NOTA BENE 2008 Theme: Corruption!

Announcing the “Danger: Corruption!”
International Political Poster and Cartoon Contest
The Free Culture Partnership and the Nonconformist Art Museum continue the "NOTA BENE, OR PAY ATTENTION! PROJECT"
The project's goal is to raise awareness of social problems, which are cause for alarm in Russia and around the world.
This goal is achieved by capitalizing on the creative power of artists from all around the world and organizing an international political poster and caricature competition. Selected entries will be shown in two exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Moscow and will be printed in special album made available to contest entrants, libraries, and non-governmental organizations. Top entries will be awarded prizes and artists will likely see their work used in awareness campaigns. The project started with the Danger: Nazism! exhibition which took place in St. Petersburg in 2005. A second exposition Danger: Femida! was held in St. Petersburg in 2007.
The online versions of these exhibitions can be viewed at: http://www.notabene.org.ru/, where more than 60,000 users have left more than 140,000 comments and ratings. Exhibitions were assembled based on these results and the best entries went on display in St. Petersburg and Moscow at the St. Petersburg House of Journalists, The Andrei Sakharov Community Center, and the Nonconformist Art Museum. See a prize-winning work by Faldina Alexandra & Faldina Anastasia / Russia (above right)
The strong, positive response encouraged us to continue this successful project. The slogan for the latest international competition in the project’s framework: Danger: Corruption!
We chose this topic because we believe corruption is a problem that plagues the entire world. Police, bureaucrats, judges, and politicians can be bought on every continent on the world. We also believe that, in addition to fighting this problem with the help of judges and public opinion, it is also important to address this issue using the language of art. The jury will select the best works, which will be awarded with prizes and diplomas. Each participant will receive an album containing the works that were displayed at the exhibition. Additional copies of the album will be distributed to libraries and civic organizations across Russia free of charge. At the conclusion of the exhibition, all of the original works will become part of the Nonconformist Art Museum's permanent collection. In the future the museum and the "Nota Bene…" project, in accordance with the competition rules, retain the right to use the artwork for noncommercial purposes. We are sure that mankind will find the strength to fight and overcome corruption.
1. The jury will accept and evaluate two categories of work: posters and cartoons.
2. Entries need to be submitted by January 31, 2008.
3. The competition will be held at the Pushkinskaya 10 Art Center, 10 Pushkinskaya Ulitsa, St. Petersburg.
4. Exhibition will be displayed at:
- the Nonconformists Art Museum, St. Petersburg.
- the Andrei Sakharov Community Center, Moscow.
5. A press conference on the problem of corruption in Russia and a presentation of the catalog will take place in St. Petersburg.
6. The above-mentioned catalog will be distributed to all of the project's participants.
7. The jury will evaluate and award entries with prizes. The entries received the most online votes will also be awarded with prizes.
First place – two 25,000-ruble prizes (about $1007.00 each)
Second place – two 20,000-ruble prizes (about $806.00 each)
Third place – two 15,000-ruble prizes (about $604.00 each)
The Viewers Choice Award (determined by online voting at http://www.notabene.org.ru/) – a 15,000-ruble prize (about $604.00).
8. After the closing of the exhibition, the original works will become part of the museum's permanent collection and the Nonconformist Art Museum and the "Nota Bene…" project retain the right to use the artwork for noncommercial purposes.
9. Submission size requirements: Posters must be A1 or A2 in size, while cartoons have no size restrictions.
Participants who have difficulties sending their works in printed form are welcome to submit their art electronically on disc. Electronic submissions should be either in TIFF or JPEG format, and 300DPI.
10. Submitted works will not be returned.
11. By participating in this competition, the artist(s) agrees to these conditions.
Mailing address:
10 Pushkinskaya Ulitsa, Office 1, 191049 St. Petersburg Russia
E-mail: uar@notabene.org.ru
Presiding Jurors: Viktor Bogorad, Yuly Rybakov, http://www.rybakov.spb.ru/
For more information call: (812) 764-5371, fax: (812) 764-52-07
(Source: www.cartoonblues.com/)

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