The 10th International Cartoon Contest Grafikatur® on the topic of “Mobility”, Germany

The Town of Lübben (Spreewald)/Lubin (Błota) announces the 10th International Cartoon Contest Grafikatur® on the topic of “Mobility”.
You may submit photocopies (no return) of up to three cartoons per contestee. A single item should not exceed a size of 297 x 420 mm and must be colored.
The cartoons may not contain any words.
The Sender’s Address must be clearly indicated on the back of each photocopy, where applicable containing the contestant‘s Facebook Address.
Your submissions need to be received by the 30th of June 2020 by the City Council of Lübben:
Stadt Lübben (Spreewald)
Fachbereich IV
Postfach 1551-1561
D-15905 Lübben (Spreewald)
Please note: Submitted Cartoons may be used for advertisement of the Grafikatur® Event and may be put on public display by the Sponsors.
˝Goldene Feder˝ (Golden Plume) – EUR 1000
˝Silberne Feder˝ (Silver Plume) – EUR 800
˝Bronzene Feder˝ (Bronze Plume) – EUR 600.
Rules in languages: Grafikatur.


The 1st International Prize for Graphic Humor “Francisco de Quevedo” 2020, Spain

1st International Prize for Graphic Humor “Francisco de Quevedo” 2020, Spain
The entities promoting this award are:
• City Council of Ciudad Real
• Villanueva de los Infantes Town Hall (Ciudad Real)
Organized by:
• Francisco de Quevedo Foundation
Hosted by:
• Manchego Cheese Denomination of Origin
• Wine from Valdepeñas Denomination of Origin
• Cooperativa Ntra. Sra. De la Antigua de Villanueva de los Infantes
Anyone who wishes to participate in the contest may do it, without age limit, both individually and jointly between two or more cartoonists or between writer and artist. Each participant may submit a maximum of three works.
The theme of the works will deal directly or indirectly with the figure of Francisco de Quevedo and Villegas and will have a clear humorous intention.
The works submitted must be of their own creation and unpublished, may be in vignette, strip, comic page, etc. and not to have been awarded in another contest or to be pending of failure in similar contests. The presentation of the works will necessarily be in paper, original and signed, even for the works done digitally, in this case, in addition, it will be sent in JPG at 300dpi and 100% of the original size. They can be in color or black and white, the maximum dimension will be 29.7 x 42 cm (A3) and can be presented in horizontal or vertical format.
The texts of the works can be written in any of the official languages ​​of Spain. Those that come from outside Spain and contain text, must be written in Spanish.
Humor works are accepted without words.
The deadline for the delivery of the works will be at 23.59 hours on July 15, 2020. The date and time of the postage will be considered valid at the corresponding post office.
The presentation of the works will be made at the following postal address:
Premio de Humor Gráfico de Quevedo
Fundación Francisco de Quevedo
Paseo de la Estación, 17 – 5º D
28904 – Getafe (Madrid) SPAIN
The works in digital format will be sent by email or WeTransfer to:
In all cases, the works must be accompanied by the registration form where participants’ data are reflected, such as: name and surname, telephone number, year and place of birth, postal address and email address.
The submission of the works to the contest implies the express authorization to the Museum of Graphic Humor of Quevedo to use the images for exhibition purposes in the Museum itself and / or in the facilities of any of the promoters, organizers or sponsoring entities.
The organization reserves the right to select the works to be exhibited. The exhibition of the works will not generate any economic right for the authors of the works.
This 1st edition of the International Prize for Graphic Humor “Francisco de Quevedo” consists of the following awards and financial endowment:
1st Prize: 1,500 euros and plate
2nd Prize: 750 euros and plate
3 Accésit of 250 euros each and plate
The amounts of the prizes will be subject to the taxes and legal withholdings that apply to them.
The winners must provide the number of a bank account and its corresponding IBAN in which the payment of each of the prizes regulated in these bases will be effective.
The winners with the 1st and 2nd Prize, who live in the Spanish territory, undertake to collect the prize in person at the event scheduled for this purpose.
The jury of the Graphic Humor Contest will consist of:
• A representative of the City Council of Ciudad Real
• A representative of the Villanueva de los Infantes Town Hall
• A representative of the Francisco de Quevedo Foundation
• Two specialists in graphic humor or graphic humorists: Pepe Gallego (of Gallego & Rey) and Arturo Molero.
The Jury will act in full, being necessary the assistance of the simple majority of its members. The Jury reserves the right to declare empty any of the prizes, if in its opinion works wouldn’t have enough quality. The jury’s decision will be made within 2 months after the deadline for submission of the work and its verdict will be communicated to all participants and published on the websites of the institutions and organizing entities as well as in different media and social media.
The works awarded with the 1st and 2nd prize will become part of the Museum of Graphic Humor of Quevedo Fund. The works awarded with an accesit will remain the property of each of the private sponsors or be transferred by them to the Museum for exhibition. The authors assign all their rights for publication, exhibition and divulgation by any means, always citing their authorship.
Non-awarded works will be returned by the organization, in case the shipment is expressly requested by the author. Otherwise they will also be part of the Museum of Graphic Humor of Quevedo Funds.
In all cases, whenever requested, a Certificate of Donation of the work will be delivered.
The presentation of the works implies the acceptance of these bases by all the authors.
Source: https://franciscodequevedo.org/premio-de-humor-grafico-de-quevedo/.

