World Press Cartoon 2021 | New deadline: February 20

World Press Cartoon 2021 | New deadline: February 20
Attending the postal processing delays caused by the pandemic in many countries, the World Press Cartoon’s organization decided to extend the deadline for the artwork reception until February 20th.


Winners Olense Kartoenale 2020 and the new theme 2021: Visit to the Museum

Olense Kartoenale 2020 received 1.269 entries,
sent by 420 different participants from 62 different countries.
Winners Olense Kartoenale 2020:
Category adult:
First prize: Hamid Soufi (Iran)
Second prize: Armen Hamonangan (Indonesia)
Third prize: Helmut Jacek (Germany)
Fourth prize: Andrei Popov (Russia)
Prize of the city of Bialogard (Polish participants): Pawel Kuczynski (Poland)
Prize Amnesty International: Roberto Castillo Rodriguez (Cuba).
Category youth:
Prize for best international work: Anish Aradhey (USA)
Prize for best Belgian work: Maya Khalil (Belgium).
You can view the winning cartoons here.
Olense Kartoenale 2021
The main theme 2021 is 'Visit to the museum'.
The theme of Amnesty International 2021 is 'Right to a fair trial'.
 You can sign up your participation from 1 July 2021.


International Cartoon Competition & Exhibition on Road Safety 2021, Malaysia

International Cartoon Competition & Exhibition on Road Safety 2021, Malaysia
This event is organised by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) in collaboration with the Balai Kartun Rossem (BKR), Malaysia. 
Eligible participants: aged 18 and above. The competition is opened worldwide. 
Theme: "Towards Safer Roads
Road crashes is one of the leading causes of deaths around the world. Every year, about 1.3 million people are killed while many others are injured or become permanently disabled as a result of road crashes. Road deaths and injuries are considered as one of most pressing public health issues, especially in low and medium income countries. This needs to be addressed through enforcement, engineering (for road infrastructures and vehicles) and education. 
One way to educate the road users is through road safety advocacy with creative and effective use of campaign materials, including cartoons. Generally, among the cause of road crashes are poor road infrastructures (such as mixed traffic, unsafe road design, poorly maintained roads); unsafe vehicles (too old or poorly maintained); and poor behaviour of road users (such as untrained/unlicensed drivers, inattention as a result of using mobile phones or other devices; driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, not wearing protective devices such as seatbelts, child seat or helmet). 
To be safe, every road user should always be aware of traffic rules and regulations, keep the vehicles safe through regular maintenance, and consider the safety of every other road users. Road safety is a shared responsibility. 
Technical Criteria: 
· All artworks to be prepared at 300 dpi. 
· Size A3 (297mmx420mm) in JPEG format. 
· Entries: Max. 3 cartoons. 
· Submitted works can be in colour or black and white, in any style or technique. 
· Submitted works must not violate copyright laws. 
· Jury’s decision is final. 
· By virtue of submitting an entry, the participant certifies the work as his own and permits the organizer to have full rights to reproduce all or a part of the entered material free of charge for publications and/or display for exhibitions. 
Submission: Send your cartoons and your CV (Name - Address - Phone number - Email address) via the following e-mail address: rossemcartoon@gmail.com and yusofghani@miros.gov.my 
Deadline: 28 March 2021, Sunday 
Exhibition: All participants whose works will be exhibited will receive a digital catalogue and a digital certificate of participation. 
First Prize....................: RM 1,500 
Second Prize................: RM 1,200 
Third Prize...................: RM 1,000 
3 x Consolation Prizes...: RM 500 
Web: Miros.gov.my 
Source: clickcartoone.

