The 13th International Cartoon Contest Urziceni 2019, Romania

The Cultural Centre Of Urziceni Municipality,
The Municipality of Urziceni and
The International Site BestCARTOONS.net
Are very glad to invite you to participate in
The 13th International Cartoon Contest Urziceni 2019, Romania
1. The 13th ICC Urziceni is an open competition for cartoonists all over the world. The participation is free of charge.
2. You can submit, only by email, max 6 works for the FREE THEME (portraits are also accepted) and max 6 works for the THEME – ”WINTER HOLIDAYS”.
3. Deadline: November 16, 2019.
4. The name of the cartoons must contain the entrant’s family name, country and title of work (in English).
The works must be digitized in 300 DPI resolution, RGB color mode, in JPG format, with a max. size of 2 MB.
5. Send your cartoons and your CV to the e-mail address: 
graficcontesturziceni@gmail.com .
6. The cartoons submitted to the contest will be exhibited on the Urziceni website, so the cartoonists can carefully study them, in order to prevent similarity, copying and stealing. Any similar, copied or stolen cartoon will not be awarded.
The contest results will be announced on the Urziceni 2019 website .
7. The International Jury will award the following prizes for the best works, no mater the categories:
GOLD PRIZE - 500 $, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net
SILVER PRIZE - 250 $, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net
BRONZE PRIZE - 150 $, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net
Ten EXCELLENCY Special Honor Diplomas and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net.
The Jury’s decisions are final. Other Special Prizes offered by the sponsors may be awarded.
The prizes can be paid in Urziceni or can be sent by post and the recipient will bear the cost of sending them.
The organizer does not assume any liability regarding the taxes or bank charges. The originals of the winning drawings should be sent by mail in max. two weeks from the results announcement, well wrapped and protected against damages.
8. By participating, the entrants grant the organizers the right to use their entries as advertising for the Urziceni International Cartoon Contest and for the website BestCARTOONS.net (e.g. as cartoon books, catalogues, advertising in the press, internet and other media, separate promotional printed works such as posters, leaflets, etc., promotional gifts by the city council and/or cartoon contest organization, calendars, etc) without any special fees paid to the authors.
9. For further information, please e-mail us to: graficcontesturziceni@gmail.com .
10. By submitting the works to Urziceni 2019 INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST, the artists accept the decisions of the Jury and the rules printed above.
Nicolae PETRACHE, General Manager of CH Urziceni.
Horia CRISAN, owner of BestCARTOONS.net .


Official results of the 20th Salon of antiwar cartoon, Kragujevac 2019, Serbia

Jury of 20th Salon of Antiwar Cartoon, Kragujevac 2019, Serbia:
MARCO DE ANGELIS (Italia), cartoonist, president,
TOSO BORKOVIC (Serbia),cartoonist,
JUGOSLAV VLAHOVIC (Serbia), cartoonist,
MIODRAG STOJILOVIC (Serbia) journalist, director of Salon,
and SPIRO RADULOVIC, (Serbia) cartoonist,
d e c i d e d:
1. Grand prix "Messengers of peace" (1500 euros)
2. First prize, gold plaque (1000 euros)
3. Second prize , silver plaque (800 euros)
4. Third prize, bronze plaque (500 euros)
5. Award of city Bidgoszcz from Poland (750 euros)
6. Award of city Ingolstat from Germany (500 euros)
7. Award of city Bielsko-Biala from Poland (500 euros)
8. Award of city Siren from France (500 euros)
9. Award of city Pitesty from Romania (500 euros)
10. Award of city Carrara from Italy (500 euros)
DIPLOMA received:
1. MILJAN OBRENIC (Montenegro)
3. ALI RASTRO (Iran)
4. DAVID VELA (Spain)
Report by
Spiro Radulovic, cartoonist
member of the jury and
member of the Board of Salon.


