.M / Qi Jing Yan (China) 
H.M / Grigoris Georgiou (Greece) 
H.M / Mahyar Jafari Rad (Iran) 
H.M / Zahra Moradi (Iran) 
H.M / Irina Galchina (Russia) 
H.M / Bozorgmehr Hosseinpovr (Iran) 
H.M / Victor Skopintsev (Russia) 
H.M / Lou Pei Dong (China) 
H.M / Oleh Smal (Ukraine) 
H.M / Mwangi Cyrus Kinyanjui (Kenya) 
H.M / Buyung Suripna (Indonesia) 

H.M / Banu Mogulkoc (Turkey) 
H.M / Roman Matkiewicz (Estonia) 
H.M / Miroslav Yakovljev (Serbia) 
H.M / Kuznetsov Daniil (Ukraine) 
H.M / Liu, Qiang (China) 
H.M / Valery Pechenkin (Russia) 
H.M / Watasha Gornovaya (Russia) 
H.M / Costel Patrascan (Romania) 
H.M / Zhenya Cheruyshev(Russia) 
H.M / Achmad Cholid (Indonesia) 
H.M / Vasantha Hosabettu (India) 
H.M / Mehmet Kahraman (Turkey) 
H.M / Natasa Gornovaya (Russia) 
H.M / Jia, Rui Jun (China) 
H.M / Severin Sikanja (Serbia) 
H.M / Hayrettin Oturgan (Turkey)
 H.M / Aguseko Eko Santoso (Indonesia) 

S.P / Yasmin Rafizadeh (Iran),18y 
S.P / Masoumeh Mosayebkhah (Iran),18y 
S.P / Saeideh Lachini (Iran),18y
S.P / Hasti Ilbeigi Asli (Iran), 15y 
S.P / Dorsa Behmanesh (Iran),14y 
S.P / Halil Ibrahim Satir (Turkey),13y 
S.P / Berat Bademci (Turkey),13y 
S.P / Ayberk Dora (Turkey),12y 
S.P / Didar Askin Ayrancioglu (Turkey), 15y
S.P / Yusuf Mert Erturk (Turkey), 12y 
S.P / Simge (Turkey),16y 
S.P / Idil Kabadayi (Turkey),16y 
S.P / Ayberk Gunduz (Turkey),13y 
S.P / Zeynep Norman (Turkey),15y
S.P / Beren Kaya (Turkey), 16y 
S.P / Ognjen Stojanovic (Serbia),16y 
S.P / Hukosia Tonydobuk (Serbia), 12y 

S.P / Jeong, Jin Sol (Korea) 
S.P / Jang, Byeong Jun (Korea) 
S.P / Lee, Jun Young (Korea) 
S.P / Choi, Hyung Woo (Korea) 
S.P / Youn, Su Been (Korea) 
S.P / Gu, Ye Jin (Korea) 
S.P / Sin, Na Ri (Korea) 
S.P / Um, In Young (Korea) 
S.P / Cho, Eun Won (Korea) 
S.P / Dang, Thaoly (Korea) 
S.P / Park, Ye Eun (Korea) 
S.P / Jong, Tae Yang (Korea) 
S.P / Ko, Ha Kyung (Korea) 
S.P / Lee, Ji Soo (Korea) 
S.P / Choan, Soo Bin (Korea) 
S.P / Jeoung, Hee Sung (Korea) 
S.P / Lee, Eun Seop (Korea) 
S.P / Jo, Sung Min (Korea) 
S.P / Min, Hey Rin (Korea) 
S.P / Park, Hee Won (Korea) 
S.P / Kim, Bi (Korea) 
S.P / Yun, Ji Won (Korea) 
S.P / Kim, Na Rae (Korea 
S.P / Na, Hyun Seong (Korea) 
S.P / Kim, Seong Hyeon (Korea) 
S.P / Cho, Kwang Gaun (Korea) 
S.P / Lee, Min Yeong (Korea) 
S.P / Lim, Hyeon Joo (Korea) 
S.P / Kim, Yeon Ju (Korea) 
S.P / Chun, Ji In (Korea) 
S.P / Nam, Ji Soo (Korea) 
S.P / Lee, Ah Yeon (Korea) 
S.P / Kim, Seo Jin (Korea) 
S.P / Kim, Yun Seo (Korea) 
S.P / Park, Min Seo (Korea) 
S.P / Mo, Ha Young (Korea)
 S.P / Kim, So Young (Korea) 