25th International cartoon humour and satire competition, Bombura sword 2020, Slovakia

The Town of Brezno
in co-operation with HLP grafik, Ltd.
XXVth International cartoon
humour and satire
(Bombura sword)
CANCELLED due to the coronavirus pandemic: Source.
Competition works can be made in black and white or colour or any technique, paper size A4. One author can submit up to 5 competition works.
The topic for this year is: FORESTS (LESY) 
Please label each work on its back side with the following: the name of the competition work, author's data: name and surname, age, occupation, phone number and e-mail address.
Competition is devided into two categories according to the age. First up to 15 years of age, second over 15 years of age.
The deadline to post all competition works is 30 April 2020 (based on the post stamp date).
The jury nominated by the organizers, will award prizes for the best cartoons in each category as followed:
Up to 15 years of age:
1st place: material prize, 2nd place: material prize, 3rd place: material prize.
Over 15 years of age:
1st place: financial reward 200 € and golden Bombura sabre.
2nd place: financial reward 150 € and silver Bombura sabre.
3rd place: financial reward 100 € and bronze Bombura sabre.
If the winner is not able to attend prize-giving event, all deposit fees will be withdrawn from the winnings.
The jury has the right not to award any of the prizes or to propose only Honorable mention. The best works will be exhibited at a seperate exhibition as a part of the event “Days of Brezno 2020” held in May 2020.
The exhibition opening and award ceremony with authors will be held on May 30, 2020 in the Synagogue, Štúrova 11, Brezno.
The competition works are not being returned and organisers reserve the right to publish and promote them.
Competition works should be sent to:
Veronika Cerovská
Technické služby mesta Brezna
Rázusova 16 
97701 Brezno 
Please label the envelope as follows: “O Bomburovu šabľu 2020
Veronika Cerovská
E-mail: veronika.cerovska@tsbrezno.sk
Mr. Peter Zifčák
E-mail: zifo@brnet.sk
HLP grafik s.r.o. Brezno
Mr. Ferdinand Hrablay
E-mail: ferdinandhrablay@gmail.com .
Source: bestcartoons.