The 7th International Cartoon Contest, Sinaloa 2019, Mexico

The Contest is open to all cartoonists from all over the world and beyond.
2. THEME: VANITY (VERY IMPORTANT: Authors who have already submitted works do not need to do it again.)
Is vanity inherent in the human being? Will a chimpanzee, who shares 99% of DNA with us, be a victim of this same trait?
Twin sister of narcissism, the dictionary also defines Vanity as: conceit, boasting, vainglory, haughtiness, presumption, pride, petulance, pedantry and fatuity; a key set of concepts imputed to the human species and capable of engendering the most terrible events. Think of the supposed supremacies that unleashed abominable genocides, the arms race, space warfare, empires, dynasties, and other kind of atrocities which have devastated cultures and nations.
But vanity does not stop there; it goes beyond the bounds of the social and changes its skin at will. It explores the entrails of the individual and becomes the central axis of a system based on compulsive consumerism, a permanent competition that demands the possession of the most expensive objects, the latest technology and the most perfect bodies: a super status quo that awards the title of "The best of all". Thus, without realizing, we repeat models of dictators decorated with fake medals and elite ladies who attach pillows to increase their bottoms. In this ocean of superfluous values, is it possible to navigate without taking on water?
1st Prize: $30,000 Mexican pesos.
2nd Prize: $20,000 Mexican pesos.
3rd Prize: $15,000 Mexican pesos.
The preliminary results will be announced via E-mail and networks, from December 5th, 2019, leaving a period of 10 days to give definitive results. All efforts to report cases of plagiarism will be welcome.
A maximum of 3 works can be submitted by E-mail in any media, in black and white or colour, but they should not be currently participating in other contests or have been awarded.
Works should have a minimum resolution of 200 dpi, size 21.5cms x 27.9cms. They should be sent to any one of the following:
5. DEADLINE: November 17th 2019.
(The entry form can be downloaded from http://concursosinaloa2019.orgfree.com).
. Name
. Photograph
. Address
. E-mail
7. A catalogue with the winners and selected works will be available on the web page of the contest:
8. Participants that were winners in 2017 can participate but if they win again they will only be entitled to receive honorary mentions.
Copyright belongs to authors. The Contest will use some works, but only for promotional purposes, such as publicity, the catalogue and the press.
The jury will be composed of up to five renowned artists.
Source: concursosinaloa2019.


‘Magnificent Huichang’ International Comic Works wanted, China

‘Magnificent Huichang’ International Comic Works wanted
The organizer:
China Daily Website
China Journalistic Caricature Society
People's Government of Huichang county, Jiangxi province
The theme:
“My Community” and “My Life”, characteristics that reflect a happy life or the different styles in my own eyes, reminiscent of classic and happy times.
The awards:
First prize
One winner -- 5,000 yuan
Second prize
Two winners--each will get 3,000 yuan
Third prize
Three winners--each will get 1,000 yuan
Outstanding prizes
Nine winners--each will get 500 yuan
85 works entered in the exhibition will win 200 yuan each.
The rules:
Participants are required to send entries by electronic file to the email address of the organizing committee. The file name should include the author’s name (based on ID card) and the entry’s title. Define e-mail content, including the author’s name (subject to the ID card), title, contact details, postal code, contact number, and name of the exhibition. The finalists will be publicized on the China News Comics Network. Winners will be officially announced after the contest deadline. Winners and selected authors will send their originals to the address of the organizing committee upon request.
All participants should guarantee ownership of copyright for the entries. The author(s) shall bear all legal responsibilities and economic losses, including but not limited to those resulting from the products' infringement of intellectual property, portrait rights and reputation rights, as well as defamation and other violations of laws and regulations.
The requirements:
1. The style of the selected works is not limited, and the creative methods are not limited.
2. The occupation and age of the exhibitors are not limited.
3. Selection of electronic works size: 300dpi or more, JPEG format storage, file size ranges from 2M, to less than 5M.
4. Paper works:
(1)After the results of the selection are officially announced, the winners and the authors of the exhibition will be notified to send the original paper works.
(2)The size of the original paper works should be within 50cm × 50 cm, the length and width are not limited.
(3)In the lower right corner of the back of the paper work, please use a pencil to write on the author’s name (based on the ID card), entry’s title (same as the picture), entry group, size (height × width CM), contact address, postal code, contact number, and attach a copy of the ID card.
(4)The work must be properly packaged and sent through the post office or regular courier company to prevent damage and loss in the mail.
(5)Deadline: Sept 30, 2019
(6)Submission address: 3rd Floor, Center 3, No.1, Tongji Avenue, Wenwuba Town, Huichang County, Zhangzhou City, Jiangxi Province
If you have questions or comments regarding the exhibition or the competition, please contact us:
Email: hcxwhg@163.com(Huang Zhenrong)
Phone number: 86-07975622677,13970773102
The organizing committee has the right to exhibit, research, photograph, video, publication and publicity.
Anyone who submits work for participation in the evaluation and exhibition shall be deemed to confirm and agree with the provisions of the notice.
Exhibition information can be registered at www.newscartoon.com.cn .


