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Results of Yilmaz Guney Culture and Art Festival Caricature Contest

The cartoon contest organized along with others in the context of Yilmaz Guney Culture and Art Festival has concluded. The Selection Committee comprised of cartoonists Canol Kocagoz, Mete Gokturk, Kamil Yavuz, E. Yaşar Babalik, Seyit Saatci and Askin Ayrancioglu convened on January 13 and after examining the 126 cartoons sent in for the festival they decided to award the "Honor Plaque of the Festival" to Hicabi Demirci (Turkey), Louis Pol (Australia), Sevket Yalaz (Turkey), and Sait Munzur (Turkey). Bayram Hajizadeh (Azerbaijan) is awarded the "Special Prize of the Selection Committee" while "Yilmaz Guney Freedom Prize"s went to Mahmut Ulusan and Mehmet Bogatekin. The Committee awarded “Promising Young Caricaturist” award plaques to Seref Kaya and Esma Balkan among participants younger than 18 years of age.

The exhibition and the prize-giving ceremony will take place at Yeni Melek Cultural Center in Beyoglu, Istanbul on January 27, 2008. The cartoons selected for the exhibition will be put in a catalogue and each cartoonist will receive one free of charge.

Details of the festival: http://www.yilmazguneyksf.org/
All prize-winning cartoons: http://www.karikaturculerdernegi.org/detay.asp?id=6879

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Louis PoL said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

As was reported on your & other Turkish websites in January 2008,
I was awarded Honour Plaque at the Yilmaz Guney Kultur ve Sanat Festival (2008)?.
But until today (7.6.2009) I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING from them.
Thank you for assistance.

Louis PoL