International Cartoon Festival Franzensbad 2021, Czechia

International Cartoon Festival Franzensbad 2021, Czechia
Compulsory Subject: History
1- We accept cartoons only on the topic you entered
2- Total number of cartoons per author: 3 pieces
3- A cartoon must not have won an appraisal at previous competitions
4- Cartoons without words are not a requirement, but they have an advantage
5- Cartoons should only be sent electronically to: mfkh@email.cz
6- Deadline April 30th, 2021
7- The technical parameters should be as follows: at least 300 DPI; JPG, PNG or PDF format
8- By sending their cartoons, the author agrees with the following:
a) The organizer can use the cartoons for the promotional purposes of this International Festival of Cartoons
b) The cartoons will be used in Tapír, magazine of humor and satire, 
Award Winning Works:
1st Prize 15.000 CZK
2nd Prize 10.000 CZK
3rd Prize 5.000 CZK.
Optional topic 
Our festival aims to help the children with oncological disease by the drawing. 
Drawings themselves won’t be a subject of competition. 
In the period from 13 to 19 September 2021, the drawings will be exhibited and auctioned. 
Proceeds from the auction will be used for oncological care activities in hospitals. 
Topic: Free 
Festival is open for all professional and amateur creators, no age restriction is applied. 
1) Print a „The Keyhole“ Here it is: „The Keyhole“
2) Draw your picture in it on the topic „What I would like to see through a keyhole“ Your drawing can take any form, which means humorous, or serious one. Feel free to express yourself. 
3) Write your name, age, occupation, city where you live on the picture. 
4) Send the picture to the following address: Community Center Chebsko z.s., Náměstí Krále Jiřího z Poděbrad 507/6, 350 02 Cheb, Czech Republic or mail: mfkh@email.cz
Source: zlatytapir.


The 5th International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest 2021, Turkey

5th International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest 2021, Turkey
Subject Matter of the Contest: “The New Generation and the New Generation Addictions
We have selected the topic of this year’s cartoon contest as “The New Generation and the New Generation Addictions.” We expect the cartoonists to focus on the causes of addictions, how they spread, their consequences, effects of the pandemic, and online betting and online gambling addictions within the framework of that theme. We aim at sharing the power and effect of healthy life with the world and young people from the perspective of cartoonists. We would like to thank the outstanding cartoonists for their valuable contributions in connection with that topic in advance. 
Up to 3 works can be sent, published works may be participated in, provided that they are not awarded. 
A4 or A3 
Black and white or colored 
Turkish or English (text will be used if necessary, but not visual / verbal) 
The artist must send his cartoons on website, no later than 31 January 2021. Cartoons' digital files must be max 5 MB, 300 dpi, JPG, A4 or A3 format. 
Green Crescent can use the cartoons participating in the race in any way he wants. It does not create any copyright for these works. 
All the works applied for the contest will not be returned to the applicants regardless of whether they have been placed in the rankings or not, and all the financial and moral rights arranged in the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works (public communication, public offering, specifying name, prohibiting any change in the work with devices for processing, duplicating, dissemination, representation, sign, sound and / or image transfer) will be undertaken by the Turkish Green Crescent Society without being subject to restrictions of inland or outland place, content, course, duration and number. The Turkish Green Crescent Society is entitled exclusively on all the works, those rights and authorizations can be used both for the entire original work or/and its entire processing and for a part of the original work or/and a part of the processing. 
Originals of all the works entered in the contest will be delivered to the Turkish Green Crescent Society before the award ceremony by the authors of the works. 
The Turkish Green Crescent Society has the right to use all the works applied for the contest as any kind of promotional materials such as posters, catalogues, brochures, booklets etc. 
All kinds of legal responsibilities that may arise from the reproduction of works from other sources (not original work) and plagiarism belong to the contestant. In case of any damage to the Green Crescent due to these reasons, the relevant contestant will cover all the damages caused to the Green Crescent. If such a situation is detected, the prize will be withdrawn even if the contestant is awarded. In such a case, the contestant will reimburse the price paid as a reward to the Green Crescent accounts within 10 days from the first demand of the Green Crescent. 
All the works applied for the contest must not have been awarded in any contest. If such a situation is detected, the prize will be withdrawn even if the contestant is awarded. In such a case, the contestant will reimburse the price paid as a reward to the Green Crescent accounts within 10 days from the first demand of the Green Crescent. 
All kinds of legal responsibilities arising from the use of unoriginal texts, contents, designs, images, music etc. sent for the contest belong to the contestant. 
Participants of this contest are considered to have accepted the conditions of the contest. The discretion of the issues that are not found in the application belong to the Turkish Green Crescent Society. Participants are counted to have accepted these conditions.