Student S.P / Song, Ha Eun (Korea), 16y 
Student S.P / Yun, Ye Jin (Korea), 18y
Student S.P / Jo, Yun Seo (Korea), 15y 
Student S.P / Jeon, Seong Min (Korea), 18y

Webtoon / Amin Famil Baghestani (Iran) 
Webtoon / Tayebe Khalili Mehr (Iran) 
Webtoon / Abbas Naaseri (Iran) 
Webtoon / Fakhredin Dost Mohamad (Iran) 
Webtoon / Rasoul Hajizade (Iran) 
Webtoon / Venkatesh Jakkula (India) 
Webtoon / Ahmad Khabaly (Iran) 
Webtoon / Ahmad Momeny (Afghanistan) 
Webtoon / Ruben Arutchyan (Armenia) 
Webtoon / Cengiz U. Bergamalı (Turkey) 
Webtoon / Jovo Skomac (Serbia) 
Webtoon / Slamet Widodo (Indonesia) 
Webtoon / Rossem (Malaysia) 
Webtoon / Derkaoui Abdellah (Morocco) 
Webtoon / Cai, Wei Dong (China) 
Webtoon / Akbar Rouhy (Iran) 
Webtoon / Emilio Isca (Italy) 
Webtoon / Brady Izquierdo (Cuba) 
Webtoon / Cor Den Dulk (Netherlands) 
Weptoon / Elham Khalilil Mehr (Iran) 
Webtoon / Ahmed Khabali (Morocco) 
Webtoon / Cemal Tunceri (Cyprus) 
Webtoon / Morhaf Youssef (Syria) 
Webtoon / Salar Eshratkhah (Iran) 
Webtoon / Dina Abdelgawad Shosha (Egypt) 
Webtoon / Mile Mancevski (Macedonia) 
Webtoon / Ilker Mansuroglu (Turkey) 
Webtoon / Madhu Krishnan (India) 
Webtoon / Rita Kevorkian (Egypt) 
Webtoon / Lee, Yan Nian (China). 
CORONA POSTㆍMAIL: A(airline). S(ship). X(no) 
Australia : XS Germany : AX Mexico : AX 
Belgium : AX India : XS Poland : XS 
Brasil : AX Indonesia : XS Spain : A S 
China : AS Israel : AX Russia : AX 
England : AX Italy : AX Thailand : AS 
Finland : XS Japan : XS U .S.A : AS 
Other Countries : Nothing (No Pass).


Olense Kartoenale 2022, Belgium

Olense Kartoenale 2022, Belgium
The main theme 2022 is 'The ups and downs in the afterlife'. 
The theme of Amnesty International 2022 is 'Right to free speech'.
You can sign up your participation starting the 1st July 2022.


The Winners of International Semarang Cartoon Festival 2021, Indonesia

The Winner of International Semarang Cartoon Festival 2021
Theme: “Human Rights Violations in Cartoonist’s Viewpoint

1st Prize Mikhail Zlatkovsky Russia (Top)

2nd Prize Muhammad Nasir Indonesia

3rd Prize Nahid Zamani Iran.
More on source.