XXII International Open Cartoon Contest PLASTIC, Zielona Góra 2020, Poland

XXII International Open Cartoon Contest PLASTIC, Zielona Góra 2020, Poland
The competition is organized by the Cyprian Norwid Regional and City Public Library in Zielona Góra.
1. Both professional and amateur cartoonists are eligible to enter the contest. Unlimited number of personally made original works (format min. A5 max. A3) in an optional technique with application card, should be sent or delivered by May 31st, 2020 (EXTENDED DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC:) July 31st, 2020 to the following address:
Wojewódzka i Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna im. Cypriana Norwida
al.Wojska Polskiego 9 
65-077 Zielona Góra 
skr. pocztowa: 170 
2. Only non-awarded works may take part in the competition.
3. Each work should be signed by the author.
4. By participating in the competition, each participant agrees to a free donation of works submitted to the competition to the Organizer.
5. Participants agree to publication of  their work free of charge.
6. By personal participation in the post-competition exhibition, the participants agree to the processing of their images captured by photography and for sharing the images to promote Organizer's cultural events.
7. The condition for paying out the prizes to the winners is their personal participation in the post-competition exhibition or indication of the bank and account number to which the prize is to be transferred. Participation in the competition, as well as works and obligations related to it, including any prize claims, cannot be transferred to third parties.
8. The cost of sending the work is covered by the participant.
1. Announcement and publication of the Contest: March 2020
2. Deadline for receiving works: 31st May 2020 (EXTENDED DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC:) 31st July 2020
3. Jury Sitting: August 2020
4. Announcement of the Jury decision and the opening of the post-competition exhibition: September 2020.
1. The Jury comprises of the Organizer's representatives as well as artists dealing with art in practice or as theoreticians.
2. The Organizer has the right to change the amount of particular prizes, nonetheless, the total amount of prizes shall remain unchanged.
GRAND PRIX: 5.000 PLN and Statuette
1st PLACE: 4.000 PLN
2nd PLACE: 3.000 PLN
3rd PLACE: 2.000 PLN
Special prizes.
1. Only authorial works of submitting persons may be entered to the Competition and these persons have exclusive personal and property rights to the submitted works.
2. At the time of submitting the works to the Library, the authors transfer property rights to the Library free of charge.
3. The authors of the submitted works take responsibility for claims on the copyrights by other parties.
In connection with the entry into force on 25 May 2018 of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repeal of the Directive 95/46/EC, hereinafter referred to as "the Regulation", in order to fulfill the information obligation specified in Article 13 of the Regulation we inform about the rules for processing personal data of contest participants and the rights of participants in this contest.
1. The Organizer is the administrator of personal data of the competition participant.
2. The Data Protection Officer is Rafal Wielgus, e-mail contact: iod@bhpex.pl, tel.: 68 411 40 00.
3. Personal data of competition participants will be processed on the basis of  the provisions of art.6 par. 1 letter a of Regulation.
4. Recipients of personal data of participants of the competition may only be entities authorized in justified cases and on the basis of relevant legal provisions.
5. The data is obtained from the competition participant.
6. Personal data collected during the processing will be stored for the time specified by law.
7.The competition participant has the right to request from the Organizer as an administrator of personal data of the competition participant to access their personal data, the right to rectify them, remove or limit processing, the right to object processing.
8. In the case of information about unlawful processing of personal data, the participant of the competition has the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body competent in matters of personal data protection.
9. Providing personal data by the participant is voluntary. The consequence of not providing the required personal data will be the inability to take part in the competition carried out by the Organizer.
10. Personal data of the participant will not be processed in an automated manner and will not be profiled.
1. The Organizer is the final judge in the interpretation of these regulations.
2. The Organizer is not responsible for damage or loss during transportation.
3. The Organizer of the competition is planning to publish the catalogue and reserves the right to choose drawings for the catalogue and the post-competition exhibition.
4. By sending works to the contest the entrants agree to the mentioned rules and regulations.
Source: http://www.satyryczny.norwid.net.pl/images/stories/2020/ang2.jpg
WEB: http://www.satyryczny.norwid.net.pl/
Application Card.
(Deadline updated 05.06.2020 01.30).