Newsletter from Studio d'Arte Andromeda, Italy

Because of the current rules to contain the health emergency, this moment of inauguration and the award ceremony will only take place virtually and the exhibiton of the selected artworks will be visible on our website, where everyone will be able to vote his/her favorite artwork.
By connecting to our Facebook page you will be able to see the opening ceremony of the XXVIII INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE SATIRE AND HUMOR CITY OF TRENTO, this year's theme was LIMITS.
Hoping that everything goes on the best way,
we wait and hope for your participation to the opening ceremony.
Inauguration on-line:
Saturday 21 November 2020
05:00 PM



Dear Winners, Please spread my good news! 

Thanks for the success of the SICACO 2020 with the participation and cooperation of my winners. Because of the corona, I am unable to send international mail to the winners' presents. 
First of all, SICACO 2020 Cartoon book will be released on the Internet. I will send my winners an international mail as soon as it is accepted as Corona quarantine. 

I hope you can use and download them for searching and distribute them widely to your relatives and cartoonists to make your life bright and cheerful. 
I would like to thank you again for your cooperation with the SICACO 2020 Contest and my National University's Cyber Cartoon Gallery in order to be well received worldwide. 
See you in SICACO 2021! Merry Christmas and Happy New! 

Dr. Lim, Cheong San, President of SICACO 
http://dicaco.kongju.ac.kr ←(SICACO 2020 Cartoon Book)