The 6th International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest 2021, Turkey

The 6th International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest Is Now Taking Submissions 
The 6th International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest will be held with the theme “Breaking Free of Addiction”. Declaring that the contest will accept submissions in the category “Under 16” for the first time this year, Green Crescent General Manager M. Nurullah Atalan stated, “We are excited to receive works created by our youth, by both professional and amateur adult cartoon artists alike on the theme of “Breaking Free of Addiction”. The jury of the contest includes cartoon artist Varol Yaşaroğlu. 
The Green Crescent, aiming to draw attention to and raise awareness of addiction, is organizing the 6th annual contest, which receives immense interest each year. It is expected that the works focus on alcohol, tobacco, substance, gambling, and technology addictions under the main theme of “Breaking Free of Addiction” in the contest, of which cartoonist Varol Yasaroglu is among the jury panel. Submissions will remain open to all artists both professional and amateur worldwide on cartooncontest.yesilay.org.tr until January 31, 2022

IV International Cartoon Competition "Eurasia", Russian Federation

on the IV International Cartoon Competition "Eurasia"
I. General provisions 
1. These Regulations govern the procedure for holding the IV International Cartoon Competition "Eurasia" (hereinafter referred to as the Contest). 
2. Founders of the Contest: 
• Pavlov Anatoly Ivanovich, member of the General Council of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, Chairman of the Sverdlovsk regional branch of the All-Russian Council of Local Self-Government 
• Yekaterinburg Museum of Caricature. 
3. The Contest is held with the support of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly and the Ministry of Culture of the Sverdlovsk Region (to be agreed). 
4. Theme of the Contest: "Hello, Neighbor!
Today, when the peoples of the world are faced with the task of agreeing on common basic values, the International Caricature Contest on the theme "Hello Neighbor!" will become a universal negotiating platform, since a “drawn” thought does not require translation. 
The Contest will clearly demonstrate that people in different countries are worried about the same problems. 
And humor in graphic works is both an excellent translator and a cure for many diseases, including social and political ones. 
5. The aim of the Contest: to promote the development of good-neighborly relations between the peoples of the Eurasian continent and the whole world. 
6. Objectives of the Contest: 
• promoting the development of intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and friendship through the art of caricature; 
• attracting the attention of graphic artists from different countries of the world to common social problems; 
• assistance to the development of the cultural space of modern Eurasia. 
II. Organizational support for the Contest 
1. The Contest is carried out by the Organizing Committee formed by the founders. 
2. The exclusive competence of the Organizing Committee includes: 
• accepting applications for participation in the Contest; 
• formation of the composition of the competitive jury; 
• organization and conduct of the final award ceremony for the laureates of the Contest. 
3. Contest jury is formed from authoritative figures in the professional sphere in order to creatively evaluate the works submitted for the Contest. 
4. Members of the jury have the right to participate in the Contest without claiming prizes. 
III. Conditions for holding the Contest 
1. Contest works are accepted from November 15, 2021 to February 1 (EXTENDED:) March 15, 2022. The works must arrive in Ekaterinburg no later than March 15, 2022 (by postmark). 
2. Authors over the age of 18 are allowed to participate in the Contest. 
3. Each author may submit for participation in the Contest no more than 5 (five) works. 
4. Works that have received prizes in other Contests are not accepted for participation. 
5. Summing up the results of the Contest and the opening of the exhibition of the best works will be timed to coincide with the International Day of Laughter on April 1, 2022. 
6. Contest works are sent to the address: 
Lenin Avenue, 39, P.O. Box 126, 
Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation, 620000 
On the envelope it is necessary to indicate: "For the Cartoon Competition". 
7. Requirements for works: 
• Format: A4 (210 x 297 mm) or A3 (297 x 420 mm) 
• Works must be hand made original. Photocopies, prints are not considered. Works convicted of plagiarism do not participate in the competition. 
• Technique is free; works can be either black and white or color. 
• Works should not contain text. 
• Full name of the author, time of creation, return address, e-mail are to be indicated on the back. 
• Works must be accompanied by a completed application form for the participant of the Contest 
• Works must be carefully packed. The organizers of the Contest are not responsible for damage during shipment. 
8. The works sent to the Contest are not returned and remain at the disposal of the founders of the Contest. 
9. Prizes of the Contest: 
• 1st place: € 1,500 
• 2nd place: € 1000 
• 3rd place: € 500 
• Special Prize: € 500 
• Honorable mention 
10. Authors of works participating in the final exhibition receive a certificate of the participants in the Contest and a printed copy of the catalog. 
11. The founders of the Contest reserve the right to further use the Contest works for exhibition and information purposes. 
E-mail address: eurasia-2022@mail.ru 
Deadline updated: 01.02.2022 23:30. 
Source: cartoonblues