3rd International Competition of Satirical Drawing, Dzhmelyk 2020, Ukraine

III International Competition of Satirical Drawing
Dolyna, Ukraine, 2020
The founder: Dolyna City Council.
Organizers: «The City Center of Culture, Sport and Tourism»
of Dolyna City Council, Ukraine Association of Cartoonists.
1. The Competition can be attended by citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, stateless persons.
Participation in the Competition is free.
2. Competition is held in the following age categories:
Category I (from 7 to 11 years old);
Category II (12 to 17 years old)
Category III (17 years and older)
3. Theme of work: bumblebee, bee, wasp, bee products and others.
4. The winners of the Competition will be awarded with prizes and monetary rewards. Prize fund
of the Competition is 40 thousand hrn. The organizer may assign additional prizes in any
form or quantity determined by him.
5. To participate in the Competition, the competitioner fills in the Entry Form and sends the work.
The works are accepted in two variants on a choice:
- original versions of the handwritten drawing or qualitative copies on a dense paper at the address:
Dolyna city council
5 Prospect Nezalezhnosti,
Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region,
Ukraine 77504
- by e-mail: contestdolyna@gmail.com
Necessarily! For an electronic version the title of the file has to be next:
surname → space → country → space → work number
6. A competitioner can submit no more than 3 works, on a sheet of paper from A4 to A3. For the electronic version: A4 format, RGB color concept, 300 dpi resolution, maximum file size up to 3 MB.
7. The deadline for submitting works is May 20, 2020.
8. Each work (original or copy) must be described in reverse way as follows: surname, name and address of the author, year of birth, telephone or electronic contact, optional work title. Also, with the drawings, the participant's Entry Form must be sent in printed or electronic form (if the work was sent by e-mail).
9. The submitted work must be authored. The participant accepting the terms of this Regulation confirms that he is the author of the work he sent and has the right to his unlimited copyright and related rights to use and dispose of the work submitted.
10. Works submitted to the Competition that do not meet the conditions set forth in this Regulation will not be included in the Competition. Also, works that promote violence, religious and ethnic hatred are not allowed to the Competition.
11. Submissions will be evaluated according to the following main criteria:
- having a sense of humor;
- interesting plot;
- creative approach;
- technique of execution;
- conformity of works to the subject of the Competition.
12. The quantitative and personal composition of the jury is determined by the organizer, approved by the mayor's decree. The jury selects works for the exhibition and defines the winners of the Competition in three age categories. The jury's decision is final and can not be appealed.
13. The organizers of the contest provide catalog printing. Each participant of the Competition, whose work is included in the number of selected works of the winners, will receive a catalog of the Competition.
14. The winners of the Competition will be announced and awarded during the Festival of Humor «Vesela Kopytcya» on July 7, 2020. The selected works will be exhibited in The Dolyna Regional Museum of Tetyana and Omelan Antonovych «Boykivschyna» (Dolyna, Chornovola St., 2a).
15. This Regulation is the only document that determines the conditions of the Competition. Changes and additions to this Regulation are made in the order of its adoption.
16. The organizers of the Competition reserve the right to use works in conducting further exhibitions, to prepare and publish informational materials, printed products (catalogs, calendars, booklets), publications on the competition, etc. in the media and on the Internet. The organizers are obliged to provide the corresponding reference to the author of the work in any public reproduction of the works of the participant.
17. E-mail for help: dmckst@gmail.com
Tel.: +38 (050) 6405330 - Galyna Kurus, Director of the Organizing Committee of the Competition.
Dolyna city council, Nezalezhnosti ave. 5, the city of Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Ukraine 77504.
More on http://www.cartoon.org.ua/?page=dgmelik_20.


