3rd International Cartoon Competition, Diogenes of Sinope 2024, Turkey: No to Nuclear!

1- The competition is open to amateur and professional artists from all over the world. 
2- The subject of the competition is determined as “No to Nuclear!”. 
Sinop, which takes its name from the beautiful Sinope who made Zeus fall in love with her, is under a nuclear threat these days. Sinope's younger brother Diogenes is now looking for support for Sinop "against the nuclear power plant" instead of wandering around with a lantern during the day "looking for people". All over the world. Our expectation from cartoonists is to reflect the economic, ecological, vital and environmental harms of the nuclear power plants, a technology that will be abandoned in the near future. 
3- The technique is free for the works that will participate in the competition. The works must not have received an award in any competition before. 
4- A digital certificate will be sent to all participating artists. 
5- Participants can submit as many works as they want. However, more than one award cannot be given to an artist. 
6- The cartoons to be sent must be in maximum size A3 (29.7 cm x 42 cm), 300 dpi resolution and jpg format. 
7- The works that will participate in the competition can be sent via e-mail until 15 June 2024. It should be sent to the address: “sinopludiyojencartoons@gmail.com” 
8- Along with the works, all artists must send their name, postal address, telephone, e-mail address, short CV and one photograph. 
9- The exhibition and award ceremony of the competition will be held in Sinop-Ayancık on a date to be determined later. Only the accommodation of the top five award winners (if they attend the ceremony) will be covered. The awards of those who cannot attend the ceremony will be sent to their addresses. 
10- Awards
Grand Prize: 10.000 TL/Plaque 
4 Achievement Awards: 2.500 TL/Plaque 
Special Awards from Various Institutions: Plaque. 
11- In the selection committee are;  Ayancık Mayor Hayrettin Kaya (Turkey), sculptor Eşref Baş (Turkey), writer Tufan Bilgili (Turkey) and cartoon artists Adnan Taç (Turkey), Altan Özeskici (Turkey), Ares-Aristides Hernandez (Cuba), Aşkın Ayrancıoğlu (Turkey), Erhan Yaşar Babalık (Turkey), Fan Lintao (China), Leila Alaiy (Iran), Mehmet Selçuk (Turkey) and Musa Keklik (Turkey). 
12- The cartoons participating in the competition (whether they receive an award or not) may be used by the institutions organizing the competition in exhibitions, posters, books, albums, e-albums, calendars, brochures, etc. and be published on the internet. Apart from this, all publishing rights of the works belong to the artists. 
13- The results of the competition will be announced in the first week of July. 
14- The cartoonists participating in the competition are deemed to have accepted the above conditions. 
15- This competition is organized by Ayancık Municipality and Sinop Writers, Poets and Artists Association.