XXII International Biennial of Graphic Humor, Cuba

The Circle of Humorists and Cartoonists of the Union of Journalists of Cuba and the Museum of Humor of San Antonio de los Baños, summon the XXII International Biennial of Graphic Humor, which will be held from April 11 to 14, 2021, with the co-sponsorship of the Provincial Directorate of Culture of Artemisa. 
Cuban humorists and cartoonists inspired by the slogan "Humor brings us closer" invite graphic humorists from around the world to build bridges of solidarity and humanism, in the face of physical distancing and the new socio-economic challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Participation in the meeting is open to all graphic comedians in the world who can compete with a free theme. Original works should preferably be sent in digital format and with the signature and data of the author. They can be done in any technique, delivered in JPG format, with a resolution of 300 dpi and no less than 1500 pixels on the longest side. 
You can compete in: 
General Humor
Political satire 
Humorous cartoon 
Personal caricature 
Humorous photography 
Tomy Prize for political humor, in memory of the beloved cartoonist Tomás Rodríguez Zayas, who would be turning 72 in 2021. The Tomy seeks to reward the best exponents of counter-hegemonic, anti-imperialist and left-wing graphic discourse. This time the theme will be "Sovereignty." 
The authors will be able to compete with a work in each of the categories, plus the Tomy Prize for political humor. They should be sent to the email address: humor@upec.cu and they will be accompanied by the participation form, specifying the following author information: 
Names and surnames (also artistic name) 
Private Address 
The same data must be included in the information of the digital works, title the file with the name of the author and country of origin, in addition to clarifying in the body of the message and in the subject, the category in which it is competing, and if the work It's for the Tomy Prize. 
All proposals will be received from January 18 until March 10, 2021
Unión de Periodistas de Cuba (Upec) 
XXII Bienal Internacional de Humorismo Gráfico 
Calle 23 no. 452, Vedado, Cuba. CP 10 400
Phone: +5378323722 
The admission jury will select the works submitted to the contest that will be exhibited at the XXII International Exhibition of Graphic Humor in San Antonio de los Baños. An international jury made up of prestigious figures linked to graphic humor will award the prizes. The decisions of the jury are final and participation in the contest implies acceptance of all the terms of this call. 
Eduardo Abela Prize, the highest award of the contest, is given in homage to the outstanding Cuban cartoonist (1889-1965), consisting of an accrediting diploma, trophy and cash. 
Tomy Award consisting of a diploma, a trophy and a reproduction of a work by the author. 
As is tradition, various Cuban cultural and social institutions join the contest and award collateral prizes. 
First, second and third prize in each category and how many mentions the jury considers, consisting of a diploma. 
Source: dedete.
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5th Beavers Laugh Cartoon Competition, Bobritsa 2021, Ukraine

1 – PARTICIPATION: 1 February to 1 July 2021. 
The 5th "BEAVERS LAUGH" Bobritsa Village Cartoon Competition (the Ukraine) is open to all graphic artists, who can enter works that have not been awarded until the closing date of the entries, in the cartoon, caricature and comics modalities (The comic strip should have only one page). 
The opening of the Exhibition will take place on 11 September 2021, with the official announcement of the winners of the contest. 
Each artist can enroll with the maximum of five (5) UNPUBLISHED works in the preferable format 30x40 cm (А4 minimum) and using any technique. On the back of each drawing, or in registration you must provide the author's full name, address (with ZIP code), email, phone number. 
Additionally, please, provide your ID number, social security number and bank account – IBAN (if applicable), full name of the bank, bank code (BIC / SWIFT), correspondent bank’s name and account (for non-EU banks) (needed in case you will be one of the winners). 
The artists can participate by sending their work: 
(a) by email: beaverslaugh@yahoo.com (with maximum size of 5 megabytes) 
(b) by post or courier mail: 
Bobritsa Cartoon Competition 
27 Naberezhaya Street, Bobritsa, 
Kiev-Sviatoshin District, Kiev Region, 
08142, UKRAINE. 
2 – THEME 
The theme of the 5th Bobritsa Cartoon Competition is SILENCE
Although the name of the contest is BEAVERS LAUGH (in Ukrainian language the name of the village Bobritsa originates from "beaver"), this does NOT mean that your works should be only about beavers. First of all, they should be original, smart and funny, please do not restrict yourself by beavers as heroes! 
But we have our SPECIAL BEAVER AWARD for "beavers’ theme" as well! 
So, if the "heroes" of your artwork are beavers your work shall be considered for BOTH (a) main theme awards and (b) special BEAVER AWARD nominations with a chance to win both of them! 
First prize: euro 500 (five hundred). 
Second prize: euro 300 (three hundred). 
Third prize: euro 200 (two hundred). 
Appreciation awards (2): euro 100 (one hundred) each. 
Special BEAVER AWARD (for artworks where BEAVERS are the heroes): euro 300 (three hundred). 
Before the official announcement of the winners by the Jury, the organizers reserve the right to publish electronic copies of the selected artworks (from which the Jury will make its final selection) with the purpose to determine with the help of the public if any of submitted artwork repeats or copies previously published cartoons. 
The awarded artworks will be considered acquisitive and will become part the property of the organizers, and all winning artist assign their copyright and property rights worldwide to the organizers from the date when their artworks were submitted. 
The works will not be returned. 
May not participate in this competition officials of Bobritsa village community, their relatives and anyone involved in the organization. 
The award cash amounts are payable only upon the receipt of the original artworks of the winners by the organizers of the Competition to the personal bank accounts of the winners provided in writing (email) with copies of their passports (if required by the bank). 
The organizers have full discretion to decline any submission before the Jury's consideration and to revoke / cancel any prize awarded by the Jury in case of confirmed facts of plagiarism, repetition of the plot etc. 
By sending your artwork to the organizers a participant confirms his/her full agreement to all terms above. 
For any information, please, contact: beaverslaugh@yahoo.com
Source: Beavers Laugh.