The 16th World Press Cartoon, Caldas da Rainha 2021, Portugal

The WORLD PRESS CARTOON will hold its sixteenth edition in 2021 and continues to hold its main event at the Portuguese city of Caldas da Rainha. We remind you of the innovation introduced three years ago: the admissibility of works produced for online publications. We will maintain the levels of rigour and quality that are the hallmark of this organization, with the structure of monetary awards from last editions, including a Grand Prix of 10.000 Euros. 
It remains as our mission to distinguish, exhibit, reveal and reward the best drawings published in the world press over the course of a year: Caricatures, editorial cartoons and gag humour drawings that encapsulate the history of an entire year, works that are born in different cultures where cartoonists portray the World with their choice of weapons - irony and a critical eye. In order to facilitate the jury's assessment and to guarantee quality and rigour to the final selection, it is essential that authors carefully read the regulations and present their works in accordance with the rules it establishes. 
A universal salon requires universal participation and clear and equal rules for everyone. Because the WORLD PRESS CARTOON seeks to bring together the best of international press drawing production each year, this is a meeting that professional cartoonists should not miss! 
a) The World Press Cartoon consists of three categories: Editorial Cartoon, Caricature and Gag Cartoon. 
b) The World Press Cartoon is not a theme show; the aim is to distinguish the best works created and published in 2020 in each one of the three categories. 
c) In the category of EDITORIAL CARTOON all works are considered that deal with current affairs issues and events. 
d) In the CARICATURE category, caricature works are considered in the strict sense, with humorous portraits only being allowed. 
e) In the category of GAG CARTOON, works are considered that deal with themes that are not directly related to the present. 
f) Authors are free to submit to competition the works they consider to be of their best level, but obviously, the characters, themes and events of a most universal reading are the most suitable for an international exhibition with these characteristics. 
a) The exhibition of the selected works and the awards ceremony will take place on a date to be announced, at the CCC - Cultural and Congress Centre of Caldas da Rainha. 
a) Only originals of the works are admitted to the competition. 
b) Quality prints of works made by digital or mixed techniques will be considered original when handwritten signed by the author, on condition that the description of the techniques and software used is expressed in the registration form. 
c) In cases when works drawn by digital or mixed techniques are submitted to the competition, it is mandatory to attach the respective digital files, on CD, DVD or USB flash drive. 
d) The format of the works cannot exceed European standard measure A3: 420 x 297 mm. 
e) Each cartoonist may submit to contest one original for each one of the areas of the salon: Editorial Cartoon, Caricature and Gag Cartoon. 
f) It is an indispensable condition for admissibility that the works were originally published between 1 January and 31 December 2020, in periodically regular newspapers and magazines sold to the public, or in professional online publications of a recognized journalistic nature. 
g) In order to prove the condition expressed in the previous paragraph, in the case of publications on paper, each original must be accompanied by the respective full page in which the date and title of the newspaper or magazine are visible (clippings, collages, photocopies are not accepted nor any other forms of reproduction of publications). 
h) In the case of online publication, each work must be accompanied by a high resolution printed reproduction of a screenshot of the page on which it was published, in which the date and title are clearly visible, and authenticated on the back by the editor. 
i) So as to confirm the admissibility of cartoons published online, it is essential that the link to access the publication page is correctly filled in the registration form and remains functional until March 31, 2021. 
j) The author must attach the head page of the newspaper or magazine in which the competing works were published, with a dimension and quality that allows their replication. 
k) If the original has a title, caption or other words, they must be translated into English and included in the label accompanying the original. 
l) Works that compete in the Caricature category must mention the names of the caricatured persons. 
m) Works must be received at the organization's secretariat by 31 January 2021
a) The works must be sent in flat packaging, between two hard cards. 
b) On the packaging, clearly visible, must be mentioned:“WITHOUT COMMERCIAL VALUE”. 
a) To each work sent, it must correspond a registration and identification form of the work, pasted on the back of the original. 
6. JURY 
a) The jury will consist of five members, including the salon director, who chairs it. 
b) The organization of the World Press Cartoon, under the direction of the jury chairman, will select the works that will be included in the exhibition and the respective catalogue. 
c) The jury is responsible for awarding prizes and honourable mentions. 
d) The jury's decisions are taken by majority and cannot be appealed against. 
a) The works that meet the conditions for admissibility shall be returned to the authors, whether or not they are part of the exhibition, with the exception of the awarded works and the ones distinguished with honourable mentions. 
b) The exhibited works shall be returned after the main exhibition at Caldas da Rainha and subsequent itinerant exhibitions. 
c) Digital prints will not be returned. 
d) The author must indicate on the registration form his complete address with street, city, postal code and country. 
e) For the purpose of returning originals and sending catalogues forward, addresses in the form of PO boxes are not accepted. 
a) Participants with selected works will receive a copy of the exhibition catalogue. 
a) The act of contest registering a work automatically implies the transfer of the respective reproduction rights for non-commercial purposes. 
b) The award of a prize or an honourable mention to a work implies the automatic assignment to the World Press Cartoon organization of all the copyrights inherent to it. 
a) In total, 10 prizes will be awarded according to the following structure: 
GRAND PRIX 10 000 € 
1st Prize 3000 € 
2nd Prize 2000 € 
3rd Prize 1000 €. 
1st Prize 3000 € 
2nd Prize 2000 € 
3rd Prize 1000 €. 
1st Prize 3000 € 
2nd Prize 2000 € 
3rd Prize 1000 €. 
b) Among all the works in competition in the different categories, the World Press Cartoon will award the best work with a Grand Prix of 10 000 euros. 
c) The Grand Prix will be chosen among the first prizes of the three modalities of the salon 
d) The author distinguished with the Grand Prix will receive exclusively the value attributed to that prize, not accumulating with the value of the 1st Prize of the category that he/she won. 
e) The prize amount is subject to legal tax in force at the time of the award. 
f) According to the assessment made of the quality of the works in competition, the jury may not attribute the totality of the foreseen prizes. 
g) The prizes are symbolized by a trophy and certified by a diploma. 
h) The nine winners will be invited to participate in the awards ceremony that will take place in Caldas da Rainha on a date to be announced. 
i) The jury may also distinguish other works with honourable mentions that will be symbolized by a medal and authenticated by a diploma. 
j) Award-winning works and those distinguished with honourable mentions become the property of the World Press Cartoon.
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Regulation for the 4th Faro Cartoons Exhibition, FARTOON 2020, Portugal