The 10th KalDer Bursa International Cartoon Contest 2024, Turkey

10th KalDer Bursa International Cartoon Contest
Last date for application: Tuesday, January 16, 2024 
The contest is receptive internationally for all amateur and professional caricaturists. 
Numerous factors that reduce the momentum towards the sustainability of economic growth and the increase in social welfare do not disappear from our agenda. The power struggles disrupting the steady and consistent growth of the world economy do not allow the markets to calm down; we also get our share. 
There is no time to lose to perceive the loss of natural resources. We need to continue life by taking the right steps in the direction indicated by science, recognize the problems in all their reality. 
Urgent and common problems faced by the earth stand as a blacklist waiting to be solved in front of all countries. Life is almost like an ebb and flow the waters rise and recede. 
It starts from a metaphor to expand the meaning; We need to meet for the purpose of a better life in the main atmosphere of 'When the Waters Recedes'. While the waters rise, we try to adapt to the changing environment; and as the waters receded, we experience constructing a more resilient life by building bridges between the past and the future revealed by profound remnants. 
The contest is receptive internationally for all amateur and professional caricaturists. 
Limited with three (3) caricatures, may be e-mailed to bursa@kalder.org in 300 dpi jpg format. 
The caricatures can be published, yet should not be awarded in another competition. The caricatures will be published at www.facebook.com/kalder.bursa social media account for detection of plagiarism and resemblance. Beginning date and expiry date of publishing will be announced later. Objections will not be considered after the dates specified. 
Competing caricatures may be printed and used in KalDer organisations (posters, books, albums, postcards, brochures, invitations, exhibitions, etc.) and published in internet environment. One of the artworks may be used as the main visual of the 21th Quality and Success Symposium which will be held in Bursa on the date of 9th May 2024. All remaining publication rights belong to the author. Competitors are considered to have an agreement in these conditions. 
Categories (You need to indicate your category for which you applied on the form.): 
Adult Category (at the age of 17 and above) 
- 1st Place 12.000 TL + Plaque 
- 2nd Place 8.000 TL + Plaque 
- 3rd Place 4.000 TL + Plaque 
- Three Honorable Mention Plaques 
- Anatolian Caricaturists Society Special Award (Plaque) 
Young Category (at the age of 16 and below) 
- 5 achievement medals 
- 15 finalist certificates 
Explanation: Reward money and plaques will be sent to respective winners in March 2024. Reward money will be paid according to exchange rates of the date of payment in USD for international artists. 
Results will be announced at www.facebook.com/kalder.bursa social media account on Thursday, February 7, 2024. 
Adult Category Jury Members 
- Ahmet Aykanat (Türkiye) - Cartoonist 
- Mehmet Kahraman (Türkiye) - Cartoonist 
- Halit Kurtulmuş (Türkiye) - Cartoonist 
- Emin Direkçi (Türkiye) - KalDer Bursa 
- Damir Novak (Croatia) - Cartoonist 
- Wesam Khalil (Egypt) - Cartoonist 
- Mümin Durmaz (Türkiye) - Cartoonist 
- Kutlu Şahin (Türkiye) - KalDer Bursa 
- Aykan Kurkur (Türkiye) - KalDer Bursa 
- Arzu Özel (Türkiye) - KalDer Bursa 
Young Category Jury Members 
- Ahmet Esmer (Türkiye) - Cartoonist 
- Mehmet Zeber (Türkiye) - Cartoonist 
- Recep Özcan (Türkiye) - Cartoonist 
- Olga Güler (Türkiye) - Cartoonist 
- Valeri Alexandrov (Bulgaria) - Cartoonist 
- Nenad Ostojic (Croatia) - Cartoonist 
- Arzu Özel (Türkiye) - KalDer Bursa 
Person in Charge of Organisation: Arzu Ozel 
E-mail Adress for the works to be sent: bursa@kalder.org 
Contact Information: 
Phone: +90224 241 60 10 
KalDer Bursa (Turkiye Kalite Derneği Bursa Branch Office) 
Yuzuncu Yil Mah. 416 Sok. No:2/1 Nilufer / Bursa / Türkiye. 


Whoosh International Cartoon Contest 2023, Indonesia

Indonesia is set to launch Southeast Asia's first high-speed railway, a multibilliondollar project backed by China that will cut travel between capital Jakarta and another major city, by hours. The Chinese-made bullet train named "Whoosh" is built to take more than 600 people to and from Jakarta and Bandung in West Java in 45 minutes and is part of China's Belt and Road infrastructure initiative. 
The Indonesian Chinese-language newspaper "Guo Ji Ri Bao" is organizing a cartoon contest from November to December 2023 collaborating with Kereta Api Cepat Indonesia China, The Indonesian Cartoonist Federation (Pakarti). 
This event is supported by Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in China, China Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, PT Chinadesk Indonesia Global, Indonesia Global Law Firm, PT Sinde Budi Sentosa, PT DANATAMA MAKMUR, PT OBOR SUMBERDAYA NUSANTARA, SAHARA NANA, FKS GROUP, FOBI. House Of Cartoon mania (HOCA) and Carma-Cartoon Magazine. 
Creative Direction 
1. The full completion and commissioning of the high-speed railway. It is a great achievement of Indonesia and China's commitment to cooperation and mutual benefit. 
2. The full completion and commissioning of the high-speed railway Widely welcomed by all social circles of Indonesia, by all levels of government, relevant political parties, the national army and police system, and etc. 
3. The full completion and commissioning of the high-speed railway. Let the people along the route to travel more convenient, fast, so that life has a new experience; 
The direction of creation is not limited to the above, we look forward to imagining the colorful Indonesia of "high-speed rail era" through the lens of cartooning. 
4. Target audience 
Indonesian people, Citizens from other countries and regions who are willing to participate 
Relevant requirements 
1. Logo (No Logos allowed, artist signature only) 
Artwork should be Original personal creation, with non-controversial intellectual property rights, healthy content, clear theme, original story idea, positive story; no corporate logos, commercial advertisements or exaggerated publicity shall be shown in the drawing. 
2. Forms include but not limited to, hand-drawn, digital comics, and other graphic comics, which can be single-panel comics, four-panel comics, 
02 Category: 1. Cartoon (Cartoon) 2. Comics 
03 All professional and amateur artists of any nationality can participate; 
04 The size specification is A3 paper size (Portrait or Landscape), manual or digital. Black White or Full Colour. File should be JPG format, Equal to or larger than 500KB/300 DPI. 
05 The submitted works must be accompanied by the respective registration forms, which must be full and legibly filled out; 
06 The works must be submitted until December 07th, 2023 and sent to the following e-mail: xw196111xw@gmail.com
07 The participation in The Whoosh International Cartoon Contest automatically implies the transfer of rights to the publication and reproduction of the works sent via any medium, within the scope of the production and dissemination of the Festival. Thus, the act of registering the submitted work automatically implies the transfer of the respec-tive reproduction rights for non-commercial purposes; 
08 The awarded prizes are as follows: 
Cartoon Category 
1st = 15 million 
2nd = 7.5 million 
3rd = 2.5 million 
Merit Prize 10 @1 million 
Sub Total: 35 million 
Comics Category 
1st = 25 million 
2nd = 15 million 
3rd = 5 million 
Merit prize 10 @2 million 
Sub Total: 65 million 
amounts are before taxes. 
Other prizes: Prize certificates for all winners. 
09 The Jury's decisions are irrevocable and cannot be subject to any type of appeal or claim.
10 The composition of the jury is made up of invited professionals and elements of the festival's organization. 
Awarding and Exhibition 
1. The organizer, in conjunction with relevant institutions, enterprises and associations as well as judges and award-winning authors, will hold an award ceremony at Halim High Speed Railway Station on Monday, December 18, 2023, and at the same time hold a roving cartoon exhibition at the four stations of the Yavan High Speed Railway (tentative). 
2. International daily newspapers and other cooperative media will publish the winning cartoons in their newspapers. 
3. The winning cartoons will be used for the public service promotion of China High Speed Railway Corporation in Indonesia.