Welcome to SICACO 2019 !

Dear SICACO Cartoonist!
Welcome to you in SICACO 2019!
Thanks for sending me your original works by mail already!
The deadline is August 31st. in SICACO 2019! (You can send me yours by airmail of the post office on August 31.)
This main theme means "Hot + Cool"./ Free section's football, children, etc.
You'd better send me your original works by mail. (for Korea National Museums)
You can send me your printed digital cartoons by mail.
If you send me your image ones by e-mail, my juries decided no prize, no money, and no books.
Therefore you must not send me yours by E-mail only.
I'll wait for your cartoons mail arriving within 6-9 days at a cost of 5-9 dollars.
Next year I’ll held SICACO 2020 with Korea National Museums at national level.
See you in SICACO 2019!
Dr.Lim, Cheong San, President of SICACO 2019
Mobile 82-10-5425-6115
http://dicaco.kongju.ac.kr / www.dicaco.com .


Rules of 5th International Competition of cartoon and humor NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA 2019

5th International Competition
of cartoon and humor
"Tribute to Ismael Roldan"
We present to all of you the convocation of the fifth edition that honors the Colombian caricature in the person of the teacher Ismael Roldán, on the tenth anniversary of his death.
Again this year we are supported by the Comic without Borders Exhibition of Pereira in its 19th edition.
Born in Cali (Colombia), March 19, 1964. At age 2 he is taken to Bogotá by his family and in life he finds the company of drawing. At age 14 he is seduced by the art of maestro David Levine who will later be his great mentor. He studied Graphic Design at the National University of Colombia and studied art in Spain, the Dominican Republic, England and the USA. There he personally meets Levine with whom he has a relationship as a teacher, a disciple who helps him improve his work and expand his professional graphic horizon.
His work was published in various media such as: Newsweek, Forbes, New York Post, Sports Illustrated, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Upside, USA. News and World Report, Los Angeles Times, Business 2.0, Games, The Baltimore Sun, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Times
In 2009, on September 15 he died in the USA.
1) Open to all professional cartoonists in the world, preferably adults (18 years old). Deadline: September 8 (EXTENDED:) September 15 of this year.
2) There will be 2 categories, Graphic Humor and Physics Caricature
A .: Ismael Roldán physiognomic caricatures (no portraits).
Images and information: http://ismaelroldan.com/
B. Graphic humor: Olympic Games, Olympics and Sports.
3) AWARD (by Confirm):
1, 2, 3 Position + 5 Honorable Mentions: Virtual Diploma.
Graphic humour:
1, 2, 3 Position + 5 Honorable Mentions: Virtual Diploma.
"Graphic Recognition and Graphic Humor Noticartun Colombia" (Printed Diploma).
There will also be an "audience award" on facebook and instagram networks, for works with more likes, that have not already been awarded.
In addition, a virtual catalog will be designed to host the official contest site.
4) Each participant can present in the event a maximum of 1 work per subject but can only be awarded in one category and can be participated with black and white or color cartoons.
5) About the JURY:
They can participate with works but only as a collaboration and not for awards and can not be taken into account for awards work of family or people with whom they have current work commitments, if necessary.
6) The cartoons sent must have a maximum dimension of 30 x 40 cms. JPG, 300 dpi.
7) You can participate with cartoons that have already been published or previously awarded. The selected works will be online so that if in any case someone has a complaint about the originality of the work, the jury and the organization of the contest, they will review the case and select a new finalist work.
8) All the drawings presented must be made from original ideas drawn or painted, whether they are presented analogously (scanned) or digitally. Mo will accept memes, photographs, scanned photocopies, photomontages, collage.
9) Participants must send a short curriculum vitae in word, contact information (Name, surname, email, web or blog and country of origin of the participant) and a photograph or self caricature.
10) Each author owns their rights to their work and only authorizes the International Cartoon and Graphic Humor Contest NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA to use it in this online tribute and its promotional pieces or in possible exhibitions of cultural nature, without any economic retribution for the parts. Any problem with copyright will be assumed by the participant.
11) The International Cartoon and Graphic Humor Competition NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA, reserves the right to exhibit works that it understands may violate individual or collective rights.
12) Participation in the contest implies full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions.
13) Jobs must be sent to:
International cartoon and graphic humor contest NOTICARTUN COLOMBIA
Director Noticartún Contest:
Camilo A. Triana C. "TRIANA"
Sub Director Noticartún Contest:
Juan Camilo Lopera Arroyave "JÚCALO".
Competition history Noticartún Colombia:
https://concursonoticartun.blogspot.com/p/trayectoria-2014.html .