4th Faro Cartoons Exhibition, FARTOON 2020, Portugal
1 - FARO 1540 - Association for the Defense and Promotion of Faro’s Cultural and Environmental Heritage, organizes FARTOON – Faro Cartoons Exhibition, whose works will be displayed in an exhibition at March of 2021.
2 – Participation in this Exhibition implies full acceptance of the conditions listed in this Regulation and the authorization to use the work(s) in this Exhibition and in future editions, in FARTOON extensions, promotions, publications and reproductions in any medium.
3 – All Portuguese or foreign citizens can participate in this Cartoons Exhibition.
4 – Only are accepted unpublished original works that can be black and white or color.
5 – Any graphic techniques are allowed and works measures should not exceed 42 x 30 cm (DIN A3).
6 – In 2020 edition, the contest theme is "The CoronaVirus and its effects on the relationship with the environment and society".
7 – Each competitor can participate individually or in teams to a maximum of 3 works.
8 - The enrollment in FARTOON should be formalized until 31st December 2020 and is free.
9 – Works must be sent by e-mail to faro1540@gmail.com or by mail to:
FARO 1540
FARTOON – 4ª Mostra de Cartoons de Faro
Rua Reitor Teixeira Guedes, 133
8000-424 Faro
10 – For a correct submission should be sent:
- Work(s) on paper;
- Registration form, duly completed and signed;
- Photocopy or scan from an identification document;
 - Author(s) short biographical note;
- Declaration of the author of the work(s) accepting the conditions of this Regulation and authorizing the use of the work(s) at the Exhibition, in its future editions, in its extensions, promotions and publications, but with the authors’ knowledge.
11 – All works submitted for this Exhibition must be sent free of charge (postage or customs). In their packaging should appear clearly and prominently "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE / SEM VALOR COMERCIAL”. Works sent to be paid at the addressee will not be accepted, and its reception will be refused.
12 – The cartoons received will be submitted to a pre-selection, by the organization, and the competitor will be notified by e-mail if the work was selected to the Exhition mentioned in paragraph 1 of this Regulation.
13 – The Jury of FARTOON will be composed of 5 elements.
14 – From the jury final decision there can be no appeal.
15 – There will be awarded 3 prizes by the jury.
16 – The Jury, according to the quality of the works presented, may or may not assign any of the prizes and/or assign Honorable Mentions.
17 – In addition to the award of diplomas, prizes mentioned in points 15 and 16 will have a symbolic character according to the partnerships established for this edition of FARTOON.
18 – All the works received for the Exhibition, which have been selected for display, or not, will not be delivered back to the competitors, becoming part of the estate of the FARTOON, and the organization will not use them for commercial purposes.
19 – The work(s) must have on the reverse the following information:
- Author's name and address;
- Title and year.
20 – In exceptional circumstances, the organization may exhibit works that do not fully comply with the present Rules.
21 – In case of doubt, those interested can request any clarifications to: faro1540@gmail.com
22 – Omissions in this Regulation shall be solved by the organizer.
Source: fartoon.


The international cartoon competition Brain Sneezing 2020, Slovakia

PRERAG, association
announces the international cartoon competition
Brain Sneezing - from kalokagathia to hypochondria and back
The topic 2020: Free People
Deadline: 15th January 2021
Competition terms :
Each author can send maximum 5 original works.
The competition is open to everybody and is not restricted in terms of artistic design methods.
The format of works should not exceed the A4 dimension.
The competition is non-anonymous.
The works can be sent either online, by filling the electronic application form, or via regular mail, with each work signed on the reverse with the author´s name and their address.
The rewarded works will become the property of the organiser.
The results will be announced on the 05th April 2021 and the winners will be awarded the following prizes
 1st prize 500.00 EUR 
2nd prize 300.00 EUR 
3rd prize 200.00 EUR.
If you have problems with the online registration send your cartoons to the email address: info@cartooneast.com
The competition Jury reserves the right to grant other special prizes or not to grant some of the prizes.
The organisers will accept all the works that will be delivered online at the web address: 
The organisers reserve the right to publish selected works in promotional materials and to re-install the exhibition. 
The catalogue will be sent to each competitor whose works will be published in the catalogue.
The authors agree that their works become the property of the organisers at no charge, that copies of their works might be made and used in re-installing the exhibition in other venues and that their works might be published free of charge in order to promote the exhibition.
The international competition and exhibition "Brain Sneezing & Salto Mortale" is financially supported by the International Visegrad Fund.
Source: cartooneast .