Manga Pandemic Web Exhibition 2023, Japan

Submission guidelines: 
‘Pandemic’, ‘peace’ and ‘pandemic + peace’ themed manga or illustrations.
Size, Shape: Any size and shape are welcome. 
File requirements:Please submit in JPEG format with the file not exceeding 10MB. Resolution should be at least 2000 pixels on the longest side.
Language: Japanese or English. We will attach a Japanese or English translation for the exhibition if necessary. 
Color: Either monochrome or color is acceptable. 
Submission method: Please send your submission by email. Please include: 
(1) The theme of your work ‘pandemic’/‘peace’/’pandemic+peace’ 
(2) Your name (pen name is acceptable), including notation in the Roman alphabet if your name is written in another script. 
(3) Title of your work (Japanese and English) 
(4) Nationality 
(5) Date of production, and 
(6) Your contact information (email address and phone number). 
Details 1-5 will be open to the public.
Eligibility: Applications are open to both professionals and amateurs, living inside or outside of Japan. 
Submission deadline: Saturday 31 January 2024
Submissions and enquiries e-mail address: Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center c/o Mr. Ito, mandemic2023@kyotomm.jp 
- We cannot offer any form of monetary reward or remuneration. This is a not-for-profit project. 
- Copyright is retained by the creator, but images of the work may be used for publicity (including on SNS) or may be included in business reports. In addition, unless the executive committee determines it to be ‘exceptional commercial use’, the work may be used as an exhibit in another exhibition.
Source: mangapandemic .


