Willem Rasing : End of 2011

6th International Humor and Satire on Manners Prize Novello 2012, Italy

6th Edition of the International Humor and Satire on Manners
Prize Novello: un signore di buona famiglia
(Novello: A Wellborn Gentleman)

Each artist may submit max three entries linked to the topic
"Il censimento: come cambia la società / Population census: How Society Is Changing".
The participants should submit their works
(with the application form and a copy of author's valid identity papers)
no later than March 26, 2012.
Rules & Application Form

Engin Selçuk, Turkey


Vasiliy Alexandrov, Russia

Happy New Year!
Sincerely yours,
Vasiliy Alexandrov
Moderator of the International Cartoonist's Club CARTUNION

Oleksy Kustovsky, Ukraine

Happy New Year!
Best regards,
Oleksy Kustovsky

Viacheslav Shilov

С наступающим Новым Годом!
Здоровья, счастья, удачи
и до новых встреч в 2012-м!
С уважением, Вячеслав ШИЛОВ,


Cartoon Foundation


Emre Yılmaz

Stops Nicu Stopel

Theme in CARTUNION contest international 2012 : We are electing

15 February 2012 - CARTUNION contest - "We are electing"
The International Cartoonists Club CARTUNION invites cartoonists from around the world to take part in the contest "We are electing".
Historical experience shows that the election is not only a formal democratic procedure, but also a great chance to explore the human nature. Here, at the polling station, you have a chance to watch the clash of amazing characters, to observe the cowardice and desperate insolence on one side and the civic courage of the other.
In other words, the election is the perfect reason for artists-satirists to roll up their sleeves and take up a pencil or a computer mouse.
The rules of the contest:
1. Works should be sent electronically to the following address: cartoongallery@gmail.com
2. Picture format: A3, jpg or gif. The resolution should be sufficient for high quality printing (at least 300 dpi).
3. Deadline for sending: February 15, 2012
4. The authors of the three best works will be awarded with the Honorary Diploma of the International Cartoonists Club.
5. The organizers reserve the right to publish the submitted drawings without monetary compensation.
6. Selected works will be presented on the CARTUNION site: http://www.cartoon-expo.com/. We are also planning the traveling exhibition of the best works.
Several countries have already expressed an interest in this collection. Among them are: Australia, France, Canada, China, Bulgaria, Poland.
Thank you!
Our best wishes for the New Year!
Andrey Feldshteyn
The International Cartoonists Club CARTUNION
Source: cartoonblues

Cartoonist's view: "Change the name of your country?", Rep. Macedonia

Cartoon exhibition (contest) : "Cartoonist’s opinion about...."
Are the cartoonists free thinkers - critics who may have and to express their opinions of
"hot" topics which would be contrary to the position of political elites in their countries?
Deadline: 1.03.2012
Responsible: Zoran Grozdanovski
More info on the blog:

Theme in 4th Cyprus International Cartoon Contest 2012 : Crisis of Euro.

British Council Turkey : Happy new year !

Oğuz Gürel

Milenko Kosanovic



Fawzy Morsy, Egypt

Dear friends and colleagues,
wish you all a merry x-mass
a happy new year
Fawzy Morsy


Stefaan Provijn

Firuz Kutal

Luis Eduardo Leon : Felices Fiestas - Happy Holydays 2011-2012

The Anti-Capitalism Occupy Wall Street Movement cartoon contest / Iran 2012

The Anti-Capitalism Occupy Wall Street Movement cartoon contest / Iran 2012
Festival Topic:
The Anti-Capitalism Occupy Wall Street Movement

Each participant can send a maximum number of 7 works
Please attach your name and surname, postal address, contact numbers and E-mail in a file in Word Format to your works.
All works should be 1500 pixels (200 dpi) in length and width at minimum.
All participants will be presented with a copy of the Festival's Book of Selected Artworks.
Winners Prize:
* Top Artist Prize: 5000 euro + diploma and festival statue
* Second Winner: 4000 euro + diploma and festival statue
* Third Winner: 3000 euro + diploma and festival statue
* 4th to 10th Winners: Each 500 euro + diploma and festival statue
* Diplomas for 70 finalists
* Special Prize, including 500 euro, for the selected artist from the viewpoint of our internet visitors.
Deadline: 10 January 2012
The Board of Jury will announce winners on 20 January 2012.
All works should be sent to: farscartoon@farsnews.com or farscartoon1@gmail.com .
Sources: rahimcartoon & farsnews