«1,5°C» International Cartoon Contest on the topic of ecology and global warming, Russia

«1,5°C» International Cartoon Contest on the topic of ecology and global warming.
1.5 ° C is the most critical indicator of climate change on the planet.
In the UN Paris Agreement, ratified in 2015, world leaders pledged to prevent an increase of the average global temperature by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius(compared top re-industrial levels) in 21stcentury.
Contest Organizer: Russian Ecological Movement -"RED" (http://www.red.help
Media partner of the Contest: "Ecosphere" newspaper (http://www.ecosphere.press
The theme of the International Contest of Cartoon is ECOLOGY. 
Here are the main subjects of the contest: 
• global warming and ecocide, 
• reasonable consumption and planet resources, 
• garbage and industrial waste, 
• biological and natural diversity. 
Works performed in the form of a drawing, poster or collage (including using the Photoshop program) are accepted. 
 The contest is open to professional and amateur artists from all over the world and to children aged 7 -16 years (a class of their own). 
• Grand prize - 350,000 rubles,(about 4.500 $ US). 
• Four prizes of 70,000 rubles (about 990 $ US),for each within listed topics. 
• One prize of 70,000 rubles (about 990$ US),from the newspaper "Ecosphere" by the results of the readership 
• One merit award in the children class. 
• Special award from sponsors and partner organizations. 
• Diplomas. 
Prize money is taxed under current law. 
The jury consists of professional artists and representatives of the Russian Ecological Movement. 
The jury has the right to change the amount of monetary awards within the limits of the overall funds.
The Chairman of the contest jury is Mikhail Zlatkovsky, professional artist. Members: Alexandrov Vasiliy, Bogorad Viktor, Russia, Kazanevskii Vladimir, Ukraina, Feldstein Andry, USA, Erenburg Baruch, Israel. 
Participation rules: 
1. Participants can choose any listed subject, including the main theme. 
2. By entering the contest, participant confirms that he or she is the author of the works and agrees that the Contest Organizer has the right to publish works on the Internet or other media, as well as use them in any other way without restriction. By sending works, author submits that Contest Organizer has the right to reproduce copies free of charge for publication on electronic resources, in print media and other sources without additional approvals and rewards. The work submitted to the Contest must not violate copyrights or infringe on the rights of others, violate confidentiality or contain defamation and insult against any company or person. The Organizer of the Competition will not be held liable if the participants do not take these rules into account. Participants pledge to release the Organizer in case of any claims by third parties who have may arise if these conditions are not met. 
3. Along with the work, the author must send a completed participant form. This form has to be filled in Russian or English. The author should download the participant form from the website. By sending the completed form, the author or his legal representatives agree to the processing of his or her personal data. 
4. Participant should send no less than two, but no more than fifteen works. 
5. File name of the works must correspond to following sample: LAST NAME_name_country_work number (PETROV_Ishtvan_Sweden_01). 
6. Recommended size of files -3000x2000 px, JPG format. Size of all files together must be LESS THAN 25 MB. 
7. Email for sending works: ecoart@red.help
8. The deadline for sending works is March 01, 2021, inclusively. The deadline for jury decision -March 15, 2021. 
9. The works must be signed by the Author. Additional text in the work must be in Russian or English.
10. It is allowed to send previously awarded works. 
11. Pre-selected works will be published in the online newspaper "Ecosphere". 
12. The original drawing of the awarded work are the property of the Contest Organizer and must be sent to the Organizer within one month of the announcement to the address:123610, Russia, Moscow, 12 Krasnopresnenskaya embankment (naberezhnaya), Office 1337, Russian Ecological Movement.
Prize payments are made only after the Contest Organizer receives the originals of the awarded work.
13. The decision of the jury is final and not subject to any review. 
14. An online catalog of the best works will be published. 
15. At the end of the Contest the best works will be displayed at the exhibition.