The 15th Salão de Humor Humana Saúde 2023, Brazil

The 15th Salão de Humor Humana Saúde is open to all graphic artists who wish to submit their own works. Each artist can register in one or more categories with a maximum of 5 (five) works in total, in the format of 30 x 40 cm (or 2900 pixels in height with proportional width and at least 250 dpi resolution). The artist can use any technique. The categories are: cartoon/charge, caricature, and comic strips. Comic strips should have only one page. If choosing comic strips, the artist can include up to 5 strips on the page. Entries will be exclusively made through the form available on the website: salaodehumor.com/inscreva-se, with a maximum size of 3 megabytes. The announcement of the winners will take place on December 16th. 
2 – THEME 
The 14th Salão de Humor Humana Saúde theme will be MOVEMENT (Physical Exercise and Sports Practices)
The selection and choice of the awarded works, including the “Salãozinho” (Children’s Salon), will be carried out by a panel of artists designated by Humana Saúde and will consider originality and graphic quality.
1st place in the Movement theme (cartoon/charge): R$ 6,000.00 (six thousand Brazilian Reais).
2nd place in the Movement theme (cartoon/charge): RR$ 4,000.00 (four thousand Brazilian Reais).
Humana Saúde Caricature Prize: R$ 3,000.00 (three thousand Brazilian Reais). 
Free theme.Humana Saúde Comic Strips Prize: R$ 2,500.00 (two thousand and five hundred Brazilian Reais) for the best comic strip. Free theme.
Internet Prize: R$ 2,500.00 (two thousand and five hundred Brazilian Reais). The Internet Prize will be chosen by online voters from December 2nd to December 6th through voting on the website: 
Regarding the values of the awards, tax deductions will apply.
The best works may become part of the itinerant exhibition of the 15th Salão de Humor Humana Saúde. The selected artists automatically and freely grant the copyright of their work(s) for reproduction and publication on any medium for the promotion of the Salão de Humor Humana Saúde.
1. The competing works must be the author’s own. 
2. Professionals and amateurs can submit original works that have not been awarded in other graphic events up to the closing date of registration.
Single Paragraph: The Internet Prize follows the same rule as stated in the main text. Therefore, professionals and amateurs can submit original works that have not been awarded in other events up to the closing date of registration.
3. If any participant is disqualified, the artist in the subsequent position will take their place and receive the prize, if applicable.
4. The works must bear the author’s signature.
5. The following individuals are not allowed to participate in this Humor Salon:
• Humana Saúde employees;
• Relatives of Humana Saúde and Medimagem Group employees, regardless of the degree of relationship;
• Anyone involved in the organization of the event, directly or indirectly.
6. In case the award jury identifies fraud or plagiarism in any submitted work, they may cancel the awarded prize.
7. Along with the submitted works, the artist must attach the registration form filled out legibly and duly signed. A brief resume and a photo are also requested for cataloging in the Humana Saúde database and research. To ensure that your work is original, it is recommended that the artist check specialized websites to avoid coincidences of images, text, and/or situations with works already published in newspapers, magazines, or websites. In case of confirmed plagiarism, the work will be automatically disqualified.
8. The mere registration automatically signifies the participant’s agreement to all terms. Further information about the salon can be obtained at duvidas.marketing@athenasaude.com.br.
Single Paragraph: The mere registration obligates the artist to accept this regulation. The selected artists automatically grant the copyright of their work(s) for reproduction and publication on any medium, without restrictions, for the purpose of promoting the event.
9. The award results can be contested within four business days after the date of announcement of the winners, with relevant evidence of any irregularities committed by any of the participants.
1. Children between 6 and 12 years of age can participate.
2. Interested children can submit up to three original works in a maximum format of 30 x 40 cm (or 2900 pixels in height with proportional width and at least 250 dpi resolution), using any technique, and developed in the styles of cartoon/charge, caricature, or comic strips. Children can use any materials for their drawings.
3. Entries will be exclusively made through the form available on the website: salaodehumor.com/inscreva-se by clicking on the “SALÃOZINHO” category.
4. The first place winner will receive R$ 1,200.00, and the second place winner will receive R$ 800.00.
1. The awarded authors (including honorable mentions) transfer the Assignment of Copyright of their work(s) in accordance with Law No. 9,610 of February 19, 1988 (Copyright Law) completely, universally, and definitively, in all usage modalities and free of charge, protected by the aforementioned law, regarding the awarded work(s), which become part of Humana Saúde’s assets for all rights purposes.