53rd World Gallery of Cartoons, Skopje 2021, North Macedonia

53rd WORLD GALLERY of CARTOONS Skopje 2021
• The organizer of the competition is OSTEN Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia.
• The SELECTOR assigned by the organizer will select the submitted works, and the INTERNATIONAL JURY will appraise the short-listed works.
• Opening of the exhibition and the official announcement of the awards will take place in September 2021 in Skopje, N. Macedonia.
• Types of works – cartoons | satirical drawing | comic/strip (one panel of non-linguistic strip).
• Theme | technique | format – by the author's choice.
• Number of works – unlimited.
• Only ORIGINAL, hand-created works are eligible. If the author works exclusively in digital technique, printed DIGITAL WORKS numbered and signed in pencil on the front will be accepted 
• Only original works from the NEWER PRODUCTION, which have not previously been PUBLISHED or AWARDED, will be considered 
- Works that are deemed by the jury to be identical or closely similar to the known works by another cartoonist will NOT be judged 
- If detected the cartoonist has violated any of the rules for participation after the awarding, the jury has the right to withdraw the award 
- According to the organizer’s directions, the selector and the international jury will pay particular attention to the visual expression of the submitted works 
- Fill out the APPLICATION FORM (electronically or manually) and send it to the e-mail: cartoons@osten.com.mk along with a photo, short bio and digital images of the submitted works 
- Send the electronically submited works BY POSTAL MAIL along with the printed and signed Application Form 
Note: the name of the author, the title of the work and the technique should be stated on the back of each work 
• By completing the application, the author gives to the organizer a NON-EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to use, exhibit, study and publish his works for the needs of the event. 
For selection will be considered the works that will arrive up to 30th April 2021 to the address:
8 Udarna Brigada 2, 1000 Skopje, N. Macedonia
While sending the works, make sure to write on the package:
You should choose one of the options below:
O To participate WITHOUT A PARTICIPATION FEE (the submitted works remain in the OSTEN Collection)
O To participate WITH A PARTICIPATION FEE of 10 $ (non-selected works to be returned to the author).
The payment should be done via money transfer to the OSTEN Skopje account:
Beneficiary: OSTEN DOOEL SKOPJE, 8 Udarna Brigada 2, Skopje 1000, N. Macedonia
IBAN: MK07210701000702188 | SWIFT: TUTNMK22
Bank: NLB AD SKOPJE, Majka Tereza 1, Skopje 1000, N. Macedonia
• The SELECTOR decides about the CARTOONISTS who go to the next level of jurying with all
submitted works and makes a short-list of FINALISTS
• The INTERNATIONL JURY reviews the works of the selected cartoonists, chooses the work that will be presented in the catalog and decides on the awards envisaged by the organizer
• The organizer will notify all registered cartoonists about the results of the selection (until the end of
May 2021) and the jury decision (by the end of June 2021) by email and will publish the results on its
website - osten.mk, and other printed, electronic and social media.
• The works by the SELECTED CARTOONISTS will be exhibited in the official exhibition
September 2021 / Skopje, N. Macedonia
• The FINALISTS and AWARD-WINNING CARTOONISTS who will be present in Skopje during the opening of the exhibition and presentation awards ceremony, receive print portfolios of their works
produced by OSTEN
• The AWARD-WINNING CARTOONISTS receive appropriate monetary award (where envisaged),
appropriate printed Plaques and printed copy of the catalog via postal mail. Their works remain
in the OSTEN Collection
• The OTHER CARTOONISTS receive appropriate digital Certificate and a catalog in .pdf via e-mail.
The ones, who like to have the Certificate / catalog in hard copy, can order it for a price of 30 $ and
they will be sent to the appointed address by registered postal mail
• The organizer invites ALL PARTICIPATING CARTOONISTS to attend the opening of the exhibition
and presentation awards ceremony in September 2021 in Skopje.
GRAND PRIX for LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT (1500 $ & Sculpture) – decision by the Ambassadors of OSTEN
FIRST AWARD ($1000 & Plaque) – decision by the International Jury
SECOND AWARD ($500 & Plaque) – decision by the International Jury
5 THIRD AWARDS (Plaque) – decision by the International Jury
5 SPECIAL AWARDS (Plaque) – decision by the International Jury
CICO AWARD * for a Macedonian Cartoonist (Plaque) – decision by the OSTEN Board
* In honor of the great Macedonian cartoonist Vasilije Popovic – Cico.


