"Individual Disarmament: Entitle Life!" Cartoon Exhibition in Eskisehir, Turkey

"Individual Disarmament: Entitle Life!" Cartoon Exhibition in Eskisehir, Turkey
Anadolu University Museum of Cartoon Art hosts the Individual Disarmament Cartoon Exhibition between September 26 – October 17, 2008. The opening ceremony will take place on Friday, Sep 26, 17.30 hours at Akcami Mh. Malhatun Sk. No:6 Odunpazarı ESKİŞEHİR, TURKEY.

The exhibition is organized by Umut Foundation to show the damage the weapons and individual armament bring to society and environment.
We read in the report by the Foundation that “events of killing and injuring with firearms are never missing in the third pages of the newspapers, the fact that per year approximately 3000 people are killed just with firearms in Turkey and that 700 of these happen accidentally, prove how individual disarmament is an important issue.”
28th September is known as Individual Disarmament Day. It is an important ground to show our confidence to “individual disarmament” and our determination.

The Umut Foundation realizes education and campaigns besides academic works as regards the rule of law, peace and conciliation, awareness of citizenship, violence and individual disarmament as citizens knowing, requesting and implementing their rights and responsibilities, in order to spend their lives befitting to human honor, to leave our children with a world which the culture of nonviolence and peace is overriding. The Umut Foundation carries out work to mold public opinion, informing and raising awareness.
Within this frame, the Foundation organized the national "Individual Disarmament: Entitle Life!" Cartoon Contest in 2007. 265 artists (under 18 and over 18 in total) contributed with their 468 cartoons. A selection from these will be on display at Anadolu University Museum of Cartoon Art until October 17, 2008.
Anadolu University Museum of Cartoon Art: http://www.krk.anadolu.edu.tr/karw/muze/

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