The 12th GIN-UAH Graphic Humour Competition 2023, Spain

12th GIN-UAH Graphic Humour Competition
The GIN Foundation, the Quevedo Institute of the Arts of Humour (IQH) and the Vice-Rectorate for Research and Transfer of the University of Alcalá announce the 11th GIN-UAH Graphic Humour Contest, with the following rules: 
The competition is open to anyone wishing to participate, either individually or jointly as writer and illustrator, in any of the following three categories: 
• Professional: They must include a short biography and a link to prove that they publish or have published in a permanent medium. 
• Amateurs
• UAH-FGUA staff and students
The entries must be humorous in intention. The subject is "Artificial intelligence"
Submissions must be in paper or in digital format. The work must be publishable on paper: cartoon, strip, page of comic…and must be signed. 
Maximum size: A3. Digital entries must be sent in JPG at 300dpi.. 
Works in any of the official languages of Spain are accepted. Those coming from outside Spain and containing text must be labelled in Spanish. 
Each participant may submit up to four entries. All entries must be unpublished work. 
The deadline for submission of entries is November 26, 2023. Originals, reproductions and digital works are accepted. Works that are not returned will be added to the FGUA’s Graphic Humour Documentation Centre of the Quevedo Institute of the Arts of Humour. In the case of originals, the author may request a certificate of donation. 
Submission of physical entries: 
Instituto Quevedo de las Artes del Humor (FGUA) 
Calle Nueva nº 4. 
28801 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) 
Submission of digital entries: by email or WeTransfer to gin@iqh.es
Along with the work, the authors must send the filled formulary attached to these requirements and the following details: Name and surname, telephone number, date of birth, complete mailing address and e-mail address. Category of the entry. 
The GIN Graphic Humour Competition awards two prizes in each category worth the following amounts (gross): 
• Professional: 
1st prize: 2000 euros. 
2nd prize: 1000 euros 
• Amateurs: 
1st prize: 500 euros. 
2nd prize: 250 euros 
• UAH: 
1st prize: 500 euros. 
2nd prize: 250 euros 
• The prize-winning works, as well as a selection of other entries, will be published on the iqh.es and humoristan.org websites. 
• The jury of the GIN-UAH Graphic Humour Competition will be composed of members of the Quevedo Institute of the Arts of Humour of the FGUA, the Vice-Rectorate for Research and Transfer of the UAH and the GIN Foundation. 
The jury reserves the right to declare any of the prizes void or to propose a reallocation of the prizes available. 
• The jury’s decision will be made within 3 months after the deadline for entries. The decision will be communicated to the winners and published on the iqh.es and humoristan.org websites. 
• Participation in this competition entails acceptance of these rules, as well as the author’s express permission to the organization to use her/his work, provided that his or her name appears and the aim is to disseminate activities in the field of humour and scientific dissemination, without generating any obligation whatsoever with regard to the author. The organization reserves the right, if necessary, to introduce those modifications it deems necessary for the smooth running of the competition. The organization is not liable for the works submitted to the competition. 
• The best works will be part of an exhibition to be held throughout 2023, organized by the Vice-Rectorate for Research and Transfer of the UAH, the Quevedo Institute of the Arts of Humour of the FGUA and the GIN Foundation. 
Application Form on source: iqh .


Call for the 22nd International Exhibition of Graphic Humor, Santa Clara 2023, Cuba

Call for the 22nd International Exhibition of Graphic Humor
The humorous publication Melaíto and the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba in Villa Clara call for the 22nd International Exhibition of Graphic Humor Santa Clara 2023. 
The categories in competition will be general humor and erotic humor
The works, previously identified, will be received at the following electronic address: 40melaito@gmail.com in jpg format, at 300 dpi resolution. 
Each author can submit a maximum of three works for each category, which will be received until November 3, 2023.
The jury — whose opinion will be final — will be made up of prestigious cartoonists and will award three prizes per category, as well as any mentions it deems relevant. 
The financial awards for the prizes will be as follows: 
First prize: 5,000 CUP and diploma. 
Second prize: 3.000 CUP and diploma. 
Third prize: 2.000 CUP and diploma. 
The foreign creators who are awarded will receive a work of art by a renowned Cuban artist and a diploma. 
The opening of the exhibition and award ceremony will take place on December 20, at 10:00 am at the headquarters of the Uneac Provincial Committee in Villa Clara and the results will be immediately disclosed by the media and social networks. 
To specify details about this call, you can call the telephone numbers 42202661 or 42207080 (extensions 110 and 114) or write to the following electronic addresses of the organizing committee: 
Source: cmhw
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Rules & regulations for the 47th Satyrykon open competition, Legnica 2024, Poland