Catalog of The Best Cartoons of Nippon 2020, Japan

Received yesterday
 the color catalog of the International Cartoon Festival in Saitama 2020, Japan. It was the 30th year of the festival in 2020. I participated in the event with two cartoons of mine, one on the theme KAIKAKU which means "innovation" and the second one of FREE THEME. Works on both themes by 43 Japanese and 54 foreign artists are included in the catalog of the exhibition that took place at Plaza North in November 2020. 
Saitama City is the place where Rakuten Kitazawa - the father of modern cartoon in Japan - spent his later years. The Saitama Municipal Cartoon Art Musem in the home to Kitazawa in his later years hold the Saitama-City Rakuten-Kitazawa Manga Awards competition each year. In 2020 they held the 35th edition and the winning cartoons are included in this collection book of "The Best Cartoons of Nippon" which are also displayed on the museum website here.
The standard A4-sized (21x29.7 cm) catalog of "The Best Cartoons of Nippon 2020" has 108 pages, about 70 of them covering the color and the black&white cartoons participated in the festival and selected for the catalog. The remaining pages are the lists of the Japanese and the Foreign artists with their personal histories in both English and Japanese. With the help of this perfectly designed book of art, it is possible to compare the style and wit of the native and overseas manga/cartoon artists and enjoy the great humour in their works.
From Turkey are nine cartoonists whose cartoons published in the catalog; namely, Aşkın Ayrancıoğlu, Behiç Yalçın Ayrancıoğlu, Erdoğan Başol, Hüsnü Berkalp Üstün, Kaan Saatçi, Kamil Yavuz, Kemal Özyurt, Muammer Kotbaş, and Musa Gümüş.
Thank you to the festival organizers and the staff of Plaza North who sent me this great collection of manga/cartoon art.


3rd International Rhubarb Cartoons Contest 2021 - Transilvania, Romania

3rd Edition
The contest is open to all cartoonists. 
Cartoons theme: RHUBARB – A means of recovering our health, society and economy. 
Deadline: 15th April 2021 
Entries: max 5 
The cartoons will be uploaded (in electronic format), after creating an account with a username and password to: https://cartoons.rabarbura.ro 
 Will be accepted only original works (created for this contest). 
The techniques used while making the cartoons are up participants. 
First prize - 500 EUR 
Second prize - 300 EUR 
Third prize - 200 EUR 
Other Special Prizes offered by the sponsors may be awarded. 
The jury’s decisions are final. 
The cartoon’s author consents that the cartoon or cartoons sent will become the property of the Organizer. The Organizer is entitled for all reproduction right for any cartoon registered in competition. 
The Organizer does not assume any responsibility for any breaches of copyright, exclusive responsibility for copyright lies with the one who sent the cartoon. 
The cartoons that will win the first, second and third prize will be sent mandatorily in original version to the Organizer. 
In the absence of interbank relations between Romania and the country of origin of the winner, the Organizer is relieved of any liability. 
By submitting the works to International Rhubarb Cartoons Contest 2021, the artist accepts the decisions of the jury and the rules printed above. 
Calendar of the Contest: 
Deadline to submit the cartoons: 15th April 2021
Preselection: Phase one: vote of the jury 20th -25th April 2021 (based on this vote, will be preselected 50 cartoons for the final vote of the Jury) 
FINALVOTE: 27th April 16 GMT, online streaming on https://www.facebook.com/rabarbura/ and https://www.facebook.com/rabarburaERP/ 
The description of the RHUBARB can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhubarb
Transilvania CLOUD 
Munteanu Mircea 


27th International Cartoon Humour Competition GOLDEN KEG 2021, Slovakia

and the editors of Bumerang magazine
27th International Cartoon Humour Competition-
GOLDEN KEG on the Topic of BEER
On Thursday, 1st April 2021, an exhibition of the best competing works, a festive announcement of the results and the handing of prizes to the most successful authors of the 27th competition in accordance with the Jury´s decision will take place as follows:
GRAND PRIZE (Grand Prix) Golden Keg and € 500
1st Prize Small GOLDEN KEG and € 200
2nd Prize Small GOLDEN KEG and € 150
3rd Prize Small Golden KEG and € 100.
• The Jury of the competition reserves the right not to award some of the prizes, to modify the amounts of the financial rewards and/or to award more prizes and/or honorary mentions. 
• The organisers will accept for the competition all works that will be delivered at the address of the Šarišská gallery in Prešov by Friday 26th February 2021
• The organisers of the competition reserve the right to publish selected works in promotional materials and to reinstall the exhibition.  
• The diploma and the exhibition catalogue will be received in print by every awarded author and in the electronic form by every participating author who also provides his or her e-mail address. Main prizes and financial rewards can be received by an awarded author only in person on 1st April or through a person authorised by him/her. 
Competition rules: 
1. Each author can send at maximum five original works, including graphic techniques. 
2. The competition is open to anybody and everybody, and it is not restricted in terms of artistic design methods. 
3. The formats of the works should not exceed the A4 dimensions. 
4. The competition is non-anonymous. Each work should be signed on the reverse and bear the author´s full address. 
5. The rewarded works will become property of the BEER GALLERY in Prešov. 
6. Send your works at the address: 
ŠARIŠSKÁ GALÉRIA (Mr. Fedor VICO) ul. Hlavná 51, 080 01 Prešov Slovakia 
Please clearly mark the envelope with the word „PIVO“. 
Source: raedcartoon .


