BuzziNews international cartoon competition - Israel

I would like to invite you to take part in the new International Comics & Cartoons community, BuzziNews. People from over 74 countries and 384 cities have taken part in the rapidly expending BuzziNews family.
The vision of the BuzziNews portal is to convey a positive outlook on current world, business, sports and entertainment events in a language that’s understandable to e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e – comics and caricatures. BuzziNews is a business with clear social objectives: 25% of the portal's revenues will be awarded to the illustrators who contribute their time and talent to the portal, and 50% of the portal's net profits will be donated to charity.
BuzziNews has initiated the "Good Word" worldwide comics illustration project. We invite you to say a good word through illustration about all the positive things that surround you or choose a less-traveled road and find the positive side of something that upsets you, a singer with a failed album, a disappointing team or coach, an irritating company, a business rival.
To register as a member at the BuzziNews website: http://www.buzzinews.net/members_only.asp?send_illus=1
For more information about the "good word" competition: http://www.buzzionline.net/
The last date for submitting entries is February 28, 2008
If you have any question or comment please don't hesitate to contact me
Liat Halperin,
Community Manager

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