For the formation of the Tourist's Cartoon Exhibition,
karikaturista group with the name - SAGITTARIUS

In each other's contacts with fellow cartoonist at festivals and other gatherings was born the idea for the formation of cartoonist International Group, under the joint name of SAGITTARIUS.
What is SAGITTARIUS, what was the aim of forming a group cartoonist?
- SAGITTARIUS is the horoscope sign of persons born between 23.11. and 21.12. (no data on birth year).
The goal is the internationalization Group caricatures and the creation of better contacts with colleagues cartoonist. Caricature in many countries there are serious obstacles, cenim to international exhibitions provided impulse, the affirmation of the importance and contribution to overall social caricatures.
SAGITTARIUS group exhibitions would be held in the countries and cities that would have shown an interest, pushing to have only one obligation that is displayed and that the proprate to other designacije (no obligations for issuing catalogues, etc. - in the beginning). One of the group members SAGITTARIUS, own in the city, would have an obligation to open the exhibition, or to call adequately face, which would, in accordance with the possibilities, affirmation manifestation in the media.
Members of the group SAGITTARIUS, 3-4 exhibited drawings will be at any moment able to withdraw their acts, as long as they are not happy with the way our project.
Any ideas, suggestions and upgrade is welcomed.
Bad language say: Here's a chance that a woman cartoonist and senior cartoonist say when they are born without birth year.
For the organization committee
Jordan Pop Iliev Jordan.popiliev@yahoo.co

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