Participation regulations of Festas de Lisboa Sardine Contest 2020, Portugal

Article 1
(Object and copyright)
1. The “Festas de Lisboa'20 Sardine Contest” is an initiative run by Empresa de Gestão de Equipamentos e Animação Cultural, E.M., S.A, hereinafter referred to as EGEAC. Open to everyone, it aims to encourage people to produce sardine designs to be used in the Festas de Lisboa’20 publicity campaign.
2. A contest called “Turma da Sardinha’20” (Sardine Class´20) will run alongside the “Festas de Lisboa’20 Sardine Contest” to encourage the participation of basic education school pupils from across the country. This contest also involves the creation of sardine designs, which will then be used in the Festas de Lisboa’20 publicity campaign.
3. Ownership of the copyright of winning sardine designs belongs to EGEAC, in accordance with the provisions set out in article 14, paragraph 1 of the Code for Copyright and Related Rights. As such, EGEAC will hold the rights over them as provided for in articles 67, 68 and 159 of the abovementioned Code, namely the right to: reproduce, distribute and publicly communicate the designs, including the right to disseminate and publish them in the press or otherwise display them in public; to distribute them or disseminate them by any means of sign, sound or image reproduction; to adapt them to any physical structure; to make any modifications to them; to use them within other pieces of work; and to reproduce them, directly or indirectly, temporarily or permanently, by any means and in any form, as a whole or in part.
4. The foregoing provision (paragraph 3) includes any type of use for non-commercial purposes, with their commercial use being the subject of a specific and separate contract.
5. The attribution of copyright ownership for winning sardine designs to EGEAC is definitive and not time limited as far as non-commercial use is concerned, with commercial use being the subject of a specific agreement to be defined within the contract mentioned in the previous paragraph.
6. In relation to the provisions set out in article 14, paragraph 4 of the aforementioned Code, it is hereby established that the use of winning entries for the purposes described in these Regulations does not confer on the respective author(s) the right to any supplementary payments or benefits, be they financial or of any other nature, with copyright ownership belonging to EGEAC.
7. Entrants give their consent for their sardine contest design entries to be used for promotional or publicity purposes (in accordance with paragraph 2 above), such as in exhibitions or in freely-distributed publications, in accordance with the terms set out in paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 159 in the abovementioned Code.
8. Sardine contest design entries must make reference to their participation in the “Festas de Lisboa’20 Sardine Contest” or “Turma da Sardinha’20” whenever they are used by their creators or third parties. EGEAC must also be made aware of their use beforehand.
9. Participation in this contest, through registration, presupposes the complete acceptance of the conditions set out in these Regulations, as well as acceptance of the collection, use and processing of the personal data provided during the application process, in accordance with the terms of the Declaration of Informed Consent, which is a part of the entry form.
Article 2
(Conditions of Participation)
1. “Festas de Lisboa'20” Sardine Contest:
a) Aimed at people of all ages: Portuguese nationals and foreigners, both residents of Portugal and non-residents, groups and individuals;
b) The following persons may not participate in the contest: employees of EGEAC; employees of the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa; members of the Jury. The spouses, partners, children and parents of the aforementioned persons also may not participate;
c) Entries may be submitted individually or jointly (co-authorship), with each applicant allowed to submit a maximum of three sardine design entries.
2. “Turma das Sardinhas’20” Contest
a) Aimed at all Portuguese basic education schools;
b) Entries must be submitted by a school staff member representing the creators
c) Part of the Festas de Lisboa’20 Sardine Contest;
3. Entrants are responsible for the originality of the designs submitted, which must be of their own authorship, and are legally liable for any third-party claims relating to copyright, related rights and personality rights
Article 3
(Essential requirements for design entries)
1. Sardine design entries must be previously unpublished and original.
2. Design entries submitted must be recognisable as sardines and not confused with other any fish; a sardine-shaped outline is available on the following website: www.culturanarua.pt.
3. Sardine design entries may be produced using any technique, manually (on paper/cardboard, collages, photographs or three-dimensional objects) or digitally.
4. Sardine design entries may not contain any element identifying their creator(s), or make reference to brands or logos, including Festas de Lisboa.
Article 4
(Registering for the contest and submitting design entries)
1. You can register for the contest on www.culturanarua.pt or by completing the entry form included at the end of this document.