Denizli Metropolitan Municipality 1st International Cartoon Contest 2021, Turkey


We wish the participation of cartoonists from all around the world this year by organizing internationally the cartoon contest that we have organized nationally for three years. 
We’ve decided the topic of the contest as Climate Change and Organic Agriculture. 
Our world becomes more and more uninhabitable in time. Because of unconscious behaviors of humankind such as harming green areas, blue seas, clean water resources and clean air; they actually didn’t realize that they harmed themselves. 
Negative behaviors disrupted the balance of the world. Natural conditions changed. On the one hand, the danger of drought; on the other hand, global warming and the rapid destruction of natural areas are the unique reasons why calamity and natural disasters are often threatening humankind. Accordingly, the damage to the agricultural areas has increased the share of inorganic nutritions and GMO (genetically modified organism) foods in the market and naturally proportion in the food chain. The use of hybrid seeds has also endangered the future of sustainable natural agriculture. 
The importance of organic agriculture is obvious for healthy nutrition and consequently the future of humanity. 
We have implemented and developed many environmentally-kind projects in order to increase the proportion of Denizli's green areas, to protect and save water resources, to minimize the pollution of the air we breathe and to recycle waste and garbage for the nature. 
We have worked for forming organic aggriculture areas and directing farmers to organic aggriculture besides raising the awareness of our public. Furthermore, our works still keep on. 
We wanted to bring up Climate Change and Organic Agriculture, we see it as a problem that threatens the whole world, with your valuable interpretations as master cartoonists. Thus, we desired to contribute to the awareness of people. 
I thank you and wish you success. 
Osman ZOLAN 
Mayor Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. 
1. The topic of the contest: Climate Change and Organic Agriculture 
2.Deadline: Cartoons must be uploaded on eng.denizli.bel.tr (official municipality website) until 12.00 (a.m) 7 March 2021, on Sunday. 
3.The contest is open to amateur and professional cartoonists all over the world. 
4. It is not required that the cartoons which will be sent to the contest have been published or not in previous contests. However, the cartoons you will send must not have been awarded in another contest before. Cartoons that the selection committee (jury) deems the same or similar or the ones specified as another cartoonist’s belonging by the committee will not be evaluated. 
5.You can participate in the contest with maximum three cartoons. 
6. Cartoonists will send their cartoons digitally to our contest. Every cartoon must be in A4 size, between 150-300 dpi, JPEG format and minumum 1 MB maximum 10 MB capacity. 
7. Some cartoons which will be choosen from among the received cartoons by the jury will be collected in a cartoon album. The works of cartoon deemed worthy to be exhibited will also be displayed whenever and whereever Denizli Metropolitan Municipality deems suitable. No fee will be paid for the works of cartoon choosen by the jury for the exhibition and the album. 
8. One-night accommodation and meal expenses of the winners of the cartoon contest will be provided by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. 
9. Selection committee (The Jury Members) 
* Serhat Akbulut (Assistant General Secretary) 
* Hüdaverdi Otaklı (Head of Culture and Social Affairs Department) - Coordinator 
* Arif Duru (Director of Culture and Art) 
* Şevket Yalaz (Cartoonist) 
* Savaş Ünlü (Humourist) 
* Mehmet Selçuk (Cartoonist) 
* Abdülkadir Uslu (Cartoonist) 
 * Altan Özeskici (Cartoonist) 
* Ali Şur (Cartoonist) 
 * Kübra Deligöz (Cartoonist). 
10. Prizes 
First Prize Winner: 7500 TL 
Second Prize Winner: 5000 TL 
Third Prize Winner:3500 TL 
Honorable Mention (3 pieces of prize): 1500 TL 
 The Prize for Under 18 Years Old (2 pieces of prize): 750 TL. 
11. The Calendar of Contest: 
 A.The deadline application to contest is 7 March 2021, 12.00 (a.m) on Sunday. 
B.The evaluation meeting of the jury will be conducted on 13 March 2021 (on Saturday) and 14 March 2021 (on Sunday). 
C. Announcement of the results: The results will be announced on the official websites of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality: https://www.denizli.bel.tr and eng.denizli.bel.tr on 17 March 2021 (on Wednesday). 
D. Prize-giving Ceremony: Because of Covid-19 pandemic, how and when ceremony will be conducted depends on Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. 
12. No matter cartoons get reward or not, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will become right owner to use all cartoons providing that participants’ names are clearly mentioned, in accordance with the law No.5846. 
The participants will have accepted that the rights of use their works will be transferred to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality free of charge to be used in all activities, promotions, events and trainings of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. In addition, The Municipality has rights of use their works for providing materials such as poster, catalogue, brochure, gifted book and etc. and publishing in the media. Furthermore, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has also the rights of use their works to reproduce, disseminate, distribute and demonstrate. 
The works of the participant, which received or did not receive an award, can be used in print media, radio and television and also other mass media in accordance with the purposes of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, from the moment of the delivery. Moreover, participants accept and undertake that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality takes over the rights of use the their works by means of broadcasts on the internet, brochures, catalogues, agendas, posters, CDs, DVDs and each digital media or calendars. 
 The participant declares that the work sent to the contest belongs entirely to herself/himself. Due to this work, the participant undertakes that she/he is the sole and absolute addressee of the requests of third parties that may arise from Law No:5846 (Intellectual and Artistic Works) and other laws. Besides, the participant also accepts that the legal and criminal responsibility for the work belongs entirely to himself/herself. In addition, the participant undertakes that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality does not have any legal and criminal liability regarding the matters forementioned (the right of recourse to the owner of the work is reserved). 
The right of the works belongs to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality as the organizing institution of the contest and the owner of the work. 
13. Participants are deemed to have already accepted the terms & conditions of the contest and jury decisions. If disagreements between Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and contestant arise in regards to undefined matters in the agreement or in case of doubt, the selection committee (jury) will arbitrate between both sides. In case of disagreement, this commitee will be authorized. 
14. Contact Information: 
Arif Duru (Director of Culture and Art) : +90 (258) 280 25 68 
Telephone central: +90 (258) 280 20 20 
Address: Denizli Büyükşehir Belediyesi, Altıntop Neighborhood, Lise Street, No:2 Postalcode: 20100 Denizli TURKEY