Satyrykon 2024 - rules and regulations 
I. Participation conditions 
1. SATYRYKON 2024 International Exhibition is an open competition. 
2. The objects of the competition are drawings, graphics and other works of fine arts and photography created with the use of optional techniques, being originals and qualified by artists to one of the following sections: 
I – theme: DUMMY 
3. WORKS AWARDED IN OTHER COMPETITIONS will be excluded from the SATYRYKON competition. 
4. Works are to be sent via the online form by 5th January 2024 (no later than 11.59 a.m., Polish time zone) avilable at: https://satyrykon.pl/en/applications/ 
5. Up to three works may be submitted for each section of the competition. Accepted work format: A3 (297x420mm) at maximum, 5 MB per picture, saved in JPEG format. In the case of objects that cannot be sent by e-mail (e.g. sculptures), please contact us: satyrykon@lck.art.pl
II. Prizes 
1. Works for the competition will be qualified by the international Jury. 
2. Jury will award the following prizes: 
* Grand Prix SATYRYKON 2024 – pure gold key and cash prize in the amount of 10.000 PLN 
* 2 gold medals and cash prize in the amount of 7.000 PLN each 
* 2 silver medals and cash prize in the amount of 6.000 PLN each 
* 2 bronze medals and cash prize in the amount of 5.000 PLN each 
* and 4 special prizes amounting to 4.000 PLN each. 
3. Special prizes will be awarded: 
* Mayor of Legnica in amount of 4.000 PLN award 
* Director of Legnica Culture Centre in amount of 4.000 PLN award 
* Museum of Caricature in Warsaw in amount of 4.000 PLN 
* Satyrykon`s Andrzej Tomiałojć Foundation in amount of 4.000 PLN award. 
The organisers are expecting extra awards for laureates: 
for the Author of THE BEST DEBUT and the Author of THE STUDENT DEBUT to be accompanied by a solo exhibition at the Satyrykon Gallery within the programme of SATYRYKON 2024 events. 
Jury has the right of final distribution of the statutory prizes, i.e. to change their number, not to award them, or not to award the Grand Prix SATYRYKON. Jury’s decisions are final. 
The index of works qualified for the 2nd stage of the competition will be announced on 25th January 2024 at Satyrykon webpage: www.satyrykon.pl
The condition for participation in the 2nd stage of the competition is sending by the Author of the qualified works for exhibition (in physical form) by March 5, 2024 (works present at the organizers premises) to the following address: 
International SATYRYKON Exhibition – Legnica 2024 
Ul. Chojnowska 2 
Akademia Rycerska 
59-220 Legnica 
Works qualified for the 2nd stage, but not sent by the author to the organizer’s address, will be excluded from the competition. 
We do not accept works larger than A3, such works will be sent back at the expense of the participant!
The competition results will be announced on 11th March 2024. 
3. Participation in the competition is free of charge. The work originals will be returned on condition that the Author donates one of the works of her/his choice to the Satyrykon Gallery – as a form of compensation for posting costs. In case there is no clear Author’s indication, the organizer may post the work back on the Author’s cost. Details of payment and return will be arranged in individual e-mail correspondence. 
n o t e ! 
IN-KIND AND CASH AWARDS ARE SUBJECT TO TAXATION ACCORDING TO THE CURRENT REGULATIONS. The condition to pay the authors is their arrival for the opening of the exhibition or the awards can be transferred into a bank account in a currency specified by the author. 
III. Participants’ privileges 
1. Authors of the works qualified to the exhibition are given a presentation copy of the exhibition catalogue and a free-of-charge place in the catalogue. 
2. Organisers provide competition prize-winners with gratuitous participation in the SATYRYKON 2024 event on June 14-16, 2024. 
3. Works sent to the exhibitions will be exhibited in Poland and abroad after the main exhibition, and then will be returned to their authors by the end of 2025. 
IV. Final provisions 
1. Organisers reserve the right to use the sent works for SATYRYKON advertising purposes without any special fees paid to the authors: to be exhibited and reproduced in a variety of advertising materials, as well as printed and circulated in catalogues. 
2. The prize-winning works become the property of the organisers and will be included in the collection of the Satyrykon Gallery. 
3. The exhibition organisers are the final judges in interpretation of the regulations. 
4. Sending her/his work the artist agrees to the mentioned above rules and regulations and agrees to publication of the author’s profile in the post-exhibition catalogue. 
5. Legnica Culture Centre (+4876 72-33-700; e-mail: satyrykon@lck.art.pl,) is the organiser of the International Exhibition SATYRYKON – Legnica 2024. 
S c h e d u l e: 
• Work acceptance deadline: 5th January 2024 at 11:59 a.m.(Polish time zone) 
• Qualification for competition exhibition will be announced on 25th January 2024 at Satyrykon website www.satyrykon.pl 
• Deadline for work originals delivery: 5th March 2024 
• Jury meeting: March 9-10, 2024 
• The competition results will be announced to 11th March 2024. 
• Post-competition exhibition: June – August, 2024 
• Return of the works after the exhibition cycle: 31 XII 2025. 
Source: satyrykon.