1st Int Cartoon Festival National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company

The first International Cartoon Festival National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company, Iran 2012
- Optimal Consumption of oil Products (petrol, oil, gasoline)
- Considering the safety cases in gaslight automobiles
Each participant can send maximum 6 artworks.
Sending (Name, family name, photo, post address, Email address and Tel) of artists just by Word file is necessary.
The catalogue will be send to the entire artist that their artworks published in the catalogue.
Artworks must be in 200 dpi by width or length of 1500 pixel by jpg format.
Secretariat of the festival has the copyright of printing and exhibiting the received works.
Attending in the competition means the artists agree with all rules of the festival.
Grand prize: 20,000,000 RL (The equivalent of at least 1000 $), Honorable mention & Trophy.
First prize: 13,000,000 RL (The equivalent of at least 800 $), Honorable mention & Trophy.
Second prize: 10,000,000 RL (The equivalent of at least 600 $), Honorable mention & Trophy.
Third prize: 7,000,000 RL (The equivalent of at least 400 $), Honorable mention & Trophy.
Fourth prize: 5,000,000 RL (The equivalent of at least 300 $), Honorable mention & Trophy.
Fifth prize: 3,000,000 RL (The equivalent of at least 200 $), Honorable mention & Trophy.
5 Honorable mention & trophy.
Deadline: 28th january 2012
Address for sending artworks: Cartoonfestival@niopdc.ir
Festival Site: http://www.cartoonmag.com/
For more information, please send your questions to the following email address: talangorcartoons@hotmail.com .
Source: rahimcartoon

Firuz Kutal : Happy New Year 2012

Custódio : Greetings

A great new year to all people, from all religions.

Serpil Kar: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Alexandr Dubovsky : Best Wishes for 2012 !

Trayko Popov : Happy New Year !!

Camilo A. Triana C.: Happy Holidays 2011 - 2012

Friends and colleagues, received a fraternal embrace this holiday season and New Year, I hope that those who devote themselves to the work of thinking through drawing or the drawing reflect (to look for a decent job as the old saying hehehe) what keep doing and getting better.
Do not forget the other, Jesus said, "do not do to anyone what you do not want done to yourself," in other words means treating the other as he deserves, like yourself.
I think I want them so much.


Ivan Hanousek receives the annual Honorary Eryk Lipiński Award 2010

Ivan Hanousek, the editor of e-GAG weekly of the Czech Cartoonists’ Union, member of presidium and secretary of the Biennale Pisek, jury member of many national and international cartoon competitions, and author of several books of course as a journalist, has been awarded the annual Honorary Eryk Lipiński Award 2010 by SPAK for outstanding contributions to long-term popularization and promotion of Polish art of caricature in the Czech Republic and abroad. Hanousek is the first foreign bearer of the title!
Hanousek (right) was presented with his award statuette of Eryk Lipiński (1908-1991), the founder of Caricature Museum in Warsaw, and the special posters of the occasion in the Museum by Witold Mysyrowicz (left), the new president of the Association of Polish Cartoonists, on 12 December 2011, the opening day of exhibition of the Polish national competition on the theme "Stop Forest Pollution!"
(Source: GAG 11-52)

Saskia Gheysens, ECC: Best Wishes for 2012

The ECC-team wishes you a prosperous 2012!