Humorists in Marostica 2022: 50th International Contest of Humoristic Graphics, Italy

"Memory is life
This year the Humor Graphics Competition has reached its 50th edition, an important number that makes us proud. 
We therefore decided to celebrate this anniversary with the theme: MEMORY. 
When you reach a goal it is inevitable to look back, aware of the road traveled, but only to move forward. 
Memory allows us to preserve and rediscover memories of past events as needed, which is why, since ancient times, it has been celebrated as one of the most extraordinary human abilities because it is the only one capable of making men and events immortal. 
Memory preserves both ideas and images, even the saddest and most tragic ones, and allows us to create a bridge between past, present and future. 
In a period like this, it is even more important to remember what happened in order to overcome the difficulties. 
Once again, culture becomes a pillar to cling to in order to start again and to return to hope.
1. Theme of the competition and participation rules 
The contest is open to all cartoonists, illustrators and graphic artists from all over the world. It is possible to participate also out of the competition. This request excludes the authors from the award of the prizes. 
The theme of the contest is: MEMORY 
Authors can participate with a maximum of 3 works (Cartoons or Strips), inherent to the theme proposed in relation to man, his existence and the society where he lives, seen in a humorous viewpoint. In order to be understood worldwide and beyond every linguistic barrier, the works must be without dialogue or texts. 
Works must be inedited (that is, neither published before nor used to partcipate in other competitions). The organization can decide to exclude from the award of the prizes those works that are found to have been already edited. 
2. Shipping of the works and deadlines 
Works and entry form can be sent both by email to: concorso@umoristiamarostica.it 
Otherwise, they can be sent through the following services by 27/02/2022
Google Drive (https://drive.google.com/
Mail: UMORISTI A MAROSTICA | Biblioteca Civica – Via Cairoli 3 – 36063 MAROSTICA (VI) – ITALY 
The works, in black/white or color made with any technique, must be in GIF, JPG, PNG or PDF, 150 dpi resolution, saved in high quality, weight max. 3 MB. 
Larger files will not be accepted. 
The acceptance of the works, the selection, and the assigning of the prizes are completely up to the jury nominated by the “Gruppo Grafico Marosticense”. The Jury’s decisions are inquestionable and incontestable. 
3. Delivery of the Original Works and the Award of the Prizes 
The authors selected by the jury receive an email with the informations about the deadlines and the modality to send the original works. 
If the work is realized exclusively with a digital technique, the author will have to send a dated, numbered and signed copy of the work. 
The Jury will award the “International Grand Prix Scacchiera”, the Special prize “Sandro Carlesso”, the special prize “Marco Sartore” and 10 Special prizes “Umoristi a Marostica”. Other special prizes or honorary mentions may be awarded. 
The results of the Jury will be given directly to all participating artists by email and published on the web site www.umoristiamarostica.it
4. Opening Ceremony, Awarding and Acceptance of the Regulation 
The opening ceremony and the prize distribution will take place on May, 14 2022 at Castello Inferiore of Marostica. The exhibition will be open until June 19, 2022. 
All the authors selected will receive a free copy of catalogue. Non-selected participants will have the possibility to demand the catalogue compiling the form on the web site www.umoristiamarostica.it
The works selected for the exhibition and for the catalogue will not be returned and will be included in the collection of “Umoristi a Marostica Museum”. 
The “Gruppo Grafico Marosticense” reserve the right to authorize the reproduction of the works and the diffusion of them through various communication means citing the author with the words “Taken from Umoristi a Marostica”, without any payment. The “Gruppo Grafico Marosticense” is not responsable for transport damages. 
The participation in the competition implies full acceptance of these regulations and expressly authorise the Graphic Marosticense Group to process the personal data transmitted pursuant to the code regarding the protection of personal date (GDPR 2016/679/UE) also for the purpose of inclusion in the Group's managed data bases for the conduct of the competition. 
Deadlines Umoristi a Marostica 2022 
Theme: MEMORY 
Works and entry form: February 27, 2022 
Opening ceremony: May 14, 2022 
Exhibition: May 14, 2022 – June 19, 2022 


