19th International Satire Exhibition Trento - Italy

Trento between reality and madness»
Subject: «We want the moon»
We aim at all the artists not overwhelmed by the current rampant savagery, but still able to look at the present world with critical realism and at the same time, wanting the moon. We want to be open minded to the ideals and the dreams.
1. The exhibition is by invite. Authors can present an unlimited number of works, the Studio will exhibit those that, by its incontrovertible opinion, considers most in line with the subject.
2. Works must be the originals, can be realized with any technique and must be strictly on topic.
3. Maximum format A3
4. Send your works to: Studio d’Arte Andromeda via Malpaga 17, 38100 Trento -Italy, before March 31st 2008
5. We will inform you of the inauguration date in time
6. The works will be returned on demand
7. The Organization Committee will keep the prize-winner and signal works
8. The Studio reserve the possibility of printing a catalogue with the most significant works and the right of using them for informations, news and documentations for the gallery. We will give a catalogue to all participant during the inauguration, or we will send it with the works.
9. The Studio d’Arte Andromeda don’t answer of possible damaged or missing works, but maximum care of the delivered works is assured.
10. The contest has the following prizes:
- 1st prize: 1000 Euro
- 2nd prize: 700 Euro
- 3rd prize: 500 Euro
- Prize visitors (300 Euro)
WEB: http://www.studioandromeda.net/

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