PortoCartoon 2021 with the main theme of Health, Portugal

HEALTH is the main theme For the PortoCartoon 2021
Luther King and Maria João Pires - Special Caricature Awards
PortoCartoon (an initiative of the Portuguese Printing Pres Museum) will continue to follow the UN principles, Health is the the main theme chosen for 2021. The invitation to participate was just been made to cartoonists around the world ( below). 
Placed as the 3rd SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), in 2015, health is today the main pillar for the defense of humanity. COVID-19 - a virus without borders and still uncontrollable - has become the "main threat to the world security", according to the UN General Secretary, António Guterres. 
After the Anti-COVID Virtual Gallery 19 (http://www.cartoonvirtualmuseum.org/i_gal_anticovid_f.htm) created by the Portuguese Printing Press MuseumI, with hundreds of participants, the theme of health gains another relevance in the global context. 
Following the line started in 2013, with the introduction of the Caricature award in PortoCartoon, the choice for 2021 was the Nobel Peace Prize winner Luther King, who was murdered in 1968. The current situation in the world, the frequent violation of Human Rights and the need to social transformation for a better and free world, for all races - especially the most segregated ones -, gives relevance to this choice. 
The other chosen figure was the Portuguese pianist Maria João Pires, whose "way of playing the piano has often been described as magical, captivating and deeply poetic" (Deutsche Grammophon). With an international career and more than 140 albums edited, Maria João Pires is the Portuguese who follows other figures such as Manoel de Oliveira, José Saramago, Amália, Siza Vieira or António Guterres. 
This will be the 23rd edition of the Portuguese Printing Press Museum initiative that started in 1998, with the theme of “Discoveries” (inaugurated by President Jorge Sampaio in 1999) and has put Portugal on the podium of the worldwide cartoon. 
In the twenty-two previous editions, more than 7000 cartoonists from five continents had participated.
General Rules and Regulations
Placed as the 3rd SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), in 2015, HEALTH is today the main pillar for the defense of humanity. COVID-19 – a virus without borders and still uncontrollable – has become the “main threat to the world security”, according to the UN General Secretary, António Guterres. 
The fragility of the health services, in dozens of countries and regions of the world, and the lack of water and sanitation, has aggravated the people capacity for health defense. Epidemics claim millions of lives. Vaccines are a sign of hope, but again the poorest are the most unprotected. Even with so many speeches for equality, the tragedy seems to continue. And it is necessary to prevent the spread of the virus from being aggravated by the proliferation of misinformation. 
In this context, the role of wise and beautiful humor is central and irreplaceable. 
Therefore, PortoCartoon chose HEALTH as the main theme for 2021. 
MARIA JOÃO PIRES (1944- ) The pianist Maria João Pires is a prominent artist in classical music. She came to be recognized internationally when awarded with the first prize of the international competition of the bicentenary of Beethoven in 1970, in Brussels. Her career includes numerous tours, interpreting works by Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Schubert, Mozart, Brahms, Chopin and many other composers. Invited by the great world orchestras, she performs regularly in Europe, Canada, Japan, Israel and the USA. “Her way of playing the piano has often been described as magical, captivating and deeply poetic” (Deutsche Grammophon). 
Being a dreamer she created a unique work in the relationship between music and nature: Belgais Arts Center (Portugal). 
MARTIN LUTHER KING (1929-1968) had a special dream: to create a world of peace for blacks and whites, with freedom and justice. Because of that he was murdered at 39. His dream remains alive, which many want to see dead. 