Similarity : Antiwar cartoon 2013 - Refugees and Immigrants 2019

Massoud Shojai Tabatabai
17th Salon of Antiwar Cartoons, Kragujevac 2013, Serbia
Asier Sanz
Premios Curuxas Gráfica 2019, Spain
Theme: Refugees and Immigrants
1st Prize.
This report by Huseyin Cakmak, Cyprus.


Regulation for the 3rd FARTOON – Faro's Cartoons Exhibition 2019, Portugal

1 - FARO 1540 - Association for the Defense and Promotion of Faro’s Cultural and Environmental Heritage, organizes FARTOON – Faro's Cartoons Exhibition, whose works will be displayed in an exhibition at the end of the year.
2 – Participation in this Exhibition implies full acceptance of the conditions listed in this Regulation and the authorization to use the work(s) in this Exhibition and in future editions, in FARTOON extensions, promotions, publications and reproductions in any medium.
3 – All Portuguese or foreign citizens can participate in this Cartoons Exhibition.
4 – Only are accepted unpublished original works that can be black and white or color.
5 – Any graphic techniques are allowed and works measures should not exceed 42 x 30 cm (DIN A3).
6 – In 2019 edition, the contest theme is "Europe and the Migratory Phenomenon".
7 – Each competitor can participate individually or in teams to a maximum of 3 works.
8 - The enrollment in FARTOON should be formalized until 4th October 2019 and is free.
9 – Works must be sent by e-mail to faro1540@gmail.com or by mail to:
FARO 1540
FARTOON – 3ª Mostra de Cartoons de Faro
Rua Reitor Teixeira Guedes, 133
8000-424 Faro
10 – For a correct submission should be sent:
- Work(s) on paper;
- Registration form, duly completed and signed;
- Photocopy or scan from an identification document;
 - Author(s) short biographical note;
- Declaration of the author of the work(s) accepting the conditions of this Regulation and authorizing the use of the work(s) at the Exhibition, in its future editions, in its extensions, promotions and publications, but with the authors’ knowledge.
11 – All works submitted for this Exhibition must be sent free of charge (postage or customs). In their packaging should appear clearly and prominently "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE / SEM VALOR COMERCIAL”. Works sent to be paid at the addressee will not be accepted, and its reception will be refused.
12 – The cartoons received will be submitted to a pre-selection, by the organization, and the competitor will be notified by e-mail if the work was selected to the Exhition mentioned in paragraph 1 of this Regulation.
13 – The Jury of FARTOON will be composed of 5 elements.
14 – From the jury's final decision there can be no appeal.
15 – There will be awarded 3 prizes by the jury.
16 – The Jury, according to the quality of the works presented, may or may not assign any of the prizes and/or assign Honorable Mentions.
17 – In addition to the award of diplomas, prizes mentioned in points 15 and 16 will have a symbolic character according to the partnerships established for this edition of FARTOON.
18 – All the works received for the Exhibition, which have been selected for display, or not, will not be delivered back to the competitors, becoming part of the estate of the FARTOON, and the organization will not use them for commercial purposes.
19 – The work(s) must have on the reverse the following information:
- Author's name and address;
- Title and year.
20 – In exceptional circumstances, the organization may exhibit works that do not fully comply with the present Rules.
21 – In case of doubt, those interested can request any clarifications to: faro1540@gmail.com
22 – Omissions in this Regulation shall be solved by the organizer.
Source: fartoon.