Discover the ECC-program for 2012 here.
Europees Cartoon Centrum - Brugstraat z/n -9770 Kruishoutem

10th FreeCartoonsWeb International Cartoonet Festival 2011 (by E-mail)

Rules of 10th FreeCartoonsWeb International Cartoonet Festival 2011 (by E-mail), China
1) Cartoon:
(A) Apple (iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc.); (B)Love; (C) Car; (D) Free Theme
2) Caricature:
(A) Famous President; (B) Sports Star; (C) Entertainment Star; (D) Business Star
2.Deadline: December 31, 2011
1) Size: Min: A4 (210mm x 297mm), Max: A3 (297mm x 420mm).
2) Quantity: Unlimited.
3) Please send digital original drawings to this contest. Black & white or colored, any style, any technique will be accepted.
4) Participants are requested to send together with their cartoons, an entry-form with digital signature, a photograph or caricature. The form can be downloaded at FreeCartoonsWeb.
5) Titles or entry-form must be filled out in understandable English or Chinese.
6) All cartoonists can participate in festival through your own E-mail by submitting your cartoons to: freecartoons@126.com
Format: JPEG Size: max. 4M per cartoon Resolution ratio: 200 dpi - 300 dpi.
7) The excellent cartoons will be published in Chinese newspaper and magazine. Some cartoons will be exhibited in China. All cartoons will not be returned.
1) Cartoon:
Grand Prize (1 awards): Certificate+Catalogue+Gifts;
Gold Prize (2 awards): Certificate+Catalogue+Gifts;
Silver Prize (4 awards): Certificate+Catalogue;
Bronze Prize (8 awards): Certificate+Catalogue.
2) Caricature:
Grand Prize (1 awards): Certificate+Catalogue+Gifts;
Gold Prize (2 awards): Certificate+Catalogue+Gifts;
Silver Prize (4 awards): Certificate+Catalogue;
Bronze Prize (8 awards): Certificate+Catalogue.
URL: http://www.fcwfcw.com/ , http://www.fcw.cn/
E-mail: freecartoons@126.com (Only for Festival)
Tel: 0086-13818006180.

Results 5th Urziceni 2011 with theme "Love for Sale", Romania


Theme: Love for Sale
First Prize: Alicja Bednarek (Poland) (Top)
Second Prize: Bert M. L. Witte (Netherlands)
Third Prize: Pavel Botezatu (Romania)
Special Prizes:

Serdar Sayar (Turkey) (Above)
Doru Axinte (Romania)
Cristian Topan (Romania)
Mihai Boacă (Romania)
Werner Rollow (Germany)
Ivailo Tsvetkov (Bulgaria)
Constantin Sunnerbeg (Belgium)
Constantin Ciosu (Romania)
Vlado Volaš (Serbia)
Marian Şerban (Romania)
Darko Pavić - Dajka (Croatia)
Caricature section
First Prize: Valentin Chibrit (Romania)
Second Prize: Leonte Năstase (Romania) &
Cristian Mihăilescu (Romania)
Third Prize: Heino Partanen (Finland) &
Iulian Lalu (Romania).
ALEX (Romania), Ilian Savkov (Bulgaria), Florian Doru Crihană (Romania),
Julian Pena-PAI (Romania - president of jury).
More on source: Dum Dum .


Theme in PORTOCARTO​ON 2012 : "The rich, the poor, the protester"

The times of "crisis" are not democratic.
Inequality increases, even if solidarity is not decreasing.
Only humor can bring order to the world!
Therein is the reason for the proposed theme for the PortoCartoon 2012:
The rich, the poor, the protester”.
It is hoped a “Tsunan of indignation”?
Are we looking for new kinds of democracy?
We shall see.
But the clues are released to the excellence of the universal humour.
These are challenges for the cartoonists’ pencils.
The jury (chaired by George Wolinski) will choose the best works for PortoCartoon 2012!
The opportunity reinforces our wishes of a Happy New Year!
Come then storms of humour!
Be indignant dignifying the art!
Luís Humberto Marcos,
Director PortoCartoon
Note: We would like to remind you that is open until 31st December
the on-line voting for the People's Award PortoCartoon 2011 at:
PortoCartoon-World Festival
The Portuguese Printing Press Museum
Estrada Nacional 108, nº 206
4300- 316 Porto
Tel: +351 22 530 49 66
Fax: +351 22 530 10 71
Rules & Entry Form