1st International Exhibition of Sports Humor, Hangzhou 2022, China

First International Exhibition of Sports Humor, Hangzhou 2022, China
The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 will be held in Hangzhou, China in 2022. For this purpose, the first international sports humorous painting exhibition in 2022 (Hangzhou·Binjiang) will be held. 
1. Contents of Contributions: 
All works related to sports are limited to humorous works. 
2. Participation requirements: 
1) Preliminary evaluation: 
The exhibitor should send the electronic pictures of the works submitted to the exhibition to the receiving email address taosart@taosart.cn of the organizing committee . Electronic works can be submitted in jpg, png, tif and other image formats, with a capacity of 2M or more and meeting the 300 dpi standard. The name of the file is: name (subject to ID and passport), name of the work, and the title of the email must be marked "2022 (Hangzhou·Binjiang) First International Sports Humorous Painting Exhibition". Indicate in the mail: name, nationality, name of the work, detailed contact address, zip code, contact number, and personal profile. 
2) Re-evaluation: 
The organizing committee of the finalists for the preliminary evaluation will conduct a re-evaluation, and the organizing committee will notify the authors of the re-evaluation and selection results. All winning works are required to be hand-painted and sent to the organizing committee's receiving address. 
3) Requirements for works: 
The exhibited works are original by the author, and the submission of works that have been created and published in recent years is allowed. 
4) Submitting works: 
There is no limit to the number of submissions, and no more than 3 selected works. 
5) Posting of works: 
After receiving the notice of award of excellence award, post the original hand-painted works within the specified time to: 
The Organizing Committee of the 505 Competition, Block A, Ding'an Mingdu Commercial Building, No. 68 Ding'an Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Received by Mr. Zhu Kai, Zhejiang Cartoonists Association.  
Mobile phone 18058800172. 
6) Call for papers: from now until December 31, 2021. (The original deadline is invalidated) 
3. Author's treatment: 
The selected works will be compiled and published by Zhejiang Education Publishing House, together with the selection certificate issued by the organizing committee, to be awarded to the author. 30 excellent works will be selected and collected by the organizing committee. Collection fee before tax: 2,000 yuan per piece. 
4. Rights of the organizer: 
1) Have exhibition, research, photography, video, publication and publicity rights for the exhibited works. 
2) The organizer does not bear the legal responsibility caused by the copyright dispute of the work. 
3) All authors who send their works to the exhibition shall be deemed to have confirmed and abide by the requirements of the solicitation notice. 
2022 (Hangzhou·Binjiang) First International Sports Humorous Painting Exhibition Organizing Committee 
November 12, 2021.
Source: chinadaily.


International Cartoon Festival Franzensbad 2022, Czechia

International Cartoon Festival Franzensbad 2022, Czechia
Food and Drink (restaurants, pubs, culinary arts, customers, the consequences of alcohol, etc.) 
1- We accept cartoons only on the topic you entered 
2- Total number of cartoons per author: 3 pieces 
3- A cartoon must not have won an appraisal at previous competitions 
4- Cartoons should only be sent electronically using the form HERE or on mfkh@email.cz 
5- Deadline April 30th, 2022 
6- The technical parameters should be as follows: at least 300 DPI; JPG, PNG or PDF format 
7- By sending their cartoons, the author agrees with the following: 
a) The organizer can use the cartoons for the promotional purposes of this International Festival of Cartoons 
b) The cartoons will be used in Tapír, magazine of humor and satire. 
Award Winning Works: 
1st Prize 15.000 CZK 
2nd Prize 10.000 CZK 
3rd Prize 5.000 CZK. 
Source: zlatytapir.