The 1st International Cartoon Contest on Liver Health Awareness 2019, India

1st International Cartoon Contest on Liver Health Awareness 2019, India
• Both professional and non-professional cartoonists are welcome to participate in this contest.
• The competition is open to all individuals aged over 15.
• Works must be originals. All graphic techniques are permitted ..
• Works may be black & white or coloured.
• Each entry submitted should include a covering letter with the cartoonist’s full name, postal address, contact no. and E-Mail ID.
• The digital works have to be sent in JPEG format with a minimum of resolution of 300 dpi (2480 x 3543 pixels).
• The cartoons / Art work must be drawn on A4 format. (maximum size of 3 MB per cartoon) for digital cartoons.
• Number of entries per contestant: maximum three.
• Cartoons/ Art work sent by post need to have full name, postal address, contact no. and E-Mail ID.of cartoonist on the back-side of each cartoon.
• The organiser (INSTITUTE OF LIVER AND BILIARY SCIENCES) will not be held responsible for lost or damaged cartoons / Art work during the shipment.
• Cartoons / Art work should not be awarded at other festivals.
• Cartoons / Art work must not be older than one year.
Deadline for submission of Cartoons / Art work is 15 August 2019
Cartoons must be sent to: following 2 emails:
or by post
c/o Ms. Deepti Dubey
Empathy Resource Centre
D-1, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070,(India)
Phone: Ph. : 011-46300000 Extension: 23515
For more detailed information please visit web site https://theempathycampaign.com/cartoon-contest
The content, thoughts and views expressed in the creatives/illustrations will be sole responsibility of the participating Artists . The ILBS will not be held responsible for any content, views expressed by the artists in the creatives/illustrations developed.
• Property rights – All Art work will become the property of the organiser (ILBS) or theme sponsor. Further, the cartoonist will provide Royalty-free and license to publish and publicly display the Cartoons / Art work (Whether winning or not winning an award) for non-commercial purposes.
• By entering the competition, the cartoonist represents and warrants that the Cartoons / Art work is an original work of the cartoonist and does not infringe on the rights of any third parties.
• All selected works for exhibition will be used by the organizers to promote the EMPATHY campaign contest.
• Decisions made by the jury cannot be challenged.
• No correspondence with the jury will be allowed on their decisions.
• First Prize – 55000/- INR
• Second Prize – 45000/- INR
• Third Prize – 35000/- INR
• Two Consolation prize – 20000/- INR each.
• First Prize – 800 $
• Second Prize – 650 $
• Third Prize – 500 $.
*The prize will be given in equivalent Indian Rupees.
• The results of the competition will be announced around 6 week after the last date.
• An exhibition of the selected works will take place in the gallery in Delhi.
By entering the contest, each entrant agrees to abide by the rules and regulations mentioned here.
About The Theme: No Time For Liver ! on source: theempathycampaign.