Similarity: Naz Agaoglu - Payam Khalili

Naz Ağaoğlu
Theme: Child and Digital Addiction
2nd International Wise City Kocaeli Cartoon Contest (2018)
Entry work.
Payam Khalili
Theme: Social networks
1st International Competition "IT In Cartoons" 
Prize of magazine KRAINA (2020).


The 27th CartoonRendon International Festival 2020, Colombia

The most relevant Colombian cartoon artist, born in Rionegro, Antioquia (1894 – 1931), called “The emperor” of cartoon. 
One of the most perceptive and refined XX century Latinamerican humorists, in his work the humor was satire. 
He stood out specially for his political cartoon. 
His cartoons were true radiographs of events and individuals. He was a pioneer of graphic advertising in Colombia. 
26 years in tribute to Ricardo Rendón Bravo, The Festival, unique in Colombia’s history for it’s trajectory and continuity, has ennabled to see the perception of authors from more than 92 countries, protagonists of the changes and experiences of towns that through their humor contribute to humanity’s development. 
The sharp intelect and his universal language, achieve throughout cartoon, the dream and hope to erase territorial borders as ideological borders that keep us from living in harmony and inhibit us from visualize freedom as a principle of peace and coexistence. 
1) The contest is open to all of cartoon artist worldwide. 
2) The last day for participation is on Wednesday, November 18 of 2020
3) The contest’s Theme is: 
Today the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world, we see the fear and suffering that it has produced, while we have experienced a state of global quarantine. The pandemic highlights the scope of social inequalities and teaches us that we must change many things to improve the world, from respecting the natural environment, rethinking education-culture and the integral values of being. 
Every crisis brings an opportunity, the coronavirus brought its own ... What will be yours? That of your people? What have we learned from the pandemic? 
4) Each participant can submit a maximum of three cartoons to the contest. 
5) It’s possible to participate with black and white or colored cartoons. 
6) We kindly request that those who will participate in our contest, fill out the entry form and send their cartoons digitally to contestcartoonrendon2020@gmail.com attached as a doc. in A4 size, 300 dpi, JPEG or TIFF format, a maximum of 3 MB per cartoon, including the registration form (name, surname, postal address, country, email address, short biography, photo) until November 18, 2020
7) You can also participate in the contest with cartoons that have already been published or awarded previously, all the cartoons presented must be original. 
8) Selected cartoon artists will recieve a virtual catalog. 
9) The jury will be compossed by national and international cartoon artists. 
10) Results will be announced on about the end of November of 2020 and the winners must send the originals to the organization within 20 days. 
11) The presented cartoons won’t be returned, they’ll be part of the collection of the future Rionegro’s Cartoon Museum in agreement with Cartoonrendon agent. 
12) Filling out the application of participation and sending it involves that the contestants give their authorization to Rionegro’s town hall and Cartoonrendon to publish their work on any printed or digital media with all rights, including the transfer of these rights to thirds without any limit of time, place and number of publications. Besides, Rionegro’s town hall and/or Cartoonrendon will have the right to show, file and publish the works in other media not mentioned here. By sending the applicattion these conditions are considered as accepted. 
13) The organization reserves the right to exhibit works considered to attempt against individual or colective rights. The participation supposes the full acceptance of terms and conditions. 
They are subject to taxes according to tax regulations. And they will be paid to the TRM. 
1° Prize – 1.000 US 
2° Prize – 500 US 
3° Prize – 300 US 
4° Prize – 200 US 
The Festival will take place between November 20 and 22, and the award ceremony on November 20, at the MAR Museum of Arts, in the city of Santiago de Arma de Rionegro. Work must be sent to: 