The 8th KalDer Bursa International Cartoon Contest 2022, Turkey

8th KalDer Bursa International Cartoon Contest Specification
The Caricature Contest will be held with collaboration of KalDer Bursa Branch Office and Anadolu Karikaturculer Dernegi (Anatolian Caricaturists Society) for the 8th with in the 19th Quality and Success Symposium,which is going to take place in Bursa on the date of 26th of May 2022. 
What needs to be done? Just saving the day or walking hand in hand towards the future ? The responsibility of the risks the World face, concerns not only goverments but also private sector organisations,non-governmental organizations and academies. Society is not indifferent to it too 
It’s obvious that nothing is like before. 
The pandemic effected the whole World in terms of economy as well. 
When we take a look at the circle of life, we see the signs of the fact that climate change will cause both enonomic and social problems in near future. Business world that aims for long-term objectives is uncertain about next year’s targets. Business world tries to preserve savings,which built-up over years and to save the day at the same time. 
It shouldn’t be going like this. 
Finding common purpose,joint principles and mutual understandings is the key to break this life cycle.Not only to save the day but also to walk hand in hand to the future,we organize this contest within the scope of TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG TOGETHER WE SUCCEED. 
2. Last date for application: 13th of January 2022, Thursday 
3. The contest is receptive internationally for all amateur and professional caricaturists. 
4. Limited with three (3) caricatures, may be e-mailed to bursa@kalder.org in 300 dpi jpg format. 
5. The caricatures can be published, yet should not be awarded in another competition. The caricatures will be published at www.facebook.com/kalder.bursa social media account for detection of plagiarism and resemblance. Beginning date and expiry date of publishing will be announced later. Objections will not be considered after the dates specified. 
6. Competing caricatures may be printed and used in KalDer organisations (posters, books, albums, postcards, brochures, invitations, exhibitions, etc.) and published in internet environment. One of the artworks may be used as the main visual of the 19th Quality and Success Symposium which will be held in Bursa on the date of 26th April 2022. All remaining publication rights belong to the author. Competitors are considered to have an agreement in these conditions. 
7. Categories (You need to indicate your category for which you applied on the form.) 
1. Adult Category (at the age of 17 and above ) 
- 1st Place 6.000 TL & Plaque 
- 2nd Place 4.000 TL & Plaque 
- 3rd Place 2.000 TL & Plaque 
- Three Honorable Mention Plaques 
- Anatolian Caricaturists Society Special Award (Plaque). 
2. Young Category (at the age of 16 and below) 
- 5 achievement certificates 
- 15 finalist participation certificates .
Explanation: Reward money and plaques will be sent to respective winners in March 2022. Reward money will be paid according to exchange rates of the date of payment in USD for international artists. 
8. Results will be announced at www.facebook.com/kalder.bursa social media account on 7 February 2022, Monday. 
Jury Members 
- Ahmet Aykanat (Turkey) Cartoonist 
- Mehmet Kahraman (Turkey) Cartoonist 
- Mehmet Zeber (Turkey ) Cartoonist 
- Halit Kurtulmuş (Turkey) Cartoonist 
- Alla Georgieva (Bulgaria) Cartoonist 
- Alireza Pakdel (Iran) Cartoonist 
- Olga Guler (Turkey) Cartoonist 
- Emin Direkci (Turkey) KalDer Bursa 
- Kutlu Sahin (Turkey) KalDer Bursa 
- Aykan Kurkur (Turkey) KalDer Bursa 
- Arzu Ozel (Turkey) KalDer Bursa 
Person in Charge of Organisation: Arzu Ozel 
E-mail Adress for the works to be sent: bursa@kalder.org 
Contact Information: 
Phone: +90224 241 60 10 
KalDer Bursa (Turkiye Kalite Derneği Bursa Branch Office) 
Yuzuncu Yil Mah. 416 Sok. No:2/1 Nilufer / Bursa / Turkey 
Tel: 0224 241 60 10 
KalDer Bursa Şubesi (Türkiye Kalite Derneği Bursa Şubesi). 
Application Form on source.