Results of the IV International competition of cartoons and caricatures "The Devil gas station"

The results of the IV International competition of cartoons and caricatures "The Devil gas station" 2014, Ukraine
The competition is devoted to terrorism supported by Putin's Russia in the World. It is dated for Birthday of the Main Instigator of Wars - Vladimir Putin (10. 07.2014).
The FIRST PRIZE and big "Rudui Panko" bronze figurine was received by Andriy Levchenko from Poltava, Ukraine (Top).
The Second place and small "Rudui Panko" bronze figurine was received by Riber Hansson from Stockholm, Sweden.
The Third place and "Rudui Panko" authors figurine was received by Sergey Tunin from Moskow, Russia.
Diplomas of competition gained:
1.Louís Pol. Neytral Bay.
2. Bayram Hajizadeh, Baku.
3. Raul Alfonso Grisales. Bogota.
4. Joseba Berrondo Arbelaiz. San Sebastian.
5. Jin Xiao Xing. Gu Shi.
6. Aidin Ardjomandi. Tehran.
7. Andrea Pecchia. Roma.
8. Andrey Feldshteyn. Minneapolis.
9. Aleksandr Dubovsky.Dnepropetrovsk.
10. Vladimir Kazanevsky. Kiev.
11. Alеksey Kustovsky. Kiev.
12. Viktor Holub. Zdolbunov.
13. Pavel Taussig. Berlin.
14. Huhriki. Moskow.
15. Vahe Nersesian. Maxeville.
Total catalog of a caricature and cartoons "The Devil gas station" is prepared for printing. It will be sent to authors till 12. 1. 2015. In the catalog of a cartoons/caricatures of authors which passed in the first round of competition are selected. It is possible to order additional copies with an advance payment. Advance payment conditions:


New Year 2015 : Karol Cizmazia, Cartoon Gallery, Slovakia

New Year 2015 : MUDr Jiří Srna

New Year 2015 : Willem Rasing

Dear friends,
The crash of plane MH17, the war of and against IS, the threat of Russia in the Ukraine, the deadly Ebola virus and recently the report about extreme torture by the CIA are some of the events that mark 2014.
Nevertheless I would like to wish you a merry christmas and a happy 2015.
Willem Rasing


New Year 2015 : Juli Sanchis HARCA, Spain

Ens roben la cartera, el treball, la Sanitat i Escola pública i universal, però el que no podran robar-nos és l'esperança de que un altre món és possible.
Per uns Nadals més humans i solidaris.
Nos roban la cartera, el trabajo, la Sanidad y la Enseñanza públicas, pero no nos robarán la Esperanza de que otro mundo es posible. Por unas Navidades más humanas y solidarias.
We steal the wallet, work, health and public education, but not rob us hope that another world is possible. For a more humane and compassionate Christmas.

Artoon exhibition in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2015

The Musée des Maîtres et Artisans du Québec will hold the exhibition of the cartoons and illustrations of Behzad Ghafarizadeh and Oleg Dergachov with title of Artoon (Art+Cartoon) from 8th January to 8th February 2015. The exhibition includes 50 cartoons and illustration of these two artists with different techniques.
Opening of the exhibition : January 8th, 2015 at 6:00 pm.
Musée des Maîtres et Artisans du Québec
615, avenue Sainte-Croix
Saint-Laurent circumscription
Montreal Qc H4L 3X6


Results of the 9th International Biennial of Caricature "Golden Smile" Belgrade 2014, Serbia

The 9th International Biennial of Caricature
Theme: Viva Wine
1st Prize: “The Golden Smile” gold medal
Andrei Popov, Russia (Top)

2nd Prize:
Cristian Topan, Romania (Above)
3 X 3rd Prize:
Jovan Prokopljević, Serbia
Snezana Comor, Serbia
Vladan Nikolic, Serbia.
Jiri Sliva, Czech Republic

Sava Babic, Serbia (Above)
Valentin Georgiev, Bulgaria

Sofija Bronson, France (Above)
Silviu Turculet, Romania.
Jury members:
Jugoslav Vlahovic, prof. FPU, cartoonist, jury president
Arnauld van der Donck - Nol (France), cartoonist
Zoran Petrovic (Germany), cartoonist
Nikola Kostandinovic, cartoonist and designer
Ljubica Jelisavac, historian of arts, curator of ULUPUDS.
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Results International Cartoon Humour Competition "Brain Sneezing" Prešov 2014, Slovakia

PRERAG association announces the results of the International Cartoon Humour Competition
Brain Sneezing - from kalokagathia to hypochondria and back
Topic 2014 : CORRUPTION
International jury of the competition Brain Sneezing 2014:
Ivan Hanousek – Head of the jury, the e-GAG editor, the Czech Republic,
Henryk Cebula – cartoonist and the Pirana gallery owner, Poland,
Zoltán Kulin – TV Tisa, Uzhgorod, Ukraine,
Karol Čizmazia – cartoonist, the editor of the online Cartoon Gallery, Slovakia,
Fedor Vico – cartoonist, the organiser of the international cartoon competition Golden Keg, Slovakia.
Decision of the International Jury
Official results of the international cartoon competition Brain Sneezing - from kalokagathia to hypochondria and back:
First Prize: Krysztof GRONDZIEL, Poland (Top)
Second Prize: Slawomir LUCZYNSKI, Poland
Third Prize: Bobo PERNECKÝ, Slovakia
Special Prize of Head of the jury: Constantin SUNNERBERG, Belgium
Honorary mentions ex aequo:
Oleksy KUSTOVSKY, Ukraine
Michail ZLATKOVSKY, Russian Federation
Sergej SICHENKO, Israel
Marcin BONDAROWICZ, Poland
Honorary prize PRERAG, association: Jozef STORINSKÝ, Slovakia.
See all prize-winning cartoons on cartooneast.