CARTUNAL: First world hall of graphic humor National University of Colombia

CARTUNAL: First world hall of graphic humor National University of Colombia

A day without laughing is a day lost. 
Charles Chaplin 

The cartoon covers many nuances and critical situations of the human being in their relationships with others and with their environment, these situations include what is a reason for academic attention for the University. We turn to caricature for its universal language, for its power to communicate and change the heavy into the light. 
From the National University of Colombia, Medellín Headquarters we offer a space for the academic community and society in general: the First CartUNAL World Cartoon Exhibition. 
We invite you to this meeting that widely summons cartoonists from around the world to present unpublished works that invite you to discuss, reflect, create and propose on a topic of global relevance: Peace
Contest prizes: 
1st. place: A laptop and Honorable Mention. Specifications: 14 ”Dell brand laptop with the following features: Windows 10 Pro operating system; Intel® Core ™ i3 processors; 8 GB of DDR4 memory; 1 TB HD 5400 rpm storage; VGA-RJ45-HDMI ports, Webcam Integrated / Audio Hight Quality, BluetooTh 4.0; A year of warranty. 
2nd. place: 1,000,000 = (One million Colombian pesos) and Honorable Mention. 
3rd. place: 500,000 = (Five hundred thousand Colombian pesos) and Honorable Mention. 
4th., 5th. and 6th. place =  Digital Honor Certifications. 
Competition rules: 
Theme: Peace 
Each participant can submit a single (1) work of their complete authorship. Clarification: any artist who submits more than one work will be disqualified 
Only unpublished works can participate. 
To participate in the contest, the author must fill out the form "Copyright" with which he declares that it is an original, unpublished work, that he owns all rights to the work and that he authorizes the National University of Colombia to reproduce the work with academic purposes and in everything related to the contest. 
Contestants close to the contest jury or the organizers, in any degree of consanguinity or affinity, are not accepted. Clarification: if an artist wishes to participate in the contest and has the disability described in this paragraph, he will have the option to participate without competing, in any case he must comply with the other items described in the contest rules. To do so, in the registration form you must add the text "Participate without contest" after the title of the work. 
The work must be done in a minimum size A4 (210 X 297mm.), maximum size A3 (297 X 420mm.).
The technique is free, hand drawing or digital, black and white or color. 
The work must be graphically explicit, without text or explanation, without photographic or image support. 
The work, which with its content is exclusive or violates individual or collective rights, will be withdrawn from the contest and will not be considered in any way. 
The submission of the works is only through the mail cartunal_med@unal.edu.co, size 300 dpi, in JPG format. In the submission you must indicate: title of the work, full name of the author, nationality, email, photo and brief CV of the author, in English or Spanish. 
The deadline for receipt of works is punctual without exception, December 31, 2020. Note: Colombia's time zone must be taken into account. 
The works of the contest will be evaluated anonymously, by a national and international jury, which will privilege the universal concept and objectivity of the subject (70% of the qualification), and the technique used (30% of the qualification). 
The works that meet all the requirements of the contest and are shortlisted will be published on the official website of the event prior to the award ceremony, in order to put into public consideration everything related to similarities, foreign copyright or any other type of objection. 
The 40 best selected works will be printed and exhibited in the “Espacio del Hombre” of the Efe Gómez Library of the National University of Colombia, Medellín Headquarters, in April 2021, if conditions allow it. 
The jury is completely autonomous to choose the winning works and also those that will be included in the exhibition and the Virtual catalog (PDF). 
It is understood that the participant fully accepts the rules and conditions stipulated in the contest, with their participation. 
The results will be announced through the Salóncartunal.edu.co page in the month of April 2021. 
The winners will be previously notified via email. 
The winner of the first place agrees to send the original work to the National University of Colombia, Medellín Headquarters, and assume the shipping costs. If the work is digital, the author must print the work (with the measures indicated in the contest) and sign it with the number "1", for submission. 
All postal costs and bank deductions will be borne by the winner. 
The prize will be paid in Colombian pesos as described, except for the first prize, which is in kind. 
It is clarified that all the costs of sending the prizes and others will be assumed in full by the winner. 
On the website www.cartunal.com everything related to the passing and news of the event will be reported (calendars, exhibition sites, workshops, etc.) 
The organizers have the willingness to address the concerns that are generated, via email. 