He was a human rights martyr, like others who had followed him, Luther King was one of the first political figures in the United States to express himself, clearly, against racial discrimination. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Henry Thoreau’s theory of civil disobedience, he advocated a peaceful and without weapon fighting. In 1964, he received the Nobel Prize for Peace, becoming at that time, the youngest winner of such an award. 
The nowadays situation in the world, the frequent violation of the Human Rights and the need for social transformation for a better and free world for all races - especially the most segregated ones - give relevance to this choice of PortoCartoon 2021. Luther King deserves a special gallery. Likewise, his utopic dreams.
Cartoonists can submit works for the MAIN THEME and for the FREE CATEGORY, as in the previous editions.
4 Artists who don’t wish to compete can send us their works EXTRA-COMPETITION, informing of their decision.
5.1. Cartoons must be original. We accept any kind of graphical techniques, including digital artwork sent by e-mail, as long as the drawings are SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR, are identified as PRINT NUMBER ONE and as an original for this contest. 
5.2. Can also be presented sculptures pieces of humour, in any kind of material.
6 The artworks cannot exceed the following measurements: 
- IN PAPER, 42 x 30 cm (DIN A3); 
- SCULPTURE PIECES, 42 x 30 x 30 cm.
7 Cartoons should be sent with the author’s Resumé, in Portuguese or English, (publications, exhibitions, prizes…) and must be identified on the reverse with the following information: 
-Author’s name and address; 
- Year, title and theme section.
8 Entries should arrive at the PORTUGUESE PRINTING PRESS MUSEUM until February 15th 2021, along with the filled Entry Form.
9 The works should be sent to: PortoCartoon-World Festival, The Portuguese Printing Press Museum, 
Estrada Nacional 108, nº 206 
4300-316 PORTO, Portugal. 
Or to the e-mail address: portocartoon@museudaimprensa.pt
10 The participation in PortoCartoon automatically implies that the author waives copyrights of his works in any kind of platform, concerning the production and diffusion of the festival.
11 The AWARDS, including a TROPHY and a DIPLOMA, will be the following: 
Grand Prize PORTOCARTOON 4000 Euro 
(half in money and half in Port wine), 
travel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal 
2nd Prize PORTOCARTOON 1200 Euro 
(half in money and half in Port wine), 
travel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal 
3rd Prize PORTOCARTOON 800 Euro 
(half in money and half in Port wine), 
travel and stay costs for the Awards Ceremony in Portugal 
Special Award for CARICATURE 1st Prize 1000 Euro 
(half in money and half in Port wine) 
Special Award for CARICATURE 2nd Prize 300 Euro 
(half in money and half in Port wine) 
Special Award for CARICATURE 3rd Prize 200 Euro 
(half in money and half in Port wine) 
Honorable Mentions 50 Euro.
12 The organization does not ensure to send prizes on bottles of wine. 
13 The Jury will have an odd number of members and its decisions will be final and cannot be subject to any type of appeal or complaint.
14 The awarded works will become property of the PORTUGUESE PRINTING PRESS MUSEUM and will take part of the INTERNACIONAL CARTOON GALLERY. The others will be returned to the artists, if formally requested with the entry form, after the exhibitions (during PortoCartoon and others in different cities and countries). 
15 In case of using non-awarded works in other cases except PortoCartoon exhibitions or its promotion, copyright payment will be made to the artists.
16 All the artists whose works are selected for the exhibition will receive a DIGITAL CATALOGUE, that will be sent by e-mail to download. If the artist wants to receive a printed catalogue, he should request it and support the shipment costs. 
17 The winning artists will receive the prizes in June 2021, in a public ceremony.


