1st Amazon Humor Salon - Brazil

1st Amazon Humor Salon - Ecology in a line-drawing
From March 25th to 30th, 2008
Place: Boulevard das Feiras / Estação das Docas. Belém-Pará- Brazil
1. Nature and scope of the Salon
The 1st Amazon Humor Salon – Ecology in a line-drawing, intends to be part of the agenda of events related to cartoon production in Brazil and abroad, aiming at stimulating and publicizing cartoonists in general. It is important that this salon is a graphic platform that will show the talent and critic perception of all cartoonists concerned with ecological problems that afflict our planet, specially the Amazon region.
2. Deadlines
The 1st Amazon Humor Salon – Ecology in a line-drawing will take place from March 25th to 30th. See deadlines below:
a) Deadline for entries: March 5th, 2008;
b) Selection of entries: March 15th, 2008;
c) Opening and Award Ceremony: March 25th, 2008;
d) Closing ceremony: March 30th, 2008.
3. Themes
a) Ecology (Compulsory) - In this category will be all cartoons whose theme is related to ecological problems.
b) Communication - In this category will be all cartoons whose theme is related to communication around the world.
4. Registration
a) Works must be submitted by e-mail, 300 dpi resolution image; dimension of 3,543 x 4,724 pixels or 30 x 40 cm; RGB color model; jpg format (average quality = 5) maximum size of 1.5 MB, along with the Entry Form containing the following data: name of the author, fictitious name, address, phone numbers, e-mail, ID card or Passport number and bank account details.
b) Each author may sent a maximum of two works per theme:
1- Theme: ecology 2- Theme: communication.
c) Entries must be sent to the following e-mails: salaohumordaamazonia@gmail.com / contato@centralcinevideo.com until March 5th, 2008.
5. Jury
a) The organizing team of the 1st Amazon Humor Salon will appoint a Pre-Selection Committee whose responsibility will be to select the works that will take part in the exhibition and in contest. This Committee will also select the works that will be in the catalogue;
b) The Jury will be constituted by five members qualified professionals in the field.
c) The president of the Jury will be an artist specially invited for the event;
d) The number of works in the catalogue may be different from the number selected for the exhibition. No complaints on this matter will be considered;
e) The Jury is responsible for granting prizes and special awards;
f) Decisions made by the Jury and the Pre-Selection Committee are final.
6. Works and originals
a) Submitted works will not be returned and will be part of the Amazon Humor Salon’s collection.
b) The production company Central de Produção – Cinema e Vídeo na Amazônia, which is responsible for this project, has the right to use any submitted work, at any time, for publicizing the event.
c) None of the works will be put for sale or used for commercial purposes.
7. Catalogue
a) All participants with works selected for the catalogue will receive a copy of it
8. Copyright
a) Submitting a work will imply that the author grants reproduction rights to the salon for non-commercial purposes.
b) All rights of prize-winning works will be automatically given to the organization of the 1st Amazon Humor Salon.
11. Prizes
a) A total of 4 (four) prizes will be given:
Theme: Ecology
1st prize: R$ 6.000,00 (gross amount)
2nd prize: R$ 3.000,00 (gross amount)
Theme: Communication
1st prize: R$ 2.000,00 (gross amount)
2nd prize: R$ 1.000,00 (gross amount)
b) Prizes are subject to tax withholdings as established by the current and applicable law.
c) All prize and special awards winners will receive a trophy and a certificate.
e) All authors with works selected for the exhibition and catalogue will receive a certificate of participation in the salon.
9. Venues and Dates
The 1st Amazon Humor Salon – Ecology in a line-drawing will take place in the city of Belém, State of Pará, Brazil, from March 25th to 30th, 2008, at Boulevard das Feiras, Estação das Docas.
10. Organization
Conceived and coordinated by Biratan Porto, the Amazon Humor Salon is realized by Central de Produção – Cinema e Vídeo na Amazônia.

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