Catalog Vercelli 2014 arrives from Italy

Yesterday received the color catalog Vercelli 2014. It is 21x14.7 cm in size and has 32 pages not including the covers. The winners of the 18th International Biennial entitled "Humoristic art in the world" had already been announced to the paricipants by letter. Along with the prize-winning artists' works are included 12 selected cartoons by the following cartoonists: Valentin Georgiev, Giovanni Audisio, Musa Gumus, Cornel-Marin Chiorean, Louis Pol, Darko Drljevic, Rooshan Gataullin, Wesam Khalil, Omer Cam, Luc Descheemaeker, Slawomir Luczynski, and Carlo Sterpone. Caricatures are also included in this catalog. Below is "The Master", one of the 1st prize-winning artist Petrisan's digital works.


KARIKATURUM 8 International Forum of Visual Humor, Surgut 2015 – 2016, Russia

KARIKATURUM 8 International Forum of Visual Humor
Surgut 2015 – 2016
1. The KARIKATURUM International Forum of Visual Humor is an open competition, happy to accept works from both professional artists and amateurs, regardless of education, age, sex, nationality, and citizenship.
2. The Forum is organized by the Surgut Government Department of Culture, Youth Policy, and Sport and the Surgut Fine Arts Museum.
3. The KARIKATURUM 8 International Forum of Visual Humor has one discipline – caricature.
Forum Timeline
Announcement of the competition – December 2014
Deadline for submitting entries – April 15, 2015
Work of the Jury – May 14-19, 2015
Award ceremony and exhibition opening – June, 11-12 2016
Exhibition will remain open – June–August 2016
1. Alexander Sergeev / Russia / - Artist, Cartoonist
2. Vladimir Stepanov / Russia / - Artist, Cartoonist
3. Igor Pashchenko / Russia / - Artist, Cartoonist
4. Ivailo Tsvetkov / Bulgaria / - Artist, Cartoonist
5. Svetlana Kruglova / Russia / - Director of the Surgut Fine Arts Museum.
Main Prizes
Grand Prix PLATINUM USHANKA 100 000 rubles
1st place GOLDEN USHANKA 80 000 rubles
2nd place SILVER USHANKA 60 000 rubles
3rd place BRONZE USHANKA 40 000 rubles
3 special prizes 90 000 rubles.
Cash prizes are paid in rubles and are subject to taxation as per the Russian legislation.
1. Requirements for Entries
1.1. The competition only accepts originals from participants who have the copyrights for their works. Entries received by email, copies and printed versions are not accepted. Works that have already received prizes at other competitions are only accepted if they are accompanied by information on when and where they were awarded. The jury retains the right to add or not add them to the list of prizewinning works.
1.2. Accepted techniques: painting, graphic, prints (etching, lithography, woodcutting, linocuts).
1.3. Entry size can range from А4 (210х297) to А2 (420х590).
1.4. Each participant can send an unlimited number of caricatures.
1.5. Postage and handling of the entries is paid for by the participants. Works must be carefully packaged. The organizers are not responsible for any damage incurred during transportation.
1.6. All entries must be accompanied by an Application Form including the author’s name, surname, telephone number, fax number, e-mail and address. The form should be filled in block letters. Unaccompanied entries are not accepted in the competition.
1.7. The entries must have the name and surname of the author as well as the year of their creation, materials and techniques used on their reverse sides.
1.8. The organizers guarantee that all operations with the personal data of participants will be conducted in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation (Federal Law from July 27, 2006 № 152-ФЗ “On Personal Data”).
1.9. The copyrights for their works, titles and texts are owned by the authors and are inalienable. Every author is responsible for his or her work in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Exclusive rights to their cartoons remain with the authors unless they turn them over in a deed of gift (Art. 1291 of the RF Civil Code).
1.10. Submitted cartoons will not be returned and will remain in the collection of the Surgut Fine Arts Museum. The museum gladly accepts the gifted works and urges authors to express their will by filling a deed of gift (deed of gift form supplied) in favor of the museum collection to send it together with their entries and application forms.
1.11. Entries may be put on display at the Surgut Fine Arts Museum as well as other museums, galleries, exhibition halls, and the museum’s website at the organizers’ discretion.
1.12. The organizers reserve the right to publish received works in the media including the internet and replicate them in Forum advertisements without paying the author but indicating their name, surname and country.
2. Special Conditions
2.1. The main prizewinners and jury members of the Forum will receive free transport to and from the award ceremony by any mode of transportation from any single city of the Russian Federation as well as free accommodation at the Surgut Hotel. Payment for taxis, passenger meeting services, and accommodation in transit points is not included.
2.2. The main cash prizes may be divided between several entries at the jury’s discretion.
2.3. The organizers and sponsors of the forum reserve the right to establish special prizes after receiving the entries.
2.4. A catalog will be published after the competition. All authors whose works are included will receive a free copy.
2.5. You can find more information about the KARIKATURUM 8 International Forum of Visual Humor at: ENG RUS
2.6. The fact of participation in the Forum implies that participants have accepted the above conditions.
Entries should be sent to the following address:
International Forum of Visual Humor
Surgut Fine Arts Museum,
30 Let Pobedy Street, bld. 21/2,
Surgut, Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 628403
Phone numbers: +7 (3462)51-68-12, 51-68-13; 51-68-08; Phone number / fax: +7 (3462)51-68-16; e-mail: .
Source: .