World Cartoon Festival on Silencing the Guns in Africa 2021, Kenya

World Cartoon Festival on Applying Arts and Culture in
Silencing the Guns in Africa
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kenya 
Over the past two decades, efforts have been made to silence the guns in Africa, and this is a positive turning point for achieving a conflict-free Africa. Despite these efforts, conflicts continue in parts of the African continent. Extremism, the threat of terrorism and transnational crimes on the continent remain an ongoing challenge. 
Arms, as the continent's most popular weapon of choice, have attracted the attention of African Union member states and sparked their initiative to put an end to arms in Africa. The main task of this plan is to achieve a conflict-free Africa, prevent genocide, achieve peace for all and clean the African continent of war, violent conflict, human rights abuses and human disasters. 
To expedite this plan, the African Union launched the "Silencing the Guns" project in 2020 by mobilizing all stakeholders. But the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 prevented us from addressing this important issue in Africa properly. The African Union's 2021 theme "Arts, Culture and Heritage" prompted us to use art to keep this important event alive next year and to strive to achieve it. 
The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kenya, in line with the efforts of the African Union, decides to hold “World Cartoon Festival on Silencing the Guns" to show that the Islamic Republic of Iran, as in the past, stands with African countries to achieve peace and development on the continent. 
World Cartoon Festival on Silencing the Guns in AFrica 
1) No to guns in dispute settlement 
2) Silencing the guns and the Roots of conflicts (poverty, historical injustice, inequality, climate change, ethnic and tribal disputes) 
3) Arms trade and warfare 
4) Condemnation of Genocide and war crimes 
5) Countering extremism and terrorism 
6) Silencing the guns and Human Rights 
7) Surrounding of guns and reduction of violent conflicts 
8) Effects of Silencing the Guns on the African next generation, generation of peace and dialogue 
9) Applying art and culture in silencing the guns 
Deadline for sending artworks: 30 April 2021 (before 12 midnight) 
- Each cartoonist can send maximum 5 artworks; 
- Artworks should be in A4 size and sent in JPEG format with minimum 300DPI resolution; 
- Form of entry should be completed for each artwork; 
- Submitted artworks must not have received an award previously; 
- Any technics and methods can be used; 
- Artworks should follow copy right regulations; 
- By sending the artwork, the cartoonist guarantee that he/she is creator of the artworks and give permission to the organizer to publish the artworks anywhere it deems necessary freely. 
Jury selection: 
The 1st selected by jury: 4000 US$ 
The 2nd selected by jury: 3000 US$ 
The 3rd selected by jury: 2000 US$ 
Five selected artworks by the juries will also be awarded certificates. 
Kenyan artists have the chance to receive three additional awards: 
The 1st Kenyan cartoonist selected by jury: 400 US$ + Certificate 
The 2nd Kenyan cartoonist selected by jury: 300 US$ + Certificate 
The 3rd Kenyan cartoonist selected by jury: 200 US$ + Certificate 
Date of announcing selection results: May 2021 at I.R of Iran Embassy website: https://kenya.mfa.gov.ir/en 
 and Facebook: @Iran.Kenya 
 Email address for sending artworks: Silencefest2020@gmail.com 
 For more information, please consult: https://kenya.mfa.gov.ir/en 


19th FreeCartoonsWeb International Cartoonet Festival 2020, China

Rules of 19th FreeCartoonsWeb International Cartoonet Festival 2020
1) Cartoon: 
(A) More Powerful Novel Coronavirus, More Long Struggle 
(B) Free Theme 
2) Caricature: 
(A) Famous President (B) Sports Star 
(C) Entertainment Star (D) Business Star 
January 31, 2021 
1) Size: Min: A4(210mmx297mm), Max:A3(297mmx420mm). 
2) Quantity: Unlimited. 
3) Please send digital original drawings to this contest. Black & white or colored, any style, any technique will be accepted. 
4) Participants are requested to send together with their cartoons, an entry-form with digital signature, a photograph or caricature. The form can be downloaded at FreeCartoonsWeb. 
5) Titles or entry-form must be filled out in understandable English or Chinese. 
6) All cartoonists can participate in festival through their own E-mail by submitting their cartoons to: 
Format: JPEG; Size: max 4M per cartoon; Resolution ratio: 200dpi-300dpi. 
7) The excellent cartoons will bepublished in Chinese newspaper and magazine. Some cartoons will be exhibited in China. All cartoons will not be returned. 
1) Cartoon: 
Grand Prize (1 awards): Certificate+Catalogue(PDF); 
Gold Prize (2 awards): Certificate+Catalogue(PDF); 
Silver Prize (4 awards): Certificate+Catalogue(PDF); 
Bronze Prize (8 awards): Certificate+Catalogue(PDF). 
2) Caricature: 
Grand Prize (1 awards): Certificate+Catalogue(PDF); 
Gold Prize (2 awards): Certificate+Catalogue(PDF); 
Silver Prize (4 awards): Certificate+Catalogue(PDF); 
Bronze Prize (8 awards): Certificate+Catalogue(PDF). 
Source: fcw .