2. Registration of contest entrants must follow the following rules, where applicable:
a) “Sardinhas Festas de Lisboa’20” Contest:
i) Entries by Minors: registration must be completed in the name of the minor, with the responsible adult entering their own details in the relevant section;
ii) Entries by entities, companies, educational institutions, IPSS (Private Social Solidarity Institutions), non-profit organisations, and other groups: the registration must be completed under the name of the group, with the person responsible for the application entering their own details in the relevant section.
b) “Turma da Sardinha’20” Contest
i) School entries: registrations on the website must be made under the name of the school, with the entry representative identifying himself/herself in the appropriate section.
3. Each entrant must submit their designs in one of the following ways:
a) digitally on www.culturanarua.pt: as a photograph or digitalisation in a JPEG/JPG file (max. 50MB), A3 size (42cm x 29.7cm) and with a resolution of 300dpi;
b) by CTT (Portuguese postal service), via registered mail, in a sealed envelope and accompanied by the completed entry form (included at the end of this document). Design entries should be sent to: GPEP, Rua Manuel Jesus Coelho, 4, 4.º andar, 1150-228 Lisboa. It should not exceed 250g, should be no larger than 50 x 50 x 50cm and must not be made of perishable or degradable materials.
Article 5
(Contest calendar and announcement of results)
1. The contest calendar is as follows.
a) “Sardinhas Festas de Lisboa’20” Contest – deadline for submission of designs is by 18:00 on 6th April, 2020 (EXTENDED:) 30th April, 2020.
b) The winning designs will be announced by 31st May, 2020.
2. “Sardinhas Festas de Lisboa’20” contest winners and honourable mentions, as well as the winning school in the “Turma da Sardinha’20” contest, will be informed by email and/or telephone.
Article 6
(Contest stages)
This contest consists of the following stages:
1. Stage 1: Checking of design entries and disqualification of “Festas de Lisboa’19 Sardine Contest” design entries which do not comply with the regulations set out in this document.
2. Stage 2:
2.1. “Sardinhas Festas Lisboa’20” Contest
a) Shortlisting of 100 (one hundred) sardine design, as selected by a Jury designated by EGEAC, from amongst all the designs accepted at Stage 1;
b) Selection of 6 (six) winning sardine designs, chosen by a Jury designated by EGEAC, from the one hundred shortlisted designs mentioned above;
c) Selection of 3 (three) sardine designs earning an honourable mention, chosen through a public vote held on social networks from the one hundred (100) shortlisted designs, excluding the six (6) winning sardine designs set out in b).
2.2. “Turma da Sardinha’20” Contest:
a) The selection of 1 (one) winning design by a Jury designated by EGEAG from amongst the design entries accepted at Stage 1.
Article 7
1. “Sardinhas Festas Lisboa’20” Contest:
1.1 6 (six) winning sardine designs will be awarded prizes.
1.2. Each winning design will be awarded a net cash prize of €1,500 (one thousand, five hundred euros).
1.3. 3 (three) designs will receive an honourable mention and be awarded a non-cash prize, to be decided by EGEAC.
2. “Turma da Sardinha’20” Contest:
2.1 – There will be 1 (one) winning sardine design.
2.2. The basic education school with the winning design will be awarded a net cash prize of €1,500 (one thousand, five hundred euros).
2.3. Honourable Mentions may also be given should the Jury deem them justified.
3. Prizes will be awarded with a receipt in accordance with Portuguese financial law.
Article 8
(Contest Jury and selection)
1. All accepted design entries are selected by a Jury to be designated by EGEAC.
2. The design entries will be selected anonymously, with no elements identifying their authors allowed.
3. The Jury selecting the winning sardine designs will take the following factors into consideration:
3.1. “Sardinhas Festas de Lisboa’20” Contest:
a) The design’s legibility and adaptability to other publicity materials;
b) The design’s creativity and originality.
3.2. “Turma das Sardinhas’20” Contest:
a) The originality and creativity of the design.
4. The Jury’s selections will be made by majority decision and are not subject to appeal or complaint.
Article 9
(Return of non-winning designs)
1. Designs sent by post, which have not won a prize, can be collected until 30th October, 2020, by prior appointment by emailing concursosardinhas@culturanarua.pt.
2. Designs not collected in the manner described in the previous paragraph, will become the property of EGEAC.
3. The originals of the winning designs are the property of EGEAC and therefore cannot be collected by the respective entrants.
Article 10
1. Any queries relating to the interpretation of these Regulations must be sent to the following email address: concursosardinhas@culturanarua.pt.
2. The resolution of any issues provided for in the previous paragraph, as well as any other issues, is the exclusive responsibility of EGEAC and will be communicated by EGEAC by whatever means it deems appropriate.
Entry Form + Declaration of Informed Consent and a sardine-shaped outline are available on culturanarua.


