UMO – 4th International Cartoon contest - India

Announcement for the UMO – 4th International Cartoon contest
The UMO - International Cartoon Contest is held by UsabilityMatters.Org towards the World Usability Day. All the awarded and qualified cartoons will be exhibited on 13th November 2008.
Participation is open to all cartoonists from every country in the world. There is no Entry fee.
Please go through the rules and regulations – and in particular – the conditions applicable to the intellectual property rights.
Theme for the Competition: The wheel rolls on
How long can our planet feed in to all our living needs? We have been thanklessly exploiting the mother of all resources for such mundane acts as driving to a shop just around the corner to buy groceries instead of helping ourselves with a short walk.
With so much exploitation already done in digging and boring our planet (the wheel of our survival) for its energy resources, we have punctured our own prospects of continuing the journey of human kind as long as possible.
It's time to think of alternative energy sources, efficient means to control fuel usage, rethink transportation be it by road, by air, by water or into space to conserve energy. Reduce pollution and other ill effects of transportation. It’s also time to think about efficient ways to optimize the usage of personal vehicles, by taking car/bike holidays, by encouraging mass transportation systems and by bicycling to as many needs as possible.
All in all its time to think, live and practice greener ways of leading life on the run. We invite cartoons which humorously communicate the seriousness of the theme, by rethinking transportation and thinking green.
Awards and Acknowledgements
A jury will select the top 6 winning entries, the cartoonists will be granted a cash prize award of
First prize Rs.25,000/- (Rs. Twenty five thousand only)
Two second prizes of Rs. 10,000/- (Rs. Ten thousand only) each and
Three Third prizes Rs. 5,000/- (Rs. Five thousand only) each
Five Special mention awards

An exhibition of the winning and short listed entries will be held and UMO will publish an exhaustive works report.
The jury and the judgment criteria
We are in process of putting a jury of well-known professionals and socially active personalities. The names will be announced in due course, depending on confirmation. For Judgment jury will use criteria such as creativity, humor, visual communication, presentation, persuasiveness, originality, cleverness, relevance of content and execution to identify the winner.
Deadline for Submission
Cartoons will be accepted through November 3rd, 2008
Rules and Regulations
Entries : up to 5 cartoons per person
Size (snail mail) : A4 (210 X 297 mm ) or A3 (297X410)
Size (digital) : 300dpi and in dimensions that are suitable for printing
Technique : free
Entries in hard-copy/paper will not be returned. Entries in digital format may need to be re-posted if the resolution is not found good for printing.
Exhibition and Prize distribution
On World Usability Day, November 13th, 2008
Submitting your entries
Mail your cartoons keeping the competition name in subject line to usabilitymatters@gmail.com. If you are sending through the snail mail, use the following address:
UMO- 4th International Cartoon Contest-2008 usabilitymatters.org, 202, Rahul Apts, 480-Phase 6, JNTU Road, Besides Universal Bakery, Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500072 INDIA
ph: +91-9848861432
Please mention a little background information about yourself that may help identify you with your work and the email id that will help us get back to you with any communication.
Intellectual property rights
UMO may, in its sole discretion to use the art-work (images, photograph, written content) for any purpose, change, alter, amend, add to, delete from and otherwise modify, including but not limited to, any and all cuts, edits, rearrangements and other alterations, additions and deletions.
The responsibility for authenticity of all the submitted content, including the including the art-work and the personal information rests solely with the provider, and UMO will assume no role in case of litigations and copied works. The involved parties shall have to settle the matter themselves, within the conditions the original work was published/released.
We respect your privacy and will not be giving out, or sharing your personal information with any third party, for commercial or non-commercial use.
WEB: http://www.usabilitymatters.org/

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