The 15th International Cartoon Contest, Urziceni 2023, Romania

The 15th International Cartoon Contest, Urziceni 2023, Romania
Cultural Centre of Urziceni Municipality, Municipality of Urziceni and HumorPLA.NET international website are very glad to invite you to participate in the 15th International Cartoon Contest Urziceni 2023, Romania. 
1. The 15th ICC Urziceni is an open competition for cartoonists all over the world. The participation is free of charge. 
2. Will be submitted up to 5 works for the FREE THEME (portraits are also accepted) and also up to 5 works for the Theme "CELEBRATING ANYTHING!
3. Deadline: November 20, 2023
4. The presentation of the cartoons must contain the entrant’s last name, country and the title of work (in English). 
Works must be digitized in 300 DPI resolution, RGB colour mode, in JPG format, with a maximum size of 2 MB. 
5. Send your cartoons and your CV to the e-mail address:
6. The cartoons submitted to the contest will be exhibited on the Urziceni website, so that they can be  carefully studied by the cartoonist, in order to prevent similarity, copying and stealing. Any similar, copied or stolen cartoon will not be awarded. 
The contest results will be announced on the Urziceni 2023 website . 
7. The International Jury will award the following prizes for the best works, regardless of their category:
GOLD PRIZE – USD 500, Special Honour Diploma and a Personal Gallery on HumorPLA.NET website. 
SILVER PRIZE - USD 250, Special Honour Diploma and a Personal Gallery on HumorPLA.NET website. 
BRONZE PRIZE - USD 150, Special Honour Diploma and a Personal Gallery on HumorPLA.NET website. 
SPECIAL PRIZE - USD 150 for the most representative portrait of the Romanian writer CONSTANTIN TOIU.  
Ten EXCELLENCY Special Honour Diplomas and a Personal Gallery on HumorPLA.NET website. 
The Jury’s decisions are final. Other Special Prizes offered by the sponsors may be awarded. 
The prizes can be paid in Urziceni or can be sent by post and the recipient will bear the cost of sending them. 
The organizer does not assume any liability regarding the taxes or bank charges. 
The originals of the winning cartoons should be sent by mail, within a maximum period of two weeks after the results are announced, well wrapped and protected against damages. 
8. By their participation, the entrants grant the organizers the right to use their entries as advertising in Urziceni International Cartoon Contest and on HumorPLA.NET website (e.g. as cartoon books, catalogues, mass-media advertising, internet and other media, separate promotional printed works such as posters, leaflets, etc., promotional gifts offered by the City Council and/or cartoon contest organization, calendars, etc) without any special fees paid to the authors. 
9. For further information, please e-mail us to: casadeculturaurziceni2023@gmail.com .
10. By submitting the works to URZICENI 2023 INTERNATIONAL CARTOON CONTEST, the artists undertake to comply with the decisions of the Jury and the above mentioned rules. 
Nicolae PETRACHE, Manager of Cultural Centre Urziceni. 


International Cartoon Contest, Golden Hat 2024, Belgium

The Golden Hat is an international cartoon competition associated with the Cartoon Festival Knokke-Heist, Belgium. The festival will reach its 63rd edition in 2024, making it the oldest Cartoon Festival in the world. 
All persons over 18 years of age are eligible to participate in this international contest. Participants shall agree to the terms and conditions of the rules and the decisions of the jury. Belgian law governing withholding tax on prizes won by foreign participants applies. 
Participation is free of charge. Deadline 31.12.2023
A cartoon is a humorous drawing. This may be a caricature of a famous person, a parody of a real situation, or simply a picture of a funny situation. The cartoon may consist of one image or take the form of a short comic strip. No moving images allowed. 
Participants are free to choose the theme of their entries. 
• Maximum 5 submissions per person, black and white or colour. 
• The cartoons must not contain text. 
• Drawings can also be made digitally. 
• They must be packaged flat and not folded. 
• Works under glass, framed or in other materials will not be accepted. 
• They must not have been exhibited in Belgium or awarded in other countries. 
• Digital entries: min. 2480 x 3500 pixels (A4 300dpi). Allowed file types: jpg jpeg eps tif psd pdf.
• Entries may only be sent by post after the form has been completed on the website and the form is enclosed with the entry. Dimensions min. 21 x 30 cm or max. 30 x 42 cm. The entrant’s name, first name and address must be written on the back of each cartoon. 
• Your participation is only valid if we have received your fully completed entry form on our website. 
• Entries are submitted at the expense of the entrants. 
• The selected cartoons wil be framed with a passe-partout for the exhibition. 
The sender remains responsible for the originality of his work. Discussions and possible claims concerning all forms of plagiarism are the responsibility of the contributor.
By participating, entrants grant the organizing body the right to use their entries as advertising for the “International Cartoon Festival” and the seaside resort Knokke-Heist (e.g. as cartoon book, catalogue, advertising in the press and other media, separate promotional printed works such as posters, leaflets, etc., promotional gifts by the city council and/or cartoon festival organizers, calendar).
A professional jury will make a selection for the exhibition from the submissions received and will select 10 nominees. 
This selection will be checked for plagiarism after which the jury can decide to make a selection. 
The winners will be announced on the opening date of the festival.
All submitted works shall become the property of the organizing body related to the cartoon festival.
You can ask for a return of the submitted items on your expence. Submitted works will be stored for maximum 2 years.
In collaboration with “Davidsfonds” Leuven, a cartoon book will be published, subject to budgetary and technical constraints. Selected participants will be entitled to one copy.
Golden Hat 5.000 € *
Silver Hat 2.000 € *
Bronze Hat 1.000 € *
Audience Award 500 €
* + flight and hotel accommodation in Knokke-Heist during the opening (one night).
City of Knokke-Heist / Culture House
Maxim Willemspad 1 , 8300 Knokke-Heist
Phone +32 50 63 04 30
Source: myknokke.