Theme for Caneva Ride 2020, Italy : You learn by making mistakes

Pro Castello di Caneva promotes the international award Caneva Ride! (Caneva Laughs!) for humoristic sketches and satirical costume about the theme “Sbagliando si impara” You Learn by Making Mistakes
The award is open to all cartoonists of the world from 16 years old. Participants can apply individually or in groups (in case of several authors, the referent for all communications with the award’s promoters shall be indicated).
Up to three unpublished works, realized by any technique, color or black and white, which haven’t been awarded in other prizes. The maximum format shall be A4 (21 X 29.7 cm).
The works must be received no later than midnight on 24 May 2020 (EXTENDED:) 25 JULY 2020 at canevaridecontest@gmail.com in .jpg, .tiff or .pdf format at a resolution of 300 dpi, together with a registration form with personal data (name, surname, full address, telephone number, in the case of minors the name of one parent authorizing the participation). The individual files must not exceed the weight of 5 MB. For more works, proceed with individual submissions.
5 - JURY
Luca Salvagno Cartoonist, President of the Jury
Pietro Francesco Manfè Pro Castello Caneva
Mario Zorzetto Heirs Toni Zampol
Vicenzo Bottecchia Cultural comics operator
Giancarlo Rupolo Photographer
FIRST PRIZE euro 600,00
SECOND PRIZE euro 250,00
THIRD PRIZE euro 150,00.
The premium is gross of witholding tax, according to the tax legislation in force in the relevant countries.
The Jury reserves the right to report further works, which will not receive cash prizes.
During the exhibitions of the works there will be the possibility for visitors to indicate their favorite work. The authors, participating in the competition, give the non-exclusive right to publish the works on any support for promotional purposes of the Pro Loco Castle without having anything to claim as copyright.
Opening of the exhibition and prize giving will be held (Saturday, 14 June 2020) at the end of August 2020 at Villa Frova, Caneva.
Registration Form on Source.


International Cartoon Contest " We Defeat Coronavirus" 2020, Iran

International Cartoon Contest " We Defeat Coronavirus"
Theme: We Defeat Coronavirus
- Each participant can submit up to 5 works.
- Artworks must be emailed in png or jpg format, 300 dpi resolution and 2000 pixel width or length.
- A word file containing full name, postal address, email address, phone number, photo and CV is kindly needed.
- A PDF copy of the catalog will be sent to all the artists.
- Only the Finalists will receive a volume of the catalog.
- Email address for sending artworks: coronacontest@gmail.com
First Prize: 1500 € with Trophy and Honorable Mention
Second Prize: 1000 € with Trophy and Honorable Mention
Third Prize:500 € with Trophy and Honorable Mention.
Deadline: March 30, 2020 (EXTENDED:) April 09, 2020
Closing Ceremony and Award Ceremony: We will announce as soon as possible.
Site: www.irancartoon.com
List of Participants
Source: irancartoon.


The 3rd International Cartoon Festival Cartoonmag.com, Bojnourd 2020, Iran

Third International Cartoon Festival Cartoonmag.com, Bojnourd 2020, Iran
Theme: Corona virus
- Personal hygiene, the way to deal with coronavirus.
- How to protect ourselves from coronavirus?
- Nurses and Doctors, pioneers in the fight against Coronavirus.
- Maintaining individual peace of mind, an effective way to prevent coronavirus.
- Coronavirus and the Global economy.
- How to defeat Coronavirus?
- Don’t be afraid of Coronavirus.
- And everything relatead to Coronavirus.
Terms and Conditions:
- The competition is open to all amateur and professional cartoonists.
- Each artist can submit up to 6 works.
- There is no limit on the techniques you can use.
- Artworks must not be larger than A3 paper.
- Artworks format must be “JPG” with 300 DPI resolution and the size of each artwork must not exceed 5 megabytes.
- Selected artworks will be included in the festival catalog.
(Festival catalog will be published as a downloadable PDF file in the Cartoonmag.com website and if we publish the print edition of the catalog, a copy will be sent to all participants.)
- Along with the artworks you must also send this information: full name, mobile number, exact mailing address, biography and a photo of the artist. (All included in a word document).
- The Organizer reserves the right to publish the submitted artworks in the internet, press and … by artist’s name.
First Prize : Exquisite Persian handicraft, statue and honorary diploma.
Second Prize : Exquisite Persian handicraft, statue and honorary diploma.
Third Prize : Exquisite Persian handicraft, statue and honorary diploma.
10 Honor Prize : honorary diploma.
Deadline for submission: 31 March 2020 (EXTENDED:) 11 April 2020
Address: cartoonmagfest@hotmail.com
Festival Director: Abbas Naaseri
The festival website: www.cartoonmag.com
The cartoon used in the festival poster is the work of master Igor Smirnov.