Results of the XIV International Cartoon Contest «Independence» 2014, Ukraine

Session XIV International Contest Jury cartoons «Independence» (Theme: «New World Order») was held on November 20, 2014 in Kiev. Jury: Oksana Golovko (international columnist «Uriadovy Courier»), Danilov Andrey (independent political scientist), Miselyuk Andrey (independent political scientist), Andrei Sayenko (chief artist of the magazine «Crocodile plus»), Tovmach Eugene (administrative and marketing director TRK «Bolshevik»), Leonid Shvets (independent journalist), Kosobukina Tatiana, Kosobukin Maxim.
133 cartoonists from 34 countries submitted 423 works. 100 selected works presented in the catalog.
1st prize: Jiri Sliva (Czech Republic) (Top), 2nd prize: Lukyanchenko Igor (Ukraine), 3rd prize: Valery Momot (Ukraine).
Antoniadis Jannis (Greece), Holub Viktor (Ukraine), Dergachov Oleg (Canada), Zhao Yun Shine (China), Stankulov Anatoliy (Bulgaria), Kustovskiy Alexey (Ukraine), Pavel Constantin (Romania), Maruschak Philipp (Ukraine).
Haino Anatoliy (Ukraine) — Diploma of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.
Dubovsky Alexander (Ukraine) — Diploma of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
Semendyaev Sergey (Ukraine) — Diploma magazine «Crocodile plus».
Dubovsky Alexander (Ukraine) — Diploma Yuri Kosobukin.
Mayorenko George (Ukraine) — Special Award.
Istvan Kelemen (Hungary), Frank Hoffman (Germany) — Diploma of the Association of Cartoonists.
All winning cartoons on source:


Sportimonium 2015, the 4th edition of the International Festival of Sports Cartoons, Belgium

Sportimonium 2015, the fourth edition of the International Festival of Sports Cartoons, Belgium
REGULATIONS 2015 : Cycling
The contest is open to any person. Participation is free of charge. Participation in the contest implies full acceptance of the current regulations. The jury’s decisions are final and not subject to appeal.
Art.2. Contest theme: Cycling
Art.3. Specifications of entries
Paper entries
3.1. The drawings shall have the following dimensions: 210 x 297 mm (DIN A4).
3.2. The works shall not be provided by a passe-partout, or be stuck on larger paper.
3.3. The drawing must mention, on the reverse, the surname, name, address and e-mail of the participant.
3.4. The drawings shall not include subtitles
Digital entries
3.1. Digital entries are admissible.
3.2. Cartoons can be sent by e-mail to:
3.3. They shall have following dimensions 210 x 297 mm (DIN A4) and resolution of max. 72 DPI.
3.4. When your digital entry is selected, you are obligated to send in your original work.
3.5. Entries which do not meet these criteria will not be accepted.
Art.4. Entry
4.1. The entry-form must be sent together with the cartoons.
4.2. The works must be sent to the following address:
SPORTIMONIUM, Bloso-domein, to: Liesbeth Salens, Trianondreef 19, 1981 Hofstade-Zemst (Belgium).
Art.5. Number of entries
5.1. Each contestant can provide up to 5 cartoons.
5.2. The cartoons shall not have been exhibited or published before.
Art.6. Jury
6.1. A jury will select the works for the exhibition and will award the following prizes.
6.2. Prizes: The first place will be awarded with the prize of 600 EURO – 2nd place: 400 EURO – 3rd place: 250 EURO.
Art.7. Property of organisation
All received entries will become the property of the organizers.
Art.8. Damage or loss
The organisation cannot be held responsible for damage or loss during the shipment.
Art.9. Patent rights and intellectual property
9.1 Participants grant the authorization to publish their works free of charge for the purposes of eventual promotion campaigns and communications
9.2. Participants guarantee that they are the authors of submitted artworks.
Art.10. Deadline
10. Entry until 30th of April 2015.
Art.11. Vernissage
11.1. The awards are planned to be granted with the opening of the exhibition.
11.2. The participant can visit the exhibition for free.
Regulation in languages on source.
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