23rd Euro-kartoenale 2021, Belgium: Chances and Opportunities

23rd Euro-kartoenale 2021
Dear Madam, Sir,
For the 23rd time already our association is organizing its biennial cartoon contest.
In the first place we would like to thank all participants of the previous editions for their continued participation in this contest. 
The continued increase in the number of participants, entries and participating countries, and especially the quality of your work, proves the trust you put in our organization.
Also this year you can upload your drawings with the online platform : www.ecc-kruishoutem.be/register .
Don’t forget to check your personal data in ‘my profile’.
We hope we can count on your collaboration and we wish you a lot of success with 'CHANCES AND OPPORTUNITIES'.
DEADLINE : 10th of January 2021!!!!
2. The number of entries is limited to 5. Any kind of graphical technique will be accepted. The works may not have been exhibited, published or awarded before. The drawings shall not bear subtitles.
3. You can send your works in two ways:
Register and upload your cartoons on our website www.ecc-kruishoutem.be/register
send them by regular post to the following address: EURO-KARTOENALE - RENÉ D’HUYVETTERSTRAAT 5C - 9770 KRUISHOUTEM - BELGIUM – EUROPE
On our website you can check the list of participants to see if you works have arrived. The entry list is updated daily.
4. The drawings shall have the following dimensions: A4 – 300 dpi, maximum 3MB for digital works.
5. The drawings sent by post must bear, on the reverse side, the surname, forename and address of the participant.
6. By participating, the artist agrees with this rules and authorize the organizers to publish the submitted works in the catalogue and for the promotion of the exhibition. For any other use of the cartoons the permission of the cartoonist is previously requested.
7. The following prizes are awarded:
1st prize € 1.800,00 + trophy
2nd prize € 1.500,00 + trophy
3rd prize € 1.300,00 + trophy
Best European cartoon € 900,00
Best Belgian cartoon € 900,00
Prize of the ECC Personal exhibition in the ECC
On the occasion of the prize-giving ceremony, all the winners are invited for a stay of 3 days in Kruishoutem.*
8. On request the participants get a free catalogue. However, the postage costs are for their own account. They can also collect the catalogue at the European Cartoon Center. If your work is published in the catalogue a free copy is sent automatically.
9.  By participating the artist lends the submitted works to the organizers for itinerant exhibitions. Consequently, the selected works will remain at the disposal of the organizers until December 2022! The awarded works will become property of the organization.
10. The original entries will only be sent back by the organizers on written request. The organization can in no way be held responsible for eventually damaged or lost works.
11. If after announcement of the prizes, it appears that plagiarism has been committed, the jury can after deliberation withdraw the prize.
12. The international jury of cartoon professionals will meet in Kruishoutem on the 29th of January 2021. The complete list of jury members will be announced on our website after the expiry of the deadline.* 
13. The inauguration and prize-giving ceremony will take place on Saturday the 3rd of April 2021. The exhibition will run from the 4th of April till the 25th of June 2021.*
(*) If the corona pandemic results in specific restrictions on travelling or events the live jury meeting can be replaced by a digital meeting or the prize giving ceremony can be postponed or cancelled. We will look for alternatives.
Source: ecc-kruishoutem .

Results 1st International Kartal Municipality Covid-19 Cartoon Contest 2020, Turkey

1st International Kartal Municipality Covid-19 Cartoon Contest results

Competition Jury:
Vlamidir Kazanevsky - Ukraine
Massoud Shojai - Iran
Marco de Angelis - Italy
Hasan Seçkin - Hasat Art Workshop
Oğuz Gürel - Turkey
Ercan Akyol - Turkey
Saadet Demir Yalcin - Turkey
Huseyin Aslan - Turkey.

Tošo Borković - Serbia - 1st Prize (Top)
Sajad Rafeei - Iran - 2nd Prize (Above)
Oleksiy Kustovsky - Ukraine - 3rd prize.

Ali Shahali - USA - Honorable Mention
Brady Izquierdo - Cuba - Honorable Mention
Makhmudjon Eshonkulov - Uzbekistan - Honorable Mention
Sadık Pala - Turkey - Honoroble Mention.

Ali Rastroo - Iran - Special Jury Prize
Javier Cubero Torres - Cuba - Special Jury Prize
Shahrokh Heidari - Iran - Bedri Koraman Special Prize
Osman Suroğlu - Turkey - Harvest Art Workshop Award
Yuksel Cengiz - Turkey - Kartal Municipality Award.

Kaan Özcal Aydın - Turkey - Özendirme 1
Volkan Lafçı - Turkey - Özendirme 2
Arat Baran Keskin -Turkey - Özendirme 3
Çağlar Okur - Turkey - Özendirme 4
Kerem Yüce - Turkey - Özendirme 5
Bora Küçük - Turkey - Özendirme 6.