International Festival of humor and satire, In Vinica Veritas 2023, North Macedonia

The House of Culture „Tosho Arsov“ – Vinica
and the Council of the International Festival of humor and satire
(In caricature)
Theme: „Things are getting possible
1. One author can take participation with 3 caricatures, but not more than 3.
2. The size of the cartoons should be A4 or A3, resolution 300 dpi.
3. The cartoons can be sent in their original version or via e-mail to: 
4. The House of Culture provides the following awards:
– First prize: 300 euro
– Second prize: 200 euro
– Third prize: 100 euro
5. The works should be sent at the address: 
House of Culture „Tosho Arsov“ – Vinica, ul. „Bel Kamen“ 13, North Macedonia, indicated for the competition „In Vinica Veritas“.
–  The works should be sent by 1st October 2023.
6. The prizes will be awarded to the authors at the opening of the exhibition of caricature, which will be held in the second half of October..
7. The festival organizer keeps the rights to use the awarded works at any time.
8. The received caricatures will not be sent back to the participants of the competition.
9. After the announcement of the results, the awarded works from the competition need to be sent in original form because only in that way it will be paid to you.
Person for contact: Blagica Stojanovska, phone number: +389 (0)33 361-150 
e-mail: invinicaveritasfestival@gmail.com
Municipal facility
House of culture
„Tosho Arsov“ – Vinica, 
Republic of North Macedonia. 


September 02 - 23: Kazanevsky cartoons on exhibit in Paris, France

An exhibition and sale of cartoons by Ukrainian cartoonist Vladimir Kazanevsky will be held оn the 2nd of September 2023, at the Parisian Gallery of Sabine Bayasli, which is not far from the Picasso Museum. 
The organizers called the exhibition "DAMN WAR, DAMN PEACE". 
Funds received from the sale of cartoons will go to humanitarian support of Ukraine. 
The exhibition will present the author's original works created in the time of war and before. 
The opening ceremony of the exhibition will take place on 2nd of September from 14:00 to 20:00 at the address: 
99 rue du Temple, 75003 PARIS 
+33 (0)6 34 29 40 82. 
The exhibition is open until the 23rd of September (EXTENDED:) 30 November 2023. 


Sejong International Cartoon Contest SICACO 2023, Republic of Korea

The Sejong Techno Park will hold SICACO 2023 (the Sejong International Cartoon Contest). 
SICACO Contest expects to be activated with lots of prizes & money after COVID-19. 
1. Deadline Extended: September 1, 2023 (Application Period: June 19 - August 25, 2023 / Deferred works will be processed as the next entry.) 
2. Cartoon Part: Theme War & Peace 
- Standard size: within / up to A3 format per 1 cut. 
3. Mail Address: P.o.box 2, Sejong Postoffice, Jochiwon-eup, Sejong-si, 30087 R.O.KOREA 
4. E-mail Address: webtoon.sj@gmail.com (Digital works by computer graphics, Compressed attachment, 300 dpi or higher
5. Application & Agreement for Contest download our application form (website link: http://www.sejongwebtoon.or.kr/
6. The judges are experts strictly examine them in consideration of creativity, artistry, subject matter and content, and inform the winners. 
(Hand-drawn original cartoons are welcomed and given preference.) 
7. The Prizes: 
- Grand Prize 1 : Awarded by the Ministers, Prize worth $2,500. 
- Gold Prize 1 : Awarded by the Director SJTP, Prize worth $1,500. 
- Siver Prize 2 : Awarded by the Director SJTP, Prize worth $1,000. 
- Bronze Prize 3 : Awarded by the Director SJTP, Prize worth $500. 
- Honorable Mentions: SICACO 2023 Catalog (Many cartoonist works).
* Taxes related to the acceptance of and use of the prize are the winners' responsibility. 
8. The submitted and donated works shall not be returned, but the right of use necessary to protect the copyright shall be held by the director. 
9. Points to Note: You can submit your work through mail or e-mail. 
(Contact: The center for SEJONG WEBTOON CAMPUS)
Main E-mail: webtoon.sj@gmail.com 
Phone: 82-44-850-3842 Lee Hee-jin 
Guide: csanlim@gmail.com / Dr.Lim,Cheong-san . 
Thanks to Egypt Cartoon, you can also download the Application Form here.